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Hiranya Borah

Copyright 2016 Hiranya Borah

Shakespir Edition

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This is a poetic description in prose form of much anticipated first night of a couple based on pure imagination. However, if any similarity or resemblance of any character of the prose is observed with any living or dead person, it is purely a coincidence only. The description of the society described in the prose may be also far from reality.

Happiness of a married life is standing on few solid pillars. Some of them are faith, love for each other, mutual respect, physical intimacy, mental compatibility, common goals, children, good communication, resilience, financial stability and understanding between each other. I am not mentioning them in any order of importance.

I got inspiration to write this book from my family members, friends, readers and critiques. I am thankful to all of them.

I am also thankful to Shakespir for publishing my articles as e-book.



Chapter I: Marriage


Both of them were waiting for that day. For Arunabh, Rini is (was) his first love and for him it was love at first sight. However, in Rini’s case, it was a different story. Initially she said ‘yes’ to the relation because of their family pressure, as according to them, she would never get such a good boy as her life partner. She realised after few days of their formal engagement, her family members were absolutely correct in assessing the quality of Arunabh as a person. She could come to know how much Arunabh was good by heart just after few weeks of their first meeting. A few weeks after their first meeting, Rini was formally engaged with Arunabh in presence of their parents and relatives from both sides.

But after few days of engagement, Arunabh unilaterally severed the engagement with her when he came to know that there had been an understanding between the two fathers for some financial transactions over the engagement. Arunabh first fought with his own father and told him that he was going to cancel his marriage with Rini. On the same day, he blasted Rini’s father over phone. He categorically told Rini’s father that he is not a material for sale. As the marriage was arranged on the basis of an understanding of some financial transactions, he had no alternative but to cancel the marriage. Rini’s father, Prabir Choudhury tried to explain under what circumstances the understanding was arrived at, but in vain. Arunabh snapped the phone line.

For Prabir Choudhury, it was a bolt from the blue. The dejected father, being a high blood pressure patient, sat on the floor to avoid an unexpected fall. The receiver of the phone was kept hanging by the poor father. He was looking to the ceiling fan vaguely and tried to find out where he went wrong. Though Arunabh’s father had not demanded anything for their only son’s marriage, he offered to repay the education loan of Arunabh which was taken for his MBA after coming to know the fact that Arunabh’s father had to pay a huge amount for their daughter’s marriage two years back.

Arunabh was a crusader of anti-dowry campaign in India. Arunabh’s stand on dowry got a severe jolt when he came to know that his father agreed to take the loan amount which was taken for his studies. To defend his own position, Arunabh’s father told him that he demanded nothing and only on insistence of Choudhury, he agreed to his offer. This infuriated Arunabh so much that he lost his temper and blasted the old person (Rini’s father). He used such a language in his conversation with Rini’s father, which he never uttered (those words) to a person of his father’s age in his 27 years of life. After cooling down, he felt very bad about his own behaviour.

When Rini saw his father sitting on the floor, looking vaguely to the moving ceiling fan and the receiver of the phone was hanging, she was really worried. She shook his father by holding his shoulders and asked what had happened. Choudhury looked at his daughter, touched her head and started weeping like a little boy. Then, after some time, he said to her daughter, ‘We are going to lose best boy in the world as your husband! It is because of my fault! I treated a diamond with an ordinary stone!’Then he hugged his daughter and said, ‘Pardon me my sweetheart, I have spoiled your life!’

In the mean time, her mother also came to room and started crying without knowing any reason. Rini was also about to cry but composed herself and asked her father, ‘Tell me what had happened? Who was on the line? What he actually said?’

After two to three minutes, composing himself little bit, Choudhury told his wife and daughter, ‘You are aware that Arunabh was dead against of taking dowry which was already told me by his father. However, I came to know through a common acquaintance that the father of Arunabh is in debt after his daughter’s marriage. Further, he has an education loan of Rs. 5 Lakh which has to be paid in next five years. As Arunabh was dead against of taking dowry, his father did not want to take the amount. But on my insistence, he agreed to take the amount. Arunabh came to know about the understanding from his mother. Unlike a normal lady, she is also very much against dowry. Then both son and mother first fought with his father and decided to sever the engagement and marry another girl who is good but not able to give dowry. Now tell me, did I not the enemy of daughter’s fortune!’He started again weeping like a school boy.

