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Sci Fi TV Guide: The Massive List of Currently Airing, Returning, and Upcoming S




Sci Fi TV Guide: The Massive List of Currently Airing, Returning, and Upcoming Sci Fi / Fantasy TV Shows – Fall 2016 Edition






By John J. Joex

Copyright © September 2017



Table of Contents



About the List


The Massive List of Currently Airing, Returning, and Upcoming Sci Fi & Fantasy TV Shows


Fall 2016 Schedule


Five New Shows Most Likely to Succeed This Fall


Which Shows Are Worth Watching?


Seven Shows That Could Be Heading into Their Last Season


Two Shows Guaranteed to Get Renewed


A Rundown of Last Year’s Cancelled / Ended Shows


Index of Shows

About the List

The Peak TV era is upon us and there are a lot of television shows available across the broadcast networks, cable channels, and streaming services with an estimated 500 scripted shows hitting the tube by the end of 2016. And quite a number of those fall into the science fiction and fantasy genre. With the Fall 2016 season now upon us, I have compiled all of the sci fi entries here which comprises almost 100 shows if you include the recently cancelled and ending ones from this past Summer. Around 90 of those are currently airing, returning, or upcoming through mid-season (I’m hedging on the actual number because some of these could get scrapped in production like NBC’s Emerald City which has been on and off for a couple of years). That’s up from the 86 we saw the last time I compiled this list over at SciFiTVSite.com. And there are so many shows here–some completely off the wall–that I might have slipped in a joke entry or two (email me at [email protected] if you think you found them—no fair Googling—and maybe I’ll send you a free book from the list below). Plus, there are a ton of genre entries currently in development and I may have missed a returning or upcoming show because I have not heard official word or I just missed it (there are a lot of shows to keep up with).


This list will help you keep track of what’s on, what’s returning, and what’s coming up through mid-season based on the information available so far. I give a brief description for each of the shows below plus comments on their current renewal / cancellation prospects. I’ve been dinged previously for my “negative” comments in the status section, but hey, I’m just telling it like it is. I’ve been tracking the standings of sci fi shows for years now and have a pretty darn good track record with my predictions. And with the current level of competition for scripted programming across all genres, it’s hard for any show to keep its head above water. You may not like the status I give to your favorite show or shows, but I’m not going to lie to you and tell you all of these will stick around for several years, especially in the current TV-overload environment.


The cancelled/ending shows that dropped off from the last list are Agent Carter (ABC), Containment(CW), Damien (A&E), Galavant (ABC), Limitless (CBS), Minority Report (FOX), Person of Interest (CBS), and Second Chance (FOX). The recently cancelled shows from Summer / Spring that are included here are Powers (PSN), Houdini & Doyle (FOX), Hunters (Syfy), Penny Dreadful (Show), Deadbeat (Hulu). Those will roll off with the next list. I have a rundown of all the recently cancelled and ending shows further below.


You can go to CancelledSciFi.com[* site*] to get more information on these shows as well as the season to date ratings and most recent status updates.  And you can keep track of what is on and what is coming up with the current schedule and weekly listings at SciFiTVSite.com. And be sure to follow @SciFiTVSite on Twitter for the latest sci fi TV news and daily reminders of what is airing.  So go through this list and start checking off what you want to watch and get the dates (where available) on your calendar. Because there is a ton of sci fi / fantasy airing at the moment, and it is becoming a monumental task to keep track of it all!


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[+ The Massive List of Currently Airing, Returning, and Upcoming Sci Fi & Fantasy TV Shows – Fall 2016 Edition +]

(Sorted by Series Title)

The 100 (CW) Airs-TBD, 4th Season Airs Early 2017

Starring: Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Thomas McDonell, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Henry Ian Cusick

About: A group of 100 wayward juveniles are sent to a nuclear war ravaged Earth from their refuge in space to determine if the planet is habitable once again.

Comments: It started off its third season with some of the best numbers it has seen in years, but those slipped off, especially after that controversial major character death. It is still well short of the 88-episode threshold the syndication market prefers to see, so this one has no guarantees that it will survive to a fifth season. But since it does air on The CW, it has a much better chance than if it was on one of the Big Four broadcast nets.

12 Monkeys (Syfy) Airs-Mon 9 PM, 3rd Season Airs 2017

Starring: Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Kirk Acevedo, Noah Bean

About: Based on the Terry Gilliam movie of the same name, a man is sent back in time from a post-apocalyptic future to stop the outbreak of a virus that has wiped out most of humanity.

Comments: This show barely registered in the ratings during its first year, and slipped even further in its second year. It has developed some decent buzz in the sci fi community, but I’m betting that Syfy wants to see it build its audience in its third season.

Aftermath (Syfy) Airs-Tue 10 PM, 1st Season Premieres Sep 27th

Starring: Anne Heche, James Tupper, Julie Sarah Stone, Taylor Hickson, Levi Meaden

About: A family struggles to survive after civilization is brought to an end apparently by supernatural means.

Comments: This post-apocalyptic series is a Canadian co-production and that partnership may help it to continue into a second season like we saw with Dark Matter and Killjoys.

Agents of SHIELD (ABC) Airs-Tue 10 PM, 4th Season Premieres Sep 20th

Starring: Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Brett Dalton, Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge

About: This spin-off from the Avengers movies follows the super-secret organization SHIELD which works to protect Earth from HYDRA and other dangerous forces

Comments: The fourth season renewal will get this show to a syndication friendly count of episodes (where it can really start to turn a profit), but if the ratings stay low then a fifth year seems unlikely. It is bringing in more Marvel characters such as Ghost Rider, so maybe the show is taking a stab at trying to revive itself and extend its run another year.

American Horror Story (FX) Airs-Wed 10 PM, 6th Season Premieres Sep 14th

Starring: Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy, Sarah Paulson, Denis O’Hare, Lady Gaga

About: A season long horror anthology with a different story arc each year.

Comments: Once a powerhouse series, it has slipped notably in the ratings the last couple of years. Its upcoming season looks like it will take a stab at linking together the previous seasons, and maybe that will act as its swansong seeing as it will have enough episodes for a decent syndication run by the end of this coming year.

Arrow (CW) Airs-Wed 8 PM, 4th Season Premieres Oct 4th

Starring: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Susanna Thompson, Paul Blackthorne

About: This series delivers a television adaptation of DC’s Green Arrow comic book character and brings in plenty more characters from the comics as well.

Comments: The fifth season renewal came as expected and this show likely will stick around for at least another season or two beyond that before superhero burnout finally sets in.

Ash vs Evil Dead (Starz) Airs-Sun 8 PM, 2nd Season Premieres Oct 2nd

Starring: Bruce Campbell, Jill Marie Jones, Ray Santiago, Dana Delorenzo, Lucy Lawless

About: The unstoppable Ash (still played by Bruce Campbell) is back and kicking butt on the Evil Dead again.

Comments: Despite the low ratings, this is likely an inexpensive series to produce and Starz surely knows that Evil Dead fans will continue tuning in each year. Expect a few more seasons from this one.

Beauty and the Beast (CW) Airs-Thu 8 PM, Airing Final Season

Starring: Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan , Nina Lisandrello, Austin Basis, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Max Brown

About: A police detective falls in love with a former soldier who has been turned into a “beast” by government bio-engineering.

Comments: This show is finally coming to an end after four low-rated seasons. But it allegedly played well internationally and will likely live on in an encore run in global syndication.

Between (Netflix) Streaming, Completed 2nd Season, Awaiting Renewal / Cancellation Announcement

Starring: Jennette McCurdy, Jesse Carere, Ryan Allen, Justin Kelly

About: A virus kills everybody over the age of 21 in a small town and the survivors are left to fend for themselves when the government cordons off the area.

Comments: Netflix has partnered with the Canadian City channel on this show which aired its second season in June. No word yet on whether it will return for a third year.

Black Mirror (Netflix) Streaming, 3rd Season Premieres Oct 21st

Starring: Various

About: Netflix has picked up this acclaimed British sci fi / horror anthology series and will stream its third season in the States.

Comments: This show developed plenty of buzz through its first two seasons and Netflix has retained the original creative team. Maybe this one will finally give us the modern day Twilight Zone that we have been looking for.

Blood Drive (Syfy) Airs-TBD, 1st Season Airs 2017

Starring: Alan Ritchson, Christina Ochoa

About: In this Grindhouse-like series, the last good cop in LA must go on a cross-country race where the cars use blood for fuel.

Comments: This is in the cheesier vein of shows on Syfy like Z Nation and Wynonna Earp, but then those have been doing better for the network than some of its more sci fi oriented shows, so this one has a chance of finding an audience.

Braindead (CBS) Airs-Sun 10 PM, Airing 1st Season

Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Danny Pino, Aaron Tveit, Tony Shalhoub, Nikki M. James

About: In this satirical drama, the government has stopped working after aliens have eaten the brains of many of the members of Congress (no, this is not a documentary about the current state of the government).

Comments: This Summer series started with mediocre ratings and saw its numbers slip even further over its first season. The creators had a four-year arc planned out, but it looks unlikely they will see that realized.

