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The reason is that we tend to advance several steps forward, but then through our own miscalculations about people and situations, we always end up several miles back. The same often applies with the money we earn and with the money we no longer have because of all the precision calculations we make which are all incorrect..”

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[This is the edited transcript of the BTR podcast episode of “SNAKE EYES & A SCRATCH-OFF TCKET … … BORN TO LOSE (September 17, 2016, respectively. This is the original title.]


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Thanks for dropping by to see what is on the menu for this episode. Of course, like most, it is doubtful that your experience will not be another rewarding one. As you know, all the episodes of this show are especially focused on you as a private home decision maker living in America. Our special emphasis is the private home sector of our country with very special focus on single-family, duplex, and small to mid-sized private mansions and estates. If this applies to you, then you are in! The entire show is just for you! Claim it!

This is a very special episode in that it is the only of 24 others (so far) archived on this show which beams in on lthe evils of identity theft by dishonest people concerning home projects. In this episode, I will share a true story which involves a man whom I have pseudonyned “Josh Jangles” of “Josh Jangles & Company” (No relation to anyone or company which happen to go by either or both of those names). You will see how he was able to do it. Please, tune in … …


In this moment, we’re really concentrating on being quite a bit more informed about the people we’re considering for hire to address our private home maintenance and improvement needs. It’s all about really paying attention to whom or what is asking to do work in, on, or around our best wonders of the world. Needless to say, that most amazing best wonder of the world is: Home! Home the best wonder of the world! And, you’re the best wonder of your home seeing that of the over 100 million private home decision makers in America, you’re among the few who are actually paying attention otherwise you wouldn’t be here for this moment. This alone gives you an extraordinary edge. And, that’s something else which places you in the category of doing amazing things. This is part of what makes you so amazing. It is what it is.

As you may know, the emphasis of our episodes is our emphasis on the business of the home. And, of course, if you’re familiar, you know that the business of the home about which we speak isn’t so much as the business of earning money, but, instead, our context, it’s the business of maintaining and enhancing the comforts and conveniences of the home setting. So, we hire contractors, on occasion, to assist in this matter. We don’t hire contractors to creates any discomforts and inconveniences , instead. Arrr no! So, a major part of the business of the home is to ensure that we do what’s necessary to keep that from happening. And, the most fundamental thing we can do to this effect is the necessary research about the people we’re considering or may consider to assist in this way. We can concern ourselves about the prices for whatever else would be required at some later point.

But, it all begins with the decisions we make with regard to the person, the people, or the company we’re considering for the project. Your home project is a business operation. Even more, your home project is a business operation within the overall business operations of the home. And, the primary business of operations of the home entail doing whatever works for you towards maintaining and improving the comforts and conveniences, therein. This has been the case since the beginning of time.

So, as President Bush always used to say “Make no mistake about it!” Invariably, what you don’t want or need is anyone who’s going to come to your home and make a mess of things. Yet, even worse, for someone to come to your home, promise to help finance your home project, but after he wins your trust and commensurate devotion, he reneges on you! Orrr no!

Please, allow me to share this story. This one originates out of the most amazing state of Missouri, from the most illustrious and world renowned city of St. Louis. It’s about a man, a contractor who went around making great home improvement deals with quite a few private home decision makers in the ar. These deals were all about making possible the home improvement hopes and dreams of residents through making it even more convenient doing. He offered enormous financial latitude which would enable them to finally realize these natural and normal expectations for facilitating the comforts and conveniences of their homes.*

“Hi! I’m Josh Jangles, owner of the “Josh Jangles & Company.” You probably heard of what I do to make getting your home projects done more affordably. I help people finance their difficult to get at home improvement projects.”

“You do? How so?”

Then he’d go into breaking it all down in simpler terms to enable them to understand plainly how it’s done. Now, of course, I don’t know exactly what he would say, but to some people he was convincing enough to let them know that if financing their home project would be a lot less expensive, and a lot more convenient than they though. And, he probably had legal-looking forms (which, of course, included some sort of contract).

