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Coming Out Of The Closet 2

Life After Death 7

The Veil 17

The Creator Moved 24

Reincarnation and Past Life Regression 29

Psychics and Mediumship 42

Thoughts Create Your Reality 77

Synchronicities 85

Follow Your Joy 90

Faith 96

Shine Your Light 97

[]Coming Out Of The Closet

Spiritual Hopscotch, Diary of a Skeptic reflects my journey into the world of spirituality. My approach to learning is akin to the hopscotch-like process of learning from one spiritual teacher, taking the bits and pieces that resonated with me and simply leaving behind those which did not. I would then hopscotch to a new process or teacher, building upon my learnings from the first. I might stay there a while, then leap frog over a few boxes to land on my next journey, which I will take you along with me today.

It is the embodiment of the most important principles that I have found under those whom I have studied. These include Dr. Raymond Moody, Edgar Cayce, Betty J. Eadie, Dannion Brinkley, James Van Praagh, Abraham Hicks, Jane Roberts and The Seth Material, Neal Donald Walsch, Dr. Brian Weeis, Teal Swan, Lisa Garr*,_ Anita Moorjani, _Dr. P.M.H. Atwater,* and Dr. Masaru Emoto, and and the Hay House community, to name some of the most impactful teachers within my experience. There are many more.

With this, I do not consider myself a “teacher” of any of the concepts I will share with you. I consider myself but a “messenger” of all.

Because I am one that favors fact over faith, my learning path was laced with a hint of skepticism. This is due to my personal nature of being hard-wired towards “facts and proof.” I say “hard wired” because we are all born with certain personality traits- such as extroversion / introversion, and the like.

There is a personality profile test called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator^®^, which uncovers your psychological type and innate tendencies. My profile shows that I approach life by paying attention to physical reality: what I see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. I’m concerned with what is actual, present, current, and real. You can see how this may be a detriment for someone moving along a spiritual path that is largely based on faith. The importance in my sharing this with you is that my understanding and deepening intuition and faith became greater as I reached for more and more spiritual growth, but ultimately my personality remains largely hard wired towards facts.

In sixth grade this facet of my personality was making itself known. Our biology class had to separate in two, and each side present an argument for what we believed to be true: Adam and Eve versus Evolution. The Adam and Eve story didn’t ring true to me and seemed so far-fetched and fanciful, therefore I stood on the side of the Evolutionary group. It was an amazing process. The class exercise didn’t change my opinion after hearing from the Adam and Eve group, but it did solidify my impression that if someone believes something enough (which the Adam and Eve group did!) they can become very passionate about it and may have a hard time opening their minds to other ideas. This experience has forever stuck with me, teaching me to have empathy for others with differentiating viewpoints. As we take this journey together, I hope you afford me that same gift, knowing that this is but my personal perspective that I share with you.

Throughout my life, I found myself drawn to multiple spiritual teachings and teachers, and I absorbed them as fully as I could. I would read countless books, watch videos, listen to podcasts…anything I could get my hands on. After years and years of research I was so full of knowledge I felt I could burst. However, because many of the spiritual teachers are by no means “mainstream,” I did not share this side of myself. My husband knew… a little bit. I developed an entirely fake Facebook profile to hide behind, whereby I would freely subscribe to groups that I wanted to learn from, without fear of what any of the people in my ‘real world’ would think. It allowed me a complete freedom that I to this day cherish.

However, I was hiding a growing piece of myself from my friends and family, because I didn’t want to upset anyone, nor did I want them to think I was “strange” or “wacky.” I found myself with these two Facebook profiles, and I would begin to wonder, “which one was the ‘real’ me?”

It is said when you “change your vibration” (which is a fancy term for changing your ideals or values, down to the simplest thing of what you choose to watch on TV) that the people who you are surrounded by will change. People may drop out of your life. Some may follow along right with you. However, the empty space where the old friendships lie makes room for new friendships- those that resonate with your new vibration, or who you’ve become. This is exactly what happened to me, and I’d like to use Facebook as a simple example of how this process transpired in my life. I had tons of friends that I would see on a regular basis, and over 700 friends and acquaintances on Facebook. I loved to entertain throw parties. I was the organizer all of the monthly “girl’s night outs.” I was truly the glue that pulled this group of girlfriends together. Well, I changed. And with that, so did my desire to be more conscious on whom I surrounded myself. There is a saying that goes, “You are the average of the top five people you surround yourself with.” I began to get rid of large groups of Facebook ‘friends,’ like a purging that went in spurts. I dropped 150 in one day. I felt lighter. This continued on, and years later, I now hover in the sixties. I simply didn’t want to be around the same people. Did I miss the fun and excitement? Me, who loves to entertain? Well, yes. But not to the extent that I wanted to continue what I now felt were inauthentic relationships. So I became encapsulated within my family unit- my husband, two kids, three dogs, and extended family. I kept a few friends that were real and dear to me. But there was a distinct void. Yet I wasn’t rushing to fill it; I didn’t want to, or need to. It actually took years, but I found myself stumbling across local friends who shared my mindset through a spiritual Facebook group (yes, my fake account!) Not only were these ladies in my home state, but we found the five of us live within just 25 minutes of one another. We met, became friends, and now meet monthly in a spiritual learning group. We have a group text that is a constant flutter of insights and chatter. We meet together for fun. I literally feel like I have found my new ‘soul group.’ I love being able to talk about things to others who “speak my language!” I have a complete sense of freedom, and no fear of condemnation. There is a reason I didn’t rush to fill the friendship void. God had a gift for me, and it was this group of women.

All of this has pushed me out of, or rather, into my comfort zone, and I feel ready to ‘come out of the closet’ with my spiritual truths. My next step, which to me is an inherently large one, is to share and express what I know, and not keep it inside anymore. Thus the book you have in your hands today. Anyone, anywhere, now can peek inside my hidden self. I’m rolling over and exposing my belly.

Importantly, what I consider ‘my proof’ or ‘truth’ may not be yours. That is completely okay. My intention is not to sway anyone to any way of thinking, only to share my personal experiences and journey- of which we all have our own. I simply want to give you a peek under the tent of where I’ve been, and where I’ve come.

I’m being called to go forth and share these insights with others, as one paragraph, even one sentence, may be the lightbulb moment for another. Something will resonate for you within this book, and my hope is that it may lead you down on the breadcrumb trail to discover more about yourself, and what you believe in.

[]Life After Death

I have had one foot in the spiritual world and one foot in the real world since I was seventeen. The balance of whether I had more weight in the “real world” or “spiritual world” depended upon my growth, my age, my experiences, and how much I dedicated my consciousness to the Earthly realm for that time.

Starting with religion. I always felt religion was nice, and I enjoyed the principles that were shared, as I was brought up Protestant. However we were not avid church goers, and I feel that allowed me the opportunity to keep my mind open to different points of view. I knew instinctively that my viewpoint may not necessarily be “right,” simply because that is how I was brought up based on my parents belief systems, or even the place in the world that I was born. For on one side of the world, certain belief systems and religions are prevalent and completely different than those across the globe. Who is to say my version is right? However, my opinion is that although we all may have different names for God based on different religions, whether it is Allah, Buddha, Muhammed, Jesus, it all leads us back to the ultimate creator, no matter what region of the world you grew up, what religion you were born into, or chose for yourself. It ultimately leads us to THE ONE, the creator, who is one in the same. My mind is open, my perspectives fluid. An analogy may be that we may all desire to go from point “A” to point “B.” Some will chose to walk that path. Others will take a train. Some will skip. Some will run. Some will drive, bike, or take a plane. The point is, no matter what vehicle or way we decide to get to point “B”, it doesn’t matter, because we all reach it together, regardless of the vehicle or tactic we took to get there. The same is for God. In my eyes, no matter the religion, we all are headed into the direction of THE ONE.

I believe that there is an over-arching “God,” “Source,” “All That Is,” or whatever personal nomenclature you choose to have for “The One Creator.” I find the term “God” has very specific and triggering aspects to it, so I may often use the term “Source,” but the object and idea remains the same.

My true beginning in the love of metaphysics, which is a fancy and rather mystical word, is simply defined as: “abstract philosophical studies: a study of what is outside objective experience,” began relatively early in life.

As a senior in high school we had to write a term paper, and I chose to write it on “Life after Death.” It was and still is a fascinating concept for me, one I believe in more and more each day as new “facts” are brought forth in my life through learning, luck, or experiences. I was fascinated on the topic, and read many, many books on it. At this time in 1987, it was Dr. Raymond Moody who had the most research and books written on the subject. He interviewed tens of thousands of people who have had “near death experiences,” and the main portions of their stories had such a common thread.

First, millions of people across the Earth, regardless of religion, have experienced the same key facets. Not all are completely identical, some portions are more pronounced, some may be skipped entirely, but in general, these key experiences are known to be true. When someone dies, (literally death of the heart and brain) consciousness leaves the body. “You” as you know yourself, pops out over your body, usually 6 feet in the air, hovering over your body, looking down over yourself. In some instances people don’t even recognize themselves (or body.) In most others, they do. Some are confused, others are stricken by the absolute peace and love they feel… a feeling they have never felt on the Earth plane. If they were ill or hurt, they feel no pain, only joy. If there are people in the room, they may desperately try to talk to them, to tell them “they are okay!” But no one hears them in this new dimension. The peace, love, and comfort is palpable, and envelops them like a warm blanket.

The next stage is that of a tunnel, usually beginning with a speck of bright white light at a 45 degree angle near the corner of the room. Out of curiosity, or instinctive pull, they are drawn towards this pin prick of light. It gets larger and larger, and they find themselves moving through this “tunnel of light” through to another dimension, what I view as Heaven. The speed is amazingly fast. Sometimes people are aware of other souls moving along a similar trajectory, even passing animals such as cows moving through the tunnel up towards Heaven. There is no fear, only light, joy, and delicious comfort as they are aware and conscious of this experience.

When they reach the other side, they often are greeted by others who have passed away before them. It may be old “Uncle Dave” or grandparents and others. It is most certainly those who have died before them, versus a figment of their imagination to increase their comfort level. As an example, many, many interviews were done with children who had near death experiences. They traveled through the light, to be met with relatives they may not know well, but felt loved and accepted immediately. If this was a figment of imagination to create comfort in the child, the child may likely have chosen to bring forth imagery of their parents or someone close to comfort them. That is never the case. If parents are alive on the Earth plane, they are never there to comfort the child. It is always some relative, friend, or other being who has passed over who takes the child by the hand and guides them through the journey.