Rini is a soft spoken beautiful girl. At the first meeting, she thought Arunabh is also an ordinary boy with a decent job with a good monthly salary. He is little bit talkative and on the very first day he told Rini that if she is a shopping maniac, she will be disappointed as he is a miser (others say, economic in his own words). Probably he is also suffering from a rare psychological disorder of Chrometophobia (fear for having more money; very rare in the world). If she wants to work after their marriage, it is perfectly alright; but he will never insist her to work. As desire for more money leads to unhappy life, one should content with money one has. Now after correlating with his earlier talk, she realized, Arunabh is not an ordinary boy, as she had earlier thought. At that moment for the first time in her life, she felt something for Arunabh. Later on, she understood that actually she started loving that talkative boy. Suddenly, she felt that she was becoming possessive about Arunabh. Then she took an unexpected and risky decision to become his wife only or otherwise remain unmarried.

Next day, without telling his father, Rini went to Arunabh’s office to discuss the matter which was unexpected from a girl like Rini who happened to be a very shy girl. On seeing Rini in his office, he was surprised and felt little uncomfortable. He had already realized he should not be that harsh with the old man. But seeing Rini, he thought he was going to get a return blast from her. Therefore, he told Rini, ‘I am sorry, I should have been little polite while talking to your father in conveying my feeling and decision. Would you join me in the cafeteria as the office may not be a good place to discuss personal matters?’ He was apparently very calm and composed in communicating with Rini

Rini was surprised to see his calmness. Rini followed him to the cafeteria and all along she was thinking how to start the discussion.

‘I know, your father must be upset the way I talked. But honestly, I was also very upset with both of our fathers, how they can think that I am saleable product!’With same calmness Arunabh told Rini justifying his outburst.

‘I understand your state of mind during the period when you talked with my father. I understand he might be selfish and arrogant to offer the money to your father; but, will you try to understand the mental condition of a father of a marriageable girl, who does not want to lose a good boy. He can go up to any extent, good or bad; as his sole aim to rope a good boy for his daughter.’

Arunabh kept mum for a while then he started laughing loudly. Rini could not understand how to react to his laugh as she could not find any reason why he was laughing. Arunabh enjoyed her perplexed face and told calmly, ‘You must be thinking, why I am laughing. Have I gone mad? No, I have not gone mad, at least of now. I am laughing because, for the first in my life, a beautiful girl has certified me as a good boy; that too twice!’

However, his laugh could not make her smile. They kept mum for few minutes. Then Rini asked, ‘Can you forgive my father for that?’

Arunabh thought for a while and then asked, ‘After using so much harsh words, I have to apologize to him. So far marriage is concerned; I can consider it afresh, if those terms and conditions are removed permanently.’

After taking a pause he told again, ‘Further, I shall consider that, if and only if you dump your grumpy face and give me a beautiful smile.’

Rini understood Arunabh still liked her. She was little bit relaxed and without any thought a smile surfaced on her face. She asked, ‘Though I am not fully relaxed, I am trying to smile; can you consider now?’

‘Please show me your, left hand.’ Arunabh asked Rini to show her engagement ring. Rini was still wearing her engagement ring.

‘My ring is still in your hand and I am also still wearing your ring. So we have not broken our engagement so far. Do you want to break it now?’ Arunabh told his decision with a teasing voice. Rini could not stop her tears.

‘Hey, do not cry now. People may think I had done something wrong to you and I may be thrashed.’ He teased her again.

The shy girl did an unthinkable thing for the first time in her life; in full public view, she got up from her chair and hugged Arunabh. While hugging she whispered, ‘Promise me, you will never leave me till my death!’

Realizing that everyone in the cafeteria was looking at her, she became very nervous and went back to her seat. Her face was flushed.

For next few minutes nobody talked. To ease the situation, Arunabh ordered two cups of coffee. ‘I do not take coffee!’ Rini, with a meek voice, told.

