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Sai Baba Will Return


SaiBaba will return


& He will lead us to The Golden Age


Yoshio Cho



The totality of Divine Energy has come unto humanity as Sathya Sai. …

This is a human form in which every Divine Entity, every Divine Principle, that is to say, all the names and forms ascribed by man to God are manifest.

(GDOE, 1990, 31.)














Why are we going on about Sai Baba now? After all, that afro-haired Indian guru has well and truly passed away four years ago!

This was the person that was referred to as the incarnation of God. He could bring the dead back to life, cure incurable illnesses, give sight to the blind. Even so, he died, killed by a mundane illness he could not even cure himself! You wouldn’t be faulted in thinking he was just a charlatan or a magician.

Have you considered though that everything that has happened so far is just a part of his divine plan? Maybe you cannot be bothered thinking upon such fantastical thoughts, but I can assure you, soon everyone will be very bothered. The whole world will soon be wailing and exclaiming in pain and suffering. During the darkest of moments Swami will return and appear before the whole world.

So what’s going to happen next you ask? Look around you at the world today. There is abnormal weather patterns, a multitude of erupting volcanoes, economies on the verge of collapse and great political and economical turmoil. Soon, there is going to be even greater hardships that we will have to face. This will be a good thing. Because it is only during times of travail that people will turn their faces towards God. We will be better off throwing away our worldly trivialities like money, fame and power. They are just passing clouds. The world as we know it is upside down and needs to be changed.

So ask yourself these fundamental questions. Where do we come from? Where are we going? What is the purpose of life? To find these answers, let us go on a spiritual voyage together.


Yoshio Cho











Chapter 1 A Promise with God

You will see the day when the Chithravathi sands alone can accommodate the gathering that assemble here from all parts of the world.

When the sky alone can provide a root for them all.

Many hesitate to believe that things will improve, that life for all will be happy and full of joy.

That the Golden Age will ever recur.

Let me assure you that this Dharmaswarupa (Sai Baba) has not come in vain.

It will succeed in averting the crisis that has come upon humanity.

SSS Vol 4 Chap 48 page 303

The morning Yoshio was born his father Ryukai Cho (張 龍海) dreamt a very vivid dream that stayed with him even upon waking. In the dream Ryukai was floating in space looking below at the rotating earth. The earth suddenly tilted and changed angles covering all the land mass by water. The bustling cities suddenly became silent and all the lights were gone. When the sun came up on the horizon, the world was at peace and covered in light and truth and a new era had begun.

Ryukai was the eldest of nine children and as was the tradition in Chinese families there was pressure to have a son. His first child was a boy bringing great joy to his parents and family. Ryukai had decided the name of his son from his dream – Yo(世)= world, shio(潮)= water (氵)and the morning (朝). The name Yoshio was translated as a world covered by water and morning will come.

Ryukai had an illness as a child causing a virus to enter his blood and stunt the growth of one of his legs and due to this suffered a permanent limp. He always had a bicycle or motorbike. Ryukai passed away from his illness at the young age of 29. The monks from the zen temple would come pray everyday after his funeral. The prayers could last up to an hour in which Yoshio had to sit patiently behind the monks. To Yoshio this was an important time in which he would communicate with his father who told him to listen to his mother and look after his younger sister.

Yoshio would regularly read newspaper articles that more often than not covered robberies, kidnappings, murders and often left him in tears. Yoshio asked God why is the world empty of love? If God is supposedly full of love and compassion why was there so much pain and suffering. But no one answered his questions. Yoshio attended a Catholic School and prayed to Saint Mary but the answer did not come. Since Ryukai passed away Yoshio’s Uncles looked after him like their own son and supported him financially to attend University.

From childhood Yoshio would experience flashes like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle where he would be suspended in space with a veil would be suspended separating him from God. In those moments God would reject him bringing forth such a strong feeling of grief beyond any felt in his current life. God said to the agonised Yoshio ‘If you want to cross beyond the veil you must take birth one more time.’ Yoshio was extremely opposed to this and God mollified him by saying ‘I too will be present on Earth. I will give you work and having completed your role you may then join me.’ Yoshio consented on the condition that God too would come to be on Earth.


Yoshio said ‘In my previous life I was able to serve close to you and in this upcoming life I do not mind if I am physically far from your presence as long as it is your work. I am willing to do so sincerely but please promise to make me yours at the end of the day.’ Yoshio could only remember glimpses of his past life he but knew that he had been an Indian. Yoshio made one final request of God ‘Although I may be on the same Earth with you it will be difficult to find you so please grant me a glimpse of your earthly form.’ God granted his request on the premise that only a partial view be given. God lit a match lighting the lower half of a floating face. On the left cheek was a mole. The darkness in the background made the skin appear dark and also highlighted the round cheeks, forehead and a large nose. The light faded and returned to darkness. Yoshio searched high and low. Yoshio despaired of the possibility that God had been born in a much earlier era and was on his death bed or was only a recently born child not known to the world. One thing that Yoshio knew for certain was that he was still young and the world he knew was narrow and he needed to branch out and explore the vast world to find God.

There is no need to worry about anything.

Whatever is experienced, whatever happens, know that this Avatar willed it so.

There is no force on earth, which can delay for an instance the Mission for which this avatar has come.

Sanathana Sarathi, October 1996, Back cover










Chapter 2 Earthquake in China


I declare before all of you that the whole world will become like one family within next 18 years.

Soon Bharat (India) will have a great name as spiritual leader of the world, and Bharatiya (Indian) culture and spirituality will spread to all corners of the world.


One day Yoshio came across a photo of Chinese leader Chairman Mao who had a very prominent mole on his cheek. His cheeks and forehead were also rounded like in his memories. Yoshio was delighted to find a match and immediately went in search of who and what Chairman Mao represented. A man who sat on the other side of the bamboo curtain, a communist, whose information was difficult to seek. He was the leader of one billion people of bright farmers and labourers and appeared to be building a new era. Chairman Mao’s slogan was promising ‘Serve the people’. Yoshio went alone abroad to China with the belief of seeing with his own eyes the work of Chairman Mao and the country he had created. This was exactly four months prior to the passing of Chairman Mao. Yoshio discovered a horrific country in his three months stay. The corruption, violence and murder was a daily occurrence. The conflict between the cultural revolution and the opposing party in the cities meant that the noise of gunfire from machine guns could be heard all throughout the night. Corruption was so great that with a cheap bribe families who were wanting of a male child could buy a newborn boy from the hospitals. In particular the corruptive practices of high class public servants would make Yoshio want to vomit. Yoshio went to Chairman Mao’s residence in Chongnanhai and stood at the gate waiting for the God who promised to attend Earth with him. Instead Yoshio was chased away by the gate keepers. If Chairman Mao was the God who had made that promise with Yoshio there was no doubt that he would have acknowledged Yoshio’s presence. Yoshio realised that he was back to square one with his search for God on Earth.

Foreigners were required daily to receive a seal of proof of residency to allow Chinese officials to closely monitor foreigners from overseas in China.Yoshio visited the rural farming regions where his relatives were located and found that the people there were honest and of a pure heart. When he told the people that he was from Japan and spoke Japanese their reply was to openly embrace him and in their naïveté claim he was just like themselves, a human being, and would therefore still understand each other even if Yoshio communicated in Japanese only. When Yoshio did exactly that at their insistence it became quickly clear to them that not a single word Yoshio spoke could be understood. At the relatives residence there was no bathroom or toilet. Instead a large round metal tub was used as a portable bath with a fluorescent tube lamp acting as a towel holder and the toilet was a large hole in the ground. When Yoshio looked into the hole a large black pig was staring up at him. Although the living conditions were less than sanitary Yoshio’s family was still considered reasonably well off.

Yoshio was staying near Tianjin when the Tangshan earthquake possibly took the lives of three quarters of a million people. The day before this event Yoshio had been walking the streets of Tianjin with his friends when he was suddenly struck by a fever of 40 degrees Celsius. Collapsed on the sidewalk a kindly stranger bought him to the nearest hospital an old wooden two storey maternity hospital. To bring down his fever they placed Yoshio on a IV drip.

At three in the early morning a sudden white light enveloped the sky. Awakened by the strange light Yoshio ventured to the window to hear the overwhelming sound of a dragon-like rumbling along the earth. Extreme tremors took over the ground like nothing Yoshio had experienced forcing Yoshio to the ground and under the hospital bed. Numerous objects began to fall from above alongside the ceiling panels. The steel hospital bed was tossed around the room and hit the walls like a bouncing toy. The sound of a hundred drums beat by Yoshio’s ear and he feared that his ear drums were broken. The room happened to be on the first floor and both the windows and walls went missing. Yoshio was resigned to the fact that his life was over. After some time the shaking stopped. Up to this point Yoshio’s high fever had prevented him from even walking in a straight line but Yoshio felt clear of mind. The hospital had become the leaning tower of Pisa and it would not have been strange for the building to collapse at any moment. The sounds of screaming and anguished groans could be heard. Yoshio realised upon stepping out that the populace would have been sleeping at the time and were caught under all the collapsed houses that had become rubble and dust. Everyone was fleeing to an open field. Like a zombie apocalypse had occurred people rose from the rubble covered in white dust in a dazed fashion.

As the sun began to rise aftershocks continued to shake the earth every few minutes raising panicked voices. The rain fell black. Later Yoshio realised that if he had not suffered the fever he may have befallen a very different fate. The apartment he was staying at had become nothing but rubble. The peoples revolution army attended in the aftermath and bought rice to feed porridge to the masses. Without any show of fear they entered partially collapsed buildings to help the victims out. Yoshio fled back to Japan as soon as he had access to an airport. Under the guise of Chairman Mao and the communist party Public servants committed horrific crimes the impact of which Yoshio could see even during his short stay. Chairman Mao was not the avatar he had been searching for.

