Steps to success and the successful ant


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I would like to thank God for making this eBook a success and also for the inspiration he gave to me to pass to the world. And also ted the ant for showcasing that act of braveness in front of me.

I would like to also thank those who helped me in making this eBook a success. Thank you and god bless for me.

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Chapter one



Once upon a time in the kingdom of ant, their lives an ant name Ted. Ted is an ant that posses almost all the negative attribute in the world ranging from being lazy to not being able to provide a three square meal for himself. He was always the talk of the town because of his laziness and was called all source of name because of his stupidity.

One day he came back to his senses because he could not withstand the pain, mockery and insult that was give to him. So he made a decision to put similes in every ones face.

One night, the kingdom was attacked and torn apart by the natajuwians (the files) and they made away with all the precious belongings of the ant kingdom together with their foods leaving the kingdom in chaos. In the morning, they were confused and do not know what to do and there was scarcity of foods everywhere. They could go out to search for food because they were weak and it was raining season.

Ted knowing that the kingdom was in jeopardy decided to be of help in order to save the falling kingdom because the kingdom needed to see something brave to motivate them. He volunteered as a help but was rejected because of his past but he still decided to go on its own without anybody telling him to go.


On his way to search of food, he came across many challenges, setbacks and traps that almost got him killed but he stood still and continues his journey. After several days and months, as was passing a narrow lane, he perceived a predator which made to become afraid but he stood still and ask himself; “what will a predator be doing in this narrow place”. “Has he gotten a prey”? So he decided to check with a decision to take whatever remains that the predator did not eat home or eat it and continue his journey. On getting closer to the location, he started hearing strange sounds and became afraid but he stood still and continues walking toward the predator. On getting there, to his greatest surprise, he found the predator in pains and unconscious and secondly, the predator was one of the files that destroyed his kingdom (the natajuwians) and he said to himself; “at last, I have find food” without thinking about how big the fly is to him.


After the celebration, he attacks the fly but the fly resisted despite being unconscious. Both kept on fighting for days till the 14^th^ day and an unexpected hand hit both of them but before the hand could reach them, Ted escaped living the fly to be the victim. At that moment, he started to drag the fly but the fly was too heavy and could not move an inch but he was so determined to carry it that an unexpected power felled upon him and he begin to drag the fly.


On his way home, he encounters so many challenges but was able to overcome all of them. One of the challenges was that he felled into the trap of the natajuwians and before the files could get him, he has already escaped with his food. After that, he was able to go home safety.


On reaching to his kingdom, the people were surprise by what they saw or rather what they were seeing and could not believe what ted has done. From that moment, he was a hero and they started singing for him for the good he has done. That he brought food for the kingdom and not only food, it was their enemy. This brought a lot of similes in the face of the people and the where motivated to work as they entered dry season.

Later, Ted was summoned by the king and he congratulated him for the act bravery and gave him his daughter who Ted has being admiring as a wife and appointed him as the second in command of the kingdom.

The end

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Chapter two


The above story comprise of fiction and nonfiction. Nonfiction because the story happened right in front of me and nonfiction because some formalities were use to make look real, readable and understandable.

I never wish to write this story but what I saw or rather the act of bravery an ant acted upon in front of me made me think twice about it and it forced me to not only write, but to explain why I write.


One faithful Saturday, as I was reading for my exams which I has on Monday, I opened my jotter which I needed for reference, I saw an ant and a fly fighting. I was surprised by what I saw and it was funny too because the ant held the fly so hard that the fly did not know what to do because it was conscious. Then I closed my book and hit for the both to die so I can continue my reading. But to my greatest surprise, only the fly died and the ant live. It was strange to me but I decided to watch the whole scenes.

After the death of the fly, the ant started to drag the fly though the fly was heavy but he continues to drag the fly. Om reaching to a narrow place, I help the ant and he passed successfully and he entered his hole.

From the above event, I learnt so many things in the space of two minutes and that is what I want to share to the world and if followed, it will land you to success.

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Chapter three


After the incident occurred in front of me, I started to think about that ant and I said to myself; “that if an ant can succeed in it area of interest, then why humans created in God’s own likeness, who can walk with two legs not four, who can talk, think and who knows what is good and bad cannot succeed. This made to research about human success and I came to realise that what we need is basic step and guidance to success. And that is what am going to talk about in this chapter base on the story in chapter one. And for these steps to work, you got believe and have faith in them.


p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Come back to your senses

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Decide on what to do

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Take a step

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Be obsess with the process

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Put more effort

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Visualize yourself having

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Have so much emotion about it

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Keep changing approach

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Be open to opportunities

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Have a role model


This is the first step to success. Many articles written about success hardly put this one because of the way it sounds. You got to know that for ted to take that dangerous journey on its own, he first came back to his senses. So for you to be successful, you got to come back to your right state of mind because I believe anyone who is not successful is not in his right state of mind. Success I mean does not mean money or riches. It mean getting a task completely done and on time while money and riches is the reward of success.

When you come back to your senses, you see problems facing that you should solve. This problem maybe you are addicted to something or you are poor or you do not have a job. And when you see those problem facing you only then will start seeking solution to the problem but if are not back to your senses, nothing will ever make you see the problems. When ted came back to his senses, he saw the problems the kingdom was facing and then he decided to be of help but if he had not come back to his senses, he will not see the problem talk more of trying to be of help.

