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Soul Shimmers: A Rainbow Journey

You’re invited on a more-than-magical journey through a shimmering rainbow to find gifts and treasures your spiritual self has to offer you within the vibrations of each color. This guided meditation offers a rainbow journey into your soul where you’re in touch with and in tune with yourself on an inner, spiritual level. Your soul as many gifts to offer you. Perhaps the gifts you’ll find inside each color of the rainbow are spiritual gifts you’ve already received—maybe gifted to you from your soul in another level of your awareness. Or perhaps these gifts are the opening up of your awareness that help you reawaken your spiritual self. These gifts are presented to you from your soul and are given to you for you to use in any way you desire to make your life better in every way and to reflect the essence of your soul.

  • ISBN: 9780463745052
  • Author: Renee Amberson
  • Published: 2018-04-26 03:35:08
  • Words: 4696
Soul Shimmers: A Rainbow Journey Soul Shimmers: A Rainbow Journey