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STATION IN PERIL (Space Opera & Action - MALLORY SAJEAN 1.5)

A simple stopover becomes a dogged battle! In search of some rest and relaxation, Mallory Sajean comes alongside a space station. She discovers a battlefield and a hostage taking in progress. Despite the risks, she joins up with a squad of police officers who are going to give it their all. While facing fanatical aliens and cyborgs, Mallory learns that she'll have to defeat a legendary creature: a Sorfal. Station in Peril takes place between the first and second books in the MALLORY SAJEAN science fiction series. If you like space opera, action, exotic worlds, and colorful characters, you'll love Mallory! Read Station in Peril and experience a heart-pounding adventure! About the author: Philippe Mercurio loves to read science fiction. He is a huge fan of Jack Vance, Simon R. Green, and Frank Herbert. He also likes manga such as Battle Angel Alita and Gantz. Mallory Sajean’s universe is a cross between Blade Runner and Star Wars, but in a unique way. If you miss TV shows like Farscape or Babylon 5, then this series is for you! “I simply wrote the kind of stories I would love to read. My goal is to take my readers on a faraway journey that’s full of surprises.”

  • ISBN: 9791097258047
  • Author: Philippe Mercurio
  • Published: 2018-09-21 16:25:06
  • Words: 15070
STATION IN PERIL (Space Opera & Action - MALLORY SAJEAN 1.5) STATION IN PERIL (Space Opera & Action - MALLORY SAJEAN 1.5)