Channel Zero (Syfy) Airs-Tue 10 PM, 1st Season Premieres Sep 27th

Starring: Paul Schneider, Fiona Shaw, Amy Forsyth

About: This season-long anthology series is based on the “Creepy Pasta” stories making their way around the internet. The first six-episode season will be based on “Candle Cove” tale and the second will be based on the “No-End House”.

Comments: Syfy has already picked this up for two shortened “seasons” (the first will air in Fall and the Second in Spring), and it has a decent chance of surviving beyond that.

Cleverman (SUND) Airs-Wed 10 PM, 2nd Season Airs 2017

Starring: Iain Glen, Frances O’Connor, Hunter Page-Lochard, Rob Collins

About: In this Australian import, human-like beings from ancient mythology must battle for survival in a world that wants to exploit and destroy them.

Comments: This show will live and die by its ratings in its home country and Sundance will likely continue to keep it going as long as it is airing overseas.

Colony (USA) Airs-Thu 10 PM, 2nd Season Airs Early 2017

Starring: Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies, Peter Jacobson, Amanda Righetti

About: A family must make difficult choices while living in a world under alien occupation.

Comments: This show show can’t be counted as a hit for the USA network, but developed some decent buzz in its first season run which will hopefully translate into higher viewership in its second year.

Daredevil (Netflix) Streaming, 3rd Season Streams early 2018

Starring: Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Vincent D’Onofrio, Jon Bernthal, Élodie Yung

About: Based on the Marvel comic book character, this series follows the superhero Daredevil who is blind but who’s other senses are heightened to extraordinary levels.

Comments: The third season renewal for this show came as expected, but it will be 2018 until we see that. In the meantime, Netflix will be rolling out the other entries in its Defenders lineup of shows (Luke CageIron Fist, and the team-up series).

Dark Matter (Syfy) Airs-Fri 10 PM, Airing 2nd Season

Starring: Zoie Palmer, Roger Cross, Marc Bendavid, Anthony Lemke

About: Six people wake up on a starship with no memories of who they are or why they are there and they find themselves in the midst of a power struggle in their section of the Galaxy.

Comments: This series has not drawn huge ratings for Syfy, but it did better than the network’s Spring entries and it is part of a partnership with the Canadian Space Channel (as is Killjoys. It has a decent chance of coming back for a third season at this point.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (BBCA) Airs-Sat 9 PM, 1st Season Premieres Oct 22nd

Starring: Samuel Barnett, Elijah Wood

About: Douglas Adams’ famous detective who believes in the inter-connectedness of all things gets a new small screen adaptation on BBC America (the BBC tried this previously in Britain in 2010).

Comments: This one looks promising and it could survive on BBC America if it pulls in halfway decent viewership.

Doctor Who (BBCA) Airs-Sat 9 PM, 10th Season Airs 2016/17

Starring: Peter Capaldi

About: The long-lived Timelord known as The Doctor travels through time and space facing off against threats to Earth and other parts of the universe and also changing his appearance from time to time.

Comments: This long-running show has wrapped up the ninth season of its 21st century revival and is headed into a tenth which will debut in 2017 (with a Christmas Special scheduled for December 2016).

Emerald City (NBC) Airs-Fri 9 PM, 1st Season Airs Early 2017

Starring: Adria Arjona, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Ana Ularu, Vincent D’Onofrio

About: This series delivers a reimagining of The Wizard of Oz set in the modern world.

Comments: This one has been on-again and off-again since it was first announced in 2014, but it finally has a premiere date now (at mid-season on Jan 6th). I don’t like the trend across the broadcast nets of dumping genre reboots/revivals on Friday nights, though (CBS has MacGyver and FOX has The Exorcist slated for that night). These are all high-profile shows that could be off the schedule already be season end.

Erasers Edge (AMA) Airs-TBD, 1st Season Airs Late 2016 / Early 2017

Starring: Tyler Poseur, Caity Lovitz, Aaron Tudyk, Jonathan Van-Davis

About: Part-time race car driver, part-time nuclear physicist, part-time rock singer and full-time supernatural eradicator Malcom “Eraser” Michael discovers he may be the chosen one to lead the battle against a sinister cabal trying to take control of the world with the help of ancient and powerful supernatural beings. Or are they actually aliens from another dimension?

Comments: This highly anticipated series is finally on the schedule after a few hiccups along the way and should rock-and-roll itself to some decent ratings number for the fledgling AMA network.

The Exorcist (FOX) Airs-Fri 9 PM, 1st Season Premieres Sep 23rd

Starring: Alfonso Herrera, Ben Daniels, Geena Davis, Brianne Howey

About: This series is a reboot of the 1973 movie and the original novel about a priest that performs exorcisms on possessed people.

Comments: The Friday night scheduling for this show seems a bit odd, but NBC previously found success with their supernatural series Grimm, so perhaps FOX is trying to tap into that audience.

The Expanse (Syfy) Airs-TBD, 2nd Season Premieres January 2017

Starring: Thomas Jane, Steven Strait, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Dominique Tipper

About: Based on the series of novels by James S.A. Corey, this show follows the power struggles between Earth, Mars, and the settlers that have taken up residence in the Asteroid Belt.

Comments: The linear viewing for this show was low, but apparently the digital viewing picked up some of the slack. Plus it has a financing deal that helps cover pricey production costs. But at some point I’m thinking Syfy is going to wan’t to see that more people are watching in order to justify keeping it around.

Falling Water (USA) Airs-Thu 10 PM, 1st Season Premieres Oct 13th

Starring: Lizzie Brocheré, Will Yun Lee, David Ajala

About: Three unrelated people make contact through dreams and realize they have been called together for a bigger mission.

Comments: This one comes from Walking Dead alum Gale Anne Hurd and should have a chance of attracting an audience on USA.

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC) Airs-Sun 9 PM, Airing 2nd Season (Renewed for a 3rd)

Starring: Starring Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis, Frank Dillane, Alycia Debnam Carey

About: This prequel series to The Walking Dead follows a group of survivors during the early days of the zombie virus outbreak.

Comments: It returned from its second season hiatus at series low levels, but it is still one of the most watched shows across the cable and broadcast networks. It is safe for now but we may be seeing the first signs of the zombie rot setting in.

The Flash (CW) Airs-Tue 8 PM, 3rd Season Premieres Oct 4th

Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Rick Cosnett, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin

About: This spin-off from Arrow brings DC’s the Flash to television and expands on the Arrow-verse established in the parent series.

Comments: As expected, this show raced into a third season renewal. And a fourth season is all but guaranteed since that gets it through the syndication stretch, meaning that it has met the episode count that the syndication market prefers for an encore run.

Frequency (CW) Airs-Wed 8 PM, 1st Season Premieres Oct 5th

Starring: Peyton List, Riley Smith, Jeffrey Corazzini, Rich Manley

About: This reboots the 2000 film of the same name and follows a woman who discovers that she can talk to her deceased father in the past using his old ham radio.

Comments: How this idea will translate into an ongoing series remains to be seen. But since it airs on the Happy Net—The CW—which likes to renew (almost) all of its shows, it has a chance of surviving.

From Dusk Till Dawn (El Rey) Airs-Tue 9 PM, 3rd Season Premieres Sep 8th

Starring: D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Eiza Gonzalez, Jesse Garcia, Don Johnson

About: Based on the feature film of the same name, a Texas Ranger chases down the notorious Gecko brothers and their hostages and stumbles upon a vampire conspiracy in a desert bar.

Comments: This original series on Robert Rodriguez’s fledgling El Rey network has not drawn high viewership but has worked its way through two seasons with a third on the way. How much longer it will stick around likely depends on the viability of its network.

Game of Thrones (HBO) Airs-Sun 9 PM, 7th Season Airs Summer 2017

Starring: Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Kit Harington, Iain Glen, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

About: Based on George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire books, this adult fantasy series follows the power struggles in the land of Westeros.

Comments: This show’s numbers were up year over year in its sixth season, one of the very few to accomplish that in the current ratings-pocalypse environment. Season 8 has been confirmed as the show’s last, but HBO is currently mulling the possibility of a spin-off series.

The Good Place (NBC) Airs-Thu 8:30 PM, 1st Season Premieres Sep 19th

Starring: Ted Danson, Kristen Bell, Jameela Jamil, William Jackson Harper

About: In this sitcom, a woman dies and goes to the “good place” but realizes there may have been a mistake because she was not a very good person in life.

Comments: Last season’s afterworld-linked comedy Angel from Hell didn’t last long on CBS, and NBC has been having a hard time re-establishing itself on Thursdays. But maybe the star power of Kristen Bell and Ted Danson will draw in some viewers.

Gotham (FOX) Airs-Mon 8 PM, 3rd Season Premieres Sep 19th

Starring: Ben McKenzie, Sean Pertwee, Robin Lord Taylor, Zabryna Guevara, Erin Richards, Jada Pinkett Smith

About: This Batman prequel series follows a younger Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon before they assume their iconic roles from the comics.

Comments: This show’s numbers were down notably during its second season, but then so were almost all of the shows on FOX. It still got the third season renewal which gets it into the syndication stretch—meaning that it is close to meeting the episode count that the syndication market prefers for an encore run—and all but guarantees it a fourth year.

