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Strife of Supremacy: Rising Conflict

Lucha de Supremacía / Strife of Supremacy

Written by Manuel Durán

“Everything unknown is thought to be magnificent.” Tacitus, Roman senator.


Year 2020, the world auguring a new global conflict, contesting and arguing for an assortment of valuable minerals in Earth with unique capabilities categorized as “Bellusaxum”, able to create electronic circuits, strong alloys and other special components quickly and at an average cost, it has become the new ambition for many powers. “Whoever that dominates the potential of these exotics minerals, will control the world.” Said an American scientist about these resources. Mainly applied to the military sector, new weapons and equipment are estimated to be created which revolutionize and change the battlefield as it’s currently known, despite being at experimental stages. The great usefulness of these minerals has caused the creation of the Red Confederacy, a military-economic alliance mainly organized by Russia, China and North Korea, whose headquarters is located at Pyongyang. The United States is making big progress on Bioenergy technology as the new energetic alternative to fossil fuels, causing that many oil-producing countries take sudden measures to a possible economic crisis which will affect severely the South American continent.

The story focus on a 20-year old boy of Venezuela, Alejandro, a common person for his age: College, videogames, friends, parties, etc. In spite of having a normal life he was very attentive to the news, aside the new trending topic on social media: “Aliens exists”, “We are not alone” and similar subjects coming into view on Internet, on 1981 was a year of many UFO sightings, on 2014 alien activity has been reported on many parts of the world, fomenting the skepticism on scientists and religious groups. Alejandro always was certain when the day that the US develops and controls the Bioenergy, his country could go down, especially with leaders in power with communist beliefs and an exorbitant political corruption.

Chapter 1 – Sudden Turn

One night Alejandro gathered on a square with some friends to spend time and talk about the current trending gossip.

- “Hey Roberth, ¿did you find out the new novelty?, companies from foreign countries and some nations on South America are arriving here to collect the Bellusaxum, specially many of them are subsidized by the Red Confederacy, all in favor to support our comrades” – Said Alejandro with a mocking tone and laughing

- “Yeah and they will quickly turn the planet upside down with God knows what they are doing with that trash, looks like they are inspiring themselves with today’s shooting games that attracts dumb kids nowadays” – Said Roberth laughing

One of the group, somewhat paranoid about the current events breaks the fun:

- “Dude, you know what will happen when a conflict occurs between all those countries of the Red Confederacy against the U.S and its European allies, and precisely we are not joined a side yet so the thing could get bad here, Venezuela has a great reserve of that stuff.”

- “Well in that case I hope E.T abducts us and get us safe on his flying saucer, besides, you will be fascinated that they experiment with you.” – Said another of the group, making fun of his anxiety and making everyone laugh.

- “Hah, you’re a clown, I hope the first bomb falls directly on your head if the World War 3 happens”

- “Looking forward to it” He remarked, jokingly

After one hour of goofing around the square, the group breaks up and everyone goes to their respective home, before Roberth discuss something with Alejandro:

- “Partner, sometimes I think that all this nonsense is something to not to be joking, aliens, wars, looks like the Mayans changed the date of the End of the World and want to screw us late and every day that passes it’s getting more serious” – Said Roberth

- “Well, who knows gonna happen in the future, maybe nothing will happen, with everything is happening nowadays, it is only babble and drivel, cut off your paranoia (chuckles), you are like Luis and his madness.” – Said Alejandro

- “Yeah, if you say so, see you tomorrow”

- “Check you later.”

January of 2023, the world is facing an imminent World War III, there’s general discomfort on many South-American countries, including Venezuela due the Bioenergy replacing much of the machinery which operates under fossil fuels, causing millionaire losses to petroleum-exporting countries. Meanwhile the stress between the NATO and the Red Confederacy rises slowly, the world will be witness of an overwhelming change which alter the current lifestyle on Earth…

Alejandro is actually staying temporally on his aunt’s home due family problems that suffered recently, so he took the decision of leave until everything returns to normality. Lately his family had to be wary due the current condition of the country, it’s facing occasional riots and criminal activity due the crisis by not finding potential petroleum buyers, adding the government bad economic measures are causing shortage of basic food, high inflation, militarization on certain points of the country and others serious problems.

He knows that in any moment an out-of-precedents civil war would burst, by supporters of the government against the opposition. Alejandro was in his room surfing the internet when suddenly he hears a kind of muffled crash on the backyard of the house, on that moment everybody was sleeping, being 12:15am, he went outside quickly on silence to see what happened; he found a black rock of 50 centimeter in diameter, slowly and carefully getting closer he notices a sort of semi-solid yellowish crystal protruding from the rock and expelling some kind of spores or powder, for some reason Alejandro felt a strange attraction against his will towards the unknown crystal, getting more closer until finally grabbing the yellow shard and being surrounded by the spores, immediately felt an intense surge of energy that didn’t know how to describe, traveling through his body and shifting to the brain, observing hallucinations and feeling something like electricity in his head and finally lose consciousness.

After the event, Alejandro awakens with an eerie sensation roaming in his body, especially on his head, beginning to think unusually, like having an completely different mindset, before he does something he checked the time and how much time has passed since the fainting, just 4 minutes, after that he noticed that no one has find out the situation… for now, he went to his room to look over any unexpected facial change; nothing drastic on his face but the eyes have changed to an outlandish appearance and acquiring a crimson coloration.

- “Damn it, I hope this is not permanent…”

Luckily for him he watched how his eyes began to normalize, returning to its original state but retaining a slight coloration on the iris.

- “The hell is happening to me…”

Alejandro feel an unusual activity on his brain, like if he could influence on other’s minds, wasn’t sure at all but he was feeling tired after the incident so he thought it was better to sleep and learn what happened by tomorrow.

The next day wakes up and went to the living room like any day, he watched many members of his family were on the backyard, going out he saw that they were contemplating and whispering about the black meteorite which crashed midnight, Alejandro noticed the meteorite was still expelling spores but on minimal quantities, to the point it’s not visible and the crystal is gone, one of his aunts realized the condition of Alejandro by looking at his eyes, he knew that he doesn’t have a good excuse for the situation and told her the incident, she was speechless before such thing at the same time got the attention of the others, they asked how he feel, if he was suffering an illness, he replied feeling very good despite being exposed violently to the space rock, immediately they began to throw all kinds of questions but preferred to not to respond to avoid feeling under pressure. As first test he focused his attention to a pigeon, exercising a mental influence over the bird causing it to come to him and becoming instantly docile, he asked himself what else could achieve but he wanted to see the news to know if there are other similar cases, not before burying the mutagen rock underground on the backyard to not draw unnecessary attention.

The T.V is showing people with superhuman capabilities; lifting heavy objects, tearing down concrete walls with bare hands, some making big jumps and landing without suffering leg damage and also patients with terminal diseases have been cured miraculously and are healthy, thanks to the unknown rock, these cases are mainly from some countries in Europe, U.S North-East zone, the North region of Latin-america and Central America.

