Sixfold Fiction Summer 2018

Sixfold is an all-writer-voted journal. All writers who upload their manuscripts vote to select the highest-voted $1000 prize-winning manuscripts and all the short stories and poetry published in each issue. In Sixfold Fiction Summer 2018 Emily Rinkema | Child A Alice Martin | A Hole to Nowhere Fan Li | Dromedaries in America Judy Colp Rubin | The Crossing Rebeccah Dean | Forgotten Dreams Marianne Stokes | Ponies K. Ralph Bray | Flight Zoë Däe | Bugs Under a Spaghetti Strainer Charles J. Alden | Double Feature Ateret Haselkorn | Mittelschmerz M. M. Ehasz | A Shanghai Concession Kitty Bleak | Sooner or Later Barbara Fischer | From the Gentlemen at the Bar Wendy Cohan | The Sweetness of Cowboys Contributor Notes

  • ISBN: 9780463082300
  • Author: Sixfold
  • Published: 2018-09-03 04:25:12
  • Words: 59936
Sixfold Fiction Summer 2018 Sixfold Fiction Summer 2018