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I know people will say we are going to do something different but it does remain as a talk only, they don’t. By the way we can make it happen. I have inspired by them. I couldn’t just stop myself. I imagined and began the writing. I thought to give a message to the world through my stories, a different world, a different universe and some different lives that we always try to know about them since a decade. Hope everyone will enjoy this. Thank you.






This is my 14th day in Huganoic galaxy. They say this is really a strange world. We can meet them here. They are different. They are great. They made us. They are soul-makers. They belong to past. Then we belong to them. First they built the galaxies, planets, stars and the nature. They control solar systems. Lucky persons can meet them easily. They stay as visible sometime.

And we did love changes which bring prosperity around the universe. I will say rulers must see this just well. They should understand what we common citizens want. Some years they made war. They wanted to fight to aliens from Roro galaxy. We didn’t want this. We want peace. This is my job that I create a media among citizens of Nagrotic world. I want to aware them about the future. Most of them are innocents. I can’t see their tear anymore. I just want to stop the torture.

I am a TV reporter on Rexa planet. Happy that today I am going to be a father. My wife Hena messaged me about this. Thought to dance for while but this is not good actually when you are in a public space-ship. They don’t like this. So the excitement just needed to stay in my heart only. It will hurt no one now, without disturbance. I watched them. They were my co-passengers. I didn’t late. I dared to follow the time. I concentrated on my practice. I didn’t want to be nervous. It was a chance for me and I didn’t want to lose the interview with famous soul-maker Mr. Erigostin. Dad was saying he built first planet Oastuk. It is 23 million light years far from our home star Fexika. It does provide energy to all of us. Mum wanted to visit there someday before her death. It was her last wish. Sorry that we couldn’t make it happen for her. I always remember her. She was a good house-wife for my dad. She loved me so much because I was young among my three brothers and a sister. I feel that her spirit lives inside me. She is an inspiration for me.

I became fast. It helped me to reach on the third planet Mugos in an hour. A week ago Hena was telling me about this. She gave me the idea. She wanted I do something different. I make proud to my seniors and family. Thought a lot and finally decided to make a trip to the place. Yeah, my boss approved the project in late. I don’t want to complain about him. I was sure that he will take time. He is very serious. That’s why my company obeys some strict rules.

I supposed to move on. Once again I used a private mechanical ship in the alien city. The flying homes on the both side of road was wondering me that how did they handle the gravity? Does it make an impact over their body? Its atmosphere is cold and the things are quite new for me. I don’t get to see them on my planet Yakosi. It is not less than any fairy land. They did like natural things from gods. They were discovering history. They could easily recognize science and its related products. Another old civilization was evolving there with intensity and sense. I hoped to meet them after my duty.

Suddenly my phone rang, got a calling notification from my wife Hena. I didn’t want she knows I am busy now. I didn’t want to break her mind. I just tried to feel myself relax. I breathed normally and replied to her question.

“Did you reach at your target?” she asked.

“Going to land there honey, you will appreciate my work. I am curious for Mr. Erigostin.”

“Good luck baby, I love you!”

“Love you too honey,” I said as I was driving the ship towards my studio.

Glass door of the entrance and out way opened automatically on my landing. I looked around, saw he is my very old friend, coming to me for welcoming. He was smiling. I did too, after watching him.

“Hi dude, how was your journey?” David asked and shook my hand. He seemed excited.

“It was nice man,” I said. “I met you after 20 years. It is so long, no?”

I still remember he was a best student during my school times. He was fighting to no one. He was keeping himself so silent. It feels great just when I think of him. I can’t say he does act like a naughty guy. By the way girls were in love with him. Obviously he is handsome. Personally as I know he was avoiding them. It doesn’t mean that he has allergy for addiction. He didn’t just want this.

“I didn’t forget you. I was watching your videos. You are very funny indeed,” David said. “I work here as a cameraman.”

He introduced himself about his job in the galaxy. It is his passion to capture movable pictures of others.

“Are you ready now to shoot? What is about arrangement?” I asked.

My each and every query was in nervousness. I didn’t want reality becomes hard for me to face. From my experience I could know that someday we all do things better than earlier. They are like tests for us. We can’t ignore them if we want success.

“Mr. Erigostin is in studio already. I talked to him for the first time. He was explaining about my soul. Glad that I enjoyed some moments there. He took me to soul-testing room!” David said.

“Did you become invisible for a while?” I said and surprised.

“Yes,” David said.

They understand why we are shinning. They want good things for us. In the universe we all are precious. Gods created us carefully. They gave us powers to think. They gave us inner eyes to imagine and our brain cells became a part of this mission. We learnt to utilize the god made things.

