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Yassin Said

“A whirlwind, an owl flies with one wing, jean guarding the archeological graves, removed human eyes and silent men since the Pharaohs’s era, etc.”

This is some secrets from there, behind our senses. yes, our known five senses.

Yassin A. Said comes to you in a live broadcast from Sepika, village in south Egypt, trying to reveal these secrets.

The village and he are opening arms and pages, in this journey through the ambience of Egyptian folktales.

Copyright © to the author

The fifth Sense:


Behind the sense:

Son of Mevlana’s Touch

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Amr noticed that people gave his father a special treatment and nicknames such as ‘Sheikh’, and ‘Mevlana’, while his Aunt Fouzia was just ‘Aunt’, and the grocer ‘Shaban’ was just ‘the grocer’.

If Mevlana walked in the street, everyone would hurry to kiss his hand. Amr thought that it’s a normal way of greeting, and tried it with his neighbor Sarah, then uncle Shaban.

The child Sarah received the matter sheepishly, but the grocer was shocked.

“Forgiveness, Mevlana’s son. Please don’t do it again. We, who should take the blessing from you.”

The boy marveled at the grocer’s reaction; what did ‘the blessing’ mean? And why did only his family have it?


“What?! Did you kiss Shaban’s hand?!”

His father shouted when his son told him, then he calmed down a little, taking his son’s hand into the lounge.

“What is this?”

“Dad asked while pointing to the wall.”

“A Photo.”

“of whom?”

“You, grandfather Mansor, and eldest uncle Gamil.”

“Gamal. Those are the Sheikhdom and blessing owners, your grandparents. I have inherited this legacy of them, and it subsequently moves to you, so you simply are different, you are Mevlana.”

Father went out, leaving his son in confusion.


The child Amr became a teenager. Therefore his feelings went normally to the neighbor’s daughter.

The boy loved Sarah, loved talking to her and looking at her. While they were playing "hide- and-seek", he touched her hair, and moved away quickly to the semi-dark corner of Al-Saha.

“I am Here, Sarah, come if you know where exactly I am”.

Sarah guessed his place by following his voice. Her arms moved here and there, groping her way.

When she reached the corner, she felt hot breaths on her face and suddenly found herself in his arms. She stared at him aghast, and then she freed herself within seconds and left crying.

Amr was afraid; Sarah would tell everyone now: How would he justify his sin? What about his family? What about Mevlana? And more importantly, how to face them?

He ran to his room, locking himself in, and making sure the window was also locked. Then sat listening. His house was located directly in front of Sarah’s.

He heard her crying, and describing what happened, then there was the sound of a slap.

The boy couldn’t understand; there was something illogical.

Amr kept listening, more concentrated, and shocked because what he heard was true. Sarah screamed, swearing she was honest.

No doubt she received another slap across the face. He could not understand how? Or why? But that was what happened.

- Enough, girl, Mevlana’s son couldn’t do it.

Her dad’s voice said.

The boy felt down; when he was a child, he did not understand the meaning of the word ‘Mevlana’, but he did now, and in the hardest way.

After what happened; how to be a man, and take the responsibility for what he did? How to be Mevlana?

Amr decided to admit. But to whom?

“To Mevlana directly?”

“No way. It will be a suicide.”

“His mom?”

“No. He does not guarantee her reaction, too.”

“His step-mother? This is a good compromise; she loves him as a son, and knows well how to tell the others.”

The young boy went straight to his step-mother, telling her that he had wronged Sarah, that he actually hugged her while they were playing in Al-Saha, and that he tried to…

Amr stopped talking when he felt a hand placed on his shoulder that made him shudder. He knew that touch. It belonged to… Mevlana.

But he was surprised by his dad’s composure.

“You accuse yourself to save your friend! You are a right Mevlana.”

“Dad, I am telling the truth. I really did it.”

“Whatever you said, I would not believe you. The little Mevlana does not do it.”

Father did not add another word and went out to his room.

“Wait, Dad, I am..”

But Sheikh Saleh ignored his son’s pleas

The child’s screams went on and on, but in vain. No voice was above Mevlana’s.


Taboo touch

- 2 -

“I have never imagined seeing an owl flies with one wing”


“Mohsen Abo Rayan Died”

“Mohsen Abo Rayan has been slaughtered”

Noise, Crowds and Cries of women in the heart of the night.

Men surrounded the corpse avoiding looking at the crosswise-cut neck, while the dead man’s fingers held the knife tightly.


The dead man’s fingers held the knife tightly!

whisper began:

“Can it be….?”, Distraught.

“Impossible, who can slaughter himself?”, Staggered.

“Mohsen was known for his wisdom.”, Heartbroken.

“He was nervous and unnatural recently. Did not you notice?”, Staggered.

“But the knife… you see…, in his own hand, and…”, Trying to touch.

“Do not touch anything, fool, leave the knife where it is, and let’s call in the police.”, Angry.

“First of all, we must cover the body.”, In a low voice.


More and more confusion.

Rekabi blamed them that there were a thousand mayors speaking, but none of them moved.

He decided to start by himself, pushing his hand into his Galabia pocket to take out his phone, but his trembling fingers failed for several times to take hold of the phone.

His fingers failed to get the phone; The man excused, just a few steps away, lying a body of a man with a cruelly-cut neck.

Suddenly he saw Sheikh Saleh interrupting him by a signal from his hand, signal indicating he has actually phoned earlier.

Saleh struggled through the crowds until he reached Rekabi at the head of the body; At the same time, there is a Blanket that appeared out of nowhere.

Not only the Blanket in which appeared out of nowhere, but also Mohsen’s sister: Nahla.

All guessed that she wouldn’t get close any more, but Nahla did, and kissed her brother’s lips madly.

Everyone was surprised; It was unusual in the East for a woman to kiss her brother this way, let alone a dead body with a crosswise-cut neck!

“Oh, my brother, my love! Why did you leave me alone?”, noticing the knife in her brother’s hand, she started screaming:

“Why did you do it yourself?! Believe me, I did not mean it. Believe me, I did not mean it.”

She continued her mad screaming, But her husband Mo’tasem saved the situation, and took her away.

She Kicked, bit and used obscene words against him, while Mo’tasem was receiving all of those with enviable spunk; His shock wasn’t any less than hers. Mohsen wasn’t only like his brother, he was also the companion of his childhood and his cousin; They were similar in everything; brown olive face, height, tone of voice, etc. Often People thought they were two brothers.

Mo’tasem and his wife left. The men covered the body whose face was full of anger more than pain.

OMG! We have forgotten about the blood, we need yellow lentil quickly.”, Rikabi remembering Suddenly.

Everyone was worried. A thousand people moved to bring yellow lentils.

The village had its own legislation of popular beliefs, two items of that legislation were:

No. 1:

(The blood of the dead must be covered by yellow lentil, otherwise he will come back as a “Soul”.)

A “Soul” means a ghost in their local language.

No. 2:

(That must happen quickly, before the blood drying up.)

“No use, part of the blood has already dried up.”, All the eyes looked where Rekabi pointed, and saw that the sand had absorbed one fifth of the blood and turned into a fissured crust which predicted dark days to come.

Rekabi’s son Munther appeared, in his hand a bag full of yellow grain. Munther gave them the bag with keeping his eyes away; The dead man was his companion, who shared childhood memories with him and danced on his wedding day not long ago.

Saleh snatched the bag, and said:

“Maybe, better late than never. Rekabi.”


Black is the usual women’s clothes color in any Egyptian funeral. All of them were sitting on ‘Haser’ (A local type of Carpets), in the middle was Nahla, the flower which hid behind sad silence.

Mohsen was not only her brother; after their father died during their childhood, he became the father and brother, and when her first son came, she gave him the same name ‘Mohsen’.

Some of the mourners wanted to carry Nahla’s baby, but she refused and embraced him more.

While women were still offering condolence, Nahla’s mind was in another world.

“Investigations proved the suicide”

“The incident appeared on TV”

“It is rare in this world that someone butchered himself”

“No normal person can do this”

Nahla’s heart was in great pain; she was who made him strange and unnatural.

Nahla embraced the little Mohsen more, Her feelings toward her slain brother were much more than she could bear. For her, he was like… She couldn’t describe it! Her Love for him exceeded the limits of patience brotherhood.

Once, Mohsen dreamed of that belle are approaching him amid the clouds, He saw her progressing by hidden wings, until she became in his arms. He was shocked because of her forwardness; when her fingers were moving on his body. Then he woke up.