“You see. It’s not as complicated as you think. You don’t have to pay me anything up front. I’ll start the work, and you can just pay me only about $300.00 until we’re square, okay?”

Then the resident might say something like:

“Hmmm Sounds like a good deal, but are you sure there’s no catch? So, my first payment wouldn’t due ‘til after 30 days you start the project?”

“That’s right. Whether I complete the projects for you the same day or it’s takes longer. No. There’s no catch. After all, I’m the one offering the deal, and if there was a catch don’t you think I’d tell y’? I’m an honest, man. Swear to God and hope to die.”

“Hmmm. Okay. Then, what have I got to do?”

Then he probably referred to the legal, legitimate-looking forms and their content, and there was probably some stipulation for him having to do the credit check first. So, they’d fill out the forms, and he’d do the credit checks. Then in no time flat, he’d get back to them (Now, remember, I’m only being hypothetical about the situation to dramatize the fact that he’d say things which completely set residents at ease about the deal and about what they had to do in order to qualify for it). Okay. So, as I was saying, he gets back to them in no time flat and glad reports:

“You have been approved! Your credit is good!”

Oh! What an amazing revelation! Wow! The suspense is over! They’ve been approved! By golly, they’ve been approved! So, they sign the applicable paper work with great expectations for really getting the work under way. Arrr yeah! And, they probably called, text messaged, or e-mailed a few friends and relatives about this great deal they were getting to finally get this special project they’ve been wanting accomplished! But then, according to this report, there’s no mention of him ever showing up to perform any of the work he promised. The reality check of the situation I that he wasn’t a contractor. He was a con-man who was able to completely delude those willing to listen into believing that he was, in fact, a legitimate contractors with impeccable credentials and credibility willing to offer and to deliver reasonable financing terms towards the work they need done in, on, or around their homes.

Please, allow me to add greater emphasis on what exactly occurred here: The residents saw what he led them to believe they were seeing; the residents heard what he led them to believe they were hearing; the residents believed what he led them to … … believe! The residents responded to his congenial and cost-effective overtures whether by means of a knock on the door or through one of his posted ads in local stores or online. So, in all, these residents have, perhaps for the longest, wanted or needed to get something done around the home, and he seemed to be the perfect contractor towards facilitating their materialization.

First of all, there was the convincing delusion that he was a contractor. Second of all, unlike any contractor they may’ve known, it’s apparent that he didn’t require any up front payments. Third of all, that he would be easy to work with. In all, they were at ease believing that they would have the benefits of his apparent “missionary labors” and the breathing room they required to make monthly installments (as opposed to cash advances or lump sum payments).

Okay. Now, here it is: he successfully managed to put the residents completely at ease with him and with his offering. So, having accomplished this, he successfully subverted and neutralized any thoughts they may have had for check him out! *

That’s what happened. And, you know something, they probably didn’t even ask to see his ID … … But, if some did, all evidence is that they didn’t do the necessary research. So, they didn’t know exactly who this man was. They didn’t know if this man was whom he said he was … … or something? [I’ve got an archive episode on this show titled “ARE THEY WHOM THEY SAY THEY ARE … … OR SOMETHING ELSE!”]

Please, check it out sometime, okay? I know you’ll be immensely blessed beyond measure once you do. It’s all about this sort of thing. Turns out that this guys was “something else,” yet in the most evil sense of the vernacular. As I mentioned, he wasn’t a contractor (not in the normal sense of the word), instead, he was a con-man, a predator, and a scoundrel who’d been released from prison just a bit over a year ago. Reportedly, he was released after having done a bit over 5 years of a 7-year prison sentence he received in 2010 for being engaged with the same or similar things he was indicted for in August 2016. These included, identity theft, illegal use of financial account numbers which residents so freely gave him access to, and mail fraud.

He’d steal their identities, “impersonate” them using the internet and illegal wire transfers from their financial accounts before they even knew what hit them! So, it’s gravely apparent that much of his time in prison was devoted to developing even more fool-proof schemes to make fools out of residents who were fool enough to give him their hearts and their personal and financial information without documentation or verification to the effect that he was all he said he was and would do all he said he would do.

