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Sculptured Form Humanity Reborn


Sculptured Form Humanity Reborn


Barbara M. Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing © 2017



You saw me soldier to

that simple sense you always knew

and as the music hammered through,

it was all that I could do

to shape a world and find that you

lived there too!


Humanity in sculptured form a message now airborne

how the sun can warm the clay of our eyes

and widen now our own surprise


Sculptress, the tangible you see, is formed surreptitiously, and a spinning wheel, raises life’s appeal, to always ever see the twinkle of the sun, formed in everyone.



Sculptured Form Humanity Reborn


I was shorn from my past

I knew those days would never last

and as I cast to see,

the form – a new reality

with which to ever be

shining as humanity.


Nostalgia caused me to see

what mattered most importantly


And I closed the door

on every final score


and I moved clean away

to what my future put in play:


the sense of yesterday

in rhythms sweet of clay


the sweep of what humanity say

in formed disposition

each vibrant position


a physician’s healing hand

to let the world understand


humanity reborn

in the world we form

most carefully


the action sense most delicately

the swinging forms of energy

that free our own divinity


the forms that voice within

the sculpture future bring


that simple sense to see:

alive reality – precious energy


Rodin philosophy

to seek with every groove

to mount the body smooth


with humanity’s affair

such distraction everywhere


the subtle movement flow

the wider worlds that once we know

where life and muscle grow


with sinew and vein – all of life

at once proclaim:


‘see I matched you once again

that twinkle stain you see

held constantly in clayed reality’


dimensionally, I see, a catapult

energy, that takes the solid clay

and lets it twinkle anyway

with simple delight:


humanity in sight and sound

the breathe of life right in the ground


the sense of movement most profound

the beating heartbeat loud and clear

a definition that appear

of lives lived yesterday


And I swoop with mighty force:

imagination, of course, strides

a steely horse and follows bold and true

the genius in you to renew


a world of energy

that welcomes sheer humanity


a sense of surging through

the mountains that surpass you


and you beaver on

caring just to see:

a twinkled form reality


that source of all humanity:

the thought of every market bought,

and sold, in terracotta colours bold


were modelled on one thing:

the vibrant force of conjuring


from pre-emptive grave

the immortality that we save


in each twinkling when even clay

can bring a special yesterday


inkling of delight

what captured heart and once held sight


of a craftsman’s bright array

to shape life today


that now sings so very loud and clear

behold the buried yesteryear,


a vibrant humming sphere

of lives that reappear

in all the shattered clay of what

had mattered yesterday


and simply now I see,

the world devours endlessly:


a twinkled clay reality


a spellbound sight

the earth take delight


in shaped succession

of an artist’s profession


to capture in each form

what the sun held warm


and held aloof as living proof

humanity is no spoof


but a simple thing

in each moment pleasure bring


that outlasts the mortal coil

and the wear of every toil


rhythm crave to see

a captured form humanity -

twinkling vibrantly


vital signs and force

nature’s special source


within a heap of clay

to move my heart today


inter-relatedly to see

the pure force of dexterity


busy busy bee now you moved

so easily, and silently you lent

such wing to keep on pushing

through to form a vital clue


of how the earth had captured you

and held you raptured in its sights


the craftsman now can be,

a conduit to reality


and in each form of understanding

there a greater handing just to see

all shapes of history


swiftly I knew, I left the notes

to you,

and instead, buried my head

into practically every form reality


and from the earth I thrive:


a life form and a drive

with which to survive

all the becomes alive


and captured in one form:

behold the earth now warm

the cockles of my soul

the mystery impart

a most intangible start -


a sculptress soul I see

arise in imagery

and constantly

intangibly, the form

is new born in me

and creates a vibrancy


the simple sense to see


all forms humanity.



Purple Eyes Publishing


When I started to see, I traced humanity.


When I started to share, colours blossomed everywhere.


When I started to feel, the clay took the wheel…


The journey now I began as oft as I can – just to see, a sculptured form reality.


And with every inkling, I feel my world now twinkling.


Moving with delight, the intangible a flight, to capture in me, a new form of reality.





Sculptured Form Humanity Reborn

The seal of the clay - the movement that new words convey - without the spoken tongue - the magic that is won - in form of human hand - the sense, humanity understand - our immortal band - of hope with which we now the future stoke - the simple poke and prod - and life a demi-god.

  • ISBN: 9781370082841
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-03-14 19:05:10
  • Words: 832
Sculptured Form Humanity Reborn Sculptured Form Humanity Reborn