Secrets and Applications of Smartphones

Secrets and applications of smartphones


William Gore


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Table of contents.


1. Introduction

2. Secrets of smartphones




Often, choosing itself the new device for communications, with a question: what to prefer, the smartphone or a communicator??? What the general at these devices and what they differ in?


Let’s try to find answers.


The smartphone on the functionality is phone with the added computer options. Externally the smartphone is also very similar to phone. As a rule, smartphones are completed not with touch screens, but the ordinary telephone keyboard. It is very convenient to use the smartphone as the standard mobile phone, but, the telephone keyboard is badly adapted for typing, and the small screen for viewing of spreadsheets and reading e-books. For those who plan to use phone as an alternative of the CPC the smartphone not the most expedient option. The smartphone can rather be compared to “advanced” phone with expanded functionality.


Smartphones work with the operating systems and the adapted software which are specially developed under them — Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone and Symbian.


The communicator is the CPC with the module integrated by GSM/GPRS. The communicator gives to the owner the chance not only to make phone calls, but also to come into Internet. Usually, the Communicator is equipped with the touch screen, big by the size, and management and input of the text and other symbols is carried out by the stylus. For a communicator the same operating systems as are suitable for the CPC and the additional software for work with the telephone module.


You can use the Communicator as ordinary phone, and for convenience to use a font of “handsfree” (“free hands”).


You can also divide duties between devices having left behind a communicator of an option of Internet connection and the CPC, and behind phone a talk.


So to choose?


If you are ready to accept the small inconveniences arising when using a communicator as phone, and you in any place need to have convenient access to Internet, then it will be unconditional a communicator the optimum choice for you.


If the functionality of the CPC isn’t basic, then it is possible to be limited to the smartphone.


However the most successful option is an existence and the smartphone and a communicator.


Secrets of smartphones


Smartphone – the word, which still beyond understanding of huge number of people. To distinguish the mobile phone and the smartphone not everyone can to this day. The release of the latest phones strengthens confusion even more, they became very similar to smartphones. The knowing person, however, will give huge number of distinctions. Some of them are listed below. Dimensions of smarts it is much more, than at simple mobile phones, the truth recently widespread introduction of supersmall microprocessors and increase in the size of the display on simple phones gradually smooth distinctions. The main difference of smartphones is existence of the operating system allowing to use various programs. Many will tell that for mobile phones also fully of applications, however they use not OS, but the Java virtual computer which in comparison with any operating system has the mass of minuses. The most popular system for smartphones is symbian os, her it is possible use in the devices such firms such as of nokia or sony of Ericsson. Thus, smartphones are much more functional than mobile phones. If to consider for example the games sis (that is games for smartphones) and game java (games for mobile phones), then in all respects the first will have superiority: to a gameplay, cursor opportunities, graphics. Communication by yavlyaetsyaglavny function of mobile phones while the smartphone is created to replace the CPC (mobile computers).


Desire to find in due time various information grows at the modern person quickly enough. Many users have already bought smartphones, trying to satisfy this requirement. More transportable, than the laptops promising us similar functions, as they, smartphones become more and more widespread today. The last developments have embodied many things which seemed something from area of a fantasy several years ago in reality. From huge devices with wires phones have turned into the small and graceful devices operating with very broad range of functions that pushes us to the concept “smartphone” now.


The smartphone provides functions of the last generation, for example, use of mail, viewing of the web pages developed for mobile devices, a notebook, viewing of movies from the monitor and other. Traditional phone provides only exchange of the SMS and mms and the main function – cellular communication. The smartphone has the big display with high resolution that allows it to work with ease for 100%. The important requirement for the device that it was the smartphone, is a processor. The bystry processor is simply necessary for execution of multidimensional tasks.


Then, he contains the operating system altered especially for similar devices. It is applied to easy navigation among various functions. If in the device, similar to the smartphone, limited memory size, then you fully don’t use all functions of the smartphone. That is why latest models of smartphones are completed with a considerable stock of memory. Besides, people are given chance to take the removable memory card. Modern devices have usb-port for connection to the personal computer for information transfer, and also include bluetooth and wi-fi.


Each smartphone is characterized by entertaining opportunities. The player of the smartphone plays the majority of multimedia files that diversifies long expectation of the plane, train, bus, etc. In addition, in them there is a camera from 3 megapixels that gives the chance completely to replace the massive camera. In other words, there are forecasts that in the near future it will be habitual devices of the next generation.


Progress doesn’t stop on one place, his development goes active steps presently! Sometimes you doesn’t even manage to trace the beginning of sale of different novelties which strongly simplify to us life, do it not boring. For example, quite recently there was a device under the name QNAP TS-210 and the tiny Xperia X10 mini smartphone.


QNAP TS-210 is the network store which is designed for advanced house users and small offices.


Today don’t argue any more on what is better: to make the file server of the old equipment or to buy the ready device. Certainly the option number two will be better, the bought device completely will be able to save the user from various problems which are connected with compatibility of the equipment, and also will be able to provide the best conditions for work and big multifunctionality. At the same time, requirements which are imposed to the NAS devices by many users are often extremely simple: control has to be easy and simple that movies were reproduced without delays and, of course, that there was a possibility of loading of files and torrents. These requirements are rather simple therefore the companies have hurried to carry out them. As a result in the market of NAS devices necessary QNAP TS-210 has appeared all.


