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There were so many awesome people that inspired me to write this book, and helped me continually improve it.


Thanks for your support, and for helping making this book great.

I keep learning everyday, and I will keep sharing my knowledge acquired with you. Follow me on Amazon and Twitter to be informed about my next books.


To all my professors and teachers who believed in me and have been supportive all along.

To Self-Publishing School Community, I would not be here without you.

To Ron Muckler, from Canada, for your unconditional support and I hope to congratulate you soon about your book being published.

To all those struggling with their book launch, keep up the hard work, you can do it!
















Being a best-selling author


About my book launch July 3rd 2016


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About the author


Being a best-selling author



I am wondering if there is a university of life?

~ that prepares you for success?

How do you handle the best-seller’s attitude or being?

There is a lot of information about how to work hard to get there, how to prioritize your life over social activities to succeed in life.


There is, however, nothing about what happens once you reach your target. I am now where I was scheduled to be six months ago.




I wrote a new target list, and I kept on working on the next goals. I created, in my mind, the full picture of what was to be achieved. I scheduled the milestones and learned how to keep myself accountable.


I teamed up with an ‘Accountability Buddy’ to make sure I got there.


I did this with each of my four category best sellers and my number one best seller Australian Memories – Discover Aussie Land and the Mysterious Red Center.


In the meantime, whilst working toward my goals, I am also excelling in public relations and digital marketing. I did not know anything about metrics six months ago. I am now working with analytics and managing my marketing properly. I am also increasing the level of automation whilst studying as a doctoral candidate for my Doctorate of Business Administration with a specialization in Entrepreneurship.


I am currently finishing my third book with a fourth already in the planning stage. I would also like to become a second and third time best-seller as well!


I was not prepared for the success of my first book – Australian Memories – Discover Aussie Land and the Mysterious Red Center which reached number one in sales on Amazon. What should I do now?


I kept doing what I knew and had been taught to do. I worked hard to achieve the next milestone and on toward my next goal, and so on.



About my book launch July 3^rd^ 2016



I spend all my time during the week planning my strategy and applying it. My blueprint and my playbook strategy for my next book launch is my current focus. Since I graduated on April 25th, 2016, I have been using all the recent knowledge I have acquired from my Master in Business Administration (MBA). I used my network and all my acquaintances to help achieve the goals I had set.

As a TripAdvisor reviewer for years, I had accrued my networking based on my travel reviews niche. I recruited my launch team members. I also created my landing page and my forms for my Facebook pages and Fan pages. I used GetResponse to help in administering the growing list of subscribers. Slowly but steadily I was increasing the number of participants in Australian Memories. I started my recruitment over a month before my final launch on July 3rd 2016.

I received the last book version from the professional formatting. I was so happy and started to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. I was working on my newsletter and the templates I will use in this digital marketing venture. I contacted all my friends who kindly created video trailers, an outro and banners such as the one in my Facebook profile.


With myself as the brand ambassador, my picture was used across all my digital networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Branded Me and some more that will be shared in my second book ‘Relocation without dislocation: Make new friends and keep the old.’

The week before the launch, I was finally ready for the launch day. I started texting my list by sending a thank you note. After two days, and with a small rate of emails opened, I was starting to feel challenged, so I wrote to many of my lists through Facebook to figure out why they were not responding. I started asking in the Australian Memories Launch team group I had previously created for creating the book. Most of the answers were that they did not get the email. I tried many ways to send other emails without success. I started to worry about my launch – a lot!.

Two days before the launch I had to email some pdfs manually and finally email the link to my book page on Amazon.


Australian Memories – Discover Aussie Land and the Mysterious Red Center has a mixture of photographs and text, which makes it expensive to deliver. A hard lesson I learned.


Kindle was not willing to do the free launch and would charge an incremental price to deliver the additional content. That meant that I had to change my complete strategy at the very last minute. I decided to sell it before July 3rd at $2.99 since my delivery cost was over one dollar.


One day before the launch I received the confirmation for my book promotion. I was therefore not able to inform some of the groups I am a member of, nor enlist some of the promotion sites to help me sell my book which was another challenge. I was not sure whether to apply at readingdeals.com since the confirmation from Kindle came too late.


I thought that I was well prepared with my blueprint and my playbook, however, everything turned out to require a lot of improvisation and thinking as I discovered many challenges on the journey.


Kindle asked me to shut down my Australian blog because some of the book contents were available there for free. I had to make a quick decision and stop a blog I liked and loved for the sake of the commercial success of my book. It was certainly hard for me to make that decision.


My autoresponder and automation (GetResponse) were not working properly. I had to send PDFs manually, I had to email those who were not in my Facebook group to keep them informed. I thought I would not make it. The issues with the pricing, the initial strategy of selling for free then incrementing the price, the autoresponder and automation replies for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were all in disarray.


Last but not least, after the difficult launch was the fact that all the reviews were not available. I cannot see those reviews. The downloads increased my ranking, which was a welcome positive.


From the back office, I was able to see the impact of my strategies and also how Kindle was managing the categories.