He Found himself in his small room, the light coming from the street; he saw a shadow of real body.

Mohsen took minutes to understand: who? And what?

Then, He moved on to the next phase: Slapping her.

From that day, Mohsen avoided Nahla, and whenever he saw her, he kept his face away, and asked forgiveness aloud.

Nahla married. She thought that this would cure her; Over time, she discovered the contrary; Her feeling towards Mohsen grew, even her husband, she actually chose him just because he looked like her brother.

Nahla was back from her thoughts to see Mohsen’s widow ‘Sabah’, That was her first appearance after the incident, in the consolation.

Nahla couldn’t bear to see her there, so she cropped up:

“why did you come here?”

Shock took its place next to sadness in Sabah’s face, And she was unable to absorb:

“Why Nahla is doing her such as this?”

Nahla’s Mom stood up as fast as her age could allow her psychological condition.

“What happened to you, my daughter? My heart is suffering for your brother, so why do you make it suffer more by what you are doing?”

Nahla exploded, and embraced her son more to the point that he began to cry.

“Mom, She is the reason , and.. and me too.”, Nahla said, then hastened to her room; there, her knees couldn’t stand more, so she sat down; actually, fell.

Under her, under the bed, there was a collection of strange books, and a burned remains of herbs in platters.


(39) days after Mohsen’s death.

Mu’tasim acquiesced in his wife’s desire to spend the night at her mother’s house, in order to help her with her work ‘Almenie’: A kind of bread, giving at the fortieth day after the death of the Dead, and the reason for choosing (40) days is; an inherited habit from the time of the Pharaohs, because the mummification was taking (40) days.

“Aunt Nahla, Aunt Nahla.”, Little girl Hager shouted, and:

“My mother saw an owl on top of one of the lampposts, so she tells you to pay attention to your child.”

Folklore Constitution:

No 3:

“Everywhere around the world, the owl is considered a symbol of a dark cloud.

In this villages of Aswan, the owl had another role, it hovers around a house where there is a new baby, and then, waiting for a chance to put its beak in his nose, to sucks his blood.”

Nahla hurried to where her son was and found him playing with a wooden toy. She carried him and hugged him hard to her chest that he began to cry.

“The owl is no longer there, Hager, is it?”, Nahla asked the girl who was still outside the room.


Nahla went out carefully, While the girl continued:

“It was a stunning view, my aunt. I wished that you had seen it.”

“which view?”

“The owl. I have never imagined seeing an owl flies with one wing.”









An owl flies with one wing

Nahla ignored Hagar’s words; Who cared about children’s fantasies, especially those about “owls flies with one wing”?

What a new joke, completely!

The following day before sunrise, Nahla saw the owl face to face for the first time.

It was standing on the highest point in a willow. Her son was a few meters away, so she hastened to the baby and carried him, and looked up, while Hager’s words were re-echoing in her mind.

“I have never imagined seeing an owl flies with one wing”.

She moved just two steps; unable to risk more because the baby was in her arms. With the assistance of emerging sunlight, She tried to check more but found that the owl flew to the sky.

Nahla pondered with skepticism, because the owl swayed her body to the left, a sway that could not be normal at all.

“What are you doing, Nahla?”, Her mom’s feeble voice came out carrying the question.

“Nothing, Mom.”, Nahla speculated the possibility that the owl had an illness or injury, so Hager thought it had one wing.


It was the fortieth day after Mohsen’s death.

Nahla was taking the loaves of bread ‘Almenien’ out of the oven. Their neighbors and relatives would come soon and go out together to the graves.

she brought an old Galabia, and covered the basket by it, to keep the birds. Suddenly there was a whirlwind at the courtyard of the house.

“Is it possible that it is the mysterious whirlwind which the village was talking about?!” then exit owl from it.

Nahla realized that she had wronged the girl. Hagar was right. The owl had only one wing!

she was in a very bad situation, now.

The first problem was that the owl was standing between her and little Mohsen, and any attempt to take the child away would be too late.

The second was that there was a possibility that it wasn’t an owl after all; there was not a bird with only one wing.

Maybe it was a genie. However, when it came to your child you would forget everything else.

Nahla walked in the direction of the owl hitting the air with her arms, and the old Galabia in her hand.

“Look at my Galabia in your hand, how dirty? Do you see how much careless sister you are; a sister who doesn’t care to wash the clothes of her brother.”, The Owl said, and it began the transition to the form of a man, that was easy for us to guess who he was.

“Forgive me, Mohsen, I did not want that to happen! I practiced magic just to make you love me as much as I did, I wanted you to be my complete ownership!”, Nahla broke off, so Mohsen completed her talk:

“then you found out that it’s a dead-end road, and it is not possible that one loves by magic, but they can hate!”

“you made me crazy; first when my magic couldn’t help me to reach you, and the second when you married that…. Sabah.”

Because of Mohsen’s deep love for his wife, he hated himself before he could hate Sabah. This is which Nahla didn’t expect it. even her brother slaughtered himself in the end.

Mohsen partially returned to his former shape, an owl, while dust was rotating around him. Nahla looked at her baby.

“Please leave my child. At least he carries your name.”

“Did not you understand yet, sister? I did not come for him, but for you.”

Nahla froze in her place, she did not scream or call for help, you can say that she was completely succumbed to her fate.

ًWomen came after a quarter of an hour, they found a baby crying, and his Mom lying down, with a bleeding nose..
























The fourth Sense:


Behind the Sense:

The smell of incense graves


“Keep the incense burner in your hand. If it stops burning suddenly, you must run away. Run away without looking behind.”


Khater’s mother always used incense against envy or before Friday prayers, but now he was smelling it without a mom, without a home, without a mosque, and without safety.

Khater convulsed, and so did his right hand holding the lamp and the other carrying the incense burner. Based on Imran’s assurances, the abdomen of the valley had precious pharaonic treasures.

Khater’s convulsion has been continued, even he thought that the whole world trembled around him.

“Dig up, Khater, dig up.”, Imran said.

Khater took notice that the earth is really shaking under his feet, He overcame his fear and began digging until the stone cover appeared.

The two men cooperated to lift the cover, and then they saw a flight of stairs that led down into the earth.

“Khater, your face is a good omen; there seems to be a lot of treasures awaiting us underground!”

“What about Al-Rasad, Imran?”

“I has paved the way, don’t worry”.


As we have mentioned earlier, Sepika village had a heritage of popular beliefs. Item no 4:

“They have faith that the Pharaohs used genies to protect their tombs; the genie is called ‘Al-Rasad’, and because of that, breaking into graves is a real risk, so they needed the help of people like Sheikh Imran.”

‘Sheikh’ is a word that expresses ‘Islamic Preacher’; Strangely, it too used to “who is fluent in magic and incantations”.

“I employed a lot of talismans and incense, this is enough to make Al-Rasad stray far from us until we finish, If incense was extinguished suddenly, fled out run away quickly because it will be a harbinger of danger.”, Imran said that before going down with the lamp and the incense burner in his hands.

Descending a staircase, then walking down a horizontal passageway covered with a lot of Pharaonic inscriptions and paintings, and in the end, they came to a heavy solid door.

Imran won again. A scary creak and the door opened. Imran pushed the lamp through the open door. He saw that the room was empty except for a coffin, some canopic jars, furniture, and an ebony statue carrying a spear.

“Is the statue looking at us? Is it putting more pressure on his spear?”, Khater said to himself with suspicion.

“Fortunately, Al-Rasad is sick.”


“Yes. He has been doing it for thousands of years, so imagine his boredom! This is generally good; it means that we can make a deal with him. Khater, wait here, I will go first, and.. for the last time I remind you: keep the incense burner in your hand. If it stops burning suddenly, you must run away, run away without looking behind. As for me, I can manage it myself.”

Sheikhs of graves had a bad reputation. They could steal and kill for gold, but Khater wasn’t worried when Imran asked to enter alone at first. Imran was different. Everyone told legends about his integrity and honesty.

Khater heard a sound. Doubting that there was a faint whir coming from inside, the fear started to invade his face, so he tried to keep his thoughts away. He remembered a funny conversation between him and Mohsen Abo Rayan.

“Antiquities are a public property! They belong to the government only.”

“Government! What government, Mohsen? That government considers us in Upper Egypt as no one , as nothing, as a second degree state. Antiques are a legitimate heritage from our ancestors. They belong only to the ones who find them.”