Grimm (NBC) Airs-Fri 8 PM, 6th Season Airs Late 2016 or Early 2017

Starring: David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz

About: Police detective Nick Burkhardt finds out he is one of a long line Grimms that protects humanity from the creatures of mythology known as Wesens.

Comments: This show slipped to all-time lows in its fifth year and was looking iffy even for a Friday entry. The renewal fever infecting the broadcast networks this last season kept it alive, but as expected NBC has announced this coming year as its last. Still, it will have had a decent run of over 120 episodes and a chance to go out on its own terms which is more than many shows have had in the current crunch of the Too-Much-TV era.

Guardians of the Galaxy (DXD) Airs-TBD, 2nd Season Airs Fall 2016

Starring: Will Friedle, Trevor Devall, Vanessa Marshall, Kevin Michael Richardson

About: This animated spin-off from the movie and comics continues the adventures of the space-bound heroes

Comments: The overnight ratings in the 18-49 demo were not great for this show, but animated entries live and die just as much by their merchandising as their viewership. Expect this one to stick around as long as Disney wants to keep producing episodes (and the toy sales remain good).

Houdini and Doyle (FOX) Airs-Mon 9 PM, Cancelled

Starring: Michael Weston, Stephen Mangan, Rebecca Liddiard

About: Infamous escape artist Harry Houdini teams up with author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to investigate X-Files type mysteries at the turn of the century.

Comments: This show sunk quickly in the ratings during its run on FOX and didn’t do much better across the Atlantic where ITV aired it, making it yet another one-season-and-done casualty of the Too-Much-TV era.

Humans (AMC) Airs-TBD, 2nd Season Airs Early 2017

Starring: William Hurt, Katherine Parkinson, Tom Goodman-Hill, Colin Morgan

About: Androids known as “synths” have become commonplace and work in servile roles for humans. But one group is expanding beyond their original purpose and becoming self-aware.

Comments: This co-production between AMC and the British Channel One pulled only moderate ratings in the States but performed very well overseas. It is currently in production on its second season which will bow in early 2017.

Hunters (Syfy) Airs-Mon 10 PM, Cancelled

Starring: Julian McMahon, Britne Oldford, Nathan Phillips

About: Based on the Whitley Strieber novel Alien Hunter, this series follows a secret government organization hunting what they believe are aliens.

Comments: This show barely registered in the ratings during its first year and quickly become another one-season-and-done casualty of the Too-Much-TV era.

Incorporated (Syfy) Airs-Wed 10 PM, 1st Season Premieres Nov 30th

Starring: Sean Teale, Eddie Ramos, Dennis Haysbert, Julia Ormond, Allison Miller

About: From executive producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, this series is set in a near-future dystopian world where corporations have unlimited power.

Comments: With the high-profile names of this show’s producers, I’m thinking its chances of lasting into a second season are pretty good.

Into the Badlands (AMC) Airs-Sun 10 PM, 2nd Season Airs Early 2017

Starring: Daniel Wu, Emily Beecham, Oliver Stark, Sarah Bolger

About: In this martial arts drama, Sunny is the regent and protector of one of the seven barons that holds power in a post-apocalyptic world.

Comments: This one performed especially well with The Walking Dead as its lead-in and still managed to post decent ratings when it flew solo. If it can hold steady when it returns (in 2017) then perhaps it could stick around for a few years.

iZombie (CW) Airs-TBD, 3rd Season Airs Early 2017

Starring: Rose McIver, David Anders, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley

About: Olivia “Liv” Moore is part zombie and receives flashbacks when she eats the brains of the corpses at the morgue where she works. She uses this knowledge to solve crimes.

Comments: The numbers remained low for this one, but it is likely an inexpensive entry and it airs on the Happy Net which likes to renew (almost) all of its shows. Since the buzz remains good for the show, maybe it can stick around for another year or so.

Jessica Jones (Netflix) Streaming, 2nd Season Streams in late 2017 / early 2018

Starring: Krysten Ritter, David Tennant, Mike Colter, Rachael Taylor

About: Based on the Marvel comic book character, this follows a one-time superhero who now works as a private investigator.

Comments: This is part of Netflix’s Defenders series and Jessica Jones will recur in the other entries in that series (DaredevilLuke CageIron Fist, and The Defenders) and return for a second season of her own show at some point in late 2017 or early 2018.

Killjoys (Syfy) Airs-Fri 9 PM, Airing 2nd Season

Starring: Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane, Hannah John-Kamen

About: This show follows a group of interplanetary bounty hunters known as Killjoys who try to do their jobs and remain impartial amidst the ongoing power struggles in their system.

Comments: Like Dark Matter, this show is produced through a partnership between Syfy and the Canadian Space Channel. Its U.S. numbers have been low, but it has performed better than the network’s Spring entries and has a decent chance of returning for a third season.

The Last Man on Earth (FOX) Airs-Sun 9:30 PM, 3rd Season Premieres Sep 25th

Starring: Will Forte, Kristen Schaal, January Jones, Mel Rodriguez, Cleopatra Coleman

About: In this sitcom, small group of people have survived a plague that has wiped out most of humanity. But can they survive living with each other?

Comments: It survived for a third season, but likely because it is not too expensive and FOX wanted to maintain a good relationship with its executive producers (Phil Lorde and Chris Miller) who are developing other projects for the network. Whether it can stick around for a fourth season at these ratings levels remains to be seen (and no, it is not close enough to the syndication stretch to earn the fourth year guarantee).

The Last Ship (TNT) Airs-Sun 9 PM, Airing 3rd Season (Renewed for a 4th & 5th)

Starring: Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, Adam Baldwin, Charles Parnell, Travis Van Winkle, Sam Spruell, Marissa Neitling

About: After a virus wipes out most of humanity, the USS Nathan James is the last surviving U.S. naval ship and it carries the cure and the hopes for rebuilding civilization.

Comments: This show saw a notable slip in its ratings during its third season, but it had some scheduling issues and also had to contend with pretty stiff competition. TNT gave it the greenlight through its fifth season, but don’t be surprised if they decide to wrap it up about then because that is about how long cable shows have been running lately.

The Leftovers (HBO) Airs-Sun 10 PM, 3rd (and Final) Season Airs Fall 2016

Starring: Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Christopher Eccleston, Liv Tyler

About: People mysteriously disappear across the planet and the survivors must deal with the repercussions and implications of this global event.

Comments: This show pulled mediocre to low numbers throughout its first two years, but HBO saw fit to give it a third and final season to wrap up its storylines.

Legends of Tomorrow (CW) Airs-Thu 8 PM, 2nd Season Premieres Oct 13

Starring: Victor Garber, Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Arthur Darvill

About: This spin-off from Arrow and The Flash finds time traveler Rip Hunter recruiting a diverse group of superheroes and villains to defend against threats to Earth and the multiverse.

Comments: Considering how expensive this show must have been in its first season, I’m thinking The CW execs would have preferred to see higher ratings. But it airs on the Happy Net that likes to renew (almost) all of its shows and it is also part of the Arrow-verse. Expect some changes in its coming season, though, to keep the costs down.

The Librarians (TNT) Airs-Sun 8 PM, 3rd Season Premieres Nov 20th

Starring: Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Kim, John Larroquette, Noah Wyle

About: The Librarians stand watch over the Library which houses many powerful mythical/supernatural artifacts.

Comments: While this one is not a huge ratings gainer on Sunday nights, it has developed a loyal following and it has done well enough for TNT against stiff competition. If it can hold mostly steady, consider a fourth season a good bet.

Lucifer (FOX) Airs-Mon 9 PM, 2nd Season Premieres Sep 19th

Starring: Tom Ellis, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro

About: Based on the DC/Vertigo comic of the same name, Lucifer gets bored with Hell and decides to take up residence in—where else?—Los Angeles.

Comments: This show started strong with The X-Files as it lead-in, but saw its numbers drop off, especially when Gotham took over the lead-in hour. It got the second season renewal nod, but that was partly because FOX has space to fill on its schedule with American Idol not coming back. It is bringing in some big guns with Tricia Helfer and Michael Imperiolli joining the cast, so maybe it will gain back some of its early audience.

Luke Cage (Netflix) Streaming, 1st Season Premieres Sept 30th

Starring: Mike Colter, Mahershala Ali, Alfre Woodard, Simone Missick, Sônia Braga

About: This series is based on the Marvel comic book character who receives incredible strength and unbreakable skin from a scientific experiment.

Comments: This will be the third entry in Netflix’s Defenders series which also includes Daredevil, and Jessica Jones as well as the upcoming Iron Fist and team-up series.

MacGyver (CBS) Airs-Fri 8 PM, 1st Season Premieres Sep 23rd

Starring: George Eads, Lucas Till

About: This spy fi series reboots the 80’s original with a younger (20-something) MacGyver setting up an organization designed to solve problems and prevent disasters.

Comments: This is as close as CBS will come to sci fi for its Fall 2016 schedule and it seems that they are already putting the odds against it with its Friday night scheduling. Can young MacGyver devise a gimmick to defeat the Nielsens?