Suffering and misery are the inescapable acts of the Cosmic drama.

God does not decree these calamities, but man invites them by way of retribution for his own evil deeds.

The Blitz Interview, September 1976









Chapter 3 Married

The world situation today is dreadful and frightening.

Wherever you turn, fear confronts you.

Whether you remain at home or go out into the street, whether you travel by train or walk on the road, fear haunts you.

The world is enveloped in fear.

If you want to banish this fear, you have to develop firm faith in God as the sole refuge.

Then you are freed from fear.

(SS, Vol. 34, No. 1, Jan. 1991, 10.)


When Yoshio returned to Japan he decided he would get married. The bride to be was known to Yoshio from a young school age- her name is Sue- they grew up together- and he was able to watch her grow into a young woman attending university. Although the two were to be married they had no financial means to comfortably begin a life together.

The bride only requested that there be a roof over there heads. For as long as Yoshio had known her Sue was always active, had little interest in the luxuries of life and her spirit had the warmth of the spring sun always with a constant smile on her face.

Yoshio was at the time a post graduate student whilst she had just begun studies as a pharmacist. In need of an income they both went and sat a test to qualify as night school teachers. At the testing institute Yoshio came across a poster of downtown America that pictured a shop filled with dryers and washing machines. Never having come across such a shop Yoshio enquired about it and was told that it was a laundromat.

In Japan such shops were not well known or even established. Yoshio thought that it was an incredibly good business venture that would allow him to still attend University. Upon presenting the banks with his business plan Yoshio opened the first laundromat with a loan of fifty-thousand dollars.

The business was an immediate success perfect for the students and independent individuals affluent in that area. With his mother, Toyo, and Sue, Yoshio started a chain of laundromats across the city. By the age of thirty Yoshio had become a multi-millionaire. Yoshio invested in numerous businesses building a small empire.

At the time Yoshio’s father-in-law had passed away. Being so busy with the business and their studies they were unable to fulfil the promise to have him over in their newly purchased house. Following the funeral it was customary to attend the otsuya, a whole night vigil. The first night after the otsuya Yoshio and Sue were sleeping in their new house where a street lamp outside the bedroom window maintained a constant presence even when the curtains were drawn. A very clear side silhouette of a person detailing even the glasses upon their face appeared on the curtains and Yoshio knew immediately that it was his father-in-law. Although the bedroom was on the first floor there was no space adjacent to the house that would allow a person to stand by the window. The silhouette slowly turned to face the house and appeared to gently look in. The figure appeared to beseech Yoshio not to awaken his daughter and was looked down at her with great love. Yoshio’s father-in-law had passed suddenly from a stroke and had been unable to bid a final farewell to anyone.


In the Buddhist tradition monks came to pray for seven days after the funeral. From childhood Yoshio had become familiar with the monks chants and would immediately fall into a deep meditative state.

In this state having lost his own father from a young age Yoshio would communicate with him. A sudden vision of the countryside appeared. It was not of Japan and Yoshio wondered to which country it belonged. A small boy was sitting at a table with his mother eating dinner his chopsticks clenched in his fists. The room was wide and open to the elements with a dirt floor. In a montage of scenes a young man sat by the window of steam train looking outwards. The same young man sat studying by a window with glasses on his face in the winter cold. Who is this man? Yoshio thought. In a Chinese restaurant the vision of his grinning father-in-law walked towards him.

Yoshio realised that he had been seeing the younger version of his father-in-law. Not even once after the wedding had Yoshio had the chance to sit and talk with his father-in-law and knew nothing of his life in Taiwan or his move to Japan.

In that moment Yoshio was granted a glimpse into his father-in-law’s life. In the vision a full moon with the silhouette of two gentlemen were laughing and talking loudly ‘What a shame! You’ve already come to this side!’. The two men were his father and father-in-law. The chime of the Buddhists bell signalled the end of prayer.

In various parts of the world Nature is causing various disasters such as earthquakes, famines, floods and volcanic eruptions.

What is the reason?

The spiritual lapses of man account for these calamities.

Disturbances in the heart (human heart) are reflected in earthquakes.

(SS, Vol. 36, No. 11, Nov. 1993, 292.)












Chapter 4 Where did you come from?

This (Divine) phenomenon will sustain truth, it will uproot untruth, and in that victory make all of you exult in ecstasy.

This is the Sai Sankalpa (Will).

Divine Discourse, May 17, 1968

The first son of Yoshio was born not long after. Yoshio asked the baby ‘Where have you come from?’ Similar to his mother he was a very happy child but with a rather large head. Being the first child to be born the labour had been somewhat difficult. Yoshio pondered the meaning and purpose of life more seriously after his son was born. Yoshio read an article on multiplying cancer cells even after the host of the cells had long since passed. He came to the understanding that cancer was also a form of life. So what was the meaning to live, to die? Yoshio became confused with the number of unanswered questions and how little he understood life. In maniacal fashion Yoshio began to read through all the books available at the library on the philosophy of life. Yoshio read not even noticing the shift from day to night. Yoshio hired a manager to look after all the aspects of his business.

A book that made a significant impression on Yoshio was one by Dr. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross. It detailed numerous near death experiences including a patient who suffered heart failure and was being treated by the medical staff in an ambulance. Recovery was made by the patient but during the time the heart had failed there was a memory of being suspended above their body looking at the chaos below. The patient was able to recall the events to the surprise of the medical staff down to the specifics of the colour and pattern of the ties and shoes worn by the staff. The patient had been blind from birth. Yoshio was still in the midst of studying his post graduate degree but he had never placed so much energy into an area of research as he was in his quest for answers. Yoshio’s room became filled with books. The research confirmed to Yoshio that the spirit exists within a spiritual realm that was closely connected to the physical world. Having experienced the death of his own father it was easy for Yoshio to accept this new reality. Death meant that a spirit left their physical being. Birth was the entrance of a spirit into a physical being.

Yoshio often had out of body experiences as a child and youth and felt at times that he was affected by a mental illness. It was always a sudden occurrence from when he was walking alone to driving the car irrespective of time and place. Reality would rapidly disappear and the Yoshio would be looking down at his physical body walking or driving along. The body would stop at the traffic lights and follow the road rules but Yoshio found it difficult to recall the exact route upon reaching the destination. Not once was a wrong turn made. On the back of his eyelid a map would be present. A two hour drive could become perceived as a short five minute trip. Yoshio would continue to gesture and expressions would play along his face his voice was also loud at times causing discomfort to fellow passengers. Whilst in this state Yoshio’s body would attempt to stand even when seated in the car. Yoshio resisted returning to the body knowing that the body existed in a world that was an illusion. No matter the ups and downs of life Yoshio felt distanced from the drama with the understanding that in fact it was not quite reality.


Do not consider Sai Baba as a mere figure five feet three inches tall.

His Presence will be felt all over the world.

Wait and see. In a few days the entire world will come here.

Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 28 Chapter 19











Chapter 5 Cloud of Australia

You do not know, so many great things are going to take place.

Everything seen, heard or felt will turn sacred.

All this is going to happen soon.

Do not miss this sacred opportunity and waste it.

Once lost you will never again get it.

Once obtained you will never lose it.

Divine Discourse, Prashanti Nilayam, October 14, 1999

If Yoshio had anytime to spare it was spent hiking the mountains. Yoshio would depart early in the morning and return by nightfall. Yoshio felt tranquil surrounded by nature and a resounding sense of being his true self. Yoshio had a tendency to lay himself down across the small wooden bridges that lay over the many creek beds. As far as Yoshio could remember upon chancing across a wooden plank the urge would rise to lie across it. Construction sites would often house wooden scaffolds and once the workers had finished for the day Yoshio would go and rest on them. Wooden balustrades would hold Yoshio entranced. At a home open such a wooden balustrade was placed at the entrance and without even viewing the remaining rooms Yoshio made an immediate decision to purchase.

From a young age Yoshio had intended to become a school teacher. A vision had shown children being taught in a mud bricked room and Yoshio was the teacher. On the other side of the room lived a saint. One of the missing mud bricks created a hole allowing Yoshio to peer into the saint’s room. The saint whether with people or alone would talk and laugh out loud. At night a wooden board would be strung from two ropes and become the saints sleeping abode. Yoshio could not comprehend how the saint was able to reach the board that was attached so close to the ceiling. Yoshio would eye the saint obsessively at night but as soon as his eye was distracted for a few seconds the saint would be next resting on the board. Yoshio had thought the saint was mad. During the day the saint leant against a wooden balustrade and kept a fire burning. Once the children had departed Yoshio was alone and at times his mother would attend bringing enough food to feed himself and the saint. It was a tale of a poor family in rural India. Possibly a memory from a past life. Yoshio was able to bring these memories together one by one like a jigsaw puzzle.

Yoshio’s second son was named Sharm after Yoshio’s much loved lord Krishna. Since coming to know of Sai Baba the publication Sanathana Sarathi was regularly sent to Yoshio’s house. With a dictionary in hand Yoshio realised that Sai Baba had discoursed his story. It correlated with the memories Yoshio had as a young child. The wooden board, the balustrade, the missing brick in the wall and the teacher whose name was Sharm.

Yoshio had been thinking of moving to the mountains. Eventually buying a house in the mountainside of Okayama. Yoshio bought survival gear but there was a constant noise deep inside that said Okayama was not the place. One day Yoshio was lying on the veranda looking up at the clouds which ventured into the shape of Australia. In shock Yoshio exclaimed ‘what is this?’ And rubbed his eyes to once again expose the cloud shaped as Australia. Even Tasmania was included in the detail. From the north West Indian Ocean an arrow shaped cloud began to drift down towards the southwest corner of the continent. Frantically Yoshio called Sue and Toyo but by their entrance the clouds had returned to their irregular forms. Yoshio immediately searched his world atlas to discover that the arrow had been pointing to a city called Perth.

