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Sam Dragon

Sam Dragon is always up to mischief, and he will not do as he is told. Soon his naughtiness will get him into real trouble, and he’ll need to make his own way in a big, wide, dragon-fearing world. Luckily, he won’t be all alone. He will make the unlikeliest of friends, and together they will triumph against the odds. After all, sometimes even a dragon deserves a little bit of happily ever after. A perfect bedtime book, Sam Dragon has something for all ages. There are maidens, knights (well, one knight), bad puns, wolves - even a cheeky squirrel. If you like dragons and you like mischief, and you don’t mind a tiny bit of ethical metaphysics, then you’ll love this story. In this edition you will find five beautiful illustrations including Sam, Matilda and Sir Roderick. No actual wolves were harmed (or eaten) in the making of this book.

  • Author: Joe Corcoran
  • Published: 2018-09-23 11:25:07
  • Words: 15311
Sam Dragon Sam Dragon