- “Looks like I’m not the only lucky winner of the lottery…” Thought Alejandro

But as the powers grants ability to help or contribute to many branches of science, it can be used wrongly or for self-interested acts; assaults, robbery and pillaging are the most frequent reports from certain super humans, often accompanied by individuals without any proficiency as their leaders but they can be neutralized like any person, from cutting and blunt weapons to bullets, that means they’re not a serious threat for the moment. Alejandro wonders what will happen on the future…

- “Aliens, war, superpowers… looks like we can make a freaking party with everything it’s happening right now.”

Next day he receives a text message from Roberth:

- “Hey witch, when you can come here at 2:00pm, I want to show you something cool”

His first impression was he could be another victim of the space mutagen, he went to his friend’s house, when he arrived he spotted a very small crater on the middle of the street, he focuses his attention to meet Roberth and knocks the door, after 8 seconds the door opens and gets surprised by a very hot lead pipe emitting a searing heat in front of his face.

- “Watch out partner, or I’ll make a tattoo on your cheek” – Said Roberth

- “¡Whoa! ¿this is how you greet Jehovah’s Witness? Great, you have powers too.” Said Alejandro

- “Yeah, it’s exciting, ¿isn’t it? What about you.”

- “¿Isn’t it obvious? (points his eyes).”

-“Mmmm I see, and what you got aside conjunctivitis.”

-“I’d say I can make “magic” with my mind but I’m not very sure at all, I’ll have to find it out by myself until I can clarify it, by the way ¿what happened with your space rock?”

-“The government took it away, at least they don’t know about my special condition”

-“That’s fine, anyways I’m gonna do some things, see ya later, we shall see what happens in the coming days…” Said Alejandro

-“For sure, talk later” Said Roberth

3 months have passed since the space mutagen incident, another round of the black rocks falls much to Europe and Asia, Venezuela is coming to a critical point and during the months he managed to discover more skills and capabilities while training to improve his body; he has additional strength to the point he can lift a medium-sized car without trouble, can move with swiftness and agility and jump heights up to 6 meters, he designated his mind powers as “Psi skills”, also enjoys enhanced memory and data absorption; enabling him to learn quickly and dominate subjects like Math, Physics, Chemistry and science topics with ease, but as secondary effect his personality has subtly changed…

Chapter 2 – The new lifestyle

Coup d’etat on Venezuela, due a millionaire crisis and for the current policies of the government a total revolt has begun, protests and spots of violence originate in many parts of the country, supporters of the current president still assume the political charge at cost of many casualties and the capture of a rebel general perpetrator of the uprising, everything has returned to normality to certain extent. Alejandro has taken preventive measures in case of something like this could happen, he was training on his own Close Quarters Combat with help of internet and some books of self-defense to survive the hostile environment where he is…

- “Another day, the same mess…”

Said Alejandro while was walking on the street, looking at the long lines to buy food they and other important provisions, almost no one could be trusted specially when the food is being rationed, after buying supplies from a trustworthy contact Alejandro was returning to home by taking a doubtful shortcut, until he found 5 thugs on front of him, and they don’t look friendly.

- “Hey clown, ¿are you lost?” Said one thug

- “Gives us the bag, or I will fill you with lead.” Said another thug, presumably the leader

- “¿What’s the matter wimp, ¿can’t handle the fight without brawn?” Said Alejandro

After finishing the sentence he receives 2 gunshots, one in the head and the other on the chest, just when one of the thugs goes to retrieve the bag Alejandro gets up from the floor, his aggressors watching how his wounds heal quickly.

- “¿What the? ¡He’s goddamn zombie!” Said one of the thugs

- “Maybe, dodge this.” Said Alejandro

Before he could shoot again, Alejandro lunges against his aggressors, bringing down 2 of them with a bone-shattering punch to the chest for each one breaking many of their ribs, one of the thugs takes aim on Alejandro but he quickly disarms him and applies the same jab to his chest but not potentially killing him, the leader tries to do something lunging at Alejandro with a knife just to end being grabbed and hurled to a wall, Alejandro grabs the last thug on the neck and toss him to the ground with enough strength, the leader flees to his last breath, Alejandro takes the knife a hurls it to his leg, bringing him down, then he approaches to the leader.

- “(sigh), partner partner partner… Some people work hard to get their daily bread but YOU come looking for troubles, tell me ¿what should I do with you?” Said Alejandro while walking to a spot to another thinking.

- “I won’t rob anymore just let me go.” Said the thug leader

- “For the sake of your health I hope so (removes the knife stuck on the thug’s leg, making him flinch from the pain), now you better go get yourself an adhesive bandage and something for the swell for your friends, and you owe me something.” Said Alejandro

Alejandro began to loot the thugs in search of any object of value, he developed an interest on acquiring “Trophies” or “Souvenirs” of his fallen enemies, be animal or human, can be anything from fangs, claws to parts of clothes and weapons. If the opponent was not powerful enough but possess a striking trinket he’ll keep it just for ornamental purpose.

First he inspects the knife of the thug leader, discovering which it’s very unusual finding this kind of blade in the country:

- “Well, well, Fred Carter Integral trench knife, I wonder how he got this, still a good trophy…”

Snatching anything of interesting from the other thugs he gets a dog tag, a silver chain and a custom switchblade as souvenirs, plus taking their money, pistol and ammo from them. Finishing his business he continues his way home, finding a shocked aunt.

- “Oh my God Alejandro, ¿What they have done to you?”

- “¿Me? Nothing, just played with some street brats and it ended badly.” Said Alejandro

- “I worry when you go out knowing everything is happening nowadays.”

- “You just relax, I know how to survive in the jungle, I brought you food and some money, courtesy of my friends.

- “Ok but keep that pistol out of sight, you know that my sister gets anxious with those guns.”

After that Alejandro went to his room to store the souvenirs and contemplate his new knife.

The next day he went out with 3 friends to a mall to spend time, without knowing that the Red Confederacy is already on the country and they are advancing on many places.

Chapter 3 – Assailant in Homeland


Alejandro with some friends were in a shopping mall hanging out and having lunch, when they watched the food court T.V showing news about the Red Confederacy arriving to the country, the government’s officers justified this as a cooperative action, receiving logistic and military support to a hypothetic “invasion” by the United States and its allies, but the truth behind is to collect the Bellusaxum in the country in order to feed their war machinery and supposedly include Venezuela to the alliance. Two hours later the group prepares to leave but they spot on the mall entrance something what appears to be combat vehicles and heavily armed soldiers, they have blocked all the shopping mall entrances, leaving people shut-in, asking themselves what is happening and getting nervous, the soldiers do not wear the uniform of the country’s army and speak a different language, indicating they are a foreign force.

One of them speak Spanish with a megaphone:

- “Attention, it is requested to anyone who knows the whereabouts of this subject (they show a placard with detailed information about a man) please approach to personnel of the Red Confederacy, this man is wanted by the Venezuelan government, thank you for your cooperation.”

