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Sometimes, I Can


Written by Billy Guajardo

Copyright 2016

Sometimes, I Can

A New Series

Volume One

My Visions

This is a Work of Fiction. Any Characters, the plot or names used in this book are purely coincidental. They came straight from the Mind of the Writer. There is no comparison or plagiarism. If so I will see you in court ha ha.

Table Of Contents


Chapter One Thoughts

Chapter Two A Bum

Chapter Three Séance

Chapter Four Billy the Bum

Chapter Five Lonely Housewife

Chapter Six Dreamt of a Dark man

Chapter Seven The Knifer

Chapter Eight Billy

Chapter Nine Séance 2

Chapter Ten Unwelcomed

Chapter Eleven Apprehended

Sometimes, I Can


My name is Johnny Guajardo. This is my Life, my Style and my God Given Gift. I was Born September 15 at 9AM in the morning, 1958. I know my Parents were happy to welcome a New Baby Boy into the World. I could not have been more than 8 pounds from a picture. I would have to say 3 feet long. I had an innocent smile on my face when I was Born. I was told I looked into every face around me like I knew everyone. A Nurse placed me in my Mother’s Arms that Day. I did not remember anything, afterward.

Chapter One A Thought

As I grew Older, I started to see things that most people would never see. On Night in particular I remember. I fell asleep very early that night. I do not know why I did, either. Something appeared to bother me the entire Day, perhaps. I remember I had a Séance to do. That told me I was a Psychic or a Star Gazer somewhere in the near Future. I saw myself sitting at a table with a massive 8 ball on top. Then another large 8 sat on the other side. I know what it stood for now. It stood for the Dead Man’s Hand. I remember my Séance table shook, rattled and rolled. Loud hideous voices, screeches and loud screams force me to look in every direction. It is so dark in my basement that I cannot tell where it came from. The entire basement is almost black with the exception of my crystal ball. A Gazer’s Light into the Future, Past and Present. A deck of tarot cards sat on a table next over that kind of glows. A large tablecloth with a giant eye in the center, stared up at the ceiling like it could see something that might come from that direction. A dark, long, deep basement almost 34 feet wide 93 long listened to me personal thoughts.

I do remember a table sat close to a staircase that led upstairs to the kitchen. I started to worry the second that I heard the table start to tremble. I looked up at 2 faces that came here to see a loved one. Funny thing happened they were not as scared as I was after my table started to shake. I looked back at both faces than into their eyes. I wanted to ask them if it’s you underneath the table that made that noise.

A loud dark screech echoed somewhere in my basement. It shot straight in my direction. It came from the furthest place in the rear. The furthest wall in my house to be exact. My God ‘’ I mumbled. I have summoned something Evil from a place that lives in the darkness. I can hear voices from a place that sounded like a graveyard. Now, I can see black bodies walk out of what might be a cemetery. One by one, they climb up through a hole in the ground that Family placed them in for Safekeeping. It supposed to keep them in the grave I believe. Now, I can hear Men talk like criminals that escaped from a Prison. They continue to threaten one another like they want to be the Boss. Or plan to become a Boss in a world of crime. Then a massive gush of black smoke slammed into the basement. It slammed straight into my table. It knocked out a table lamp that I use to summon loved ones, with. Quickly, he reached for another lamp to light up the room. I closed my eyes I stared into a large graveyard that looks Ancient. A Dark Man with long black hair maybe 6 feet tall. Stood in the center of a graveyard like he wanted me to see him. He wanted me to know that he knows who I am! He wanted me to know he would be coming into the World of the Living through here. Whether or not I like it or anyone else did. I could not remove my eyes from his dark figure. He wanted me to know he is coming! I closed my eyes if just for a split second. I could see him he stood in the dark. It looked like he is here to count the dead. Maybe, he is the escort that welcomed the dead to the Graveyard. I am not sure what he did or what he planned to do. I do know he came for a reason. He was here to tell me I should not play with evil dead things that belong in the dark? Evidently, I did not know much about the dark. Another look told me he might be here to release the dead from the graveyard. Where were they bound ‘’ I thought. Where were they going after they leave the graveyard. I remember one man carried something shiny in his hand like a knife. He had to be a criminal for him to carry a knife or any kind of weapon. He had long dirty black greasy hair. He had one eye that protruded from the left side of his face. The other eye if he had one hid behind his black dirty oily hair. He had to be Hispanic or Black. He could be six feet tall, maybe 220 pounds. He walked right through the cemetery, into a cloud like he left a bathroom for a Living Room. He walked straight into my basement with a shiny knife in one hand like he headed straight to a local butcher shop to chop up meat. I opened my eyes, I looked up at his face and that one eye. I think he can see me I remember ‘’ I mumbled. I see you Round Eyes ‘’ he grunted at me. He took one more step before he exposed his name. My name is Knifer. I will leave you a trail of murder and quests he told me. Then just like that he vanished in a graphite colored ball of smoke that remained in between me and the furthest place in my basement.

