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Sophichkin Sings to Monsters


Sophichkin Sings to Monsters

By Daniel S. Fettinger

Illustrated by Milana Samarskaya





This story is dedicated to Sophie, Rachel, Ed Finnerty and Sera.

Copyright © 2017 Daniel S. Fettinger




About the Author

Daniel Fettinger was born in Michigan in 1973. He lived there for some number of years until he decided not to live there anymore. Now he lives in San Francisco, a town he finds quite to his liking. After a brief 25 year flirtation with the tech industry, he decided to pursue his first love. She turned him down, so he turned to writing.

These days Daniel writes books for children like his daughter. He hopes that children more and less above average than his own will also enjoy his stories. In his spare time, he is an omnivore, meeting goer, Jedi Master, or homework assistant, depending on the audience.

For more information about Daniel and his stories, visit www.sophichkin.com.


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Connect with Daniel S. Fettinger

Thank you for reading my story! I truly hope you enjoyed it and that you find happy, monster scaring songs of your own. If you’d like to connect, below are my social media coordinates. Don’t be shy!


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Sophichkin Sings to Monsters

Another adventure in the life of Sophichkin! At bedtime, Sophichkin discovers that there is a monster hiding under her bed! Mustering all of the happy songs she can, she chases away the monster, but what about tomorrow night? Sophichkin Sings to Monsters, a story for girls and boys 5 years to 9 years old, is lushly illustrated in bold, dreamy colors. The Sophichkin series helps children (and adults) learn to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, recognizing all the little miracles that happen every day.

  • ISBN: 9781370552849
  • Author: Daniel Fettinger
  • Published: 2017-03-14 04:45:55
  • Words: 256
Sophichkin Sings to Monsters Sophichkin Sings to Monsters