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Space portal Mayan





Space portal Mayan. – 2015 year


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ISBN 978-617-696-361-5









Police Lieutenant Arthur Macy, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, is involved in investigating the mysterious murder of a professor of archeology at the museum and the theft of ancient artifacts. He is convinced that the key to unlocking hidden in an ancient artifact, and their abduction was not accidental. But few know what secret they hide and what danger may be to those who try to lift it. It was only an assistant professor – a specialist on ancient Indian linguist and Angelica Cruz, can solve this riddle. The ancient artifacts – the key to the power of the ancient civilization of the Indians. A secret organization is trying to get the keys and get to unravel the secret of the ancient Indians. And they may stop at nothing that would achieve its goal. The investigation leading to the priest of the ancient cult of the Indians. In search of answers Arthur, Angelica and the FBI agent sent Smith to the priest in Peru, not knowing that landed in a trap set by them. They will have to have the courage to make every effort that would have to stay alive and to prevent open space portal to enslave people.









ISBN 978-617-696-361-5 Space portal Mayan.


Chapter 1.


The soldiers shot down the kishlak from the open doors of the helicopter. Dust from heaving screw top and turned into a sandstorm, closing all around the yellow haze.

Arthur Macy tried to see anything beneath the helicopter. But the yellow haze hid from him enemies. He fired a long queue somewhere where flashed a shadow. Suddenly, bullets They are knocking on the hull of the helicopter. The invisible enemy was shooting at them from the village. The second helicopter fired a volley of rockets at the firing point. Between the adobe houses shot up clubs of fire and dust. Dust yellow wave hid under a rest home. However, automatic fire on the helicopter not utihnul. Suddenly, out of the cloud of dust shot up a rocket up.

    – Stinger! Maneuvering! – Yelled the lieutenant, why is staring straight at Arthur, although he was a sniper and control the helicopter.

The missile hit the second helicopter. He immediately began to smoke and describing a few laps, fell down. The explosion saved him is that he was at a low altitude, Goto vyas for landing troops.

     – Reduces! By the landing! – Lieutenant shouted again, again for some reason, looking straight at Arthur.

The helicopter fell on the ground, and the soldiers began to jump out of it. They ran, crouching, towards the place of the fall of the second helicopter, shooting on the move constantly. Dust hindered breathing and did not give an opportunity to see beyond ten meters. Well, that protective goggles are not allowed to get sand in your eyes. Suddenly appeared in front of people silhouettes. Arthur instantly instinctively got down on one knee and pressed to the optical sight. Yes, it was the enemy. Two Mujahideen in long robes and black turbans short dashes sent to us. One of them was carrying on his shoulder an RPG-7. Arthur fired in short bursts, but a new gust of wind picked up the new clouds of dust and hid from him silhouettes of people. All around there was chaos. US soldiers fired in all directions, not really seeing purposes. Mujahideen also conducted a fire. Around the whistling bullets, occasionally beating on the walls of houses pieces of clay. Helicopters cover “Apache” circling away from the village, not daring to put a missile strike in order not to hurt their own. Occasionally they opened fire with automatic guns, suppressing those who shoot at them. Suddenly, near the fountain of fire shot up, and some force Arthur ripped from the ground and threw not a few meters. He fell on his back, feeling like everything around clouds haze.

    – Ambulance stretcher! Here the wounded! – I shouted someone near. Whose – then picked up his hand and put on a stretcher. He will feel at al, that he quickly suffered somewhere. Around missiles began to explode, vzmetaya top clubs fire and earth. We see helicopters “Apache” decided to put a missile strike. He fell into the void. When he opened his eyes on him spun a huge propeller helicopter, raising clouds of dust that covered the sun.

He blinked and looked closer. There, it was not a helicopter rotor, and a ceiling fan, and o n lying on a bed in his apartment in Miami, and the sun began to break through the drawn curtains. The air was hot and thick as jelly. He sat on the bed and felt that all wet with sweat.

Arthur Macy was tall and broad-shouldered, bronzed skin beneath his rolled steel muscles. His black hair, while serving briefly trimmed now grown long thick strands.

