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Super Key


True Mastery 2





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‘‘Let there be Fulfilment and Equal Salvation Forever for You and I, and Everyone else in ALYAASHA the UTMOST of all and the Most Kind’’.





Here is the Super Key To True Mastery. Come with me in this eBook and learn what Faith can help you achieve in life. Yes, faith is the ingenious key that will set you at liberty from all the limitations of life’s failures. Read this simple and short, yet fascinating eBook and become a master of all thine dreams. It doesn’t have any chapters and complex inventories with which to supplant your own for better understanding. All its details are the property of all people regardless of social status, race and creed and it is intended to bless whosoever shall read it. Open thine heart to this word and your life will take on a new blessed and fulfilling course.



Super Key


True Mastery 2



“If you have faith in nothing else, at least have faith in yourself” Sasha Xarrian


“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear but the triumph over it…….. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid but he who conquers it” Nelson R. Mandela


Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step” Martin Luther King Jnr



Here is a topic which has up until now defied in-depth description by all the collective wisdom of mankind whether scientifically or religiously, yet it is a premise of major importance in all human progress whether collectively or individually. I too took long to truly discover fully the way to approaching the unleashing of this mysterious power and I hope to give you a better way by which I have come to realize how to appropriate it. First, you must know that faith is an anointing or a form of power that is ingrained in your spirit, which enables you to see or call into existence the physically non-existent. The power that enables you to posses something before it’s physically manifested. A conviction to the unforeseen or a deep seated belief in your own abilities by your GOD to make things that are seemingly impossible to be possible in the physical plane, and it can only work when it is stirred by a burning desire to achieve something; a prayer in connection with a desire, imagination, action taken with the objective of achieving something or a great sense of purpose and determination. It does not yield to anything unless you weaken it by a negative pessimistic outlook on circumstances. Neither does it produce results because you have observed any religious disciplines or because you have a better understanding of the sciences of the mind or the spirit, no, it only aids you when you just let go off the limitations you have about your potentials in GOD and truth in general. I am not a religious person at all and does not believe in those circular notions which advocate people to observe liturgies, rituals and ceremonies to be able to communicate with or relate to the UTMOST, I am a spiritual believer who endorse the opinion that all men are equal and free before GOD, all having the God-seed in them and they may communicate with GOD every moment of their lives, more often by angels through the muses of inspiration they receive from music, books, dreams, revelations, visions, movies, thought vibrations, words of motivation from people in their lives and the enchanting stories of nature’s beauty and orderliness. So do not take this as a scathing attack on your religious values which probably taught you to do certain things in a certain way to be able to connect with GOD. Now, it is vitally important for you to note from the onset that the only dependable way to approaching the unleashing of your greatest potential in any undertaking and achieve success is by faith procured from a peaceful and harmonious inner self. A chaotic conscience is not a suitable environment for the expression of the power of faith. This may account in a way for your mediocre achievements or compromised progress in your endeavours. Faith does not work to your merit if it’s overshadowed by fear, doubt, insecurity, uncertainty and worry. This is why we have prepared that homely environment-inner peace for the expression of faith through imparting in the eBook, The Tools Of Greatness, the knowledge that will stabilise your mind and render you with that inner peace and harmony. We have identified how being able to make your own choices and decisions and align your habits with such choices and decisions brings you into harmony with yourself. We have also provided the key to achieving inner peace through finding your own GOD given mission in which we said when you identify why you are here on earth and begin to pursue or fulfil that mission, all your worries and uncertainties simply cease to exist anymore. Remember, desire, imagination, action or prayer, the type that can stir your anointing, can only build when you have directed it upon a definite goal or purpose which justifies why we had to talk about discovering your seed of potential before talking about the subject of faith. So let us now consider how faith as a premise instrumental in the attainment of success and fulfilment.