‘You have to take today, whether you like or not. It is my first gift to you!’Arunabh told. Having no alternative she agreed to take coffee, for the first time in her life.

After taking coffee, escorting out of his office Arunabh told Rini, ‘Tell your parent to be relaxed. But you may be interested to know, why I have U turned my decision, subject to my conditions of course. Right now I am not telling you. But I promise you, I shall tell you if we get marry in near future. Now go home in a relaxed mood and inform your parent about my U turn. Do not forget to convey my apology to your father for my harsh words.’

His decision, U turn in his words, did not make Arunabh’s father very happy. He was very much annoyed with his son. But Arunabh’s mother was happy to bring Rini as her daughter in law, despite of the hiccup.

On the other hand, as soon as Rini broke the news that Arunabh had agreed to marry Rini with the condition that no financial transaction would take place, all the family members zoomed with happiness. Respect for Arunabh enhanced further in the eyes of the in laws.

Finally, marriage of Arunabh and Rini was solemnized on the designated date in presence of all the family members of both sides.

Chapter II: Seen From Below


When Arunabh entered to their room, he saw Rini was sitting on the bed with full of rose petals. Fragrance of rose was so strong, even a man of stone might be romantic. Arunabh was not a youth known for his romance. But on that day, his mind also became somewhat romantic.

When Rini saw Arunabh closed the door and approached the bed, she got up from the bed and tried to touch the feet of Arunabh as per rituals. Arunabh did not allow her to do that and moved quickly backward. Then he said, ‘You are equal partner in my life. Your status is not below my status in any respect. Never try to touch my feet which only show dignity of a wife is not at par with her husband. That is against my principle of equality of husband and wife.’

Rini understood he is a different type of man, albeit in a positive sense.

He put his hands on her arms and helped her sit on the bed. He removed the veil from the face of Rini and told, ‘Do not keep a veil on your face in future. You are very beautiful. Your face is a visual delight for everyone around. Let all enjoy the brightness of your face. Let others to envy me for having an extremely beautiful wife!’

Rini did not understand how to react to his comment on her beauty. On seeing Rini mum he started talking again. ‘On our meeting in the cafeteria, you appeared to be very bold; you hugged me and then kissed me.’

‘No, I did not kiss you!’Rini objected to his false comment.

‘I clearly remember, you kissed me on that day!’ Arunabh insisted.

‘No, I did not. I only whispered with the request not to leave me till my death.’ Rini did not want to budge her ground as she was truthful.

‘That is unfair! You requested me not to leave you. But you keep your choice open ended. By the way, when you are going to leave me?’

‘At my death only!’ She was forthcoming with a strong statement; Arunabh realized. From his sitting position he hugged her and kissing on her forehead told, ‘I also promise you, I shall not to leave you till my death.’

Arunabh saw Rini’s eyes became moist. ‘Are you unhappy leaving behind your family?’

‘Yes. But, I am extremely happy to be with you. I must confess to you, I did not fall in love with you on our meeting. I started loving you from the day when you cancelled our marriage. I can do anything for you and staying with you for whole of my life!’

Arunabh kissed her again; this time on her cheek.

‘Rini, as a youngster I was always fascinated by one photograph of Lord Shri Krishna with Mother Radha where the God was taking rest putting his head on her lap. Both of them were so engrossed to look each others’ eyes, it appears nothing in the world was more important for them during that period of time.’ Arunabh closing his eyes tried to imagine essence of that eternal love.

‘Would you like take some rest on my lap?’ Rini asked Arunabh with a low voice.

‘Yes, of course, if you do not mind.’ Telling that without waiting for Rini’s reply prepared himself for the rest.

He stretched his legs and placed his head on her lap. She looked very beautiful from below: Arunabh thought. With a natural instinct, she put her right hand on his hair and slowly started running her fingers through the thick black hair. He slowly removed her sari from her shoulders and looked at her eyes passionately. Both of them looked at each other for some time. She thought, she had to live with this man throughout her life. He has an ordinary face with an extra-ordinary heart. She loves the inner side of this man, who has a golden heart for which any lady could have sacrificed everything to posses him. She felt lucky to be his wife.