A silent revolution is going to pass through every structure of human society.

Those who are present in this hall and all those who have total faith in Sai, though they may not be here, have a golden opportunity of earning My grace and thus [achieving] their goal; i.e., Liberation.

If you miss it, you miss it for ever.

(SBNNGA, II, 1990, 74.)






Chapter 6 I found Him!

Even those who are not now able to recognise the truth of Swami will have to approach with tears of repentance and experience Me.

Very soon, this will be worldwide.

Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 15 Chapter 55

Yoshio decided that his family and Toyo would all move to Perth. After taking one step off the plane onto the tarmac in Perth Yoshio experienced an immediate confirmation that Perth was the right place. Yoshio understood that Perth was where he had to be. Returning to Japan Yoshio immediately visited the Australian consulate. An immigrant visa system that allowed businessmen to migrate to Australia had recently been implemented and was given to Yoshio upon application. The Australian government had been trying to promote the new visa but had little response from the Japanese community. Yoshio was told during the application that on approval he would be the first to emigrate to Australia on this visa. Yoshio returned to the house to tell the family of the immediacy of the approval much to their surprise. Within two months Yoshio sold all of the properties, cars and assets under the business.


The children were placed in the Waldorf Steiner School in Australia. Temporarily whilst searching for the right property inland Yoshio purchased a house in Perth. Yoshio intended to use all the wealth accumulated in Japan for God’s work. There was no interest in accumulating businesses in Australia. After moving to Australia Yoshio sincerely continued the search for God. Yoshio visited various religious and theosophical societies. A Muslim mosque, the ba’hai, the Swedenborg new church, the New Catholic Church, the Spiritual church, the Theosophical Society, Dao yuan , Buddhist temple and others. Yoshio believed that people were born following the wheel of karma and ranked the organisations according to their self sacrificing duties to help others in order to pay the karmic debt.


On one of these days Yoshio went to a Spiritual church and having arrived a little late sat right at the back. More than fifty people were present. In that number Yoshio was the only member wearing a bright yellow jacket. A medium at the head of the gathering suddenly turned towards Yoshio. ‘I have a message for the gentleman in yellow at the back. You have been searching for a spiritual master for a long time. He is just around the corner. You will be able to see him soon. God has allowed you to have a large amount of money because God knows you will use it to help the poor. A man who has a limp and a green bicycle has been guiding you to this point and to your spiritual master.’

Yoshio later questioned Toyo about the colour of his father’s bicycle and was given the same green colour as mentioned by the medium. Touched by the story of Yoshio’s encounter with the medium Toyo wept.


During this time Yoshio was looking after a Malaysian student who had very little financial support. The student was a follower of Dao yuan. Yoshio asked whether the student knew of any Godly person who was present on the current earthly plain. In Penang, Malaysia the student spoke of a neighbour who was a devout follower of a young man they claimed was god in human form and regularly prayed to a photo. Yoshio was told that in the photo the avatar was only in their mid to late twenties and was of Indian descent known as Sathya Sai Baba.


In the suburb of Floreat where Yoshio’s family is living, there is a public library. There, Yoshio came across a poster pinned to the notice board inviting people to attend the birthday celebrations of Sai Baba to be held upstairs. Coincidentally Yoshio had been searching for more information on Sai Baba and decided to attend the celebrations.

Around three hundred people were present in the hall and across the wall was an emboldened message ‘Love All. Serve. All.’ The message struck a chord in Yoshio and instantly felt that Sai Baba was the one. Yoshio strongly believed that to pursue the spiritual path devotion to God and services to the community through self sacrifice was required. Many depictions of service from the Sai community were also on display. And for the first time Yoshio looked upon the image of Sai Baba. On the left cheek was a mole and Yoshio found that the visions that haunted Yoshio from childhood was fulfilled in the image in front of him. The cheeks, chin and skin colouring was exactly as he remembered. But Yoshio was taken aback by the afro of hair. Yoshio realised Sai Baba had not shown a glimpse of the crown of hair so that Yoshio would be surprised. In delight Yoshio thought ‘God has the heart of a child.’ Yoshio felt complete.

Formerly when the Govardhanagiri was raised aloft by the little boy, the Gopees and Gopalas realised that Krishna was the Lord.

Now, it is not one Govardhanagiri, a whole range will be lifted, you will see!

Have patience, have faith.

Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 3 Chapter 15








Chapter 7 Greetings to Shirdhi Baba First

There is nothing that Divine Power cannot accomplish.

It can transmute earth into sky and sky into earth.

To doubt this is to prove that you are too weak to grasp the grandeur of the Universal.

Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 4 Chapter 49

All the books and knowledge that Yoshio had accumulated had led Yoshio to this moment. Yoshio donated many of his books to the library. Nothing else was needed for God had been found. From this moment forward Yoshio believed that he only need to read and immerse himself in the teachings of Sai Baba. The hide and seek game with God was finally over. Yoshio only wished to commit to God’s work as he had promised God prior to his birth. If Yoshio kept his promise God too would keep his. Yoshio knew he had only been born to this earth to inevitably return to God. Yoshio lay wake that night unable to contain his excitement and joy.

Yoshio had recently purchased a commercial building and intended for it to be converted into an accessible introduction point and book store for people to know about Sai Baba. Coincidentally in India a group of Australians had been called in for an interview. Sai Baba told the group leader that he would provide a place for a Sai Baba bookshop in Perth.

Yoshio had every intention to visit Sai Baba as soon as possible. In a dream Sai Baba told him to come after September as between May and August the weather was unbearably hot. Yoshio immediately started making arrangements with the local travel agent. Whilst Yoshio sat at the desk a telephone call came through to the travel agent from British Airways. A direct flight from Perth to New Delhi was to be promoted on special only for the month of September. At this time confirmation usually took one to two days and even to the surprise of the travel agent confirmation was received even before Yoshio could step out of the travel agent’s office. Complications arose from the Chinese passports allocated to Yoshio’s family. A tourist visa to India was a one year wait for Chinese nationals. However without a hitch the visas were approved by the month of August.

The children were still young and Yoshio’s intention was to go only with Toyo to India. Another dream requested that Yoshio’s eldest son also come to India. Yoshio’s son did not have a passport but his photo was attached to his mother Sue’s passport. At immigration Yoshio was told his son could not leave the country without his own passport. Yoshio claimed ‘We are going on a pilgrimage. We are going to see God. This is not an ordinary holiday.’ The immigration officer told Yoshio that not only would he get in trouble Yoshio would have to pay a large fine on his return. Despite this he stamped all three passports.

Having boarded the plane Yoshio, Toyo and son were led to first class seats even after protesting that they had only purchased economy class. In India the same problem arose with the incorrect documentation for Yoshio’s son. Yoshio was told without his mother present the child could not be let into India. Yoshio told the officer ‘This child’s mother is already in India. Her name is Sai Baba and resides in Puttaparthi.’ The officer smiled and stamped the passport whilst saying ‘Jai Sairam!’.


Exiting the airport it was past two in the morning. Functioning on very little sleep they boarded a taxi to a cheap hotel. The hoteliers had never seen a Chinese passport and immediately called the government resulting in a three hour wait. It was six in the morning when check in was finally confirmed. Upon entering the hotel room a robust cockroach was seen running around, the toilet had no paper and the hotel faced a busy road that did not filter out any of the noisy traffic. The lack of air conditioning meant it was impossible to sleep without leaving the window open to let the breeze in.

It so happened that they arrived on a Thursday, Sai Baba’s special day. Having not had much sleep and their minds still in turmoil they decided to visit the nearest Sai Baba centre in New Delhi. The centre was a large temple with a queue of over a hundred people holding offerings. With no choice Yoshio and his family waited in the hot sun at the end of the line feeling quite delirious. Seeing that Toyo and son were on the border of collapse Yoshio went to the office and asked for a quick glance of the shrine prior to their departure to Puttaparthi the next morning. Pulling a strange face the manager led them in through the back door.

In front of Yoshio was a large white statue of a pair of feet. The three of them bowed to the feet and offered their prayers. Looking up into the statue’s face Yoshio realised it was not of the Sai Baba he recognised. ‘Who is this saint?’ Yoshio thought ‘Why is there another Sai Baba?’. In a state of shock Yoshio seated himself between all the devotees.

In the hall everyone sang bhajans quietly. Toyo wept saying ‘I don’t know why I can’t stop crying. I feel like I have seen this saint before.’ Yoshio contemplated the statue and also felt that he too was experiencing a sense of deja vu. The inside of Yoshio’s head became white, unable to think as the bhajans infiltrated his ear and the vibrations from the temple took over his body. Yoshio was unsure how long he sat in a trance at the temple.

The whole world will be transformed into Sathya Sai Organisation and Sathya Sai will be installed in the hearts of one and all.

Sanathana Sarathi, January 1999, p16



God descend to earth by three Avaters in the Kali yuga called Shirdhi Baba, Sathya Baba, and Prema Baba








Chapter 8 Man of Miracles

The calamity which has come upon mankind will be averted.

A new Golden Age will recur.

I shall not fail.

It is not in the nature of Avatars to fail.

TEOL p85

The road to Puttaparthi was accompanied by roadside guardrail stones. Yoshio thought they looked like grave stones. Yoshio told Toyo ‘Look these are the grave stones that we have created to come to this point. To reach God we have reincarnated multiple lives.’ Toyo agreed and began to weep.

Yoshio leapt out of the taxi upon reaching the ashram throwing the luggage to the ground and ran towards Sai Baba’s residence. The seva dal keeping guard at Sai Baba’s mandir stopped him. Yoshio prostrated himself on the grounds in front of the mandir and cried in a loud voice. ‘I have meandered many roads but I finally have reached your divine presence. I have come to fulfil the promise I made with you for this lifetime. Please use this humble son for any purpose. Sorry for taking so long to come.’