That only made people uneasy, they demanded to leave the place but the soldiers refused to do it, getting to the point that a few people tried to get out of the place but they responded with their barrels of their rifles, one of the civilians was bold enough to run through them only to get knocked down and detained by the soldiers outside, the people become afraid and began to search for the man they are looking for just to return home.

- “¿What the hell? And those guys of the Confederacy can come here and pummel people just like that for someone? We need to get out of here, I don’t like how’s gonna end this” Said one of the group

- “Ok, ¿and how you are going to do it? ¿you’ll pass just like that to get a gunshot to the face? Said another of the group

- “I have an idea, let’s go to that antique store.” Said Alejandro

They went to the place that Alejandro mentioned, selling all kinds of stuff and goods for the scrupulous customer. The group was received by a cautious owner due the recent presence of the Red Confederacy.

- “At least you’re not those type of soldiers, ¿what do you want? There’s nothing to see here…” Said the owner

- “Relax, we’re looking for something to clear the way from those mercenaries and your store has what we need.” Said Alejandro

- “¿What the heck are you talking about? You alone want to face all those psychos of the confederacy? ¿did you smoke something spoiled?

- “No, but this can change your mind…”

Alejandro uses his mental potential to influence the owner and show him the intensity of his power, making him astonished.

- “You are like those people with powers that recently became the trending topic, listen I don’t have any weapons or anything like that, also they are too many to fight with them you alone just saying, I shouldn’t tell you this but… Here’s the guy that the Confederation is looking for.”

- “¿And what they want from him?, all the bloody place locked down because of one man” Said Roberth

- “That man is actually an agent of the Vanguard of the Atlantic, he was investigating about the activity of the Red Confederacy in the country and found some important information about their operations and it will be a matter of time for them to make the things worse until they find him.”

- “So what we can do about it?” Said Alejandro

- “Speak to him, I think he has a plan to get out of this mess” Said the owner

- “Wait a second, me and Luis will be near the entrance to warn you of anything that happens” Said Maria

- “Ok, keep a good eye” Said Alejandro

The group splits at once, while Luis and Maria went to spy the entrance Alejandro and Roberth get closer to the agent of the VOA meanwhile the owner closes the door of the store to avoid any unwanted attention, the agent is managing a PDA then to keep it on his pocket.

- “If the owner has let you in then you are trustworthy, also I have seen you have superpowers, may you can get us out of this little problem…” Said the Agent

- “Before doing anything, I have questions.” Said Alejandro

- “Well ask now, the Confederacy is impatient.”

- “¿Who and What is seeking the Vanguard of the Atlantic here in Venezuela? Also I’d say the same for the commies, I assume it has to do with the Bellusaxum, isn’t it?” Said Alejandro

- “The Vanguard of the Atlantic is a reformed NATO to respond the Red Confederacy increasing menace, Latin America has Bellusaxum in abundance but this country possess the most valued, for that it has become a strategic location for both alliances, we tried to agreeing a deal to include the continent to the VA but the Confederacy has the same objectives, regardless of showing severity on its actions, your government has shown to be submissive to the enemy, still we can’t discard away our presence in the country. The information I have is critical to my superiors.”

- “The store’s owner said you have a plan on mind, ¿and what is that?” Said Roberth

- “This is the procedure, south of the shopping mall there’s a clear area, a military helicopter will come to pick me up briefly when I give the signal but I’ll need your talents to clear the way”.

“Sounds good but I’m gonna need certain things first. ¡Hey you! Where are the medieval weapons which you sell?” Said Alejandro

-“¿You plan to lunge yourself against those soldiers using that kind of weapons? Doesn’t seem smart enough on my part…”

-“You relax, I’ll handle it.”

-“Ok, I hope you know what are you doing, come with me.”

-“Hey Alejandro, I also need something to give you a hand” Said Roberth

-“¿And you have something to ward off bullets? As far as I know you only heat up things.”

-“I have an ace up my sleeve, you’ll see.”

The owner shows them an assortment of weapons of medieval times, exceptionally designed and forged.

- “I’ll take this halberd, ¿and you Roberth?”

- “I like this morning star.”

- “One more thing, if you are going to kill some red confederates you better take these balaclavas so they won’t recognize and hunt you down. By the way my name’s Juan, kill some for me out there.”

- “Thanks for the help partner.” Said Alejandro

- “¿All ready? Then I’m gonna call my fellow associates to begin the extraction operation.”

Just leaving the store Maria and Luis approach slightly concerned.

- “¿Where did you get those things? Well it doesn’t matter, listen I have good and bad news, the good one is they are letting the people leave the mall but the bad news they know where is the man they are looking for, they’re coming here and are many… and you are the wanted guy.” Said Maria

- “That’s right lass, they’re looking for me so you better get safe inside the store, the confederates have orders to shoot to kill to anyone who gets on their way just to get me.”

- “Get inside now, we’ll clear the place and when it’s over meet me at my house.” Said Alejandro to his friends

- “Got it, be careful out there.” Said Luis

The owner closes completely the store, Alejandro and Roberth wear the balaclavas and prepared themselves to escort the agent to the extraction point, going down the stairs the mall entrance was still hold up by the confederates and began to aim to the duo, the agent quickly take cover on a near store, one of the soldiers speak with a megaphone:

- “Handle the agent and you will get out of the place alive.”

- “¡I don’t think so sucker!” Yelled Roberth

The soldier shout a phrase that could be deducted as “¡Fire!” in an instant a rain of bullets headed to the pair; Alejandro develops a personal psionic field which deflects the shots to other directions, like if it were “evading” him, meanwhile Roberth in spite of receiving a lot of gunshots he was staying on foot and the ammunition was bouncing off the skin, falling misshapen and warped. Alejandro noticed that his skin acquired a slight change of coloration.

- “¿What do you think eh?” you are not the only tough guy on the neighborhood, a shame it only last for a short time.” Said Roberth

- “That impressed me, now time to take action.” Said Alejandro

Meanwhile the aggressors were baffled before such event, as they began to reload their weapons as fast as possible, the duo charge against the troops.

One by one they slay the soldiers, some of them ineffectively facing them close combat, they begin to fall back when not being able to withstand them, going outside the pair finds 2 Light Armored Vehicles ready to engage the threat.

- “Great… ¿what shall we do against that armour?” Said Roberth

- “Leave it to me” Said Alejandro

The LAV began to fire with their mounted light machine gun, Roberth ran quickly to a side taking cover behind a wall, Alejandro sprints to the attacking vehicle and manages to breach it and kill the crew, just stepping out the vehicle he’s wounded by the other LAV using 25mm explosive shells, making him flinch and forcing him to take cover, suddenly Roberth manages to get inside to the vehicle and dispatch the driver. The rest of the infantryman went to their transports to retreat, the VA agent take a look from the entrance, noticing everything is clear he approach to the duo.