     “Again, it’s a nightmare about Afghanistan” – thought Arthur. The doorbell rang. From the call he jumped as if he had been struck shock. He was rushed to a gun under his pillow, but thought better of it and went to open the door. Not far from the bed, he tripped over an empty bottle of whiskey. “That’s why it is buzzing in your head” – he decided. He did not remember last night. It seems like yesterday he was drunk.

He opened the door. On the threshold stood Henry O Konela Sergeant Police Department, where he served Arthur. He appeared to be in his thirties, he was following Arthur, but more stocky. Fashionable light suit, a few contrasted with tousled red hair.   

     – Hello lieutenant – he said. – View you have not. The captain could not get through to you, that sent me to you.

Henry looked at Arthur, waiting for some response. “It seems that the mobile phone is dead” – thought Arthur.

     – Come on. Now take a shower and go – Brief Arthur said.

Cold shower finally sobered Arthur. A few minutes later, he got dressed and went out, followed Henry to the car, on the go munching a sandwich.

At the police station he reigned usual bustle. People dressed in form and in civilian clothes, like ants, vanity and smiling at the police station.

    – Wait, I’ll drink tea. – Said Arthur. At tea he was accustomed to in Afghanistan. He also emboldened his coffee, and his action was longer. In addition, he satisfied his thirst, and he was very thirsty after yesterday.

    – Then popesh his swipes – Lieutenant Cooper unceremoniously nudged him in the back to the door of their department – Captain gathers the meeting.

Cooper worked in their department and the longest allowed himself towards others some scorn. They said, that in the past he was a good fighter, and even won the championship among the sites, but now, looking its low total figure enclosed in a rumpled gray suit, this hard to believe. Perhaps he was distributing it, which seem more significant in the eyes of others.

Arthur glared at Cooper, but said nothing. This is no time to arrange dismantling.

All were assembled. Captain Nick Carter, a high overweight man in an expensive gray suit standing in front of doskoy- tablet.

  – Well, finally, we all gathered – angrily said the captain.

   – I received a call from the exhibition gallery of the b murder and robbery. Patrol, fortunately, is already in place. And while you have arrived, the journalists had time to catch criminals – he joked.

  – Take Arthur Cooper and Sergeant Macey About Konela – and quickly to the exhibition. Experts have already left.

The captain quickly distributed the remaining tasks and can be seen enjoying himself, went into his office.

Arthur intends sat back in the car, that would be less talk with Lieutenant Cooper. Henry, after a moment, sat in the front seat next to hodja Dr. Cooper.

On the road to Cooper about Connelles constantly chatted about the weather, football, of any prostitutes detained yesterday the department of morals and that certainly paid off the rest. Arthur stared out the window and thinking.

   “We had to ask the Department of Narcotics – he mused.

There are all the easier – there are merchants and they have to detain and beat testimony “

After his discharge from the army, he moved to Miami. His calming view of the boundless ocean. At least that’s what he told the psychologist. Thanks to the recommendation of the Army took him to the Police Special Branch. Again he seemed to come back to the army: training, training on the shooting range, hand to hand combat. But first, the operation, he was broke. They called for the detention of two junkies, armed with pistols. It looks like they just stoned and did not think, when broken into the diner and began swinging the weapon. Fortunately all visitors They had run out into the street and these two idiots were alone. They raked the proceeds from the cash register, and seems about to mosey when police arrived and the special squad. Arthur and his partner went to the official course and took up a position at the door of the kitchen. They just had not let the criminals escape through the kitchen, while others tried to persuade the officers to surrender. But they decided to break through and just rushed through the kitchen, shouting and firing guns. Perhaps a few warning shots to their senses. But something has shifted in the mind of Arthur. He sat bolt upright on the counter, behind which they had taken refuge with a partner, and almost point-blank in the first place let the robber. He bounced back on the second, knocking that down. Gliding in the blood, he got up and ran back into the hall. Arthur ran after him, shooting on the move. The addict managed to hide behind the bar counters, but Arthur did not cease fire, preventing it pop out. Taking advantage of this, Arthur threw stun grenades at the counter. Going round the rack side, he threw the machine with an empty magazine, drew his gun and leaning over the other end of the rack, l the criminal discharge the whole clip. In general, his actions were deemed potentially dangerous to colleagues and associates. After several weeks of communication with shrinks and transfer to homicide. “Well, that is not already in the traffic police” – Arthur chuckled to himself.