Khater’s memories were stopped suddenly by the whir. It was remarkably raising, and at the same moment, the incense stopped burning.


“Run away, run away without looking behind you.”

Khater didn’t hesitate. He started sprinting without stopping. He bumped on his way into tens of stones and rocks until he finally saw the lights of the village.

In his house, he couldn’t sleep. Several thoughts took over his mind, but the most important of them all was that: he followed Imran’s advice, however forgot about Imran himself: what happened to him, and what did he do with Al-Rasad?!

Khater picked up the phone and, pressing the buttons of Imran’s number, he waited, but there was no answer.

“Turned off or out of coverage area.”

He tried a second time, and third, and… Suddenly his phone rang. The luminous screen showed a concise name; ‘Basha’.

Khater felt worried, but he pressed the green button any way. He heard a mysterious voice asking directly about their excavation and why Imran did not answer his calls.

“Hey! Pasha, we went to the exact location, but we did not find anything. We will get back to search tomorrow. Do not worry, Sir. I will put you in the picture as soon as we find something. As for Imran, I do not know, perhaps he put his phone on the silent mode, or there was a signal problem.”

“OK, waiting for good news, bye.”

Then he hung up.

In the past, Mohsen Abo Rayan refused to believe it, although Khater swore that the elite were collecting pharaonic antiques; police officers, members of parliament, judges etc.

“I told you it’s not immoral. Is it reasonable that all those are wrong?! If so, and the rich still do it, so why must the poor adhere to morals and principles?!”

Mohsen was shocked, so Khater went on.

“Do you know who else? They are university professors at the department of archaeology, They are the ones who decide “are the antiques original or not?” and “ how much they are worth?”, You can ask Amr Ibn Al-Sheikh Saleh, he’s studying at the university of Qena, and he will confirm what I’m saying.”

In the morning, khater went to Imran’s house where he was told that the Sheikh had been out of the house since yesterday.

Imran, the black statue, incense, and Al-Rasad.

Of all the thoughts, only one idea won. It was that Khater couldn’t leave his companion alone. He had to come back.

Accompanied by incense and the lamp, Khater followed the same path he and Imran used yesterday:

Climbing up a mount, walking in the sand of the valley covered with stone, descending a staircase, then walking down a horizontal passageway covered with a lot of Pharaonic inscriptions and paintings, Khater came to the heavy solid door in the end.

He walked inside the room and checked the details he missed seeing yesterday. Bright paintings covered the walls. They were so bright as if they had not dried yet.

Khater trembled suddenly when he felt a hand placed on his shoulder, so he turned.


Khater got excited when he saw his friend safe and sound, but when their eyes met, Khater’s incense stopped burning suddenly.

Imran reassured him:

“Forget the last roles, I have held an agreement with Al-Rasad, and I became the dominant and honest man here.”

“They told me at your house that you didn’t come back yesterday. Did you spend the night here?”

Imran nodded, or perhaps that was what his companion imagined, then he continued his tour in the cemetery, and so did Khater. Khater’s eyes turned to the coffin, and wished to take a look. He wanted to see how the face of the dead looks like, so he moved slowly towards it, opened the cover. His eyes fell on a mask.

Khater shuddered, The features of the mask were more like.. Like Imran’s features!


“If incense stopped burning suddenly, run away, run away without looking behind you.”

“When they met face to face, Khater’s incense stopped burning.”

“I have held an agreement with Al-Rasad, and I became the dominant and honest man here.”

“dominant and honest.”

Imran himself moved a few centimeters up in the air.

Everything is clear now, he had made an agreement with Al-Rasad, The second had rested from his functions and Boredom, and Imran took over his place.

“Yes, everything your thought is true, you could stay with me, Khater, a lot of fun is waiting for us together.”

Imran’s words echoed in his ears.

Khater threw the incense burner, and started his escape. He didn’t know how he made it: by jogging, running or crawling?

“Wait for me Khater! I won’t force you, just you should rethink. Could you imagine the super natural power! You will have a lot of it by guarding the mountain, and as I told you before: a lot of fun is waiting for us. Oh! Wait, we can reach an… agreement.”


Khater packed his bags, and got ready to travel, before he was interrupted by a ringing phone, the luminous screen carried the last same word: ‘Basha’.

Khater ignored the ringing, carried his bag, and said goodbye to his family, especially his brother Amin, also gave his last kisses to Amin’s children “Sarah” and “Muhammad”.

No one asked about the reason for his departure.

Other essential items in the village Constitution:

“There are no secrets; everyone knows everything.”

They guessed that Imran died during one of his tours in the mountain, and Khater was his companion at that time, so he definitely knew something, something caused Imran’s death, and Khater’s wish to run away.

Especially that Khater warned them strongly against exploring the mountains, he said that; there they will find a new Al-Rasad that wasn’t like the others, and that he would not accept any truces or agreements, also he knows everyone of us, our names, and home addresses, more importantly, he is fair, honest, does not feel boredom.


On his way ,Khater met an old friend.

“Khater How are you, my cousin? I missed you so much!”

“Oh! Gallab? I“m fine; thanks, God. And you?”

After hugs, Gallab pointed to the South with his index finger.

“ I came from the Sudan today. Why are you carrying this bag? Are you traveling, too?!”

Khater smiled, before his hand pointed to the other side:

“Yes, to the North.”

“A traffic sign!”


Gallab sighed:

“It is clear that our village has become like a traffic signal, just gives us minutes to wait and have a little chance to fleeting greetings, and in the end, all of us go to different direction.”








The third Sense:


Behind Sense:

The bitter taste



“But why you hasn’t afraid of break his neck.”




“They had gathered to beat me, Dad, as usual.”, The boy said, On the other side, Gallab looked at the ground without reply.

The son went to his mother who was sitting on a ‘Dekka’ (A kind of wooden seat like a Sofa, but without padding), Sahar hugged him silently, avoiding to look at Gallab.

Gallab couldn’t sleep all night, while Sahar, who was lying right next to him on bed, sleeping with half-shut eyes.

she seemed scary this time, but Hussein’s look was the scariest. Gallab hated himself, hated his weakness. Hussein didn’t know that his dad already went to the boy’s father Parcy, and if we describe who is ‘Parcy’ exactly, then we will have to say that he’s a real giant, and since all his brothers and cousins have the same size, so they somehow deserve the name.

‘Parcy’ means “the Twin” in their local dialect.

“But your son is the culprit always, it is advisable if you lock him home, and stop his harming, to my children.”

Gallab was convinced, any word by a giant as Parcy must be convincing for you.

Several days later, Hussein came back from abroad pleased.

“What’s up, Hussein?”, Gallab could not believe.

The boy replied by act not say, opening his hand, showing two excised nails in it.

“What happened to your hand, Son?”

“Who said that: this nails were removed from my hand? It belongs to Muhammad Abu Percy.”


“They had gathered to beat me, as usual; but this time, I decided to defend myself, I used my teeth to bite the closest one of them to me. he was Mohamed for his bad luck, I found his finger in my mouth, so I excised its nails, I wish you had seen them Dad, they ran away like rats.”

“Excised it?! What happened to you, son?! Have you worked in ‘State Security’ before?!”. (An Egyptian apparatus Security is famous for his torture operations.)

Gallab could not believe his ears.

During his saying ‘State Security’, he found them in his home directly, Gallab thought that they came because of just mentioning their name.

Needed seconds to remember, this apparatus has been canceled already, and was replaced by ‘National Security’.

It transpired that he was Parcy, coming to vengeance.

Percy crushed homeowner’s dignity inside his house, in front of his wife and son. Before losing consciousness, Gallab looked back at a lot of his old memories.


“Traveling to the North for a day, is better than traveling to the south for a year.”, A popular proverb says.

Gallab thought the contrary, and decided go against the current, his companion Taha encouraged him, and they went together to Sudan itself.

Kom Ombo, to Dongola.

Then Dongola, to Kom Ombo.

He just couldn’t remember; “how many times he went in this long travel, back and forth”.

He was originally from Sepika village in the center of Kom Ombo, and from there they go usually to the biggest center for camels trade ‘Daraw’, Then to the trade route to Dongola in Sudan, which was known as the (The way of forty).

In the end, After getting the order, they came back again the same way.

they call it 'fortieth' because the convoys were in need of forty days to reach from the city of Assiut -Egypt, to the city of El Fasher- Sudan.

