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Soul to Soul


Soul to Soul

By Fawn Moran


Volume IV

The Mystical Traveler Series

Santa Rosa, CA

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For those who love and never give up

“[The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you,
not knowing how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.”
__][~ Rumi, 13th century Sufi mystic & poet
__]The Illuminated Rumi

Copyright 2015-16 by Fawn Moran

Shakespir Edition

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[Book & Cover Design by Fawn Moran
Images courtesy of the fabulous photographers
at morguefile.com
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Santa Rosa, CA 95401]

Table of Contents




Before It’s Too Late


Catch The Barbs

The Lens




Make The Time

Gossamer Threads


Simple Grace

Remember Why

Make It Last



Incredibly Close

Will You?

Laid Bare

Chain Of Souls

Serious Fun

Soul To Soul

One True Self

Power & Resistance


The Rift

The Test


Don’t Be Afraid


Deep Grief


The Appointment

One Presence


An Open Heart

Sweet Prince

Tender Heart

Praise For The Mystical Traveler Series


About The Author

[] Preface

I’ve read the compositions in this volume many times. During each sitting they sink in more deeply than the last. Relationships with our fellow human beings are our biggest challenge. Some have said that hell is other people. It would be wonderful if heaven was other people. Let’s aim for the latter.

While I’m described as the author of this work and several others, I wasn’t their creator as much as their receiver, and realize their greatest value lay in passing them on.


[Fawn Moran


Want to change your life?

Want the love you’ve been missing?

An answer lies sleeping,

Held dear for safekeeping,

Waiting for you to sound the call.

Imagine loving without condition.

Sing the notes of this sacred hymn.

Heal your heart and remember.

Do let this in.


It’s been said

To forgive is to forget.

Quickly now,

Before it’s too late.

Shine your light

Without condition or spite.

Before It’s Too Late

When anger rushes in,

Atoms assemble

According to your view,

A collection of projections

Gleaned from within,

Hurled at your beloved.

The one you want to change

Is standing in for you.

End your servitude.

Transform this attitude.


Stop denying

What you’re dying to proclaim.

Sounds trite, we know.

But you’re afraid to show

Your love for your beloved.

Rest assured

He knows what you’ve concealed.

What’s in your heart is in his as well.

Catch The Barbs

Don’t delay –

Not even for a day.

Catch the barbs

Before they hit home.

Reach inside where love abides.

Let it surface.

Watch it grow.

It’s the reason for the show.

The Lens

The lens you use

Shapes your view.

Take care.

Avoid statements you can’t undo.

The one you see before you

Who irks you so much

Is only partly visible

From where you are.

Change your perspective.

The one posing as your problem

Will change his, too.


Easy does it,

It’s been said.

Your beloved fears what’s ahead.

Be the peace that’s required.

It’s the role for which you’ve been hired.

Remember, too, that when you’re blue,

It’s your beloved who’ll do this for you.


That one terrible moment

When you ask me for the truth,

That God awful moment

When the end is near.

The time must be now.

You’re waiting.

I’m quaking.

The moment might be our last.

Before we proceed,

There’s one thing we’ll need -

It’s Trust,

Steady and true and up to speed.


Love’s appeared on your horizon.

The tender heart of one so near

Has touched yours so dear.

Can you doubt its meaning?

Its impact on your life?

Gratitude is yours to share.

Don’t hesitate with each other.

Make The Time

Fill the time you’ve set aside

With silence and the fullness thereof.

Invite love to still the din.

Make no attempt to outdo the other.

Give each other pride of place.

Let love take you in.

Gossamer Threads

Don’t cover your partner

In gossamer threads,

Hiding flaws you reject,

Or truths you dread.

Look within.

Take your time.

Fear’s the bit player you imbibe.


Can you laugh at first blush?

Throw caution to the wind?

Can you tell your beloved

Your heart’s really his?

Don’t be afraid.

He loves you so.

He won’t speak of it,

Afraid you’ll go.

Rest assured

Love’s delivered your beloved.

Why look for any other?

Simple Grace

It’s so simple,

What you’ve missed,

Love and trust,

So precious and rare,

Two awesome reasons we exist.

Aren’t we worth the risk?

Remember Why

Remember why we came together,

How we loved at first and

How that bubble burst.

A harsh word,

An argument meant to wound,

A flirtation with another

Have torn us apart.

Let’s love without fear and hate

Before it’s too late.

Make It Last

To keep love close and make it last,

Leave your failures in the past.

Then declare

What you’ve only dared

To dream about with each other.


If you long for a mate,

A love that is true,

Let love find the soul

Meant only for you.

When you waffle and resist,

Back pedal and desist,

Remember what makes you quake

Is done for your sake.

Put love at the top of your list.


Why go?

We were one,

Until we became undone.

The script we wrote –

The one we lived -

Begs for our review.

Let’s team up.

Time is short.

We can’t let go,

Not here, not now.

