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Superficial tequila girl

Superficial tequila girl


Clara and her memories …shes a girl in love with tequila ..girl have a lot of memories….her life trivial and superficial ..all she did in her life is dancing and hanging out and dating guy after guy..have a lot and different relationships..she has a very bad reputation .


But no one knows that Clara has a weakness point..her first love..

The one she loved so much and without any reasons just broke up with her and didn’t come back again not even a call..




All this years ..6 years now and she still thinking about him everyday and every-night..

No one knows that she dating all that guys just want to find some one like him..


She drinking every night just to remember their old nights together..


Her parents is so rich have a nice family ..she was so clever at the college even after he broke up with ever.. but she tried to destroy every man after that ..she was dating guys and after they fall in her love she break up with them its like a revenge ..



But her bad reputation and coming so late every night destroyed her parents heart too.they were so worried..she refuse to get married from any one..she hates men so much,..


So they decided to change her..

They closed all her bank accounts and gave her small amount of money and left home with a single letter take care of yourself keep this money till you find a job ,,after breaking up with all guys no one will help you now ,,just you will help yourself..




She didn’t know what to do..she don’t have any friends now..and she has a ego and cant ask anyone for anything


So she have no choice,,she have too look after herself and find a job..

She cried a lot.but she must do it.her parents just calling her everyday to encourage her and to ask about her health and what she did till now?


She searched a lot till she found a job and she went to went to the job interview,,,


But she didn’t that will happen.



She entered the this huge company and the job is private secretary ..this man ..her boss ,the owner of the company was one of her victims.



Ooh my god ..she was trying to get out but he stopped her saying you are accepted ..


She was going to refuse she know that he will be easy work..he will torture her like she did before but ..she remembered she has no choice she must get this job so she stayed..



He offered very good salary but in one condition she will work 24 hours daily..she asked him how ?


He said this job in other country so you will stay with me everywhere I go..



She accepted this job hoping her parents will be happy and proud of her now and come back home soon ..



But she didn’t know that she is so unlucky like this.


Her parents made a decision to stay away from Clara fa for some time..and this period of time didn’t begin yet.


She started her suffering at this time with her new boss ..he was treating her like a maid ..he didn’t even asked her why she left him? And he was dating too much pretty girls ..

After they traveled to Paris for some contracts and work ..

He was calling her even at 3 am morning ..he was doing his best to annoy her like he was teaching her a lesson but treating her very badly ..he didn’t know that he is hurting her like this and that she isnt so bad ,…




But this day he ordered her to wake up early cause they have a very important meeting to sign up the contract with other company and then they will go back home..


At the meeting he was treating like a garbage prevent her from talking or giving any opinion..

Of course cause every one know that she is superficial and he just hired her to make her suffer and to take his revenge..


He was ordering her even to give him glass of water ..

After the meeting she was going to her room to bring her bag like he said they will go home after the meeting but he said we will stay here for another day..


She was thinking that may be she will do her best to come back to him this time..she cant handle the sorrow any more.

She dressed up a very nice dress and went to his room but she was surprised . she found a girl with him …they were half naked…



She just walked away and went to the lobby of the hotel after a minute he came to her..and asked her why did she came to his room? He said are you want to me a good offer? You suffered too much ? its nothing yet ..


So she smiled and told him who is she ?

He said why are you jealous?

She said no..just wondering..cause you make my life like a hell and you are doing the same with those girls so you are doing the same ..



He said what do you mean?

She said you are taking your revenge but from other girls and I was taking my revenge from all the men too cause other man hurt me once too .



He gave me a silly smile and said it will never be the same cause I loved you so much and you was superficial naughty selfish girl ..you do nothing at your life except dating and hanging out and dancing night after night..you are nothing..



So he walked away from him and said no..you don’t know me at all and now I am happy cause I broke up with you before ,,you really deserve that..and she quit her job..



