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Sunshine Goddess Mama


Sunshine Goddess Mama

By James Hold


[Copyright 2017 James Roy Hold
Shakespir Edition]

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if i believed in dieties

you would be like one to me

a choice of gods, i’d opt for one

soft and golden like the sun


but gods get followers thru fear

respect and love that’s commandeered

and i’m not one who wants to go

and reach so high or sink so low


i’ve never felt much reverence

or seen a holy countenance

but i saw your face by candlelight

and swear no god could smile as bright


i saw your face one early morn

and swear no god could be as warm







James Hold

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Sunshine Goddess Mama

At some point in a writer's life he inevitably tries his hand at writing poetry. This usually occurs at an early age when he either hopes to impress an out-of-reach girl or because he's fallen under the delusion that everything matters and he must contribute his two cents to the subject. Those with sense file these efforts in a secret place and do not inflict them on the public. Others lack such humility. If there is any value in exposing these undertakings, it's to show that everyone was young once, and that beauty, truth, and meaning are to be found in the eye (rather than the mind) of the beholder.

  • ISBN: 9781370143665
  • Author: James Hold
  • Published: 2017-05-10 19:20:13
  • Words: 193
Sunshine Goddess Mama Sunshine Goddess Mama