The great Nazarene teacher, Jesus once said, “…..if you have faith like a grain of mastered seed, nothing will be impossible for you.” Yes faith! What is it that can work without the operandi power of faith, the ultimate catalyst of every meditation or prayer we orison in connection with all our desires? The connecting link between our own abilities and those of the infinite one-the UTMOST, who makes all things happen. It’s natural and common that we all desire to be successful in one endeavour or another, to be great in our careers and fulfilled in our entire lives but we must know also that success or greatness-fulfilment of any kind doesn’t spring from nowhere like mushroom, nor come from any ‘big bang’ theories of some sort often referred to as lucky by the unversed. Soul soothing achievements are not a result of accidents but they are a result of well calculated motives, definite understandable reasons and causes which when an overwhelming desire to attain such objectives as one may hold in their mind or heart is blended with an abiding faith, that deep seated belief that one can actually achieve anything they conceive, they become inevitable to manifest. There is an interesting story in the Christian Bible about a little boy who dared to believe he could defeat a giant who had butchered all the finest of King Saul’s soldiers in a battle between the Israelites and the philistines with nothing but a sling or catapult. When he presented himself before King Saul to take up Goliath from tending the sheep, we are told that King Saul thought the little shepherd was insane for he had witnessed the power that Goliath wielded but he didn’t realize the power that faith could accomplish. When the little boy insisted he would take Goliath head on and will defeat him, the King finally accepted and tried to make him wear protective armour but he refused because he knew he had a better shield than heavy bronze armour, faith and the bible clearly points out that it was but only one shot that took the giant down. I am of course talking of David the Psalmist and father of the Wiseman, Solomon. He dared to believe that he had whatever it took to defeat Goliath and with that power, he saved a whole generation from imminent destruction.





It is quite probable that much of the time you lock instead of unlocking your potential for the attainment of success through buying into the negative belief that you can’t do it especially at such time when circumstances overtake you. But is that the approach you must use if you desire to succeed? Definitely not, instead you must choose to believe you will find a way around any such circumstances. Instead of being a paranoid, operate as if every challenge or negative event in your life is solely meant to empower you. Regardless of how unpleasant circumstances may look, learn to search for the equal seed of opportunity in such circumstances instead of taking on a defeatist attitude. That’s building a strong faith, a mindset or consciousness that will attract only the best opportunities and resources to you for the attainment of your goal. With this type of a strong positive belief, there is no room for failure for every stumbling block no matter how big will yield to your indomitable will. That is what David did against Goliath. He refused to believe as King Saul and his soldiers did that Goliath could defeat him. He refused to be cowed by the fear that he had no experience in warfare. He refused to accept the fact that he was going to be another of Goliath’s unfortunate victims because he was but a small, untrained boy, a shepherd who had no knowledge in the art of warfare and that positive belief he developed enabled him to harness infinite wisdom from his higher-self, God, wisdom which was not available to Saul or his soldiers who were trained in the art of warfare and with it he ended the giant philistine’s reign of terror. We also have Samson whose eyes were plucked out by the Philistines when he was betrayed by Delilah who in his death killed more Philistines than in his life when he stirred that anointing in his spirit and took down the whole building that had more than three thousand under its roof. But in case you are the type that doesn’t easily get intrigued by biblical stories, let me call to your attention a heroine in her own capacity and friend of mine, Sasha Xarrian, author and creator of Outrageous Mastery, who in my opinion proved a living model of what one can achieve when they apply faith behind desire.



Ultimate Example


In her thirties, Sasha was left by her husband in sole custody of six children without a career or any considerable form of training on any career. In event of their breakup, her husband would refuse to pay child support and she became cash strapped since she had not any source of income and as a result she lost her family home. With such a misfortune lingering in her life, she faced a form of life many will hardly endure or ever experience. But as if not enough, her parents, siblings and friends deserted her and her children all because she would not conform to their religious values and beliefs. Left alone to fend for survival and that of her children, she began the process of inquiring from within for ways to make enough money to care for her children and find an affordable home to shelter them. That desire to adequately provide for her children backed by the belief that she could actually do so led her to a fascinating and illuminating journey of discovery. She began to experiment with the very belief systems that had alienated her from her parents, siblings and friends and were wrecking havoc in her life from every corner, to see if they were empowering or disempowering, and if really disempowering, could she find a new set of beliefs empowering enough to keep. A set of beliefs that would enable her to create whatever she wanted or answer any burning question she had. Through trial and error backed by a strong sense of determination, singleness of purpose and an abiding faith, she came up with astonishing results some of which are;


*The creation of her first book Outrageous Mastery, an exclusive story about her life, the fascinating and intriguing experiments she did and the outstanding discoveries she made.

