Seven types of people you can't help and who you can help

Seven types of people you can’t help and who you can help

by Danny Lirette


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Being in ministry, I’m no stranger when it comes to interacting with people on both an individual and corporate level. In this article, I want to focus on 7 types pf people that nobody can help. While it’s cute to say “Anybody can be helped!”, that type of thinking isn’t based in reality… at all. There “are” people who can’t be helped, no matter how much you want to help them. I pray that this short bookley will be a guide for you in your dealings with others. 

[* 1- Those who won't take time to pray: *]


Prayer is the means whereby God has made available to to us His empowering grace. You will never be able to help a person who says they want God’s grace to overcome yet won’t take the time necessary to seek the face of God. If an individual asks you to pray for them, ask them if they’ve first taken time before God to pray themselves. Ask them bluntly and if they say no, you then have the opportunity to tell them that you will only pray for them if they agree to pray for themselves. Prayerless people are powerless people; anything you counsel them in will not work unless they pray.


Who you CAN help:


Spend time counseling those who you know have consistent payer lives. Be a tool in the hands of God in how to direct them to pray. You see, those who have genuine prayer lives may be facing a difficult struggle… but in counseling them you’ll be directing their focus in prayer away from their issue over to God’s solution!


[* 2- Those who won't obey God: *]


If an individual is convicted by God in an area but refuses to lay that thing down – what makes you believe that they’ll listen to you when you counsel them? If they won’t listen to God, don’t expect them to listen to you. Compromisers are always looking for a way to avoid accountability and responsibility; they have no intention of obeying what God has called them to let go of and as a result, anything you say will not be taken to heart by those who walk in disobedience to the Lord. That’s a fact.


Who you CAN help:


Help and work with those who may be struggling in certain areas of obedience but display a genuine desire to see God move in their lives. Don’t reject those who stumble and fall yet who want to stand; work with them! Everyone struggles… and those who have a heart of obedience to Jesus are no different!




[* 3- Those who walk by sight:  *]


We all struggle in our faith; the Lord is aware of this and has compassion on us. However, there comes a point where we must walk by faith and walking by faith means that we look to Christ for all things… and not on our external circumstances. Is this easy? No way! However, it’s essential if we’re to see His provision in our lives. You will never be able to help those who constantly look on external things as each time you meet with them, something new will arise in their minds as situations constantly change. 


Who you CAN help:


Point the individual you’re working with to look to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of their faith. If they latch on to the promises of God, continue with them. If not, let them be! Some will latch on .. they only need encouragement! It’s these folks you need to stick with! DO NOT GIVE UP ON THEM!


[* 4- Those who are dishonest: *]


Dishonest people lie to God, to themselves and to others. You cannot help those who lie and deny. If there’s a dishonesty in the heart concerning one’s finances, lifestyle practices, etc, you’re not going to be able to help them at all. Dishonest people are self deceived and as a result anything you counsel to them will be twisted. Dishonest people won’t admit their issues; they’ll make light of them. 


Who you CAN help:


Work with honest people who tell the brutal truth! Honest people, no matter what their struggle, are candidates for deliverance. Honest people may tell you some deep and dark things… but don’t worry because God is on their side.


[* 5- Arrogant people: *]


Those who are filled with pride and yet have a mountain of issues in their lives will often seek out others to “fix up”. They do this so as to avoid their own mounting problems. Prideful people pretend that nothing is wrong when in fact nothing is right in their hearts. They’re people who won’t think twice about slandering your name if you get in their way or it they happen to not like you. Then, they’ll present themselves to others as “loving” and “caring”. You cannot help a prideful person!


Who you CAN help:


Look for genuine humility in the one you’re counseling. Not in their words; but in their attitudes. Humility will see a man set free! Don’t give up on the humble!



[* 6- Name it and claim it followers: *]


These precious people deny reality, claiming they’re only denying “symptoms”. They’re taught by false teachers to deny their sicknesses, their poverty and whatever else is ailing them. You can often hear these people saying things like, “Don’t confess that!” or “I don’t receive that!”. When they’re actually sick, they’ll deny it and say, “These are only symptoms; I’m not really sick!”. You can’t help someone who denies reality.


Who you CAN help:


Offer counseling to those who face their issues without a denial of those issues. Looking at issues head on will bring about a proper solution.


[* 7- Bitter people: *]


Bitter people who won’t let things go… stay away from them. Offer them nothing. If they’re struggling, that’s one thing; if they’re practicing unforgiveness and bitterness, don’t touch them. You’ll become infected. You cannot help those who refuse to love others. Let them go! Bitter people are poisonous and not only can you “not” help them.. if you stick around them too long, you’ll become bitter.


Who you CAN help:


Work only with those who’s hearts are open to forgiveness. If you don’t discern this… stay away! If you do discern this, work with the individual because they have sensitive hearts that they haven’t walled up!



Brothers and sisters, if we waste our time on those who want freedom without obedience, we’re going to burn out! Be used of God with people who are willing to obey the Lord in all areas of their lives. In doing so, you’ll avoid fakes, flakes and snakes and be used by God to see people walk in victory!

Seven types of people you can't help and who you can help

Bitter people who won't let things go... stay away from them. Offer them nothing. If they're struggling, that's one thing; if they're practicing unforgiveness and bitterness, don't touch them. You'll become infected.

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  • Author: Danny Lirette
  • Published: 2017-06-27 00:05:08
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Seven types of people you can't help and who you can help Seven types of people you can't help and who you can help