I took my chair in the conference hall. My first question to Mr. Erigostin was just simple. He was sitting next to me, in front of a camera. I didn’t forget to ask about the creation of the world as I could see the soul-maker is so normal and silent. He told me that a life needs a home and for the reason we must needed to create planets, galaxies and different worlds also. They are fascinated to each other. We can’t divide them. They are unique but their trades are quite unmatchable. We don’t sit unless. We do our duties to feed our family and the same way they too do some works. They move around. They control systems and procedures to make us fit and healthy.

I did proceed to my second question for him. Are you making souls for others, I mean new planets? Without thinking deeply he simply answered me that they are comparable to you. After living your last age you will die. Your soul will remake. Only it will take few seconds to enter another new born. In case of planets they have long lasting. So we clearly notice to tomorrows and build a mature planet. We put evolution there. Slowly we grow lives on its soil. You call them aliens as they are not from your civilization.

My third and final question for him, do you have any plan for leaders who choose injustice against innocents?

Society mostly needs superior ministers. If they go with bad then gods are already preparing punishments for them. I hope next time they won’t repeat these faults. They will realize that keeping peace in the universe is essential and terrorism can’t have role. We are with poor; we support their right and what they want from their politicians.

They are rude, can we take any action?

He replied I think it won’t continue forever. We are clever. Thus we can make a solution for the trouble. Unite and choose a very good leader. Don’t be corrupt. The disease causes death of democratic. Raise your voice against injustice. Never give up until you don’t success. Don’t worry about failing, they are common.

I smiled once and thought that we should accept the lessons if they provide us price of living. We will have to apply these things for our current and future generation. We get motivation from this. We show an important way to them. The real happiness is in understanding.

“Thank you Mr. Erigostin for giving us some times,” I said.

“You are welcome!” he said.

After the live telecast my wife called me. She told me that dad wants to meet you next week. He is now on Akmudy planet, galaxy no-3426, enjoying space-travel with my sister Lisa.






“Don’t know who is she? I have heard they cry. They love flowers and nature,” Ma-34 said and looked the child.

“Are you sure she is from earth and the planet is in another world also?” TX-1 said.

The machine was wondering about the human. He had never seen this kind of life. He learnt technical things since his childhood. Really he didn’t know what the creature is. He was thinking gadgets are common and I am one among them.

“Yes, I have seen a portrait of man. My mother was an export in drawing and imagination,” Ma-34 said.

“But you were telling me that she went to war and didn’t back, is it not true?” TX-1 said.

He brought a monitor in the air and uploaded some images of these old days.

“The war place name is Acmota. Many times we did visit there. I know why we did this. You wanted to get back to your mother. We couldn’t search her,” TX-1 said.

“So sorry, we failed there. We shouldn’t go any more,” Ma-34 said.

“Hmm, we both also searched her among visible souls. She wasn’t there,” TX-1 said and patted his co-machine’s back.

Suddenly the human child began to cry. They became worried. They looked everywhere. They tried to do something to stop her.

“What happened to her?” Ma-34 asked. “Does she need someone now?”

“She needs her mother. I am really shocking that how did she come to the planet? It occurred for the first time. Maybe gods leaved her in the world. They did mistake. Humans can’t live here. The home is only for machines they know this well!” TX-1 said.

“Maybe she needs milk,” Ma-34 said and looked.

“What is this?” TX-1 asked. “Is it like electricity?”

“No, it does release from mother’s breasts. Its color is white, stays as liquid,” Ma-34 said. Can’t find any solution what I will do now.

“We can’t find milk in the world you know this!” TX-1 said.

He seemed worried, just more than his friend. He began to search something in his library books.

“What are you trying to explore?” Ma-34 said.

“I am just watching how can we feed her? She is different, no?” TX-1 said.

“Not little but quite different, I think we should leave her somewhere. We can’t make her live among the gadgets,” Ma-34 said.

“Did you become mad?” TX-1 put these books on a table and said. “Idiot, look at her, she is not crying now.”

“Calm down baby, we are going to see you from now.”

The machine took her in his arms and started to love.

“Are you feeding her milk from your robotic breasts?” Ma-34 said. He teased to the co.

“Stop your mind if you can do nothing with a poor. We shouldn’t do like this,” TX-1 said.

“What will we do then?” Ma-34 asked.

“That’s why I was trying to make you understand,” TX-1 said.

“Explain,” Ma-34 said.

“We will arrange artificial milk for the child,” TX-1 said.

“Do you know yet how we will do this?” Ma-34 asked. Do you have any idea?

“I know someone. She is a scientist and she does research on aliens,” TX-1 said.

“If I am not wrong she is your sister,” Ma-34 said. “No?”

“Yeah, Coo-33, these days she lives in Ucous galaxy, in digital star Tectos-58,” TX-1 said.

They both made hope for the human child. The mechanical world sees technologies and new robots but at last things changed.