They are then exposed to an amazing, enveloping bright light, but does not hurt “the eyes.” This is experienced as “God, Source, All That Is.” The Light communicates to them telepathically. There are no words needed in this dimension; thoughts are instantaneous. Bringing this back to my need for facts vs. faith, the Bible says “I am the Light.” This I find to be a direct link of my own personal “proof”- that God, indeed, is the light that these people see and experience on the other side.

Some have an understanding of utterly every question they can ever think of; as immediately as they think it, it is answered by “knowing.” They understand the meaning of the Earth, moon, and stars, how the universe was created, and any mind blowing question they ever have had on the Earth plane is revealed to them instantaneously. With this, the Bible says, “To you, all things will be revealed.” This was my second point of verification that the facts are aligning with some of the religious tenants I learned as a child. My husband’s father passed, but right before passing, (as many slip in & out of the Earth plane to the next, in preparation for the transition,) he told his family “He is Brilliant.” His wife asked if that meant he wore a crown or something of this sort, but he explained it was the effect of “knowing everything.” He had been exposed to that, and was trying to share that heavenly experience to his family while here on Earth.

Next, there is often a life review. There is no time/space continuum in Heaven as there is on Earth, so what seems like what would take a true lifetime to review, is only seconds on the other side. People report experiencing everything from birth through their death. They remember every single thought. “No thought is lost.” More importantly, thoughts are “things”- they are very powerful. Although on the Earthly plane it seems like they are hidden behind your mind and known only to you, it has an amazing effect on your life and the lives of others- in ways we cannot comprehend. In the presence of God you are shown your life, your thoughts, deeds and actions. In many instances it is a panoramic effect where the person actually relives the life, versus being a passive observer of the life experience. Not only that, you see and literally FEEL what your actions did to others. If you hurt someone along the way, you feel the other’s hurt, and then see the “ripple effect” your deeds have on the other people around you- rippling throughout the entire fabric of life. Each thought acts as a pebble thrown it into water… it ripples out for ages, distinctly changing the water that was first still and calm. Your thoughts and deeds act like this throughout the fabric of life. During the review, you feel extremely pleased when you do positive actions in your life, yet feel embarrassed and ashamed when you review and re-experience those deeds that you feel were not positive in nature. Interestingly enough, YOU are your own judge and jury. God reveals your life to you, the effect you had on others and the large collective consciousness, and it is none other than you who “judges” yourself. God acts only as a mirror to show you your life experiences. He is not the one judging you. You get the honor to do that in the presence of God. Many who come back are forever changed from this experience, as they understand what they need to change in order to bring forth good in the world, in their relationships, their actions and deeds.

There are amazing colors- those that aren’t seen on the Earth plane, and there are descriptions of beautiful music or singing that is in the air- that is beyond any beauty we have ever heard. The people in this state don’t have bodies- nor “eyes,” like the human form, but they can see, everything, anytime. They can be anywhere with a simple thought. Should a person desire to see their husband, immediately upon having that desire, they are instantly transported to where the husband is, and can watch and hear what he is doing at that very instant. Many of these experiences are those which acted as verification of the near death experience itself.

They have an immediate recognition of where they are in the afterlife, and call it “home.” To them, heaven is unquestionably their real home, and most don’t want to come back. Many instinctively know if they “pass a point” within the journey, they will not have the ability to return to Earth. In some cases, they are told that it not yet their time, and that they need to return. Because of the immense feeling that they are finally back “home” in Heaven, many are incredibly saddened to have to come back. However, they are shown or have an innate understanding that there is something on Earth that they have yet to complete. Their mission, or purpose in their life has not yet been fulfilled.

The interesting thing with religion is that, depending on how deep they get in their experience, some get to meet “their maker.” God shows itself to the person in many forms, and he chooses this imagery to make you comfortable. If you believed in Jesus, you may see Jesus. If you believed in Allah, you may see Allah speaking with you. God and the Angels can take any form based on your belief systems, and they do it to comfort you in this time of complete transition. With this insight, it solidifies my intuition that there is but one God, regardless of who we may pray to on Earth. And he respects those decisions and understands them completely.

Edgar Cayce, the most documented psychic of the 20th century, corroborated this concept. What is interesting about Cayce is that he was a devout Christian, who taught Bible school from the age of 13, and read the Bible cover to cover 67 times throughout his life. While in trance, he was adamant that “wherever men had sought the One God in true faith and love, it was no handicap to be a Buddhist, a Muslim, a Jew, even a primitive sun worshipper, provided one followed out the highest ideal he knew.” In time, each soul would find its path led to the same Source.

Because of these millions of individuals all over the world, regardless of religion have had such consistent experiences while going through these near death experiences, it fed my need for fact and satisfied my analytical mindset. It solidified my truth, which is my belief in God, one creator, and there is indeed life after death.

This whole knowledge set was not mainstream in 1987 as it is today, therefore it was viewed as perhaps more “alternative” in its thinking. I shared my belief system with my husband’s very Catholic Mother one Thanksgiving, while she was fighting off cancer. Religion was incredibly important in her household, as they would go to mass every week, and it left her with utter pride and joy that her first born son decided to become a priest. The memory I will share with you is one that is burned in my brain for life. While cooking in the kitchen with the extended family preparing for Thanksgiving, I shared with her my viewpoints and knowledge about life after death, knowing she was going through cancer, and in my own way, trying to make her feel okay with things about to come. Shockingly, she opened up and for the very first time, at around 70 years of age, shared that she had a near death experience while giving birth to her first born son. None of the four children had ever heard the story, and I myself was flabbergasted that I was the one to bring it forth from her. She rather quickly back-pedaled and said “People just didn’t talk about those kinds of things.” While I unquestionably wanted to learn more about her experience, she shut down, and it was clear that the conversation was over. I think she shocked herself for sharing a secret she kept to herself for over 50 years. But it was a bond that we shared, not one of religion, but one of the fundamental principles of the afterlife. We both walked away from the conversation a little in awe and with a little more understanding of one another.

Everything I learned about near death experiences hit home for me. It resonated perfectly, just like a note played on an instrument which is tuned to just the right pitch. The beauty and crispness of the sound is perfection. When the instrument is off key but even a bit, it can be unpleasant not only to listen to, but somehow deep inside your being it makes you uncomfortable, cringe, or shift in your seat. That is the internal litmus test as to whether something is true FOR YOU. For something may be true for you, which may be completely untrue for another, because they experience this world from another perspective. Their personal symphony may sound like Heavy Metal, while yours may sound like Bach. Both are valid to the individual. Neither perspective is wrong. We are just creating our own different symphonies which are in perfect resonance to us, even as they represent different truths, all making up our soul’s journey.

[]The Veil

A well-known verse in the spiritual community is “You are a spiritual being having a human experience.” Please take time to think about this; it is very profound.

The descriptions of living life on Earth are described as “being an avatar, and playing the video game of life.” It has also been described with the analogy of stepping into a movie theater to watch a movie. You know the feeling of going to the movies and getting caught up in the picture…the movie is hypnotic. You forget our own reality and enter the reality of the movie. You find yourself transported to far-away places and taken on an emotional journey. So engrossed are you in the characters and plot, that you completely forget yourself for the time being. However, when the movie ends and the lights go up, you ‘snap out’ of being immersed in the movie, come back to present reality, and simply walk out of the theater. This is how they describe this ‘learning lab’ called Earth. When you incarnate into a human body, it is if you are starting to play a game. It is not truly reality. It’s a very difficult concept, as our lives look and feel and smell like reality. However, Heaven is what is real, what we are experiencing is the concept of our stepping into our own individual movie and becoming lost in the experience.

“[_ Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” -Albert Einstein _]


I had a personal experience that correlated with this concept. A good friend of mine, Kelly was dying of cancer. She would go in and out of the Earth realm to the Heavenly realm, as is common for people near death. She came back one day to say, “This is not real. It’s like a TV show.” Although it didn’t ‘click’ for me at that moment… later upon reflection it became a bit of a “wow” moment for me… as she was trying to explain the exact insight surrounding the movie analogy.

When we incarnate in the Earth realm, a “veil” is placed over us, in which we do not remember Heaven, our objectives for this lifetime, or any past life experiences. The intention is to have a clean slate with no influence from these insights. God’s first law for us was that of “free will.” We are not pawns of God- with him moving us around on the checker board of life. We create our own reality. He affords us this luxury and with free will, we are able to expand and explore life in our own choosing, learning all the while.

Before we incarnate on Earth, in Heaven, we meet before a council to determine our mission on the Earth plane. This is discussed in depth, and others are in the ‘room’ with us in order to help us achieve our goals. Based on our individual life path, we make agreements with others in order to teach us something, or for us to teach others. There are no chance encounters- everyone who is in your path is there for a reason. It may be someone you simply meet only once, to a lifetime friend or family member. You literally choose your parents, and your circumstances that you are born into, in order to maximize your potential for learning.

The question then becomes, why would a soul choose to incarnate into a terrible situation such as famine, plan to experience incredibly tough life situations, or incarnate with a disability? The answer is simply for their own learning and expansion, and to understand different perspectives that particular situation affords them. For example, the experience of having autism may afford them the difficulties of overcoming low self-esteem, feeling isolated, and unable to communicate effectively. This hardship may enable them to learn things like patience, interdependence, and trust, for example. The decision may be for the individual soul’s growth, or it could be part of a soul contract with another (such as a parent) to learn and grow through their direct interaction with the disabled child. The parent may be learning about patience, tolerance, protection, sacrifice, support, adaptability to other people’s needs, among others. And as with any soul choosing to exist within a “minority,” there is an element of teaching tolerance and acceptance to the collective human race through simple existence.

One person who had a near death experience had a story that truly touched my heart. This gentleman passed a “bum” panhandling on his way to work each day, but ignored him for years on end. For some reason, the man finally acknowledged him, and eventually began somewhat of a loose friendship with the individual, and in doing so, learned an incredible lesson of compassion. Later, within his near death experience, he learned that this ‘bum’ was put in his path by design- it was agreed upon by both individuals prior to this incarnation to teach the man a personal lesson. The “bum” chose to incarnate in that difficult lifestyle simply to act out a role that would benefit the other. It was his choice, his life path. I think this resonated with me so fully because when I was in college, there was a homeless man who would be at the same street corner day in and day out on my drive home. I largely ignored him, as did most others. However, after four years, I noticed he got a haircut. Later I noticed he clearly had been showering, and was clean. Shortly thereafter he was wearing nicer clothes. He was still panhandling, but was clearly coming off his rock bottom. Someone had offered him a guiding hand and was reaching down, pulling the man up. I never forgot that, and I never forgot how many days I passed the gentleman without any goodwill. My perspective has largely changed as I grew older and wiser, and more spiritual, and I now always stop and think twice about helping someone down on their luck. Do I give them money all the time? No. But I do more often than not, and I engage them in conversations, as regular people, versus ignoring them as I had so many years prior. I look back on this story and I wonder what different steps I may have taken with the man on the corner at my university, had I known then, what I know now. Maybe that gentleman at college was stationed there all four years for ME to learn a life lesson.

