Sell More Books: How to Make Great Noise About Your Book Offline

Sell More Books: How to Make Great Noise About Your Book Offline

Sesan Oguntade

Shakespir Edition

Copyright 2016 Sesan Oguntade

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Thank you for your interest in this short book profit report. I hope you will love it. I have made it short so that you can take action on it very quickly. If you are an author who wants to sell more of your books, you will really appreciate this short guide especially if you begin to see results after you have acted on the content. I used some of the strategies shown here to sell more of my book, Silly Mistakes in Mathematics, an educational information product that teaches students how to correct their foundational problems in Mathematics. It is available for sale on all major estores.

You can publish an interesting book and make so much noise about it offline to attract the attention of members of the public. If you are lucky, you may just have to do this once. If your book is interesting and it gets into the hands of exciting and satisfied readers, they will take up the marketing of your book from you by using their word of mouth to tell others about it. Let me inform you that what I am about to describe below will cost you some cash but if it is done very well, it can go a long way to give good promotion to you and your book offline.

Now let us hit the ground running.

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Chapter 2: Choose a Medium of Advertisement

You should pick a medium of advertisement in your country. It can be a popular national newspapers, magazine, and TV/Radio house. You should ensure that your choice should have a large database of followers or viewers or listeners. You need to be sure of this before you settle for any. You should have three or four options listed here as you will be making use of about three of them if you act on the information you are going to receive in this guide.

Chapter 3: Put Up A Good Advert for Your Book

You should now put up a good advert for your book in the first chosen media. Don’t worry; you don’t to have to go to the university to learn how to write this advert copy. You are only asking for distributors for your book. For example, if I want to write this type of advert copy for my book, Silly Mistakes in Mathematics, I can have something like this: Distributors Wanted Nationwide. For the Book, Silly Mistakes in Mathematics. Make $50 on a Copy. Call (your number). Read more Information at (your website) (optional).

With this short advert copy, you can afford to spend less on advert. I am sure you will be happy with this but a sound of warning here: you should ensure you have a good advert size so that it can be easily accessible on the day it is published or aired on the advert media you chose. The inclusion of website information is optional. If you don’t have a website, don’t bother about this. However if you have one, put more information about your book, its benefits, the audience you are reaching out to, the cash benefits for distributors, contact information and more on this website. Some curious prospective distributors will visit your website while some will not especially if the title of your book describes very clearly the problem it is solving and the audience it is targeting just like my book, Silly Mistakes in Mathematics does.

Chapter 4: Collect Contact Phone numbers of Callers

When people begin to respond to your advert asking for more details about the distribution of your book, you should inform them that more details will be sent to their phone numbers about distributorship. You will be inviting your prospective distributors to a distributor forum offline where you will have a lengthy, friendly and cordial discussion with your distributors. I will leave this to you to put up a distributor arrangement for your book because it is beyond the scope of this short report. Let me inform you that you can also decide to set up an online forum and get them to register or set up a newsletter and get them subscribed to it since some of them may be staying very far from your location.

Note: If you would love to learn details of how to put up a good distributorship arrangement for your book, you should click BookCash Forum, register and post a question about this at the ‘Get Help, Ask Any Question’ board, I will be available to produce a short blueprint of the different ways you can put up a distributorship arrangement after you have supplied the details of your book and some conditions around your book in your country. So click BookCash Forum now and register.

If you are able to start a relationship with even two good distributors you would have succeeded in making some great noise about book. This is the first stage of the strategy to make great noise about your book. Now let us look at the second stage.

Chapter 5: Put Up Another Advert

You will be putting up another advert and shout out in the advert that your book is available in all bookstores nationwide. I advise you should use a different advert medium from the one you used in the first stage. You want to expose your advert and book to another section of the community or another set of prospective customers. The advert can go this way: Is Your Child Struggling With Mathematics? This book describes over 200 common mistakes of students in Mathematics. Solutions are provided to these common mistakes. It’s filled with relevant exercises. Get a copy of Silly Mistakes in Mathematics today. Call (your number). Available in all major bookstores nationwide. Read more Information at (your website) (optional).