“Charge your body; we will visit to her in an hour!” Ma-34 said. “At any cost we will have to save the child.”

“Okay dude,” TX-1 said.

“And remember, no need to tell others about this. It may create problem. We will do everything secretly. Did you get me?” Ma-34 said and looked.

“Yeah, I did,” TX-1 said.



“Citizens, what can I help to you?” the monitor appeared in front of them.

Ma-34 looked at his co. He was thinking something. He seemed nervous.

“What happened?” TX-1 asked. “Proceed to next step.”

“Are we going to make the thing secret at the company robot? If he does ask about the child during scanning what will we answer him?” Ma-34 said.

“We can think of hiding switch. It doesn’t explain to leaders about customers,” TX-1 said.

“Good idea, why didn’t you tell about this to me before?” Ma-34 said and became just excited.

“You hadn’t believed,” TX-1 said as he was having the child in his arms.

“You could know me,” Ma-34 said.

“Glad I did,” TX-1 said and smiled.

“Sir, what can I help to you?” the company robot repeated her question.

She was working as a media for rapid travelers. She does inquire and note these talks of machines in detail.

“Will you please show me hiding switch on your screen?” Ma-34 asked.

“Sure sir,” the company robot said.

She brought some options on her wide monitor which are optional for customers. The service needs costly price than earlier one (common service).

“Move your hands dude, click the blue button,” TX-1 suggested him.

Ma-34 did this.

“Thank you sir, we want to know one thing just, are you traveling alone or more?” company robot asked.

“More,” Ma-34 said.

“Please, click payment option,” company robot said.

Ma-34 followed what she was saying. He transferred his money by electrical process.

“Is it done now?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” company robot said. “Please wait few seconds to make the rapid travel safe.”

They chose address of Coo-33. The robot made them disappear from the planet Guasto and immediately they reached at their target spot, without any space-ship or vehicle.

They moved on, with the human child.

“How did you get to her?” Coo-33 said.

She was trying to imagine the real fact. She searched different things on aliens on her technical devices.

“Don’t know; we got her at our home!” Ma-34 said.

“What do you think of her, brother?” Coo-33 asked and looked at TX-1.

“We need to protect her,” he said. “We are in hope that you can feed her. You can make artificial milk for the child.”

“I will try,” Coo-33 said.

“I don’t want to listen to the try word from you, you do this just,” Ma-34 said. “We can’t murder her intentionally.”

They irritated her. They forced her.

“Oh god, understand me a bit brothers, she is an alien. Her body needs proteins, carbohydrates, glucose, water etc. They all belong to foods,” Coo-33 said.

“You don’t worry we will arrange those things,” TX-1 said.

“Will you go to earth for this?” Coo-33 asked. “This is in another world which is not similar to yours.”

“No, we won’t dare this. We will search these things here, in the mechanical world,” TX-1 said.

“Can we not charge her naturally, the way that we do?” Ma-34 asked.

He came forward with the bizarre thought. He couldn’t just get that humans are not equal to machines and they need a life to breathe.

“My foolish brother, she will die if we connect her with electricity and it won’t take a minute even!” Coo-33 said.

“What will we do for her then?” TX-1 said and shocked.

“Give me an hour, I will make a composition for her chemically which will provide everything what she does need. She can live in the atmospheres. We will make it happen,” Coo-33 said and smiled.

“Thank you,” Ma-34 said.

“You are welcome brother,” Coo-33 said.

“Just a minute, what will we do if she does cry again?” TX-1 asked. “You know this better than us as you are a woman. Will you take her for solve?”

“You can sing for her. Maybe she will love it,” Coo-33 said.

“Okay,” TX-1 said. “Good luck for your test.”

She went away from there to her chemical lab.

“I will sing my favorite song for her,” TX-1 said and looked at his co.

“Let her cry first!” Ma-34 said.

“Hope she won’t wait any more,” TX-1 said and smiled.



“You need to congratulate me. I could do this!” Coo-33 said.

She could make the composition. It did work like an energy creator for the human child. From now she won’t need milk or foods.

“Thank you so much sister, you did save her life!” Ma-34 said and shook her hand.

“She loved your product,” TX-1 said.

“Yeah, she did,” Coo-33 said and smiled. “Hey, did you give any name to her?”

“Not yet,” Ma-34 said.

“What do you think about RoRo-123?” TX-1 said.

“I like this,” Ma-34 said and became excited.

“Stupid, she is a human, not a machine. Give her a good name that everyone will recognize!” Coo-33 said.

“You give,” TX-1 said and looked.

“Rita,” Coo-33 said. “How is this?”

“A so sweet name, I really loved it,” Ma-34 said.

“She is very cute also. It will match to her,” TX-1 said.

After all they selected this one. Clever, shinning, and with intelligence the girl grew to adolescence, among the machines. She understood what the universe is. She did know too that she is not like others. She is unique.