There was another experience I had later in life that was a pivot point for me. I had been drinking and partying for quite some time. A good friend invited me over to her new friend’s home. As we walked in together, I saw the new friend, already clearly buzzed on alcohol, dancing on her coffee table with the music blaring. In my mind I heard myself say, “She’s going to be my best friend.” It felt like a fact. This little nudge is something that will stick with me because we became nothing of the sort. In fact, I came to detest her and her husband for their constant and incredibly excessive partying, from my perspective. I didn’t like how they blasted the music until 4pm, letting their kids peer over the banister at all of us at 2 or 3 in the morning. “Shouldn’t they be quiet and have put their children to bed long ago?” I would think to myself. What went from fun with this new friend turned to one of the roughest experiences I’ve had with a person thus far in my lifetime. I grew to hate her, or rather, what she represented. For what she was doing was holding a mirror up to me, and I was seeing myself within her. I didn’t like what I saw. For everyone is your mirror. Others are simply reflecting parts of your own self back to you, giving you an opportunity to really see yourself and ultimately to grow. The qualities you most admire in others are your own, and the same goes for those qualities you dislike. The more you dislike a certain quality, the more it is showing you a part of yourself that you are not acknowledging. In my example, the fact that I detested her excessive drinking and partying showed me what I disliked in myself. I quit drinking fully shortly thereafter, not completely due to this person or experience, but she opened the door for me to take a look at what was really going on in my world. What I am still tickled about within this experience is my initial thought upon seeing her, “She’s going to be my best friend.” Now looking back I have to wonder, was she a friend of mine on the other side, playing out a life lesson for me, and intuitively I knew it, no matter how painful the experience became for the both of us?

After discussing the pre-birth contracts and lessons we consciously choose prior to incarnation, I think it makes sense to discuss the dichotomy of “free will” versus “destiny.” It may seem that by putting so many facets of our life in place prior to incarnation, largely our life may be one of “destiny” or “fate.” The game changer is the law of free will, which was one of the first laws put into place by Source. My teenager asked questions about this perspective- as he had a hard time bringing them both into context, as they seem polar opposites from each other. Destiny can be thought of more from your agreements or lessons that you have agreed upon with Source prior to your incarnation. Your lesson can be something like learning compassion, love, being of service, among other things. This agreement is wiped from our memory as we are born onto the Earth plane.

As it relates to “free will”: you have every power, every choice, to create the life you want to live, and make it your own. To put an analogy with this, if your lesson is to learn forgiveness, you WILL be walking down that street in life towards learning this lesson. That is the only form of true “destiny” that there is. This road is very, very wide, and within this road, you can choose to turn left, right, run backwards, make a fork in the road to the left, skip, crawl, or anything in between. These choices are based on your free will. You create your own reality; you create your own path in life. Destiny and free will work hand & hand together to create an experience for the soul.

[]The Creator Moved

How did we as humans come to be? When? Why? These questions and insights I find the most mind-bending of all. It is so hard to conceptualize this coming from a 3rd dimensional reality. I have trouble understanding the vastness of “infinity,” and the absolute smallness we are in the midst of the incredible cosmos. But I’d like to share the insights I have found, which have been consistent across multiple teachers, which I find fascinating. It helps me solidify a bit of my analytical mindset because so much is corroborated across a multitude of teachers.

First, there was “Source,” “God,” or “All That Is.” Source always has been, for infinity. Yet everything was non-physical; there was no matter, no physicality.

Suddenly Source had its first desire… It wanted to know itself. To know itself, it had to do so from a perspective of separateness. With that, Source moved, and with it came the first physical trait… light. Everything came from nothing, in an instant. This was what scientists call ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ Within this moment, everything was created, including all souls.

Through each of these souls, Source could experience itself. The need for souls, which are a direct extension, a PART OF Source, was driven by the need that Source could only understand itself through the varied viewpoints and perspectives of those He created. For you have to know yourself from a perspective of separateness. For example, you cannot understand darkness without first understanding light. You cannot understand sadness without first understanding happiness. The polarities needed to be put in place so Source could understand what it was, and was not.

The intimate connection we have with Source is rather amazing in the manner it is designed. First, we have the physical self, which is you, as you know yourself, in human, physical form.

Next we have the higher self, which is your eternal consciousness, your soul. It is the being that you go forth from and withdraw back to from life to life. It is the summation of all that you have ever been and all that you ever will be.

As described by Teal Swan: “In the beginning of this one life you are living, your higher-self projected a portion of its self forward into third dimensional (physical) expression. This projection became…YOU, a temporary perspective. But your higher-self did not fully become you. Instead, you became two points of perspective: your physical-self and your higher-self. It is this process which we call expansion. We, with our desires, are causing the expansion of Source. And because we are an inseparable part of the oneness that is Source, we are causing our own expansion as well.” We are truly co-creators with Source.

The consistency in the description of creation by multiple teachers is mind-boggling to me.

Edgar Cayce describes creation as such: “In the beginning there was a sea of spirit, and it filled all space. It was static, content, aware of itself, a giant resting on the bosom of its thought, contemplating that which it was. Then it moved. It withdrew into itself, until all space was empty, and that which had filled it was shining from its center, a restless, seething mind. This was the individuality of the spirit; this was what it discovered itself to be when it awakened; this was God.

God desired to express Himself, and He desired companionship. Therefore, He projected from Himself the cosmos and souls. Souls were created for companionship with God. Thus a new individual, issuing from and dependent upon God, but aware of an existence apart from Him, came into being. To the new individual there was given, necessarily, the power to choose and direct its own activity; without free will it would remain a part of the individuality of God. Mind, issuing as a force from God, would naturally fulfill His thoughts, unless directed otherwise. The power to do this—to direct otherwise the force of mind—is what man calls his free will. The record of this free will is the soul. The soul began with the first expression which free will made of its power, through the force of mind. The first thought which it generated of itself, the first diversion of mind force from its normal path, was the beginning of the soul. The steps of this action were the stages of thought: perception, reflection, opinion.

Thus the soul consisted of two states of consciousness: that of the spirit, bearing a knowledge of its identity with God, and that of the new individual, bearing a knowledge of everything it experienced. The plan for the soul was a cycle of experience, unlimited in scope and duration, in which the new individual would come to know creation in all its aspects, at the discretion of will. The cycle would be completed when the desire of will was no longer different from the thought of God. The consciousness of the new individual would then merge with its spiritual consciousness of identity with God, and the soul would return to its source as the companion it was intended to be.” (There Is a River, The Biography of Edgar Cayce by Thomas Sugrue)

The question of existence is quite philosophical in many areas. However, as I stumbled upon multiple teachers sharing this same concept, I allowed it to sink into my cells. I had to sit with it for quite some time to process everything in its beauty and perfection. I am humbled at being a part of Source’s desire, and am in awe of the ultimate life force that birthed us.

You are not a drop in the ocean – You are the entire ocean, in one drop.” – Rumi

[] Reincarnation and Past Life Regression

In order to evolve, our souls come to Earth more than once, known as reincarnation. Once someone has made the decision to have (another) Earthly incarnation, the first step is to decide on what kind of life they want. This is contingent upon what lessons they wish to learn. You literally choose your parents and the lifestyle you are born into. This choice truly depends on the soul’s purpose and desire for specific lessons and lifestyle.

The rebirth experience is explained to be much more effective for teachings the lessons of soul growth than any other teacher. For example, a science teacher can talk extensively about theory and concepts, but it’s in the laboratory where the student executes and experiences the reality of that theory, that the individual internalizes it and processes it personally.

Edgar Cayce, a devout Christian was conflicted about the idea of reincarnation from his readings. “What the readings have been saying is foreign to all I’ve believed and been taught, and all I’ve taught others, all of my life.” However, the subject of reincarnation was explored in nearly 2,000 life readings, and Cayce internalized it as a truth.

He taught that “All souls were created in the beginning, and are finding their way back to whence they came.” “Why do people on Earth think they can attain salvation in one life time? Try to understand that as we return again and again to earth to complete our purification, we are beset by sins which we must overcome; if we do not overcome them, we do not grow.” 

Cayce states that when an individual dies, the next lifetime does not occur immediately, for the soul is given a chance to take stock of all it has come to know. Then, it has the opportunity to decide for itself what lessons it needs to learn next in order to become a more complete individual. The soul chooses to be born again into the Earth, generally among people it has known before. It selects conditions (parents and family, male/female, location and time period, etc.) that will best allow for the learning of those lessons it needs for completeness.

A fascinating aspect about reincarnation is that one’s talents and skills are never lost. Someone who has developed an ability in one life will still have it to draw upon later. For example, many child prodigies with a talent for music, are born with a conscious recollection of this ability that was developed in a previous life. If a person shows great writing talent in this lifetime as a novelist, he may have been a playwright in the last lifetime, and a scribe long before that.

Another key concept from the readings is the idea of karma. However, Cayce’s interpretation is not in line with the common understanding of a karmic “cause and effect.” The idea that consequences of choices we have made in past lives plays out in future lifetimes either positively or negatively as a punishment or reward is not the case. Being born poor and hungry in a desolate area of the world is not a punishment for something the person did in a previous incarnation. Cayce’s definition of karma is quite different. He states that karma can simply be defined as memory. It is a pool of information that the subconscious mind draws upon and can utilize in the present. It has elements that are positive as well as those which seem negative. For example, an immediate affinity toward an individual is as likely to be “karmic” as is an immediate animosity toward someone else. To be sure, this subconscious memory has an effect and influence on how we think, how we react, what we choose.

Dr. Brian Weiss has examined reincarnation from a very interesting perspective. Dr. Weiss graduated from Columbia and the Yale University School of Medicine, and later became the Head of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. Dr. Weiss is also a hypnotherapist, and author who specializes in past life regression. His most famous book written on past life regression is Many Lives, Many Masters.

