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Welcome to Turku University 3

of Applied Sciences! 3

Finland 4

Turku 4

Turku University of Applied Sciences 5

Introduction 5

IB Online 5

Online learning 5

Contacting student/teacher tutor 6

Residence permit and VISA 6

For EU countries’ citizens 6

For non-EU countries’ citizens 6

Checklist 8

Online opportunities during the studies 9

Welcome to Turku University

of Applied Sciences!

Dear students,

We are glad to welcome you in Turku University of Applied Sciences! You have made a great decision choosing our University. We hope that your orientation week will be useful and memorable, and studies will appear to you rewarding and beneficial.

To choose International Business Online degree is to choose networking opportunity, flexibility and Online education competencies. Let the learning process be joyful and entertaining for you!

We wish you the best luck and success in all your beginnings,

Yours sincerely,

TUAS students.



p<>{color:#000;}. Inform your tutor about the date, time and location of your arrival

p<>{color:#000;}. Book an accommodation

p<>{color:#000;}. Make sure that you have all the IT-facilities to take IB-Online

p<>{color:#000;}. Do not forget to take all the documents needed

p<>{color:#000;}. If you are non-EU student, make sure that you have your VISA approved and the tuition fee is being paid by the end of July

p<>{color:#000;}. Be ready for spending incredible time in Turku


p<>{color:#000;}. Attend orientation days

p<>{color:#000;}. Get your student login and password

p<>{color:#000;}. Enroll the courses

p<>{color:#000;}. Ask your tutor about studying in TUAS and make clear all the relevant information

p<>{color:#000;}. Make friends with your fellow students

p<>{color:#000;}. Try Finnish life!


p<>{color:#000;}. Don’t hesitate to contact your tutor in case of having questions and problems until it’s too late

p<>{color:#000;}. Check your e-mail and Optima regularly

p<>{color:#000;}. Follow the schedule and the timetable and don’t miss the deadlines!

p<>{color:#000;}. Enjoy your studies

Online opportunities during the studies

As an online student you will acquire a wide-ranged knowledge about online studies. You might consider to widen your knowledge on different topics that are not available at TUAS online. You might even start thesde during your studies, as optional courses.

These courses give you a certificate that can contribute to your future professional life even after the studies.

There are some webpages where you can find interesting courses on various fields on business and topics outside of business field.

p<>{color:#0563C1;}. Future learn

This website offers diverse selection of courses from universities and cultural institutions from all around the world, which means 123 partners you can select courses from.

p<>{color:#0563C1;}. [+ Open learn+]

This website offers free courses from The Open University. You can earn digital badge or statement of participation as evidence of your learning.

p<>{color:#0563C1;}. Coursera

This webpage offers various courses, specializations and online degrees from top universities and educational institutions around the world. Tuition fee differs in every course, collection of courses or degree.

Survival Guide TUAS

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Survival Guide TUAS Survival Guide TUAS