Soon they came to the exhibition center. Before entering on duty police already.

Approaching them, Cooper showed his badge.

   – When the call came? – He asked briskly.

   – Just do not know sir. - Said one of the first to arrive nih.- another patrol, but he went on another call. Like at 8am. They opened the center and found the body. Your experts are already inside.

  – Come re byata – with Cooper commanded.

They went into a spacious, bright room. Along the walls has a glass showcase with exhibits, and CTE tries were posters with images   bas-relief pyramids Indians. Basically it was the scene of sacrifice, images of monsters and animals. Between them hung a replica weapon of Indians and Spanish conquistadors.

On the floor, near a number of windows in a pool of blood lay the body. The expert, a young man in trendy jeans and a T-shirt, on which hung a badge with the logo of the site, photographed it from different angles. Not far away was a small woman in a white robe and carefully watched him work. It was Marla and George – forensics police station.

   – Hi, Marla! – Fun Cooper said. – What we found?

   – Hey Cooper! Did you sent to investigate the matter? You’re even a cockroach on his desk can not catch? – Marla quipped.

   – Do not get smart. Better tell me what happened here? – Cooper snapped.

   – The usual thing: in the morning the guard did bypass and found the body of Professor Marlow in a pool of blood. He immediately called the police. Several windows were broken, apparently by robbers carried the most valuable exhibits, – George got into a conversation. He, like Arthur, recently worked at the police and tried my best to show my competence.

   – There are cameras everywhere, there is – that on the record? – Arthur asked.

   – I just wanted to ask about it – found Cooper.

   – Hey, OKonel, run to the guards, take the video from the cameras.

   – You can not hurry – George smiled.

   – Burglars stunned security guard and took away the hard disk recordings. He was taken to the hospital.

   – Quite a precaution, both for ordinary robbers, – said Arthur.

   – Well, the lab rat, you can still say now, without its “results of the examination will be ready later” – appealed to to George Cooper. He did not take offense to the appeal of Cooper.

   – Apparently, the death occurred yesterday between 20 and 22 hours. Cause of Death – stab wound to the heart. A lot of shoes and finger prints, but most likely they belong to staff.

   – As always, you are not really helped us – OKonel growled.

   – He had broken fingers – squatting on his haunches in front of the body, noticed Arthur.

   – Really? I did not even notice. In any case, it would have turned out the morgue – said George. – And where did he managed to break them?

   – Burglars broke his fingers, it is clear they wanted him to achieve something, – Arthur suggested.

   – And you’re not as stupid as it sounds – Cooper laughed.

   – And you just so how you seem, – said Arthur.

   – Be careful guy. I see you have a cool ranger. I untangled crime even if you just finished school – Cooper snapped.

   – Calm down guys, you have to get to work, and then tomorrow we send Captain patrol the streets, if we do something that is not Naro – OKonel said soothingly.

At this time, I entered the room beautiful girl 25 years old, dressed in a strict business suit. When he saw the body on the floor, she shuddered and swayed slightly. But, gather strength, went to the police, trying not to look down on the prostrate in a pool of blood the body of Professor. Long, slightly curly, black hair framed a handsome, tanned face, it is unrealistic expressive eyes seemed to cry. She was holding a folder leather folder.

   – Welcome officers – she greeted. – I’m Angelica Cruz, an assistant professor of Marlow. What a terrible event. When I was told that the professor is killed, I did not believe it. – She sobbed.

   – I condole with you, Miss Cruz. I’m Lieutenant Cooper, and this is Lieutenant and Sergeant Macey OKonel – presented all Cooper.

   – I think we all m better to go to the other place, let the experts finish their work – suggested Arthur. In fact, he wanted the kind of a dead body does not hurt Angelica Cruz.

   – Really, where we can talk to you? – Cooper brightened.

   – We can go to my office – Angelica offered.

   – Remarkable – Cooper smiled.

- Ends here tomorrow and I need results – turned it to the experts.

   – OKonel take testimony rest of the staff, and you Macy find out what’s the guards.

   – The captain ordered us to work together – said Arthur grimly.

Cooper wanted to – to say something, but OKonel ahead of him.