The Magicians (Syfy) Airs-TBD, 2nd Season Premieres January 2017

Starring: Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve, Hale Appleman, Arjun Gupta

About: Based on the Lev Grossman novel of the same name, this series follows a young man who attends a college of magic in the modern world.

Comments: The ratings were not spectacular for this show, but it was the second highest rated original series on Syfy over the past year and it developed some decent buzz. If it can just hold steady, then a third season looks like a sure thing.

Making History (FOX) Airs-TBD, 1st Season Airs Early 2017

Starring: Adam Pally, Leighton Meester, Yassir Lester

About: Another upcoming series from executive producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, this comedy follows three people traveling to different points in time.

Comments: Yet another of upcoming time travel-themed shows, this one is not scheduled to bow until mid-season.

The Man in the High Castle (Amazon) Streaming, 2nd Season Streams Late 2016

Starring: Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Luke Kleintank, DJ Qualls

About: Based on the Phillip K. Dick book of the same name about an alternate timeline where the Axis powers won WWII and split up the United States in a joint occupation.

Comments: In its first season, this was Amazon’s most streamed original series ever. A second season is on the way, though unfortunately some creative differences have led to Frank Spotnitz stepping back as the showrunner. Hopefully that won’t result in a drop in quality for the show.

Midnight Texas (NBC) Airs-TBD, 1st Season Airs Early 2017

Starring: François Arnaud, Dylan Bruce, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Arielle Kebbel

About: This show is based on the supernatural soap opera book series of the same name written by True Blood’s Charlaine Harris.

Comments: NBC is obviously hoping this one will become their True Blood. It will debut at mid-season.

Mr Robot (USA) Airs-Wed 10 PM, Airing 2nd Season (Renewed for a 3rd)

Starring: Rami Malek, Carly Chaikin, Portia Doubleday, Christian Slater

About: An anti-social man who is also a computer genius gets involved with a revolutionary (some say terrorist) hacker group.

Comments: This show’s numbers have been down in its second season, but it continues to register well in the social nets and draw attention from Emmy voters. USA renewed it for a third season as expected, and it will likely stick around for a few more years.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Netflix) Streaming, 11th Season Premieres Fall 2016

Starring: Jonah Ray, Felicia Day, Patton Oswalt, Hampton Yount, Baron Vaughn

About: This is the Kickstarter-funded new season of the much-beloved sci fi riffing show.

Comments: Netflix will air the season that was pre-funded through the Kickstarter campaign, but there is no word yet on if they are onboard for more seasons.

Once Upon A Time (ABC) Airs-Sun 8 PM, 6th Season Premieres Sep 25th

Starring: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Jared Gilmore, Robert Carlyle

About: The small town of Storybrooke is the modern day home of many characters from fairy tales and mythology (and Disney movies).

Comments: It received its sixth season renewal despite the continued drop in its ratings. But it is still one of the higher rated broadcast net shows on Sundays and Disney will likely keep it around a few more years to continue running its stock of characters through the storylines.

The Originals (CW) Airs-TBD, 4th Season Airs Early 2017

Starring: Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Daniella Pineda, Leah Pipes

About: In this spin-off from Vampire Diaries, the original vampires find themselves in a power struggle with opposing vampire clans, werewolves, witches, and more throughout New Orleans.

Comments: The fourth season renewal for this show was expected because that gets it to the episode count sufficient for a syndication run (where shows really turn a profit). But it was at all-time ratings lows (in part due to its move to Fridays) and this coming year could be its last. It is currently scheduled to return at mid-season.

Orphan Black (BBCA) Airs-TBD, 5th (and Final) Season Airs 2017

Starring: Tatiana Maslany, Dylan Bruce, Jordan Gavaris, Kevin Hanchard, Michael Mando, Évelyne Brochu

About: A woman finds that she is one of several clones and is drawn into a conspiracy involving the reason she and her “sisters” were created.

Comments: The numbers slipped pretty low for this show in its fourth season, but BBC America decided to give it a fifth and final year to wrap up its storylines.

Outcast (MAX) Airs-Fri 10 PM, 2nd Season Airs 2017

Starring: Liam Cunningham, Hermione Norris, Amy Manson, Daniel Mays

About: A man tries to discover why people close to him have been the victims of demonic possession. This series is based on the comic book of the same name by Robert Kirkman (creator of The Walking Dead).

Comments: This numbers were pretty low for this show in its first year, but the network showed its commitment to the Robert Kirkman property by renewing it before its first season even aired. Whether they will stick with it if the numbers stay low next year remains to be seen.

Outlander (Starz) Airs-Sun 9 PM, 3rd Season Airs 2017

Starring: Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies, Gary Lewis, Graham McTavish

About: A nurse from 1945 is drawn back in time to 1743 Scotland where she becomes involved with the power struggles of that age.

Comments: This much-lauded show is not pulling Walking Dead or Game of Thrones level ratings, but it is registering well with its target audience and Starz has renewed it through its fourth season.

Penny Dreadful (SHOW) Airs-Sun 10 PM, Ended

Starring: Josh Hartnett, Reeve Carney, Timothy Dalton, Eva Green, Rory Kinnear, Billie Piper

About: An explorer, a gunslinger, and a medium deal with supernatural characters inspired by famous works of fiction such as FrankensteinDracula, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Comments: The Season 3 finale, which turned out to be this show’s series finale, took everybody by surprise. But apparently Showtime decided this one was too expensive to keep going at the viewership levels it was delivering. It did at least wrap up its major storylines, but I’m sure fans of the show would have preferred it to stick around for another season or two.

People of Earth (TBS) Airs-Mon 9 PM, 1st Season Premieres Oct 31st

Starring: Wyatt Cenac, Ana Gasteyer, Oscar Nuñez, Michael Cassidy, Alice Wetterlund

About: In this sitcom, a journalist investigates a support group for people who claim to have been abducted by aliens.

Comments: Sci fi and sitcoms don’t always mix well, but FOX’s The Last Man on Earth has survived into a third season, so this one may have a chance as well.

Powerless (NBC) Airs-TBD, 1st Season Airs Early 2017

Starring: Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk, Christina Kirk

About: Based on the comic book of the same name, this sitcom is set in the DC Universe and focuses on an insurance company that handles the claims of superhero-related damages.

Comments: This show could be a ton of fun and is currently scheduled to bow at some point during mid-season.

Powers (PSN) Streaming, Cancelled

Starring: Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk, Christina Kirk

About: Based on the comic book of the same name, this show follows a special police force that monitors the activities of superpowered humans.

Comments: The Play Station Network’s first stab at original programming has ended somewhat abruptly, leaving fans of this show hanging. Whether producers will try to shop it around to other venues remains to be seen, but with the current glut of scripted shows, they may not find many buyers.

Preacher (AMC) Airs-Sun 10 PM, 2nd Season Airs 2017

Starring: Sharlto Copley, Susan Heyward, Michelle Forbes, Max Fowler, Adam Godley, Eddie Izzard

About: Based on the DC/Vertigo comic of the same name, a preacher finds himself possessed by a supernatural power and he sets off on a journey to find God.

Comments: The ratings results for this show’s first season didn’t come close to Walking Dead levels (which airs on the same network), but it still did decent for a cable entry these days. And it did develop some good buzz which could help it build its audience in its second season.

Salem (WGN) Airs-TBD, 3rd Season Premieres Oct 2016

Starring: anet Montgomery, Shane West, Seth Gabel, Tamzin Merchant, Ashley Madekwe, Elise Eberle

About: This supernatural series focuses on the events from the titular 17th century Massachusetts town that led to the infamous witch trials.

Comments: This WGN scripted original has barely registered in the ratings but apparently has international financing to help keep it afloat. How long that will keep it going remains to be seen.

Saving Hope (ION) Airs-Tue 11 PM, 5th Season Airs Late 2016 / Early 2017

Starring: Erica Durance, Michael Shanks, Daniel Gillies, Huse Madhavji

About: A doctor at Hope Zion Hospital (played by Stargate: Sg-1 alum Michael Shanks) falls into a coma but he can see and talk to the spirits of other comatose patients as well as the deceased.

Comments: NBC dropped this one after one low-rated Summer run, but Canadian CTV kept it going and now ION is partnering on the show. That US network is currently airing the show’s first four seasons on Tuesday evenings as a run-up to the debut of its fifth year in late 2016 / early 2017.

Scream (MTV) Airs-Mon 10 PM, Completed 2nd Season, Awaiting Renewal / Cancellation Announcement

Starring: Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Amadeus Serafini, Carlson Young

About: A continuation of the feature film franchise of the same name, this show follows another series of murders in the town of Lakewood.

Comments: This show has not attracted very high linear viewing through its first two seasons, but it has demonstrated “stickiness” in the social nets which is important to its younger-skewing network. At this point, it looks like it has a decent chance of surviving to a third season.

Scream Queens (FOX) Airs-Tue 9 PM, 2nd Season Premieres Sep 20th

Starring: Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin

About: This season-long anthology series focuses on (mostly female) characters being terrorized by a serial killer in different locations, such as a sorority house and a summer camp.

Comments: This highly anticipated show from the creators of American Horror Story generated pretty tepid ratings but demonstrated “stickiness” across the social nets, leading FOX to renew it for a second season. Seeing as it will likely also get tacked on to the AHS syndication package, the network is guaranteed to make money on it, but may not keep it around for a third year.