The accommodation presented to them was a shed. The three slept side by side on a thin mattress surrounded by mosquito nets. Yoshio spent a restless night excited at the thought of Sai Baba so nearby. Yoshio’s dream was complete and after surrendering everything to god believed that his purpose in life would also come to fruition. Yoshio felt an immense sense of relief.

Yoshio had a dream of darshan of The Lord coming from a clockwise direction from the ladies section. The gentlemen were seated in a separate section of the grounds. In this dream, he saw a green robed Indian lady desperately trying to present a letter that Sai Baba gently received. Yoshio’s eyes were vibrating with the joy of being granted Sai Baba’s image. Yoshio’s perspective shifted to that of Sai Baba’s. And Yoshio could see clearly from inside one of Sai Baba’s eyes the happiness of the green robed Indian lady after Sai Baba took the letter from her hand.

Having had little sleep Yoshio awoke feeling surprisingly refreshed. Yoshio and his son lined up in the men’s line for darshan. The system was such that the first man in line was given a number one token and subsequently would be seated first at the front. Yoshio had no interest in the proceedings and all his attention was focused on Sai Baba’s mandir.


A door opened and an old Indian man exited the mandir heading straight towards Yoshio. Yoshio thought ‘Who is this man? Why has he come from Sai Baba’s residence? And why is he standing in front if him?’ The man spoke in english ‘ You are a lucky man. You are lucky. Very lucky.’ And tapped Yoshio’s shoulder before moving back towards the darshan grounds. The man talked to a seva dal whilst pointing his finger back at Yoshio. Yoshio did not know any persons in India and wondered who this gentleman was. Suddenly approached by a seva dal Yoshio was told that his line, which was further back in the count, would now proceed first into the darshan grounds.

All thoughts of the old man left Yoshio’s mind as he sped onto the empty grounds. Yoshio and his son were seated at the front line. Finally Sai Baba entered floating across the ground in a tiny physical form. The face was the same from the photos. Yoshio was elated to be able to see Sai Baba at such proximity but began to panic as Sai Baba headed straight for Yoshio looking him straight in the eye. Yoshio’s entered a heightened level of consciousness as he gazed upon Sai Baba’s face. Lost in the moment a devotee pushed Yoshio’s back to prostrate himself at Sai Baba’s feet. Yoshio was so exited.Oh this is a lotus feet of God. SaiBaba himself walk toward to Yoshio and He is standing Right in front of Yoshio and waiting to allow to touch. This is a Yoshio’s r

dream.Now that dream is come true. Yoshio eventually touched SaiBa’s feet .Yoshio presented the large number of letters from followers back in Australia and taking them away Sai Baba began to walk away. Yoshio was floating like his soul had left his body as he left the darshan. Overwhelmed by Sai Baba’s presence Yoshio had been unable to even say a simple greeting. Yoshio felt more prepared at his second darshan and was able to properly greet Sai Baba. ‘ Swami I have gone on many paths but have finally arrived. Please use your servant as you will.’ Hearing Yoshio’s words Sai Baba smiled at him. Sai Baba’s smiling face was so powerful Yoshio began to cry distorting his image.

The divine glory will increase day by day, conferring on you joy and bliss.

All the unrest will soon be eradicated from the face of earth.

Today we find acts of violence everywhere.

But whatever is happening, in a way, is for your own good.

Everyone will develop sacred feelings.

All will enjoy the divine bliss.

The entire nation will enjoy peace and happiness soon.

There will not be any difficulties or suffering.









Chapter 9 My sacred space is destroyed

Yes, I keep my word to those who are steady in their faith.

Sathyam Sivam Sundaram Part 4 p181

Everyday Yoshio was able to communicate with Sai Baba at darshan. On one such day Yoshio wore his glasses to better see and Sai Baba gestured that the glasses were unnecessary. White trousers often got dirty quickly and Yoshio presented himself in a coloured pair which quickly got a finger of disapproval from Sai Baba and Yoshio did not wear coloured trousers to darshan again.

The Kerala Onam festival was approaching. A large number of devotees from Kerala had been arriving by the bus load daily creating a sea of people. The Purna Chandra hall became home to the dancing and singing of the people from Kerala. Over tens of thousands of people sat tightly together in the humidity making breathing difficult. Yoshio was not inclined to enter the hall. Climbing a pillar outside the hall but near the stage Yoshio was able to follow the proceedings. Yoshio was able to clearly see the back of Sai Baba’s profile.

Yoshio had no interest in the stage performance and steadily gazed at the back of Sai Baba’s head. Yoshio’s hands were extremely fatigued and at their breaking point begged to have one glimpse of Sai Baba’s face before retiring to his room. At the very moment Yoshio prayed Sai Baba turned looking at Yoshio with wide eyes for a mere few seconds that to Yoshio was a lifetime.

Yoshio in shock almost relinquished his hold on the pillar. A niggling thought entered Yoshio’s head that Sai Baba turning at that exact moment had just been a coincidence. Considering there were tens of thousands of people present in the hall Yoshio found it hard to believe that Sai Baba would turn just for his simple request. However a hopeful part of Yoshio believed that Sai Baba had indeed turned for him.

On the stage the Kerala youth were dancing. Yoshio prayed a second time ‘Please Swami although this is of some inconvenience if it was not a coincidence please turn towards me one more time.’ Yoshio did not think Sai Baba would grant such a inane request. Within moments Sai Baba turned his entire chair around with a slightly stern expression on his face and looked straight at Yoshio. This time it was not for a mere few seconds. Yoshio was embarrassed for testing Sai Baba and begged for his forgiveness. Yoshio prayed that he turn back towards the stage and enjoy the performance. Sai Baba remained staring at Yoshio. The strength left Yoshio’s fingers and he began sliding down the pillar. Sai Baba’s gaze followed Yoshio’s descent down the pillar. With no reason Yoshio felt tears flowing down his face. In a state of shock with his head hung low Yoshio walked like in a daze back to his accommodation.

Toyo scolded him for returning so listless having attended the packed performance and thinking he had exhausted himself. Yoshio was unable to reply aside from ‘Something big has taken over my life. Sai Baba can read my soul to perfection. All my lies and strange thoughts are no longer acceptable. In my soul I can only think good thoughts. From this day forward I have just realised this. My life is not my own. God dwells in my heart. With God I have to live. I am not alone. I though my soul was for me only a sacred space that no one else could enter or disturb. The Yoshio I have been up to this point will change. This is a momentous point in my life. In my head I had always thought God knew everything but today from my heart I was able to experience that this is completely true. Sai Baba is a great God. Sai Baba has come on a mission to earth. Like servants we have to follow his words. To know that Sai Baba as God dwells in my heart makes me truly happy.’

I have taken avatar not to do small things , but for doing great things ;to uplift the world.

My task is gigantic to uplift the whole mankind and put hem on to the correct path of Stya(Truth).Dharma, Santi, Prema,and Ahimsa and great liberation for aspirants.

In doing My work , I do not fear anyone.

I do not bend anybody.

For I am the Truth.

Anandadayi p66









Chapter 10 Some of His-story

The day when the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God will shine bright and beautiful is dawning and drawing near.

Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 13 Chapter 18

The Kerala festival approached its end and the ashram entered into a quiet state. Toyo oneday returned from darshan in an excited state ‘Yoshio, Sai Baba intends to call you in for an interview and there he will slap you on the cheek.’ At darshan Sai Baba had stopped in front of Toyo and had called a young boy to his side. There Sai Baba slapped the boy lightly on his face after telling him he was a naughty child. Sai Baba then turned to Toyo and smiled. Toyo understood Sai Baba’s message in her heart straight away ‘Your child too is a naughty boy and needs a slap on the face.’ Upon hearing Toyo words Yoshio felt the urge to return to Australia.

At the time Yoshio’s family joined a visiting Australian group of around twenty individuals. Once a day they would meet for study circles or bhajans. One of the members discussed a world map materialised by Sai Baba in a recent interview. According to the map the world tilts on its axis causing more than half the existing continents to be submerged under water. Following such an extreme natural disaster under God’s grace there would be plenty of exposed land masses including Mongolia and Australia. Sai Baba said that devotees were to have no worries as he would safe guard each and everyone of them. Yoshio hoped to see such a map if it truly existed. From a young age Yoshio also believed that such an event would befall the world. A Japanese guru known as Deguchi Wanisaburou had predicted such a calamity and that Mongolia would become a spiritual centre and a home for many Japanese refugees.


A group from Sri Lanka emerged from an interview weeping and appeared to be in shock. When queried by outsiders they were told that one of young men in the group was a reincarnation of Sri Vivekanada. He was told that in this lifetime he was to lead the world following the passing of Sai Baba’s physical form and until the advent of Prema Sai at the age of twenty one.


A young man from America began to shout angrily at Sai Baba during darshan agitating others present. The man was called into an interview and appeared moments later somber. The young man’s mother had been diagnosed with cancer and when she had visited Sai Baba she was presented with a materialised lingum. Sai Baba had told her that she would be OK if she put the Lingum in a glass a water and partook of the drink every morning. Against the wishes of her entire family she placed all her faith in the Lingum water and discontinued all other treatment. Eventually the mother passed away. The son who loved his mother dearly flew all the way from America to lay blame on Sai Baba. In the private interview room the supposedly dead mother was waiting for her son. The mother said to her son ‘I appreciate you thinking so deeply for me. I was able to pass away with no discomfort due to the Lingum. Now I am at Sai Baba’s side and extremely happy. Please do not disturb my new found peace.’