*Many more self help books to include audios, and videos, all par-excellent and are read, listened to and watched in more than two hundred countries, a still growing number.

*She also found a way to heal her own son from a life long illness that no doctor could cure.

*Have created a mansion for her children and discovered the way to overcoming fear, guilty and low self esteem which are all the greatest detriments to success or progress of any kind.

*She also managed to find an amicable way to literary communicate with the Creator [GOD], receiving empowering answers directly without any difficulties, and least, she was able to create a million dollar business, Outrageous Mastery Publishing Company all because she dared to believe she could do anything. As a reader of this book probably trapped in some unfortunate circumstances closely related to her story seeking self empowerment to any height of your choice, I strongly recommend you to read or listen to her work. It’s so empowering, soul soothing, fascinating and will effectively change your life. You can find Sasha Xarrian’s exclusive story and work on www.beoutrageous.com or www.outrageousmastery.com/sp


All of us have incredible stories to tell if we could like Sasha refuse to bow down to negative thoughts, hard knocks and unfortunate circumstances. If we can choose to positively influence our thoughts or believe against the grain like Sasha and David did, we can unlock our greatest potential and manifest great success in all our endeavours. It’s very unfortunate that many of us do a lot of preaching of faith but rarely walk the talk. When tragedy strike or circumstances overtake us, we duck and take the fear road which leads nowhere but to inevitable failure and misery. Only a handful, who have conditioned their minds through self discipline take the road of faith like Sasha and David did and these are the ones the world give a standing ovation when they walk up to the podium. Equally unfortunate enough is the fact that most of us attribute such successes to luck and magic not realizing that these great achievers were actually forced by circumstances or tempting times nearly experienced by many people, that reached deep down their souls forcing them to explore inner worlds and experiment with infinite powers that would carry them beyond the many challenges they faced, and the magic they discovered which spurred them to such success was none other than an abiding faith that inspired creativity and determination.


Tragedy might be the worst thing you can expect in your life but often, it is a blessing in disguise. Naturally, it forces you to inquire within for deeper meanings to abstract matters and better ways to achieving whatever you envision. It presents opportunities that are hardly possible to notice or identify if you don’t look at things with a third eye, the faculty of imagination and creativity.





Perhaps it is the unfavourable circumstances in your life that makes you unable to activate your anointing and unleash your greatest potential towards attaining that great goal you have, or achieving that life you had always wanted to live. If that’s the case, learn the facts from Sasha Xarrian or David for they realised that there is actually nothing that could stop them from achieving anything they give birth to and believe they could achieve it. They realised that with the anointing of the spirit GOD gave them, they are greater than any circumstance which may try to condemn them to suffering, sickness, poverty, failure and anguish of any kind.



“There is no such a thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands……. Chaotic times are the times the Universe is trying to push us in another direction. If everything had not turned chaotic we never would have started looking elsewhere. I see it as a time for something new-a new direction” Sasha Xarrian


When Rhodesian Front war planes dropped napalm and fragmentation bombs over ZANLA camps at Nyadzonya and Chimoio, Mozambique in 1977 and ZIPRA Trainning camp and Freedom Camp in Zambia in 1978 massacring over 600 people per each camp as a last ditch attempt to deter frontline states from offering assistance to the liberation struggle movement, they thought they were hammering in the last nail to the coffin of the death of armed resistance against colonialism. But preceding events would later prove otherwise for instead of demoralizing the nationalist fighters and weaken them, it only helped them to resolve to even more drastic measures that saw the peak of guerrilla warfare in which fighters became more violent, brutal and more aggressive on enemies. They went on rampant, blowing police stations, bridges, railways and planted mines in enemy roads. It was this spirit of aggressiveness that accumulated out of tragedy in the minds of the guerrillas that finally drove the last nail to the coffin of Unilateral Declaration of Independence [UDI], forcing it to the negotiating table at Lanchester House, which ushered in majority rule on April 18 1980.


It is true that there is a beginning of equivalent gain in every challenge but the way to discovering such a beginning may only be found by those who possess an unfaltering conviction on their desires or whatever they envision. In the same vein, you too, with the aid of that very power, faith, can achieve whatever you can conceive or desire. If Sasha could experiment with power and write a dozen books without any career training, why not you? If she could create a mansion and a million dollar company with nothing else to aid her than passion and faith how about you? If David could defeat a giant wielding the best weaponry with just but faith and a sling shot, what about you. How much can you accomplish aided by that same power? Yes, you too can do it. Go for it!!