Sense8 (Netflix) Streaming, 2nd Season Streams 2017

Starring: Brian J. Smith, Tuppence Middleton, Aml Ameen, Bae Doona

About: Eight people across the world find themselves telepathically linked and also in danger from a group who sees them as a threat.

Comments: The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski teamed up on this Netflix original which has received mixed (often polarizing) reactions from critics and viewers. But it has received a second season order which will stream at some point in late 2016 or early 2017.

Shadowhunters (Freeform) Airs-Tue 9 PM, 2nd Season Airs Early 2017

Starring: Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Alberto Rosende, Emeraude Toubia

About: This is based on The Mortal Instruments series of books by Cassandra Clare about a group of demon hunters.

Comments: This series performed well enough for Freeform (formerly ABC Family) and it is likely not too expensive to produce. The built in fanbase from the books apparently responded well to the show and could help carry it into a third season.

The Shannara Chronicles (MTV) Airs-Tue 10 PM, 2nd Season Airs Early 2017

Starring: Ivana Baquero, Manu Bennett, Austin Butler, John Rhys-Davies

About: Based on the Shannara series of books by Terry Brooks, it follows a group of humans, elves, and other fantasy creatures who must work together to protect the Four Lands from the threat of the Demon World.

Comments: The ratings for this show’s first season were not great, especially considering that it was likely an expensive show to produce. But it had very good delayed viewing gains (which the cable channels pay more attention to) and it likely has international financing / partnerships to help defer the costs. Whether that will carry it into a third season remains to be seen.

Slasher (Chill) Airs-Fri 9 PM, Completed 1st Season, Awaiting Renewal / Cancellation Announcement

Starring: Katie McGrath, Brandon Jay McLaren, Steve Byers, Dean McDermott

About: This is a season-long horror anthology series (following the same format as American Horror Story) that offers up a different psycho-killer each year.

Comments: The ratings have not been great for this one thus far, but that’s to be expected because of the network it airs on. Chiller is producing it in partnership with the Canadian Super Channel which could help carry it into a second season.

Sleepy Hollow (FOX) Airs-Fri 9 PM, 4th Season Airs Early 2017

Starring: Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones, Katia Winter, Lyndie Greenwood, Clancy Brown

About: Ichabod Crane is revived in the modern world to do battle with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Comments: This show received a fourth year renewal nod despite historically low ratings (even for a Friday show) and the fact that many of the its fans didn’t even want it to come back after that major character death in the season finale. FOX claims that it plays well globally, though, and decided to keep it going for another year. Whether it can survive beyond that remains to be seen. It is currently scheduled for a mid-season return.

Son of Zorn (FOX) Airs-Sun 8:30 PM, 1st Season Premieres Sep 11th

Starring: Jason Sudeikis, Johnny Pemberton, Cheryl Hines, Tim Meadows, Artemis Pebdani

About: From executive producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, this series focuses on the cartoon Barbarian named Zorn who tries to reconnect with his human son.

Comments: This show gets sandwiched between FOX’s Sunday night solid performers The Simpsons and Family Guy and has a decent chance of surviving in that timeslot.

Star Trek Discovery (CBSAA) Streaming, 1st Season Streams Early 2017

Starring: TBD

About: This will continue the Star Trek franchise on television and it will be a prequel to TOS with some familiar characters and alien races showing up in the first season. It will debut on CBS in 2017 then be available on that network’s streaming service CBS All Access.

Comments: Some are annoyed about the fact that they will have to pay for CBS All Access to get this show, but then we pay for shows like Daredevil on Netflix and The Man in the High Castle on Amazon. And much better that this one is on the streaming service than the sci fi-averse CBS broadcast network.

Star Wars Rebels (DXD) Airs-Wed 9:30 PM, 3rd Season Premieres Sep 24th

Starring: Freddie Prinze, Jr., Taylor Gray, Tiya Sircar, Steven Blum, Vanessa Marshall, Jason Isaacs, David Oyelowo

About: In this animated series, a group of rebels fights against the Empire in the time between the events of the Episode III and Episode IV movies.

Comments: The overnight ratings in the 18-49 demo were not great for this show, but animated entries live and die just as much by their merchandising as their viewership. Expect this one to stick around as long as Disney wants to keep producing episodes (and the toy sales remain good).

Stitchers (Freeform) Airs-Tue 10 PM, Completed 2nd Season, Awaiting Renewal / Cancellation Announcement

Starring: Emma Ishta, Kyle Harris, Ritesh Rajan, Salli Richardson-Whitfield

About: A woman finds that she has the ability to be “stitched” into the minds of people who have recently died and uses this to investigate their deaths.

Comments: This show pulled pretty low ratings in its first season and slipped even lower in its second year. I’d say its chances of making a third season do not look good at the moment unless it has significant international financing / partnerships backing it.

The Strain (FX) Airs-Sun 10 PM, Airing 3rd Season

Starring: Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Mía Maestro, Kevin Durand

About: Based on the novels by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, this show follows a group of people trying to keep a vampire plague from spreading across the world.

Comments: This blend of science fiction and the supernatural pulled decent ratings for FX in its first year, but it dropped notably in its second. It still got a third season pickup, though, and it may manage to survive through a four to five season run as that has become typical for cable genre entries of late.

Stranger Things (Netflix) Streaming, Completed 1st Season, Awaiting Renewal / Cancellation Announcement

Starring: Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Matthew Modine, Cara Buono

About: This supernatural series set in the 1980’s stars Winona Ryder and centers around a boy that mysteriously disappears.

Comments: This show is one of Netflix’s most-watched originals according to numbers released by the SymphonyAM measuring service and it has developed plenty of good buzz during its first year The second season renewal announcement came as no surprise.

Supergirl (CW) Airs-Mon 8 PM, 2nd Season Premieres Oct 10th

Starring: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Calista Flockhart, David Harewood

About: This series brings the DC comics character of Supergirl to the small screen and during its second season it will be merged in the Arrow of CW shows.

Comments: It got the second season renewal nod, but it took a move of networks (The CW), a move of shooting location (Vancouver), and some additional cost-cutting. But then The CW knows how to make superhero shows, so this one is now better positioned for success going forward.

SuperMansion (Crackle) Streaming, 2nd Season Streams Early 2017

Starring: Bryan Cranston, Heidi Gardner, Tucker Gilmore, Keegan-Michael Key

About: In this stop-motion superhero parody series, aging hero Titanium Rex (voiced by Bryan Cranston) and his has-been team known as The League of Freedom struggle to stay relevant in a changing world.

Comments: This one has flown under the radar so far, but it is a ton of fun and Crackle will likely keep it streaming as long as they continue to get the name recognition from Bryan Cranston.

Supernatural (CW) Airs-Thu 9 PM, 12th Season Premieres Oct 13th

Starring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard

About: Sam and Dean Winchester are hunters doing battle with supernatural forces that threaten humanity.

Comments: This one got the twelfth season renewal nod and has set the longevity record for U.S. genre shows, leaving Stargate: SG-1 and Smallville in the rear view mirror at ten seasons each. And who knows, at its current rate, Supernatural may keep going for 20 seasons or more!

Teen Wolf (MTV) Airs-TBD, 6th (and Final) Season Airs Late 2016 / Early 2017

Starring: Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Linden Ashby, Crystal Reed

About: This more dramatic take on the 80’s feature film comedy follows a teenage boy who gets bit by a wolf and drawn into the world of supernatural creatures.

Comments: The numbers were definitely down for this show in its fifth season, and MTV has announced its sixth season as its last. That’s not surprising as it will have more than enough episodes for a decent syndication run by that point and it will also get the chance to go out on its own terms.

The Tick (Amazon) Streaming, Pilot Available for Viewing / Voting

Starring: Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman

About: This live action reboot of Ben Edlund’s comic book character the Tick has a whole new cast but most of the same creative team that worked on the 2000 short-lived FOX series (and Patrick Warburton onboard as executive producer).

Comments: Amazon has released the pilot for viewers to watch and vote on whether it should continue as a series. Watch it at this link and cast your vote!

Time After Time (ABC) Airs-TBD, 1st Season Airs Early 2017

Starring: Alfonso Herrera, Ben Daniels, Geena Davis, Brianne Howey

About: Based on the book and movie of the same name, Jack the Ripper steals H.G. Wells’ time machine and the author must pursue the killer into the future.

Comments: Yet another of upcoming time travel-themed shows, this one is not scheduled to bow until mid-season.

Timeless (NBC) Airs-Mon 10 PM, 1st Season Premieres Oct 3rd

Starring: Goran Visnjic, Malcolm Barrett, Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Paterson Joseph

About: Created by Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan, a team of time travelers must stop a man who is attempting to change the course of history.

Comments: This show gets the coveted post-The Voice timeslot on Mondays which gives it a decent of surviving into a second season.

Vampire Diaries (CW) Airs-Fri 8 PM, 8th (and Final) Season Premieres Oct 21st

Starring: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen, Sara Canning, Kat Graham, Candice Accola, Zach Roerig

About: Teenager Elena becomes involved with two vampire brothers, one of which denies his nature the other of which embraces it.