- “¿Hey buddy are you alright? That LAV surely left you with nasty bruises.” Said the VA agent

- “Somewhat stunned but no big deal, just some bandages and I’ll be like new.” Said Alejandro

- “Well in my opinion don’t be over-confident, you can have powers and take a lot of punishment but still bullets can kill, I have seen subjects with similar capacities dying like any normal person, let’s not waste more time.

- “The party headed to a remote area, there were soldiers heavily armed and a military chopper with the VA insignia on it, the agent before departing speaks to the pair.

- “Thank you for your support, this data will help a lot the Vanguard, I hope we meet again, by the way the name’s Duncan, better you return back home, good luck out there.”

Duncan enters to the helicopter and quickly leaves the zone, Alejandro and Roberth decided to take different paths.

- “Better we separate, let’s see what’s going to happen next day after this embroilment.” Said Roberth

- “Alright, I’ll hate tomorrow news…” Said Alejandro

Alejandro on midway took off the balaclava confidently, without knowing he was photographed by a Confederate tracker, foreshadowing a misfortune to him and relatives…

Chapter 4 – Hooligan for hire


- “Breaking news, yesterday on the “La Sabana” shopping mall there was a confrontation between two masked troublemakers armed with what looks like medieval weapons and Red Confederacy’s troopers, these individuals possess unknown superhuman capabilities thus far and are declared as dangerous criminals, it is urged to the citizens to report any unusual activity to the nearest authorities. And now the sports sections, The Baseball team “Magallanes” lost their winning streak… (The TV is turned off)”

Alejandro is at home with some friends, discussing about the yesterday’s delicate incident…

- “¿See, what do you think about that trash? Those jackasses of the Confederacy have carte blanche to do anything they want, at the end our worthless president served the country on a silver tray to those communists.” Said Alejandro

- “As long those minerals and the money keep flowing in their pockets, all the government’s bigwigs will continue licking the boots of the confederates as long as they live as kings. By the way they didn’t spot you, ¿do they?” Said Roberth

- “No way, everything went according the plan”

- “How I envy you, I wish to have superpowers too, a shame that none of those meteorites fell on my house backyard.” Said another of the group

- “In my opinion something bad will happen with these “powers” topic, I doubt mankind will be prepared for such sudden and radical change, what will happen in a few months when all this won’t be a superstition and they realize this is something very real” Said Roberth

- “Nothing we can do about it, we shall have to adapt to what comes and yeah, it will be a big change on all the world, well girls and boys see you later, I have to do some shenanigans” Said Alejandro leaving the group


Alejandro went to his aunt’s house to do some errands, lately the Confederacy was operating in the town where he resides and if there is something that he and his family knows is never trust a government follower, especially if they are military, still he continued to do his tasks and come back at night but not before going to a childhood friend’s house…

Alejandro finish the tasks then he goes to give a quick visit to her friend, ring the bell and wait for a while without receiving answer…

- “¿Where is she? I shouldn’t do this but whatever…”

Alejandro climbs the house with dexterity without calling attention, reaches the roof and goes to the backyard, during the trip he notices a hole about 70cm in diameter on the house, suspecting that someone could have powers, arriving to the yard he looks at her friend doing what it appears to be scratching a tree with her bare hands and performing a few striking maneuvers like a novice martial artist, although Alejandro finds it odd watching her fighting like that; she has never stepped in a dojo or received self-defense classes.

- “Hey Valeria, ¿who taught you to fight with ferocity? Said Alejandro aloud

- “¿What the, how did you get there? Forget it just come down already” Said Valeria

With a jump Alejandro falls to the ground landing steadily and making the ground tremble slightly, before Valeria says something Alejandro speaks first.

- “Since I have use of reasoning, I don’t remember that you enrolled on a martial arts academy, also ¿how come you scratch the tree without hurting yourself?

- “¿Have you seen the news about those meteorites that fell all over the planet?, one of them just crashed above of my house, luckily there wasn’t anyone where it landed, still it was next to my room so I went to find out what happened, my parents found me unconscious and I woke up in a clinic, they said I don’t have any visible wounds or symptoms, but when I was released…

- “You discovered you have powers too…” Finished Alejandro

- “Something like that, I can scratch the wood without hurting my fingers, I want to know what else I can do… By the way ¿what’s up with your eyes? Don’t tell me you got the big prize…” Said Valeria

- “Yeah, I can do some tricks with my mind but no magical mumbo jumbo for now, still there’s a lot to learn…”

- “Mmm I see, before you ask the National Guard took away the black stone, lately they are requisitioning those meteorites, God knows what they are plotting…”

- “Well I hid mine just in case, another thing ¿why there is no one in home? I rang the bell many times and nobody answered.”

- “Oh right, my parents and my brother went to a meeting and I made up an excuse to rest a bit just to find out my new powers, great ¿isn’t it?.

- “Definitely.”

Alejandro and Valeria spent time talking, testing their skills and having a good time, after almost three hours Alejandro decides to go home.

- “That was fun, see you tomorrow, call Roberth and we shall see who’s the tough here.” Said Alejandro

- “Sure, bye.” Said Valeria

While Alejandro was heading home he noticed far away a lot people and many vehicles like ambulances and police cars on front of his aunt’s house, something really bad is happening there, he went hastily to the scene to find something which will mark him forever; the house suffered a violent break-in, entering inside there are several bullet holes everywhere and the worst part is that many family members of Alejandro lay on the ground with gunshots, very few of them survived the slaughter, his aunt one of them, he quickly approaches to her while being mounted on a stretcher.

- “Aunt what the hell happened here” Said Alejandro

- “Some men… with strange uniforms and armed… entered the house and… began to shoot everyone…” Said his aunt weakly, being placed in the ambulance

Alejandro became grieved after watching a lot of his family members being brutally killed, the law and constitution in the country is mostly flawed; the case will be treated as isolated, filed and forgotten forever, he knew the only organization capable of executing an act like this is the Red Confederacy, fueled up with rage, ruthlessness and having a hunger of justice he went to get his halberd and trench knife hidden in his parent’s house, Alejandro heads to what appears to be a Confederate base at the outskirts of the town.


On a small military base of the Red Confederacy one of the watchmen detects at certain distance something moving very fast, immediately the base enters into a state of alert against a possible threat, before the watcher could use his sniper rifle in front of him suddenly appears a human figure and gets decapitated with one swing, Alejandro jumps and lands at the main area, watching how many soldiers conglomerate and take position, waiting for the firing order…

- “!!!YOU ARE GOING TO DIE, ALL OF YOU!!! Yelled Alejandro

After this statement all the guards discharge all their ammunition against him, Alejandro manages to deflect a lot of bullets but some of them hit him, in spite of this he charges forward and reaches to the aggressors killing one by one, almost two minutes of bloodshed the soldiers begin to fall back and prepare to employ explosive weaponry, specifically grenade launchers, the blasts injure considerably Alejandro, still it doesn’t stop his relentless assault until finally finish off the last soldier in the military position, then he spots a few helicopters leaving the area, presumably high-rank officers seeing the situation compromised, quickly the base becomes desolate and Alejandro falls to the ground due the severity of his wounds.

