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Soul's Symphony - The Light Of Energy

Soul’s Symphony – The Light Of Energy

© 2015 Barbara M Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

The Value of Knowing


Published by PEP at Shakespir

ISBN: 978-1-910774-48-9


Please respect the author’s copyright and the artist’s creations.


On the front cover: “Music bone – an energy zone” 2015.


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For those who keep encouraging me – I thank you most gratefully.


May the wind blow fair and free, the beat of life’s energy!

Soul’s Symphony sublime: the rhythm rhyme a beat in time

I mastered quickly to despair of all that had ever lived there, and in the vibrant atmosphere, I saw it epically, turn around to haunt me…


Music poetry – the air ecstatically – was Soul’s great symphony encompassing me in the light of energy that broke a rhythm free in depths of memory.


Creationist Design – each thought now underline

And all the leaves shed from the trees for such are moments such as these

– an echo coming through of all the joy we knew


Undulating sea – a boundless vast of energy


Refine – Divine – Define see how the circle chime a simple sound sublime


The Sound of Choice is Your Own Voice; Music poetry – the sound of destiny


Beautifully, the apple fell from the tree – discovery harmoniously: Newton’s source of gravity – phenomena naturally a part of energy, and, windfall, a source of nature I recall – an open stall and quiet idyll – the view from a window sill with birds that trill and fertile land to till – what is human sound in nature’s nurture ground?


Pastoral scene so vibrant green and help me now to glean a sound of voice – a listener’s choice and sound of reason – a listener’s fission


A warmth of notes cohesion – can we start to hear what should next appear?


White noise and unguarded energy – a simple travesty of humanity’s ecstasy – voice of strength and voice of care – voice of reasoning atmosphere: are vibrations now so clear to what is life’s own humming sphere?


And the tautness of my bow moves to life and lets me flow back beneath the fields I grow: reaping yields a kernel of instinct, the matter I now blink – I see the light appear: the humming throb that now can sheer each blind confusion – a life profusion cuts diffusion


The shout of joy and dismay; the subtle things we murmur say … the kaleidoscopic form when sound is airborne and form is now my reason – the depths of sound reverse cohesion – the sonic form of human dawn when all around I see – the world listens now to me: my voice my choice – my heart rejoice


The accent of the line – the mesmeric intertwine – the story grows apart – the healing of the heart – the age of life’s quick-start, the soothing of our minds, the source that now unwinds and binds our nature to the catalyst course we knew – our own voice our own choice – the Joyce between our lives – the circumstance that thrives – visibility, a source of life’s own history but in the sound of everyday, we understand what comes our way – renaissance barely broke, when with the dawn I start to croak – renaissance barely warm when brand new sounds I start to form (fire storm – an inkling torn) – renaissance loud and clear when my own voice I start to hear – renaissance fully fledged when to my voice I allegiance pledge!


Renaissance gather wing when with my heart I start to sing – the meaning now of everything.


Octave, and with each note and stave, the music that I crave becomes a riot and a wave – the rave of everywhere: the universal listening sphere and quality of sound is what now gathers from the ground – profound box of things when from the dark there gathers wings – a soul that sings so pure is life abundant, I am sure, and procured to energy – it is at last that I shall see the calls of all humanity crying to be free from self-imposed distillery


I waved my wings within the air, the sound that carried life there, had life to share – and with each passing memory, my soul now beckoned just to see:


Words of mystery vibrate in harmony!


Primordial sound, the earth abound in deeper groans of wealth for here and now your stealth to gather healing calm and words balm to note the resonance that tote a simple passage time – the sound that align the balance sublime – the vibrant life sign


The wind in my sails – the voice that regales, a sweetness impales all that once fails, and courage I now spoke: the silence broke right through the harry list of all to-do and the echo knew – a voice returned from the blue – the whispered crew – the volume blew:


The subtlety of sound right from the very ground!


Force of memory when words animate what we see; but source of energy when life laughs strong and life laughs free with joy and verdant tone: it is the joy I own to magnify my living home and forces energy – such singing we shall see when the world echoes back at me at full pelt vibrantly the measure of my ‘infinitely’ – undulated, unabated, now I hear me sing the colours that I bring when all of life I fling with heart and gusto, for here my life is whole when sound is like a bowl


Fragmented energy when snatched the sound of memory – fragmented sense of course when stultified the vibrant source is smothered in its start from crying out with all its heart – fresh lungs I give to you to hear the world anew – fresh ears (amongst the tears) that you may start to see, the source of life’s own destiny – fresh life in all its tones: unbounded in its zones – fresh leap and flame of reason – the sound of life cohesion – the innocence to see: a world of melody outstretched and free conductively


Conductive quality of life – the medium of another knife that cuts the anchor free and sails to melody


What grabs me to clutch my soul – what grabs my heart and speaks me whole: the bells that chime, the bells that toll; the singing bowl, the reverential soul


The more of life and clang, the more the sketch of limb – the final hymn – the limber up to do, all that spells fresh and new – the force of thrush and push when Spring in Winter’s mush refuses now to hush


The rolling sound where life abound

the cow that now stood up and came to take a look and then just moved away, nothing further left to say: the farmer’s got his hay and I now call a day – words that interplay where sound will make a way… the deviant form that hooks me – the echo that a butterfly free – the hum and sensory of music poetry: a final call to destiny!


