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Strategic Communication, Strategic Results!

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So my question to you is this: how much will your hit be?

Well … … with consideration to the nature of your communication, that could be anywhere from zero to millions. I believe that you prefer your chances to be more in the range of from zero to zero.“

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[This is the edited transcript of the BTR podcast episode of “Strategic Communication” Jan 21, 2017. Title is modified for this series]


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“Foremost of all, thanks much for dropping by once again to see what is in store this time around. As usual, it’s doubtful that you will be disappointed. This is especially so if you are a U.S. private home head of a single-family, duplex, or small to mid-sized mansion or estate.

Please, stick around for this moment too because there is even something more special to share. Here, we are really going to hone in on considerations for you strategizing much better or with more of a determination to do so than in any other episode. By now, I guess you are aware that our approach is extreme, especially when it comes to forcing certain issues relative to more effective advances in successful home maintenance and improvement priorities.

For sure, we do not hold any punches when it comes to safeguarding the sanctity of your home and the land on which it rests. We are in the butt-kicking business when it comes to corrupt contract-related behavior, but, it is from the position of righteous fury and wholesome justice. This special episode emphasizes that even more, yet, with a very formidable twist on highly strategic orientation, More emphasis on seasoned alliances.

Interimly, here is a suggested archived episode: Personal Priorities for Successful Home Projects-RB

Special note: This show isn’t normally of a call-in nature. Please email: [*[email protected]] [* *]

Prepared & Published by R.B. Roberts”


Hi. This is RB, and welcome to another extraordinary episode of: “Private Home Decision Makers, U.S.A. – Road to the Future, TODAY!” Many thanks to you for investing time from your personal schedule to be right here, right now. To me, that’s amazing. But then, when you think of it, amazing people tend to do amazing things.

In this moment, of course, we’re considering the immeasurable value of Strategic Communication. What is Strategic Communication, and what does it have to do with the properties of home maintenance and improvement priorities? For sure, we’ll consider these questions and answer them in kind. What I hope we get out of this is a better understanding of why it’s so crucial for you, as an American private home decision maker, to incorporate and to continually perfect this crucial element which literally determines your success or failure in ANYTHING.

Michael & the 3 “Angels”

I think there’s very likely no better way for us to really warm up to this moment than to mention the story of an old guy I’ll call “Michael.” He’s a private home decision maker who hails from the wonderful state of Indiana. He owns a home there and very likely he has owned it for quite some time. Just the same, I first heard of Michael via a report released by The Indianapolis Star on the day after New Year’s Day a couple years ago.

I’m bringing this to the fore in this moment because since it’s January, and since last January I heard nothing comparable to this story, it’s still as significant as in the moment when I first uncovered it.

So, according to the report, he was sitting on his porch one wet day a few months earlier when three men cruised over to the foot of the stairs of his porch and informed him of the fact that his roof was leaking. I really don’t know how they came to that determination seeing that it was probably raining quite a bit that day. Maybe they just had a knack for seeing things like that … …. from the outside!

Nevertheless, even if they really couldn’t make that sort of judgment from where they stood, one thing for sure, Michael knew they were right. After all, it is his house. He knows where all the leaks (if any) are. Somehow, he put off doing anything about it. Maybe he just didn’t have the time. Or maybe he just kept putting it off even if he did. Well, anyway, they offered to repair the leaks in Michael’s roof. In addition, they would do the gutters. Whether that meant cleaning, repairing, and/replacing parts or the whole thing, they were willing to do the gutters, as well. At best, we can define that moment as one of “Disjointed Communication.”

A Basis to Disjointed Communication

Well, the short end of a long story is that Michael put them to work. Oh yeah ….he put them to work although they hardly worked on anything. But they said they knew how to fix the roof. Further, it’s safe to infer that they also even admitted to competence for doing the gutters.

Yet, going ahead 15 days into the future, it was apparent that they didn’t know much about roofs or gutters. What? Okay. Here we go again: “It’s apparent that they didn’t know much about roofs or gutters.”