Now the question on your mind now is that: “Is my book truly in all the major bookstores nationwide?” Yes, your book may not be (and I am sure it is not) available in all the major bookstores nationwide but you have an intention to make it so. I am sure I am correct with that.

Now if your book title looks good and describes the solution to a problem the readers readily identify with, then they may just call the major bookstore nearer to them to make enquiries about your book or to buy your book. If they can’t obtain a copy in these bookstores, they may likely call your number. When they call, ask them if they have visited any bookstore around them to make enquiries about the book. If they answer in the affirmative, ask them to assist you in obtaining the contact information about the bookstore they visited. You can go ahead to start a relationship with this bookstore. You can also sell your book to the people who call you by sending your book to them by courier or whatever convenient methods. You can also turn these callers into distributors by dangling juicy offers to them.

I want you to understand that some bookstores may call you to make enquiries about your book if they have received lots of enquiries about your book. They are in business to make profits so they would naturally want to have books on their shelf that customers would readily buy.

Chapter 6: Put Up Another Advert and Direct People to a Single Bookstore

You’re going to put up another advert in another media. But this time around you are going to direct enquiries to a single big bookstore in your location. You should ensure this big bookstore has outlets in several states in your country. When your advert goes live, this major bookstore will be bombarded for buying request to your book. Since they don’t have your book, they will instantly derive a hunger and a thirst to have your book on their shelf. After some days when your advert has gone live, visit the bookstore with your advert copy and have a discussion with the bookstore manager about having your books on their book shelf. Show them the advert copy and tell them you have a plan to run this advert continuously in major news media. If they have been receiving calls or enquiries about your title, they will readily take your book on. If they have not received several calls, they will still take your book on because they would have observed from the advert copy in your hand and your plans to run more adverts that you are a serious author who wants to sell lots of books. If they accept your book, you should ask them to put your book in all their other outlets nationwide.

Chapter 7: Submit Copies at the National Libraries and Other Big Bookstores Around You

You can take the pain to take your book to major bookstores in your location and also submit copies to the National Library. In the copies you give out to the National Libraries, you should include an insert asking for Distributors. Just put the advert in chapter 2 here. Users of the book at these libraries may just develop interest in doing business with you.

Note: You can repeat these adverts in the above advertising media. Remember that the major goal is your intention to publicize your book and your name. Apart from making noise about your book, you are also building an audience and a readership base for your subsequent books and services. So don’t be bothered about the cost of placing adverts severally in these media houses.

Note: If you find this task daunting, you should register today at BookCash Forum. If you would like to have free resources that can make you sell more books ONLINE, you should click BookCash Forum to join an interesting forum where you can have the free access to these ONLINE RESOURCES. You should understand that registration is free for a limited time. So hurry, click BookCash Forum to become a member of this forum and get information on some of the other benefits your registration gives you.

Chapter 8: Organize Seminars and Workshops

Arrange and organize seminars around what your book teaches and promise a copy of your book to attendees. If your seminars will be free (and I believe it should), ensure you have enough copies of your book to be sold at the venue of the seminars. Take your seminars to neighboring states. You can also hold your seminars in conjunction with the advert media you chose earlier. This will give you the opportunity to reach out to as many people as possible. Your major goal is to convert seminar attendees to distributors. You need to package juicy offers that will make them opt in to become a distributor of your book.

Note: You can register at BookCash Forum to get valued information on how you can package a juicy offer. Register on the forum, activate your account from the email that will be sent to you and go back to the forum to make a request for this free service at the ‘Get Help. Ask Any Question’ board.

Chapter 9: You Should Have Lots of Noise About Your Book Now

I expect you to have enough noise in town about your book and also you should have sold lots of copies of your book. If you have 5000 copies under your belt and have received a sizable number of testimonials from readers you can relax and see what comes out of your efforts. If readers find your book interesting and useful, they will surely help to spread the message of your book. In other words, they will take over the marketing duties from you.

I hope you can try all these strategies and see what comes out of it. Please let me read your comments.

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Sell More Books: How to Make Great Noise About Your Book Offline

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Sell More Books: How to Make Great Noise About Your Book Offline Sell More Books: How to Make Great Noise About Your Book Offline