I want to take the time to discuss the process of hypnotherapy from a psychiatrist’s setting. This process is not what you see when you’re at an event and the hypnotherapist has people on stage clucking like chickens. It’s a very controlled environment, and the hypnotherapist literally gets you into the stage of relaxation that is right on the edge of sleep. You know, that feeling that you’re still awake, but falling, falling, falling towards the dream world? This state is where many subconscious memories can be accessed and discussed. The person being hypnotized is “aware” and talking through the process. The hypnotherapist cannot make them do anything against their will, and when they are brought out of that state, the person recalls everything. It’s like having a conversation in an amazingly relaxed state, recalling events, thinking, yet just on the brink of falling asleep.

The hypnotherapist takes you into different levels of brain activity in order to achieve their results. The four main frequency brain waves as measured by an EEG (Electroencephalograph) are Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.

Everything you do or say is regulated by the frequency of brain waves. When we talk to others, for example, our mind is in Beta. The Beta wave has a frequency of 14-30 cycles per second. Beta is the state in which you are active and alert.

In an Alpha state, your brain waves move at a frequency between 9-13 cycles per second. The frequency of Alpha is a mental state of deep relaxation and meditation. Alpha is the bridge between Beta and Theta. Wave Alpha governs daydreams, fantasy, and denotes a state of consciousness detached and relaxed.

Theta State is a state of very deep relaxation; it is used in hypnosis and during REM sleep. The brain waves are slowed down at a frequency of 4-8 cycles per second. The theta-state is described by sleep researchers as stage 1 sleep or the twilight state. In this state, subjects pass out of the alert Alpha-state into a Theta-state in which they lose their sense of lying in bed, though still being awake. Subjects can be easily awoken from this stage of sleep, and it has many interesting properties. A host of artists and scientists have credited the imagery of this twilight state with creative solutions and inspiration for their work. Theta brain waves can be considered the subconscious; they govern the part of our mind that lies between the conscious and the unconscious and retain memories and feelings.

Delta is the state of mind when you’re in a deep sleep. In Delta brain waves are slowed down to a frequency that varies between 0-4 cycles per second.

Dr. Weiss stumbled upon past life regression quite by accident. He was using hypnotherapy in his psychiatric practice to help a woman named Catherine overcome some paralyzing fears she had throughout her lifetime. The typical process he would use in hypnotherapy would be to regress her to an earlier stage in her life when the symptoms first began early in childhood. Catherine, however, was a patient that changed his life forever. He couldn’t get her to recall any childhood memories that were triggering her fears. As a result, he ever so slightly changed his question, and asked her to go back to when the symptom first began. Dr. Weiss and Catherine both had quite a shock when she by-passed any memories of her current lifetime, and began speaking of life she lived over 1,000 years ago. Dr. Weiss found there was a connection to her experiences in these past lives, and how they were manifesting in her reality in this life. Even though they saw progress, neither he nor Catherine were sure about the validity of past lives. Yet, because Catherine’s symptoms began disappearing, he began tape recording the sessions, and wondered if something deeper was at hand.

One day something happened while she was under hypnosis that completely changed his questioning mindset towards the past life phenomena. While Catherine was under hypnosis in 1980, he said his office suddenly became icy cold. According to Dr. Weiss: “Catherine said, ‘There are two people here to see you: your father and your son,’” Weiss remembers Catherine telling him. “She didn’t know anything about me. I don’t even have diplomas hanging in my office… It was before the Internet, before you could Google your doctor.” Catherine then told Weiss facts she couldn’t have known. “She tells me my daughter is named after [my father]… She said, ‘Your father is here; he died from his heart’… And she went into other medical details.” Weiss was shocked. “I’m thinking, ‘What is this? How does she know this?’” he recalls. “[My father] never had an obituary… Our best friends didn’t know the details.” But Catherine wasn’t finished. “She said, ‘Your son is with him; he’s here too. He’s very tiny… And his heart is important also because it’s turned around backwards.’ And she went into why he died — medical details,” Weiss says, referring to the 23-day-old newborn child he lost to a rare congenital heart deformity in 1971. “That was the epiphany for me. That was the moment I knew.” This began Dr. Weiss’ foray into past lives, and now is a best-selling author and active past life regressionist.

It has been found that people’s ailments in the current life could actually stem from past life trauma. I personally did a guided meditation which surprised me. Through the mediation, I was guided back to a scene in which I was watching two women in big bonnets, with long, drab looking dresses about to be hung to die. I can’t place the year of the scene, but it was hundreds of years ago, and felt like it was in the United States. There was a rustic set up for how the nooses were constructed: one large tree log across the top, held up by a multitude of other logs on either end. It was very, very basic. The two ladies were standing on wooden boxes, with their hands tied behind their back. I don’t recall if their heads were already in the noose. However, I remember being surprised, thinking, “I didn’t know that people would tie the hands beforehand. That makes sense to me, so they couldn’t try to pry themselves from the noose.” I then understood, but didn’t see, that once the ladies heads were in the nooses, that the wooden boxes would simply be kicked out from beneath their feet, and that would begin the process of the hanging. I do not know why my mind brought me there…whether I was ‘envisioning’ something, or actually peeking back into some other reality. However, upon reflection I was shocked because as a little girl I hated tight things around my neck. My Mom would always buy me turtlenecks that were very tight on my neck and I absolutely hated them, and avoided anything tight until I was in my mid-twenties. For this reason, I wonder if the scene I was shown was indeed a connection to my experience in this life time.

Years later, I was at a seminar where a hypnotist put an entire audience through a past life regression. I went under, and hard. Like I mentioned before- it’s like being in a bit of a dream state, but you are ever-so-slightly straddling being awake. I had such a physical reaction to the process that I felt nauseous and had to put my head down between my legs (I was sitting in a chair), and folded my upper body flat against my thighs. My arms were tingling in such a strong manner- in a way that I have never felt. It was somewhat like when your hands or feet go to sleep due to lack of blood, and you get that little prickling/tingling feeling before the blood rushes back in. But this was bigger than that; it felt bigger and different. It felt like large eraser sized dots were tingling all across my arms and chest, if you can even imagine that. The sensation literally became distracting to me, and stopped once he brought us out of the regression.

The hypnotist pulled us through three incarnations. He would walk us through numerous scenarios to have us understand and dimensionalize the person and experience by asking us questions, by which your mind presented the answer. Some of the questions were, “Describe where this person lives? What kind of house is it, or is it a hut, a cave, or something else? Look down and see what kind of shoes are you wearing, if any?” He mentioned the comfort of your shoes also helped put the timeframe in perspective, as shoes used to be very uncomfortable to wear, and got more comfortable as the years progressed. Therefore the fit and comfort of your footwear is an indication of how far back the regression is taking you. He would ask us to visit our place of work, if there was one. Each request he had of us helped put the puzzle pieces of this person together bit by bit.

When I went through this experience, I jostled between seeing the person as if I were looking from a third person point of view, to instantly flipping to being the woman herself, seeing things through her eyes, and feeling her feelings. I began by seeing a heavy set lady, with red hair that was tied up in a bun. She lived in an expensive home, with huge white round pillars outside. It was clear she was wealthy. I then switched perspectives and began looking from the inside out, looking through her eyes, and feeling her feelings. “I” felt very lonely. It wasn’t specifically shown to me, but it felt like her husband passed away, and she lived by herself. The hypnotist then brought everyone who lived in the house together in one room, and I found myself in the kitchen with two African American maids. They were on the other side of a kitchen counter. I felt like they were ‘part of the family’ although I didn’t feel a love for them like I would a family member. I remember ‘zooming in’ on one of the ladies faces and I saw all of her deep, deep wrinkles, the shape of her eyes and her hair style in incredible detail. Then it zoomed out. Next, I found myself being driven into town in a black covered horse and buggy. I was being driven by a driver who worked for me as my employee, and he was Caucasian, and wore a black hat. The dress code was rather “prim & proper,” both for myself and the gentleman who drove the buggy. I remember feeling sad because there wasn’t a real need for me to be in town, I was simply filling a day. I looked down at the roads to see what it was made of, and saw dirt and rather large rocks, like the size of round quarters. I simply was lonely and sad. Then the hypnotist brought us back into our homes. My ‘son’ came home (I felt like he came home from war recently… he didn’t live with me; he was an adult.) He was very tall and I was so very happy to see him! I gave him a hug, and literally during the hypnotherapy process I started to cry behind my closed eyes. This was because I felt like I was hugging my own son, Josh. The lady hugged him in the exact fashion I hug my son now. I just cried during the process “knowing” that it was the same son. The son in my visualization was completely different, with a different look, height, and personality than my current son, but I knew it was Josh. That was shocking to me. Eventually it became night time, and I found myself writing a letter, using ink and a quill. I believe I was writing to a family member, and it gave me a bit of a sense of purpose. I noticed gas lamps on the walls that lit the living room, and the desk was positioned right in front of a window in the front of the house, so I could see people coming and going on the roads. The gas lamps made a gorgeous orange glow in the room.

It wasn’t until a few days later upon reflection that I realized that the “maids” I saw may likely have been slaves, and I may have been living in the south in some kind of French Colonial home, as I kept hearing the word “French” go through my mind. The setting was certainly not France. It was the United States. Perhaps she was of French descent, or like I said- it was a trademark of the house she lived in. I’ve tried to pin down a year to this vision give the gas lantern, the type of pillared home, the horse drawn buggy, and am still searching for a full answer.

I remember thinking during the process that my current anxiety stemmed from this woman, as she was so lonely without any husband or children with her. During the process I remember being angry and thinking “let this woman have this anxiety back; that’s hers not mine. She can take it back!” Interestingly though, this lady did not have the emotion or feeling of anxiety during her lifetime, but a severe state of sadness and loneliness. Could my current anxiety be a result of her life experience, one that is buried deep within my cellular memory?

I will say that this lady did not “feel” like “me.” We did not have the same personality, thought process, nor physical attributes. If this person WAS me, I felt no connection to her, in the way you may think you would if this was in fact a ‘past life regression’ and seeing a version of yourself playing out in a different timeframe and physical setting. Oddly, I don’t know if I’d even like her if I met her in real life.

I can’t confirm that it was in fact an incarnation or not, but it was an incredible experience. I do believe in reincarnation from a philosophical and spiritual level. On the realistic side, many who have had past life regressions have been cured of current ailments by figuring the pain point in previous lifetimes, so some connection is at hand.