We must persist, and not resist

The love we have for each other.

Incredibly Close

The yearning heart seeks its lover,

Its power to heal and sacrifice

Like no other.

Floored by tenderness,

Blessed by what’s on offer,

Savor the joy of two souls

Who recognize each other.

Will You?

There you are,

Afraid and in doubt,

Asking for my heart.

Dare I take the chance?

Can you join me in the dance?

Will you love me above all others?

Can I promise you the same?

You’re elusive, this I know.

I can’t wait and you can’t go.

Here we are, juxtaposed.

Leaving’s not an option.

Staying is complex.

Perhaps someone else

Will bless us with the truth.

Laid Bare

What you’ve feared the most

Has ended your isolation.

Your greatest desire -

Denied in equal measure -

Is about to be fulfilled.

Trust beyond what you couldn’t bear.

Let go of fear you’ve held too dear.

Catapult your love in his direction.

Chain Of Souls

Stretching deep into the past

And far into the future

Is a chain of souls.

One among many,

We stand in procession

Taking form and leaving it again,

To dream, despair, sorrow and hunger,

So we can learn

How to love one another.

Serious Fun

There’s nothing more surprising

Than what has happened here.

Fate has brought us together

To help us release our fears.

We two are becoming One,

Limited by our willingness

To have some serious fun.

Soul To Soul

I forgot to see you true,

To remember that love’s our due,

That peace is ours when we know,

Being Love incarnate,

Our love is soul to soul.

One True Self

There’s no distance

Between yourself and another,

Only permutations of God

Posing as the other.

The joke is on you

When you think you’re the better

Of the one you love

Without seeing his/her dilemma.

Take a chance.

Challenge happenstance.

Who you need is

Your One True Self,

Not binding ties to another.

Power & Resistance

You may think that

Loving kindness is the ticket,

But your offer has become a thicket

Of want and insistence

To overcome another’s resistance.

“Maybe persistence will turn the tide.”

Respect the distance bound to diminish.

Honor the love between you.


The pain of loving someone

In great distress

Makes you feel pressed

To relieve his suffering.

You’re being put to the test.

Don’t try to guess what is best.

Let your heart be your guide.

Lasting peace comes

If the bough breaks

When it’s time.

The Rift

The time may be painful,

The way unclear,

But you’re bound for the goal

You’ve held so dear.

Rise above the time.

Take a bird’s eye view.

What you fear the most

Is headed straight for you.

Don’t panic or turn away.

Time to love in a new way.

The Test

Afraid you can’t pass the test?

Deep wounds create distress.

Do your best and pray for the rest.

Love your way through the pain.


Inconceivable what’s been said,

The very thing you detest.

Break the mold for what’s been told

Too often by you to your very own soul.

Don’t Be Afraid

Embrace your path

So the one you love

Can see the truth

In more ways than one.

Don’t be afraid he’ll abandon all,

But don’t contrive or deliver

More than you’ve received.

Be love incarnate and One in soul.

Honor what you believe.



Why us?

Why now?

Why love?

Why hate?

We stand unknowing

Before Heaven’s Gate.

Take us in.

Make us wise.

Give us sustenance.

Heal our pride.

Deep Grief

Suspended on the edge,

Straining to find one you’ve lost,

Your heart is breaking,

The world is quaking,

But the love you shared remains.

Straddle the realms.

You’re both still living.

Death can’t end giving.

Keep loving.

This way you’ll know

Oneness is so.


You’re straddling a continental drift,

Giving you time to sift

Changes you couldn’t admit

Were required.

Trust your needs.

Give voice to your soul,

Bound to reveal what’s in tow.

A new way of living promotes more giving

And realigns in time

What you had in mind.

The Appointment

Late life may not seem like the time

To begin an entirely new climb,

But that’s just what you’ve begun,

With one who knows

You two are One.

Unfurl your wings.

Welcome a new approach to

Familiar things.

You’re about to embark

On a journey for two.

Let what’s in store inspire you.

New pinnacles will rise

From the love you share.

This truth is sacred.

No need to beware.

One Presence

There’s only One Presence

Shared by two.

Look to each other

To see the beauty of You.


Remember when you pull away

You leave your friend in need.

He aspires to have you by his side

And wonders why you don’t confide

More of what you feel.

Maybe his feelings are unrequited.

Be at peace. Show your love.

Let him know

He’s the man he needs to be.

An Open Heart

An open heart may leave you blue,

Because you can’t hide from truth.

The absence of tenderness you hold dear

Leaves you trembling before your fear.

Have mercy for your very soul.

Trust love without conditions.

That’s the test.

Despite loss or gain,

Do your best.

Sweet Prince

Every man wants his day in the sun,

The admiration of the one he loves.

Grant him this one wish –

You’ll love him and not insist

He best any other.

Tender Heart

Every woman yearns to reach

The tender heart of her beloved,

Where she can sow her love

And trust him enough

To become his betrothed.