That’s what they were saying about the origin of the naming

On their way back, Gallab and Taha were leading the long row of camels, Taha in front, Gallab in the left, and the sons of tribe ‘Alababda’ in the rest of the directions. The mission of all was keeping the camels flock, without any straying.

Until Gallab himself strayed at one day.


Her name is Sahar, belongs to one of the tribes that lived on the border, Gallab loved her since the first time he saw her, And married her despite the rejection of his family at first. Even Taha followed Gallab’s footsteps in having the courage to marry from a strange tribe, he married ‘Ne’ma’, Saher’s sister.

Gallab had a happy life, except some simple emergency situations from time to time, mostly because of the repeated illness of Sahar, where her temperature raised to vastly, complaining that everything in her mouth had a bitter, but the strangest thing was that she didn’t care.

“Oh, Do not worry Gallab, it’s just a passing fever, about the bitterness, it’s the permanent companion who lives in our throats.”

As every time, Sahar rejected Gallab’s request to go to Shaikh Saleh; The possibilities for him were limited to either envy, or black magic.

“Believe me, it isn’t. As I told you, this case is reoccurring to me since I was born, I’m fine, ‘Zoul’.”

Gallab smiled, ‘Zoul’ means ‘The man’ in her tribal dialect, Sahar did not forget their native dialect, which he captivated by it.

He hugged her. It was said that the practice of love is: “falling to the top”, sometimes she has a surprising strange habit, she’s biting.

For his part, he didn’t object; perhaps she finds in his flesh what breaks the bitter taste in her throats.

After a period, different symptoms happened to Sahar, Pregnancy symptoms.

Hussein inherited the beauty of his mom, but the beliefs of children says:“the beauty is antithesis of masculinity”, so, for as long as he complained of ridicule the boy’s peer,

Thus it happened what happened.


“Sahar, I’ll travel in a convoy tomorrow.”

“But you said beforehand that the next convoy will go after two weeks!”

“Had changed.”

Sahar looked to the features of her husband, then hugged him, Gallab suffered, the last thing he needs now is compassion.

“Do not stray, Gallab, there is no reason deserving you going away.”


“Believe me, honey, one day Parcy will get what he deserves, For you, your image could never change in front of us. You will always be my man, Courage doesn’t have just one-face, Did you forget your traveling in the desert without stopping or fear, and the Flocks of camels behind you? Is not courage?”

“I thought like you in the beginning, and I chose to work in the desert for this reason Precisely, but I found the contrary, the monsters afraid of the herds, the herds were protecting me, not the reverse.”

“Nevertheless, you did not leave your career, you did not fall back. Believe me, You’re a brave man. You know? If ‘fear’ was a woman, she inevitably would’ve chosen you for a husband.”

Gallab smiled for the last simile, and she was pleased with the smile of her husband, then she tried changing the subject.

“Did you hear about the whirlwind?!”

In the village, everyone see it as a bad omen, And thought that the devil inhabited it.

Gallab remembered, and then replied that the rumors filled the village, and it’s coming every time from the Nile side, and containing a number of elves. Rakabi and Hassan swore that they saw them directly.

“Do not scare me, I intend to get out now.”, She said while wearing the Abaya and Hijab.

“to where?”

“My sister Ne’ma.”

“But sundown approached!”

“I will come back before the evening prayers.”

“I can pick you up.”

“It is not necessary.”, She said, while trying to avoid his looks.

Gallab understood, mostly she wanted to say that:

“It is advisable not to do this, the situation has not cooled yet, and you might clash with Parcy.”


Crying and screaming came from afar, Gualb thought it as a part of his dream, so he yawned, trying to sleep again.

“Gallab, wake up, Percy is dead”

Sleep flew from Gallab’s eyes, and he got up.


Gallab has not known what was he feeling exactly? Certainly no room for gloating, that’s not what he was brought up on.

“Before I tell you the details, what about your endurance.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because he died by a heinous way, They found the body in the fields, and parts of his neck were partially eaten, maybe it was a wolf or a monster.”

Horrible news for Gallab! And at the same time, There is an important question: What about going to the Funeral?

Duty-bound to go, But dignity prevented him, his dignity that was insulted by the deceased neighbor

The distance between him and Percy’s home was just some meters, but the psychological barrier made it feel like the distance between the heaven and the earth.

“What do you say, Gallab? Are you going to the funeral, and asking me to go too?!!”

“Oh yes Sahar, because that’s what men do.”


In the next afternoon, Sahar became ill, and vomited.

Vomit was mostly made of red mélange gelatinous substance, Gallab shuddered when he saw, remembering his wife’s words about Percy getting what he deserves one day, then her going to Ne’ma in the evening, always in the evening.

He tried to expel those evil thoughts from his mind, Suddenly, he saw the dust thrown over vomit, he turned, finding his wife smiling and saying innocently:

“I apologize for this mess.”


“Your permission, I’ll go to Ne’ma this day as well.”

“I’ll come with you, I missed Taha too.”

“No, we can’t leave the house empty, what do you think about my going alone now, and conveying to them your invite to dinner next Friday.”

Minutes after exit the wife, Gallab followed her with caution.

When he reached the corner, he didn’t expect what happened; heard the whistling of the wind behind him; it was the whirlwind.

running away without thinking, The issue turned into a race between a man and a whirlwind; and of course, the dust wins ,spiral dust arrived to Gallab, and it was devoured.

The man stopped, trying to catch his breath, and looked all around him.

He saw ghosts of dust, sitting cross-legged, they looked like monks or Sheikhs to some extent.

Dust all over the place, but for some reason it did not hurt his eyes forcing him to close them, as they wanted him to see clearly.

Then it began to form other ghosts in the middle of Sheikhs circle. Ghosts of dust have the form of Sahar and her sister!

The two women were looking like monsters

“What? No, you are demons, demons are trying poisoning my wife’s image.”

They pointed out to him again to follow up, as if to say:

“The exciting part of the film isn’t over yet”.

Sahar’s husband refused and closed his eyes, his imagination restored intimate moments with Sahar, and her bites. And when he opened his eyes again, he saw the biggest Sheikh among them shaking his head with regret, Sheikh approached slowly.

“who are you? And why does it seem like I already know you? Yeah, I do not believe you, and I don’t want anything from you, So what do you want from me?”

A silent admonition appeared in Sheikh’s eyes. Gallab almost swear he saw this eyes before.

Sheikh raised his palms to the sky, and dust gathered at the edge of his fingertips, then covered his whole body, and then disappeared .. all this.

Gallab found himself outside the whirlwind, and saw it moving away even diminished to the size of a football, then disappeared altogether.

The man fell to his knees, fighting to breath, Then he needed minutes to regain his focus, and discovered that he was now in the cemeteries, but how? And when? how could the whirlwind jump all this time and place?

Marched forward among the graves, avoiding trampling one of them with his foot.

He didn’t know where to go? And what did he want?

And.. remembered suddenly: he originally went out to follow his wife, trying to find an answer to his doubts, but he has been intercepted by the whirlwind, at that moment Gallab heard roars.

He fell to the ground immediately, lifting his head only and ghosted towards the source of the sound even saw them, The man saw such a scene a short while ago, Sahar and her sister are eating a human flesh, and he know this grave, it belongs to Parcy.

The husband heard a new roar, supposedly from Sahar’s throat:

“Come on, the body is fresh, and I’m hungry.”

“The body is stuck, Give me your hand, and help me.”

“Let’s break its neck, and get it out.”“


Gallab does not know: how he came back to his house, what was important that he reached and entered quickly, throwing himself on his bed.

Now, he was sure that the people of the whirlwind were not demons, but spirits.

“The body is stuck, Give me your hand, and help me.**”

“Let’s break its neck, and get it out.**”

Sahar killed Parcy!

Gallab became sure of this now.

but why?

It was true that he hated Parcy, but not to the degree of murder, and certainly not to the degree to devour his flesh after his death.

After half an hour Gallab heard the door creaking, Sahar had returned, her husband has not expected it, he thought that she would disappear from his life after what he knew, but he forgot that she did not know that he knew.

“Good evening my love.”

“Where were you?”, He asked.

“Did you forget? I was in Ne’ma’s house, and I had asked your permission before my going out, by the way Taha accepted the invitation, and will come on Friday with a Ne’ma.”