One of the speakers at this same seminar wrote a book on his regression experience. He was a police officer of 30 years, and was “dared” by a lady to try it. This is a man that is focused on hard facts and evidence in his work as a police officer. Funnily enough, he begrudgingly went through the regression simply to get this lady off of his back, as she harped on it every time they saw each other. Well, that dare started an experience that changed his life. He found himself as an artist in a previous lifetime, and he saw himself painting, felt the person’s feelings, and saw the people he interacted with. He noted that this gentleman was a very “average” painter, and did it only to earn income. There was no love in it for him. Well, the police officer became determined to learn about this gentleman in real life, and found all sorts of insights that directed him. Through his research, he learned the painter’s name, birth and death dates, and literally found the exact painting he saw in one of his regressions in a New Orleans, USA art gallery. He gained access to the personal diaries of the artist, and was able to understand the artist’s life. He was able to corroborate, as a police officer would, 86 of 88 facts that were presented to him through his regressions.

Similar to my experience, it was asked whether he felt a connection to the artist, and he said he didn’t. It felt to him like some other person completely. He didn’t feel the “him” within the artist, just as I didn’t feel like my current personality was of the lady with the red hair in a bun. But I did feel the knowledge that I was hugging my son. It was so profound that I literally cried when I experienced it. The strange thing is, before my experience, I thought I’d see “myself” in the other person. I didn’t. I’m sure there are others who do feel a personal connection, but that may not be the case for you should you choose to experience it yourself. In my instance I felt like I was experiencing a stranger’s life, but through her eyes. It is completely surreal.

“[_ Your individual lives can be described best with the famous analogy of a candle flame. If you have a flame on a candle and then take that flame and light the wick of a different candle with it, and blow out the first flame, is the second flame the same flame as the first? Or is it different? The answer is that the flame is not the same and it also is not different. You are not the same from life to life and you also are not different.”- Teal Swan _]

[]Psychics and Mediumship

It seems like I have always believed in the ability of true psychics and mediums. Or, perhaps I’d been exposed to them for so long, read so many books, seen so much personal (what I would call) proof that it just sunk into my being, and I turned into a believer. I can’t pinpoint when this transition happened, because it’s been within me for so many years. But I guarantee I had my own internal testing process to prove things out before I became comfortable with the concept.

I was attracted to those psychics who prove life after death, which are called mediums, versus the ones who ‘foretell a future.” (There is my bias for ‘proof’ again…) A medium is a psychic who has the ability to feel and/or hear thoughts, voices or mental impressions from those who have crossed over. This type of mediumship is called ‘evidential psychic mediumship.’ The medium is able to give the client direct evidence that proves he or she is truly connecting and communicating with those on the other side. This can be names, dates, causes of illness or death, inside jokes, things that just happened in your life recently (showing the deceased is among us) among others.

I know there are many fakes out there, however I know there are honest humans who have the ability to see across the veil into the next plane, and communicate with those who have passed. I was lucky to have a Dad who believed in these concepts as well, and we would talk about them openly. Coincidentally, my Mother is a full-fledged non-believer, and that gave me a dose of healthy skepticism for many of the teachings I have been exposed to along my path.

I will say this in all truth, no matter who you’re learning from: take only that what resonates for you; leave the rest. If something doesn’t sit right with you, it’s simply not for you, or not for you at this time. That is completely okay, and right for you. Everyone has their philosophies and pre-dispositions, and mine is that I believe psychic phenomenon to be true, and hold no fear towards it.

I have read numerous books by James Van Prauugh, a New York Times best-selling author and the creator and executive producer of CBS’s hit series “The Ghost Whisperer” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. I’ve attended seminars and workshops by both Van Prauugh and John Holland. In the 90’s I was captivated and watched countless shows from John Edwards called “Crossing Over” on the Sci-Fi Network. Later, I took my entire family (including kids) to see Theresa Caputo, also known as “The Long Island Medium.” Although those are the well-known psychics across America, I know there are many local psychics with tremendous talent.

Psychics or intuitives receive their information in five different ways:

p<>{color:#666660;}. Clairvoyance: clear seeing.  This is when visions past, present and future flash through our mind's eye, or third eye, much like a daydream. Many of us are highly visual and images can come across as a flash, a stationary picture, or a movie passing through the mind, frame by frame. Some can see people who have passed in a more concrete way- in that they can describe what they look like, and where they are positioned in relation to the client at that very moment. 

p<>{color:#666660;}. Clairaudience: clear hearing. 
This is when we hear words, sounds or music in in the form of “inner ear” or mental tone which are perceived without the aid of the physical ear. On rare occasions, spirit may be able to create audible sound, though this takes a tremendous amount of focused energy.

p<>{color:#666660;}. Clairsentience: clear feeling. 
This entails feeling a person’s or spirit’s emotions or another’s physical pain. Many of us are clairsentient without consciously being aware of it. When we get a strong “gut” feeling, positive or negative, about someone we just met or when we get the “chills” for no apparent reason, we may be tuning into the emotional energy of a person or a spirit around us.

p<>{color:#666660;}. Claircognizance: clear knowing. 
This is when we have knowledge of people or events that we would not normally have knowledge about. Spirit impresses us with truths that simply pop into our minds from out of nowhere. An example of this would be a premonition: a forewarning of something that will happen in the future. Claircognizance requires tremendous faith because there’s often no practical explanation for why we suddenly “know” something.

p<>{color:#666660;}. Clairalience: clear smelling 

This is being able to smell odors that don’t have any kind of physical source. Instances of this could smelling a fragrance, odor or food which is not in one’s surroundings. These odors are perceived without the aid of the physical nose. Oftentimes mediums may smell smoke from cigarettes or cigars connected to the one who has passed, or people in their daily lives may get a whiff of their grandmother’s favorite perfume out of nowhere.

All of us have the ability to tap into these in one form or another. My guess is you have at one time experienced clairsentience without truly knowing it. Have you ever walked into a room and the tension is so thick, you can cut it with a knife? You just know there was an argument or something that just occurred, however you were not there, did not hear anything, nor did you see it occur. However, upon walking into the room, you could “feel it.”

Another example is when you first meet someone, and you get a gut reaction... “I don’t like the vibes I’m getting from this person- I don’t trust him.” There is no rationale why you would feel this way, as you have just met, and didn’t know anything about him at all prior to your introduction. It is your intuitive sense picking up on something that feels “off” about the person to you. And my advice to you is, trust your gut. Trust your instinct. It’s your body’s way of communicating to you through feelings. So, many of us have these, or have experienced them at some level throughout their life. Psychics, however, have perhaps two or more of these critically honed and are extremely dialed into what they are receiving, and rarely use all five.

Given I have such an analytical mindset, I wanted to try out my intuitive side, just for fun, really. I started with dipping my toes in the water on Facebook on “open reading” pages. One did not have to be trained. Someone would post a photo of themselves (living,) or one who has passed. I began practicing on these. For those who were living, I felt into my intuition and would describe what I was feeling or sensing. For example, for one lady I felt like I was swimming through pudding. She was trying to “get somewhere in her life” but the process was very difficult… so much so it felt she was wading through something as thick as pudding. She verified this with events that were occurring in her life. Another example is a visual I received in my mind’s eye of sharp peaks and valleys, essentially a line going up & down, with points, versus a smooth curve. In describing this vision, I told her I felt that she was going through extreme highs and lows, and that her emotions or life situation was not of smooth ups & downs, but sharp turns either direction. This was confirmed. In another instance “Shanghai” came to me as a thought (like internal hearing,) and she verified she grew up in a location nicknamed “Shanghai!” For a newbie like me, that level of specificity blew my mind. “Why did I just think of Shanghai? Okay, let’s put it out there. What? She connects with it? Lived in a location named Shanghai?” That is just wild.

I then tried reading pictures of those who had passed. I found I liked this the most, in fact. The way of communication was very different than what I felt for those who were living. I would blank out my mind, and in it would pop an image or thought. The imagery became a kind of short-hand for me; as it was used again and again. For example, if I saw two wedding bands intertwined, it meant someone recently got married, or was about to. Seeing a cupcake with a single candle either meant an anniversary or birthday.

I also pick up physical symptoms or feelings within these readings. I can feel a heaviness in my chest indicating some issues with lungs or heart. Tightness or pressure in my heart area indicates a passing of some heart related issue. Pain or discomfort in my head could relate to head trauma, mental illness, or even depression. Sometimes I get a feeling of something flowing through my blood, which indicates an illness which is traveling throughout the body like cancer or diabetes. The shorthand and symbols are different for every psychic or intuitive. It is my understanding that spirit uses symbols and concepts that you personally would understand and interpret. A friend of mine sees rice, which to her means a wedding. I personally wouldn’t have connected rice immediately to wedding, but it worked for her. Spirit knows what will resonate with you, and communicate to you with that shorthand when it can. You will learn the shorthand the more times you see it, and it’s verified a few times over. Eventually you will find yourself thinking: “Yes. When I see two wedding bands intertwined, it means a marriage or engagement.” No guessing about the meaning.

The more I tried and experimented with it, the better I became. I practiced for about a year. I typically went to a select few sites that I liked, and decided to post if I felt a connection with the person in the photo. Because Facebook is global, I dealt mainly with people in Europe and America. Since I’m American, I had to ‘learn the lingo’ of the Europeans… their sayings (or slang), and ask what they meant by a certain word or phrase. My friend and I (another American) literally began a European/American ‘translation’ dictionary to we could understand each other! “Brill” was short for “Brilliant.” In Europe, this is casually said for anything they think is ‘great.’ When Americans say ‘brilliant’, it typically refers to someone being incredibly smart. Europeans say ‘hun’ to just about anyone, for any reason. It was counter to how I was brought up, because if you said it to an American, depending upon the context, it could even be seen as derogatory. The readers on certain pages became tightly knit because they have their own ‘chat room’ by which they communicate among one another. A funny but embarrassing story was how I was chatting with my fellow readers on a European site, and they were talking about it being Mother’s Day. Eventually I walked down to my family, and announced, “You know what day it is, don’t you? It’s Mother’s Day!” My kids and husband looked at me dully and said, “No it’s not.” I, of course, said it was! Eventually I went to our calendar and realized it was Mother’s Day only in Europe… America’s was months away. I felt like an idiot, but it was funny none-the-less. These interactions in the chat rooms really enabled me to learn about other cultures as well as learn techniques from the readers themselves.

Later, I was asked to become an administrator of an American Facebook reading site which has over 23,000 members. They approached me after they had watched me read every so often on their page. I felt it was an honor to be singled out, really. It gave me the opportunity to create a bond and learning opportunities with the other admins (who were also readers) and much, much more advanced than me. They had “it.” I was simply learning and having fun.