My Guests were sitting at my table in wonder. Who, am I talking too? What does he see that we do not? He walked in through my basement, into our world of the living “ I shouted. I am a Crystal Ball Gazer. Mister and Misses Dimples. I can see the Future. Only when the spirits talk back to me. I come from a long line of Crystal Ball Gazers. Something, from the world of the dark, walked into my basement. A door opened somewhere that allowed a monster into our world. What World Johnny? The World of the Dark. It also included late night, Séances. A World that only I or an Authentic Crystal Ball Gazer would recognize or know anything about. When I close my eyes this time, I stared into the Eyes of Pure Evil. He told me his name. He told me they call him Knifer. He’s here with us right now in the World of the Living. He told me he can tell tales that would scare most people even me to death? He told me he is a Teller of Tales. I wondered what he meant. Why, can I see him. A man stood in the Dark! I can see your name. I can feel my body shiver and shake at the same time! You are a bad man? I know your coming from the Dark to be close to the living? Why, I ask? What do you want from me? Do you want to enter the World of the Living through a Portal. Now, I see a wall of dark shadows follow the Dark Man around? I can see faces of ugly men that would scare a man even at my age. I’m a grown man now at the age of 33 years old. Dark Creatures with nothing behind their eyes except a hunger to live in a World among us Humans.

I can tell you I have more experience in the World of Ghosts than any other Star Gazer that I know. I wonder who and why me? Why do these shadows stand before me like ghosts? Why do they talk to me like they know me. My name! Or who I am. What, I stand for especially. I have seen many faces covered in dark matter before. I cannot make out their faces. I know they are nothing more than Ghosts that whisper to me! Until now, because they can do bad things to the living. Something that lived in the dark whispered it in my ear once to me as a child. I never knew who or what to say until I was told by my Parents. There were different kinds of ghosts that talk to you. One will be soft, gentle, white and caring. The other has an attitude beyond anything you will ever encounter here on Earth with the Living. You must stay away from the dark ones my Son because they will eat a Human’s Flesh before it fell off his bones.

I see things in thin layers of black clouds. The kind that moved like car exhaust smoke, followed or threatened by a breeze. The kind that can reach out and touch you. I have a Séance tonight at Home. It is nothing large just a room where I work at anytime of the Day or Night. I have no idea why I am even thinking of this at a moment like now. I can see things that most people dream about. They have nightmares from time to time. Me, on the other hand. I see them slightly, different?

I can actually see bad things that apparitions do from time to time. You would not believe me, they do. I remember one time in particular. I brought something back with me from the dark that wanted to hurt someone or something. Maybe even me I told myself. Why, ‘’ I thought ‘’ because I saw something in another world that did not belong in this one. I think it did at the time ‘’ I thought. I think it wanted to hurt me. I had no idea if it is a ghost from the other side or darkness. Whatever it is, it wanted freedom into the dark. It wanted to commit an act of revenge on a person that took his life? I could feel it with every breath. I could feel its anger for that person.

On my way Home, I remember. I prepared for another séance tonight at 8PM. I continued to think about a Séance so I would finally get paid. I made my way down the aisle toward 2 large wooden doors. I stopped to look at each and every statue on my way out of Church. Once, I reached both doors, I felt a cool yet cold breeze slap me across the face. I began to whisper in a loud tone of voice. After, I saw a beautiful tall slender girl walk by right outside. Miss, I remember yelling in her direction. First, I reached into an inside pocket for a Business Card. What is your name ‘’ I asked. Christina Blanch she told me. Here, take one of my cards just in case you ever want to know the future. I am a Fortune Teller. My name is Johnny. She looked back she noticed I am 5’10 inches tall 158 pounds of lean, trim muscle. I have dark hair and light brown eyes. I have light colored skin and a clear complexion. Call me anytime you like for an appointment. My number is 773-715-636. Let me tell you you’re Future Christina Blanch “ I yelled. It is all in the twist of my wrist. Sometimes, a black angel will sit down on my shoulder. He will tell me your future in a dark sense. He only sat there when he had something bad to tell me. Sometimes, a solid white angel would do that. It meant you are a nice person. Sometimes, it is just the way the cards fall on the table from what my Parents tell me. I believe them now?