- “What a way to waste blood…” Were his last thought and falls to the darkness.



In a unknown place Alejandro was hazily conscious, still manages to hear some voices speaking English near him, luckily for him he is able to understand and speak that language.

- “The Red Confederacy will be more wary for this incident…” Said a voice

- “Then you know what must be done.” Said another voice somewhat computerized

- “¿Shall we wake him up?”

Alejandro slowly regains his senses, stunned due the recent episode a few hours ago, he notices that he is laying on a bed, has bandages over his body and intravenous injections on his arms, before he could do anything a shady human figure appears…

- “Look who comes back to the world of the living, you almost die out there.” Said the unknown person chuckling a bit, turning out to be a VOA soldier.

- “¿Where the hell am I? ¿Who are you, VOA people?” Said Alejandro, somewhat uneasy.

An officer of the VOA approaches to present herself.

- “Chill out we are the good guys, I am the Officer Eve Grant of the VOA, we saved your ass from that base you ravaged, 47 casualties, not bad for an amateur with powers.”

- “Ok Miss. Grant, ¿what do you want, pat my back for doing the dirty work?”

- “No, I come to offer you work, we dragged you out there for a good reason…”

- “¿What, just like that? I’m nothing more than an average 23 year old guy who hasn’t finished college yet.”

- “¿Average? Check this out.” Said Eve, handing him a classified folder.

Alejandro examine the contents, there are pictures of dead soldiers of the Confederacy from the base he attacked.

- “Raze an entire military outpost with heavily armed soldiers using only a melee weapon and survive to tell it, ¿that is average for you?

- “(Sigh), Ok I may have gone a little frenetic but still it doesn’t answer my question at all, ¿what do you exactly want for me?

- “I’ll explain you, Venezuela is the South American country with most valued Bellusaxum but its government only share the resources to the Red Confederacy, it is a disadvantage which we can’t lay aside, besides tensions are increasing and it will be a matter of time that World War III will happen, according to the reports of your assault and with the appropriate training your help would be acknowledged, still if you don’t want to accept you can go away…”

Alejandro was somewhat skeptic to such statement, but still he couldn’t reject such offer, he knew perfectly that the Red Confederation is the worst menace worldwide, everyday they are on a continuous cycle of growing and expanding their arms race with help of the minerals and will cause more problems while they are present in the country.

- “Well, I suppose I have no choice, but before doing anything I have a demand…” Said Alejandro

- “¿And which one is it?” Said Grant

- “I need you to give shelter to some relatives of mine who survived to an attack of the reds, and also for some friends, I don’t want them to suffer for the actions I’ll do.”

- “No problem, we shall give them asylum in the United States until the conflict in Venezuela ends.” Said Grant

- “Then we have a deal. ¿What’s the first step?” Said Alejandro

- “Before we can begin you must take us to your family and friends to take them with total security, you will find your belongings inside that locker next to the door. Take this radio, contact me when you are done and I’ll give you more instructions.”

After the conversation ends, the VA medics remove the intravenous injections and get him discharged, take his gear and goes first to his parents’ house…



Alejandro is on his way mounted in a VA military transport disguised as a civilian vehicle, his parents and sister were waiting for him outside as he called them by phone without telling the company he is bringing, he arrives at home and without any pretexts, he tells everything what happened plus the delicate issue of his powers, it will be a rock in his shoe.

His worried mother reaches to him, giving a strong hug:

- “Oh my God Alejandro ¿where have you been? When I knew that my sister’s house got shot I realized that something could have happened to you.” Said his mother

- “What the hell have you done to get in those problems, ¿and who are those people?” Said his grumpy father

- “I’m not gonna argue now, I need you to see this…” Said Alejandro showing them his psionic skills.

- “¿You have powers and did not tell us anything?” Said his Sister

- “¿And how the heck I gonna know how would you react? For me it was better to keep this in secret excluding my aunts and the other relatives who rest in peace.” Said Alejandro

- “Those powers only brought you problems, if you weren’t so foolish nothing of this would happened” Said his father

- “Because of that I left home, you are too irrational and annoying, now pay attention, they’re VOA soldiers, due a couple of “things” I did the past days I don’t want you to get on risk like what happened my aunts, so I made a deal with them and they’ll give you asylum in the U.S.” Said Alejandro

They were baffled before such statement, they didn’t know how to respond that until his mother spoke first:

- “Wait a moment, wait a moment, ¿what’s this all about? You say you got in problems and now ¿you are working for them?”

- “I don’t know what you did to get in that problem but I’m not leaving home just because you are reckless…” Said his father but before he could end the sentence he is lifted by Alejandro by the shirt.

- “Listen to me right now, I’m really tired of your idiocy, I care for my family but if you want to die here I won’t stop you, neither I’ll look for your lead-filled carcass.” Said Alejandro with a defiant tone

His father was speechless and his mother and sister request Alejandro to put him down and stop fighting, he explains them that tomorrow at 1:00am they’ll depart with the rest of the family, his father returns home raising his arms angrily, Alejandro does the same to him.

- “¿You see? There’s the so grateful father who receives help from his unruly son.”

- “He’s your father and you have to accept him how he is, nobody is perfect.”

- “Of course, I like that flawless logic of yours, bloody… I will see you tomorrow, I have problems to deal with”.

Alejandro leaves grudgingly and gets inside the vehicle, his next stop, Roberth and Valeria.



Alejandro arrives at Roberth’s home, for him it shouldn’t be a problem convincing him to go to the U.S with his family…

- “Sup partner, hey, sorry about what happened to your family, those damned reds are only thugs in service to this dictatorship.” Said Roberth

- “At the end what happened can’t be reversed, I almost die assaulting a military outpost of the Confederacy alone”

-“¿¡What!? ¿only you against an army? ¿have you lost the scarce sanity you had?”

- “Maybe, listen after that incident the Confederation is looking for me, I don’t want something happen to you or your family for what I’m gonna do soon, the VA will offer you shelter.”

- “¿Go to the north? I reject the offer” Said Roberth firmly

- “¿So you want to be the next on the list? Said Alejandro

- “Look I hate those bastards as much as you, I hate to see my homeland infested by this red plague, I prefer to stay here and fight rather than flee and see the Confederation get away with it, I can take care of myself.”

- “Then we are speaking the same language, at least let your family and friends get some protection there so they will be safeguarded.”

- “Good for me, I’ll speak to them, better you give me hand with this.”

After half an hour of chatting and a bit of disbelief, Roberth’s family and close friends agreed to take protection in the U.S, last stop was Valeria and concluded with similar results.

- “…Tomorrow at 1:00am a VA transport will come to pick you up on this location.” Said Alejandro to Valeria’s family and friends

After this everybody leaves the dining room, Valeria speak to the duo.

- “¿After all this what will happen next?”