An Italian group left the interview room in great laughter. A lady had challenged Sai Baba to materialise a living animal instead of inanimate objects which were commonly given to devotees since he was God and the creator. Sai Baba placed his hands together and slowly drew them apart to materialise a monkey between his hands. In the small interview room the monkey had run riot and like a monkey the Italian lady had run around the room shouting. Sai Baba told the lady that because he was God creating a monkey was an easy feat but they tended to cause chaos. Sai Baba told the lady to use bananas to capture the monkey, the lady responded by saying she had no bananas. Sai Baba then asked what was then present in her bag. Inside her bag were three bananas. Using the bananas Sai Baba held the monkey with one hand and with the other hand the monkey was pushed out of existence in the interview room.


The shop in the ashram was always busy. It stocked fresh mango juice and the popular sweet mango ice cream. Pizza was cooked by the Italian devotees and were truly authentic pizzas. All the meals were vegetarian and were unbelievably cheap. On one such day Yoshio went with his son and was on the verge of drinking his mango juice when the sound of liquid splashing alerted him to monkey droppings in his cup. Above Yoshio’s head a monkey sat in a tree gleefully looking down at Yoshio.


Street dogs were also commonly loitering around the ashram eating left overs. It was a common sight to see the dogs fighting with the monkeys over the food. A devotee once asked Sai Baba about the number of street dogs present in the ashram. Sai Baba said that the dogs were reincarnations of humans who had ventured on the wrong path in their past life, like the Nazis, and were being looked after by the ashram.


Yoshio met a Singaporean whose friend had come along but was not a believer of Sai Baba and had been given an interview. He had asked Sai Baba to tell him of his past life but Sai Baba had told him that he would be better off not knowing. However he insisted accusing Sai Baba of not being capable of knowing his past lives. Sai Baba then told him that he would be able to meet his wife and son from his previous life the following day. He would also meet his wife’s lover who poisoned him and been reborn as Raja. The next day he returned to Bangalore and was being transported by an auto-rickshaw. The auto-rickshaw was involved in an accident and was turned on its side during the chaos. Luckily the gentleman was only slightly hurt with minor cuts and was treated by a lady who lived in a nearby house. Inside the house a middle aged man sat shouting loudly like a child and it was apparent that he had a mental disability. The lady told him that as a child he had accidentally taken some poison retarding his mental growth. Not having to listen any further he realised instantly that this was his wife and child from a previous lifetime and the child had par taken of some of the poison that had been intended for him. More than the shock of the accident the meeting with his past wife and child left him in a greater state of shock. Understanding that they were to live in difficult circumstances he left the house with a weight on his shoulders. At that moment he regretted not followed Sai Baba’s advice and wished he had not forced the issue of his past lives. A group of children came running towards him crying and holding the corpse of a beloved dog that had been hit by a vehicle. They chanted the dog’s name ‘Raja! Raja!’.

Man’s inhumanity to man expresses itself in the form of natural catastrophes, like earthquakes.

There will be physical repercussions due to man’s growing selfishness minor adjustments to the planet, and a certain clear out.

The world is the body of God.

There is a cancer in the body and it must be removed.

The Embodiment of Love Chapter 10





Chapter 11 Beyond Time and Space

The whole world is today in the throes of anxiety and fear.

But, I assure you that very soon the dark clouds shall be scattered and you will witness a happy era all over the world.

Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 11 Chapter 28

Yoshio and his family were able to move to a small unit with a private shower and toilet from the shed. It was placed in quiet area at the back of the ashram away from all the hustle and bustle and being on the ground floor easily accessible to the darshan grounds. A volunteer Indian lady came to clean the room. She told them that they were extremely lucky and would be called into an interview the next day and should prepare. Yoshio asked Toyo ‘Who was that lady? Sai Baba? If it is true what a great gift that would be.’

The next morning upon waking both Yoshio’s son and Toyo were looking down on him with concern. Toyo asked if he was ok and told him that in his sleep he had chanted in an almighty voice three AUMs and the Gayatri mantra. Yoshio recalled in his dream numerous Indian ghosts with no feet approach him slowly in a long line. The first ghost had glasses on and resembled Sai Baba’s longtime translator Kasturi. Feeling discomfort Yoshio began to chant AUM but panic set in when he was unable to recall the Gayatri mantra. Eventually he was able to say the Gayatri in a loud voice. A sense of real peace surrounded Yoshio and the mysterious dream was left behind.


That morning during darshan Sai Baba asked Yoshio what country he had come from and how many were part of his group. When Yoshio replied ‘Eighteen Swami. All from Australia,’ Sai Baba told him to ‘Go!’.


When Yoshio was sitting in front of interview room he recalled the incredible story he had heard from a member of the Australian group. It was couple years back where one of the member was preparing to return to Australia following the news that his mother had fallen gravely ill. The group had been called into an interview with Sai Baba and the member had been asked ‘What city have you come from?’ The man responded ‘Newcastle.’ Sai Baba tapped the wall adjacent to his chair and a map of Newcastle appeared. Sai Baba then asked ‘What suburb are you from?’ And Sai Baba again tapped the wall to show the man’s corresponding suburb upon his reply. Sai Baba then preceded to ask ‘Which one is your house?’. The man pointed with his finger and Sai Baba showed the entrance door of the house. Sai Baba said ‘Your mother is ill and I have watched over her enduring the peak of her illness. You should hurry back home to look after her. She needs you.’ The man hesitated for a moment before edging towards the entrance to his house pictured on the wall. Sai Baba opened the door. People could see an old lady napping on the couch in the living room. The man appeared to be swallowed into the wall. After Sai Baba closed door and turned to the leader of the Australian contingency and told him to pack and return the man’s belongings to Australia. The leader asked what would be most appropriate for the man’s passport which would not contain the seal of departure or entrance into the appropriate country. Sai Baba told the leader that with every tap on the wall a seal had been placed in the man’s passport. Later it was evident that on checking the passport all the appropriate stamps were present up to the man’s re-entrance into Australia. Sai Baba said later that He showed this miracle to the people because He wanted people to know that He is beyond time and space. Yoshio believed that at the interview he would finally be able tolay eyes on the legendary wall.


Believe it or not, in the next 25 to 30 years, the entire human race will become one.

People of all religions like Hindu, Muslim, Christian, etc. will be united.

There will be complete unity in the world.

It is from Bharat (India) that the spirit of devotion for God will spread to all other parts of the world.

Treasure this truth in your heart. 31/5/2008







Chapter 12 Interview

You do not know, so many great things are going to take place.

Everything seen, heard or felt will turn sacred.

All this is going to happen soon.

Do not miss this sacred opportunity and waste it.

Once lost you will never again get it.

Once obtained you will never lose it.

Divine Discourse, Prashanti Nilayam, October 14, 1999

Whilst waiting outside the mandir walls Yoshio began to shake in anticipation alongside the thought that Sai Baba may also slap his cheek like he had told Toyo . Everyday without resting Sai Baba was attending to his devotees and Yoshio wondered how many years it had been. There was no advantage or financial gain for Sai Baba to share his presence. Yoshio was only paying a dollar a day for the accommodation and this was also the case with the delicious vegetarian food provided. As Yoshio entered the interview room Sai Baba said in a small voice ‘You are from Australia but are yet to be an Australian citizen.’ Yoshio silently replied ‘You are God so you know everything.’ Sai Baba asked with much love towards Toyo ‘How are you?’. Toyo in shock gaped before replying ‘I’m fine thank you Swami.’ The three of them sat directly around Sai Baba’s chair. Yoshio’s son was made to stand infront holding Sai Baba’s hand ‘This boy is six but in thirty years he will be a man and in sixty years people will call him an old man. This child’s body will continue to grow and people’s perception of him will age but his Atma will always be the same. This child is not his body he is the Atma.’

Turning towards Yoshio, Sai Baba blew on a devotee’s existing ring and transformed the ring between his fingers. He bought the ring towards Yoshio. The ring had big nine stones and was the type Yoshio had spent a long time searching for. Yoshio’s friend from Sri Lanka had a similar nine stone ring but smaller stones and Yoshio was told that they represented the nine planets. Yoshio had searched all the jewellers in his home town but could not find such a ring. But when Yoshio is with creater of the universe ,he had no interest on the ring and continued to stare at Sai Baba’s eyes in happiness. Sai Baba announced that the ring was not needed by anyone and blew on the ring again to return it back to it’s original one stone amethyst ring.

Sai Baba then said ‘God is love. Live in Love. Are there any questions?’ Yoshio experienced God in front of him, conversed with him and wished the moment would last forever. Yoshio did not want anything else or even to ask any questions. Towards the end of the interview as everyone stood to leave Sai Baba lightly slapped Yoshio’s cheek. Yoshio had been expecting a harsher slap but was still somewhat surprised and looked up at Sai Baba. Sai Baba did not say anything and was smiling but his eyes were hinting at Yoshio’s past cheekiness. Toyo looked on smiling to herself. Yoshio remembered prior to knowing of Sai Baba all the times he had caused worry to his mother and mischief he had gotten up too. In his soul Yoshio thanked Sai Baba for guiding him to this point. Like drifting in a dream all three returned from the interview back to the accommodation. Feeling content Toyo said ‘It’s great that we came here.’ Yoshio agreed that it had been an ecstatic experience.


The followings morning Yoshio went to walk to Sai Baba’s mandir to ask permission to return to Australia. Alone after darshan Yoshio looked on from the gate at Sai Baba’s residence. At the very location only two weeks earlier and what now felt like a distant memory Yoshio had prostrated himself at the gates. Yoshio thanked Sai Baba for his love and grace and also projected his thoughts tp returning home. Suddenly the garage to Sai Baba’s residence opened and the car inched out to stop in front of Yoshio. With the graceful wave of his left hand Yoshio knew immediately Sai Baba was indicating his approval to leave. Yoshio packed his bags and booked a taxi. After he packed the suite cases, Yoshio went outside to a deserted street corner to await a taxi. As he sat outside, Yoshio felt as if there were no loose strings left. That for this journey, everything that needed to be complete was complete.