Chapter Two Bum

It is barely lunchtime from what my time clock says. I am on my way to the nearest Diner for a bite to eat. I have been thinking of Salisbury steaks with homemade mashed potatoes and some sweet peas. A large glass of sweet tea to wash it down with. And a basket of homemade buttermilk biscuits. I can see them now, dripping in hot melted butter. They would keep old and new customers coming back day after day for 56 years. Each one is as big as a softball and dipped in a strawberry homemade jelly jam if you ask.

Johnny heard the door open after he sat down like someone followed him into the Diner. He did not see anyone at first then a face stares down at him. A dark man with black eyes smirked down into his face. At first, he had no idea that anyone else can or cannot see him. That man that looked down at him looks and smells like a bum. Not just any bum that I know. A person that must have died recently. He smelled worst then a bum that lived in an alley. He smelled like a person that started to decompose right before his nose. I know you can see me Johnny ‘’ he shouted. No one else can see me but you can! I’m already dead! You know that? I know you see dead people, sometimes. I just keep coming back for a homemade buttermilk biscuits that is it, Johnny. I just cannot live without them. I love those biscuits ‘’ he growled. I want you to buy me one so I do not have to steal anymore biscuits from any customer. Johnny looked around he could tell that no one else could see that bum but him. He waved his waitress over in a hurry. He ordered her to bring him a basket of biscuits and you should hurry. I guess you fell in love with them yourself, Johnny. I wondered why ‘’ she said ‘’ that. He looked around he continued to look for another dead person. Since, I did not see any other dead people except that bum that stood in front of me. I was afraid to eat my Lunch. Then, I reached down for my fork to eat some food. I continued to look at that bum that stood in front of me. He stood a few feet away. He probably knew he stunk from the expression on my face. Instead, he stepped back a little bit further. Then a man sitting next to me turned his head as if he had something to say. He looked down at the floor. He must have been looking for that smell or that stink. He had no idea where it came from much less where it is or whom it belonged too. The bum stood right next to him without even knowing that he stood next to him. The bum growled down at that man as if he could hear him. I passed him a basket of buttered biscuits. I hope he would leave me alone after that. I had no idea he would walk away with that basket full of biscuits. Evidently, he planned to hide them in his dirty clothes. He did after the basket arrived with buttermilk biscuits filled to the top. He slipped them into his overcoat that looked like it had ten layers of dirt and stink clinging to it from years of living in a nearby alley. I remember I turned to face him. I wanted to know his name besides that, where is he from? I whispered ‘’ what is your name? My name is Billy? I used to save aluminum cans for a living. How about you? I use to come here for Breakfast every now and then Johnny. My Mother would bring me here to eat on occasion. Before, I became a bum that is. How did you die Billy. I froze to death one night in my cardboard box during the coldest Winter in History. Johnny stared at him. He looked for a lie or something to tell him that he did die. He had no lie to tell that I could see in his cold black darkened eyes. Tell me Billy when did you die? I Died sometime ago during a very cold night in a Winter. I do not remember exactly when I Died. Believe me Johnny I did. It had to be the coldest Winter that we ever had. I will look you up on the internet under that assumed name, Billy. I know you are an African American by the way you look and talk. I will find you ‘’ he said ‘’ someway. He turned away for a split second. After, he looked around in the diner to look for the bum. He realized he had disappeared through the front door without even opening it from inside. He must have, I did not see him anymore in the Diner. His waitress walked by to see if he needed anything. She looked into the basket for biscuits. She smiled back she could tell that he must have slipped them into his pockets or he ate them in a hurry. Tell me Johnny where did they go? Let me guess a ghost stole them from your bread basket. His eyes raise he smiled back at her with a look of surprise on his face. You saw him too ‘’ he asked? She smiled back hesitantly like you had to be kidding.

Johnny finished his Lunch in a hurry. He looked around for Billy the Bum. He did not see him anymore in the Diner, whatsoever. He did see someone else that he did not remember seeing in there before. A young man in his early or mid 20’s if not late ‘’ he thought. He looked mean he had a look in his eyes like he had the Devil in him. He had thin long hair that dripped down both sides of his head. It looked brown from a light that hung over his head. His eyes were both dark brown too. Maybe, a lighter shade from the looks of them. A stare gave him away after I looked into his eyes. He had to be just as dangerous as the others. I saw that same stare in his eyes before on another man that lived in the streets.

