SQL Programming & Database Management For Noobee

Do you want to understand how to manage databases without getting overwhelmed by complicated jargon? If so, “SQL Programming & Database Management For Noobee” by Felix Alvaro is the book for you! It breaks down the fundamental elements that are essential to make you a confident SQL programmer and proficient in Database Management. SQL is a software language that is powerful yet simple, flexible, portable and, most of all, integrated into numerous database applications. The current trend now is to become more digital in managing databases. at makes this book unique is how easy it makes it for you to learn. The author brings you a guide that takes you through a natural sequence of lessons, step-by-step, carefully explaining each concept and staying away from unnecessary technical jargon whilst defining the terms you need to learn. This one-step-at-a-time approach allows anyone from an absolute beginner to a more knowledgeable programmer, to easily grasp each lesson and become more proficient as they progress through the book. You Will Learn The Following: The history of SQL and its uses The fundamentals of Relational Databases and Database Management Systems The SQL Structure The SQL Data Types Data Definition Language Statements Data Manipulation Language Statements Data Query Language Statements Transactional Control Commands Working with Database Views Enhancing Database Designs Using Primary and Foreign Keys, Index and Normalization Understanding Cursors, Triggers and Errors And much more! You have made the best choice by choosing to learn SQL programming and Database Management. Whether you are looking to land a high-paying job, want to delve into freelancing or want to work on your own projects, you have found the right book. Take the first step in the right direction by downloading this eBook version now- also readable on your phone, PC or tablet!

  • Published: 2018-07-08 19:05:09
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SQL Programming & Database Management For Noobee SQL Programming & Database Management For Noobee