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Scarred Heart



By B.J. de Leon



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When we were young, we were taught that love knows no boundaries. Such idea has been proven many times as we grew up. We experienced the so-called love and reciprocate it. Likewise, we were also taught that we couldn’t love two people or situations at the same time. It’s as clear as black and white. We should choose one or the other. There’s no in between. There’s no gray area in love. We should only love one person for our heart is only one.


Those things have either been taught to us or learned from experience. Make no mistake. Those have been the norms of many generations. Yet, we should also realize that nothing is impossible. What if one day, such gray area existed? What if you were boxed in such situation? What if you have to choose between two futures that are both expressions of love, what would you do then?


The year was 2005. Technology was the trend. Each person has a cellular phone with them, adults, teenagers and even children. Of course, I was no exception. Despite being a seminarian, I was addicted to texting and talking over the phone. Not to brag but I was one of people who have iphones back then since it was not yet on the Philippine market. Who would have thought though that such circumstance would put in a place that would forever haunt my life.


“Hi! Can you be my friend?” Such message was the craze in gaining friends that time. People would usually sent such message to unknown numbers with the hope that at least one good heart would be replying. This was also the beginning of how I met her.


It was my school break. I received the same message before I was about to sleep. Not wanting to be thought of as a jerk, I replied courteously, “May I know who is this? Your number is not registered in my contacts.”


Instantly, I became close with the person over the phone. She was looking for someone to talk with since she was bored as hell. Until dawn, we talked through exchange of messages and through call.


The moment I heard her sweet yet calm like a silent river voice, I knew that she has a good heart but gorgeous as well. I was no fortuneteller or witch but I believed in the senses that I have hone through the years of texting and talking through calls to strangers. Indeed, I was correct. I sent me a picture of her via electronic mail (email). She was not cute. Instead, she was drop-dead gorgeous. It was a jackpot, a once-in-a-life time moment to befriend a young lady like her.


“Thank you for your time.” She happily said.


“It’s nothing. I’m more privilege talking with you.” I responded.


This conversation has become part of our routines. We would talk from 10 pm until 2 am. Long enough that no one would be able to disturb us. Yet as unusual as how we met, many times our situation became more bizarre. Though we would talk until 2 am, she would regularly wake me up around 4 am and continue our conversation. It was really strange and if I would ask her, she would habitually respond with, “I don’t want to waste time. I couldn’t sleep.”


Months have passed and we became closer with one another. Several times, we have planned out to meet each other but to no avail. It was either I was busy or she couldn’t make it for her parents didn’t allow her. Yet, we remained optimistic.


I knew that someday, our path would cross. I believed that time would could that destiny would allow two people enjoy the company of each other. Wasted opportunities didn’t stop us from going deep with what we have.


Yet like every story that we read in books, sadness would soon be planted every after a joyful moment. That time came when her parents and friends reminded me to never hurt her feelings and treasure her more.



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Scarred Heart

This is not a product of the fantasy of my imagination. This is a true story, my story. Every word and every description were real from top to bottom. Each of us has a decision to make. We decide to talk, to listen, to write or to sit. In terms of greater sphere of life, we decide to choose good over evil. Yet, what if you have to take a pick between two goods? It's easy to say just select one since they are both good. What if either one of them would haunt you for life if you would choose, would you still be able to decide?

  • ISBN: 9781370583157
  • Author: B.J. de Leon
  • Published: 2016-09-11 08:50:17
  • Words: 3717
Scarred Heart Scarred Heart