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Sully In The Golden Pool ~ You Fool No Rule ( And Fall Far From Your Footstool)


Sully In The Golden Pool ~ You Fool No Rule (And Fall Far From Your Footstool)

Barbara M. Schwarz


I was angered by the cool

way you used your spitting tool


just to sully in my pool

when life has that golden rule


that ‘what goes around”

returns back to original ground


“IF you don’t like what I do – then it’s up to you!!!”

The fairy mirrored what she knew – throwing the odd stone or two : only hurts you!


On the front: “As the garden grew (the fairy dust flew)” 2017.


“Who dares disturb me!” cried the fairy,


“Oh sweet pea, leave it to me: I’ve heard that a flea is quite tasty!”

and the frog leapt from the log right into the bog.


You see, I throw a little fairy dust

to help life’s lust and pleasure

and help individuals grow to their full measure

of joy – it’s not so wrong what I employ


but as for you…

what do you do

by swaggering and throwing the odd stone or two

into what doesn’t actually matter to you


I’d like to call it thuggery,

so why not hug a tree

instead of being so slimy

as to suggest – oh all you do is jest…?


I’m not jesting

I’m arresting

this nasty negative flow

with each stone that you throw


And I thought so clear

how mean for you to ‘appear’


as someone who knew

about ‘all’ they alluded to…


when you didn’t have a clue

and couldn’t be bothered

(I warrant you)


to explore what was really there,

and more… as I see how you claw

you always want a little more…

to sully on my golden shore!


I started to realise the shamefulness,

disdainfulness, with which your eyes

circumscribe all that you deride

at a veneered glance of pure arched vein…


“Oh, not THAT rubbish, yet again!!!”


But, who are you really to complain

when others work upon their plane

and start to see

a positive humming reality?


Oh, you thought that I was done,

swatted a flea, and had some fun…


But you aroused a mighty one – the anger as

a torrent poured – such an insult was explored, for

now the lion roared and life’s joy could not afford such

an unwise thing as…


to disturb another’s wondering !!!


“What right?!!!” – I ask you in full sight:


“have you to blight another’s insight,


for a cheap little thrill -

like pigeon poop on a window sill?


will you still now gloat at me

when you realise the energy

that it actually takes


to give some positive earthquakes?


so now little flea, you became for me

a full blown travesty! I grew ravenously

perplex at such ‘apoplex’


how dare you deride so free

what has never meant much for you to see?


oh how grand is your ‘protusion’?

oh how great is your infusion?


when all you ever do

is spite the odd word or two?


yes, the flea bothered me

biting so obliviously…



but then I really saw, that

the much much bigger picture roar


you sullied in my golden pool

and had a laugh and called me fool,


but life is no one’s tool


you sit on your own stool;

you stand as you are there

smoking inane aspertions

into freshest air…

(is that all you have to share?)


and you thought you got me there

‘feeling such despair…’,


when really what is rare


is the bounds by which I swear

allegiance to my humming ‘fayre’


what I declare I made – with the truth

of sun in aid – of clear delight to give our

hearts some respite,


and nurture us back into light

away from mindless slight

that drags us into night


do you think I now take fright???


I am live wire consumed by my desire

to make of life a living fire


… do you really wish my ire -

is it ‘fun’ that will transpire

with your dire little thing

you just call ‘jesting?’


And indignation was at the heart of veneration,

swept with hard core, the energy that roar so centrally

is a sharp sharp stare to see:


“who dares sully my sanctity?!!!”


Indignation – now you’ve soldiered a creation

at war with what you think – you can splatter with some ink -


and then swiftly to ignore whenever you can deplore

for a bit of fun (just some sport – eh, hon’?)


Do you not realise

how spite flies

back again


to that moment when

another’s zen,


you thought to kill

with your foolish ill-turned will


you think that ‘it’ your belly fill?


are you really all that proud

as you crowed aloud

a simple (stupid?) bully crowd


and in one silly voice

you sought to castigate

my life choice?


and the water circled, flew,

furiously as the fairy drew:


how dare you…

how dare you…

how dare you…


the ripples disturbed the view

and we see the hollowness of you


dropping the odd stone or two

but the water knew:

that’s all you’ll ever do

(if you don’t respect another’s crew)


and settled on the muddy ground,

that stone – you threw – was it ever found….?


when many days thence,

what is your life’s service



what can you really show,

except the odd stone you now gleefully throw,

into someone else’s flow?


you see, you think you’re bright…

full of humour in your spite,


but in the full light of day -

those sorts of stones are swept away


to an insignificance pile…

it’s really not posterity’s style

to re-heat the ‘not-so-sweet’


of nothing thence,

a simple nothingness consequence

and that’s never more or less

than simple emptiness


and though such sniggering scores

many a ripple’s temporary applause


what is left of you

if that’s all you ever do,

when you throw an odd stone or two

at what you irritatingly love to say

‘why that’s all child’s play’?!?


What would you ever know

if you don’t enter your own flow?


What would you ever see

if you’re far too busy trampling free

all over diversity,


instead of seeing life as a choral hymn

where we each our own voice now bring?


Are you out of key?

Don’t take it out on me!


Are you really all that stuck, then

you’re in perfect luck!


A fairy – quite contrary -

helps every garden grow

when it’s basic courtesy

that starts to show!



Purple Eyes Publishing

Was it worth that giant roar???? Oh I should say so, and so much more…!!! Sanctity is what we are fighting for - so turn around and see: a better way to be - if we treat each other respectfully, instead of having a go (just for a laugh, you know… though…)


ho ho ho – is it that “So…. Big” to sully flow – instead of getting to know what’s your contribution – to life and love and restitution – to help us to go much much further than before, and help each humanity explore:


the precious life that we adore!