- “I don’t know… I have a deal with the VOA, they say that would help me to clear the Red Confederacy if I cooperate with them, I’d say this benefit both of us, I have to give them a call” Said Alejandro

- “Go then and tell us the news.” Said Roberth

Alejandro moves away from the group and contacts Eve Grant.

- “I’m done with my business, ¿what’s the next step?”

- “The next step is to train you, you’ll be in the VOA Metahuman Special Forces for people like you, it will be 6 and a half months of intense conditioning, we will pick you up at 13:00 hours and give you the coordinates to the extraction point, I expect proper results, Eve out.”

The transmission ends and Alejandro returns to the group.

- “¿Well? Spit it out.” Said Valeria

- “Tomorrow I’ll go to the U.S, I’m gonna be strongly trained to face the reds on equal terms, 6 and a half months there. Then I’ll see where they are going to drop me, by the way ¿what about you?” Said Alejandro

- “In my case I’ll continue working out, I feel can get more stronger but I have to determine how, anyways have fun with your training, make sure to call me once in a while.” Said Valeria

Alejandro and Roberth leave the house while they chat on the way.

- “…And you never told me you are couple, and a good-looking one you fortunate rat…” Said Roberth

- “I’d rather being a Confederate slave than being her boyfriend, besides she thinks the same, nevertheless we get along very well, I can always trust her, now I won’t be here for a while it’s your chance.” Said Alejandro pulling slightly his left ear

– “Hah, we’ll see, in any case I’ll train on my own and see what I can learn. Well, end of the line, see you soon and show ‘em who’s the boss”. Said Roberth

- “Right” Said Alejandro saying good-bye


The day has come, Alejandro waits on the extraction point and spots a military chopper with the VOA insignia, lands and Eve Grants comes out with some soldiers securing the perimeter.

- “¿All ready?” Said Eve Grant

- “Let’s not waste more time.” Said Alejandro getting inside the helicopter

The trip will last some hours, meanwhile Eve gets Alejandro up to date to the current events.

- “While we are on our way we’re going to put you aware of the situation, as you know the Red Confederacy is an alliance of many countries on Eurasia and some in Africa, it has its headquarters in North Korea, its objective is simple, extend their ideology and might through propaganda and machinery created with Bellusaxum, in short they are much worse and dangerous than the extinct Soviet Union, for that we created the Vanguard of the Atlantic, the answer for the ruthless advance of the confederation and preventing other nations joining to their cause.” Said Eve before being interrupted by Alejandro

- “I have a quick question, ¿with all the constraint it wouldn’t be predictable to use nuclear weapons before such conflict?”

- “In the 70s, the Soviet Union was working on a classified project called “Flyswatter”, the ultimate nuclear defense system, on that date we performed black operations and found some information about the program, but due the technology in that time and the demanding resources that demanded, the project was deemed “Suspended” until now, after discovering the extraordinary capabilities of the special minerals the work was resumed and decisive results were achieved, either for the Confederation unfortunately, when the World War 3 begins, it won’t be disputed with atomic weapons but by a new generation warfare based on Bellusaxum.

- “And that’s why everyone wants the so prized minerals, only to find new ways of destruction and death.” Said Alejandro, sighing.

After informing the finals details to Alejandro, the helicopter lands in a large military base, there he is enlisted and prepares for the first day of training, Alejandro also notices the other recruits having different abilities, after dealing with the paperwork he is called to take formation and the instructor arrives.

- “Welcome to the special training of the VOA Metahuman Special Forces, unfortunately for you I am the drill instructor John Simmons, don’t think you are so important just for the fact you can do cheap magic tricks, you are all equally worthless, but all that will change, you are going to be subjected to the best workout that will convert you from lambs to soldiers, all this will last six months and a half and I demand positive results for the final test. ¡The training begins NOW!”

- “And so it begins…” thought Alejandro

Chapter 5 – Back to business

Training: Month #2

- “¡Move those steel beams more faster, I have seen disabled people doing it better than all of you!” shouted the instructor John to the regiment, every 6 recruits moving one heavy beam and traveling a distance of 200 meters and returning to the starting point, the exercise was very exhausting but not enough to break the will of Alejandro, he was the most prominent on all the activities thus far, during his stay he has befriended three recruits: Floyd McCraw, Vincent “Ferret” Castillo and Sylviane Beauvilliers, despite of not having many skills as Alejandro they have shown excelling enough on some traits to be admitted.


- “Alright lambs return to the barracks to rest, tomorrow are the diving classes at 5:00am, dismissed.”

The recruits go to their quarters to eat and relax, Alejandro was with his new friends talking about the final test which will be within four months and a half.

- “¿Do you even know how’s the final test? They say it’s the same as the Hell Week that receives the SEALs soldiers, it will make you suffer to the point that you’ll want to give up.” Said Vincent

- “That’s where they separate the weak from the strong, I’d prefer give it a shot rather than stay as lamb” Said Sylviane

- “I doubt that I’ll do such test, it looks like a death sentence than a familiar exercise we usually do, and what about you Alejandro, ¿are you encouraged to do it?” Said Floyd

- “What makes you suffer it makes you stronger they say, of course I’ll do the final test, after all it’s optional.” Said Alejandro

- “But those who pass that test they graduate with honors, a privilege which I wouldn’t overlook.” Said Sylviane

- “Huh, still is not a big deal, just something to brag about…” Said Floyd

- “Well all exercise made me sleepy, see you tomorrow to swim at the beach” Said Alejandro going to his chamber


Training: Month #5 and a half

Alejandro each time was getting stronger with the exercises and learns quickly by the academic classes that are given, lately he was asking himself what is happening in Venezuela since he began the training, all the time he was uncommunicated to the rest of the world but now he can make short-time phone calls, he takes the chance to speak with his parents to know how they are now.

- “¿Hello, who is this?”

- “Is Alejandro, ¿how are you mom, have you been well these months?

- “Hi son everything is ok, the people here are nice, I was worried about what you were doing lately and I’ve heard those exercises are very tough…”

- “Nah it’s nothing, besides I am the most distinguished of all the regiment, I’ll even do the final test, twice as hard as the common workouts.

- “Alright but try to not hurt yourself and your father wants to speak with you.”

- “Alejandro ¿how are you, how’s the training going?”

- “I don’t complain, I’m the leading one of all the regiment and I will take the final test in one month.”

- “Fine, by the way when you are done stop by the apartment they gave us to visit us”

- “Ok, ¿how’s my sister?”

- “She’s busy right now, I’ll tell her that you send your regards.”

- “Well I have to hang up the phone, tell the family I’ll see them soon”

Alejandro finish the call and waits the next classes.

- “Let’s see: infiltration, guerrilla warfare and demolitions, fits for me…”


Final test

The week has arrived, the spirit and fortitude of the soldiers who want to participate will be tested to this extreme workout, some will try but few will prevail…

- “Alright recruits this is the last week, here’s where we separate the weak from the strong, this exercise will make you suffer to the point to give up, those who want to take the test step forward.” Said the instructor

Some recruits step forward, including Alejandro, Vincent and Sylviane except for Floyd.