Johnny waved his waitress over after that. He waited for her to show up with his bill too. She noticed him wave her back so she headed in his direction. He turned to ask her a question. Who, is that man sitting in the back with the long dark brown hair. She turned around she faced an almost empty Diner. I do not see anyone Johnny. He turned around to point. He realizes she did not see him because he must also be a figment of his imagination. He must also be dead like the bum. Forget it Betty, I think you should just leave me my bill so I can pay it, instead. So tell me Johnny when are you going to invite me to a séance. Never ‘’ he answered. I’m too busy to be thinking about girls right now. I just met a girl named Christina Blanch. She told me she might call me someday. She might want me to do a Séance at her Home or mine.

The dark haired man continued to watch me until I turned to face my food bill. He smiled back at me like he had something on his mind. Nothing nice yet he had something on his mind nonetheless. Something awfully Evil surfaced from that look in his eyes. Maybe he had plans to visit me at Home. Maybe he is a ghost that I am supposed to contact in the afterlife. I turned around, I reached into my pocket for some money to pay my bill. Johnny, I heard someone say behind me. I turned around again I looked directly in that dark long haired man’s direction. He had to be a ghost because he did not leave the Diner. Then again, he could be in the bathroom brushing his teeth, which I doubt. I dug into my pocket for a 20-dollar bill. I waited to see if he would leave the bathroom or if he worked in the kitchen. I never saw him before so I highly doubt he worked in the kitchen either. I decided to take a walk to the bathroom, myself. I looked around before I dropped a 20-dollar bill on the counter near Betty’s Station. I entered the bathroom to my surprise. No dark haired man just like ‘’ I thought. He had to be a ghost that liked to visit the living from time to time. He had to come here for those buttermilk biscuits like the bum does. They were delicious biscuits besides that, fresh like. They must make them each and every morning just like the donut shop down the block. I should leave before it got to much later. I paid my bill I walked to the door to the Diner. I had to get Home so I could prepare for my Séance Tonight. The door closed behind me. I turned around to look inside for some strange reason. There he is again that dark brown haired individual with that same stare in his eyes. It’s like he had it just for me that cold hearted stare. He turned to his left after he took a bite of a buttermilk biscuit. Somehow, he just vanished into the Diner behind Betty. She walked by right before he took a bite of a biscuit than disappeared. She walked over to another table to clean it. That ghost wanted me to know that he knew I could see him. I have no idea why but he did. I have to get Home for Dinner. Besides, I have a Séance Tonight in my Basement at 8PM sharp.

He headed to his vehicle parked outside. An old 1975 Cream Colored Corvette with T-tops that he saved money for years to buy. Now on his way out the door. He wondered about that bum named Billy that he met. He did not tell me if he had a last name. Besides, he did not tell me if he died near that street that he pointed at name tumbleweed. He knew why they name it tumbleweed street. It had to be because it lied the closest to the open Desert. Everything rolled into Town from the Desert dust, dirt and weeds. It looked like everything came from that one direction especially tumbleweeds.

He opened the door to the Diner. He walked down one concrete step. He noticed something or someone in the reflection in the glass. Something in the corner in his right eye stopped him. He sees Billy that bum that he saw in the Diner. He dug into his old long dark gray tweed overcoat for another biscuit. He can see him much better for some strange reason. It’s like he followed him from the Diner to his vehicle parked outside. He would not stop eating that basket of biscuits that I bought him, although. Hopefully, he had a home of his own ‘’ he thought. I hope I do not bump into him once I get there. He slipped into an old 1975 cream colored Corvette with T-tops. He reached over to turn on the radio. He needed to hear the sound of music before he could leave the curb. He turned the dial so many times that he lost a station. Finally, he found something that touched his soul. A song by Bobby Goldsboro name Honey, I miss you. He placed his right foot down on the pedal. He stepped down on the accelerator zoom. He turned his head from left to right. He does not see Billy anymore. So, he looked into his rearview mirror besides both side mirrors. No, Billy in either mirror so he takes off. He drove into the street after he did not see any traffic coming or going. I will see you later Billy ‘’ he shouted. He drove down the street thinking that Billy hung around the Diner for a free biscuit. If he was lucky he would get some gravy to dip his biscuits in and smiles.