Gallab tried to seem natural, but no avail, Is this his wife really? With whom he had shared bed in their intimate meetings? Female? Or ‘Selaoh’ (the name of flesh human eaters in the local culture.)

Gallab removed The blanket from his body, and settled back, he looks at his wife silently.

“What, man? why are you looking at me like that?”, Sahar asked with coquetry.

“I’m thirsty, my leady, give me a glass of water from ‘Zear’ (A large crock pot to keep the water).”.

“Oh, at night I fear of the bakbaka sound (Voice of lowered the cup under water)”

Gallab looked at the stars through the upper window of the house, he felt that they all were urging him to go ahead, and curse this woman with him, so a decision was made, and the moment of truth came.

“But why you hasn’t afraid of break his neck. Parcey’s neck?


Sahar disappeared from the life of Gallab, and did not forget to take Ne’ma with her.

It has become the first talk of the village for a long, why she deported?! any reason made this happy couples had divorced?! They were strongly linked and everyone envied their happiness.

Gallab will remember this farewell till the end of his life. Sahar’s face has changed, it is true that he saw these changes twice, one in the whirlwind, and then at the cemetery, but both times they were not so close as now.

The man held a stick.

“You knew the truth? Unfortunately, I’ve actually loved you. You ruined our lives together because of your curiosity.”

“It is not true, I woke up from a long illusion.”

“Nice, Did you notice anything different in you now?”


“I told you that your heart was always brave, and you overcame fear in a timely manner. look, you stood in front of me, holding nothing but a stick. I assure you that no one ever did that, all of them ran away directly.”

“you are the father of my son, And the partner of my bed for a long time, so I won’t eat you, Goodbye honey, and take care of our son.”

She said, pointing to a place behind his back, Gallab noticed for the first time that Hussein woke up, and was stunned that the boy did not shout.

“Mom, do not leave me.”

“I won’t leave you, my son, I live in you and by you.”

On that day, Sahar left the village irretrievably, departed without leaving any traces for Gallab to follow, only some kisses and bites on his body, and a bitter taste in his throat.






The second sense:


Behind Sense:

Removed human eyes

“I promised their owners that they will see the result of what they did by their own eyes, even after their death”.


(The tongue).

This is the name that they called it in the region, and the reason was that the Nile water surrounded it from three sides.

The region is considered to be the source of many rumors. it was said that the whirlwind is blowing from here. Therefore, the villagers avoid it, It is rare that to find anyone who dares to stand out here as those men.

they were two men, the first foreigner was a blond waded into the mud, planting the metal discs in a circle, each one of them carrying a red luminous lamp.

Foreigner stumbled in the water.

“I advise you to be careful, and most important, do not think I could help you, and enter in the mud.”

The other one, who was a tall man with Egyptian features, answered:

“Dear officer, I did not ask for your advice, or your help.”

The man finished his work, then he came out. He massaged his cold legs first, then took the control device out of his bag, pressing its buttons quickly. Lamps turned into a continuous red light.

“I said this, I said but nobody believed me.”

- How long do you think it has been here, in my area?

The Egyptian asked nervously, stressing the letters of the word ‘area’, a word that was commonly used by the police chief of town.

“Perhaps it is here since a few hundred years ago.”

“Are you kidding me?!”

“Its life cycle is longer than what you think.”

The foreigner was about to explain more, but was interrupted by… by “The whirlwind”.!!

Dust spread around them, cordoning them like an army, what they lacked was a bugle voice and the drums of war to complete the scene.

The officer lifted his pistol, but his fingers froze on the trigger, what could shooting do against men made from dust?

“who are you?! who are you?!”, He asked.

“Are you this lying entity underwater?!”, the foreigner whispered.

“No, but I’m his student.

the Sheikh of whirlwind answered.

“Do not think that I’ve come to fight, but I came to be a witness and monitor. Your attempts will do nothing. You are weakest of reach to the force, which stand above it. However, You can continue; but if you lose, I will take from your bodies a memorial, as provided in our traditions, both of you will continue to see the result of his work, even after his death, but for you, Pasha..”.

Sheriff’s body shuddered, he got used to hearing that plea from people or subordinates in the police station, but it was the first time to hear it by a ghost!

“For a long time I thought you hurt me, and placed me in the depths of dark, and then it became clear that I was wrong, so I will not hurt you, I will not do anything for you more than leave you to your destiny.”

The sound stopped, It was clear that it only came to leave a message and that it finished its mission.

Dust around them gradually flew away, and the sky became more and more clear. Under the spangle of stars, the foreigner and the officer looked at each other, both of which have not utter a word, or interpretation, or even disapproval.

“I wish if you will say: I was hallucinating!”, The officer said, Despite he was sure that he heard that voice before.

"No, It's 100% real.", The foreigner said, Then he cleared his blond hair from the dust, while explaining.

“This is the entity underwater, Mostly his strength was not completely gone yet, so he wanted to play a game with us, and test our volition.”

“But what about the feeling I got that the sound was familiar to me, and I met earlier with the owner of this tone?”

“The entity that we are dealing with, his favorite hobby is; psychological tricks, maybe he took a tone from your memories to use it.”


“So, We will continue?!”


Villages of This part of Aswan have the same features; mountains on both sides, a long asphalt road which bisects villages to eastern and western districts, then the railway line That separates houses and the agricultural fields, and in the heart; The Nile.

As for the middle of Sepika village there is another heart; Al-Saha.

‘Al-Saha’ is located in the back of Mevlana’s house, that’s where Managing major village affairs are held, guests are received, and mysticism meeting took place.

In Amr’s mind, many memories were related to The place, here he had studied the Quran, played football with his friends, and.. loved Sarah.

Now, at the same place, Sitting with his companion Munther, having tea, Munther was sad because of village’s case recently, Mohsen left them forever, his sister followed him after the forty, was told about reason: cerebral hemorrhage, or something like this.

Amr agreed with him, and then he completed the rest of the bad events list: whirlwinds, death, and the most recently was the disappearance of the center officer and a foreign man, and then finding their boat close to the tongue as well; for the coincidence, most of the stories started and ended in the arms of that region, even whirlwinds said to be blowing from it.

Amr wants to visit it one day.

Munther remembered the removed eyes Also, just mentioning it, pays forces to vomiting, More than one person claimed that he saw her floating over the water.

“this is what I would like to speak with you, Munther. I’ll tell you a forgotten story about this. I wish you could believe it.”, Amr said.


“ Leave it as it is, I promised their owners that they will see the result of what they did by their own eyes, even after their death”.

This message was heard by the village’s people who saw the eyes, and heard without knowing its exact source, as if the words reached their minds by telepathy, and not by their ears.

“I asked myself at the beginning: who can uproot human eyes, and throw it over the water like that, I searched in books, across the Web, when I finally found a link between our subject and the whirlwind, a link that had roots around thousands of years old: There was a single group, a strange group of people that followed that method. They were called ‘Giro’.”, Amr explained.

"Thousands of years?! And Giro?? What is the meaning of this, Amr!"

“Yes, ‘Giro’ in Paranoiac langue. In Arabic, the word means ‘The silent people’, we notice If a dog barks in our faces, we say…


“Exactly, we inherited the word from the Pharaohs, ‘Giro’ is the name that they knew him in the papyri and on the walls of tombs. They were an exceptional group, rumored possessing mental capabilities Extraordinary, and they were always in seclusion. Therefore the information about them is very limited. It was said that they could control the wind, so they usually moved in.. a whirlwind.

“Do you want to say that those who are walking around our village are: ghosts?!”

“I didn’t say ghosts?! They are alive, Oh Munther, Come with me, where I keep my computer with all the collected information and fees.”

Amr accompanied Munther to his room in Mevlana’s house. In front of Amr’s computer, his friend saw a lot of information which surprised him; Arab and foreign references, websites, articles, as well as photographic images for papyri and temples.

“Look at that specifically.”

“Those photos were taken from an archaeological site in Sohag discovered recently by archaeologists, the word and the imprint of the ‘Giro’ is found widely on the walls of the temple, some of my colleagues are working as assistants there, they tell me secrets that have not been declared in order to prevent confusion, the most important of them; those images.

Amr pointed to three or four pictures, and asked Munther to tell him what did he notice.

“Hmm, images that belong to the wall of the temple taken from different angles. They are focused particularly on an engraving, as if it had special importance.”

“We’ll see, Are you sure that it’s an inscription?”