Comments: Once the flagship show of the younger-skewing CW network, this one has since grown long in the tooth and has lost much of its audience. Not surprisingly, The CW announced this show’s eighth season as its last, but at least it will get the chance to wrap up its storylines.

Van Helsing (Syfy) Airs-Fri 9 PM, 1st Season Premieres Sep 23rd

Starring: Kelly Overton, Jonathan Scarfe, Christopher Heyerdahl, Paul Johansson

About: Vanessa Helsing takes takes up the mantle from her famous ancestor when the vampire-pocalypse (a different one from FX’s The Strain) overtakes the Earth (whether supernatural hunter Wynonna Earp stops in for a visit remains to be seen).

Comments: This has less of a sci fi bent and is more in the vein of Syfy’s cheesier entries like Z Nation and Wynonna Earp (as well as the upcoming Blood Drive. But then those have been doing better in the ratings than some of the network’s sci fi entries, so Van Helsing has a chance of surviving to a second season.

The Walking Dead (AMC) Airs-Sun 9 PM, 7th Season Premieres Oct 23rd

Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Danai Gurira

About: Based on the comic book series of the same name, Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in the zombie-pocalypse and he must make hard choices to keep his people alive.

Comments: Currently the top rated scripted show on all of television, this one is still a powerhouse in its sixth season. But don’t be surprised to see the numbers slip some in its seventh season, especially after some of last year’s controversies. But I still expect it to remain at the top of the ratings for scripted shows for another year or so before the zombie rot starts setting in.

Wayward Pines (FOX) Airs-Wed 9 PM, Completed 2nd Season, Awaiting Renewal / Cancellation Announcement

Starring: Matt Dillon, Carla Gugino, Toby Jones, Shannyn Sossamon, Reed Diamond, Tim Griffin, Charlie Tahan

About: After an accident, a federal agent finds himself trapped in the mysterious town of Wayward Pines from which there appears to be no escape.

Comments: This show pulled decent ratings for a Summer entry in its first year, but slipped in its second season. M. Night Shyamalan has a three season arc planned for the show, and there is still a chance the FOX will let him have one more year to wrap things up.

Westworld (HBO) Airs-Sun 9 PM, 1st Season Premieres Oct 2nd

Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden

About: This show is a reboot of the 1973 film of the same name (based on a Michael Crichton novel) about a theme park populated with realistic robots.

Comments: This show has had some hiccups in production, but is on pace now for its Fall 2016 debut. It has stirred up some good early buzz and has a decent chance of surviving to a second season since it airs on one of the pay channels.

Wynonna Earp (Syfy) Airs-Fri 10 PM, 2nd Season Airs 2017

Starring: Melanie Scrofano, Tim Rozon, Shamier Anderson, Dominique Provost-Chalkley

About: This supernatural / western show is based on the comic book of the same name about the titular character (a descendant of Wyatt Earp) heading up a special unit known as the Monster Squad.

Comments: This was the highest rated of Syfy’s Spring entries, though that’s not saying much considering the low linear numbers that channel has been seeing of late. But the network has typically been giving shows two seasons to prove themselves, and that will keep this one going into 2017.

The X-Files (FOX) Airs-Sun 9 PM, Completed 1st Season, Awaiting Renewal / Cancellation Announcement

Starring: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi

About: Mulder and Sculley are back in this revival series as the X-Files are reopened for the 21st century.

Comments: A lot of people tuned in early for this one, but the numbers dropped steadily throughout its six-episode run. Still it did well enough to justify coming back for a second revival season, though that will apparently be delayed to the 2017-18 season to work into the schedules of Duchovny, Anderson, Carter, and the rest.

Yor, Hunter from the Future (TV) Airs-TBD, 1st Season Airs 2017

Starring: Reb Brown, Matt Vogel, Ava Silk

About: Reboot fever continues as this highly underrated early 80’s sci fi / fantasy classic finally gets the treatment it deserves. Original actor Reb Brown is onboard as an older Yor recounting the classic adventures of his younger self played by genre veteran Matt Vogel.

Comments: The sci fi community has been clamoring for more adventures of Yor for years and the TV network is finally making that happen. Its debut is not set yet, but expect plenty of people to be watching when this one hits the small screen.

Z Nation (Syfy) Airs-Fri 9 PM, 3rd Season Premieres Sep 16th

Starring: Harold Perrineau, Tom Everett Scott, DJ Qualls, Michael Welch, Kellita Smith

About: In a world overridden by zombies, one man has survived bites from the undead and may be the key to saving humanity.

Comments: The numbers for this show slipped in its second year, but it was still higher rated than any of Syfy’s other original series over the past year. Considering this is an inexpensive series to produce, it has a decent chance of surviving into a fourth season.

Zoo (CBS) Airs-Tue 10 PM, 2nd Season Premieres June 28th

Starring: James Wolk, Nora Arnezeder, Nonso Anozie, Billy Burke

About: A group of specialists is pulled together to investigate aggressive animal behavior which is occurring throughout the world.

Comments: The numbers for this show have been down during its second season, but apparently the deal CBS has with Netflix (that service streams the episodes after they have aired live) was lucrative enough to keep it going into a third season.

Fall 2016 Schedule


8-9 PM Supergirl (CW) New Network, Season 2 Premieres Oct 10

8-9 PM Gotham (FOX) Season 3 Premieres Sep 19

9-10 PM Lucifer (FOX) Season 2 Premieres Sep 19

9-9:30 PM People of Earth (TBS) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 31

10-11 PM Timeless (NBC) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 3


8-9 PM The Flash (CW) Season 3 Premieres Oct 4

9-10 PM From Dusk Till Dawn (El Rey) Season 3 Premieres Sep 6

9-10 PM Scream Queens (FOX) Season 2 Premieres Sep 20

9-10 PM Teen Wolf (MTV) Season 6 Premieres Nov 15

10-11 PM Channel Zero (Syfy) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 27

10-11 PM Agents of SHIELD (ABC) Season 4 Premieres Sep 20

10-11 PM Aftermath (Syfy) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 27


8-9 PM Arrow (CW) Season 5 Premieres Oct 5

9-10 PM Frequency (CW) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 5

10-11 PM American Horror Story (FX) Season 6 Premieres Sep 14

10-11 PM Incorporated (Syfy) NEW SERIES Premieres Nov 30th


8-9 PM Legends of Tomorrow (CW) Season 2 Premieres Oct 13

8:30-9 PM The Good Place (NBC) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 19 (Timeslot Premiere Sep 22)

9-10 PM Supernatural (CW) New Timeslot, Season 12 Premieres Oct 13

10-11 PM Falling Water (USA) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 13


8-9 PM Vampire Diaries (CW) Season 8 Premieres Oct 21

8-9 PM MacGyver (CBS) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 23

9-10 PM The Exorcist (FOX) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 23

9-10 PM Z Nation (Syfy) Season 3 Premieres Sep 16

10-11 PM Van Helsing (Syfy) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 23


9-10 PM Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency (BBCA) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 22

9:30-10:00 Star Wars Rebels (DXD) Season 3 Premieres Sep 24


8-9 PM Once Upon A Time (ABC) Season 6 Premieres Sep 25

8-8:30 PM Ash vs. Evil Dead (Starz) Season 2 Premieres Oct 2

8-9 PM The Librarians (TNT) Season 3 Premiere Nov 20

8:30-9 PM Son of Zorn (FOX) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 11

9-10 PM The Walking Dead (AMC) Season 7 Premieres Oct 23

9-10 PM Westworld (HBO) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 2

9:30-10 PM The Last Man on Earth (FOX) Season 3 Premieres Sep 25

10-11 PM The Strain (FX) Season 3 Premieres Aug 28th


Black Mirror (Netflix) Season 3 Premieres Oct 21

Luke Cage (Netflix) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 30

The Man in the High Castle (Amazon) Premiere TBD

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Netflix) NEW SERIES Premiere TBD

Not Scheduled Yet

The Leftovers (HBO)

Salem (WGN) Season 3 Premieres Oct

Mid-Season Start or Later

The 100 (CW)

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Five New Shows Most Likely to Succeed this Fall

The competition is stiff for viewers these days with the many scripted shows out there, genre and non-genre, and quite a number of these will not attract a large enough audience to survive. Since 2014, there have been over fifty sci fi & fantasy shows that have lasted two seasons or less and over forty of those were cut short after one season. But there are some shows on the upcoming Fall schedule that look to have a decent chance of sticking around, at least as things stand now. Here are five new entries that I believe have the best chances for survival as we head into the new season.

Westworld (HBO) – The excitement level seems to be pretty high for this reboot and it gained momentum when it picked up some good buzz coming out of the San Diego Comic Con. Plus, it airs on HBO so it will have the freedom to take more chances with its storytelling and also to explore the adult themes that are intrinsic to its premise. And as a pay channel series, its fate is not as heavily dictated by the early ratings results because the network does not have to answer to the sponsors. I expect it to pull decent viewership numbers and wouldn’t be surprised at an early renewal announcement.