She took her ticket and the flight ..she arrived home safe..didn’t even think about his so meaningless speech…on the contrary she was so comfortable now..he really didn’t deserve her at all..



She opened her laptop and decided to finish he story..

She wasn’t that girl ..she is not superficial ..

She is a writer she is famous but no one knows her real name ,,she was using a pen name ..


The only truth and the only one she really like is an actor ..this actor is the one who inspired her to write …


He is the one that she really wants to meet so much,,he is the one that make her feels alive when shes thinking about him or when she watching some of his drama or movies ..



He is the one that she wishes to meet him..he thinks she needs someone like him..

Actually she was so sensitive ..

She never met that actor …but she was writing all that novels and books and even poem books and romance stories hoping she will reach him someday..or he might read one of her stories and feel her .




She made her decision to make a new contract with the author company ..to wrote her real name under the her pen name …she wants now to reach her goals ..just to reach the man that she really likes..to make her parents proud of her …




The company made it up and all his fans now is making comments asking her for her new book ..many reporters and journals wrote articles about her real name now next to her pen name.



Even her parents was surprised …they checked up all the articles and her news…they called her to ask her about the reason that made her use a pen name and a nickname at the past ..

She said cause I just wanted to reach the man who inspired me..just wanted to reach his heart before reaching his eyes..I just wanted to write for free ..I write for his sake …not for money…



She made a conference to explain everything about her identity and why she was using a nickname all the time..

And she said that the upcoming romance play will be my last one..

And she apologized for man she harmed or hurts him and broke up with him..

She said I was doing this and writing a new novel or new story about this …I was taking revenge from men but that’s not an excuse to do this bad things ..I know that’s so awful and may be many of m fans will hate me…but I was sick minded and tried to heal myself step by step but now I feel so lonely …everyone hates me …my parents left me ..my real reputation is so bad..


But I am a human make faults ..get hurt..need love most of time..I was so happy by using another name and watching my fans and my new good reputation..but the one who helped me to do this and reach this point…my inspiration man is not from my imaginary..he is areal man ..he belongs to real life,,



He is a real actor but he don’t even know me.do not even know that I like him or am doing him to meet him some day..

I can feel it..its real love but from one side..may be everyone now think I am so mad to love some one I didn’t meet .




She came crazy. She thinking about him all the time..he inspires her…

She’s writing this romance novels and this movie scripts hoping that one day he will notice her…

Shes watching all his movies and watching all his TV shows…

She started her writing career because of him.. She decided to success at writing just hoping may be she will meet him someday even by coincidence.



She’s challenged herself at writing.. Tried to do her best.. She only have one target is to reach him..

Started listening all his songs.. She wanted to take some actions..

Started writing some silly plays as she thought but she never give up..

She was dreaming that one day a movie producer will buy one of her writings.. She want to be on the same media track like him..just to find a way to meet him..she doesn’t want to be one of his fans.. She want him



She decided to move on and do her best… Play after play..and book after book.and her fans started talking about her books..

In a few months a lot of people was talking about her books.. Specially that she’s so fast writer. she wrote more than 50 book and novels in just less than 6 month..


From book to book she learner a lot.. She know she was writing a horrible way at the beginning but she has a different Carina and differ from other writers. She uses a simplicity you reach all kind of minds.. She reach all hearts in so easy and simple way..


She didn’t forget about her only dream but she thanked God because if she didn’t like that man that much she didn’t started her writing career and reached this point..

Everyone was writing that much to be famous writer and gain money at least.. But shes not one of them..

May be that was the reason that made her famous in few months..

But what she didn’t expect happened..

Production companies tried to reach her from her mail.. Asking her about a romance play..

Started to make some connections with her choosing the romance plays they want to produce.. And made their contract.. She didn’t ask them about how much they will pay..


But they paid much.. She was so lucky..

That made her thinking again about him..he is her lucky man.. Just thinking about him and her life is getting much better..

