Secrets of the Gods

Is the world really a simulation? Are many religions connected and actually contain hidden liberal values? Is Jesus from the Gospel of John dating Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew? Are important people in the bible really Hindu Gods descending to earth as "avatars"? Are real sorcerers and wizards interacting with Earth? Clues in religion reveal all this and more in this exciting new book revealed telepathically by Angels and Wizards. "Secrets of the Gods" is a "free spirit" option for people seeking a spiritual life that incorporates the bible and involves pagan faith too. It breaks free of the oppression associated with religion by revealing clues in the bible that show this ancient book incorporates modern liberal values such as LGBTQ rights and social democratic philosophy! This faith looks at Kabbalah, Hinduism, Christianity, and Pagan religions and examines how they might all be interconnected. A must read for liberal religious seekers everywhere!

  • ISBN: 9780463357361
  • Author: Kim Jensen
  • Published: 2018-05-16 20:20:06
  • Words: 27909
Secrets of the Gods Secrets of the Gods