Timeless (NBC) – Not only is this one of the more interesting sounding premises among the many time travel shows hitting the schedule over the next year, it also gets one of the best timeslots on the broadcast network schedules. The Monday 10 PM EST post-The Voice hour on NBC has proven a boon for quite a number of shows over the last few years and I expect Timeless to ride its favorable scheduling to a second season renewal.

Channel Zero (Syfy) – This season-long anthology series draws from the “creepypasta” stories running around the internet and I’m expecting that fact to help it find a decent audience. Plus, the early previews make it look truly creepy and this one could just give Syfy that hit that has eluded it for the last few years.

Incorporated (Syfy) – Another potential Syfy winner, this one sounds interesting and drops in the name cred of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. With those two onboard as executive producers, I’m guessing the network had to show some serious commitment to the series and Syfy has been giving most of its shows two seasons at least to prove themselves anyway. I would expect it to pull numbers along the lines of The Magicians which is the second highest rated Syfy show over the past year.

Black Mirror (Netflix) – We really need a true anthology show back on television and this one has already made a name for itself with its first two seasons in Britain. The same creative staff is aboard for the Netflix version and the excitement level is high. Consider a fourth season for this one pretty much a good bet.

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Which Shows Are Worth Watching this Fall?

With over forty shows on the Fall 2016 schedule, that’s a full-time job if you want to keep up with all of them. I don’t believe too many of us have that much extra time for TV watching, so I will point out what I believe are some of the best bets from the upcoming crop of shows. I will be checking in on the ones below and a few others here and there as the season progresses. Note that this is just covering the shows that will be debuting in the Fall months and I will cover the mid-season entries at a later time.

Westworld (HBO) – Imagine this: a reboot that actually makes sense and that will work well on its network because it will have the freedom to explore its adult themes. Plus, it has a killer cast. Everything I have been hearing about this one is good so far and I’m definitely pumped for its debut.

The Man in the High Castle (Amazon) – I’m assuming this is going to bow in November or December, so I am including it here. This was an excellently crafted alternate history tale in its first season that emphasized all of the strengths of the Phillip K. Dick book and threw out most of the weaknesses. I’m a little concerned that Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files) stepped back as the showrunner because I credit him for the high quality in the show’s first year. But he is still onboard as executive producer, so hopefully his influence will continue to be a strong guiding force. If you haven’t seen the first season yet, you should binge that one now before the second year gets started.

Black Mirror (Netflix) – Finally, a true anthology series is back on television! This show killed it over in Britain with its first two seasons and the same creative team has carried over to the Netflix version. This one is near the top of my must-watch list for the Fall.

Luke Cage (Netflix) – Netflix has done a hell of a job with the first two entries in its Defenders series (Daredevil and Jessica Jones) and the early previews of Luke Cage look quite promising. Expect another Marvel hit for the streaming service with this series.

Channel Zero (Syfy) – While this show veers away from Syfy’s return to science fiction, it looks truly creepy and could turn into a decent series if it doesn’t lose itself in the weirdness-overload that has made American Horror Story such a mess. It’s definitely worth a look.

Timeless (NBC) – I have no idea why time travel became the trendy theme for new genre shows this year, but this one at least sounds interesting. And the early previews for it look pretty good. Eric Kripke’s last sci fi show for NBC (Revolution) failed to live up its promise, but maybe he will get it right the second time around.

Agents of SHIELD (ABC) – The quality of this show has been wildly uneven through its three season run, but it is going through yet another reboot of sorts and looks to be bringing in more characters from the Marvel stable starting with Ghost Rider. It should be worth a look to see if it finally gets things right in its fourth year.

The Flash (CW) – The CW superhero shows have been frustratingly rife with soap opera side-stories as well as copy-and-paste dialog and scenes. But The Flash was the most fun of the lot last season (even if it has delivered some downright bad episodes from time to time). Plus, it is bringing in the “Flashpoint” storyline from the comics that will shake things up a bit in the Arrow-verse, so it should be worth seeing what they do with that.

The Librarians (TNT) – I’m not going to tell you this is a great series, but it has been a ton of fun through its first two seasons. With all the dark and grim sci fi we have these days, it’s nice when a show doesn’t take itself too seriously and just sets out to give us a fun adventure with sci fi & fantasy elements. Consider this a good guilty pleasure show (and I want Bruce Campbell back as Santa).

Ash vs. Evil Dead (Starz) – And speaking of Mr. Campbell, he was definitely having scenery chewing fun with AvED in its first season and expect that to continue into its second year. If you were not a fan of the Evil Dead movies, this may not be your thing. But if you like some good cheesy blood and guts and plenty of one-liners, be sure to tune in.

The Walking Dead (AMC) – Yeah, we will get to see the battle between Rick’s people and Negan as well as the introduction of the Empire. The world is definitely getting bigger for this show and opens up plenty of story possibilities. But AMC did some really unforgivable tinkering with the show last season and that has me very wary going into the current year. Still this one has delivered a high level of quality more often than not and it definitely counts as an important genre entry.

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Two Shows Guaranteed to Get Renewed

On the broadcast networks, there is a certain mark that shows reach which pretty much assures they will get renewed for another year whether they are pulling good ratings or not. That is when they have completed three seasons of twenty-two episodes each (give or take a few eps). This is what I call making it past the “syndication stretch” because at that point one more season gets them to the magical 88-episode mark which makes them much more attractive to the syndication market (and that is where shows really start to turn a profit). So if a show will reach 66 episodes by the end of the current season, it is pretty much guaranteed a fourth year renewal despite its ratings. Because the eventual syndication sale makes it worth footing the bill for at least one more year even if the show is falling short on current viewership levels. It also helps if the network owns the show because they will reap the profits, but even if they do not, the show’s studio will likely cut the licensing fee to next to nothing in order to make it attractive for renewal. Note that this applies only to the broadcast networks as cable shows (which tend to have ten to thirteen episode seasons) seem to be shooting for binge-worthy runs of around five seasons and fifty episodes these days. Here are the two shows that head into Fall 2016 which have been pretty much rubber-stamped for a fourth year.

The Flash (CW) – This has been the most successful show on The CW’s schedule the last few years and has performed better than many shows on the Big Four broadcast networks (including ABC’s Agents of SHIELD last season). So its viewership pretty much assures that it will return anyway, but if the ratings were to take an unlikely turn for the worst this year, it would still be guaranteed a fourth season return because that will get it through the syndication stretch.

Gotham (FOX) – Another DC Comics related show, another network, but this one has been pretty polarizing for fans through its first two seasons. Still, it has performed well enough on struggling FOX to get to a third year and should continue to muddle its way through to a fourth because that gets it to the syndication friendly episode count.

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Seven Shows That Could Be Heading into Their Last Season

During the 2015-16 season, we saw the ratings slip to all-time low levels, but the networks (especially the broadcast channels) decided to white-knuckle the downward spiral and say “Just Renew It, Baby!” Quite a number of struggling shows escaped cancellation because apparently the networks decided to take as many familiar faces as possible with them into the next round of the ratings-pocalypse. I don’t believe we will see that again this year, though, and I expect to see signs of the bubble shrinking if not completely bursting by the end of the current season. And here are some shows that could be leading that charge.

The 100 (CW) – This show has been perennially low-rated since its first season and it has to be one of the costlier entries for The CW. Since it has had shortened episode counts through its first three seasons, it will still be well shy of the 88-episode threshold that the syndication market prefers for an encore run. And the network currently has quite a number shows in the development pipeline which could squeeze this one out. But then The CW likes to be the “happy net”, renewing most of its shows, and The 100 has a following that is pretty vocal on the social nets. So it still has a chance even if the odds are against it.

Agents of SHIELD (ABC) – This show got the fourth season renewal just because that gets it to episode threshold that the syndication market prefers see (and that is where shows really start to turn a profit). But if its numbers remain where they were in its third year (and don’t try to throw delayed viewing in the mix because it didn’t improve much with those stats), expect a cancellation. The show is going through a bit of a reboot and is bringing in more characters from the comics (starting with Ghost Rider), so it hasn’t given up yet. But if the numbers don’t head northward, expect ABC to be looking for a different Marvel property for the Fall 2017 season.

American Horror Story (FX) – This was once one of the highest rated shows on cable (though not quite in the Walking Dead juggernaut category), but it had slipped considerably by its fifth season. After this coming year, it will have a sufficient number of episodes for an extended syndication run and it also may be using the current season to tie together the stories from the past five years. Maybe they will use that as its swansong and call it a day. But then again, any more seasons beyond this are gravy for the syndication run, so if the numbers improve (or at least hold steady) it could still stick around.

The Last Man on Earth (FOX) – I was surprised that this post-apocalyptic sitcom survived to a third year, but it is less expensive produce than an hour-long drama and it found itself caught up in the wave of renewal fever. Plus, I believe FOX wanted to keep executive producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller happy because they are working on other projects for the network. But a fourth season does not get this one through the syndication stretch, so if its numbers stay low then it could find itself kicked to the curb by season end.