And she is from past, belongs to a strange life of another world.



“Why are you sad dear? What is the reason behind this?” Ma-34 asked.

She is not child any more. She is 20 years old now. She is young and beautiful. Her eyes are blue. She looks like a fairy.

“I know you did feed me. That’s why I am here today. But I need an answer from you,” Rita said.

“Ask what you want,” Ma-34 said.

He was still looking like a young machine. They don’t grow old just easily. Hence they live up to one thousand years in the world.

“Why I am not like you?” Rita asked. “I visit everywhere and I see they all are machines. I couldn’t find a life like me among you. Where is my home actually? Am I an alien?”

Ma-34 remained silent for a while. He couldn’t answer her. He did never wish the girl asks any question which will hurt him.

“Let’s go for play,” he said and held her hand and tried took away from the spot to their mechanical ground where they play different kinds of mechanical games.

“No, I can’t go with you!” Rita stopped her.

“I am your dad, dear. Listen to me,” Ma-34 said and looked.

“How can I agree with you? You don’t look like me. I am quite different,” Rita said.

“You will have to agree, dear. I don’t know more then,” Ma-34 said.

“I am not going to listen to anyone until I don’t get my answer. Sorry I don’t want to hurt you. I just need to know what my identity is. That’s it!” Rita said and went away from there.

She wasn’t child any more to accept these fake things. She understood the life. She could get differences among these machines.

Ma-34 didn’t late after Rita leaves him there alone. He immediately made contact with Coo-33.

“I can’t believe that she did ask you like this. Maybe her brain is not working very well. She needs some rests!” Coo-33 said on the video call.

“She is right. She is adult now. We can’t hide the fact at her for a long time,” Ma-34 said.

He was upset for the human girl. He didn’t adapt her alone; his friend TX-1 did also. They intentionally kept the bunch on their shoulders. They loved her so much.

“Don’t worry, we will make her understand. She will agree with us,” Coo-33 said.

“If she didn’t,” Ma-34 said.

“Be positive brother, she is a good girl I know her,” Coo-33 said.

“Thanks,” Ma-34 said.

They made the contact off for a while.



“Hi,” TX-1 said.

He sat just next to Rita in a chair, around the table.

“Hi,” TX-1 repeated his words as she didn’t get any reply from her. “What happened? You look sad, did Ma-34 angry at you?”

“Hello,” Rita said.

She didn’t look his face.

“Oh, guess you are in stress already. I have something to make you relax. Let’s do study about robotic stars today. You like this!” TX-1 said.

He did set a special book for her, in the air as he brought a monitor there.

“I need to love also,” Rita said as she was bowing her head.

“It’s a good decision; did you find someone in your life?” TX-1 asked.

“I want a human like me, not a machine. I am feeling pain. I can’t identify myself that I am an alien or a machine?” Rita said.

Now she looked him, to talk normally.

“You should not know this. We will give you what you want,” TX-1 said.

“Sorry, this is not possible. I am having so many reasons to query. I can’t live with doubts and hesitations. I am becoming sick for the world. My home is not here, this is somewhere else,” Rita said.

She couldn’t stop herself to make distance from the complication. A weakness was creating inside her. Her heart wanted to be curious.

“You can live like us. Are we not happy, though we are machines? Try to adjust dear, you can,” TX-1 said.

“Hi, what happened to my love?” Coo-33 said as she came in with Ma-34. “Let me see.”

“I can’t make her understand. She is in stress,” TX-1 said and looked to her sister.

“The same thing happened with me also. She is becoming arrogant,” Ma-34 said.

“I know the reason. You can’t hide facts at her any more. She does need to know how she came to the world. She is not a child now,” Coo-33 said.

“We can’t dare, you tell her,” Ma-34 said.

Coo-33 came to Rita and took a side chair to her. First she made a mechanical screen in front of all.

“Do you really want to know who are you?” Coo-33 asked her.

“Yes,” Rita said.

“You are from Earth my dear, a powerful planet which is too far from us and in another world. No one knows yet how did you come to us? Your childhood started with love and happiness. My brothers adapted you when you were crying in hunger. They gave you everything that you needed!” Coo-33 said. “But if you want to go to your home by leaving them we won’t have any objection. We will arrange a ship for you to make your journey.”

“Forgive me daughter, maybe god made mistake when they leaved you on the planet. We are sorry for this,” TX-1 said.

“You shouldn’t feel alone among us. We promise we will do something to reach you on earth,” Ma-34 said.

She thought for a while as she was sitting in the chair, near to Coo-33.

“No need of this, I can understand the pain. I don’t want to go against god’s wish. I can’t go back to that world where they became heartless for me. You are my own. I am glad for your kindness,” Rita said.

“Do you mean you will stay here?” Coo-33 asked.

