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By Kyle Roach


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Kyle Roach

Published by Kyle Roach at Shakespir

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Copyright 2016 Kyle Roach

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The Love They Had


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Light. Gorgeous, beautiful, golden light peered through and penetrated a single window, covered by a screen of blissfully conservative condensation that obscured the entire world from peering in. Here, in this room, colored by the golden hue of a summer’s evening, enchanted by the regression of a great thunderstorm that shook the world with its mighty cries and pelted the world with heavy rains, rested two. Here, in that quite peace of slow, inconsistent drops of water from stained flashing falling to the ground, rested two bodies, cradled in one another, wreathed in white sheets, and glistening in the gold of the sunlight. Around them, dark chocolate browns and autumn yellows played around the walls and the furniture.

A tiny place, untouched by others, a single place of paradise made for two.

The two figures stirred and the sheets struggled to keep their flesh unexposed. Like a second skin made of silk, the sheets fell from legs, were gently cast away by sleep-weakened arms, and had ultimately failed in their task to cover their charges. There, gently stirring, a man of tan complexion opened amber eyes, and blinked three times seemingly through the person in front of him. He shuffled, drawing his nude figure closer to hers, doing his best to fit into the curves that she presented. His lips parted into a kiss placed onto the nape of her neck. Her body shuddered for a moment, her rest disturbed by the intimate pecks placed upon her frame. More kisses fell across her skin: her arms, her cheeks, and behind her ears. She stirred and fought the feeling of awakening, the rush of reality breaking you from the silence of sleep, and the pleasure of dreams. Her eyes opened, a celestial mix of sea greens and golden browns. She sighed and with her release of breath, the clouds parted, and the sun burned through the glass with all of its majesty. The light wrapped around her figure, now leaning on her arm, breasts exposed, hair falling just above the base of her neck. She blinked twice, observing the room, and turned so that her gaze could fall upon the man behind her. The man smiled, his arms wrapping around her waist, and drew himself to meet her gaze.

“How long has it been?”

Her words were soft and fluttered across his face until they rested upon his ears. He brought his lips to her ears and holding her closely said, “Who knows. I lost track of time, but that’s irrelevant here.”

She smiled and her body shivered at the proximity of his lips and her ears. Her body responded with a light tremor and her arm raised and felt back until she grasped at wild untamed hair. Her head titled back until her lips ran adjacent with his and touched.

“Lover, you and I both know that our time here is not infinite.”

He kissed her cheek and pressed against her lips, spacing out his words with his affections.

“Ah, but it can be.”

He flashed a look of want, perhaps even something of desire. A burning notion of longing that rested deep within his chest and ignited the entirety of his being. Passion manifested through her as his fingers began to dance over her skin and trace from her neck down to her feet. While it was true, that here in this place, time was slowed substantially, she was right. They could stay here for as long as they wanted, but they could not stay here forever. She rose from the bed, allowing her naked body to bathe in the sunlight and, loosing the window from its locks, lifted the glass screen until the outside world flooded in to their sanctuary. There, out there in that space, stars swam amongst the clouds, and the sun and moon swirled amongst each other in a cosmic waltz. Great masses of greenery stretched across endless oceans. Clouds that pulsed with flashes of lightning and gentle rumbles gave way to sheets of the purest white that drifted across a sky of purples, blues, and pinks.

She smiled brightly and, for a moment, his breath escaped from his lungs.

“I suppose we could stay a bit longer,” She said, turning to face him. He rose from the bed, his own exposed figure moving to hold her in his arms again. Their skin pressed against each other and the world outside sang, and from the thunderous clouds and the endless oceans, a rainbow as bright and majestic as the heavens themselves formed. They held each other tighter and with eyes closed they let the elements play.





“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Her words were velvety and slid in between his lips, down his throat, and filled him with a hunger that demanded it be satisfied. He looked to her lips, so delicate when they pressed against his, and a shiver coursed its way up his spine. In her eyes, his wishes were reflected, and the milky blue color had entranced him from the first glance. How could he resist this woman? Her hair, unkempt now, shone in the setting sun’s light that reflected through her bedroom window, and gave her a radiance that melted his heart. His body was light and the fluttering that formed within his chest could not be denied.

He swallowed and smiled.

Everything he had believed in before: promises, a personal code, and destined hearts had been wiped away in her presence. The person he was no longer existed. Devilry was the order of the goddess before him. Her lithe figure beckoned him again. His knees bore the incredible weight of gravity, his thoughts reconfigured into praises in her name, and his body ached to make her tremble once more. He was enslaved to this emotion that boiled inside him.

“Yeah, I’ll catch you later.”

His words strained themselves, fighting against what he wanted to say, what he could hear in the back of his head. I’d give up everything for you. Again, one more time, I need you. Sing to me again.

He refrained and the inner scream of his sin made him shake. The tremor was subtle, embedded deep within the body, and resonating from the soul. His eyes checked her features, worry hidden beneath a calm exterior, for any signs that she had heard his thoughts. Nothing. She just smiled and those delicate lips would be denied no more. Painfully slowly, keeping himself in reserve he kissed her again, once more before his departure, and she had returned the affection in kind. Heat burnt off of him again and it took all of his power to return to a cool state of mind. Their lips separated and the weakened exhale signaled a momentary release of energy, just enough to satiate. She waved and he waved as he always did and he left.

The car door shut with the force of a judge’s gavel. Beads of sweat amassed on his forehead, an army ready to charge down, and lay siege to his face. His thoughts swirled in a maelstrom and then the voice came.

What are you doing?

It always started this way. A question that longed for an answer, an answer it had always known. He exhaled, closed his eyes, and the regret began to fill the empty spaces where the lust had regressed. He pooled his thoughts into a dialogue and replied.

I…I don’t know.

He did know though. He knew how every time his fingers traced her skin, he traced his own demise further and further. He knew that with every kiss he bestowed upon her, the skin of another became less sweet. He knew that every time the entwining sheets locked them together, lies would wrap themselves around him even more.

The phone rang, snapped him back into the present, away from his actions. Heavy eyes stared into those of the one he had called “lover”, the one he said he would never hurt, and the regret threatened to rip out of his chest. He hit the green button on the keypad and the regret vanished underneath the leather seats of his car.


About The Author




Kyle Roach is currently enrolled in the Creative Writing for Entertainment Bachelor’s Program at Full Sail University. While living in Orlando, Kyle has given his all to paying bills, and honing his craft. A lover of traditional gaming, the outdoors, and food, Kyle’s passions often spill over into his work to varying levels of success.


This E-Book contains two written works that exemplify the aspects of spring. Within the E-Book, you will find detailed passages of vivid color, emotion, and the elements of romance often associated with the arrival, and passage of spring. The passage "The Love They Had" contains one work of purely vivid sensory detail featuring two mythical beings. "Answer" is a somber tale of emotional conflict found in one man caught in an eternal struggle.

  • Author: Kyle Roach
  • Published: 2016-04-26 05:50:11
  • Words: 1519
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