   – I have interviewed staff and find out what’s up with video surveillance, – he said.

   – Did you record the Miss Cruz. Hopefully, her answers will fully satisfy you.

Cooper smiled nastily, and Arthur angrily vzglya zero at about Konela. Only Angelica, who was trembling from the shock, ignored the taunt.

   – Come on – she said quietly. She seemed to be going to faint, and only willpower kept still on his feet.

After going through the service exit of any climbed to the second floor and went after Angelica’s office at the other end of the building. Along one wall was a book-lined closet, and a large table of dark wood, lay a few old books. Another wall held a cabinet with glass doors in which there were some artifacts.

   – How long have you know Professor Marlow? – Cooper asked, pulling a crumpled notebook and businesslike sitting in a chair.

   – We’ve known for several years, since he taught me history at Columbia University. Six months ago, he asked me to work together, – A little calmer, said Angelica.

   – And what are you working? – Cooper asked.

   – To collect materials about the culture of the Maya and Inca. Professor Marlolu believed that they had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. And we are looking for evidence of this. In addition, organized exhibitions, dedicated to their culture. A month ago, a famous diver Bill Baker found the remains of the galleon. He raised from the bottom of a number of artifacts related to the culture of the Maya. The staff gave them to our exhibition.

   – Very entertaining – I grumbled Cooper and wrote something down in his notebook.

   – And what exactly it was stolen? – Arthur asked.

   – Right now it is difficult to say, it is necessary to consult the list. I can say that the casket was gone, he stood in a separate display case, and a ritual weapon. It seems to have gone gold ornaments and figurines priests beings – Angelica said.

   – Clearly, – Cooper chuckled again and again wrote something down in his notebook.

  – You’ve got full of all sorts of gold trinkets how are you doing with conservation? – He asked.

   – We have a guard, but each room is alarm and surveillance cameras. The police assured that in case of a robbery, immediately come into place.

   – It is well, OKonel talk to the guard – Cooper nodded.

   – A professor often stay at work? – Arthur asked.

   – Quite often, he loved to explore the exhibits at night, said that the stars to help him. In addition, they exhibited during the day, – Angelica sobbed.

   – So no one was surprised that he did not include an alarm in the hall and stayed to work – summed up the Cooper.

   – Yes, – nodded Angelica.

Cooper again wrote something down on a pad. “He’s just Columbo” – thought Arthur.

   – You can make a list of stolen? – Arthur asked.

   – Yes of course. Only now I do not want to go back to the exhibition hall – confusedly said Angelica.

   – It can be done later, after the body will be removed, – said Cooper.

Angelica sobbed again. “She must have been strongly linked to the professor,” p Yesil Arthur.

   – Professor of someone waiting for the evening? Maybe he had someone meeting – suggested Arthur.

   – I do nothing about it know. Although yesterday he mentioned that he was someone called about the exhibits, – she said.

The knock on the door. Not waiting for an answer, the door opened and a head appeared OKonela.

   – Well, you’ve already done? – He asked sarcastically. – I have no clues. The guard at the hospital, it is necessary for him to call and take readings. The hard disk was taken away, so that records from surveillance cameras there. Other employees left after 19 and no one noticed anything suspicious.

   – Well, here we seem to have nothing to find out. – Cooper growled. – Miss Cruz, as you can, make a list and send us to the station. Here is my business card – he handed her a business card. – If you remember anything, you can call at any time. It is very important your help.

Fat pig! About the district, he decided to stick to it? “Arthur thought indignantly.

   – Good day, Miss Cruz. – He said. “We need something else to say to her,” he thought feverishly.

   – You can always count on the help of the police. – He added.

   – And you have a nice day officers. Find those who did it, – said goodbye to them, Angelica.

   – You can have no doubt – said Arthur.

They left the building exhibition center. The output was already a crowd of journalists. Immediately, though frequent pistol shots, camera shutters clicked and flashed a flash. Arthur flinched, and his hand reached for the gun, but he then he took himself. “It’s just a bunch of useless journalists with cameras,” – he reassured himself.

   – Comment on the incident!

   – What can you say about the murder of a professor?

   – The police are on the trail of criminals?

Journalists, like piranhas smelled blood rushed to the issues.

