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SERAPH (COLLECTED POEMS) is inspired by my belief in angels. In myths, legends and folklores, many stories abound about angels and their significance to human beings. Some are said to be messengers, with a special message from the divine; incarnate beings with supernatural aura. Others are singers in the celestial choirs; rhapsodizing about the glory of God.

These ethereal elements are explored in this collection, molded after the divine attributes of Seraphs as mostly depicted in the Scripture. Six poems in a triad; the themes of the poems are set to reflect the mystery, the beauty and the truth of this purest of created beings.

Enjoy with love.

“Above it stood the Seraphims: each one had six wings; with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he did fly”

– Isaiah 6:2


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I am an angel

Sent from the sky

To tell you

Sooner than later

All will be well.

When light is low

In the dusk

And fate seems to be unfair

Darkening the soul

I will be here.

Hidden in the air

To make right

What is slight

My name is Seraph

I am an angel of love

Sent from on high

To bear you light





Fragile wings

Fluttering in the wind

Looking for pollens

On a fragrant petal.

Fragile wings

Painted in spectral colors

Fairer than a fresco

Of a genius.

Fragile wings

Set on springs

Breaking boundaries

And gravities with ease…

Fragile wings-

Perfect specimen of flawless beauty





Things unseen

Are the hardest to believe

Yet none can impugn

The cure found in a coca leaf.

When tree bark

Boiled in water

Will miraculously work

To cure a high fever.

Humans are the hardest

To convince of beings

Yet they are the most blest

In spite of their failings;

It is why angels whisper

And only hope in prayer


Aurelis in silver



To see the sky

At dawn

Swathed in silvery

Curls of cloud

Has always been a delight.

Where I will be

In my invisible nest

Dissolving myself

In a lark’s morning octave

To share in its weightless joy.

I invite you in

Tomorrow morning

Just after the Angelus

To witness with me

This rapturous birth of dawn


Rendezvous at River Jordan



Break away

From the colony

To meet me

At the sparkling estuary.

I will be waiting

Leg deep in water

Searching the sky

For the white kite.

I will risk my life

To meet you

If you will be fearless not to follow

The crowd but the white kite

To the stream that flows

Where you will meet me

And together we will flow into the sea



Tepid winds



Who watches over

The crying child

When the mother is ill

Or burdened with another child.

It is I

Seraph of the sky

Who sings a lullaby

That coos the child to sleep.

You can hear me

If you listen closely

As the breeze blows solemnly

Echoing my horn,

I tell the child:

Little One,

Cry not for God cares for you

His heart, Holy and Infinite, throbs for you.




Timeless riddle



Who can solve

The riddle of love

When two hearts merge

In a tumultuous urge

To become one.

When two minds

Disparate and separate

Each in its own state

Seek to bond

And become one.

No one can

Not a woman or man

Knows the atomic miracle

Or the timeless riddle

We all call Love

Only the Seraph


Wild cherubs



Bear me in your wings

And take me

With you beyond the springs

And over the sea

To your place of abode.

Fair Cupid with wings

And a golden bow

Child of Venus

Hunting for hearts

With a poison arrow.

I am young and restless

Looking for an adventure

Into the flowery wild

And the extant recess,

Take a virgin with you

Into the circle of wild cherubs



Feather kiss



I was kissed

By an angel

In my night travel

To Golgotha.

And suddenly the road

Became bright

And my mortal load

Became light.

As I passed

Burdened with my cross

Trailing the crescent

An angel kissed me

And I found salvation

On my weary trip to damnation



Golden bower



Lead me

To a still place

In the woods

And there denude me

To my feet.

Make me

Naked under the trees

Like a nymph

About to love

For the first time.

And there

You will see me

As I am-

A striking woman

Unbound and free

Under the Eternal Tree


Lily’s glow



My love for flowers

Cuts deep

Like a dagger

Aimed at a spot.

For the lilies

Out on the field

Resplendent in their glories

As the day break and shadows flee.