“Make it beautiful!” I heard, and I rushed like a bird – the flapping of my wings: the call of all things instinctively – music force and energy migratory patterns free embedded deep in you and me


Music poetry: life’s

Heart’s destiny

Echoing free – a

Sound of energy


Colour, Sound and Space – all interlace

A 3D energy – Soul’s Great Symphony


Numbers are the same (what’s your preference game?)

In each and every lane – the vibrant can proclaim: “Return to earth again – washed like the rain into the ground – here your moment now to figure: the profound is rather very round” (where each form abound – the new is always found).


A shift of perspective – always ready in ‘corrective’ – when you zoom right in, who are you to win; when you zoom right out, what gives you cause to shout? Life and light and walk-about, mending sense of senses – always building fences?


Sharing society and false economy when we from each other flee back to mediocrity – an aristocracy of sorts: those brave juggernauts who always push right through until the new hits you between the eyes – disruptive modelling wise, what do we energise; where do we come prepared for all we ever dared?


I rip the page of yesterday – no more now I shall delay, what has bid me stay to listen to a brand new day when we shall coast away beyond the fray of ‘reason’ and embrace a humming season of starting fresh and new: see the energy come through – desire helps you to do all you set out to…


The cavorting horse that set to race each course, a form of life force and arrays of sunshine – smatterings of memory to just to help define – a different step in time.


The octave wave – the simple brave that sing to soul’s delight: and lets life take flight!


You wonder constantly, when will the endlessly have its finality, but in summer wine, such liquid joy define – the sculpture park is mine (in soul’s memory, life hums atmospherically)


I started with you – the last of which I thought to do, and all at once I knew, it had all come through – the colour now renew all seasons back to you


Soul symphony, the elemental free a fire and a horse: such passion as a source of life’s own destiny (beyond the individually, we are wrapped eternally in moments we embrace with the sun’s brightest face)


And water flowing free – a paradise of destiny – to root as a tree and grow exponentially


Swept desire – the horse on fire: no more you rout and turn when the ground you churn starts to learn to yield all the hopes you thought concealed.


Evanescent wave – optics, acoustics: energy crave – arisen from your own grave of what you thought to save, when in a field I see, the light is running free to exorcise new energy: the source that beckons me to plough and till my field and work somehow beyond the present yield of the routinely appealed


Evanescent wave – how can you really shave musically a pitch perfect harmony?


Music poetry – the soul that starts to see glistening chimes’ reality –

Swept out to see the harboured life that sheltered me from mediocrity: the will to aspire that drove me ever higher and caused my soul to leap and dance at every circumstance – the prance through the ages – the battle of the wages that echoed now sublime: you paid your dues on time – you saw each and every sign and danced to beat and rhythm rhyme


Your rhythm time now rhyme – one heartbeat’s time

Sand and life profusion echoed sense collusion – the maestro calls the stall, the orchestra to stand and fall with every bow: I really made it somehow to that final symphony when all the extraneous flee to rhythms deep inside of me: musician now your soul desires to be whole – I sang in tones so sweet, the world replete fell to my feet for I caught the rhythm of the word – it is ‘harmony’ I heard and beneath the flow of former show, I know all element design a rhythm to define what is a living breathing sign –


The butterflies in the air flapping everywhere in swift and dulcet tones, these are reverberant homes to capture life’s new zones of freeing endlessly, a force of life so naturally and to lift with one voice: ‘change is our constant choice!’


Rejoice, rejoice: the echo’s choice is a human voice!

I knew upon a hymn, I could call forth every whim to serve and grow free of false shades of mediocrity – for deep within my soul, the beat grew warm, the beat grew whole, and in one voice, I rejoice to see the symphony, welling deep inside of me – beckoning be free from fearful energy, and with each stride, my heart collide with the beat inside – my veritable throng, it moves me in my very song: the sense of ages gone has become a universal note on which I float a melody that takes me on the river to the sea of a paradise set free


And the strings play along at a rate that prolong a lingering harmony submerged in the depths of me – for the sweep of the sea came to haunt me and draw from depths of womb, soul tree’s great harpoon – full moon countermanding, all worlds understanding that in the fluid stringed bow, life moves flow in magical design to glimpse each moment in its prime when all the sublime twinkles in a line of swiftly flowing melody that haunts me to free the beat I hear deep within me