[“Beyond our ideas of right-doing
and wrong-doing, there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’
doesn’t make sense anymore.”
__]~ Rumi

Praise for the Mystical Traveler Series

“Fawn Moran is further confirmation of the saying that the gods are not illiterate… even when they speak in an esoteric key. The poems gathered in her Mystical Traveler series were received in states of silent ecstasy, much like certain writings of the feminine mystics of the Middle Ages. Not only do they bear the marks of that heterodox strain of Christianity—they uncannily whisper of a mysterious, divine presence so close as to be within, even as it is beyond everything in this world—but they do so in a voice influenced by an eclectic, lifelong spiritual itinerary. A longtime HIV activist, Fawn founded during the height of the AIDS crisis the first publishing house producing educational literature for the clinics that were ground zero in the struggle for the lives of gay men. After watching her friends slowly die from the disease and having her own unresolved traumas rise again, she went on an inner quest to know herself that brought her face to face with death before leaving her transformed: serene, less attached, and, dare I say, a bit wise. I encountered her while doing ethnographic research on channeling, and came to trust her discerning, profound perspective, which can be heard throughout these little books. Those who know they are lost can find some light here, along with an invitation to not fear the unknown paths ahead.”

Peter Skafish, Anthropologist, Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale, Collège de France

In her preface to EVER DEEPER: NOTHING LESS WILL DO, Fawn Moran tells us that “words surfaced with a cadence…all their own,” and some “took the form of letters from an unseen friend.” In reading them, she counsels, “It’s the resonance you’re after.” Indeed…the best way to engage this work for most of us is likely to find a quiet space and read a phrase or more every so often, to reflect and let the words reverberate over a time frame grounded in the now.

The words in EVER DEEPER are subtle. Thus, your mind should help you create the space to read and listen, after which you’re advised to set it aside (count on the mind resisting). While EVER DEEPER will carry some across the bridge into the land of non-duality—perhaps in a blink—it will surely place those who approach it with an open heart solidly on the path AND catalyze the journey in small or great ways for those already headed in that direction… It behooves each of us, therefore, to take advantage of the light that EVER DEEPER avails.”

Robert Black, a learning specialist for middle & high school students, is also an adjunct creative writing professor at NYU

“‘Perhaps the primal cause…Of all That Is…Is the Awareness… Within all Creation.’ If those words interest you, this collection is for you. Fawn Moran has managed to distill so much wisdom into phrases that open doors that we thought were closed. Reading her words, or better still, reading them out loud, brings a resonance in the heart that remains. The distillation has clearly come from many hours of plumbing her own depths. This is not a collection of ideas—it’s a collection of Truth revealed. Try it. You might end up becoming what you were seeking.“

[Mary-Margaret Moore,
Spiritual teacher, workshop leader, personal counselor
and author of the Bartholomew books]


There are people who influence us so profoundly that our lives change in ways unforeseen, and for the better. Mary Margaret Moore is one of those people. If it weren’t for the time we spent in each other’s company in New Mexico and the books she has written, The Mystical Traveler Series would not have been written. She is one of those people who ‘catalyzes’ those of us on the path, and sometimes even stops us in our tracks. How fortunate I was and still am!

There are people who I’ve never met – figures like Gandhi – who light the path by example, whose actions and words changed the way the world works. They attract admirers and students for decades, perhaps even centuries. That’s how transformative their work and insights are. Mother Teresa was one of those people, who has since been made a saint, and whose legacy lives on in the body of her order – Missionaries of Charity – and the example they’ve set.

Then there are teachers who bring us along until we get what we’re after – Gangaji, Adyashanti, Mooji – who, tirelessly and with humor, devote themselves to the enlightenment of us all.

Thank you!


About The Author

I spent twenty-one years working in the midst of the AIDS epidemic. Most of that time involved supplying education and preven-tion programs nationwide with educational materials. Later on I cared for people with HIV/AIDS in a residential setting.

I’m now working to end homelessness, if not in the US as a whole, then in the bucolic California countryside in which I live, where several thousand people each year become homeless, many for years at a time.

In 1995, I founded the One World Peace Foundation, an online educational resource to foster progressive world change and human understanding based on an unshakeable respect for truth, peace and freedom. Do visit our website.


[Fawn Moran
President, One World Peace Foundation


Soul to Soul

Want to change your life? Want the love you’ve been missing? Soul to Soul delivers insights designed to keep you on the high road to greater love, forgiveness and lasting relationships. Like the book says, "Imagine loving without condition. Sing the notes of this sacred hymn. Heal your heart and remember. Do let this in." Soul to Soul is the fourth book in The Mystical Traveler Series, a well received collection of inspirational poetry written by Fawn Moran, independent author & poet.

  • ISBN: 9781311601742
  • Author: Fawn Moran
  • Published: 2016-07-09 19:05:21
  • Words: 2863
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