Do not be cowed by fear or doubt from aiming for anything great or any height in your undertakings for these are negatives you can conquer with that power which can move mountains as Jesus said. In fact, the truth is this that whatever your mind can give birth to, that it can achieve. All you need is to believe without doubt and all will be possible. In other words, nothing should be so vitally important to you than that belief in your capacity to achieve whatever you envision at all times. You must maintain a success oriented mindset by telling yourself constantly that no matter how seemingly impossible to achieve is your desire, you definitely have all that it takes to make your desires materialize. For ages, that spirit had been the centre and key to unlocking potential in every endeavour men and women of all creeds from all walks of life undertook; forerunning progress and or civilization of any kind. It has been, is and shall always be the life giving factor of all the ideals, visions and goals of mankind. The force that renders vitality to every aspiration you and I have.


For the sixty seven years of his life he spend serving humanity, half of which he spend incarcerated, Nelson Mandela’s indomitable courage, will and valour as an icon of social justice, human dignity and love were all found on faith. He believed wholeheartedly in the virtues of his dream so much that he was prepared to stake the rest of his life behind its attainment. Going as far as to solicit for the release of other prisoners while he remained incarcerated, and defying a death sentence that pended over his head throughout the Revonia trials. That power from within known as faith, the builder of courage, tenacity and determination, worked the magic. Faith also sustained other great leaders like Aung Suu Kyi against the unsavoury Burmese [now Myanmar] authoritarians; Morgan R. Tsvangirai and Mohandas Gandhi, enabling them to win support and influence millions of people to the non-violence approach to political transformation. With it Strive Masiyiwa finally received a license to operate a wireless network in the country after nearly five years of waiting characterized by a grinding court battle with the government. Thomas Edison, the great American inventor finally came up with one of the greatest inventions of all time, the electric bulb after ten thousand failures and what of Neil Armstrong who landed on Mars after many years of living in a world in which literary, everyone believe the sky was the limit. Faith was the power that defied all such odds and in that same fashion, you too can reach for your most coveted objective in life. Have that same unfaltering conviction that you have all that it takes to make your dream come true. Believe you have the power to overcome adversity and cross the threshold of fear, doubt and procrastination and make the seemingly unattainable attainable. Take away all such phrases like ‘I can’t’, ‘it’s impossible’ and any other form of disempowering words from your mental dictionary, replacing them with more positive ones, the ones that will inspire you with greater confidence and enthusiasm; the ones that will prompt you to act on your aims rather than procrastinating. Phrases such as ‘yes I can’, ‘it’s possible’ and ‘I have all I need to achieve my goal’.


If you are a soccer fan which I am not, you will remember how the “Chipolopolos”, Zambian National Football Team unhillated Ghana and Ivory Coast to claim the 2012 African Cup of Nation trophy and took it to Ndola. But undoubtedly, just like many spectators out there, you literary understand the real power that made that victory inevitable. Which is of course none other than faith, that unfaltering and consuming belief that they could actually do it? For if we were to attribute prowess and reputation, Zambia stood and perhaps, still stands, nowhere close to Ghana and Ivory Coast as evidenced by the scores of support these two teams received in comparison to Zambia during the games. In fact, seventy five percent of spectators were in favour of Ghana and Ivory Coast because they had on many occasions won the trophy or played in the finals than Zambia. But that did not discourage the Chipolopolos to aim high. Despite lacking confidence of the masses, they believed in themselves enough to do whatever it would take to achieve that desire they had, and that indomitable and indefatigable spirit led them to victory. That invincibility spirit worked the magic and it is certainly the greatest key to reaching the dream you dream. Believe wholeheartedly and unwaveringly in yourself and your creator that you can do it and he can provide the means to reaching any desire you have.