Arunabh thought in a complete different line. She is so beautiful- she had married him due to some compulsion only. Will their marriage be sustainable?

‘Are you happy to be my wife?’He asked.

‘Why do you ask this question? Do you have any doubt in your mind?’She did not answer directly.

‘You are extremely beautiful! Contrary to that I am an ordinary looking person. You could have got a more handsome person as your husband! I feel sorry for you on that account!’ He told these words with full of genuineness.

Rini did not say anything. A drop of tear fell on the face of Arunabh. Sudden drop of hot tears made Arunabh to get up from the lap of Rini. But Rini pushed her head down and wiped out her own tears and tears from Arunabh’s face.

‘Would you keep a request of mine? If you promise me that you are going to keep the request for your life, I shall think that will be the best gift you are giving to me on the first night of our married life!’ She told very quietly.

‘Tell me dear. I promise you, I shall try to keep your request rest of my life.’

‘Nobody has forced me to marry you. There was no compulsion to marry you except one, as I have told you earlier, I started loving you from the day when you refused to marry me. I love you as a person and as my husband. I never think anyone in the world would be more suitable for me as husband. I want to die as your wife only. For me, you are the most handsome person in the world. I am for you, only for you. You can do anything with me, I shall not complain to anyone for any of your actions. I love you so much! I can sacrifice everything for your happiness!’ Arunabh had no problem in judging her honesty in those words.

‘Ok, I understand your feeling about me; but what is your request?’

‘Never ask me, whether I love you or not. Never ask me whether I am happy with you or not. Never ask under what compulsion I agreed to marry you. Never tell me that you are an ordinary person. You are and you always will be special to me.’ She said with a choked voice.

‘You wanted to keep one request, but you have given a list of it. But I promised you to keep all of them.’ With a pause he again started, ‘I told you on that day, after marriage I would tell you, why I have taken a U turn on my decision to marry you. Would you like to know now?’

‘If you want to tell me, I shall like to hear it from your mouth. But I know why you have decided.’ She said politely.

‘Oh my darling, you can read my mind also. Then tell me why I took a U turn after meeting you. Remember, if you are wrong, I am going to punish you.’ Arunabh smiled.

‘There may be two reasons for that. First you have a golden heart to understand that if you refuse to marry me after our engagement, my family will have to face a humiliating situation. Even I may not get a groom for next few years or I may have to die as a spinster. Though I guess the second reason, I am not going to tell you.’

‘First reason is wrong. Second reason, you are not telling me. So you are going to be punished twice!’He said with a mysterious smile.

‘I know that I am hundred percent correct in my answer. But still I am ready for any punishment you would like to give me!’She said teasingly.

‘The only reason I took a U turn is, I love you from the very first day when I met you for the first time. Now you should be ready for your punishment. Are you ready?’ He got up from her lap and he pulled her near.

She did not utter anything expecting a strong hug or something more. But he did not do anything except patting on her cheek.

‘What is your expectation from our marriage? Only love from me or something else?’ Arunabh wanted hear something from her, which might be exciting for both of them.

‘Every woman wants love from her husband at all the time. Then she wants to be a mother, every woman wants to carry a child of her husband in her womb; but for that she needs blessing from God and elders and true love from her husband. To be a mother, a wife has to make sacrifice her shyness of a girl to her husband, the first male who is allowed to see and touch every part of her body after attaining adolescence, by offering her soul, mind and a bare body without any cover. She has to sacrifice her chastity forever! I am no exception, I want to be the mother of your children and from today my body, mind and soul are for you only. I am going to sacrifice my shyness and allow your hands to touch every part of my body. I allow your eyes to see every part of my body. You are allowed to pierce my body and mind through your love and spirituality. You are allowed to be my master of my body and mind. My thought will start from you and end with you.’ She stops here.

‘Do you want to say, I have a win-win situation all the way? As husband what role do you expect I should play?’ Arunabh asked playing his hands on her arms.