And all around the enchantment of the music song is gathered in a throng of what is gone and yet become an endless journey to reach the sun and dissolve into a cascade – the haunting melody made me see the drumming beat of ecstasy that regimented grew to numbers swelling deep and few – as though the very core was activated once more, I called forth to my soul: ‘it is you I fore-toll for I am the singing bowl’


Each single note alloy reverberation decoy – to conduct with sense and sound an energy that abound and come right around – the echo knew I’d pushed right through the source of life and where it came to – the hearth of desire and pastoral though my tones, I swept dispassionate through so many zones of anguish and despair – the living joy I revere for I am colours bold and true – I am the melody that seeks you – the haunting melody: I will not rest until I see a world glistening vibrantly


The light that shines in me blends mediocrity to harmony for I can see the subtlety of memory that courses in my veins – the light and dark campaigns: the ‘chiaroscuro’ – the obscured that inured the cured to heal me from false infancy to tones of melody that lift beyond a realm of desire and catch a floating spire of notes that take the spirit ever higher, and in rhythmic view, I breathed each breath right back to you – the echo knew the love affair that I caught gently in the air and whispered sweetly there, “life, it is you I want to see humming vibrantly through”, and all around the earth opened for me, a shaking trilling symphony and the storming of my lutes are vibrant shoots of music tree come to worship me for I am soul’s energy on a mission and a quest to rejoice at life’s behest!


The zest and fission, the joy of life and pure cohesion in my melody lets water run free – dropping to eternity – the echoed gratitude intoned: I am music home – the bone that rattles with delight, the reverberation flight – the deepest depth and moving light: I am all the powers you ignite in soul’s sight and cause – the swept upon shores of memory, when soul sings so easily, and wiped away pretences start to see the clouds that envelop me are harmony swirling as a tree grown from life’s vibrancy


The sea, the sea – you came again to marry me to inner harmony – the roll of ocean deep and the whisper of the birds that sent my soul to sleep dissolved in harmony, the breath of life’s ecstasy worshipped me for I am energy shorn of make-believe, I am what the creator conceive to glisten on each bough with harmony that somehow makes me whisper in delight as my soul takes flight and returns to me all shades mediocrity – the dark and light of what I see: the mid-points of reality – all revels in vibrancy and cannot comprehend: “Is this the end, my friend?”


When the world is free from desperation energy and opens to the refrain – ‘to live life once again’ – once again, once again – the refrain that haunts my head – “Life’s echo,” I now said, but somehow the voices carried on – a reverberation powerful and strong, and I lifted up to see my soul held in front of me the endless imagery of the sea – the depth of harmony, the wonder of the campaign to see all dark and light refrain – the endless subtlety campaign to let joy reign in its many shades and dues and colours splashed to gentler hues – the rainbow droplet mind – the thought to be kind and nestle, cradled there, God’s harmony (to) share


My spirit see my soul reverberates me into endless energy; it dribbles nectar light and sweet – the sound complete a vision of a world the nuances I’d heard before nostalgia had knocked down my door in sympathy for in a moment’s harmony, I am fully free – an echoed form’s eternity


Soul tree memory, I glanced at what I see – reverberating free design’s own energy


Consequential existential rainbow territory – the heaven and earth that blossoms through me dissolved to ecstasy in music poetry – a simple source of pen – a simple source as and when and all the thoughts of flowing zen lift to a choice of harmony – the moment flee for through a simple humming see life’s soul open to humanity…


Seductress, how your pen heals a world just as and when we can start to see life lived joyful free and music as its tree – the soar to ecstasy – the depths too deep that we can see echo mercilessly: ‘the sun that haunts my frame – the sun that bids me well again – the sun that never ceases – the sun that hides in autumn’s creases – the sun that follows suit – the sun that lets all ‘cahoot’ – the sun that bids you warm – the sun in deepest winter born – the sun that heats your brow – the sun that fevered sense of how life responds to you and keeps on flooding through


The sun: a life’s tree echoed now profusely – the sun that sits on high – the sun that each day shall die to rise glorious and new for now the echo knew: the music could push through to the great soul that lives in you!


A simple sense sublime and music so divine starts a humming rhyme and whispers sweetly ‘Welcome, life, to harmony’, and the rolling of my drums captures life beyond null sums and twiddling thumbs now rest in awe for this is what I am pushing for: “May the glorious and new release you!”


