Space, Circular Curve

Space, circular curve

Sebastjan Videtic

2017, Shakespir Edition

Space to convert into water and in the sun. To create conditions of life with the conversion. Water and sun are the basis of the air for  life in space. It looks impossible at first glance; because we do not know anything about the circular curve. Everything constantly converting in universe,  the universe can not  be create, can not be destroyed, but only convert. The sun illuminates and warms, but it’s a conversion, converts it  from space. We know about the graphs that have proportions, what the graph means with a circular curve? According to this curve the universe are one type of ash from which arise fog from them water , ice, rot , dirt dust, sun, sun rays and ash again. This is happening, this is the formation of galaxies, life and everything. Why do not we create the conditions for life in the universe, to mimic the circular curve that occurs spontaneously everywhere. In addition to water and the heat created by mixing an artificial climate, oxygen, air. This is more than colonization planets without water. We are responsible to convert space into water, water; oxygen and heat we never miss. Create living conditions like on Earth, and even go near other galaxies and in other galaxies. In the same way that we developed tempology may in Los Angeles causing snow in the high-rises, cool may be natural climate outside. Living conditions as the length of life in some way. Space, and with space by converting air from space, water and heat generated from  us. No more closed space ships; but open space ship, air, water, warmth around us, artificial climate in the universe. To become the creators of the conditions of life in the universe and creators of the new micro-life that indirectly, is most than what can be achieved. Convert with our knowledge and our tempology dead space in vivid living conditions. Doing intergalactic ship  in which they have better living conditions than on Earth is my idea.

Space, Circular Curve

  • ISBN: 9781370147519
  • Author: Sebastjan Videtic
  • Published: 2017-02-26 11:35:08
  • Words: 341
Space, Circular Curve Space, Circular Curve