I learned to provide any message I may be receiving, regardless if it seemed idiotic to me, or made no sense to me. Often times it’s the silly things that truly connect for a person, and helps them understand you truly are tuned in, either with them, or their loved one on the other side. One thing I struggle with is I don’t know if what I am receiving is literal, or a metaphor. Often I find what I’m seeing is a simply a metaphor for something else. I have to work that out with the sitter (or person posting the photo.) For example, one time I received “round house.” I didn’t think their house was round, necessarily, but didn’t know what it meant, either. She did, however. The person passed in a car accident right around his house. “Round house” translated to “around house.” The sitter needed to put the pieces of the puzzle together for me.

Below are a few examples of my practice readings. I have changed nothing within the text of the reading- neither what I said, nor what the sitter wrote. I have only changed the sitter’s name to initials versus sharing their real name, and removed their Facebook profile picture. Everything else is exactly the same. To be honest, these examples are my favorites- and they are the best of mine, as I had many others that were not as “spot on.” But the idea that someone like me, who has had no real formal training, can listen to their intuition, get into the flow, begin seeing images, start interpreting redundant imagery, feeling actual sensations, and “hearing” thoughts is nothing short of spectacular. If I can hone this skill, so can you- if you choose.

Reading 1: This reading is for a woman who put a picture of a male who had passed on the page:

KC: I hear the words “peaches, or peaches & cream.” Does this mean something for you? Also I sense that his passing was unexpected… he was not ill before he passed.

BS: Kristin, this is a bit embarrassing, but I’ll tell you as your spot on about peaches, he always called my bottom a peach! And yes he did pass suddenly! sorry for the late reply and thanks can’t believe (well I can) you picked this up, sending angels love to you xxx

KC: Bernice, that is so funny. You made me laugh. I feel like he had a real sense of humor or liked to tease you lots. Because I see him with a smile that is turned up on one side and he now says to say “lollipops.” With a smirk.

KC: He’s in a really good space, really happy, really good. You should feel great about that. I feel like he’s always looking after you and want to ask if you’ve been lighting orange colored candles recently?

KC: I also want to talk about “slip/slide” or “slipping or sliding.” Either that is a reference you will understand, or did it have to do with the way he passed?

BS: I’ve been lighting pink candles recently, I learned from my spiritual church the meaning of them. I can’t think of the slip/slide, he cut his wrist and up his arm, he was drinking like a fish towards the end, maybe that’s the slipping, falling over drunk , oh and he’s a cheeky one alright he he xxx

BS: He’s being naughty again by telling u to say lollipops, I can’t let u in on that but I’ll tell you it’s right xxx

KC: Bernice, I knew that was what he was meaning and I almost told him I wasn’t going to post it, lol. I’m glad it made sense, he’s still teasing you. I have to tell you what a great state he’s in. I don’t always feel this freedom and peace and joy but he has it!

KC: Slip/slide makes sense with the drinking; he was going down a slippery slope.

KC: I see a white circle surrounding the two of you; you are still very connected and it appears you will always be. He’s all around you!

BS: That will be because he was never truly happy here, so now he can be, and that’s good, because I tried but it never worked, and now he finally is, which is what I’ve always wanted, thank you xxx

BS: It’s great to know he’s also with me, he’s my soul mate, I will love him forever, and marry him in the next life

Within this reading there were so many inside jokes that made perfect sense to the sitter. I got a sense of the spirit’s personality… and how he was teasing her with some of the comments. I intuitively knew that “lollipops” was somehow sexually related, and it actually kind of got me embarrassed, and I told him (in my head) I wasn’t going to write it down. From a logical standpoint it makes no sense not [_ to write it. The word was simply “lollipops,” very vague, very harmless. However- I sensed the personality from the spirit, and the emotion and intention behind the word. This was an understanding that went beyond capturing a simple picture in my head; I had the definition that went along with it. That doesn’t often happen. That peek into their personality doesn’t always come for me, so in this instance I found it intriguing and rather captivating. _]

Reading 2[+:+] This next quick read was for a live person who put her picture on the page:

KC: Can I ask if you live around an area that chickens would roam free? I hear “free-range chickens” so it could also mean you are a chef or have some connection there?

CR: Lol yes ive got 2 pet chickens that live in my shed but they basically do n go where they want but they come bk when i shout them theyre like dogs! Haha x

CR: They called penny n snuggles lol x

Wow. Who would have guessed? These kinds of things were the beginning validations for me.

Reading 3: This was an interesting type of read that I’ve only had the honor of doing a few times. In this instance there were no pictures posted… it was a “live reading,” well, as much as we could on Facebook at the time. What happens is no one posts pictures or anything. It’s an event, and folks all over the world simply “check in” and say “I’m here” on the main page. There may be over 100 people on the page, hoping to connect to the other side. For the reader, all we see are the names and Facebook profile pics of the people. There is no picture to go on.

The readers simply type out what they are getting to the general crowd. There is a moderator who is reading the posts and anyone who identifies with the comments. Once the moderator knows that I am linked to a particular person, she starts a new feed, and we continue the conversation “one on one” off the main page. This was my first experience at a live reading, yet things just started coming to me…. it didn’t matter that I didn’t have a picture to look at.

OUR READER KC HAS THIS: Hello, I feel I have a man here, in his 20’s or 30’s who passed by a car crash. I hear “Pleasanton” and “Pleasanton, California.” With this man I get the fact that he was on the wild side. I feel cigarettes and tattoos. I also get a sensation of the desert. So I don’t know if he lived in the desert or crashed in a desert type area. This car crash gentleman is showing me cassette tapes, so I feel he passed in the 70’s, or there is a connection to cassettes for him.

BE: Yes 1974

KC: B.E., do the other comments connect for you… man was kind of on the “wild side”… cigarettes & tattoos, either lived in a desert type area or perhaps passed there?  I see no houses at all.  Just desert plains and a bit of grassy area popping up here & there.  A road going right through this desert type plain.  Does any of this connect, and if so, can you tell me which parts?

BE: Yes all of it does, he had tatoos smoked etc the plane crashed 11/74 in a area then that was like a desert. 

BE: i believe this may be my brother when the plane went down his son was with him his name was christian i was very young when this happened i just know a few details

KC: Brandie, I’m hoping to reconnect, so let me lead off and you let me know if it still connects.  This person has dark or brown hair.  I want to say he has a mustache, and wears a bandana around his head.  I see him driving a motorcycle…. kind of like a “bad boy.” 

KC: I’m seeing the old tvs… with the 3 main channels and a few UHF channels.  You’d get up to turn the knob to change the channels. Again, 70’s style like the cassettes.

KC: I don’t get a strong sense of family.  You mention he had a son… I don’t feel the wife.  Were they divorced? Never married?

KC: It feels like his “family” (not immediate family such as you) were his buddies that he hung with.  His crew. His crowd.

KC: You mention it was a plane which is interesting because I just see the ground.  However when I tune into this plane, it doesn’t feel like your brother owned the plane, nor was flying the plane.  I don’t know how big it was but I feel others were on the plane as well. He was a passenger.

BE: yes sounds right he was a adrenaline junkie lol & his wife died during child birth so he had raised christian on his own.   Yes he had brown hair a goatee, tatts, wanted everyone to think he was a bad boy but wasnt lol

BE: no he wasnt driving but it was just him his son and pilot

KC: I hear “carter”  Was he the president in 1974?  I have to check.  Or it could be a name important to you or him?

BE: Jack carte was the pilot?

KC: Nope, Carter was president 77-81, Oh perfect with the pilot name!!

KC: Did the son die in the crash?

BE: This may seem crazy but i was told his sons dog was on board he called him Carter boy

KC: OMG that is too perfect on both levels

BE: yes, all 3 & the animal

BE: Do you know what he wants?

KC: Can you explain?

KC: Was the son young…like younger than 15 or around there?  I feel like he really idolized his Dad.  Really looked up to him.

KC: But the son wasn’t like him in attitude nor dress.  He didn’t play the ‘bad boy” like your brother did.

KC: I don’t feel like the son was old enough to drive at the time of his passing.  Younger than this.

BE: He was 8 yrs of age and no he was rather quiet but i was told he had his moms patience quiet type and My brother nope was hell on wheels

KC: Did Carter Boy have multiple colors?  I see a dog, a cool dog with multiple colored patches of color.  Would you know this?

BE: I dont sorry.. my mimi said she feels like he was black & white shaggy

KC: I feel like there was some legal problem with Jack Carte’s wife after the crash. Not sure if she sued the airline, etc… or issues with wills and their children, but legalities & legal papers

BE: It was a big lawsuit over the complications of plane they had a recall after their death for defective parts

KC: Yes. ok.  I don’t know if your parents were involved in this lawsuit but I feel it from Jacks wifes side.

KC: Lots off strong emotion tied to her side and the legalities.. understandably

KC: was Jack Carte a grandfather at the time?

KC : Or older... older than your brother by 10+ years it seems

BE: I believe so he was a grand father & no my family wasnt involved in the suit just his wife

BE: he would have been older yes

KC: I think I’m getting bits from all three of them, not just your brother.

BE: Is there anything my brother is saying or why now is he trying to make contact

KC: I see dollar signs so the wife got something financially out of the lawsuit…

BE: Yes she became very wealthy… very

KC: It doesn’t feel like there is any message… just that he knew you were there and wanted to connect with you…. kind of say “Hi” and that everything is OK. They are all good and aware of what’s going on in your lives… it feels just like a ‘hey, there, hon” kind of feel, versus a “message.”  xx

BE: Aww well plz let him know i am fine and i always think about him xx

This one I found amazing because so many things linked up. I remember reading this off to my husband… particularly about the ‘Carter’ phrase… and the pilots name was Jack Carte, and the dog on board was named Carter-boy. How wild is that? I felt really good about this one. I knew I connected, I was outside of my normal comfort zone due to the “live reading” platform, and it was thrilling.

Reading 4:

[_ This one was interesting because it started with a daughter posting a picture of her father who had passed. Her brother chimed in and confirmed things his sister didn’t know. Then near the end of the reading they spoke with their Mom about some of the comments and got specific validation on those, that the children wouldn’t have known. It was a neat exercise to walk through- in that as a collective things make so much more sense- like putting pieces of a puzzle together. This is often what it feels like to me- like I’m offering one puzzle piece, and the sitter sees if they can take it. I offer the next, and we see if it links in with the first, and eventually start to build a picture out of the little puzzle pieces I receive. _]

KC: Hi Craig & Sophie, when I look at him (I’m assuming the gentleman has passed) I get the words “bread” and “baker.” This could be a love of those items, a last name “Baker” or have a completely different meaning for you. Do either of these have meaning for you or for him?