It is not enough to have a dream, goal or purpose. Even though it saves as the foundation stone of inspiration and motivation, alone it constitutes a form of power that can hardly enable you to harness your best potentials towards success and greatness. You need an inward conviction to the unforeseen. An abiding belief in things you hope to achieve and your capacity to make it happen. Any doubts on your part compromises your imagination which inadvertently compromises your achievements or the quality of your successes; for it is certainly true that one’s height of success is always directly proportional to the extent of their horizon of imagination and depth of conviction. If Zambian players had gone into the tournament with a defeatist attitude, no doubt they would not have taken the precious and prestigious trophy to Ndola. Faith cleanses the mind and heart of any form of negativities that may interfere with positive thoughts, giving them an electromagnetic field that will only attract to you the resources and opportunities you need to attain your goal. It sanctifies the passion of dreaming through the development of hope, patience, courage to take risks, persistence and determination which are all important factors in the pursuit and achievement of any worthwhile goal.




As we have indicated earlier on faith is a form of anointing which one must cultivate and constantly stir up or activate and direct through willpower and self discipline behind a major aim in order to unleash the best of their potential towards attaining whatever they are aiming for. Let’s therefore turn to identifying some ways by which this anointing can be cultivated, activated or stirred.


Practice Singleness of Purpose.

Always make sure not to dissipate your energies, resources and efforts by aiming at one definite goal at a particular time that can enhance a major breakthrough to your vision. Singleness of purpose thus inspires you to focus, enabling you to determine what you have to do to achieve whatever you may be envisioning and when you are focused on one particular thing, you develop a form of determination and tenacity that knows no such a thing as adversity or failure-faith.


Entertain Hope.

Always look to the future with an unfaltering belief of becoming the person you desire to be and hope of achieving whatever you envision. Even if it’s a goal you couldn’t achieve previously, commit yourself to undoing all the obstacles that stood in your way then, building counter measures in such areas as you experienced huddles, seeing yourself overcoming and achieving your goal. If there is little you can do to avert such a previous predicaments, embrace whatever is there to learn and move forward. That way you inspire the development of a positive mental attitude which is one of the premises crucial for the development and expression of faith. If Sasha, Masiyiwa or any other leader we have discussed in this book had given up the moment tempting times encroached on their lives and dreams, they wouldn’t be at the positions of greatness they are stationed today.


Learn to Meditate.

In the form of a prayer for a start or deep wonderful meditations, learn to repeat instructions to your higher self [God], in connection with your desire. Speak thoughts that are related to your desires always and dare to see the seemingly impossible manifesting in your real world. Here, the powerful forces of the spiritual realm will collaborate and act upon those instructions, words and thoughts and relay back through the subconscious section of your mind to your conscious mind the practical means by which you will be able to solve any numbing issue in connection with your major goal or dream, and for the record, this was one of the powers that Sasha tapped into in reaching to the inner world where a cure was conveyed to her on how to cure her son after all doctors had labelled it incurable. This was also the means through which David received a way by which to annihilate Goliath. Normally, answers are relayed through visions, dreams, hunches and melodies that conveys an inspirational message to inform and guide you on where to get what you need to advance your goal or dream or how to access it.


Practice Tenacity.

Never give up the pursuit of that which matters most to you in face of adversity. Neither should you tempt yourself to evade any unpleasant circumstances, those hard knocks and detours. Instead, every time you encounter such experiences, revisit the strategy or plan by which you intent to achieve your goal and see if there are any changes you can institute as more often ideas more effective than yours are often revealed to you during meditations. Thus instead of quitting when the going gets tough, begin to establish counter measures at such points or stages where obstacles overtake you. Search for possible opportunities that may be underlying any such circumstances and how to tap them for your own benefit.


Cultivate a Burning Desire.

Always cultivate a burning desire in connection with your goal or dream. Be motivated by an insurmountable will and wish to attain it. Allowing the virtues it promises-the benefits you look forward to reap, to inspire you to throw your goal on board and pursue it. Not caring what people say or will say if you happen to fail or be overtaken by adversity. Releasing all such fears from your mind and remembering, as my great coach Sasha once said that, “self confidence comes from walking through ‘your’ fears. Every time ‘you’ walk through a fear, no matter, how small ‘you’ build ‘your’ self confidence”, and when your confidence is sky rocketing, your desire leaps up exponentially. The simplest way to achieving that being to write down your goal and itemize all the benefits you hope to procure. Then paste it where you can see it regularly, where you can read it as often as possible, meditating, and praying about the promises of your dream or goal as much as you can and visualizing them.