Coming back to your senses can occur in many ways. It can come through

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. A sudden knock on your brain

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. By watching, listening or reading motivational stories

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Seeing your mate succeeding and tackling their problems easily

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Your family situation

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Your current situation

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Being insulted of your personality

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Being in urgent need of something that you cannot get because you do not have it

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Losing someone special because of something you do not have most especially money. And so on

For you to come back to your senses, something must surely occur to you and when you finally do, then my friend you have:

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Completed the first step to success and;

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. You are ahead of many people in the world who are working for the same thing you are working for.


After waking up and seeing you problems in front of you, all you have to do next is to decide on what to do. There are many ways to tackle a problem but the problem is making the right decision and this can be done by analyzing the problem very well after that you then decide the approach to use. Ted on seeing the problem, decided that the only way to make his kingdom happy is to motivate them by doing something great and that led him to go out to search for food for his kingdom. Your family might be in the position with Ted’s kingdom and you might the only saviour they got now. I urge you to look at the problem you family is in and decide on what to do in order to motivate others in your house. Do not say you are too young or too old to take action. Success does not care about you age what he cares about is your determination to succeed so I urge be the ted of family and society today.


After deciding on what to do, the next step to take is to take a step toward solving or archiving that goal that will lead you to success. Step here simply means finding them necessary things that can help you in solving your problems. And this can be done by researching:

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. About the problem or goal to be achieved

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Things needed to solved the problem or achieve the goal and;

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Ways to solve the problem or achieve the goal.


Whatever step you take in tackling the issue at hand, you must completely fill your mind with the process so that you cannot think of anything else rather than solving that problem. For ted to continue his journey even after months of no green light of what he was looking for made me think that he was obsess with the process and he did not allow anything thing to pull him down from what he was doing.


Whatever problem that you are solving, you got to put in more effete on it. Like the say “then difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is the word “EXTRA””. And every successful person on earth are extraordinary in what they do because the put in more effort than other people. In chapter one, when ted was dragging the fly, we notice that he put in more effort for the dragging to be successful but if he had not put in more effort in the dragging, I doubt whether he will take the fly home. So in order to get your problem solved faster and in a different way, you got you put more effort.


When we visualize, it increase the speed to which that we visualize come to pass. If we visualize our problem, we end up being in more problems than the latter one but if we visualize ourselves achieving our goals without even knowing how we can achieve it, we end up achieving it. Visualizing deals with faith and believes. You got to believe and have faith that what you visualize will come to pass.


Emotion means a strong feeling for something. For you to be successful in whatever you do, you got to have a strong feeling for that thing which make you a success and believe in your process.


Sometimes the reason why we fail in what we do is because the approach we use is either outdated or the wrong approach to solve that problem. So if you fail, I advise you to change approach. One good thing about changing approach is that the more you change approach, the more opportunities you will see.


In other to succeed, you must be open to new opportunities if they come. Ted saw the opportunities and took it instantly despite people neglecting him because of his past. So when opportunities come, accept them.


You have to have someone that you emulate about his success so whenever you see him, you see yourself. This will give you a strong adrenaline to work in order to reach his or her level and even more than the level they are.

If these processes are followed, then I assure you success for these are the basic thing that will lead you to success only if do not give up on yourself.

In everything we do in life, there are always limitations that will hinder us from reaching that level and we are going to talk the limitations to success and how it can be overcome

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Chapter four


p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Procrastination

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Family

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Friends

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Blaming others for your mistake

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Delay


Countless articles written about success always emphasis on this topic because of it great effect to success. Procrastination simply means to delay doing something that you know you should do usually because you do not want to do it. This is a great problem in the world and can only be defeated if we put in more effort in what we do by adding an extra to our ordinary. Add an extra to our ordinary, it will enable us to overcome procrastination easily in our life and get job done faster.


Family is one the greatest gift God gave to us. The make us feel at home, valued and of importance even when we do not deserve those credits. But it has an effect to success.

In the process of trying to be there for you, the might make you do things you do not want to do most especially in your career path. In order to overcome them, you got to stand by whatever decision you have taken over your life and get to take responsibilities of the action that you take.


These are group of people that are close to you which are not your family or relatives. They are limitations to your success if;

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. They do not want to succeed

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. They derive joy in talking and doing negative things

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. They always find fault in whatever that happens around them

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. They cannot admit to mistake. And so on.

And the only way to overcome is to;

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Change friends or

p<>{color:#EEECE1;}. Change them if you can


The greatest mistake in life is not to admit to your mistakes”. Like the say “you can take all the credit about the good things in the world so far as you take credit of the bad things you do too”. If you blame others for your mistakes, you will never be successful because you will never know where the mistake came from but if admit them, you will see where they come from and then you can correct it and continue your road to success.


We have seen and heard several people stop on the road to success because there was delayed but they forgot that delay is never a deny. It is just a test to see how serious you are to succeed. And the only way to overcome it is just to have patience. bear it in mind that when you quit or give up, you will end up going back to step one i.e. coming back to your senses and if you do come back, the delay will be still be waiting for you and the duration still exist. Just know that there is no shortcut to overcome delay but with patience you will.

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I want to thank those who downloaded this free eBook of mine and I pray that this little eBook will be of help to you and also please help me share this eBook to those who need them the most and to those who does not know about this eBook. For more success and motivation articles, visit our blog at Motivateme2change.blogspot.com



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Steps to success and the successful ant

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Steps to success and the successful ant Steps to success and the successful ant