I had previously joined many book reader groups after my first day at Self Publishing School (SPS) and I kept increasing the location diversity of those groups. With location information, you can influence what traffic is sent to your book. I spread the promotion locations to see how different audiences responded. This information is invaluable and will help with the promotion of other books


Since I was in the promotional stage, not the actual launch, I activated them progressively day after day based on how well I was doing. This is a personal choice you have to decide on your own based on your Kindle trend categories, keywords and information.


Ranking high for one day is not as effective overall as ranking well for a lot of days. A spread provides more exposure to a wider audience as few people view daily sales totals but measure success by the number of weeks you are visible.

Finally, everything went wrong in the blueprint, except the promo that turned out to be a success. I was able to reach the #1 best-seller in all Amazon stores in my different categories. The promotional period made my book available for free for a limited time. Those who had not had the chance to receive my email were now able to download it.


I was able to announce the free promotion officially on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Branded Me, etc.


64 readers downloaded Australian Memories during the first day of the Promotional period.

44 downloads on the second day.

132 downloads on the second day.

116 downloads on the second day.


I am happy that I did it. I never gave up during the crisis. I just kept going no matter what happened to me. Now, I am glad to have the result I achieved after just two days – My book was a best-seller in different stores. I kept my book available until I reached the #1 best-seller in all stores before switching off the free promotion.

My categories are Travel, Sports Outdoor, Travelers and explorers, Ethnic and National, Australia South Pacific and Australia, Biographies and Memoirs.

As I write this article, many reviews are not available to read. I hope they will be available shortly. I also hope the posters of the reviews will be willing to share them, otherwise, they may be lost forever. I keep the positive energy and hope to view them soon.

Maintaining focus on my objectives helped me during the crisis. I learned a lot from this first book promotion.

I am happy to say: “I am an author of a best-seller.”

That’s all that matters now!

Feel free to email me if you have additional questions. I am in the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program at Walden University Minnesota, but I will do my best to answer you as soon as possible.




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GetResponse provides an autoresponder service to send emails, newsletters to your subscribers and followers:



Google Authorship is a way to link content you create with your Google+ profile :



How to select the best Keywords for your marketing :



Leadpages is the industry standard website pagebuilder to use with WordPress :



Instantly check for 250 types of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes at Grammarly :



Tweetails will calculate your favourite words, most mentioned users, intelligence rating and more from your recent tweets :



Find useful groups on Facebook as well, based on your categories. Type your ebook group or category in the Facebook search bar and choose one of those related to your needs and categories.


Ndeye Awa Labadens, MBA, is an author, entrepreneur and world traveler. Born in Senegal, West Africa, Labadens’ father was a doctor who frequently relocated due to his career. The constant moving taught her the valuable lesson of how to adapt to new environments and how to quickly find the best fare, accommodation and local hot spots in a new city.


Fluent in both French and English, Labadens has used her love of travel and exploration to channel her energy into seeing the world, learning about new cultures and meeting new people. Most recently traveling to Australia, Ndeye has written her first book: Australian Memories – Discover Aussie Land and the Mysterious Red Center.


In this book, which details her adventures in different cities around the continent, she takes her readers on a fascinating tour of the most famous attractions, off-the- beaten path eateries to natural wonders such as Uluru and the red center and the people she meets along the way.


With strong followings on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Labadens’ social media presence has allowed her to detail her travels and experiences to an enthusiastic audience.


The popular reaction to her posts inspired her to compile her experiences into a book so that others can take this journey with her. Labadens currently resides in London, England working as a consultant, and has recently received a candidacy for a DBA program in Business Administration with a specialization in Entrepreneurship.


++][email protected]















Australian Memories – Discover Aussie Land and the Mysterious Red Center

[+ Relocation Without Dislocation: Make New Friends and Keep the Old+]


Coming soon:

[+ African Memories+]
















Author’s Note

Thank you for joining me in telling the story of my launch. I hope it helped your launch the same way it helped mine.


If you loved the book and have a minute to spare, I would really appreciate a short review on the page or site where you bought the book. Your help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated.

Reviews from readers like you make a huge difference to helping new readers find stories similar to my book.

Please go to the Signup page to get a free copy of one my books.




Photograph by: John Perivolaris

[+ https://www.flickr.com/photos/dr_john2005/25562642235/+]


Secrets Book Launch Journey To the Ultimate Success

I am wondering if there is a university of life? ~ that prepares you for success? How do you handle the best-seller’s attitude or being? There is a lot of information about how to work hard to get there, how to prioritize your life over social activities to succeed in life. Do you have issues to find a way to launch your book successfully? Get your copy and start your successful journey to the ultimate success! The author shares here some valuable secrets for you ultimate book launch success. Today's virtual world permits writers to interface with their gathering of people while never going out; virtual correspondence can't supplant the physical experience of offering your book and learning to a room loaded with certain individuals at a bookmarking. Don’t forget to follow the Author, next share to be published soon!

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Secrets Book Launch Journey To the Ultimate Success Secrets Book Launch Journey To the Ultimate Success