Munther approached the screen, it is not an inscription, it is a prominent shape, looks like a bird’s egg with a colored dot in the middle, or … Oh .. it is a human eye.. an eye hung on the wall, after cutting it out.


Amr explained that “Giro” was a peaceable group of people who preferred isolation and had unimaginable abilities. However, they refused to use those abilities and powers. They firmly avoided disturbing the balance of forces of nature. So when there was a danger that needed them to take action, their philosophy was not to put out the fire of evil, but to make it destroy itself by itself. Nobody knew how they did it. Even historical examples overlooked that point. What the history told them was that ‘Giro’ took memorabilia out of their enemies’ bodies after defeating them.

“You mean ‘the eye’?!”, Munther asked.

“Yes. The significance of this ritual is that the enemy’s eyes continue to see the consequences of their deeds, even after their death. Doesn’t this remind you of something?!”

Munther made no serious effort to refresh his memory because that was exactly what some people said they heard when they passed by that place.

Then he was about to say something, but was interrupted by the knocks on the outside door. Then they heard the voice Amr’s mother:

“Come in, Ahmed. Don’t be shy. Make yourself at home. Amr and Munther are inside.”

Within seconds there were knocks on the door of their room, so Amr shouted sarcastically from inside:

“It’s not your habit to be polite and knock on the door before entering. Come in, come in.”

Ahmed entered the room. His face was expressionless.

“Come on, Ahmed. You missed a lot of what we were talking about.”, Munther hurried to say.

At the same moment Amr made for the door as he was saying:

“Just a second. I’ll bring him a cup of tea.”

But Ahmed grabbed his arm to stop him.

“Wait. I won’t listen to or drink anything, but you two will come out with me for a small duty.”, Ahmed felt worried.

“What is the matter with you, bad omen? I think it’s a disaster, as usual.”

“Offering our condolences.”

“Condolences on whom?”, Amr and Munther cried at the same time.

“Hussein Ibn Gallab!”


Amr, munther, and Ahmed.

The three men entered the funeral, and headed directly to Gallab, they shook hands and offered him their consolation, then they sat on one of the several Dekkas in the place.

“How did it happen, Gallab”, Rekabi asked.

“I took him with me in the last convoy, he was playing next to the well, everything happened at a glance, and ….oh God.”

Gallab stopped and cried, this helped him to overcome the shock of losing his son, and….. having to lie!

He did not tell the truth. The story began on a previous stage of the trip he had with his son.

One day, the boy returned home late.

“Hussein, Did’nt I tell you not to play in the street till after the Sunset?”

“OK dad, I won’t do it again.”

“Good boy, Now, wash your hands, I’ll prepare dinner.”

“I already had my dinner outside, Dad”


“And I kept you a share”, the child smiled innocently, and took out of his bag a piece of flesh human.

The father was shocked!

He remembered once, when his son returned with nails of Muhammad Ibn Abu Parcy, also last farewell between Sahar and her son!

“Mom, do not leave me.”

“I won’t leave you, my son, I live in you and by you.”

Clearly, she was extremely honest, she inherited her brutal disease to the son.

Tomorrow, Hussein will grow up, he will complain about fever and about the bitter taste in his mouth, then starts eating the human flesh regularly.

“Hussein, you asked me several times to take you in a convoy, Let’s do it now. Wear your clothes.”

Gallab traveled with two partner; his son and his tears, after one days they reached a well in the desert, the place was well known.

The father tried to complete the walk keeping his eyes closed.

Why insisting on using his eyes, Is it in order to keep the memories of next momentes for the rest of his life?

He was forced to re-open his eyes after few moments, because they reached the well.

“Did you see that well, Hussein? I know that you never saw a well before, let’s watch it closely, wait a minute, I will carry you over its edge, and now, do like me, look to our reflections in the water, how can you see how much beautiful are you..? exactly like her, I am almost sure you are her son only, Goodbye Hussein.”

The water’s silent surface was interrupted strongly, as a result of the heavy body that has been thrown in.


The first sense:


Behind Sense:

Om Salasel

- 1 -

“Do you know Sarah? I have reasons to listen and believe in you now, there is really a link between all of this.”


Her name is Omayma. One of the most beautiful girls in the village, So it was easy to be the pampered daughter of her family, and the dream of all boys.

Omayma grew up, and the tough time came, when her abdomen started popping out, she was charged in front of all the looks. So they took her to a doctor quickly.

“No, not pregnancy.. Absolutely not.”

The doctor said, and continued:

“The subject is far more serious, and unfortunately she will need a surgical operation as soon as possible.”

“Op.. er.. ation”, the mother repeated after him in horror.

The doctor explained that the girl was suffering from a congenital blockage in the hymen, resulting in menstrual blood gathering in her abdomen, which causes the bloating. So they must make a surgical hole in the hymen to..

“Make what..?”, The mother interrupted the doctor’s speech again, with the same horror.

By her tears and words, she asked the doctor to look for any other solution, but the doctor told her that this was the only one, and the hospital will give them a medical certificate describing the situation, when the girl will thinks about of marriage in the future.

“Are you certain there is no other solution”.

“Unfortunately, No.”

The woman’s expressions changed to the contrary. The panic turned into a rigidity, then she went to the door.


“If you do not go to sleep, the whirlwind will come and take you.”, Fatma had threatened her children.

her roughness wasn’t because of her naughty boys, it’s the reaction was a result of the last usual quarrels with her husband.

The reason; that she went to every social event in the village, So she was outside their home a lot of times. He was objecting, in contrast she answered:“Do not expect me to stay trapped in the house all the time?”

Fatima considered that the controversies was a normal routine in her life, which did not spoil the intimacy, even the bruise which resulted from his punch, it no longer hurt her so much.

After the boys went to sleep, she waited for the return of her husband, she had prepared his dinner, and decided to wait for his coming, and of course when the door was opened, she went quickly to the bed, pretending to be asleep.

The wife headed to the courtyard the house, and then she heard a voice coming from behind the house’s wall, so she approached cautiously towards the sound source.

Fatma saw a soft cloth flying through the top of the wall, the soft cloth had a metal jingle, Oh, it’s not completely soft cloth, it is a dress, beaded dress with beads.

“Are you..?”, Fatima did not complete.

“Yes, I’m Om Salasel”, the ghost of the dress answered in a frightening voice like a cry.


Om Salasel:

Egyptian demon wearing anklets, walking at night with her distinctive voice. The story began because a husband found a women’s dress, contaminated with blood. He took it to wash, then he gave it to his wife.

It was a big mistake, because the wife found that the dress are disappearing sometimes, and appearing in its place a cat, The husband decided to get rid of the dress in the well, and it was another mistake, because Om Salasel did not leave the village since then.


“So, thank you, son. I’ll take my daughter with me”, Omayma’s mother went, and had rejected all the warnings of doctors.

She considered the death of the girl would be better than losing her virginity, what kind of a man would accept to marry her in the future! And how could they convince him of the story of her illness, complications and the surgery?! It would look like a silly made-up story, it will not be believed even if it was documented in all the world certificates.

Mother took the hand of her daughter, and rushed out.

“ bit by bit my Mom.”

Mother turned to her daughter, she looked with silent tears at the big abdomen of the girl, and her beautifully ‘Abaya’ with beads, the woman bought the abaya, and sewed it by herself specially for her daughter.

Now, under the abaya, the abdomen was close to the explosion.

Omayma returned to the house, spent some time in a good health, and other in a great pain, then one evening, her case reached its worst possible edge, and the girl spent a long night of suffering, and beside her, lied the mother, crying.

At the same time, her mom didn’t suffer from any sense of guilt, as she was convinced that she chose the only way available.

In the end, the middle of abaya was contaminated with a big red spot.

Omayma went to a grave, while the abaya to the Nile.

The mother washed it for the last time with her tears, then she threw it in the Nile, and looked at it swimming with the waves, and she wished it to meet in peace with the soul of Omyma.

But this did not happen, as we know.

The sound of love

- 2 -

“Sarah is sick, her father said that; she had been like this since returning from her aunt’s place yesterday evening.”, Sheikh Saleh told his family at noon, and asked his tow wife to go to her from time to time.

his son Amr scared; Sarah is sick? how? when? And I only get to know by coincidence?

Mevlana completed that she came, closed the door of her room, and began hallucinating and talking to herself loudly, saying mysterious words about ‘dust’ and ‘Om Salasel’, in addition to the name of her traveler uncle.