“Yes, how can I quit my relatives?” Rita said. “I can’t do injustice. This is guilty as I learnt from you. I respect you.”

She just made everyone emotional.

“Thank you dear. It’s a great day for us!” TX-1 said and hugged her tightly. “We got back to you.”

“From now I am also a machine in the galaxy. I would love to hear the name Rita-2170 if you call me by this,” she said.

“We will do, dear,” Ma-34 said and smiled.

We always think machines can’t have hearts. They are artificial. They can’t love. But if god made a mechanical world then everything is possible. They too can feel what we do.

—————-THE END—————



The world is beautiful and you know the earth also. But the situation is not similar now as you thought. We already lost everything. We dreamt that something will happen great. We will give a better life to our next generation. They will feel proud for us. They will tell about us to their children and it will continue. Yet they didn’t know that climate change will cause a biggest problem. It just destroyed the environment. We didn’t see plants, animals any more beside some more dangerous viruses. They only didn’t create diseases; they killed our people in few seconds. They spread in the air. Even they didn’t give us time to invent new vaccines.

Today I am here, with Professor Suzanne and her crew. We chose a safety place to protect our life. That was like an anti wall for these viruses.

Time-11:30:35 AM

“Maybe we can make anti-biotic from Nigerians. Yes I know them. They are strong and still we didn’t find any effect there,” Mr. David said as he was attaining the conference.

“Jake, what do you want to say about this? Can we do this?” Professor Suzanne asked me.

I didn’t have any extra plan for the trouble. I was thinking that we will shift to another place where we can build a home and it will make us feel secure.

“They are also human. Our 75% people are dead now, for these viruses. They are going to die also,” I said. “We can’t go to Nigeria. You know about the country.”

“He is right, how will go there without flight. All is just stopped for the happening. We should watch our surrounding before we think about others,” a co-doctor said.

The nature forced us to be worry. Citizens were crying as they were losing to their own. They were giving up.

“I think we can produce its medicines if we try again,” Mr. David said.

“We don’t have any solution you know this well. We did it many times. We applied our all kinds of experiments but we are failing,” Professor Suzanne said.

“Does it mean we are going to surrender at these viruses?” I asked.

“No, we will search something for this,” Professor Suzanne said and looked me.

“When will we complete the mission to save the world?” a co-doctor said.

“It is not simple. We will have to work hard. They are just similar to AIDS virus but different as they are killing people in just few seconds,” Professor Suzanne said.

“Why didn’t we die yet? Are we safe?” I asked.

The questioned arose inside me suddenly. I have seen several happenings in my own eyes. I felt pain for my neighbor’s death. Last month I did loss my dad for the virus.

“We are already infected by them. They are spreading slowly and when they complete their main task they kill immediately,” Professor Suzanne said.

We named these viruses by choosing their categories. Category- A contains two different kinds of viruses and they are NK-Virus1 (Nerve cells killing virus) and NK-Virus2. Category-B is having blood cells killing viruses.

“Soon we should gather, for the second time to discuss about this more I think,” I said.

“Can we meet next week?” Professor Suzanne asked others.

“Sure,” they said.

“You keep your explore up. We can make this possible!” Professor Suzanne said.


“You told me to provide NK-Virus1 sample,” I said and looked her.

“Oh, sorry Mr. Jake, I did just forget. I will send you this tomorrow. Actually I have been busy now.”

“So, it took a bit of time to recollect,” Professor Suzanne said.

I met her outside of the conference hall, in the room no-34. It is just 500 meters down to the ground where we did build some experimental homes. Here we could communicate 75 thousands biologists, doctors and scientists around the world. We did open branches for them.

“It’s okay, I understand. By the way the virus is rare among others. Hence it is creating difficulties for us,” I said.

“It appeared first in the earth’s air. I don’t think they are less now. Per day they are forming themselves one millions to fifty millions. I got its report,” Professor Suzanne said.

“They are cellular, do they divide rapidly?” I said.

“They do this easily,” Professor Suzanne said.

“I will keep trying. We can end remaining viruses after the NK-1. It goes in female group,” I said.

“They don’t allow sexual method, Mr. Jake, they divide!” Professor Suzanne said and looked.

“I know ma’am,” I said.

“They go under evolution and this is not slow anymore,” Professor Suzanne said.

“If we planted again, I think we can avoid these viruses naturally,” I said.

“By the way idea is not bad but it is not simple as you think. It may take a month at least and we can’t say it will work or not. We made disturbance in the world. We will have to clear it now,” Professor Suzanne said.

Earlier when we concentrated on machines and technologies to do our jobs we didn’t think that the new different kind of invention is creating a dreadful impact against the nature. Many of us knew this that we should think of a solution to stop the changes. They just kept themselves silent on this matter.

