Striving Against Nature - Part One

Striving Against Nature]

Part One

The Humor and Wisdom of

Shiro Yatsu

Shakespir EDITION

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Light and steam fill the air.

Great herds rumble toward their feeding grounds.

Their tongues lie to their waistlines.

And so the body consumes,

Every deep-fried thing under the sun.


They think they are the normal way.

Yet they lack sensitivity,

To their surroundings.

They need constant attention.

And are blind to the deeper meanings.

They are too busy,

Sucking all the oxygen,

Out of the room.


Creativity Triangle

A beneficial idea is a shape,

That has three sides.

Technical Knowledge,

Intellectual Honesty,

And Boldness.



Is it not more kind to use extreme violence,

Than to endure suffering?

Is it not more compassionate to retaliate,

Than to permit an attacker to be defiled by hate?

Not really.



There once was a man from Nantucket,

Who inspired many poems.

He was exceedingly vile.

He shall live on in infamy.



A koi fish.

A water lily.

A crane.

Share a home.

Because they basically have no choice.


Duck and Whale

A duck walks like a duck.

A duck quacks like a duck.

But a whale is not a fish.



The peaceful water has no ripples.

Perfectly shows every imperfection.

So the ripples must appear.


Food Chain

A tiny fish is eaten by a small fish.

The small fish is eaten by a bigger fish.

And so on it goes.

Yet the biggest fish is still killed by time.

Time eats all fish.



Within the walls the emperor is safe.

Yet he is imprisoned,

Because the true beauty is on the outside.


Wax and Mud

The closed mind is like;

Wax in the ears,

Mud in the eyes.

And knowing all the answers,

Before the question is asked.

Because of fear.


Lawyers and Poets

The lawyer speaks many words.

The poet very few.

Which is better?

A poet will not argue the point.

A lawyer will not stop.



An arrow kills.

But a bow does not.

Yet an archer is the killer.

Because the bow is a confound bow.



There are no dragons.

And maybe there never were.


Tree Huggers

Some hug a tree.

They believe the tree is self aware.

But they deny the Creator of the world.

Sad for them.

Sad for the Creator.

Yet the tree does not care.


Striving Against Nature

Many are confounded by the world.

Many strive against Nature.

Just saying.

It’s a thing.



A shiitake is a type of mushroom.

Yet in Japanese,

Shiitake simply means mushroom.

How many times must it be said?



They fall in numbers,

Too great to imagine.

Yet each is worthy,

Of our admiration.


Mouse and Sparrow

A mouse declares,

It is an elephant.

A sparrow declares,

It is an eagle.

Their reality is strange,

To meditate upon.

Yet they demand,

You join their confusion,

As they strive against nature.


Secondhand Smoke

The mist wafts where it will.

Like a cancerous miasma.

Why must it exist?

Why does man strive against nature?







Like a mountaintop monastery,

The Double-Wide abides,

In the remote area.


The Western Mind

Has so many questions,

About itself.

The Western mind,

Thinks everyone else,

Knows better,

Than them.

The West stays in the West.

The East wants into the West.

A confounding principle,

To reflect upon.



Hard work,

And times of rest,

Creates beauty,

Of the body,

And the mind.

Constant Slothfulness,

Is the path,

To a shameful result.


An Apple a day,

Keeps the doctor away,

Especially if they,

Are not on your plan.



The more stuff you own,

The more you are owned by stuff.



So many ask,

Why the chicken crosses the road.

But the chicken does not care,

To share its details.



The Universe,

Confounds all.

The spiritual plane,

Is denied.

All truth,

Is mathematical.

But you must find,

All the numbers.

Yet in time,

All will be revealed.


Kamikaze (Divine Wind)

The wind blows.

It cannot be seen.

But the branch moves.

Many want God to go away.

By denying he exists.

Many say they would believe in God,

If they could see him.

The Son of God is Jesus.

But when Jesus came to the Earth,

They killed him.


A Thousand Words

A picture is worth,

A thousand words.

Yet a thousand words,

Does not equal a picture.

This is equation is not.


It is called,

Fake math.



The Land of the Rising Sun,

Is not the same as the Central Kingdom.

Canada is not ,

The same as America.

Yet Men are all from,

The same parents.

God did not create “races”.

Races are the false,

Creation of Man.



A bird in the hand,

Is worth two in the bush.

They are co-equal.

They are both not money.


Black and White

Colors are not necessary.

They are a gift of joy, from God.



A person must have

Common Sense,

To know,

They don’t have any.


Poetic Life

A true poet is living out the poetry.

Not just writing pretentious contrivances.

And respects the reader’s ability to comprehend,

With minimalist intense focus.

Both the writer and reader,

Are participating in a thing of beauty.

Sharing these writings with others,

Is an act of kindness.




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Striving Against Nature - Part One

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Striving Against Nature - Part One Striving Against Nature - Part One