Her dad asked Mevlana to bless her, and read Quran, they entered the room to find her reading Quran already, She said harshly: “Thank you, I read myself to myself, without needing to go-between”.

Sarah’s dad was bothered, but Sheikh Saleh wasn’t, and just told them; it’s Ok, she could not be possessed by the jinn, and at the same time be able to read Quran.

Amr rushed to see his sick neighbor. The result is: she refused to get out of her isolation, So he Spent the time thinking about her, and trying to understand the meaning of her words.

For example ‘Om Salasel’; Everywhere in the land there is a woman to represent the devil in the local cultures, ranging from ‘Lilith’ for the Jews, and ‘Om Dwis’ in the UAE, ‘Lamia’ in Libya, etc.

While Om Salasel is playing this role in Sepika village, a ghost of a woman adorned with anklets and choker, walking at night causing her distinctive voices.

what is the relation between her, the whirlwind, and uncle Khater?!

Amr returned from university, and delivered a glancing at Sarah’s house, expecting to find it empty, as usual.

But this time, the young man stopped when he saw a female body squat, with lots of sticks and plastic bags in front of her.

she was Sarah.

He was supposed to enter his home or Al-Saha, at least to put his bag, but he could not bear to wait, he went to her, put the bag on the ground two meters away, then whispered:

“Sarah? What’s up?”

Before her answering, the little brother came and picked his Kite which she had just finished.

“We were very worried about you!”


Amr tried to add something, anything, he said a few words about she being strong, about knowing this about her since childhood, Whatever it was what she saw, she can overcome and forget it.

“It’s easy to say this, because you had not seen what I saw.”, She yelled at him, and this precisely was one of the biggest sins in the south of Egypt. From the humiliating of masculinity allowing yourself to scream in the face of woman, or a women do the same..

“Well, I’m sorry, bye.”, He said, while gritting his teeth, before turning to carry his bag, and going.

“Amr, wait.”, He stopped without looking back.

“Sorry, I did not mean to Scream at you, I was just tired and..”

Amr took a deep breath, relaxing his hand which was holding the bag tightly.

he loved her, he would not have came back if he didn’t love her.

“never mind, I understand and l believe you.”



“Really you could believe me.”

“Of course.”

Sarah hesitated for an instant, then..

“What do you know about Om Salasel?”

“A myth. fools are confirming that it’s fact.”

“Thanks, I’m one of those fools, and confirming too that I saw her last week.”


Amr apologized a lot, and assured me that he is trying to believe her as a promise, But he needs to know what happened from the beginning.

“I was coming back at night from my aunt’s home, and then I heard a jingle, I paid attention to the existence of a dress lying on the floor, it gradually began to rise, as if inhabited by a hidden body. I was very frightened, no one was close enough for me to ask for his help, Suddenly, the dress retreated, and came out of it a scream in a female voice: (Oh, You are carrying a part of his Smell, please, no, I’m not par with him, I’m just a girl searching for someone to listen to her grief.)”

Sarah didn’t understand who was meant by the ghost’s words, Then the whirlwind emerged from afar, Inside it, loomed shadow of a man.

Sarah swore that he must be her uncle Khater, even when we couldn’t see it’s features, there were dozens of other details that enable us to distinguish the people by, her uncle’s way in walking, tying the turban, and Gelabia form.

“Your uncle? Hey, is he in the town at all? We didn’t see him since his moving to Assiut, then …”, Amr stopped, the next station after Assiut was; the prison.

“Latest news that came to us about my uncle; that he left his job in Assiut and went to Sohag, Then he was arrested unjustly.”


Amr echoed the word, remembering what he knew about The whirlwind and eyes and the Temple of the silent people, All of these are also in Sohag.

“Do you know Sarah? I have reasons to listen and believe in you now, there is really a link between all of this.”

Before finishing his words, Amr was interrupted by Sarah’s look, A charming combination of weakness and exclamation and prejudice, All of this hacked into the heart of Amr.

“sarah, will you marry me?”


Sarah’s eyelid shivered in front of the sudden offer, she also loves him, but there is a barrier between them because of the old accident in Al-Saha, which all previous years failed to erase.

“My cousin, this is a very generous offer, but I’m afraid I’ll have to reject it totally, Did you forget that I preached from clay, while you are.. ‘Mevlana’!”

Sarah wanted to tell Amr “I love you”, then threw herself in his lap, but alternatively she found herself giving him the former cold answer.

She bit her lips with big pain, but Amr’s pain was bigger. Word “Mevlana” cut a wound in his heart, it seemed that Sarah has not forgotten the past.

He tried hiding behind a mask of fun.

“A correction; I’m not a Mevlana, I’m a demon disguised in the form of Mevlana, but you are the loser any way.”

Then tried to return to the subject, asked her what happened after seeing the whirlwind, and the light of her uncle Khater.


Outside the scope of senses:

A Whirlwind

Behind it:


“Everyone you thought that he is a ‘dumb’, maybe he is one of them, look well, May be clear to you that we are the disabled people a result of talking.


Amr filled his lungs with air saturated with the smell of mud, walking faster between green fields, He puts in front of him one goal; the place that is believed to be the source of everything that happens ..the tongue.

He can’t deny that Sarah is a major reason for this decision, he was in asphyxia and wants to move to any direction. His foil from Sarah’s refusal was great, so he must chose a great step, everyone is afraid of it.

“Take care of yourself well, for me at least.”, Sarah said during the farewell, then she noticed the passion that it seemed clear in her voice.

“I meant that I’m sick and need to rest, as you know, So it will bother me if there is a consolation in the house next door.”

By simple calculation, the tongue have two types of phenomenon:

• Confirmed: such as extracted eyes which have been asserted by many.

• Unconfirmed: such as his theories about the silent, and the whirlwind, the uncle khater.

All this is waiting there in sight, and Amr was the kind of a guy who likes to arrive at appointment.


Yes, of course, he is a human eventually.

Amr approached more, stomped his feet on grass, Even he saw The Nile which was sparkling under the light of absent descending sun.

“ It’s not enough If your eyes were 6/6, in order to well see you will need an imagination 6/6.”, Amr advised himself, so he re-looked at the place, before continuing:

“My name is Amr Saleh, and I’m sure that you are hearing me now. I just came to know more.”


“Uncle Khater, I assume that you are here also, and you are one of them, you know my identity, I am your old neighbor Amr, the son of Haj Saleh, you have known me since I was a kid.”

More silence, so the words of Amr became nervous.

“The silent people, why couldn’t you speak even once in your life, What is the benefit when you see and hear more, then keeping all of this in a deep well. Centuries have passed, and you are still hiding. You know what is the worst part.? That You invented a special dictionary you; the dumb became _*‘Neutrality’_, and escaping became *‘Super power’.”, Amr had finished his speech, and got excited when he saw the quick Result.

The whirlwind emerged, the dust speeded up in the air, and made ghost-like forms that looked like some people of his village.

Amr tried to seem strong when he saw two of the ghosts of dust-like Belle women, they looked like Gallab’s wife ‘Sahar’ and her sister. Amr saw them digging one of graves, and eating the flesh of the body.

Amr avoided looking at the hideous scenes, asking himself: Why did the whirlwind present those very fake scenes?

Then he heard the sound of a jingle. Before turning to see, he predicted that she is a deformed mutant whom they call ‘Om Salasel’.

Therefore, Amr was surprised when he saw a very pretty girl, she seemed to be suffering from a great pain in her abdomen.. a pain that was getting stronger and stronger.

Amr approached instinctively, giving his hand to help, then his fingers only touched dust.

The play continued, to see relationship between Nahla and her brother, Mohsen.

The officer, A foreign, and their eyes which removed.

Hussien was thrown in the well by his Dad.

“This is untruth, untruth”, Amr said, covering his eyes by his hands.

“Do you know now something from which the silent people knows.”

When the sound was heard, Amr displaced the his hands to find all the ghosts of dust disappeared, he did not care. He knows the source of sound well.

“Uncle Khater?”

In the middle of the whirlwind, a ghost of dust emerged, it had the same features o Khater, the same way of putting the turban.

It was Khater, no doubt.

“Are you really from them, or my senses are fooling me.”

“Believe your senses this time, young man.”

“but how? when? Why? What is the relationship between the tongue and the Silent people?”