Do you hear that roar: mankind respectfully asks you for more, than throwing on someone else’s shore… the odd stone and a bad old bone!


Instead, a clever man (Herman Hesse) once said: “Learn what is to be taken seriously and laugh at the rest” – and so I thought I’d end this test – of what it is that makes life zest – by shaking up the very best I have to offer, to the would-be scoffer, so with this one last ‘nice advice’:


“turn around and see – fairy dust that’s sprinkled free – is the lifeblood of humanity”


but should you just jeer and throw another empty sneer – that heavy stone, will upset you alone – for what have you to show – if you try to stop endless flow with the odd little sniggering of ‘I-told-you-so’; “I-told-you-so” – that boring stuff that we all know – of what you are about to crow – it is that relevant to the present flow, when we all need to get up and go – for greater things to show?


Give us a better offer – than an empty bloated coffer of a mindless scoffer – otherwise, who will remember what you saw, when you stood at your own back door and asked “Life, what is it all for?”, and then, with your own eyes, perhaps you’ll start to energise, just where the positive future lies?


In the time that now flies so free

back to the grasp of infinity,


let us score for you and me,

for the whole of humanity,


a full-grown diversity:



And a lion roar: “I won’t ignore: life is what I’m fighting for !“


Full-grown diversity

Mature human uni-versity

instead of sniping and trite griping


lets keep energy exciting!


to vibrant possibility

with the utmost thrill

of energy overspill,


where we’ll get to see

when we let each other be

part of life’s greater sea


Behold grasped opportunity

the essence of totality

is plurality actuality !


Exhilaration glorious -

the instance victorious

when we float and surf so free

on vibrant energy


And a frog stretched out its tongue:


“Why this is delicious fun

I like the odd flea,

that slights the fairy

and so I digest real slowly…”


“Sweet pea, sweet pea -

I’ll dissolve it all so instantly”


Yum yum yum

the null-sum

affects everyone

but especially you,

when we don’t have a clue of what you do:


how will we remember you, except,


when the frog jumped a hurdle

and added more strength to its girdle.


Plop !!!

The penny drop.

The frog stop.


Haiku reasoning

The brand new seasoning

Of life’s love fissioning.


Tja – du bist ja ganz aufgewühlt!


“Hast Du mich auf dem Zahn gefühlt?!!!!”


“Weißt Du jetzt was wirklich wühlt? !!!”


“Die Ewigkeit spült – siehe wie es abkühlt!”


Weg – mit anderer Dreck!


Jetzt kommt die schöne Strecke :

Willkommen nun die Sommersonnen Schnecke!


As the sun slowed down

I worn with pride my feather crown

and what had sought to cause a frown

turned brown – in the sludge of the pond


for I wave my magic wand

and it is with humanity that I bond

and ask with fond desire:


“Let all life’s dreams aspire: high -

for we shall reach the sky of whatever we try to see

that’s better for you, and better for me!”


And a stone’s throw away

had nothing further now to say

nothing further could allay


I make sunshine bright today!


Sweet pea – a symbol of my memory

and love and tireless energy

to work right through and let my garden

swift renew the twinkle of a pond so blue,


and in sunlight shadows captured too

the frog that winked at you


“I wouldn’t mind the odd word or two”,

he said to another flea, that sped right through quite swiftly


“Yes, the fairy’s busy, my dear, and has asked me to clear

what gets in the way of everybody’s day”.


“Would you sully in my golden pool?”

“I am not your footstool!”


“See the mirrored pool display

who’s our grand ‘Fool for Today!”


The Golden Rule,


is Never Sully The Pool,

or Make Another A Tool,

of What You Try To Fool:


for We are no one’s footstool.


And the frog kept guard

to clear away the lard,


and the spite charade

had played its final card.


“I thought a fairy was soft and not hard…”


Oh listen to the bard and feel the frozen ice shard.


Splat! The frog saw to that


Nothing now was wrong

And the fairy carried on,


knowing that whatever flea

buzzed by me


didn’t have a chance to see

more than just ‘tomfoolery’ -




Golden Pool

swift you calmed

your own tool


and chose instead to flow

in strength and joy below,

every understanding -


reserved only for glad-handing

those who know

to respect each other’s flow.


[And when you said, “you’d got to the bottom”… was it just fat, or really just rotten…?

“Oh!!!” the frog cried, “I’d really just got ‘em – tasty now for tea (this sumptuous allegory)!”]


Humour her to see – the farce reflects accurately – ill-intentioned energy – called out mercilessly!


Golden Idyll Mind – My Frog Is Oh So Kind – And Lets A Fairy Rewind – Anything That’s Blind


For Spirited Energy – Is Life’s Great Entity – To Rise Above Ourselves – As Unpolluted Wells


See, I saw the stars, whispered far away : “Let’s hear what the fairy had cause to say!”


And I knew, as my garden grew, the lovely things we do, will always filter through, bright and new.


The Golden Rule – is let’s keep it – cool !


Sully In The Golden Pool ~ You Fool No Rule ( And Fall Far From Your Footstool)

'Sweet pea - I guess that's enough from me, but if the odd flea should pass by 'bothering-ly' - just refer them to me - I like the grand old taste of ultimate garden waste!' And the sun's trace lit up the kindly frog's face : the beauty of the pond, the frog will always bond how a fairy moves her wand.

  • ISBN: 9781370851423
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-05-19 15:50:10
  • Words: 2136
Sully In The Golden Pool ~ You Fool No Rule ( And Fall Far From Your Footstool) Sully In The Golden Pool ~ You Fool No Rule ( And Fall Far From Your Footstool)