My love for you

Cuts deeper than dagger

And burns brighter than fire

Or my ardor for flowers,

It overwhelms me


Sweet heart



A kiss will

Make me free

Like a dove

Set on a flight.

A touch will

Make me glow

Like a match

Struck upon a rock.

But a heart

Sweet and true

Given without reserve

Will make me sparkle

In love with you.








I am in the whisper

Heard in the night

Of the soul

When it gropes for light.

My voice echoes

In the hallowed chambers

Of your heart

Piercing the thick clouds of doubts.

In the answer

Eagerly awaited from heaven

Spoken in whisper

To show you starlight

In your midnight


Faithful wings



Grant me the grace

To believe

In myself

Absolutely like a finch

Thrust in air.

To lift up

Against the wind

Daring the eventualities of gravity

In my climb up

The ladder of destiny.

Give me the grace

Of faith to fly

Like Michael, Gabriel, Raphael

And other scions of sky

To lift up

Fearless into the future


Tranquil drift



When all of a sudden

The hall becomes still

All quiet and solemn

As if held under a spell

Then know that they are around.

Tender feet fairies

Beating the wind

With iridescent wings

As they share blessings

Holding the hall in thrall.

Watch out for

They are abound in air

Fragrant specters of sky

Flitting across like dragonfly

To give accent to prayers

And calm those in despair






It is only the dying

Who can see

Into the true nature

Of incorporeal being

Hidden to the mortal eyes.

Only those whose

Times are close

And whose journey

Takes the fatal turn

To a new morning.

They are the only ones

Who can see

The unseen guests

By the corner

Who looks on with love

To take the faithful home






There is always a sign

To show heaven hears

When we bare our fears

And our helplessness

To the air.

It could be in many things

In a streak on the sky

In a twinkling fire fly

In a dream so surreal

We wished it were real.

It is always there

A divine sign

Perfect in manifestation

For us to discern

And know heaven hears

When we fear and seem hopeless

Guardian angel



I went all over

The places

Searching for my Seraph

In familiar faces

Looking for love

I went West

And then travelled East

Scouting the South

To end up in the North

Yet I could not find him.

Till I went within

Of myself

To find my Seraph

Who was waiting for me

And when I found him

I knew I was home







I wrote this book after reading Anne Rice’s Angel Time, researching on the sources she gave at the end of the book to gain further enlightenment on the existence of angels. Much of what the texts I read said about angels were based on opinions or beliefs rather than concrete proofs but I still exercised faith to see if I could experience the truth of their existence. Then suddenly the ethereal experience happened to me.

Some time ago while I was writing this book, I was at the train station one morning on my way to work, waiting for my train when out of the blue a homeless woman walked up to me and asked me for five quid to eat. The strange thing was that I had only five quid on me, after my fare, and she was exact as to what she wanted. Speechless, I dipped my hand in my purse and gave the money to her and then my train came and I hopped in, watching her where she stood on the railing as the train moved.

As I passed, I instantly knew she was an angel and felt touched by a light. I started to shake where I sat, feeling something hard to describe with words as I dwelled on the incident. There were hundreds of people at the station waiting with me for the train but she had singled me out for charity. And the authority in her manner of asking made me know she knew me intimately. Was she my guardian angel or a Seraph with a gift for me? I still wonder till today.

Have you ever encountered an angel before? Share your experience with me and the world, perhaps it will reinforce the truth of these celestial beings that sometimes mingle with humans to send a message.


Mary Jade Monroe is a poet, a blogger and an avowed feminist with a prolific pen and a fiery mind. Seraph (Collected Poems) is her second release in the mythology-poetica series following the much loved Mermaid.

She lives in London with her gold fish.

Write to her ^^^^^^ [email protected]


Follow her blog ^^^^^www.maryjademonroe.blogspot.com




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SERAPH is a collection of poems about the celestial beings called angels. Simple and sweet to read; this slim volume of lyric poems is created to celebrate the mystical beings of song and fiery messengers famed to live amongst us. Written by the bestselling author of MERMAID, Mary Jade Monroe

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