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Sound It Out, Mowgli!

Sound It Out Mowgli

A Jungle Book Early Reader

About Sound It Out, Mowgli and Publication Page



About the Book


This book, Sound It Out, Mowgli, is the first in a series called Sound It Out! It is part of Character Ink Press’ Book-Movie-Book line up of readers, coloring books, and composition/writing books. (See following pages for other books.)


Sound It Out, Mowgli is a reader and a story book in one whimsical book. For the reader portion, each two page spread has a student text that an emerging reader can read. The student text is vocabulary-controlled for new readers to be able to read silently or orally. The story book portion is also contained in each two page spread with parent text that can be read aloud to the child. The parent text is longer and more in depth, resulting in a fun story book to share together.


This reader follows the story of Mowgli from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book series as he is found by Father Wolf, befriends Baloo and Bagheera, and fights the evil tiger, Shere Khan. The pictures are delightful, and the text is engaging for children of all ages.



About the Author


Sound It Out, Mowgli was written by a language arts/composition curriculum writer with seventy instructional texts totaling over forty thousand pages under her belt. Donna Reish (author of the Write On, Mowgli & Write On, Peter Pan series; Book-Movie-Book reader series; and Meaningful Composition) has an undergraduate degree in elementary education and master’s work in Reading Education. She homeschooled her seven children for the past thirty-two years and tests her books with one hundred students each school year in and around Fort Wayne, Indiana.





Ray and Donna Reish

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About the Book-Movie-Book Series

My Book-Movie-Book series is a delightful set of books to teach and practice composition (research, essay, and story writing), coloring, and reading.







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Father Wolf was out hunting for food. He heard a noise. He followed the noise until he found a basket with a baby human in it!

He brought the basket back to his cave. He showed the baby to Mother Wolf. She was happy to

see the baby. She said they would take care of the baby until the wolf council would meet.

The parents were afraid the wolf council would not let them keep the baby to raise him. The wolves did not usually like humans. They would wait and see.

Just then Shere Khan, the mean tiger, came to their cave. He told them that later on, the wolves would get to him. They would not let the pair keep the baby.

When that happened, Shere Khan said he would eat the baby!





































Daddy Wolf heard something.

He found a baby boy. He took the child back to his cave.


A mean tiger wanted to eat the boy. Mommy and Daddy Wolf would keep the boy safe.




Mother and Father Wolf loved their man cub. They named him Mowgli. This name meant little frog.


Mowgli grew up and loved to play with his best friends, a panther named Bagheera and a bear named Baloo.


They played with other jungle animals who were also friendly.











































The mom and dad wolf named the boy Mowgli.


The boy had two best friends. One friend was a panther named Bagheera. One friend was a bear named Baloo.



Baloo took special care of Mowgli. He played with him in the jungle. He carried him on his back. They were the best of friends.


Baloo and Bagheera protected Mowgli from the mean tiger named Shere Khan and the mean wolves. They knew they couldn’t protect him forever. But they did what they could until the council meeting.












































The bear named Baloo loved to play with Mowgli.


Mowgli was safe when his friends were close by.

The wolves met for the council meeting. Mother and Father Wolf were nervous. The wolves did not want to let their man-cub into the pack.


Baloo, the bear, spoke up. The wolves listened to him. But they still needed one more vote.


Bagheera, the panther, said that if they would let Mowgli in the pack, he would give the wolves the meat of a bull. So they said yes.


This made Shere Khan angry. He was planning to get Mowgli, and he wanted to get him soon!








































All of the cubs had to come to the meeting.

The wolves and the tiger did not want to let Mowgli in the pack. His friends said they should let him in. So they did—for now.

Mowgli loved to explore with Baloo. One day Mowgli was running through the jungle alone.


Suddenly, he felt himself being lifted off the ground! Some monkeys had grabbed him. He knew that he was supposed to avoid the monkeys, but now what could he do?


Thankfully, a bird saw what had happened. He flew to tell Mowgli’s friends. Baloo and Bagheera came to save him from the crazy monkeys!










































One day some monkeys got the boy! They swung him around.

He could not get away!

Just as they were safely away from the monkeys, the friends ran into more trouble. Kaa, a slithering sneaky snake, got their attention.


Kaa started to do his snake dance. His dance put Baloo and Bagheera into a trance!


Mowgli started to get sleepy.


He had to stop it! He jumped up and started shaking his friends. They woke up and ran far away from Kaa!



































Mowgli and his friends ran away from the monkeys. Soon they ran into a snake!


The snake did a crazy dance. It made Mowgli’s friends go to sleep.


He shook his friends. They woke up, and they all ran away!




