Supercow Volume II: The Bully

The Adventures of


Volume 2

The Bully






The Adventures of


Volume 2


The Bully

Danielle Bruckert © 2013

First Release September 2013, This Edition January 2017


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For Zehnya and Supercow





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One fine ordinary day, Cow was taking a stroll

in the park.

















Today there was

no crime to fight; all the bad men were locked up.














And there were no lives to save;


the life guard was on duty

at the beach,,



















and the

neighbourhood watch was on patrol

in the streets.














Cow could hear a call for help!


Who could it be?














It was a young boy.

He was being bullied by some older kids.

The children were being very mean to him.























Quick as a flash,

Supercow was there!














The biggest bully was so surprised,

he lost his balance, and fell

on his bottom.






Supercow hung the

big bully by his shirt collar to a tree,

to give him a time out, asking him to think about what he had done wrong.

After a short time, the big bully realised his mistakes,

and he said “Sorry”.














All the kids now realised how wrong they had been.

They felt very ashamed of what they had done.

















Seeing him so upset,

one girl went to comfort the little boy being bullied,

and gave him a big cuddle.















The big bully realised how wrong he had been, and promised to

never be mean to anyone ever again;

Supercow let the big bully down.



















Seeing all his work

was done,

Supercow flew away to save

another day.














And Cow went back to

what was just, an ORDINARY
































Supercow Disclaimer

This story is entirely fictional, any resemblance to real people, animals, cows, bugs, or fish, (especially anyone in

the picture above) is purely coincidental.


Bullying Guidance for Kids

Bullying happens when someone hurts someone else on purpose. Bullying can affect anyone, anytime or place. ALL bullying is wrong!!


Other People’s Feelings

It’s not nice to make other people feel bad,

just the same way we don’t want someone to make us feel bad.

DO: Play nicely, treat others nicely, share, compliment, make others happy.

DON’T: Hurt other kids, call names, whisper, tease, hit/kick/pinch, hurt others feelings, or ignore others by not asking them to join in activities.


We’re all the Same, in that, We’re all Different!


Just because someone is different doesn’t mean that they are better or worse than the rest of us – it’s differences that make us more interesting!

We all have special talents, all of us, and no one should be picked on because they seem different or not as good at something, or because they have special needs. And, remember also, we’re all the same in that no one wants to be hurt, no one wants to feel bad, left out, or picked on.


Support Your Friends

If a child in your school is being bullied, tell someone, a friend, parent, or teacher. And be nice to them, make sure you and your friends support them and they feel welcome.

Set an example, don’t hurt others, be kind to others.

Don’t support a bully or anyone who hurts others, make it clear to them it’s NOT okay.


Being Bullied

Bullies are looking for your response; whenever you can, ignore the bully:

– walk away, don’t say anything, don’t give them an audience.

Find other friends: Remember, you’re perfect the way you are, and there are always plenty of good people that will accept and love you, just as you are.

Tell a friend, teacher, or parent straight away, don’t be afraid, because bullying is wrong, no matter what, and must be stopped.


Being a Bully

Sometimes we feel hurt by others, or we may feel not as good as someone else, and this makes us want to hurt someone else to make us feel better. This is the worst thing that we can do to ourselves and for those around us.

Making others feel bad is not a way to make ourselves look better or feel better.

Hurting someone because we are being hurt is equally wrong, if we’re being hurt by someone we need to tell someone about it.

Finding a friend and someone to support us the way we are is the best way to feel better about ourselves, and the best way to find a friend is to be a friend!



Free Kids Books Advice on Bullying


Kids that bully hurt other kids on purpose.

Bullying is very bad.

Bullying can hurt people with:

Words, teasing, calling them names, saying unkind things about them; Or by actions, hitting, pushing, kicking, pinching, throwing objects;

Or by ignoring them and leaving them out of activities.



Dos and Don’ts

Do be nice Don’t hurt



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About the Author

Danielle started writing children’s books as a creative outlet from the stress of her ‘day job’ and as a break from the sometimes monotonous work required for her professional writing.


Because of her passion for children’s literature, and the role it plays in literacy standards, all of Danielle’s books are available free in ebook versions. This also led Danielle to create the website ‘Free Kids Books’ to share good quality free children’s books with others, contributing to improved literacy standards world wide


To contact the author write to [email protected] More books like this one are available at: http://www.freekidsbooks.org

Supercow Volume II: The Bully

Supercow is your run of the mill super hero - that is by day, an ordinary cow, providing cuddles, and enjoying quiet walks on the beach; by night, as a superhero he fights crime, saves lives and helps lock up bad people (violence is only permitted for very bad people of course). On a stroll through the park he hears a cry for help from a little boy....find out what happens in Supercow II: The Bully. Read more about supercow on http://www.freekidsbooks.org, the website of Supercow's creator, Danielle Bruckert.

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Supercow Volume II: The Bully Supercow Volume II: The Bully