KC: And I see him in pubs, enjoying a beer or glass of wine.

KC: And another random word “rain maker.” Let me know if any of this makes sense and if it does I’ll see if I can go further

SH (sister): Hi Kristin sorry I have just seen this. thankyou so much for this I really appreciate it.im sorry nothing rings a bell apart fr the beer

SH: From the beer lol.if you could get more info that would be great Thankyou xxx

SH: (she reaches out to her brother, CH within the thread.) CH does any of this male sense to you? x

CH: Yes dad used to deliver bread for a bakers in birtley! And yes he love a Sunday down the pub and don’t know about rain water, is there anything else. Thank you as we’ll this is great! X

KC: Does “you’re my hero” mean something for you all? He said it to you or you said it to him?

KC: Ok and I’m getting “ranch.” Not sure if he or you live on a ranch, live in a ranch style home, or he had a love for ranch dressing (lol)

CH: Don’t understand any of this sorry.

SH: I used to eat ranch dressing on my salads but nothing out the ordinary lol xxx

KC: k, doubt it’s the ranch dressing, give me a sec

KC: I want to talk about shoes. Shining shoes, polishing shoes. Did he ever do this for a living, or someone close to him? Was he a stickler for shiny shoes? Could mean something different.

SH: Horse shoe?

KC: possibly? What is the connection with horse shoes?

SH: He gave me and my brother one when we were younger

KC: not sure. Did you shine them, keep them shiny, something active with them? Otherwise I’d say it may not be horseshoes. I see an act of cleaning/polishing shoes…

SH: Hmmmm doesn’t ring a bell xxx

KC: I’m seeing a rope. Does this make sense

SH: Yes xxx

KC: did he pass by his own hand?

SH: Yes xxx

KC: Oh Sophie, I’m so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to you.

KC: May I ask, do you know if he was “accused” of doing something, that he may or may not have done, but he was ashamed?

SH: Possibly xxx

KC: Sophie, I just feel him saying “I’m sorry” for so many things… for ultimately putting you and your family through this… for the situation he found himself wrapped up in… he’s deeply sorry to have caused you this much pain. It sounds like such simple words, written down or even listened to, but he can’t express it enough. Kind of like “I’m sorry” isn’t big enough for what I feel.

God bless you; and one last vision I see that may or may not make sense to you, but I see in my minds eye a “Twinkie” (from the USA) it’s like a small snack cake. I also “hear” crumpet. So hopefully that rings a bell for you and gives you a small sense of happiness; he’s ok but very very sorry for all he put you through. xx

SH: The ranch was where he used to drink xxx

KC: Woo hoo!!! Fantastic! I’m so excited that connection came through versus the salad dressing (lol!) Thank you for validating that!! xoxo

SH: No Thankyou you have been amazing i appreciate everything xxx

KC: Sophie, you are so very welcome! I’m so happy when things click like this. And it was interesting that you brought others (Craig) in to validate things you didn’t know. It’s like putting pieces of a puzzle together.

God bless you! xoxo

Lee G. (Page Owner) That was amazing for a training medium Kristin, some good specifics

CH: Thanks Kristin, going bk to the accused bit, the police arrived at the house a little time after my dad died so he may of been accused of something and the police were looking into it. My mam told the police he had died and they never said what, they obvs hadn’t known he died. Just though I would add that!

Reading 5: This reading was for a woman who put a picture of a deceased male on the page.

KC: Does the name Stephen mean anything for you? I get the number 72. Was he 72 when he passed? Or were you (or someone significant) born in 1972? I feel pool tables and bowling and lots of beer, in a fun, good way. Does any of this resonate for you?

KJ: Hi Kristin, he was not 72 when he passed and I am not sure what the #72 represents but I will think about it a bit more. He loved to drink beer, played a bit of pool but didn’t bowl, although he did play shuffle board which is pretty close to bowling in a way. Thank you Kristin I will speak with other family members about the 72. I am most thankful to you.

KC: OK! It wasn’t a super strong feeling. But that number could mean anything significant to him. (or you, or a family member.) Even if someone plays sports & it’s their jersey number, kind of thing. I don’t know. Let me know if it hits for you, then it would mean I connected and I’ll try further

KJ: Kristin this picture was taken in 72 my mom just told me!

KC : How about that! Amazing she would know the year of the photo. That's fantastic- means I'm connected to him. So, I'm learning, so bear with me.

KC: I want to talk about the 3 stooges. Did he love them? Love watching their movies? He’s got such a fun feeling, laughing feeling. A funny guy who loved to laugh and perhaps make others laugh.

KC: also feel he was a “tinker-er.” Meaning he’d find himself in his shop or garage trying to fix things or get things that were broken to work by himself versus taking it to a shop. Maybe even more. Tinkering with a car? Did he like to work on cars?

KC: Did his passing have something related to his heart?

KC: And was his Dad in a war?

KJ: Yes Kristin he would tinker for hours & always had a fix for everything that was broken, showed me so many fixes for everyday household items & yes always fix it himself. The three stooges he loved, would laugh so hard, many times I would hear his laughter from another room , while he was watching tv. His heart gave him problems about 20 years before he passed, but it was not what ended his life.

KJ: Yes his dad was in a war

KC: OK this is random but I’m going to put it out there. I got a vision of him running along the train track, to catch the side of a train & “ride it” for a while. Just for fun. Did he ever share that kind of story with you or your Mom?

KJ: omg Kristin I have chills and goosebumps, when he was a young boy he did exactly that….told me how he would run as fast as he could and then laugh about not getting caught..wow! he loved trains his entire life!

KC: So cool!! OK another thing I want to talk about, that I see him tinkering with or having some kind of affinity to, radios. Did he work on radios or something?

KJ: ok now you are blowing my mind! that was his favorite thing to play with, he took them totally apart & then put them back together and even made a couple of radio’s out of parts from other radio’s.

KC: Unbelievable! fantastic! Well, he’s here! LOL!

[_ I liked this one because of the specificity I picked up in the reading- the tinkering of the radios, running and catching the train. It was so validating for me to get confirmations on such unusual and specific topics. _]

What an amazing experience for a beginner like me. I think there is a true ability to contact and connect with the other side, as well as tap into our intuition for the living. Truly if I can make these connections, and I’m just learning, I feel anyone can.

[] Thoughts Create Your Reality

This concept is so important, it’s hard to emphasize how much truth there is in those words. Thoughts are ‘things’. The things you think about (and scientists believe we have 60,000 thoughts a day) becomes your reality. Your mind is simply filled with your own personal chatter and dialogue on what is happening during that moment. The mind consists of perception, reflection, and opinion. You will see how important it is to be cognizant of your thoughts, and how you choose to approach life each day.

There is an amazing experiment done by Dr. Masaru Emoto which fed my need for fact, for proof. It was an experiment in which water was exposed to polarities such as prayer, both positive and negative thoughts, written words, and music, and then instantaneously frozen to watch the formation of crystals, which looked like snowflakes under a microscope.

The experiment was statistically sound, and the environment for the baseline water was consistent. In all of the experiments, Dr. Emoto used distilled hospital-grade water produced by the same company. The water was then distilled twice, which purified it. It was meticulously kept in bottles, maintaining it the same temperature, and all other relevant facts for a scientific experiment to be statistically valid.

‘Thoughts are things.’ They hold power. In one of his experiments, bottles of water were wrapped with written notes, with the writing facing inside the bottle that said, ‘thank you.’  This was done in various languages.  No matter what language was used, the water in these bottles, when frozen, created complete crystals that were exquisite.  

The physical effects are outstanding- as the positive thoughts and intentions created the most beautiful, balanced crystals. Negative thoughts and words like “hate” created structures that looked like holes, looking defective, and nothing like a snowflake. This experiment proves that you don’t even have to verbalize things, you need only think them, or be exposed to them to create a physical change in reality.

Below are examples taken from his experiment:

Water and Music

Heavy Metal Song “Edelwise”

Water and Prayer

Buddhist prayer offered at Fujiwara dam

Before: After:

Water and Words:

Love & Gratitude You Fool

Water & words:

Thank You You Disgust Me

How does this apply to our lives? First, the human body is approximately 70% water, and infants approximately 90%. The implication is that thoughts and feelings are picked up and can literally effect you physically in a positive or negative way. So if you put yourself down every day with negative thoughts, what do you think that can be doing within your body? My belief is it has some kind of effect on the body consciousness that will be expressed in physical reality. These thoughts can either be on the subconscious or conscious level.

There are many spiritual teachers like Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer who teach that thoughts can be the basis of either health or sickness. I have a good friend who has cancer, and went to see Deepak Chopra speak. When he shared this concept to the audience, she recoiled, and said in no way did she “think this into her reality.” She was very offended at the thought, but clearly there is something to this.

Anita Moorjani, a well-known author and speaker had her own near death experience and was shown on “the other side” that her own thoughts of fear created the cancer within her body. She also intrinsically understood that positive thoughts can heal. Your thoughts are incredibly powerful.

A quote from Anita Moorjani’s book Dying to Live: “I then started to understand how illnesses start on an energetic level before they become physical. I understood that when people have medical treatments for illnesses, it rids the illness only from their body but not from their energy so the illness returns. I realized if I went back, it would be with a very healthy energy. Then the physical body would catch up to the energetic conditions very quickly and permanently. I seemed to become aware that this applies to anything, not only illnesses – physical conditions, psychological conditions, etc. I became aware that everything going on in our lives was dependent on this energy around us, created by us. Nothing was real – we created our surroundings, our conditions, etc. depending where this “energy” was. Within four days, my tumors shrunk by 70 percent, and the doctors were shocked.” She very quickly had a full recovery.

Years after learning about and absorbing this principle, I found myself being repelled by the evening news. I couldn’t take the constant negativity- I simply didn’t want to expose my psyche to it. Even my weekly reality show indulgences contained such negativity I finally felt the shows simply did not resonate with me any longer. We were simply no longer a match. I stopped watching those shows and haven’t missed them in the slightest. In fact, I can say I feel better by not being exposed to it on a weekly basis. This was a simple shift but it made sense in the way that I believe “thoughts are things,” and I am creating my own reality. These thoughts didn’t feel good. So I removed them from my reality. This is but one small step.

We’ve seen the physical changes in water based on our thought patterns. We’ve heard from Anita Moorjani through her near death experience how our thoughts affect everything around us, including our health.