   – No comments! All learn at a press conference – Cooper waved them.

They quickly got into the car.

   – Now take a trip to the hospital, take the readings guard – said Cooper.

   – I think he still does not speak much – said Arthur.

   – And what do you suggest? – he asked Cooper – Maybe he could see the attackers.

   – Then we would have killed him, too. – Cooper said dryly. – He did not tell the new. The better you are, Come to the hospital, and I’m still here I will try anything to find out. Maybe in the neighboring buildings have surveillance cameras and they filmed anything.

   – Okay – Cooper reluctantly agreed. – Only in the land you will reach himself. After lunch, the captain is waiting for us with the results, so do not be late.

   – Drop me around the corner. I do not want that to these jackals attacked me – Arthur smiled.

   – You mean the journalists? They, too, I’m tired – Cooper laughed.

Coming around the corner of the car, Arthur slowly walked to the exhibition center. He carefully studied the building in search of the next camera. Several cameras he discovered in some of them, the E Building Exhibition Centre d ave to have been noticeable. However, none of records was nothing significant. For reporting he asked to send copies to the department. He pinned great hopes on the camera a small cafe on standby counterfield tion side of the street.

   – Not sure you have something to be able to see – said the manager of a cafe. – Sector survey captures only a little building exhibition center.

It was clear that he did not want to waste your time on a police officer.

   – And yet, I want to see the record. – Arthur said coldly.

   - Well, come into the room administratsii.- conceded manager.

In a small room Arthur sat in front of a computer monitor and manager, a little fiddling with the computer menu, set a record with video cameras to view.

   – Sorry, I have a job, if you find something, I’ll make you a copy – he said.

Arthur nodded. It was not a simple matter, and how it was represented Cooper.

The manager was right camera review did not give a full picture of the building of the exhibition center, and only slightly seized facade. Ap tour set recording time for half an hour before the estimated time of the murder and plunged into the study. He caught glimpses of passers-by, passing cars, the exhibition center of the most recent employees. Finally, on the record, he saw what he was looking for – a large gray SUV stopped in front of the exhibition center. But the driver’s side no one came. Standing for 20 minutes in front of the SUV abruptly jumped up and fled from the field of view of the camera.

    “It seems that there is nothing more to do” – thought Arthur.

He appeared at the door manager.

   – Well, it was possible to see anything worthwhile? – He asked.

   – Yes, thank you for your cooperation – M eysi smiled. – Here is my email address, send a record yesterday.

Coming out of the cafe, Arthur went to the exhibition center. The journalists had gone, and the police removed the protecting tape around the entrance. A little pause, he slowly walked inside.

   – I’m from the police, my colleagues and I have been here the morning – he turned to full guard.

   – Where can I find Angelica Cruz?

   – Yes, I remember you. Have you been in the hospital with my partner? What happened to him? – He asked.

    – To him go my colleagues. I would like to clarify some exhibits have been stolen. – Arthur said.,

   – Miss Cruz in his office. Do you know how to pass it?

   – Yeah, you can not help but worry. And that the show is already running?

   – Not yet. We must replace the broken windows and install new cameras. – Said the guard.

   – Clearly, if something unusual s Amet, call me. – Arthur said, and handed the guard card.

   – What could happen? – He asked.

   – Well, if someone would ask about the incident – said Arthur.

"While that may happen. I do not think that the exhibition robbed for the second time "- he thought to himself.

Arthur came back to the exhibition hall. The blood was wiped off the floor and has two workers now installed new glass windows. Another, standing on the stairs, apparently checking performance of the camcorder. Passing them, Arthur went to the office of Angelica Cruz. He went to the door and knocked on it.

   – Yeah, come on – he heard through the door.,

Entering the room, he saw sitting at the table Angelica. Before her lay some old manuscripts and papyri. Her eyes began to cry, and that made it even more beautiful.

   – Sorry, still not come to his senses. – As if apologizing, she said.

   – Nothing, I understand it is a big tragedy for you – tried to somehow support her Artur.

   – I have prepared for you a list of stolen items – said Angelica.

She picked up the folder and handed it to Arthur. He took the folder and opened it, looked at its contents. The folder is printed on a color printer, photo exhibits, with a detailed description of each.