C’mon! Do we seriously think that if the guys really knew their stuff that 15 days would elapse without them hardly doing a thing??! C’mon! Also, as far as that report is concerned, from the very beginning, each one of these guys admitted to not being contractors! All they’re alleged to have said was that they knew what they were doing in spite of that. In such case, Michael gave them the projects. Unfortunately, he really didn’t know what he was doing until it was done! Oh boy! Hot stuff!

Okay. Now, briefly, after 15 days on the site without anything respectable to show, they abandoned the project. They hardly touched the roof, and the gutters were (by inference) scarcely attended.

Yet, I think I’ll grant the fact that although with respect to the projects, they very likely didn’t know what they were doing; with respect to something else, they KNEW perfectly well what they were doing: robbing an 87-year-old man by means of illegal and deceptive business practices.

For 15 days straight, they continued in this scavenging mode which involved thousands and thousands of dollars, topping out at in the area of $60,000.00 before they soundly abandoned the project all together. For sure, all Michael got in return was a whopping $60,000.00 hit! Ouch!

So my question to you is this: how much will your hit be?

Well … … with consideration to the nature of your communication, that could be anywhere from zero to millions. I believe that you prefer your chances to be more in the range of from zero to zero. Okay. Fine. Then your chances will be a lot greater if you disowned any discombobulated tendencies you may have for that sort of Disjointed Communication ever again. Perhaps, it’s most to your advantage to hone a preference and practice for more of a strategic flavor to things. For sure, we’re talking about nothing less than Strategic Communication!

Now, let’s DO this!

Google defines “strategic” as:” … …relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests, and the means for achieving them.” That’s to be interpreted in more palatable language as “….. knowing clearly what you expect to accomplish and how best to do it.

The key word here: “Best.” No doubt about it, you may clearly conceive of what you want done and of how you want to achieve it, but are the means or methods by which you choose to do this your “best” practical assurance for success?

Michael clearly knew what he needed done. However, the decision he made to ride with a hunch or a feeling that these guys would deliver failed him. He hired these men on impulse rather than on reasonably researched facts and evidence of their competence in all areas for these special home projects (roof and gutters).

Bottom line, Michael failed to run a service validation on them. In other words, he failed to first do the research on these guys. And, of course, that would first begin with knowing who the heck they were.

Michael probably didn’t even bother to check their ID’s and to record them for future reference. Really, do you seriously think that just by having a “feeling” about the people you trust to do your home projects that this is really the “best” practical approach?

Of course, we see that your strategic key is not so much as knowing what you need done and deciding on how you’re going to do it. Instead, it’s knowing what you need done and conscientiously making the best possible decisions about the people you’re going to trust to accomplish it.

Normally, the best possible decisions are realized through you having an alliance with informed sources rather than through just an alliance with the intensity of your self-induced synaptic stimulations, alone.

Special Alliances in Relation

Classic to what I’m alluding to is an historic event which in recent American history has become one of the most intriguing and laudable of them all. This great event occurred on May 2, 2011 at approximately 1AM (Pakistan time). Although many of us were truly relieved, even if for the moment, of what occurred on that victorious morning, we really may not have considered the fact that it wasn’t the result of any introverted, chest banging, genius. Instead, this ultra-incredible event was the culmination of allied Strategic Communication or, as we can rephrase this: “Strategic Communication” between allies.

It was the big payoff from all the Strategic Communication between multiple governments which enabled the U.S. to be sufficiently equipped to work quickly on our own and ever onward to a very shocking, yet momentous victory. It was now narrowed down to whom I call, for this great moment[_:_]

The Three Amigos!

Well? Imagine saying that? I mean … who would suspect that I was actually referring to the C.I.A. operatives who under the deepest cloak of secrecy imaginable led and worked closely with United States Navy SEALS, the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), and the Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 4 to accomplish the mission which literally rocked the world!

This special alliance worked closely together sharing crucial information which would guarantee success. No one person could possibly fulfill that sort of guarantee.