Dr. Emoto’s experiment was more visual proof I needed to solidify my belief in the power and impact of thoughts. It also corresponds to the near death experiences in which people relived every thought, felt how it affected others, and saw how it rippled out among the fabric of Earth. Again, with my bias towards proof, I find this experiment completely amazing, and reinforced my beliefs. The answer is to be kind to yourself, be kind to others in any matter you can. If you want to change what’s going on around you, change what’s going on within you.

Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviors. Keep your behaviors positive, because your behaviors become your habits. Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Pay attention to what you would call “coincidences,” which may really be “synchronicities.” On a personal note, I will tell you I happen to be a bit superstitious. Not in an obnoxious way, but in tiny ways like, if I see a penny on the ground I “pick it up and all day long I’ll have good luck!” Do I really believe this? Not necessarily, but I do it anyway for fun. However, oftentimes coincidences are so unusual and can be mind-bending, that I think of these things as “signs.”

This is where synchronicities come in. The term synchronicity was coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung (1875-1961). Jung defined this as “The coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.” Another words, events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related. Synchronicity presents itself in many ways.

A personal example of synchronicity occurred when we were looking for a new home. We found the one we loved, but were unsure if we were going to get it. One morning, I woke up to the alarm playing my favorite band, Coldplay, (which never has happened, ever) and to top it off, the words I woke up to were “home, home, where I wanted to go.” This, for me, was a definite sign that this was the house for us. It was a “synchronicity.” Oftentimes, I feel it is the universe’s way of telling you a message.

The next situation was so critical and important to my life; it goes beyond synchronicity to what I feel was a ‘soul contract’ with my best friend from high school, also named Kristen. She was living in Europe, but used to live in Napa, California. When I found I was going to be in Napa on a business trip, on a whim I told her I was going there, and if she happened to be in the United States to let me know. She responded that not only would she be in the U.S during that exact time, but she would be in Napa! That itself is synchronicity. We met up and had a fabulous time.

But here the story twists into something so synchronistic I feel it was pre-orchestrated, like a “soul-contract” prior to incarnating together. The week after I got back from Napa, my brother, living in Mexico, was literally near death and was sent over to a U.S. Hospital in Chula Vista, California. The doctors didn’t think he was going to make it. Kristen is a general surgeon and was the first person I wanted to talk to and get her perspective on his illness. Amazingly, upon talking with her, I found out not only was Kristen still in California, she happened to be in Chula Vista, California, nine hours south of Napa, visiting friends that exact day, in the exact city where my brother was in the hospital! Kristen went directly to the hospital, and explained she was a general surgeon and a friend to my brother. My brother was an alcoholic, and was very much in denial. He could not admit it to himself, much less disclose this to the doctors in Chula Vista. Kristen was smart enough to share this insight with the doctors who were treating my brother, and the result of her intervention caused a complete change in his treatment. Had they not known his history, he would have been given treatment that was incompatible with his drinking problem. My brother wasn’t at all happy about her “telling his secrets” to the doctors, but she truly helped him and as a result, my entire family. The treatment plan changed because she was the only one sharing the truth.

When I found out Kristen was in Chula Vista, the feeling was beyond synchronistic- to me it felt “meant to be.” It felt like we created a ‘soul contract’ and remained friends 27 years after high school to act out this exact moment together, in a way she could help me like no other. This was the pinnacle of synchronicity for me.

A more light-hearted example of synchronicity occurred with my son. I had purchased a geode (left) that had a beige center that reminded me of a female with a baby in her belly. I had it for about a week, and my son, who had been away on spring break, bought me an identical geode (on the right) from 9 hours and 4 states away as a gift! If you know how many configurations, colors, patterns there are with geodes, the odds are outstanding that both of these could be so much alike. They both have the blue agate around the outside, with the full crystalline structure inside. The fact that mine reminded me of a mother with a baby in her belly, and the fact my son gave me a match is quite coincidental… or rather, synchronistic!

Synchronistic moments feel like grace, as they induce in us the feeling that we are right where we are supposed to be. Being awe-inspiring, synchronicities have a strong feeling component and can be complemented with an emotional charge. Belief systems also dictate what people attribute the workings of synchronicity to. When it occurs, they may thank their luck, fate, destiny, karma, a miracle, or angels, for example. My personal vantage point is when it feels like a true synchronicity, I take it as a sign from the universe that I’m on the right path. I consider it a “God-Wink.”

Start paying attention to your coincidences… closely. Then define if they may be synchronicities instead. To add another layer to this, it is my belief, that there are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.

There are only two ways to live… one is though nothing is a miracle… the other is as if everything is.” – Albert Einstein.

[]Follow Your Joy

There is a rule of thumb that so many spiritual teachers agree on, that they teach the same sentiment, but simply seem change up the description a bit to make it “their own.” The key piece of advice: “Follow your Joy.” “Follow your Bliss.” “Follow your Excitement.”

It is, in essence, aligning with your higher self. And we do this through our feelings, which we use as an emotional compass. If we have a thought that is in alignment with our higher self, we will feel a positive emotion. If it is out of alignment, we will feel a negative emotion. This is our Emotional Guidance System.

One of the more interesting pieces of research I stumbled upon was Dr. David Hawkins book Power vs. Force. Although it seems quite scientific, it is actually very intuitive. Every emotion we experience carries with it a vibrational energy. A way to understand this to look at the physical manifestation of the emotion in question. When we have a negative emotion, it can be expressed in the body in multiple ways, depending upon the emotion. If we are ashamed, we may find ourselves contracting physically to make ourselves “smaller.” We may cave our shoulders in, lower our eyes. When we have continual feelings of negative emotions, our bodies are flowing with these lower vibrational energies that can change our entire energetic frequency, altering first our emotional energetic state, then infiltrating our physical state. Compare this state to that of happiness. Internally we feel ‘good’. Our physical bodies will actually become more open and expansive. We may stand straighter, be more physically expressive with our hands, face and arms. This positive vibration surrounds and is within us, again, first flowing through our emotional body and being released through the physical.

Sometimes “following your joy” seems like an insurmountable task. In a state of depression, asking someone to simply “be happy” sounds ridiculous. No one is expected nor can one obtain a straight leap from depression to joy. What David Hawkins describes is the fact we need to take baby steps along the way. Changing your emotional state by just one level higher up on the vibrational scale will bring relief. This includes exchanging one seemingly negative feeling for another negative feeling. Moving from shame towards apathy is actually a positive movement for any individual, because the emotion is higher on the scale. These baby steps are needed to change your emotional state towards a healthier, happier level.

Below are two charts, one from David Hawkins book Power vs. Force, and the next from Abraham Hicks, which is a bit more intuitive, yet both describing the same concept. David Hawkins scale is coded with numbers, and he identified the level of 200 becoming the area where we move towards a stronger, or positive vibrational level.

David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness:

Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale:

If this concept isn’t resonating, or you are having a hard time figuring out what you should do, ask yourself a slightly different question. Ask, “Does this make me feel heavier, or lighter?” Sit with that thought. If it make you feel ‘lighter,’ then that is the positive emotion and one you should move towards. Something feeling ‘heavy’ is one you should move away from. This is a concept you may have to sink into with your intuition and go with your instinct.

An important twist to “following your joy” is to follow your highest excitement every moment to the best of your ability, with integrity, and without expectation or insistence on the outcome.

Let’s say a woman is fixated on finding a boyfriend. She is convinced that once she finds him, and is able to love and be loved, that she will be whole and happy. If she is insisting that the feeling of being whole and happy needs to present itself to her in the form of a boyfriend, she may be discouraged. Once she obtains a boyfriend, perhaps he isn’t all she thought he’d be. Perhaps he is abusive or cheats on her. The boyfriend isn’t the desired outcome. The real question becomes, what is the feeling a boyfriend would give you? Let’s say it is companionship and connection. Well, companionship and connection can come to you from the universe in multiple ways… and if you allow the universe to support you, it may come in a completely unexpected and incredible way that you would have never thought of. She might find companionship and connection in a new friend she meets that fits all those needs, and it happens to fill a yearning for a best friend that she’s had all her life. Or she adopts a puppy and experiences the companionship and connection, by which she builds an entire business around adopting pets which brings wealth and success to her. The idea is to release your expectations of the outcome… i.e. “a boyfriend is what I need to provide me companionship and connection,” and serve it up to the universe, and it will provide a solution to your underlying needs in a manner you may never have thought possible. It may be greater and far more satisfying than your original idea. So, if you are asking something of the universe, ask to solve the underlying feelings or needs, and release all expectations of the “package” by which it is delivered. 

Follow your joy. Follow your bliss. Still not sure what that looks like for you? Simply ask yourself, “What lights you up?”


I have found that there is an element of “letting go” that I had to succumb to. That “letting go” is allowing faith in. In some instances I have to let go of my desire to prove things out, my need for equations and facts, and simply allow. Allow the universe to unfold as it is supposed to, and relinquish any need for control. Doing so opens you up to so many more potentials…potential opportunities, synchronicities, joyous occasions, and the comforting feeling of being in the flow. Releasing control to the universe, to Source, and allowing what seems magical and mystical to enter your world. Seeing the mystery, beauty, and magnificence in life itself. Giving gratitude towards others, to the blessings you have. Giving gratitude for the blessings to come. For faith is walking to the edge of all the light you have left and taking one… more… step.

[]Shine Your Light

Thank you for sharing part of your world with me. I ask that you shine your light, for shining your light brighter does not make another’s light dim. What lights you up? Shine your light so bright, that it enables others to find their way out of the darkness.

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SPIRITUAL HOPSCOTCH, DIARY OF A SKEPTIC explores the development of a spiritual mindset regarding things unseen and unknown, despite an innate desire for facts and proof. You will get a glimpse of the afterlife, through those who have had near death experiences. Explore why God would even allow humans to enter into life only to experience tremendous hardships and despair. How does the world of psychics and mediumship appear to a person who is bent on proof? What about the thought of coming back to live on the Earth through reincarnation - is it even possible? Expose yourself to the simplistic but immense power of thoughts, and how they can hurt, how they can literally heal. Understand the miracle of synchronistic events, and what they are telling you. Are simply pawns on Earth with God playing a grand game of chess? Do we create our own reality, or are things a by-product of fate? How was the world, the universe, and our souls created? How is it possible to simply allow and have faith when you are continually searching for proof? This book will challenge your way of thinking about the world. It will get you asking questions you had never thought of, and afford you a peek into the unknown, by taking a leap of faith.

  • Author: Kristin Callahan
  • Published: 2016-06-29 15:36:29
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