They are powerful because they work for us. But we can’t say that it was a mistake. We intentionally did this.

“Before this we will have to aware these remaining people who lived from viruses,” I said.

“Yes, you got me,” Professor Suzanne said.



“We have been giving solution for this. People know what we are trying to do this time. Viruses are ahead of us. They want to kill us. They are gaining their families rapidly under the atmosphere which is bad for us and good for them.”

“We all can defeat them. We can save the planet from these evils,” Mr. Ian said.

“The data says we are having now just 25% population and if it does continue soon we will be no more here to see even an empty world. Hence we will have to do something faster. We can do nothing without protection.”

He showed a map on the stage monitor.

“Sir, how it would be if we did apply NK-Virus1 against NK-2? We should make enmity among these categories and by which we can create repel,” a man said on the mike and looked.

“Sorry Mr.”

“This is out of our plan. They both are brothers. They will be stronger if we gather them,” Mr. Ian said.

We thought terrorists are creating the world terrible as they have weapons and don’t contain humanity. They are having dirty minds. As a result we do suffer deaths.

Actually small creatures that we ignored many times they became more harmful for the society. We can’t destroy them by our guns and bombs. Thus we acquire brain. We will have to do research and study.

However they can tolerate fire, chemical effect and other things very easily. Beside scientific instruments we can’t face them. They spread in air, water and foods. They get some Medias to increase their generations. We can’t see them openly but we can feel the pain by them that they do create in our body. We call them bacteria, virus, fungi etc.

We invented millions of medicines to be cure from diseases and yet I will say we are failing. We can never stop the natural evolution. They micro-organisms are too a part of it. We think god made them. Fact is that they come to the world by our works. We just provide them powers by different ways. They don’t fear us. After all they get ready for war. They don’t want to spare our life. We can’t say this is just revenge because we help them to grow in the nature.

We made possibilities for them. They are not going to extinct now, until we don’t put a resolution.


“What happened dude? You look very upset!” grandmother said. “Are you hungry?”

I didn’t just want to disturb her as she was busy in her mechanical explore. I like biology; it doesn’t mean that I ignore her works. I just think about living things. She says physics can take us to solution makers. This is important. They believe in future.

And they agree that impossible is nothing.

“You didn’t reply? Perhaps you are in problem already,” grandfather said.

I took the chair near to her work. She looked me a bit now and came to me, from her machines.

“Did you really go to past?” I asked. I heard they were in happy. Then why did they build factories and industrial houses on the planet? Did they not know it will create a lot of troubles? Just for them we are having reasons to cry. Feeling like we are in a hell, not at a home.

“Guess you are thinking deeply,” grandmother said.

“Everyone is doing this right now!” I said. “The earth will blast.”

“Virus can do nothing with the solar system,” grandmother said.

“They are displacing us. You know their work and how are they?” I said and looked. “Why don’t you do something by the biology? Perhaps you can invent antibiotics for people.”

“This is not a part of my job. Yeah, I make deal with science but my ways are different. You may listen to me. You can watch my experiments and mechanical works,” grandmother said.

She did like it since her school times. She was following to history. She could inspire by Einstein, Newton and some greatest scientists of the world. They were saying we should not only wish things from past and present. We can bring changes from future.

“What can we do with this? Our tomorrows are not just good. We are not sure about the life that having breathe this moment. These devils are waiting out of our home,” I said.

“Where is your wife? I did ask her to bring a cup of coffee for me and still she is making this, disgusting!” grandmother said and looked at the door of her experimental room, once again. “Do you want to take something?”

“No, I am fine,” I said and smiled.

“I don’t think so,” grandmother said.

“What do you mean?” I said and surprised for her reply.

“You are trying to hide real thing here, just at me,” grandmother said.

“No, I can’t do this. I was just thinking that how could you be fascinate about the mechanical job?” I said.

“This is my pursuit of happiness!” grandmother said. Don’t underestimate the power of a woman. We too are like you, man.

Carina, my wife brought coffee for her. We just made those natural products artificially in our chemical houses. We can no more find them now.

“When did you come?” Carina asked and hugged me smoothly. “I was missing you baby.”

“I missed you too. What could I do then? They made that conference just long, took place three days in that same underground room. I am worried. Are you okay?” I said.

“Yeah,” Carina replied and looked. “What is about your search? Did you able to find something?”

“Sorry honey, it didn’t become easy as we were thinking. Hope we will get a solution, soon,” I said.

“This is not good baby; we will die if it continues. Viruses are making us infected!” Carina said.

She became sad after listening to me, about our fail on biological research and medicine invention. She was thinking about people. She was caring for our next generation and the civilization that exists. She was not a doctor or scientist but as a human she does her best for the universe.

“Never give up child; it is really fun if victory is a million mile far from us. You just start to dream, though this is hard and not simple for a common man,” grandmother said.