If the information was incoherent or hastily assembled, the mission will have reflected that. If there were no strategies or plans specifically followed …. If there were no special instructions or no protocol outlining exactly what should be done when faced with predictable challenges during the mission, things which were done for minimization of loss of life will probably have been done in a whimsical manner associated with “panic” resulting in a massacre of perhaps hundreds of people. Yet it’s because of the recommendations and mandates of informed and experienced alliances that, when it came down to actually zooming in on the target, it was an immeasurable success! The target: Osama bin Laden!

The Common Denominator

I think you’ll agree that Operation Neptune Spear (the raid which resulted in the permanent neutralization of Mr. Osama bin Laden) was a work of pure strategic genius and tactical precision. It didn’t just happen. The strategy wasn’t improvised or just thrown together. Instead, there was quite a bit of patient and purposeful foresight and planning behind it all. Osama was on the wrong side of the “World’s Most Wanted” list. But in order to get him, what was needed was the expertise, knowledge, wisdom, and participation of allies specialized in these sorts of things.

Like the alliances which developed and shared useful information which inevitably lead to a successful mission (which of course was a multiple, in itself), as an American private home decision maker, an volunteer associate, or both, your alliances are major keys to every successful home project you expect to have or encourage through using the services of contractors. The same strategic applications can be (and are) used for nearly every conceivable successful home project in the United States.

Those who are most successful at having their expectations met (or exceeded) are those who are the most informed. These are among those who didn’t just sit back hoping they made the best decision. Quite contrarily, these private home decision makers took the initiative to seek out their allies for advice, consultation, and/or support.

Yet, not only that, but they incorporated what was applicable to the demands for the success of each special project, individually, then “pulled it off!”

They do it every time because they’re not lax about taking the initiative, every time, to inquire of allies about contractors, the project’s financial and developmental requirements, and about how best they can manage the situation for the desired results or better. That’s Strategic Communication in action. That’s the Strategic Communication I’m talking about.

These are the latest applied definitions of the term:

*Strategic Communication – connecting with and following recommendations of special allies well-versed in how you can successfully accomplish special objectives.

*In home maintenance and improvement: connecting with and following recommendations of special allies well-versed in how you can successfully accomplish special home projects using contractors .

Allies in Relation to Strategic Communication

Your allies are in both the private and public sectors of our nation; in your state, in your county or parish, in your town or city, in your community, and in your neighborhood. They work best for you when you regularly confer with them and with the sources and resources they provide. Included among allies are your:

*State Attorney General and State Consumer Protection Personnel;

*State Police, County or Parish Sheriff, and Local Police;

*private attorneys/your attorney

*Town or City Attorney and relative Consumer Protection Personnel;

*Liaison and Shop Steward of relative trade unions/organizations (for inquiries about contractors);

*State Departments of Licensing & Revenue Personnel;

*Secretary of State (of your state; maintains records on all corporations doing business therein);

*Members of the Better Business Bureau (they retain records/reports for over 4 million businesses in the U.S., alone);

*Various private offices and networks with or without government ties;

*Armies of honest, legitimate, reasonable, reliable, and rightly skilled contractors;

*Immediate, religious, and private club family;


Although I’d like to go farther to detail each of these allies who will assist you towards successful home projects, preventative contingency and/or respectable dispute resolutions, I’m confident that, after this moment, you’ll have more of a knack for being a bit more proactive about filling in the gaps. As you know, the first step towards any lasting success with any initiative begins with one’s own readiness, willingness, and comparable action to “make it so!” … … and, you’re it! Congratulations!

So, in summary, in Michael’s case, he could’ve been saved from that $60,000.00 hit. His base for alliances was there. There were allies all around. Yet it’s apparent that he didn’t use them. There was no Strategic Communication or connecting with and following recommendations of special allies well-versed in how he would successfully accomplish his special home projects (roof and gutters) using cleared, aptly skilled, affordable, and dependable contractors .

But, I’m more than certain that had there been any, he will have laughed so hard that those guys will have just turned and moseyed on along empty-handed. Had Michael been strategically connected, he wouldn’t have made the deal; he wouldn’t have advanced them the $3,000.00 as a first down payment (?)for work they would never accomplish.

We see, that because the process was disjointed from the very start, that Michael only increased the odds against himself…; he only facilitated the evil by which he was afflicted, culminating to that shameful $60,000.00 hit!