- “Those who didn’t move are dismissed, the rest will be subjected to an intense training which will make you true soldiers, if you decide to give up now even with only one hour left you fail already, is all or nothing, the final test begins NOW!”

The final test applies exercises like running many kilometers carrying sandbags, tolerate the different levels of pressure at diving tests, developing more resistance to the pain and stress in severe and tense situations were some of the activities that encompasses the final test.

Final test: Day 5

With the pass of the days some recruits began to give up by not holding up the requirements of the test, Alejandro admits that the trial is very overwhelming but discard giving up, only two days left to finish the training. After a tough day, the remaining recruits at the barracks encourage themselves to pass it, giving their 110% to withstand the oppressing work out and obtain honors…

- “Such torment, what do you think Ferret, Floyd is enjoying his relaxed routine while we suffer happily for him” Said Sylviane

- “I’m about to get out of the boxing ring but looking there are only two days left, I’ll prefer hold up…” Said Vincent, somewhat burdened

- “Come on partner just two days, when this is over you can brag about very firmly, is a status worthy to have.” Said Alejandro chuckling

- “Of course, my first victim will be Floyd after all…” Said Vincent

- “Well better go to sleep, just two days left…” Said Alejandro

Final test: Last day

At this day there are only 15 recruits, the objective was simple, performing all the work outs on a day, a real challenge for them, every exercise has a very short duration but enough to last until midnight.

- “Listen now recruits, all this work will be performed quickly, only with 2 minutes of break time for every test done, If you survive to this I’ll see you as soldiers and not as lambs, ¡better not disappoint me!”

All the recruits did their best to endure until the midnight, every break time the recruits gather together to inspire themselves to not surrender which allowed them to stay the course and finally finish the rough test, celebrating the victory excitedly and then to take formation as the instructor appears.

- “¡Attention! You have passed successfully the final test, which means you are the toughest soldiers that ever stepped this military base until now, you have won my respect and the pride to bear the special recognition of the VOA Metahuman Special Forces, now return to the barracks for the next order.”

- “Well what a surprise, I don’t even feel my limbs anymore…” Said Alejandro

The recruits of the final test went to the barracks finding stereos, alcohol and party stuff to celebrate the tomorrow graduation after surviving 6 months of intense conditioning.

- “…And here comes the fantastic guys of the test… (chuckles)” Said Floyd

- “We suffered for you, what do you think, I don’t want to go through this again and they told you were breezy this week.” Said Vincent

- “As I told you that test is a real hell, I pass, at the end tomorrow they’ll give you the corresponding honors, besides everybody who passed the training are here, come on let’s celebrate.” Said Floyd

- “I need vacations after all this…” Said Sylviane

Few minutes later the instructor appears with a microphone to speak to the regiment.

- “¡Pay attention! Tomorrow is a great day for you, you stopped from being lambs to become true soldiers, those who passed the final test will receive a great merit, the graduation will be at 12:00 hours inside the dome of the base, there you have the best beer, musical instruments, pigskins, basketball and other things, have fun soldiers, that’s an order.” Said the instructor leaving the area

The music began to reverberate all over the place, all the soldiers had a good time celebrating the vigorous preparation, the party lasted until 3:00am then everybody returned to the barracks and prepare for tomorrow.

Graduation day

All the soldiers of the VOA Metahuman Special Forces are awarded for completing the training and those who passed the final test receive a special merit, distinguishing themselves from those of lesser pedigree, every soldier is called and gets a medal as symbol of success and receive a day off before they are assigned to missions.

Alejandro utilize the day to visit his family, but before he go, the Officer Eve Grant approaches to him.

- “A good work, as I expected.” Said Eve Grant

- “Truly exhausting, but it was worth it.” Said Alejandro

- “Then I hope that effort has paid off, the day after tomorrow we’ll give news.” Said Eve, leaving.

Alejandro went to visit his family in the big apartment that the VOA offered to them, he is received with open arms.

- “¡Alejandro! I saw you passed the final test, I have heard it was really difficult…” Said his mother

- “Yeah, I graduated with honors.”

- “Well, I hope when this is over we return home, you can finish the college and have a normal life as before, by the way your father and my sister wants to see you.” Said his mother


Alejandro was in the VOA military base to receive his first mission from the Officer Eve Grant on a briefing session.

- “Now you have arrived Alejandro listen the details, after the incident on the enemy outpost you assaulted, the Red Confederacy has become more alert in Venezuela, believing that we want to take control of the Bellusaxum, because of that they deployed more personnel, set up a main base in Caracas and established small but many outposts over the country to oversee the flow of the resources, also there’s a radical pro-government paramilitary group called “The People’s Militia”, they supposedly bring order and help the people but intel has revealed that they often harass and attack political rivals and anyone who would be opposed to the government and their ideals, in short they are a legal armed gang supported and promoted by the regime, their threat level has increased due some of them being superhumans.

- “The People’s Militia… that sentence boils my blood, they can act with impunity and are filled with that revolutionary disease, by the way ¿what is that thing of superhumans?” Said Alejandro

- “Every person who has been exposed to the mutagen rock and become highly proficient in certain aspects they are labeled as Superhumans but those who are competent on many features and slightly superior to the last mentioned are tagged as Alpha Human, like you.” Said Eve Grant

- “I see…”

- “Continuing… somehow the country has been militarized by the Confederation and that’s where you get in, we are going to send you to Venezuela as an operative, you’ll work alone but receive direct orders from me, you will receive starting equipment so you can begin safely, for every task you complete successfully you get paid in dollars, with the money you can buy weapons, supplies and anything you need from our agent who gave good references about you.”

The agent that Eve Grant mentioned was Duncan, the spy who was assisted by Alejandro and his friends on the shopping mall retained by the Confederation months ago.

- “We meet again pal, you have changed.” Said Duncan

- “What’s up Duncan, looks like you are my supplier after all.”

- “Of course, if you need to loosen up your wallet give me a call”

- “Alright gentlemen your transport awaits you in 10 minutes, Bon voyage.” Said Eve Grant saying goodbye

Alejandro and Duncan get in the military helicopter, there they are informed about the procedure when they arrive to the insertion point, the trip to Venezuela will last about 45 minutes, which has changed drastically since Alejandro left…


Maracaibo, Zulia.

The chopper arrives and Alejandro gets out, he’s near to an industrial area moderately deserted, a good spot to not draw attention, he looks at a small abandoned factory as an perfect hideout and a suitable operating base for him.

- “Hey Duncan ¿do you see that vacant building? That’s gonna be my headquarters.”

- “Ok pal, your radio equipment has the frequencies of the VOA so you can contact me, open almost 24/7.” Said Duncan

Some soldiers began to carrying some black leather bags out of the transport and putting them at the ground and returning.

- “There is your equipment, good luck Alejandro.” Said Duncan, the helicopter leaving quickly the place.