“Do you have any solution?” Carina asked her.

“I think you should help us,” I said. “I know you can do this.”

“I think so. But will you believe me?” grandmother said.

“Why not?” I said and looked her.

She uncovered her gadget in front of us that she had been inventing a little bit since some years.

“I have seen our forefathers were talking about earlier life. They wanted to revisit to that past. I didn’t wish this. I thought different. I wanted to see a bright future. I hid the thing at them as they were saying this is impossible to make a journey to our tomorrows. We never see this yet. Time won’t support the system as it is having only forward movement with the present.”

“By the way we could change the time system of a clock as we wanted. It depends on us. It is faster and we can go there,” grandmother said.

“You invented something great!” Carina said.

“I invented time-machine. Now you can travel to future by it,” grandmother said.

“I can’t trust; our present is not safe yet. We will find a lifeless planet there,” I said.

Grandmother looked me for a while without any reply.

“Sorry, I can’t help you then,” she said and leaved her seat.

“Wait grandma, how can you go like this? We need you urgently,” I said.

“If you don’t believe me how can I help you on this matter? Future is very hard and you can’t agree on these things suddenly,” she said.

“Can our next generation give us a resolution to kill viruses?” Carina asked.

She came forward.

“Good that you did think they exist,” Grandmother said. “Yes, they can!”

“How will we come back to our current days after the job done at futuristic world?” I asked.

“We have the way, you don’t worry. You just make a plan now to do a trip to there,” grandmother said.

“I am ready!” I said and looked her.

“I will be with you too,” Carina said.

“She should go with you Jake,” grandmother said. She will be in your protection.

“Okay,” I said. I gave a green signal for our journey to future.



“Wear the belt also. It will help you to out from there,” grandmother said.

She built the gadget. It is a part of her time travelling system.

“Where will we go then?” I asked as I was wearing this.

“You will have to appear at 20 years later of the present. Believe in your job; don’t think that you will get nothing. You will have to make your work simple just,” grandmother said.

She did prepare her machine before we do the journey to our future.

“And if we find these viruses again what will we do?” Carina asked and looked.

“You will be in an unseen powerful protecting globe, no one can harm until you are in it,” grandmother said.

“Things are okay now.”

Grandmother generated the time machine’s energy to move forward to the next step. It made some bright light and vertical circles.

“Are you just nervous?” I asked and smiled a bit.

“No, I am excited as I am doing this for the first time and with you, my husband,” Carina said.

“Thank you,” I said.

“Welcome,” Carina said and kissed me once.

“Did you think something what you will answer to Professor Suzanne when you will return to her?”

“Hope I will be with a solution. So that it would be no more difficult for me to give a good performance at her,” I said.

Grandmother suggested us to stay in the circles.

“Make sure that we will give a gift to the planet!” Carina said. “We will bring a lot of vaccines from there.”

“No more talk please,” grandmother said. “I will be in your communication system.”

“Can you listen to us?” I asked.

I shocked for her mechanical invention. She had made connecting particles in those circles.

“Yes, you can call me from there,” grandmother said. “I will be like a customer care for you.”

“When are you going to send us?” Carina asked.

“Now,” grandmother said.

She did put her mathematical evaluation on the machine, and began the work faster to make our disappearance from the present.


“Where are you this time?” grandmother said. “Are you okay?”

She connected us.

“Hey, did you reach there?”

She made queries as she didn’t get any reply from us immediately. She became worried.

“We successes grandma, you could do this,” I said as we appeared in the air.

“How is the future?” grandmother asked.

She just became excited to listen to us about our next generation.

“It is too good grandma, I can find peace here. You proved me wrong. I can see people are safe now and they are living a normal life,” I said.

“Did they notice you?” grandmother asked.

“No, I think we are still invisible at them,” Carina said.

We continued the walk at the public place. We entered a crowd. We were in those time machine’s circles.

“Now off your belt’s switch to be visible. It is your time,” grandmother said.

“Just wait!” I said as Carina was going to stop her invisibility. “How will we talk to you if we switch off to the belt?”

“Later!” grandmother said. “Do what you need first, don’t think about me.”

“Come on guy, don’t waste the moment. Find a solution as soon as possible to save the humanity.”

I did what she advised me. The vertical circles around us went away on our making the gadgets offline. Felt just relaxed that they didn’t doubt us when we appeared among them. They were also doing time-traveling. So the thing became common for them.

“Where are these viruses?” Carina said as she looked around.

“It is quite new. The atmosphere is clear. Perhaps they spread anti-biotic in the air,” I said.

“Who did this?” Carina asked me, though she knew I am also an unknown person on this matter.

We needed to discover the history about them. We thought to ask people. Previously the strange world became a wonder for us.

“We can’t do this directly. They will get us that we are from past!” I said.