From a distance Yoshio sighted an approaching taxi. Calling Toyo and son Yoshio signalled to the taxi their need for transport. However, instead of being a taxi the car belonged to Sai Baba! The car came and stopped right in front of Yoshio and his family. No one else was around. Sai Baba waved to all three standing along the road as if to say ‘Goodbye. You did well by coming here.’ God came all the way to Yoshio’s isolated street to say goodbye and Yoshio was overwhelmed by the feeling gratitude and Divine love.

Whether a devotee is a devotee of God or not is something the devotee can decide for themselves.

Are you an idiot?

Are you stupid?

Even if a devotee claims to be a devotee seeking God all that will happen is they will sink deeper and deeper into the ocean.

Only a devotee who recognises God can be a devotee.

God is looking for the devotee not the devotee looking for God.

A devotee cannot proclaim themselves a devotee without recognising God.

Who is the devotee who can see God?

It is the devotee who will do anything to be one with God.

The devotee who can see God is the one who is liberated from being a devotee.

The devotee who can see God will reach God’s level.

The devotee who can see God will see no difference between God and themselves.

But there is no need to stress to become a devotee because this world was created as God’s playground.


You idiot!

To live in ignorance is fine.

You will be able to experience the anguish and desire to reach God.

You will be able to taste God’s sweetness.

There is no need to pretend to be a good devotee.


I will have to forego the car and even the aeroplane when I move from place to place, for the crowds pressing around them will be too huge;

I will have to move across the sky;

yes, that too will happen, believe Me.

Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 2 Chapter 18












Chapter13 Dream of Sai Baba

That time (for public declaration of Avatarhood) is still far off.

Prior to that I have to bring such persons near me, who, in their previous lives, have been incessantly and untiringly trying to get access to me through their severe sadhana.

A time will come when the world will know about the Avatar through public declaration …

Sai Baba and Nara Narayan Gufa Ashram, Part II, p38

From the silence of the ashram Yoshio and his family reentered the chaos of the world. Yoshio’s soul was still stuck inside the ashram. Having experienced the ardor of Sai Baba’s love Yoshio knew that to draw on that love would enable him to progress through any of life’s experiences. The secret of Sai Baba’s darshan was the sacred love that would be forever embedded in Yoshio’s heart.

The yogi and saints of the past spent many years and possibly lifetimes performing tapas to try and experience the sight, sound and touch of The Lord. By hopping on an air conditioned bus, partaking of vegetarian food and staying at an ashram one is able experience the touch, sound and sight of God. Yoshio was immensely grateful for the experience.

The next day after leaving the ashram Yoshio and his family stayed in a hotel in Bangalore. In a dream that night Sai Baba told Yoshio that he had tried to contact Yoshio but access was only through a tiny needle hole. This had now changed. The needle hole had expanded and Yoshio was swept into the hole and through the otherside and enveloped by Sai Baba’s nostril to become Sai Baba himself. The promise from long before Yoshio’s birth was fulfilled. Yoshio had been waiting and hoping for this moment his whole life. From this day forward Yoshio wished to be an instrument of The Lord and follow Sai Baba’s directives one hundred percent.

I am no longer a lost little lamb.

I have a God.

I have a God who will guide and guard me.

More than anyone else in the world I have a God who will love me.

And God has taught me that he and I are one.

God of Love you are my real parent and my true self.

In truth there was only ever ‘ I ‘ in this world.

When the world is on the verge of chaos, the Avathar comes to still the storm raging in the hearts of men.

Prasanthi (the higher Peace, the calming of perturbations) will be stabilized soon; the demonic deviations from the straight Divine Path will be corrected.

Dharma will be revived, and revitalised, in every human community.

Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 11 Chapter 31










Chapter 14 24K Gold Framed Glasses

If there is a change, it will be a universal change.

Not local. It will occur every place.

My Baba and I, Page 189

Driven like a honey bee that has tasted the sweet nectar of the flower Yoshio returned to India five times in the span of three years. Regardless of the visit the number of Japanese visitors were scarce. Yoshio asked SaiBaba on one such occasion ‘Have you forgotten Japanese ? Why have you not bought any Japanese here? ‘ SaiBaba answered ‘Japan is advanced in its mass communication if the information of my being was given in Japan it would spread rapidly. In a weeks time there will be a National Japanese Sai Baba conference. If the Japanese devotees are of concern to you, you can attend but you cannot stay in Japan. Even if you were to be involved with the Japanese Sai community you would leave in the future for the work there is not suited to you. Your work awaits you in Australia.’


Yoshio returned to Australia and within three days produced twenty-seven Japanese bhajans with Sue and Toyo and took them with him to Japan. With his return to Japan there was one individual Yoshio desired to meet. From Yoshio’s understanding the man was obsessed with Indian culture and was a hermit by nature. Yoshio would later come to call him by the much affectionate term of Hoshi-yan.

The rumor was that the individual, Hoshino (but more commonly known as Hoshi) had taken a pilgrimage to India’s sacred lands of Rishikesh and Varanasi. During this time Hoshi had boarded a train compartment that he ended up sharing with a holy man and his disciples. The holy man had leaned forward slowly and placed his thumb in the middle of Hoshi’s forehead. Hoshi was filled with a feeling of happiness so great he lost consciousness. Upon returning to awareness the holy man and disciples were no longer present and although he searched the train having not yet reached the next station there was no evidence of the holy man’s presence. Hoshi would later attend an interview with Sai Baba who told him that the holy man was Sai Baba and he had given Hoshi a small glimpse of heaven.


Hoshi had been attending darshan in White Field with his friends Mr and Mrs Sakata but desired to see Sai Baba’s birth place in Puttaparthi. During Sai Baba’s youth Sai Baba had produced multiple objects from the wish fulfilling tamarind tree. A kindly local youth offered to take Hoshi to the tree during their day trip to Puttaparthi. A small shrine was present at the top of the hill beside the tree and the youth told Hoshi and Mr and Mrs Sakata to prostrate and pray there. Hoshi and Mr and Mrs Sakata placed their heads on the ground.

The youth then reprimanded them ‘Not like that! Pray from the heart!’. Hoshi felt a flash of irritation but followed the boys instructions. The youth became more irate and began to push Hoshi and the Sakata’s faces into the ground ‘That isn’t surrendering to The Lord. Pray more intensely!’. The frame on Hoshi’s glasses warped from the pressure the boy was placing on his head. As the pressure built with the boys chant to pray more Hoshi had enough and grabbed the boys hand away from his head saying ‘Stop you brat! What do you think your doing!’.

Suddenly the boys demeanour changed ‘That’s enough. Now what fruit would you like?’ Hoshi could not believe the gall of the local boy pretending to be like Sai Baba and felt that he needed to be taught a lesson. Hoshi asked for the Japanese persimmon knowing it was out of season in Japan and impossible to grow in India’s humidity. The boy produced a large Japanese persimmon slightly squat in shape from his hands and gifted them to Hoshi and Mr and Mrs Sakata’s hands. In an awed state Hoshi asked ‘Who are you? What village are you from?’ The boy replied ‘I live in the shrine.’ And then suddenly disappeared.


In Hoshi and Mr and Mrs Sakata’s hands remained a large Japanese persimmon. Looking down at his hand Hoshi realized he had just had an experience with the young Sai Baba. Hoshi had wistfully thought on his drive down to Puttaparthi earlier that day the misfortune of not being present years earlier when he could of met the youthful Sai Baba and receive a fruit from the wish fulfilling tree. Whilst eating the sweet persimmon Hoshi and Mr and Mrs Sakata cried tears of joy.


Returning to White Field Hoshi was given an interview. Sai Baba touched the frame of Hoshi’s glasses saying ‘Your frame is a bit bent.’ Following the interview Hoshi was suffering episodes of dizziness. Believing the blame lay in the warped frame and subsequent change in the focus Hoshi went to the store he had originally purchased the glasses on his return to Japan. The shop assistant told Hoshi following an inspection that the glasses were not from the store as their gold framed glasses were only gilded and the glasses Hoshi had presented was one hundred percent 24K gold. Hoshi was told to spend his money more wisely as anyone who wore such heavy framed gold glasses would undoubtedly be having dizzy spells.

I materialize objects for expressing overflowing love, for giving pleasure to the recipient and for his protection from all dangers.

Even if I have not materialized anything for you, I will come to your aid in your moments of crisis at any time and any place,if you have deep feith and devotion in Me.

I will answer to your prayers to any form or name, as all forms and names are Mine.

Anandadayi p66







Chapter 15 Future Map of the World


Many natural catastrophes are entirely due to man’s behaviour.

Earthquake, volcanic eruptions, wars, floods and famines and other calamities are the result of grave disorders in Nature.

These disorders are traceable to man’s conduct.

Man has not recognised the integral relationship between humanity and the world of Nature…

Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 25 Chapter 37

Guided by the holy man on the train to Sai Baba’s presence Hoshi still had the desire to visit holy locations in India and bathe in the river Ganges. At midnight rain had been falling heavily but as the night progressed it began to intensify. Hoshi was awoken by a foul odour and the sensation of water to find his room had been flooded. The water had overflowed from the bathroom and was filled with sewerage. Hoshi managed to clean the room and himself before attending the morning darshan. Called into an interview Sai Baba had cheekily asked ‘How was the dip into the Ganges?’ Sai Baba then held out both palms materialising separate scrolls in each and said ‘Which do you choose?’ Hoshi not able to comprehend what was being asked attempted to read what had been written on the scrolls that appeared to have the dimpled skin of animal leathers. On one was a drawing of a familiar face that Hoshi realised was of Prema Sai without a beard. The other had a map of the world that appeared to be drawn in one continuous line. The map did not match any Hoshi knew of the current geographic land masses. Multiple countries were missing or grossly smaller in size. Hoshi told Sai Baba that he did not understand the world map made up of chaotic lines and would instead choose the handsome face of Prema Sai. The scrolls rolled back up and disappeared into Sai Baba’s palms. ‘You chose Prema Sai. You will need to be reborn once more in Mysore.’ Sai Baba said. Over powered by Sai Baba’s divine play Hoshi was not able to respond and sat in a daze.