Surround Yourself With a Great Team.

Gather around yourself great people to inspire and motivate you-mentors, coaches, masters and door openers. These are the people who can constantly encourage you to keep your dream alive; people whose sentiments, actions and association only aid you and compel you to go the extra mile in all your endeavours in connection with your goal or dream; people who believe in you and can augment and nourish your spiritual powers through telepathy and sympathy, strengthening your hope of achievement. Not passion killers, dream stealers and enablers.


Cultivate a Strong Imagination.

Constantly picture yourself achieving or having achieved your goal and living it no matter how seemingly impossible it is to achieve. Render your imagination vitality by surrounding yourself with books, pictures, wallpapers, music, movies, mottoes, quotations and speech excerpts related to your goal or dream. Such is the way of igniting those dormant forces in your spiritual closet that will collaborate with your physical efforts in grooming your faith. You will be able to reach the world of the unforeseen, where the seemingly impossible is possible and the seemingly unrealistic is in fact realistic. The world from whence all inspiration comes to guide you towards positive eventualities that brings your goal or dream within reach. Simply let your thoughts expand in every direction, transcending all limitations whether self imposed out of ignorance or not. Defy conventions and push beyond your limits.


“The purpose of education’, said one great philosopher, ‘ is not learning but action”. Therefore remember to practically incorporate and or implement these lessons in all your endeavours. That’s the only way you can be able to comprehend how effective they are. Fortunate enough, they do not demand any resources, or efforts you cannot afford. Almost every great achiever knows that the secret to harnessing knowledge and fully exploit one’s spiritual resources and potentials is blending action into every learning process. So go out in front of yourself and take charge of the real forces that makes dreams and goals attainable-deeds. That is the greatest way of cultivating inspiration. For the more you act and consistently see yourself as what you would like to become, the more inspired you get. However it goes not without saying that faith is a form of power that will not reside and develop in a mind not well organized for it. It will not co-exist with any form of negative influences like worry, doubt, superstition and fear and will not express itself from any negative environment to your merit which is the main reason why I began this book with a call to mental mastery. Clear your mental dwelling place of all negative interlopers before you could invite faith to take residence in your mind. Get rid of jealous, hatred, envy, greed and a desire for revenge for whatever reason you may have before you could try to employ faith in procuring your dream or goal for so doing will lead nowhere than to inevitable failure and disappointment.