She was wondering if I met him in reality what will happen..

Every morning she listen to his songs.. Shes addicted to him.


Movie after movie… After a whole year of working hard.. She wrote simple poems book..

Someone send her a mail and said he wants to buy this poems specially one named specially for you..

I didn’t ask him about the singer of the band..

This time this manager told me the singer wants to meet you in personal.. So I said okay..

He told me that he will finish his tour soon and we will come to your country very soon.



I didn’t ask about his country his name…just nothing..

We arranged the meeting day.. I offered to meet them at airport to drive them by my car and I booked to them in hotel next to my home..

Actually at airport.. I was shocked I don’t know this singer.. But I was so close to my favorite singer..I reached the hearts and minds in his country so this is so close.. Or this is what I thought.

This singer is quite handsome.. So funny.. He showed me his songs.. He is very famous in his country..

So I asked him why you care about my poems. You don’t sing English songs..

She was wondering.

He said my enemy is singing in all languages

She asked your enemy?!

He answered yes..he is the one I hate most..

He told her about what happened to change their relation from est friends to enemies..

The one he keeps calling enemy was the main singer of the band and he left them and decided to begin alone..

So he became his enemy cause he destroyed the band..



She didn’t ask about the enemy.


Anyway she still likes tequila so much …she thinks it helps her to imagine her stories and to imagine the actor that she like a lot and then start writing over and over by this only way..



So this singer chooses all her poems in so many different languages..but she accepted the offer except for one of them …he asked for the reason …she answered this poem for someone special..



He didn’t know that poem is written specially for his enemy and it was the best poem..


Named the sparkle between us



Everything I I do everywhere you go

Everything I do everywhere I go


All things I knew I just do it for you

Far away or next to me

Healing up differ from me ..


Thinking of you day and night


Somehow I owe you ..all I did

where I go


while I am dancing think of you

I recovered cause of you


Every action and reaction w

as for you

You some how inspired me

the way you act the way you sing

All this things made me think of you

Day and night everywhere I go


You made me you healed me and you don’t even know

It was always you . . soon or later you will know

That I did all this things to reach you




She didn’t wrote this like a poem ..she wrote what she felt..


She insists to save this for him ,,she didn’t know why this singer was here ..his real intentions was not for the poems but he was one of her fans …after reading most of her stories he know it…she was writing all that time for his enemy..the one he hates so much



So he was making up all this things to make everyone think that he is her man ..

He tried to be so close from me …go to theater with her ..

He made all the days of work like a dating time..but she didn’t know it..


Day after day he was asking for pictures with her…as he was saying for her that’s for advertising nothing more…


But he was doing this to make the whole world think that he is her inspiration man ..the man she made it up and wrote all of this just for him..


All the news specially at the singer country was talking about that strange relation and that the singer is dating that writer now..



Yan the man she likes so much the actor and the singer that inspired her decided to read a lot about her ..he wanted to know what kind of poems she write ..


But the poem that attracted him was the poem she wrote specially for him ..she wrote after the end of the poem its specially for y the man I do love so much.



He started thinking after that about her strange secret lover..something about her is different..so he started to read all her stories ..till he found himself calling his production company



He asked them to read the story of my Mr love …they loved the story so much and accepted to make it a very special with a huge cost production but he put his condition …she will be act with him as the main role actress..he said I want to get to know her first well so I have to go to her to her country to make the deal and contract with the production team …




Everything is getting much better now to Clara she sold the poems for this singers and totally forget about him and the pictures and even didn’t look up for the news of her written songs.


And her parents came back home ..

She started to write her last story like she was said at the conference ..but she didn’t find an end for her story yet ….


She wrote an article about her last story..it will be a surprise at this story I will make a love confess to the man I love and I will say who really is,,



And she keep it all till this time..



At that time everyone of the production team were doing their best to contact her …and they did it,,,and booked while they arrived they called her and make an appointment to meet her ..