“You are still as you used to be, A boy Who loves questions. For ‘how’; The answer is under me, the source of my power is the green entity that is lying under the water now, I advise you not to ask me: What is he being exactly? You’ve seen what happened to the foreign and the officer when they did. This entity is extraordinary, has its own laws, and can give human some of his own abilities,

On condition that you could read him, and take the risk. Either you win, or die. As for the rest of the questions about ‘when’ and ‘why’, this is none of your business?”


Assiut.. six years ago.

Khater reached the corner of the street, to find himself directly in front of the mosque. He was surprised by the police forces, arresting any bearded guy, what they cared about was whether you have a heavy beard, or just a small one, without the care about; is it a full beard or a goatee?

Before moving away, Khater found a hand pulling him strongly.

“come with us”, the detective said.

Khater looked in horror at the giant who talked to him, then at the police vehicle.

“What! I swear I do not know one of them, Sir! I swear I do not pray all the time!”, Khater begged, But no one listened to him, they put him in the police vehicle.

“I swear I do not pray, I swear I do not pray all the time.”, Khater repeated madly.


In prison, Khater saw all kinds of pain.

In the beginning, he doubted the Pasha being involved in bringing him here.

But after he did a little thinking, he found that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. No more, no less.

By some sort of a miracle, he survived from the Antiquities crimes, which he did, repeatedly, but for the irony he was jailed for a crime he did not commit.

What a destiny!

Khater searched for something to give hope and rely on in this dark world, but he found pain to be his only companion.

Everyone around him were treated the same, except one; A man joined them, and did not seem to be affected by any torture or pain.

At first, Khater thought that he was a dumb, but even a dumb yells if he suffers.

Then, Khater thought that he to be a blessed Sheikh, but why didn’t he use his supernatural blessings to go out of here.

He continued watching him, wishing to be more like him. As usual, he saw him sitting cross-legged at the other corner of the cell. His two hands over the thighs, the back is a straight, and the eyes looking at nothing.

The previous dealer in antiquities was surprised by a whirlwind inside the cell, going to the Silent guy.

Khater covered his face by his hands instinctively, then he found that the whirlwind disappeared.

“What’s up?”

“The whirlwind! Didn’t see it?”

“What wind can enter an underground cell?!”

Khater looked around him, then his eyes stopped at The Silent man who didn’t move a bit. As usual.


Khater slept as a result of his fatigue, and he saw a dream that in front of a big temple.

Going to the door as if answering an invisible call, walking among the giant columns, which sent him back to memories from the past.

The village, the Nile, the crown, the mountain, tombs and Imran.

“Oh, You are the first normal human being could reach this range.”

Khater turned to the source of the sound coming from the back, he found the prisoner silent, as usual sitting cross-legged at the other corner of the cell. The two hand over the thighs, the back is a straight, and the eyes looking at nothing.

“You, can you speak like us?”

The silent guy continued to talk as if did not hear the question.

“In the beginning, you could see my personal whirlwind, and now I find you doing paranormal activity during your sleep, even managed to telepathy with my mind. Tell me how did you do it?”

“First: Tell me how could you talk and I hear you well, without seeing you opening your mouth, As for your questions, I did not understand anything of what you said, could you explain to me.. or.. or I’m just dreaming?!”

“This is the point precisely, even if I explained to you, you couldn’t understand.”

“I’m? couldn’t I understand? How told me this while I reached the.. range or the extent as you said before.”

Minutes of silence, and then..

“come with me”

They weren’t walking. The road moved under their feet, between the massive columns, until they came to a room that looked like the Holy of Holies.

“Here is our story.” And the man pointed to the walls.

Khater glanced at the inscriptions for seconds.

“Do you think I understand hieroglyphics to..?”

Khater suddenly shut up, when the letters started to reveal their meanings in front of his eyes. It was the first time he read the name of ‘Giro’.


Are you worried suddenly about your travelling son, then you knew that he really was in an accident?

Have you ever felt incomprehensible hatred to a harmful person or a place?

Have you seen earlier a whirlwind where flashes and visions were flying?

The reason behind all this are the ‘Giro’, and they consist of two categories:

“Errant”: they could “Telepathy” “Vision Distance”, and “moving the wind”, but their silence happens only occasionally, not all the time.

They stopped talking in the season of ‘fusion’ only, the season of ‘fusion’ was in a certain period in the year, where their minds migrate to the Holy of Holies in Sohag, to renew the covenants.

Then they went back to their normal life, and could warn humans sometimes from dangers, by the hint only.

The second group is (Sheikhs); unfortunately It is not allowed to talk about them, but we can say that they never speak, and they had universal capabilities.

Every Sheikh cared about seven of the first group, Together they make a team what they call ‘the boat’.

Look around you well, in your street, your business, your city, watch everyone you thought that he is a ‘dumb’, maybe he is one of them, look well, May be clear to you that we are the disabled people a result of talking.

Khater impressed by them, but there is one point to worry.

“Are you pagans?”

walls was shaken because of the anger.

“Who said that? We are men of all heavenly religions, and Muslims us more faith than you, at least they didn’t not swear when arrested that they do not praying.”

Khater looked at the ground sheepishly, then he took his decision.

“I want to be one of them”

“I admit that you are different, but to join us requires years of preparing and talent, but..”

“But what?”, khater asked eagerly.

“There are two routes to reach: the continuous training, either getting the power directly from one of the old entities. The second way is very dangerous, It is very rare to find one of them, but it is strange that… I smell the same kind of power in your clothes, perhaps lived for a period next to one of them, when it came out of prison, it tried to look for.. maybe in your village.”


“I returned to the village secretly, and discovered the existence of the entity here, drank from its strength, Did you know now, Amr, that we are not hiding, are not fugitives, we are the backdoor conscience of this world.”

There was silence in the valley. Amr tried to be convinced by what he just heard, but he couldn’t.

“Excuse me, uncle, I was ashamed to tell you that your words were full of fallacies, You want for yourselves that you will be as a zero on the left. And people in their lives are the strongest of you, they don’t need you. I want you to notice with me the sequence of events; you’ll find that Gallab has doubt in his wife, and followed her without your help. When he knew that his son is ‘Selaoh’, he took a harsh decision alone, and get rid of it. As for Nahla, you have played a role the executioner directly, Without asking yourselves; what if that Mohsen hadn’t wanted revenge?

Despite everything, Perhaps he had wished his sister was still alive, at least for her young son, who became an orphan, or for his mother, who almost died because of sadness on their departure together.”, Amr had finished.

“You are wrong, my boy, we did not kill her, the silent people don’t kill. We are like a mirror, we put the sinner in front of his iniquity. for example: Gallab wanted to know the fact that his wife, so we gave him a shortcut to it. Also, we put Nahla in front of her talismans, she was able to hold up, but her sense of guilt made her go.”

“This does not change anything from my argument, I just wanted to say; Dependence on the limited five senses, is better than adding another sixth which getting the dumb with it, you’re nothing.”

The last sentence of Amr came out trembling, against his will; He is standing in front of someone with supernatural power, not the old neighbor who could punish him by pulling his ear, does not know exactly how to be the reaction of the silent man if he got mad?

“Are you sure?”, Khater asked quietly which aroused suspicion.

“Y.. Yes.”

“you have accused our neutrality that it’s an escape, and our knowledge that it’s useless, The time has come to test this by the scientific method: Now, didn’t you notice that you became like me, you know everything about the secrets of the village? Did you think I did it by accident? Now you are in the same position of the silent people, So, you can go to tell everyone that Sahar was in taboo love with her brother, and Gulab threw his son into the well, and that the Sheriff of the center was evolved in antiquities trade, etc. Could you do it?”

Amr was shocked, he did not feel this trap which circled around him. He had been preoccupied with ‘the truth’, and completely forgot about what he would do after it.

“Definitely no, I know you since your birth, son of Sheikh Saleh, and I know very well that your answer is ‘no’. Your reputation will not allow you to be exposed to such scandals. Against your will, you will find yourself exercising our approach and is committed to remain silent.”

Amr tried to deny. But he can’t, the words died on his lips, And he found himself immersed in.. in silence.


The End

Yassin Ahmed Said

Aswan, Egypt


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"A whirlwind, an owl flies with one wing, jean guarding the archeological graves, removed human eyes and silent men since the Pharaohs's era, etc." This is some secrets from there, behind our senses. yes, our known five senses. Yassin A. Said comes to you in a live broadcast from Sepika, village in south Egypt, trying to reveal these secrets. The village and he are opening arms and pages, in this journey through the ambience of Egyptian folktales.

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