‘Every husband also wants to impregnate his wife to become a father. For that, he has also to make a supreme sacrifice, may be more than a wife who has to sacrifice only her shyness; his ego. He has to come down to the level of his wife in the bed to make her a mother. Normally, a wife is less educated, less in age and experience, less in exposures to the outside world, less physically powerful and above all, always less in stature in almost all societies of the world. The husband has to expose everything to his wife what she has to expose to her husband, both physically and mentally. He has to share everything he has, physically, mentally and emotionally. He has to take solace in the arms of his wife when he is rejected by the whole world due to his failure. Both husband and wife have another moral duty, if anyone is ill, other should not take any outsider’s help except medical person; he /she has to nurse his/ her spouse thoroughly. I am promising you, except doctor, I shall not allow any nurse to touch your body except for the para medical works. I shall also not allow anyone touch my body parts except for surgical or delivery work for my baby. My body is only for you and for my children, up to some extent. Your body and mind are my most revered temple for me, where I want to be the only priest. My every offering of my body and soul is going to be an offering to my God.’

Her explanation about the roles of husband and wife made him more closer to his wife both physically and mentally. He pulled her to his arms and started pressing her back tenderly. He could hear her heart beat clearly. But he wanted to hear something more from his wife, hitherto he did not hear from a young lady. He loosened his grip and kissed her forehead and told, ‘I want to hear something more from you on love between husband and wife. Your talks make me closer to you. You know I am very talkative. But I have a feeling now that, I am always talking only nonsense having no depth in my talk.’

‘Do not say that, my love. I am telling you only my feeling as wife of a person who is superior to me in all respect. Not only I respect you, but also I love you. I am offering my body and mind to you with happiness like a woman delivers a baby with happiness forgetting the pain before the delivery. I want to be happy with you leaving the pain of leaving my comfort zone. I was a happy as a daughter with my parent and as a sister to my brother. My whole world was revolving around them. Within a day everything has changed. Now for me, everything revolves around you. For everything, I shall be dependent to you. It applies to you also up to some extent. I am leaving everything behind me, including my surname and my identity. Till yesterday, I had filled up every form as daughter of so and so, but from today, I have to fill up any form as wife of Arunabh. By doing so, I am not becoming unhappy, rather I shall be proud that I am sharing everything with a person of the stature of Arunabh who is not an ordinary person in the society.’ Arunabh was surprised to hear those words from a lady who was known for her economy in words.

‘I heard that wife starts talking after one year, but you have started from day one.’ He laughed.

‘Are you teasing me! I am not going to say anything from now.’ She showed artificial anger.

‘You are the first girl whom I dare to tease. I hope you will not going to stop that also.’ Arunabh asked her with folded hands to tease further.

‘Ok, permission granted, my dear hubby.’ She retorted with a beautiful smile. Arunabh could not resist himself from kissing her on her cheek. His kissed flushed her face red. She looked more beautiful. He placed another kiss on her other cheek.

‘Do not love me so much! I may have a heart attack right now!’ She told coyly.

‘Yeah! If you die, I shall be arrested for murdering a newlywed wife!’ Rini put her hand on his mouth to stop him from saying further.

Instead of removing her hand from his mouth, he again kissed her, this time on her hand. She immediately removed her hand.

‘I am feeling thirsty! Do you?’ Telling this Arunabh got up from the bed and took some water and offered the water bottle to Rini. She was also feeling thirsty. She took the bottle and drank some water and then said, ‘I am sorry! It should be other way round. I should have offered water to you. I should know when you are hungry and thirsty. I should also know when you want what!’

‘Yes, being my wife, you should know!’ With a heavy voice Arunabh told. Rini’s face became pale.

‘Hey darling, I am joking. Do not be upset. Both of us do not know each other very well. It is only our first day. Further, I do not believe that wife has all the responsibilities to satisfy her husband and husband has none. We have talked for a long time. You might be hungry also. Let us find out if we find something to eat.’ Arunabh got up from bed to search out some food.

This time Rini was also in his tow. But nothing was found in the room to eat. Arunabh told Rini, ‘Stay back in the room, I shall bring something from the kitchen.’