Mr and Mrs Sakata had been present at the interview and met again with Hoshi in Japan at the Mt Daisen hotel in the Tottori prefecture. Mrs Sakata claimed to have seen a thinner Japan in the map that had been produced by Sai Baba. Hoshi disagreed having seen the map much closer that the sliver of land was in fact the Ural mountain ranges in Russia. Regardless it was agreed that there would be large changes to the earth prior to the coming of Prema Sai. Many countries appeared to be wiped off the map in what could be caused by large tsunamis enveloping the land. They discussed that staying on Mt.Daisen, a large mountain facing the Japan sea, would provide them the shelter from any tsunami Japan may face from the Pacific Ocean. One of them wanted to purchase a bus as a shuttle that could transport individuals to the safety of the mountain. The three had been talking late into the night and at two in the morning there was a sudden knock at their hotel room. Concerned by the late hour and the stranger who would be knocking at that hour they slowly opened the door to find Sai Baba standing there.


Sai Baba asked ‘Am I disturbing you? Can I enter?’ In shock they stuttered their reply and asked him to enter. Sai Baba materialised white coloured vibuthi for each of them telling them that the discussion they were having was pointless and heading in a different direction to Sai Baba’s play. Graced with Sai Baba’s presence shared between just the three of them became a moment of intense happiness. They requested to touch Sai Baba’s feet and without waiting for a reply they all payed homage to his feet. Sai Baba offered to answer any questions and was asked ‘ Why would such a thing happen as represented by the world map you materialised? Is it caused by destruction of the environment by the current human population?’. Sai Baba said ‘ The number one cause is the actions taken by people against Dharma especially in the big cities around the grove. The actions of people versus the strength of Mother Earth is minuscule and of no real consequence. Mother Earth can easily return back to creation as it was in the beginning. However there is one thing Mother Earth cannot ignore and that is A-Dharmic actions. Especially the injustice, lies, immorality and violence that has become prevalent in society today. Hence the destruction of major cities is inevitable.’ Hoshi then preceded to ask about the change in his path if he had chosen the map instead of being reborn under the guidance of Prema Sai. Sai Baba told Hoshi ‘If you had chosen the map you would have to serve multiple acts of seva in this lifetime. In Australia there is much work waiting.’ Suddenly all the lights in the room went dark following Sai Baba’s announcement of ‘That should be enough for today,’ and when the lights returned there was no evidence of Sai Baba.

He has recently materialised a map of the world as it is to be.

He has said there will be adjustments to the surface of the planet and certain clear-out of the population.

The Embodiment of Love p 230










Chapter 16 Four bridal candidates

Very soon the glory of Sai will spread to every part of the world.

It will increase a thousandfold.

SS, Vol. 36, No. 12, Dec. 1993, 333.


Yoshio attended the first Sai Baba National conference held in Kobe, Japan .When Hoshi met Yoshio for the first time, he rushed towards Yoshio and embraced him, saying ‘I’ve been waiting to see you. ‘Yoshio replied ‘Me too.’ They became like real brothers. Yoshio was always in Hoshi’s company and they talked about Swami all night until the early morning. Yoshio realized Hoshi always walked with a small side bag and when Yoshio enquired on its contents Hoshi opened the bag to reveal a small preciously framed photo of Sai Baba. The photo was half shrouded in the holy ash vibhuthi and only half of Sai Baba’s face was visible. The frame was housed in a wooden box which was also filled with vibhuthi. Hoshi told Yoshio that if he was to leave it be the box would overflow and instead following bhajan the vibhuthi would be used by all present. During such a proceeding Hoshi had wiped the photo clean but by the end of the bhajan the photo was covered in vibhuthi. Usually the ash would sit on top of the glass but on this occasion ash poured out from the photo itself and with a sharp crack the glass shattered under the pressure. Hoshi would constantly be singing bhajan softly regardless of the place. Yoshio would notice at times Hoshi would stop singing and upon glancing at his face would realise Hoshi was crying tears of ecstasy thinking of Sai Baba.


Hoshi recounted a fascinating story from Kodaikanal. A volunteer had built a straw basket to help carry dirt needed for construction. Hoshi too joined the line of volunteers to help carry the dirt but feeling exhausted moved to a shaded area under a tree to rest. A figure came to stand beside Hoshi and he realised it was Sai Baba. Hoshi feeling guilty for taking a break immediately begged forgiveness and wished to return to the line of volunteers. Sai Baba gently told him it was fine and to continue rest. Instead Sai Baba asked for Hoshi’s notepad that he wrote in everyday and after opening it to a certain page began to write in it. Sai Baba lightly threw it back at him saying ‘I have written advice for you in how you can keep progressing in life from now on. Read it well. I have also written four candidates to be your future bride. They are all ladies of good standing. You should choose the one most appropriate for you.’ Hoshi showed Yoshio the four names saying that he had yet to meet the last of the four. Yoshio asked whether the previous three were nice girls and Hoshi said ‘Indeed. But I am waiting to meet the last of the four before making a decision. In all honesty I don’t want to get married. I would prefer to contemplate on God.’ After making that statement Hoshi followed through by never marrying the rest of his life.


Sai Baba was to move on to Mumbai and Hoshi decided to follow along with Mr and Mrs Sakata. Arriving at Mumbai they were in shock at the number of people present at darshan. A seva dal approached them asking the Mrs Sakata to quickly present herself as Sai Baba had personally requested her to sing a bhajan. She was quickly swept into the crowd and Hoshi in shock was amazed at the turn of events. Mr Sakata was almost in tears stating ‘It is a life long dream of my wife to sing Manase Bhajare in front of Sai Baba.’ Mrs Sakata was seated with the other Indian singers and was looked at with curiosity from bystanders. Slightly nervous the song began on a high pitched tone but on completion there was a feeling of great fulfilment. Coming an unbelievable distance to Mumbai and having Sai Baba listen to their song even though they were not expert singers they felt immense gratitude. Following the end of the bhajan she began to leave with the other singers when they were again approached by a seva dal to attend an interview with Sai Baba.


Sai Baba was just about to enter the toilet as Mrs Sakata and the other singers rushed to the interview room. Sai Baba cheekily said with a complicated face ‘Oh dear you’ve caught me at a bad time.’ There was only a small group of less than ten women Bhajan singers waiting in the room adjacent to the toilet and to cover the sounds Sai Baba began to sing a bhajan in a loud voice. The women began laughing at Sai Baba’s playful nature and Sai Baba reentered the room grinning and seated himself on the floor with everybody else. In a relaxed mode Sai Baba began to make jokes and after making everyone laugh reclined on his side and closed his eyes. All the ladies present slowly moved to make a circle around Sai Baba’s sleeping form and quietly began to sing bhajans as a group. So as not to wake Sai Baba they chose to sing soft melodies like a Krishna songs alternately taking turns to sing.

Sai Baba’s orange robe slowly rose and fell with each deep breathe taken in his sleep. Mrs Sakata began to lose awareness of the difference between earth or heaven. The feeling of not wanting to return to her current worldly abode and to stop time in this moment forever with Sai Baba took over.


Hoshi realised after Mrs Sakata came back and she had stopped talking. Hoshi understood her feeling of only wanting God. Hoshi explained to her husband ‘Property, marriage, wealth, power, family, job, politics and all things to do with the world begin to feel meaningless. Only God is important. Only God is what you want. Eventually overtime there will be a moment when even the desire for God fades as your true self as God becomes liberated. Until that moment you need to cry and hunger for God.’

As one moves away the image grows smaller and smaller, although actually, the image has not changed at all.

The same happens with the world.

As one turns to God with stronger love, the world recedes, appearing smaller until it can hardly be noticed at all.

Really, there is only the heart.

Conversations with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba p73










Chapter 17 The Japanese Devotee with the Devotion of Gold

Today we find acts of violence everywhere.

But whatever is happening, in a way, is for your own good.

Everyone will develop sacred feelings.

All will enjoy the divine bliss.

The entire nation will enjoy peace and happiness soon.

There will not be any difficulties or suffering.

Divine Discourse, Brindavan, March 16, 2003

Hoshi passed away saying that he would return in another life to service Prema Sai as promised by Sai Baba. Hoshi was tender and sensitive and easily hurt by the complications of dealing with other people’s egos. Hoshi had asked how people could deliberately hurt each other when God was giving so much love. These people were not human. The outward appearance was human but their souls were the level of an animal and Hoshi could not stand to be in the same plane. Hoshi just wanted to live in the glory of God day by day and anguished over having to deal with people instead.

Hoshi was a regular patron of an Indian restaurant and would sing bhajans loudly with Yoshio before being admonished by the staff and would then softly sing under his breath.

At the ashram in India Hoshi became distressed after Sai Baba appeared to be ignoring him and no longer able to bear the indifference Hoshi had latched onto Sai Baba’s feet during darshan. Begging for relief Hoshi cried ‘I don’t remember what travesty I may have caused but I will be mindful from this day forward in all my actions so please look at me again. Please smile at me again. Please. Otherwise until you forgive me I will not remove myself from your feet.‘Because Hoshi hold SaiBaba’s feet so strong ,Although Seva dal try to separate them but they could’nt. Mean while Saibaba was looking at Hoshi with smiling and great compassion.

Hoshi and Yoshio sang a Japanese bhajan that had been written by Yoshio with tears streaming down his face and Yoshio was grateful to witness the intensity of Hoshi’s devotion.