   – I’m not good in archeology, could you tell us how were valuable stolen items, – said Arthur.

   – Of course – said Angelica. – Nearly all the stolen items belong to the pre-Columbian era. They were found only recently and we, the professor had not yet finished their study. In terms of archeology, they are priceless. Especially interesting is a metal casket.

   – It’s him? – Arthur asked, pulling out a folder and one of the photos st. The picture was clearly seen that the casket adorned strange bas-reliefs and symbols. On th e s Grand Prix and its cover were pictures of human skulls. Between them, twisting his long serpentine body with small wings and legs, was a dragon.

   – Yes he is. It’s just amazing. The fact that the Mayans did not own methods of processing iron, they are mainly manufactured products of copper, gold and silver. But this casket is made of alloy surprising. We can assume that it is titanium, but it would be absolutely incredible. Menno And because of that professor studied it so seriously. According to his theory that the casket has to extraterrestrial civilizations. It is decorated with images of creatures and characters, the meaning of which we have not been able to decipher. Along with him were stolen Golden Rod priests, obsidian dagger with a blade and a medallion with incomprehensible writing. The remaining subjects: eight gold rings, two Spanish dagger, gold chain captain of the Spanish conquistadors Juan Ramon and five golden figures of mythical creatures. Most likely, Captain Juan Ramon took the casket, the figures and the rod at the Maya priests. But perhaps it was lost in a shipwreck, and not leave the description where he got them.

   – These five gold figurines and the staff is very valuable? – Arthur asked, looking at the pictures. They were depicted strange creatures: two humanoid figures with four arms and three-toed limbs strange, animal snouts were bared and showed terrifying fangs. O ther two could be mistaken for dragons, but they are disproportionately small wings were folded along the length of the body as well, and some feline creature with fangs and strange tail like a scorpion.

   – Some strange figures. Here floor and two, and resembles what u t – the monsters, but these two look like flying dragons, and the fifth is like a lion or a scorpion – said Arthur.

   – Yes, we have not yet determined the significance of these figures, and for what purpose they served. For archaeologists, they are invaluable, but they are not quite golden. The Indians often used an alloy of gold and copper. Moreover, copper has been over 80%. So in terms of their monetary value is not very high. – Angelica explained.

   – Thank you very much for your help – said Arthur saying goodbye. He held out his hand to her and Angelica, embarrassed, shook it. It seemed, ran an electrical discharge between them.

   – I’ll keep you informed of the investigation – has promised to Arthur.

   – Thank you, if you will need my help – contact. Here, take my card. – And she handed him the card.

   – Thank you, Miss Cruz – said Arthur.

   – You can simply Angelica – she smiled.

Arthur came out of the exhibition center with some new, yet unknown to him feeling. Peace, in the morning it seemed to him in black and white and hostile, filled with the colors of life again.

But he went to the police station, ran up to him OKonel.

   – Where are you walking? The captain is waiting for us. – He said to Arthur.

When Arthur OKonelom went to the captain, there was already sitting Cooper.

   – Well, finally we come for all. Let’s tell as the investigation progresses, the next morning I had a press conference. – Muttered the captain.

Arthur and OKonel sat on the empty chair in front of the table, behind which sat in a leather armchair captain.

   – The thing is clear. A few people, perhaps pre-visit the exhibition, the evening decided to come back to again and so to say, a more detailed study of the exhibit. At that moment, when they plundered the exhibition went professor, they panicked and stabbed him. Then, noticing the cameras, they went to the guard post, disarmed the guard and stole the records. It is necessary to shake the fence, I think, the robbers had tried to sell value. Macy you got from Miss Cruz kidnapped list?

   – We have just laying on a few buyers. Press them as follows – someone should surrender suppliers – Connect OKonel.

   – Well, what do you say, Macy? I agree with the version of the Cooper? – Asked Capi tan.

   – No, – I muttered Arthur.

Cooper stared at Arthur.

   – Do you consider yourself the most visible smart – he grinned. – I do not post personal contact with Ms. Cruz, are you wiser?

   – It does not concern you – Arthur snapped.

   – Okay, that’s enough. Come out with it, what have you – the captain interrupted the fray.