When, Arunabh left the room Rini went to the wash room as she was suppressing her feeling for call of nature due to her shyness. When she was relieving herself, she heard a commotion in the kitchen. When she came out of her room, she realized that all the lights of house were on and a number of pairs of eyes are making a thorough scrutiny of her whole body. She became nervous. But Arunabh’s mother Madhuri, rescued her by saying, ‘Oh, my sweetheart! Go to your room. By the time you must have understood, what a fool you have married. You have to take care of him like a grown up child. He is still having a childlike quality!’

His sister in law (cousin’s wife, who came for the marriage) commented, ‘After doing so much hard work, Tintin (Arunabh’s pet name) must have been very hungry!’ When everyone looked at her, she said, ‘I am talking about the reception party.’ Everyone could understand what she actually meant.

Rini wanted to run from the corridor to her room, but her legs stuck to the place where she was standing. Again her mother in law came to her rescue and led her to the room, though she did not enter to her daughter in law’s room. By the time, Arunabh returned to the room triumphantly with some fruits and a packet of biscuits in his hand.

Closing the door, he smiled to his wife innocently and said, ‘Sorry, it took little time. Will you like take biscuit first?’

Rini could not control her tears. She embraced Arunabh tightly and started weeping. Her tears mixed with vermilion made the white kurta of Arunabh reddish. He patted her back to comfort her, but that made her weeping more profuse. Arunabh led Rini to the bed but did not let her sit her on the bed. Instead he forced her to sit on his lap. However, that did not deter her from clinging to the neck of her husband. Every breath made her cling closer to the chest of her husband. Now instead of patting her, he also embraced her tightly. Slowly her weeping was substituted by heavy and short breathing. Arunabh removed her face from his chest and for the first time he pressed his lips on her.

How long they were in that position, they could not remember, but hunger got better of them. The moment Arunabh reminded about biscuits, she released him from her arms, so did Arunabh.

After taking two biscuits and an apple each they gulped some water. Then Rini asked, ‘what happened in the kitchen?’

‘Nothing great! I was looking for some snacks in the fridge when I accidently dropped the container of the chicken curry which made a noise. As usual Mom came there after hearing the sound. But, for the first time in my life, she did not scold me, what she usually does. The commotion attracted the rest of the family members and all of them looked at me as if I murdered somebody. I also did not care of their presence and took a packet of biscuits and those fruits. While on the way to my room I heard my father was telling to Mom whether I shall gain some maturity or not in near future. What Mom told him in reply I could not hear but I heard my father as saying that he was much matured at the time of his marriage. Anyway, why you were crying?’

‘Ok, let me go to the kitchen first to clean up the mess you have created.’ When she was about to go, Arunabh caught her from behind and told, ‘Do not create another problem for me. They will think, I am sending you to the kitchen and they will kill me! On the very first day you will be a widow!’

Rini tried to get out of his clutches; but in vain. ‘Release me, you are hurting me. It is painful.’ Arunabh released her immediately.

Rini giggled and she showed her thumb and her tongue indicating that she be fooled him. This time, Arunabh pulled her and embraced her tightly and told, ‘This time I am not going to release even you cry for your release!’

‘Do not you like to hear, why I cried for so long.’ Arunabh realized, he had a bounden duty to know why his newlywed wife cried so intensely. He released her from his arms and sat on the bed.

Rini was standing before him in such a tantalizing way to tell him what happened half an hour ago, Arunabh could not but pull her to sit on her lap. She was actually waiting for that. She again put her arms on Arunabh’s neck and told what happened.

Chapter III: Look From Above


‘Are you feeling sleepy?’ Arunabh asked Rini.

‘No. Are you feeling sleepy?’ Rini asked the same question.

‘I want to give equal share of everything of my life, property, comfort, sorrow, happiness; that means anything and everything of my life with you. I rested on your lap for some time, now I want to reciprocate. You put your head on my lap.’ Before she could say something, he pulled her head to his lap and started running his finger through her hair. She looked so beautiful from above; he thought. Her big eyes are like petals of a lotus; her lips are red and soft, her black curly are very much seducing. When Rini closed her eyes, he looked at her beautiful eyebrows. Her colour, compared to him is quite fair and her skin is very smooth.

