Samuel’s Story : Growing Up In Heaven

“Before me stood my son, I knew him instantly“ in heaven we will know as we are known )He was dressed all in white, but not a white like wehave here on earth ...This white was so bright and shinning, it was like light itself .His hair was kind of golden colored with a slight curl to it, He had a crown of what looked to be gold on his head and I was so glad ,” What readers ae Saying... "This is a great book!" "This is a good book concerning the loss of a child. I got ministered and blessed by the Lord through this book and learned more about the Lord's ways with the children in heaven. I enjoyed the author's good sense of humor.” "Very emotional yet uplifting This is very emotional yet uplifting book based on a true story. It is short yet filled with hope, comfort & promise ,When there are no words to say to grieving families this is a great gift.” "Very Short … Very Good! Even though it was a short book, it was powerfully told. It gave me insight into parents' griefs who lost a child. The blame game is useless.” "A Light in the Darkness when healing from the Loss of a child. A beautifully written description of children in heaven. Biblical excerpts cause peace to flow into darkest spots. If you have ever lost a child, or been close to a child that has died this is a Must Read. Beautiful imagery and heartfelt message, I can still feel God's living arms around my heart!" This book is the result of 3 visions of my son Samuel growing up in Heaven . It is my hope and prayer that the Heaven I have seen and the comfort it brings be passed on to others who have lost a child in this world , but still have a son or daughter in Heaven . Time may pass but the pain does not go away by itself ,Included are things discovered on my 19 yr walk to personal wholeness and restoration of our family as well . Please consider it as a gift for anyone who has experenced such a loss of this kind .. When there is nothing you can say this book speaks hope and life . It is suitable any lose from a miscarriage to death of a teen . The Lose of a child is one of the most tragic events humans face. This is my account of Seeing my son Samuel growing up in Heaven. I share visions and Scripture to demonstrate what is going on with our kids growing up there,yet I also deal with the real struggles Parents face on this earth. Refusing to be comforted is a chapter that comes right from my being. Another chapter deals with the Blame game parents play and the destructive results that follow. I walked through 10 years of discouragement and depression untill I started to See Samuel Alive, Well and growing Up in Heaven.

  • Author: Len Parsons
  • Published: 2018-07-29 20:35:08
  • Words: 6464
Samuel’s Story : Growing Up In Heaven Samuel’s Story : Growing Up In Heaven