Faith is like a magnet, it attracts into your life anything you may desire once you dare to believe you will receive it. On 24 November 2004, I was involved in a car accident with other six people to include my brother Obey Goko and only I came out without a scratch. The rest sustained severe injuries that saw them being administered under intensive care for two weeks at Birchenough Bridge General Hospital. It all happen along a rarely travelled dust road behind the 33 Brigade barracks but it was too far for the uniformed guys to have noticed and worse still, too far from any nearby village. Fortunately it didn’t take long before a Good angel came through and rushed us to hospital. But because I had not sustained any serious injuries, I left the hospital and went back to guard the car against any unscrupulous elements. As night fell over the remote accident scene, fear of the worse began to encroach upon my mind. The car had landed upside down and was badly damaged I couldn’t even slip in to hide from potential night predators. After an hour’s dilemma trying to figure out what to do next since abandoning the car was out of question for it was a family car, I lay in the sand on my back and dared to think of a legion of Angels coming to rescue me. I recalled all what Jesus said about all our needs being met; that wherever we are, we ain’t alone because the UTMOST Himself is with us and his heavenly servants are constantly there to serve us whether its protection we need or otherwise. I told myself however that if it was not going to happen to me that night, then someone upstairs was going to have some explaining to do. At that moment, I heard footsteps approaching and a voice asking me ‘‘Are you alright?’’ For a moment I thought I had fallen asleep and was therefore dreaming but the voice persisted, ‘Is everything alright with you?’ No, not exactly, I said standing up. ‘What happened?’ Who are you with? This place is no good place to be alone this time.’’ I gave him a narrative of what had happened and how I ended up there in the midst of the jungle alone. ‘‘Okay young man, I will help you, come with me.’’ He took me down the road to a shopping centre that was 5km away and calling a couple of guys of up to ten, he told them what had happened and offered to buy them a crate of beer if they would help me to turn the car back on its wheels and push it back to the shopping centre. They agreed and the next thing I realise, the car was back on its wheels. However, there was one problem remaining, I had no experience on how to drive a car and so was everyone else, ‘probably’ because even if there was anyone with enough experience, he would have not agreed to get behind the steering wheel because the car’s face was in perfect shambles. The man who had come to my rescue encouraged me to get in and just control the steering wheel while the other guys push. I openly expressed my disapproval of his idea because I had had a near death experience in that very car but he assured me all was perfectly fine and nothing was going to happen to me. So gathering some courage from his assurance, I slipped into the driver’s seat through the broken wind screen as all doors were damaged during the crash so much they couldn’t open even an inch. I tried the steering wheel as they pushed but it had automatically locked during the accident. So the gentleman-my angel as I have come to identify him, turned on the ignition and the steering wheel unlocked. At that moment, I remembered a few lines from Ob 262 ‘‘…For concerning thee does He watch His promise day and night, to make it a success; 7 mine shall I redeem, heal and protect;’’ Even though your car is damaged, it will travel to a safe place, so drive slowly. I know you don’t know how to drive but don’t be afraid for I am here to guide you. Just believe you can with my help and everything will work out. Slowly, the car began to move and I was able to steer it to a safe place. Having arrived earlier than everybody else, I waited for my GOD-send to arrive so I could thank him formally but he never showed up. To date, I still have no idea whether he was an earth real angel-real person or a true angel but one thing I know for sure is this that faith is the ingredient which when mixed with desire and imagination transmute thoughts into their physical counterparts or give them an electro-magnetic field that attracts the equivalent of a person’s dominating thoughts. So next time you find yourself labouring under unfavourable circumstances, just dare to believe help is not far away and do not be discouraged when you find it hard to resort to faith in face of adversity in your early stages of trying to procure this power to the achievement of your goals or desires for faith is actually an attitude, a state of mind you develop over time, but whatever the cost, you must groom it because even though its often helpful to have motivation and other forms of support from others, nothing typical of all such support or motivation comes close to beating self guidance from within. That deep- seated belief in your own abilities and potentials and those of the infinite spirit to manifest all that you desire or envisions. You may have a different version of words to describe this power like self confidence, self assurance or assertiveness but whatever you call it, one thing will never change and that’s the fact that it is the eternal force of success.





It is important to know that the ability to stir and direct the power of faith for beneficial ends doesn’t come at one sitting, I too came to understand it better through encounters with many people who supplanted my own views with their own for one cannot be totally right in his own opinions and one of such individuals is Mark Samwell, a friend of mine. One afternoon, I asked him how he would sum up faith as a premise of success and he said;


“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude to me is more important than facts, it’s more important than the past, more important than the education, more important than the money, more important than the circumstances, more important than the failures, even more important than success, or what other people say or do. In fact, attitude is more important than all appearances, giftedness or skills. It will make or break a company, a church, a home…., I am convinced that life is ten percent what happens to me and ninety percent how I react to it”

Now that’s what I call believing in one self. A faith or attitude that will move mountains, and you and I also have that choice: the choice to believe without doubt that we can make all our desires come true because we have all we need to make it happen, the underlying secret being to find our limits and push beyond them. Faith is the conduit by which one receives the great gifts of life, the connecting link between the source of all that one desires-GOD and Himself. So to receive you have to believe. You have to believe without doubt in order to manifest what you desire. It is that simple! Grip the significance of this foregone opinion and you will be on your way to success with greater chances of getting there sooner and easier that you initially expected.

As Mark said, it’s not your level of education, or any acquisitions that matters, but your internal intangible resources, those spiritual qualities which once combined constitutes faith or attitude. The power that defies failure or defeat once blended with definiteness of purpose. Just make the choice to believe it’s possible and you will move mountains. Again, never mind what people say, whether they believe in you or not. What’s important is to believe in yourself and your UTMOST. That’s what will crown you a winner or achiever. May the UTMOST’s blessings be upon you always.




With Love and Faith

In Your

Fulfilment and Salvation;


Minister Crosswell



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Super Key To True Mastery 2 Super Key To True Mastery 2