“I know they will surprise but we urgently need this. We can’t save the future’s past by just two or three vaccines. We will have to collect a formula. Then we can erase these viruses and their families,” Carina said.

“Who will give us that?” I asked. “We are new here.”

“Don’t loss your hope, someone will do this for us,” Carina said.

She was looking here and there. Perhaps she wanted to call a man to us as we were standing at the bench, near to a small tree.

They could just bring back to the nature once again, to the land.

“Excuse me, can you tell me about the address?” an old man asked and looked me. “Oh, you are from foreign. Sorry, I couldn’t just get you suddenly.”

We shocked when he said we are from other country. We didn’t know to the place on our landing.

“It is okay sir, can you just tell me where are we now?” I asked.

He was walking away from us and we stopped him.

“You are in India,” he said.

“Can you just tell us how did the thing happen, I mean how did you come out from viral attack?” Carina asked.

He didn’t reply us for a while. He looked us just well, even to our costumes and talking style. Thought he began to doubt us.

“Come with me,” he said.

“You are also a new person in the city, where are you calling us?” I said. Can we trust you?

“This is not wrong to believe someone, think we are not strangers anymore. I know who you are,” he said. “My name is Rohit Mishra, from Delhi.”

“Okay, tell us who are we?” I said as we were walking with him.

He brought us to an empty place.

“I can’t tell your names,” he said.

“Then, why did you choose the crowd less area? What is your aim about us?” I asked.

“After 20 years two young people are talking about viruses, is it not strange? I did suffer that problem and they killed my family. Still I remember them,” he said.

“And you could defeat them later!” Carina said. “They are not in the world now.”

“Yes, we invented anti-biotic to save the generation,” he said.

“We want to know about its history, can just tell us?” I said and looked him.

“Hence I doubt you!” he said. “You seem worried. You aren’t simple. You are clever and you are wishing something.”

We didn’t let the thing hide anymore at him.

“We are from past!” I said.

“But how did you come here?” he asked and amazed. “Where are you from?”

“We made time travel and we are from USA. We are from infected days,” I said.

“He is my husband Jake Taylor,” Carina said as she was holding my right hand.

“And what is your name?” he asked.

“Carina,” she replied.

The man just smiled. We could see excitement in his face then.

“What happened?” I asked. “Why are you smiling?”

“Do you know yet, who is actually inventor of anti-biotic for NK and other categories viruses?” he said.

“Who?” I asked suddenly.

“You!” he said. “You saved us 20 years earlier. Yes I can remember your face and you are the inventor.”

I couldn’t just believe him easily. We are here for a solution and he was talking about me, which is not acceptable.

“Do you really think I did this?” I asked.

“This is the truth, sir,” he said.

He showed my photos on internet about my invention. We already lived a peaceful life and we planted again to the nature, this was the fact.

“But we are at future to know about anti-biotic if you made and we thought it can be predictable,” Carina said. “We imagined that you are safe. We were not sure, though.”

“I will try to provide what you need, tell me just,” he said.

“We need a sample of anti-biotic, that’s it!” I said. “Maybe I can do something then.”

“My blood can work for your experiment. I am fully cured now as I injected vaccines in my body. You can’t find medicines for this easily. The next generation’s antibodies will help you,” he said and looked us. “Have you brought any medical instrument to take this?”

“Yeah,” I said.

I took his blood sample in a small capsule and put this in my bag.

“Thank you, thank you so much sir!” I said and shook his hand.

“You are welcome. I am glad that I did help you on the serious matter,” he said and smiled.

We know we can do everything but humanity is doing its basic job. We can create possibilities if we try hard. We should aware before we take any step. Important thing is that we shouldn’t forget what we are, and what the nature gives us.

“Our first mission is done,” Carina said.

“Where will you go now?” he asked.

“To our home,” I said and switched on the belt. Once again a vertical circle appeared around us. It made us invisible from the futuristic world.


“You came with a solution!” grandmother said after our come back to the present.

“Thank you grandma, the credit goes to you too,” I said and hugged her.

“I was expecting this from you. Now you can invent anti-biotic to stop the destruction,” grandma said.

“Definitely he will do this,” Carina said.

One month later I could invent vaccines from that Indian old man’s blood sample, with my co doctors and scientists. Then we became sure that we built a barrier for viruses. They can’t now come to the atmosphere to harm us. Further we did try to design the nature. Everything came to a good position.

Evolution walked with some positive things, controlled naturally.

————————-THE END————————


Hi friends, I am an Indian sci-fi and fantasy author. I know we can change the world as it is not good anymore but before it we have to choose a way. I did. I hope the book will inspire everyone. Thank you.

  • ISBN: 9781370209729
  • Author: NL RINKU
  • Published: 2017-07-21 14:35:08
  • Words: 8254