- “Let’s see what hidden treasures are inside.” Said Alejandro

One bag has a note attached with something written:


Long-Range Radio Equipment

First Aid Kit

1 Class-IVB Bulletproof Vest

1 M16A4 Rifle + Ammo

1 ACW-R Carbine + Ammo

1 P226 Pistol + Ammo

5 M67 Fragmentation Grenades

1 Reflex Sight

1 ACOG Scope

1 Wearable Flashlight

2 Vertical forward grips

1 Dr. Fred Carter Trench Knife

1 Halberd

If you need more firepower contact Duncan to buy more supplies or you can scavenge it from dead soldiers of the Confederation.


Alejandro takes the halberd stored in a secured case.

- “My halberd and me, back to business…”

He begins to gear up and preparing to check the abandoned factory just in case there are unpleasant dwellers inside, entering in the workshop it looks apparently desolated, except for cobwebs, dust and some old machines decorating the place, Alejandro finds the electrical distribution box buts notices it is damaged and there is a small old note next to it:




- “Better keep inspecting the place.”

Alejandro checks the other sections of the factory, all of them clear but without illumination, Alejandro begins to haul the equipment inside, installs the radio station and begin to contact Eve Grant.

- “Officer Grant ¿can you hear me?” Said Alejandro

- “Loud and clear, ¿ have you established?” Said Eve Grant

- “Yep, everything is in order”

- “Very well, I’ll give you your first assignment tomorrow, if you manage to find a handheld radio it’d make the communication easier, Eve out.”

Alejandro takes advantage of the day to study and inspect carefully the factory, spotting weak spots, finding things of interest and any kind of value. The workshop is in good shape but was abandoned not so recently, maybe because the presence of the Red Confederacy, Alejandro enters to the manager office to find something useful, it was almost empty; there are 2 cabinets and some trash over the place, further looking at the cabinets they are a bit rusted and without contents, finally there is a desk with a worn paper on top of it, it has something written.


I write this note to tell what happened here if anybody finds it, assembled a base a bit far from here, sometime ago there’s was an attack to one of their outposts, the Confed about the incident decided to bolster their presence in my country and to top it all the government formed The People’s Militia, they are nothing but a bunch of armed thugs who are been easily brainwashed and it doesn’t solve the food, medicines and criminality problem, we were place, here is very unsafe to work, I hope the VOA comes here someday and kill those dogs and if necessary against those militiamen, when I’ll be ready, I hid a small weapons stash inside of


- “A weapons stash, I’ll have to look more around when I have more time.”

Finishing inspecting all the building Alejandro secures the entrances of the factory to avoid unwanted intrusions and prepares to clean his new hideout.

- “Work to be done…”

Chapter 6 – Home Tough Home

Meanwhile at Alejandro’s hideout…

- “Much better, now it only needs some decoration…”

Alejandro has cleaned completely the factory and designated some specific areas for his purposes; a kitchen, a forge, main workshop, his room, a guestroom, living room and finally an armory. He begins to adjust the manager office as his new bedroom, moves the desk to other spot and takes away the old cabinets to the main workshop to recycle their scrap metal, now he needs something crucial: a bed.”

- “Ding ding ding ding… I’ll take the bed of my house but first I need to borrow a cellphone.”

Alejandro delve into the industrial area, some factories still are operating but a few of them are abandoned due the presence of a nearby confederate outpost, he spots an abandoned small storehouse, entering inside Alejandro perceived some voices from afar, assuming there are some occupants here, he was carrying his trench knife, it was enough defense for him, getting closer to the source of the sounds he spotted 3 gangsters, Alejandro reveals himself to them while maintaining the distances.

- “Hey hey look at this guys, we have a dumbass taking a walk in our neighborhood.” Said one of them, presumably the leader

- “Sup, if you want to get out here unhurt you better have a wallet full of money and good luxuries.” Said another

- “A turned-over jaw fits for you.” Said Alejandro

The thug gets infuriated and runs towards Alejandro with an improvised shank, just before to stab him Alejandro just trips him without effort, hitting the wall with his head, the other two charge armed with small blades, Alejandro draws his trench knife, deflects the attacks and disarms them with quick shallow cuts to their wrists, still they don’t stop and begin to use bare fists as last resort, their jabs are easily dodged by Alejandro, he finish the fight using the knife’s knuckle-duster to punch them to the chest, knocking them to the ground. The last thug remaining takes his shank, gets up and silently prepares to backstab Alejandro, before to deliver the coup de grace his wrist is grabbed and squeezed slightly enough to drop his weapon by Alejandro, he’s finally pushed to the wall.

- “Ok ok I give up, let me go I won’t mess with you anymore…” Said the thug

- “I would let you go but that’d be not beneficial to the people, if you have a cellphone maybe I can change of mind…” Said Alejandro walking to one place to other thinking

- “Take it from the boss, I don’t want to know any more of this, if you let me go I promise not return to this place ever, I swear by my dead mother.”

- “You better fulfill your pact, or your mother will be very disappointed, now GET OUT!”

The troublemaker runs off panicked of the place, Alejandro loots the belongings of the unconscious thugs to get something of interest.

- “A weird-looking ring, a silver chain and a smartphone, pleasure doing business with you.”

As he walked to the exit he notes some old appliances.

- “Mmm, maybe I should come back to forage some electronics and more.”

Alejandro clean a little the smartphone and calls Roberth:

- “¿Who is this? Said Roberth

- “I am Valeria’s boyfriend, who are you to date with my woman, clown.”

- “Ah hell it’s you Alejandro, ¿brother how have you been all these days? Everybody has asked for you.”

- “I finished my training but I’m working for the VA, alone for now, by the way ¿what you have told them about my absence?”


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Strife of Supremacy: Rising Conflict

The year is 2020, the world auguring a new global conflict by a new assortment of minerals with unique capabilities categorized as "Bellusaxum", able to create better electronic circuits, stronger alloys and other special components at an average cost, it has become the new ambition for many powers of Earth, mainly applied to the military sector it is estimated it will revolutionize and change the battlefield as is currently known. The great usefulness of these minerals has caused the creation of the Red Confederacy, a military-economic alliance mainly organized by Russia, China and North Korea, whose headquarters is located at Pyongyang. But the Bellusaxum is not only the most prized resource, something unknown from outer space in form of meteorites has landed in many places across Earth, its inner core revealing a source of power for anyone who comes to contact with it, making him or her stronger, faster and resilient, but the changes are dependent from person to person, meaning everybody has different talents, only some of them had the chance to receive the gift, now the powerful nations want to discover the potential for their own purposes without knowing what they are dealing with. Alejandro is one of the few lucky to be bestowed by the space meteorite, still he is facing the daily life of surviving in a tyrannical regime where there are food rationing, high inflation and criminality rate, but now with the Red Confederacy arriving to his country thanks to the government decision his normal life will take a sudden turn...

  • ISBN: 9781370813575
  • Author: Manuel Duran
  • Published: 2017-06-17 22:20:09
  • Words: 37107
Strife of Supremacy: Rising Conflict Strife of Supremacy: Rising Conflict