The Originals (CW) – The parent series to this spin-off, Vampire Diaries, is already coming to an end this season and this one could follow it out the door. Both sunk to all-time ratings lows last season, though that was in part due to airing on low-viewership Fridays. The Originals is in its fourth season and will hit the 88-episode threshold by season end that makes it much more attractive to the syndication market. So no need to keep it around much longer if it is not pulling in the viewers. But then this is a CBS produced show and The CW is a partnership between that network and the WB. That latter studio currently dominates The CW’s schedule with its DC tie-in shows, so CBS wants to keep some balance. A fifth season for The Originals is just gravy for the eventual syndication run and could also bring over some characters from Vampire Diaries when it exits. So I don’t count The Originals as definitely on the outs, but it could get squeezed with all the development The CW currently has in the pipeline.

Scream Queens (FOX) – FOX claimed that “stickiness” on the social networks helped to get this low-rated show a second season, but I think they plan on just tacking it on to the American Horror Story syndication package (both shows are owned by FOX and come from the same creative team). Or maybe they are taking a shot on its new season-long story arc connecting better with the viewers. But if its numbers stay low in its second year, I wouldn’t count on a third.

Sleepy Hollow (FOX) – This show does not return until mid-season, but you can be assured that it is on its last legs. It slipped to all-time ratings lows last season and was even looking iffy for a Friday show. And then one of the major characters was killed off in the season finale which enraged fans. So don’t expect to see a ratings turnaround this season and it is still well short of the 88-episode goal needed for a syndication run. I expect this one to be gone by the end of the season.

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A Rundown of Recently Cancelled / Ended Shows

Quite a number of shows were cancelled or ended over the 2015-16 season (though lower percentage-wise than usual) and several more will be wrapping up after the current year. This is a quick rundown of those shows and you can go to CancelledSciFi.Com to read more about them and why they left the schedule as well as other recently cancelled or ended shows.

Agent Carter (ABC, Cancelled after Two Seasons) – This show received plenty of accolades from fans and critics, but for some reason just couldn’t draw in enough viewers. Props to ABC for giving it a chance after its low-rated first year, and unfortunately a deal could not be worked out to keep it going on Netlix.

Beauty and the Beast (CW, Ending after Four Seasons) – The CW has decided that four low-rated seasons of this show was enough. They claim that it played well internationally and perhaps it will continue on with an encore run in global syndication.

Beowulf (Esq, Cancelled after One Season) – The British ITV network hoped this would be its Game of Thrones, but it failed to find much of an audience across the Atlantic or in the States with its run on Esquire.

Containment (CW, Cancelled after One Season) – This show basically got squeezed out of The CW’s overcrowded schedule, and no I don’t believe it was designed as a “limited run” series. Its ratings weren’t that bad for a CW entry, but the network just didn’t have enough room for another WB show.

Damien (A&E, Cancelled after One Season) – This was actually a pretty good idea for a reboot, acting as a sequel to the original 1976 The Omen and ignoring the ersatz theatrical follow-ups. But it suffered in execution and a mopey, EMO Damien just didn’t interest too many viewers, leading this to join the growing heap of one-season-and-done shows.

Deadbeat (Hulu, Cancelled after Three Seasons) – This supernatural comedy starring Tyler Labine never generated much attention and apparently Hulu decided that three seasons was enough for it.

Galavant (ABC, Cancelled after Two Seasons) – This quirky and fun Disney-Meets-Monty-Python musical / comedy could never find a decent audience despite the fact that it fit in pretty well with the Sunday 8 PM EST family friendly hour. Give ABC credit for bringing it back for a second year despite low ratings, but unfortunately it never caught on. It is likely destined for cult infamy, though.

Grimm (NBC, Ending after Six Seasons) – NBC has announced that this show’s upcoming sixth season (which bows at mid-season on January 6th) as its last, and that comes as no surprise considering its ratings drop-off this past year. But it does get the chance to wrap up its storylines and it will have had a decent run of over 120 episodes.

Houdini and Doyle (FOX, Cancelled after One Season) – This looked very much like yet another spaghetti-against-the-wall attempt to find the next surprise hit on television, but it certainly failed to stick and joins the ever-growing pile of one-season-and-done-shows.

Hunters (Syfy, Cancelled after One Season) - This Australian import got lambasted by the critics (a 0% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes with fourteen reviews), and failed to find much of an audience. Syfy quickly moved on from it as they currently have plenty more shows in the development queue.

The Leftovers (HBO, Ending after Three Seasons) – HBO announced that this show will be ending after its upcoming third season which comes as no surprise considering its low viewership in its first two years. But at least the pay channel is giving it a chance to wrap up its major storylines as best as possible.

Limitless (CBS, Cancelled after One Season) – Sci fi-averse CBS took out yet another one as they axed this fan-favorite after only one season. Its overnight ratings were not great, but CBS boss Les Moonves previously called those stats “worthless”. This show was the network’s ninth highest rated based on delayed viewing, but it still got cancelled. It was allegedly shopped to other venues, but nothing came of that and a promising show was once again cut short.

Minority Report (FOX, Cancelled after One Season) – FOX decided to go the procedural-with-a-twist route for this show, and that did not register well with the audience. It started out with poor numbers and they only went down from there, leading to the show’s episode count being cut and of course the eventual cancellation.

Orphan Black (BBCA, Ending after Five Seasons) – BBC America announced that this show will be wrapping up after its fifth season which is not a surprise considering its slipping ratings the last couple of years. And moderate to low rated cable shows have been targeting binge-worthy runs of around five seasons and fifty episodes of late. This has been a well-respected show and at least its network will allow it to wrap up its major storylines.

Penny Dreadful (SHOW, Ended after Three Seasons) – Whether this show was really cancelled (instead of ending “as planned”) is a matter for debate, but fans were certainly surprised to discover that its third season finale was also the series finale. The numbers were definitely low for this show and it was expensive to produce, so perhaps Showtime loudly hinted to the producers that it was time to wrap things up.

Person of Interest (CBS, Cancelled after Five Seasons) – CBS never really respected this show and it ended up as yet another sci fi entry cut from their schedule. But at least it was given a final season and the opportunity to wrap up its main storylines. It had a decent run and will be recognized as an important genre entry, even though it might have had one more good season in it.

Powers (PSN, Cancelled after Two Seasons) – It’s always hard to tell the status of shows on the streaming services because the viewership numbers are kept under wraps. This one was likely costly for the Play Station Network and they apparently decided that it was not drawing in enough subscriptions to justify its cost. Whether it gets shopped around to other venues remains to be seen.

Second Chance (FOX, Cancelled after One Season) – This show struggled with behind the scenes shake-ups before it debuted and viewers were likely also confused on what it was supposed to be about. It actually wasn’t too bad of a show and had some promise, but it couldn’t find the audience it needed to stay alive.

Time Traveling Bong (CC, Ended) – I can’t say for sure if this was always intended as a three-part “event series” or a tryout for an ongoing run. But apparently Comedy Central felt the viewership was too low to justify continuing it past its limited, three-episode order.

Teen Wolf (MTV, Ending after Six Seasons) – MTV announced that this show’s upcoming sixth season will be its last, which was not a surprise considering its viewership dropped notably this last year. It gets the chance to walk out on its own terms and I believe that its sixth season will be split into two, ten-episode runs, so it will still be around through at least 2017.

Vampire Diaries (CW, Ending after Eight Seasons) – This show’s upcoming season will be its last which comes as no surprise. It was once the flagship series on the fifth place network, but has seen its viewership drop considerably the last few years. It will get the chance to wrap up its storylines in its final year and possibly move some characters over to spin-off series The Originals if that one survives into a fifth season.

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Index of Shows

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Beauty and the Beast


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Dark Matter

Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency

Doctor Who

Emerald City

Erasers Edge

The Exorcist

The Expanse

Falling Water

Fear the Walking Dead

The Flash


From Dusk Till Dawn

Game of Thrones

The Good Place



Guardians of the Galaxy

Houdini and Doyle




Into the Badlands


Jessica Jones


The Last Man on Earth

The Last Ship

The Leftovers

Legends of Tomorrow

The Librarians


Luke Cage


The Magicians

Making History

The Man in the High Castle

Midnight Texas

Mr Robot

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Once Upon A Time

The Originals

Orphan Black



Penny Dreadful

People of Earth





Saving Hope


Scream Queens



The Shannara Chronicles


Sleepy Hollow

Son of Zorn

Star Trek Discovery

Star Wars Rebels


The Strain

Stranger Things




Teen Wolf

The Tick

Time After Time


Vampire Diaries

Van Helsing

The Walking Dead

Wayward Pines


Wynonna Earp

The X-Files

Yor, Hunter from the Future

Z Nation












Sci Fi TV Guide: The Massive List of Currently Airing, Returning, and Upcoming S

The Peak TV era is upon us and there are a lot of television shows available across the broadcast networks, cable channels, and streaming services with an estimated 500 scripted shows hitting the tube by the end of 2016. And over 90 of those set to hit the schedule over the next few months are in the sci fi & fantasy genre. This list will help you keep track of what’s on, what’s returning, and what’s coming up through mid-season based on the information available so far.

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Sci Fi TV Guide: The Massive List of Currently Airing, Returning, and Upcoming S Sci Fi TV Guide: The Massive List of Currently Airing, Returning, and Upcoming S