Despite of her best efforts she could not stop herself from sleeping and she did not know when she fell into deep sleep. Seeing her gone into fast sleep, instead of disturbing her, she ran his finger through her hair more passionately. Looking at her innocent face, he promised to himself, ‘I shall always love this girl and never ever hurt her physically, mentally and emotionally. I shall give her everything I have. I shall share my happiness and pain with her equally. I shall never hide anything from her. I shall never cheat her.’

While sleeping, it appeared her blouse tightened her bosom considerably which gave some discomfort in her breathing. He removed the button of her blouse to ease her breathing. The moment he unbuttoned her blouse she became comfortable in her breathing and her sleep. But that discomforted Arunabh. He could see some portion of her bosom. He could not stop himself from touching that part of her body. It was very soft. He wanted to press it further. But he desisted himself from doing so; he did not want to disturb his lovely wife in her sleep. She looked like a fairy.

He felt a pain on his legs after half an hour or so. He silently put her head on a pillow and sat comfortably on her side. The more he looked at her, he became more and more close to her emotionally. He put his hand on her head and started patting. He lowered his head and intended to kiss her; but he restrained himself from doing so fearing her sleep would be disturbed. Her body fragrance made him wild; but again he did nothing which might disturb her sleep. Finally, he went to the bathroom and took a shower.

When he came out of the bathroom, dawn of the new day arrived silently. He looked at the clock. It was five minutes to five. Normally, his parent gets up at five in the morning. So he had no alternative but to make her awake before others in the family knock at the door.

‘Rini, Rini please get up’ He tried, but in vain. She was in fast sleep. He felt guilty for giving her trouble. He thought for a moment and decided not to disturb her again, no matter what others would think. But to his surprise, she got up and asked, ‘Did I sleep?’

‘Yes, for an hour or so you were sleeping. Now go to the washroom and take a bath so that we can join morning prayer with our family members.’ Arunabh told his wife.

She was about to cry again for sleeping. ‘Shobha Aunty, the lady who dropped me at your, oh sorry, my new home, told me categorically to give my everything to you on the very first day itself. But I did not submit my body and mind to you as I should have submitted as your wife. She said, I should submit my body to you for our future generation. The submission what she referred may be the basis of our happy married life. But what a fool I am, I did not submit my body and soul as I should have. All these happened because of my sleep! It is my fault!’

Though, Arunabh understood what she wanted to convey, he pretended not to understand and asked her, ‘How you are supposed to submit your body to me, I cannot understand. Would you explain?’

At first, she wanted explain; but next moment she realized, Arunabh was teasing her. She kept mum. At this Arunabh told, ‘Do not be upset my darling! You have given me everything. You have already submitted me your soul, mind and body. You have not submitted a part of body which you can submit to me at any time. Whole life is waiting for us for doing all those things. So far happy life is concerned, physical relation is an integral part of a married life. But that is not the only thing which is the foundation of a happy married life.’

She came forward to him and embraced him tightly for some time before going for a bath. While taking shower, she recapitulated all the events of entire night. She felt, she became one of the happiest wives in the world despite of the fact that she could not offer her body fully to her husband on her very first night with her husband. She thanked God for giving the most romantic and honest man as her husband. She promised to God, she would follow her husband blindly wherever he goes without an iota of confusion.

Chapter IV: The Voyage


I met Arunabh and Rini after ten years of their marriage. They still loved and respect each other like on their first night. They were blessed with two adorable sons, one was nine and second one was six at that time. Both were very intelligent like their father and looked like him. But they were also blessed with one quality of their mother, they can cry at the drop of a hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About the Author


The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi. The book is about a fictional story of true love between Arunabh and Rini.


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This is a poetic description in prose form of much anticipated first night of a couple, Arunabh and Rini, based on pure imagination. Happiness of a married life is standing on few solid pillars. Some of them are faith, love for each other, mutual respect, physical intimacy, mental compatibility, common goals, children, good communication, resilience, financial stability and understanding between each other. I am not mentioning them in any order of importance.

  • ISBN: 9781311550026
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2016-04-23 06:50:08
  • Words: 6627
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