This store is equipped with the powerful Marvell processor 800 MHz and random access memory of DDR2 with a capacity of 256 MB which allow the store to show high efficiency at quite small energy consumption. And thanks to the network Linux Embedded platform this store perfectly copes with constant loading and distribution of data, and also backup.


And as for a tiny novelty from Sony Ericsson x10 mini, it is the remarkable smartphone which is constructed on the Android platform with various popular services from Google and regular access to Android Market. This smartphone that in it the new Sony Ericsson Timescape application which unites all possible communications together is installed is surprising. Thanks to it users can see all messages, not accepted calls, changes in social networks Facebook and Twitter without direct opening of several different applications. Besides, the mobile device has the interactive musical player thanks to which if necessary it is possible to get access to the musical websites of different online stores and to YouTube. Once also 5 Megapixels note the camera.


Today it is possible to acquire Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini quickly enough and rather conveniently as most shops provides delivery of the acquired goods home or office and you will be able to pay off right after delivery and check of goods.


Mobile applications


There is a lot of mobile applications, but generally all of them are made on java and if your phone supports this technology, at first it is quite good to make sure what version of the virtual computer costs at you and for what version the application is written. There can be not joining.


Other option, you can have a smartphone or a communicator on the basis of the Windows operating system which not really is on friendly terms with java. In the standard at you can not go the virtual computer in general and you should put it. It is possible to find a set of cars in the Internet, but there is among them separate, more universal, for example, Delta MIDP2.


One more option when the application is written especially for mobile version of Windows. It is necessary to understand that them, as well as desktop, a little. There is a Windows CE 4, 5, 6. Within each figure there are various types of the Windows operating systems. For the smartphone, for a communicator, for the CPC. Here not joining when the application is written under newer operating system are also possible, than it is established at you. Besides, you can sometimes be necessary to establish additional libraries, for example, of .NET.


Not to get confused and understand what programs for what phones approach, it is possible to read reviews on the Internet. At this stage it is important to find a resource which publishes not theoretical materials, but practical, lighting the program or a game for the mobile phone from the real user.


The population of the planet, as well as most of our compatriots, recently unreasonably often uses mobile devices. Mobile phones and tablets to the considerable number of people have replaced almost everything: friends and girlfriends, communication with relatives and darlings, visit of movie theater and fitness class. By means of modern gadgets we order goods on the house and we learn the train schedule, we sit at forums and in Skype, we choose Greek courses.


Except entertainments and pleasures many try to use smartphones and tablets for self-development namely to learn languages. Well large number of applications for acquisition of foreign languages. There are dictionaries, various programs of adults and children for storing of words, phrases and studying of verbs training games and audio of the book. You begins to think that need for tutors of foreign languages will soon disappear.


However, there pass years, the abundance of mobile applications grows, and our people continue to have problems at communication with foreign citizens. Despite a large number of games and the training language programs in smartphones and tablets applications, the language barrier in communication with foreigners on foreign business trips and in foreign resorts continues to exhaust the Russian citizens.


Then that the gadget can’t replace the teacher. In what a secret?


It is found out that the mobile phone won’t put intonation or a pronunciation, won’t present in the best possible way all subtleties and nuances of gr


Today the Internet contains a huge number of entertaining resources and it is at first sight very difficult to orient in this array of information. Presently almost each person has a mobile phone, the smartphone or a communicator, and in him as a rule there is a support of video. At Nokia phones it 3gp, at iPhone is mov a format, and also the mp4 format is widespread. Except phones many modern mp3 players players play video, for example MP4. And of course at most of young people ICQ or ICQ – the client is installed in phone. And the buyer of the modern mobile phone has questions: “Where to find interesting video for my phone to whom to communicate on ICQ on the way?”. It is a little websites with really good rollers, and so there is a wish to please itself in way with good video and new the CHAT acquaintances, flirtation to the beautiful girl. And to find these resources for leisure and rest it isn’t necessary to rummage all Internet in search of the necessary information. It is enough to enter searching “Rollers for the CPC” and you will find hundreds of movies and rollers for every taste. And if you look for new acquaintances and a talk on free subjects on ICQ, then enter in search of “Acquaintance on ICQ”. In this list for certain there will be those websites. Filling of video won’t take a lot of time, and registration in Internet acquaintances will be easy and clear to any PC user. Already everyone who only begins to use the Internet easily finds that it is necessary for it. Music, pictures, rollers are not a full list of the categories available on entertaining portals of the RuNet. Correctly made inquiry in search engine allows to receive the list of the most useful websites on this subject. It is interesting that there are a lot of free websites with music of a MP3 and video of all widespread mobile formats. Dare! Search surely will help to fill your “small animal” with video tricks, mp3 novelties and cheerful photos. Your mobile friend will help to strike up new acquaintances, and can you will meet the love there. The cell phone became not just the means of communication, and the player, a chat of ICQ and even the computer has united in themselves the camera, audio and video. Use all opportunities of the phone: you watch video, listen to music, get acquainted, play.

Secrets and Applications of Smartphones

The Android operating system at the moment is the most widespread around the world and offers users the mass of the diverse functionality. Some of you for certain already know that in each of versions of the Android system skillful developers put the special functions by default hidden in settings of a device. Moreover, you won't be able to find these small cunnings, secrets the Android, necessary for receiving access to additional opportunities of the smartphone or a pad, even in the user guide. Let's sort the main secrets of the Android.

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Secrets and Applications of Smartphones Secrets and Applications of Smartphones