   – It is clear that criminals are specifically waiting for the professor that he would turn off the alarm in the hall, and then to use the fact that a guard made round and did not see them in the camera into the building. And the fact that they took a hard disk with recordings, says that the professionals.   Most of the stolen items are mainly archaeological value. I think gold rings and chains for sunglasses were stolen blind. If you drop them, it turns out that all the items were recently found on the sunken galleon diver. At one time they were abducted by the Spanish conquistador Juan Ramon om om and at what that Indian priests. Most items are made with materials that are not used by the Indians. And the fact that the professor was tortured, says that they wanted to ask him something important. We need to look for people who understand the archeology and who took these artifacts. I am sure who – was interested in these artifacts on display. It is necessary to ask employees and colleagues of Professor.

   – Nonsense. – Said Cooper.

   -I Still can not admit that there is involved someone from the staff of the exhibition. FOB oyalsya the professor of his ambush, that stabbed him with a dagger tucked. Even if you are partly right, rings and chains should be somewhere emerge. And in arresting the robbers, it will be possible to go on this lover of antiquities, of course if it exists.

   – We are just wasting your time. It is necessary to establish who was interested in these artifacts. Can the diver, Bill Backer, something will tell. And explore contacts professor for the next couple of weeks, probably associated with it, those who are interested in artifacts.

   – So tell me what you want to meet again with Miss Circle. – Cooper laughed.

   – Better spent her detention, she may like handcuffs.

Arthur jumped up and wanted to rush to Cooper.

   – Now stop it! – I cried the captain and banged his fist on the table.

   – Cooper and OKonel and go as follow t Rock the fence, and you’re Macey contact the diver who found the treasure, burn it with fire. Maybe it’s really, someone contacted. Give Cooper pictures. All for the cause.

Arthur reluctantly handed Cooper folder. They left the office of Captain Cooper and evil grin:

   – Okay smart guy, see who is right. I’m with the police for more than ten years, and you’re still a month is not worked.

   – Just some, so all life and are fools – said Arthur.

Cooper something evil muttered under his breath and walked to the parking lot.

   – Do not take it to heart, it is first of all beginners lifts, – said soothingly OKonel.

   – He just got used to operate in a straight line.

Arthur nodded. OKonel smiled and patted Arthur on the shoulder and followed Cooper.

Arthur sat down at his desk and tried to gather his thoughts. “In the beginning it is necessary to contact this Baquero m. Can he clarify anything, “He took a business card Angelica Cruz and a few seconds pause, dialed her number.

   – Listening to you – in the dynamics of her melodious voice sounded.

   – Hello Miss Cruz. It Arthur Macy from the police, I would like something that you specify.

   – Hello Arthur. How can I help you?

   – Do you have contact Bill Baker, the diver who discovered these artifacts.

   – Yes, one minute – a minute later, they dictated the phone number and address Arthur Baker.

- He has a boat at the marina. He was there often. We are professor once came to him, – she added.

   – Thank you Miss Cruz.

   – Arthur Prestante call me Miss Cruz, better just to Angelica.

   – Well Angelica – confusedly said Arthur.

   – Tell me you did not contact anyone about these artifacts?

   – Yes, the professor said that he called and wanted to meet him. But unfortunately I do not remember who. The professor said that he had promised to show some ancient inscriptions, which mentioned the casket and scepter.


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Police Lieutenant Arthur Macy, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, is involved in investigating the mysterious murder of a professor of archeology at the museum and the theft of ancient artifacts. He is convinced that the key to unlocking hidden in an ancient artifact, and their abduction was not accidental. But few know what secret they hide and what danger may be to those who try to lift it. It was only an assistant professor - a specialist on ancient Indian linguist and Angelica Cruz, can solve this riddle. The ancient artifacts - the key to the power of the ancient civilization of the Indians. A secret organization is trying to get the keys and get to unravel the secret of the ancient Indians. And they may stop at nothing that would achieve its goal. The investigation leading to the priest of the ancient cult of the Indians. In search of answers Arthur, Angelica and the FBI agent sent Smith to the priest in Peru, not knowing that landed in a trap set by them. They will have to have the courage to make every effort that would have to stay alive and to prevent open space portal to enslave people.

  • Author: Andrii Oriekhov
  • Published: 2016-03-01 16:40:07
  • Words: 42166