As Mowgli’s parents got older, the evil wolves saw their chance to take them down and get Mowgli out of the pack. They had a meeting to plan what to do.


Shere Khan, the mean tiger, was at the meeting. He told the wolves that he would help them defeat Mowgli’s parents as long as he got Mowgli in the end. They agreed to his plan.












































Mowgli’s mom and dad were getting old. The mean wolves knew they could hurt them.


They had a meeting. The tiger told the wolves he would help them.

Bagheera, the panther, heard the meeting from a branch he was hiding on. He ran to tell Mowgli what the wolves had said—and what Shere Khan had said.


The panther told Mowgli that he could defeat Shere Khan. Mowgli did not see how he could do this.


Bagheera told Mowgli that tigers are afraid of fire. Mowgli could go into the village and get “the red flower.” This is what the creatures of the village called the fire. This would help Mowgli stop Shere Khan!






































The panther told Mowgli their bad plan.

Mowgli did not know how to save his

wolf parents.

The panther told him to get fire! The tiger is afraid of fire.







When the meeting time came, Mowgli ran bravely to the village. He crept up to the closest hut. He grabbed the torch from its holder.


He ran as fast as he could back to the village to try to save Father Wolf from the enemy wolves and Shere Khan!













































The night of the meeting came. Mowgli ran to the humans’ homes. He got the fire!





Shere Khan ran right at Mowgli. Mowgli held the torch up high, and Shere Khan backed away.


It worked! The tiger was afraid of the fire!


However, when Mowgli turned to help Father Wolf, he was too late! The evil wolves had killed the elder wolf. Mowgli ran as fast as he could with tears burning his cheeks.










































Mowgli ran to the tiger. He held the fire up!

It worked! The tiger ran away.





Bagheera came to comfort Mowgli. Mowgli was so sad that he could not save Father Wolf. He was also sad because he knew that he must leave the jungle.


Bagheera and Mowgli said their goodbyes. Then Mowgli left the jungle and went back to the human village to live.










































Father Wolf was dead. The bad wolves wanted to hurt him too!


Mowgli was sad. He knew he had to leave his friends.

He went to the village to live with humans.



Ray and Donna Reish are the “graduated” homeschooling parents of seven children, ages seventeen to thirty-three.


Donna has written over sixty curriculum books for two publishers over the past fifteen years. She also writes parenting downloads for families, such as poster packs and charts. Additionally, she has YouTube channels and a podcast.


The couple owns and operates a homeschool publishing company and cottage class provider, Character Ink Press (Cl-- formerly Training for Triumph). Ray and Donna also write and present seminars for their family ministry, Raising Kids With Character (RKWC) parenting seminar and blog.


Ray and Donna live in Fort Wayne, Indiana where they test their books and products with homeschooled students, blog about parenting and language arts, write and publish books, share about and sell Plexus health and weight management supplements, spend tons of time with all seven of their kids, ballroom dance whenever they get a chance, and help homeschoolers and parents in their area in any way they can.


They are available to speak and vend at homeschool conventions, churches, and communities about Christian parenting, language arts, writing, homeschooling, home management, Plexus, and more!




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The Write On! series of books is from Character Ink Press’ Book- Movie-Book line of publications that are coming out in spring 2016. The Write On! books are writing/composition books of three to four lengthy lessons each, between 60 and 100 pages per book (depending on the level) that contain writing projects based on old books/current movies that children and adults love. The program contains all types of writing, especially focusing on research reports, essays, and stories.


The projects in the series all use the author’s signature “Directed Writing Approach,” which takes students by the hand every step of the way from prewriting (brainstorming, character and plot development, research, etc.) to skill building (for projects requiring certain skills, such as quotes or imagery or persuasion, etc.) to outlining (based on the type of writing) to writing rough drafts to editing (via the Checklist Challenge) to final copy. No vagueness. No questions as to what to write or how to write.



Each series (Peter Pan, Mowgli, and Dumbo) contains five books:




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Sound It Out, Mowgli!

Sound It Out, Mowgli is a reader and a story book in one whimsical book. For the reader portion, each two page spread has a student text that an emerging reader can read. The student text is vocabulary-controlled for new readers to be able to read silently or orally. The story book portion is also contained in each two page spread with parent text that can be read aloud to the child. The parent text is longer and more in depth, resulting in a fun story book to share together. This reader follows the story of Mowgli from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book series as he is found by Father Wolf, befriends Baloo and Bagheera, and fights the evil tiger, Shere Khan. The pictures are delightful, and the text is engaging for children of all ages.

  • Author: Donna Reish
  • Published: 2016-04-13 18:35:39
  • Words: 2773
Sound It Out, Mowgli! Sound It Out, Mowgli!