And you turned to life again and echoed sweet refrain, a simple harmony of soul’s great melody that caused with echoed voice to state out loud ‘life is my choice’ and each sinew now rejoice that in each melody fall the perfect note to capture all for this was life’s own call to sing with joy and wonder – a simple sense of you in dulcet tones and harmony through the dark and light that define you to move beyond your times and feel the wind and hear the chimes


The mystery of chance – to dance with circumstance and reason, and release each breath to life’s cohesion – a simple harmony to share a voice and then set free an ambling melody – a wistful kindly tune that in the torrent doom would light the very gloom with sparkle sunlight – for in the dark and in the night all worlds ignite to flame to roar through life again – and in the burning passage of life’s memory ashes, I listened carefully to what my soul can see beating life’s eternity and whispering ‘be free for life is what you always see reverberate magnificently’


And in the strength of resurrection – a perfect pitch of life’s affection: for whatever you may do, the music seeps right through to the heart and soul of you – and all that I am left to see in never-ending memory is a haunting tune caught in the very moon of wishes caught aflame to let life’s great joy melody reign.


Music tree – the soul that starts to see life’s symphony of energy


Iridescent tones, the music in our bones are life’s own vibrant zones.


All richness that now owns a soul of destiny with spirit laughing free – soul’s symphony the light of destiny for the soul speaks free ‘here is my symphony!’


Conquest of paradise lost and found – I feel it from the very ground

I hear it in the sound that comes to me: the echo knew joy now pushed through!


May pole: the dance is whole – I swirled around the earth, to all I gave new birth – I am the eternal fire – I am all that you desire and I live supreme: unbidden I am Queen of all that has been and all that is yet to come for I defy null sum – you think you cage me in your expectancy, but really what you fear is never very clear – so see my heart beat reappear – see my life rear free for I am life force energy – the best is yet to be – sweet depths of hope turned vibrancy where none was won before, I now knock on every door ‘open up and explore’ – what are you still waiting for man of time and woman divine – but I am always in my prime and I rule with what can align a beating heart to triumph and define: ‘here is nature’s good time to whisper earth divine in each and every living sign!’


I breathe as if to become a single living one – I breathe as if to dwell in each and every living cell – I breathe beyond all hell for I am wishing spell and I am lowly well – I am water from the deep for paradise on earth I keep and should you wish me sleep and all treasures once entombed blossomed and resumed: your deepest desire catch heart’s own fire – your deepest strength of mind is nothing further than to be blind from all that makes us kind


I trembled from the deep – the roar I could not keep hidden from my womb: ‘your time is coming soon to prosper in the gloom and bring light into the doom of what others say – for you are liberation day!’


Caught in many chances of secret necro-fancies of dastardly advances of love failed and true but then the sunlight just caught you, and brought into the light, you seemed to burn so bright and what was hidden, presumed dead (‘enlightenment’ I said) – is alive and kicking in your head: the thought you might just be eventually free had cause enough to see a deeper harmony of drawing from my well – the hidden healing spell of wishing all things true – the echo brought right back to you each moment that we knew, and in a sense of paradise – the loss of sacrifice is hidden in a trice in sun’s glorious arrays for here the light plays swift and fleet and all the seasons rush to greet a heart beat running on its feet – a heart beat running neat without a moment’s due of what it now should do…


The river ran right through the paradise we knew, and returned once more to beckon and implore – “here is life worth waiting for!”


Here is life’s incipient soar – here is life’s carousel to always wish all things well and in a healing spell, minds liberated free from all that chained menagerie of shuffling now and then a desperate wisp of zen…


Individually, the worlds that open up to me are vibrant empty spaces that cause great joy and energy races into a treasured hold where music can unfold and we can dance so free at life’s enormity.


A heart so grown with music tone and soul’s vibrating home – a never-ending paradise we own in haunting melody of life’s energy in the light and dark we see…


And the echo now was free, rejoicing in soul’s symphony.


Oh eternal summertime, no more is left now to define when my heart’s incline to soul’s great destiny chime.

Purple Eyes Publishing the Value of Knowing

Thank you for reading through until the end: may it enrich you.


PEP logo creation


The logo for PEP (Purple Eyes Publishing) was part of a personal quest in art and design. The two spirals represent eyes opened when pivoted on a peak that has a steep side and a sloped curve. This portrays the delicate balance between hard-earned (steep-sided) understanding and sliding into familiarity (sloped curve). The overarching wave recognises the far-reaching potency of individual receptivity. Purple is often used to denote power or spirituality, and a particular mysticism or greater understanding is attached to purple eyes.


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purple eyes publishing the value of knowing

Soul's Symphony - The Light Of Energy

The music brought a depth of time to close the chasm and divine a symphony of soul that brought its memory whole into a rhythm bowl. And, in the flurry of the beat, the world was silent and complete - the rhythm knew its rhyme had reached the depths of time. The light and its array still had the sun to play on what a memory say when music notes have died away.

  • ISBN: 9781910774489
  • Author: PEP (Purple Eyes Publishing)
  • Published: 2015-10-17 03:05:08
  • Words: 4302
Soul's Symphony - The Light Of Energy Soul's Symphony - The Light Of Energy