Just a few miles from home he passes another friend’s home. She usually has Séances at her home too. Except she uses table cards that she claimed to see Client’s Future with. I never used them because I never see anything except the dark. Some Psychics see bright white lights in good people. Others see nothing but the dark side of them. I like to see the dark side of people. Especially people that have a dark side to talk about. Clients usually ask for me in particular. My name is Johnny Guajardo.

Finally, I reached my Home minutes later. I pull into my alley in the back. I press a garage opener that hung from my visor. It opened slow, I wait inside my car for it open. Once it reaches the top. I drive my 1975 Corvette into the garage. I press the garage opener again so it would close. I leave the door open while I reach for a light on a wall in the garage for a quick look around. I know you’re in here Billy so where are you? I waited around for a few minutes so I could listen to any sounds before I headed for my door. I stood there in the doorway listened but nothing. I open the door that led to my home. I turned off the light before I closed the door. I headed for the back door to my Home, afterward. I could see today is going to be a good day from the looks of it. He continued to the back door to his home. While he walked he reached into his front pocket for a set keys. He unlocked the back door lock. He walked into a small room the size of a tiny bathroom. He closes the door this time he locked it from inside. He headed down into the basement to set up his tables, chairs and clean his room for a Séance. A young girl named Tammy Black. His so called protégé a girl that wanted to learn the business of the dark arts. He sat down he remembered what he told her that day that she asks. This is a scary business. You could hear sometimes and see things that most people would never believe. She sat down like a guppy in a fishbowl with a stare that told me, yep. She is the gullible one that I will use to get my stories across. He climbed to his feet he stood there looking around. He had four walls in his basement. It is massive in size besides it is covered in dark colors, which did add to the eeriness.

One wall is painted dark almost graphite in color with a large black glassy eye that stared back into a large basement like it is actually alive. Another wall is painted of a Ouija Board except it is different in color. It looks more like it is from another Era. It looked old antique almost Medieval. It has Greek Names and Roman Numerals besides pictures of dark shadows that were also in a graphite color paint that surrounded it in different shades. Another wall where he sat down. He looked into a crystal ball. A deck of cards also sat on a table next to him. The words Crystal Ball Gazer lied at the bottom of that lamp. He stared up at the skies overhead at night in that painting. He looked like he counted bright stars or searched for a sign from Heaven. It is painted in royal blue besides graphite shades of spray paint. All you can see were tiny specks of colored bright lights that fill the skies like stars. The Moon lied in one corner. The last wall held the back door besides a tiny room that he built especially for customers that needed to use a bathroom. He had to sweep and mop the basement from dust that accumulated from day to day. This is the first Séance that he had in a Week. Usually, he has several a month. It seemed that Business has picked up since. He has had 3 this Month which will include the one tonight. Usually, he would charge 3000 dollars for a séance. It appeared that a young man’s sister wants to bring her brother back from the grave. She wanted to know how he died. Did someone I mean anyone kill him. Was it Sophia your Wife that murdered you which is what she really wanted to know. He can hardly wait to find out himself ‘’ he thought. He can see and feel vibes in his basement begin to stir with anticipation. He has her down payment so he knew she would be coming tonight at 8PM. He spent some on Breakfast. Besides, he also bought Billy a basket of biscuits with that same money.


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Sometimes, I Can

A Man Name Johnny Guajardo will peek into the Future on occasion. He will do it for Clients, Customers, Family and Friends Johnny can look into the dark and not always see what the rest of us do. He will see dark characters that walk into our lives without an introduction. Or if we even feel we need one. He will talk to the dark or ghosts that live in it from time to time. He can talk to the dead, to loved ones that have left us a long time ago. A Dark man that rules a small piece in his life. Will intervene, interfere when it is necessary.A dark man that rules a graveyard that houses the dead, misguided misled and Men Women and Children that cross paths with his vision will come to light in his eyes.His Life will consist of many lives to come. He is a Businessman, Guide with good intentions. He will want to help those that do not believe in the afterlife but to find some comfort in his visions. Most People do not return from the grave to find loved ones.Then there are those that cannot or will not go to the other side until they have finished what they start here on Earth! Some will become agitated because they were murdered killed or died in a freak accident. Some do not believe in the other side like they will live forever. We all will die one day that is inevitable Johnny sees that for all. We should see everything there is to see while we can. Every one of us will make our own Heaven and Hell on Earth. Come with me to follow the dark angel and his purpose in the graveyard. Or the dark whispers that talk to Johnny in his sleep and anytime they have something to whisper.

  • Author: Maremerchant none, Sr
  • Published: 2016-03-29 02:35:07
  • Words: 38413
Sometimes, I Can Sometimes, I Can