There was no Strategic Communication; there was no connecting and communicating with the right sources, the right people, and the right moves; there was no strategic pursuit and incorporation of relative information provided by allies; and there was no allied support.

Please, learn from this strong song of Michael. Please, learn from this invaluable lesson in home maintenance and improvement protocol. And again, that report about Michael’s dilemma was released in January 2015. That’s how the year started for him. That’s how the year started in following January for others. Now, they’re in the courts January this year, in the here and now. How will January next year begin for you? It’s my personal guarantee, that before THIS month ends you’re going to see more residents in the court houses as claimants or accusers of the dishonest contractors who stiffed them last year or previous to that time. This happens every year without fail, and for the balance on down to December. And, it’s normally because there was no Strategic Communication and support between residents and allies in terms of influencing and enforcing safeguards against residents becoming victims of this predatory element of corrupt contractors.

Well, it may not be such a great idea for you to put off any probabilities for increasing your knowledge base and for perfecting your protocol with respect to your special home maintenance and improvement projects. Of course, it’s now a bit over 7 years since I’ve been a volunteer home projects consultant. And, of course, there are some who for just about that amount of time, in spite of what I’ve mentioned, opted not to pay attention. Now they’re having all these malicious contract-related challenges … … and, they’re still not paying attention.

Okay. In 7 more years, a total of 14 will have elapsed. And, you know something? Ah ha … and, some still won’t be paying attention. But then, when you think of it, most people hardly ever do. That’s just part of the nature of things. But then, it’s as much part of the nature of things that those who do pay attention are always the most fulfilled and the most successful. And, we’re speaking about in just about anything worth the pursuit. So, it all boils down to how much making the best possible decisions, for the best possible contractors, for the best possible results, is worth to you.

I think … … but then I know … that’s really worth more than what money can buy. But that’s really what Strategic Communication, in this realm of things, is alllll about.

Please, get connected. Stay connected. And, stay informed. The year is what you make it. So, please, whatever you do, make it so much better than the one before!

And, that’s a wrap!

Please, be here next Saturday evening for another extraordinary episode of “Private Home Decision Makers U.S.A. – Road to the Future, Today!”

As always, it’s a pleasure and a great honor serving you!


***You are cordially invited to drop by with other most amazing American private home heads to tune into another most controversial but informative episode of this show each Saturday night, 9 PM (PST)!

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Strategic Communication, Strategic Results (Private Home Decision Makers U.S.A.

The premise of "Strategic Communication, ... ..." is always conferring with allies who are well-versed in anything in which you choose to be even more successful. As you look around yourself to see some of the most successful people you can name, your first thought may very well be that they are so successful on their own merit. But then, when you learn more about them, you find that, although they have so much talent and aptitude in whatever that area may be, without the encouragement, expertise, and support of others (allies), perhaps, they would still have "so much talent and aptitude," but on the scale of the success for which they are known, it would be nonexistent. Irrespective of that "most amazing gift," with regard to such towering heights of success, this person would remain in a state of anonymity. This will then remain miles away from where he/she would much rather be. The same applies with respect to your home projects, and your personal success therein.The design and tone of "Strategic Communication, Strategic Results," is to facilitate enabling you to focus and to concentrate a bit more on those practical factors towards guaranteeing your home project success EVERY TIME! Yet, of these "practical factors," is your awareness of a need for conferring with sources and resources and using them (people, places, and things) to arrive at the safest, most relative decisions for ensuring that you select and hire the best possible contractors. In this moment, please, allow me to share with you a very brief true story of a man who did not confer with relative allies well-versed in assisting him towards making the best possible decision about the people he hired to perform work on his property. For this, he suffered dearly. You are going to see exactly the moves he made or did not, which literally sealed his fate. Essentially, his communication technique was "dis-jointed." Such is the documented uninformed approach for most fraud victims. Then I will share another true story. It is a story of a most amazing victory which impacted the world. But then, you are going to see "strategic communication" in action, then you are going to see the "strategic results." You will see the relativity to how and why, on each of your contract-related home maintenance and improvement projects, you can and will achieve exactly!

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