They sit with her started to talk about the story they want to buy from her and before saying they want her to act he just appeared ..her man ..

Yan appeared she was so confused …he was looking at her while she was listening to the production manager team till he once stopped her offering her…and saying


I want to you act with me in this movie..

She stuttered and then said I don’t act I refuse the offer,,



He asked her why ? don’t you want to reach the guy you love? By this way you will be famous and he will wish to be your guy..

So she stopped him saying…would you ask me or even love me cause I am famous?

He asked her I don’t understand

She asked him could you love someone because he is famous?


He said not for me..


So she said then I refuse to be famous..and I want to reach him and reach his heart not anything else..



So he said ok lets make a contract for this first ,,

And he made a deal with the producer to give him a chance just a week to make her accept acting with him in this movie and he convinced him that will be the best advertising for the movie ..



And the producer accepted but gave him one week to convince Clara..



But the truth was he want to know her ..something attracted him ..

So he convinced her too that he will need to spend a lot of time with her daily to change some words in the romance story ..she accepted for the work …but she accepted for the other reason of course..

She was wondering if he will know the truth or find out the truth without telling him?

She wanted to know him well now..


She is not dreaming or imagine anymore..he will spend a full week with her..she will meet him daily.


They started work few hours for work and other others hanging out and talk too much..each one of them was trying to know the other so well…


So many situations and so many places they went together..everyone was asking and the other listen to him carefully..

He started think of her tonight..

He called her after she left this night and asked her to come back to the hotel he have an important thing to tell her about..she thought he will tell her to act again..



After she arrived he told her that he want to spend this night with her..

She was shocked and asked for the reason ?

He said the truth…I was wondering and have so many question I really want to know the answers for

And the second reason cause I want that poem



She cant talk and cant breath and put her hands on her heart ..and asked him which poem/

He said the poem that you wrote for y


She thought that he find out the truth finally

But no he he don’t know yet



He just was waiting for her answer and he know that she will refuse but he asked her for that ..he wanted to know why she loves that man so much and he didn’t even know that or even know her.



And she was waiting to say something to tell her that he knows now everything but he didn’t say ..

At this time she decided to tell him and make her confession …but first she will drink her secret drink some tequila shots ..



She asked him to join her to the bar of the hotel and he did ..they went to the bar together and started drinking …and she became totally drunk and at this time he asked her again ,,



I want that poem…she said yes take it,,,

He was surprised and asked her but you wrote this poem for your secret lover…

She laughed loudly and said ..yes


He asked why you accepted to give it to then?

She said cause its for y ..its for you yan ..

He was starring at her ..he felt something strong is happening she reached his heart,,


Like she said at the conference ..


He went to the stage and took the microphone and started to sing a song ..after the song finished

He came close to her and said yes..

She said what do you mean

He said yes you reached my heart ..you reached your goal…


The heart that I thought it will never feel ever again..that heart that I thought will never fall in love again after my divorce.

All what you did was for me all this effort and you didn’t even say one word


She said all what id did,,was not enough,,,all this effort was not enough ..you deserve more and more..you inspired me to change my life forever ,,,to heal myself ..to be stronger and tough,,

To say sorry for everyone I harmed ..


To feel alive..


He touched her hand and came closer and closer from her lips and asked hr to start dating him ..to start a new life together


Long french kiss and everyone at he bar clapped …

And they begin they story together…


To be continued with new situations


Acting with my man



The singer who bought the last poems will try to make them separated and will try make a lot of situations to make the movie fails







Superficial tequila girl

clara's suffering situations with all the men around her . but she's struggling about making her confession about the man she really loves..the man who inspired her to write all this poems and all this romance story to reach her heart ..what will happen next ..?

  • ISBN: 9781370906284
  • Author: Bosy. EL.selhdar
  • Published: 2017-03-02 17:05:09
  • Words: 3893
Superficial tequila girl Superficial tequila girl