Reportedly, he was released from prison in May 2015 and was back at it by August 2015 and apparently managed to elude discovery and apprehension for more than a year thereafter. From August 2015 (two months after getting out of prison)until July 2016 (this year) he was apparently on the loose engaged in these wanton and immensely evil and calloused victimizations of our private home decision makers in the state of Missouri.

Snake eyes and a scratch off ticket! Born to lose! That’s how many of us live our lives. We take calculated risks which are mathematically incorrect. We do things premised on calculations which are misrepresentations of reality. No doubt, we do a lot of these highly engaged calculations counting on our own feelings, on our own thinking, rather than on also doing what’s necessary through checking with widely available sources and resources which will either confirm or deny any self-made conclusions we may have about people and situations.

It may not be such a good ideas treating your home projects as a crap shoot and scratch off tickets. Invariably, most people who live like this hardly ever achieve their optimal levels for success in this life. The reason is that we tend to advance several steps forward, but then through our own miscalculations about people and situations, we always end up several miles back. The same often applies with the money we earn and with the money we no longer have because of all the precision calculations we make which are all incorrect. They’re all incorrect because they are not founded or premised on reality but rather on our personal miscalculations of what reality should be or on what it is.

This is exactly what occurred in all of these cases where this man was able to scandalized more people for roughly an entire year after he was released from prison for these very same or similar things! Had they known who he was; had they demanded him to prove who he was; had they asked for government photo ID from this man (with his name); and had they crossed-referenced that person online and with government data banks or even with the state police, they’d of known that this man would be worse than their worst nightmare! So, this person, this company, or these guys, who are they? Why are they? Are they whom they say they are … … or something else?!

Each of your home projects is business operation within the total operations of the business of your home. And, the total operations of the business of your home is primarily for maintaining and improving your comforts and conveniences, therein. Home is the best wonder of the world! Your family is the best wonder of your home. And, I don’t think allowing yourself to become mesmerized by the voices and by the lying eyes of two-legged snakes thereby treating the matter as a scratch off ticket are really suitable for such an amazingly wonderful home as yours. But, it’s not about what I think. It’s all about what you think; all about the decisions you make; and, it’s all about what you do consistent with those decisions. As I often say, success in anything isn’t premised on what you “don’t know,” but, instead, on what you “do.” And, that’s a wrap!

Please, be here next Saturday evening for another extraordinary episode of “Private Home Decision Makers U.S.A. – Road to the Future, TODAY!” As always, it’s a pleasure and a great honor serving you!


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Snake Eyes & A Scratch-Off Ticket ... ... Or Born To Lose? - Series No. 6 [PHDMU

There are lots of nice guys in residential contracting. Here, you are introduced to one with whom residents loved to strike up deals. But then, this "nice guy" was strongly reminiscent to "Houdini." Here, in "Snake Eyes & A Scratch-Off Ticket ... ...," you are going to witness how this incredible man worked his "magic" on quite a few private home decision makers in real life. Please, be assured, that after this moment, you will very likely be a bit more on the alert when it comes to authorizing contractors to work in, on, or around your property.This is primarily about you, as private home head, working your own "magic" towards ensuring that your comforts and conveniences are enhanced consistent with your wishes. This is best done through truly doing a thorough service validation of contractors which enables you to confirm if whether or not they are competent, credentialed, and credible enough to expeditiously meet your home project needs. "Snake Eyes & A Scratch-Off Ticket ... ..." is useful to this effect. PHDMUSA = Private Home Decision Makers U.S.A. - Podcast Nationally Each Saturday Evening 9 PM via Blog Talk Radio

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Snake Eyes & A Scratch-Off Ticket ... ... Or Born To Lose? - Series No. 6 [PHDMU Snake Eyes & A Scratch-Off Ticket ... ... Or Born To Lose? - Series No. 6 [PHDMU