Hoshi had many rings materialised by Sai Baba so many in fact that there were almost not enough fingers to wear them all. From the photo of Sai Baba that Hoshi faithfully carried everywhere not only would the holy ash vibhuthi arise but fine gold powder. Sai Baba once told Hoshi that to have a devotion of gold would be rewarded with real gold. Only a small number of people knew about the numerous intimate conversations that occurred between Hoshi and God. For the devotees that follow Hoshi left behind a legacy of pure devotion and love. To be loved by God one cannot be complacent one needs to desire God until they are crying. And for the first time God will turn to look and hold you for the ego has gone and like a child that only has eyes for God you are finally qualified to receive all the attention.

Yoshio received from Hoshi the signed photo of Sai Baba to be forever treasured. Yoshio realised that Hoshi had known his time was short and had then given away his dearest treasure to Yoshio. Yoshio knew that Hoshi’s legacy would live in Yoshio’s children and grand children with that photo. Although Yoshio had never confirmed his standing with Hoshi he believed even to this day that Hoshi had been his most closest and dearest friend. From all the people Yoshio had met to him Hoshi had been a stand out Japanese devotee.

In the Golden Age to come there is no doubt that Hoshi’s story will become a great myth. Yoshio had never met a devotee so blessed by Sai Baba as Hoshi had been. Yoshio thought Hoshi does not suit this current barren world but rather the glorious period of Prema Sai. Until that moment Hoshi could gain strength and stay by Sai Baba’s side. Yoshio thought how lucky Hoshi was to be showered with so much grace and would eat even the dirt on Hoshi’s foot to receive even a shadow of that love. Yoshio hoped that if their destinies demanded it that they meet again in another lifetime. “Let’s meet again Hoshi-yan,” Yoshio said.

Can you hear the whisper of the voice of your conscience

Can you understand the pain in Buddha’s heart

There are many flowers growing from the material world

There are many evils from the Kali Yuga

But wanting to gain the wisdom and truth of Buddha

Mantra Namu ami dabutsu I will chant


Avatars do not succeed or fail;

what they will must occur;

what they plan must take place…

I have come to inscribe a golden chapter in the history of humanity, wherein falsehood will fail, truth will triumph, and virtue will reign.

Character will confer power then, not knowledge, or inventive skill, or wealth. Wisdom will be enthroned in the councils of nations.

Sathya Sai Baba, Embodiment of Love, p174





Chapter 18 A Worldwide Clean up


Man is deriving innumerable debt from Nature, and enjoying the amenities provided by Nature in various ways.

But what is the gratitude he is showing to Nature?

What gratitude is he offering to the Divine?

He is forgetting the Divine who is the provider of everything.

That is the reason for his becoming a prey to various difficulties and calamities.

Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 21 Chapter 19

Yoshio returned to Australia and whenever he had the time would visit the surrounding countryside. Three days went by quickly and on a single day Yoshio easily covered 600 km. At each location Yoshio would document and photograph the landscape and present them to Sai Baba’s altar in Perth. Yoshio asked ‘Where should I progress to next?’ Yoshio was also fed stories from numerous individuals advising him on devotees who had purchased land in high altitude locations to protect themselves from any incoming tsunami. To them this was proof that they had no faith in Sai Baba for the teachings claimed that the physical body is not your true self so why go running away inland trying to protect oneself. If such a disaster was to really befall the world Sai Baba would protect and save all his devotees. For this reason people should pray and become followers of Sai Baba. Those of more logical thinking would ask why one would not ask Sai Baba directly where the safest locations are in an interview. If Sai Baba did not give an answer then why spend ones time and money on a pointless endeavour. Dr Hislop happened to be visiting Perth and Yoshio had the opportunity to meet and enquire on Sai Baba’s comment on the need for a change at a global level.

Dr Hislop told Yoshio that if he happened to be making preparations for global changes to continue doing so. Yoshio believed that everything he was doing from that point onwards was entirely God’s will. The items purchased and money spent was not for individual use nor was there any thought for preserving his own life. Yoshio realised from early on that the world was nothing but an illusion. Yoshio knew that his duty was not to ask Sai Baba for everything but become an active instrument of God. Before partaking a meal one does not ask God if it is right to bring the food to the mouth rather one should listen to their conscience to make their decisions.

If Sai Baba was to leave the physical form how would one be able to make a Dharmic choice if they needed to be told every step of the way. Sai Baba is present in every moment in each individual’s life and when the time is right will give a sign if required. Along the way others may ridicule or accuse of wrong doing but is of no consequence as long as one follows Sai Baba and their conscience.

The Italian devotee who had seen the world map materialised by Sai Baba contacted Yoshio with interest of moving to Western Australia with fifteen other individuals. The man had a copy of the rumoured world map and was able to present it to Yoshio’s family. Yoshio examined the map very carefully and found out that it was the exact same map as what Hoshi saw in the interview room.

Yoshio described the events leading to the changes in the map to Sue and Toyo. Holding an old mandarin the skin became the crust of the world and underneath the flesh represented the magma that would separate and move the crust. The axis would remain steady and only the earth’s crust would shift. The reasoning was the numerous mines around the equator changing the balance between the polar and equatorial regions and the centrifugal forces causing a shift in the crust. The cavities left behind the mined areas would remain balanced if water was placed back into the recesses. Humans are destroying the balance of nature and hence such consequences will occur. The shift will occur within a moment and everywhere. Entire cities will be swept under water. From the viewer it will appear that a tsunami is approaching the land but in fact the land will be entering the waters. Signs from a large solar storm disrupting the magnetic field between the earth’s crust and mantle, aura’s seen in lower latitudes than the norm, increase in volcanic or earthquake activities all need to be taken as a warning. All must take heed when evil has overtaken all corners of the world as global elites are doing purposefully working towards currently.

In this world there are a multitude of evil souls who are scheming behind the curtain wanting to destroy humanity, crash the world economy, create viruses, raise false flags and chaos in religion and sensationalise politics to create global panic. In such moments the beginning of a clean up of the world would be instigated.

People will beg and pray to God and at such a time God will prevail. Sai Baba has said ‘I will appear in the sky. I will have many bodies and visit the whole world. I will lift an entire mountain range .’ Thousands of people will be saved by lifting the mountain ranges around the globe. However people should not be worried for one is not the physical body. Even if the physical body was to pass the soul lives forever. In the circumstance that the physical body still thrives then action should be taken to help and serve others. Following the changes a Golden Age will dawn. More than a thousand years of happiness will follow. The individuals who may pass will be reborn into a new era of a life of happiness and peace. Yoshio had been given a glimpse of the prosperity ahead and also knew the duty awaiting him.

Yoshio asked his family if together they would do God’s work for the good of the people. Toyo recalled Yoshio’s father stating a similar story. Toyo was tired and nauseous after birth and had no interest in listening to her husband’s story who persisted in recounting a dream. Yoshio had always believed his name meant ‘Yo 世 for world, Shio 潮 as the water current, giving meaning as ‘Current news of the World.’ Yoshio always thought it was like an analysis of the world’s situation written in newspaper articles. However Yoshio’s father dreamt, on the day Yoshio was born, of a world covered in water, followed soon after by a resplendent sunrise reflected on the peaceful horizon of the earth. The Shio 潮 in Yoshio in fact represents water 氵and the morning 朝. Yoshio means ‘A world covered in water and in the morning there is sunrise.’

Sri Baba surprised everyone in the recent past by materialising a map, which showed the shape things to come during the next over four decades.

Yes! over four decades!…because Baba says he will live up to ninety six years in the present body….

The Glory of Puttaparthi p25



When onece the (earth’s) balance is lost on one side, it (earth axis will be)tilts











Chapter 19 Looking for a photograph of Australia

You can witness very soon the restoration of the Ancient and Eternal Religion (Sanathana Dharma) to its genuine and natural status, the righteousness (dharma) laid down in the Vedas for the good of all the peoples of the world.

The revival of vedic dharma is the Sai Sankalpa (the resolve that Sai has) not only drawing people toward me, attracting them by the manifestation of my shakti (power) and samarthya (capacity).

Divine Discourse, May 17, 1968

One day guests from Brisbane and Sydney, one being the chair person of the Australian Sathya Sai Organisation and another gentleman called Arthur Hilcott, chair person of the Australia and Pacific Ocean Region, visited. Arthur Hilcott had been nicknamed the white lion by Sai Baba and accordingly had a white beard like mane that reached his stomach. Both had recently attended Christmas celebrations at the ashram in India with a delegation of over 50 Australians and New Zealanders. Sai Baba had expressed to see a photograph of Australia. Both chairmans were individually asking each member of the large delegation and not one was able to produce a photograph of Australia. A devotee who knew of Yoshio had spoken to Arthur Hilcott in regards to Yoshio and his work. The following morning Arthur Hilcott approached Sai Baba on the balcony and queried whether the photographs Sai Baba had wished to see were the very same as that of a devotee he had heard was taking photographs of locations in Western Australia. Sai Baba replied positively and claimed that the Japanese man was indeed the holder of the photographs alongside an Italian national. Chairman curiously asked the purpose of the photographs and whether they were an act of selfless service. Sai Baba told him to go and ask and judge for himself.

At that very moment Yoshio along with the Italian gentleman and the world map in hand were documenting and travelling to multiple sites. The Italian claimed that Sai Baba had materialised the very same world map to a group of German devotees in the 1980’s and Russian devotee in the 1970’s.


Arthur Hilcott and chairman recommended that the photographs taken by Yoshio should be presented to Sai Baba and introduced Yoshio to the ashram caretaker, Srinivasam, by letter. Yoshio felt Sai Baba’s presence constantly and did not feel the need to attend the ashram physically however he ended up going as the Italian gentleman requested him to go together. The Italian gentleman felt the need to go because he needed advice from Sai Baba for his own project called ‘Prema Sai City project’. At the ashram, Sai Baba blessed the photographs with His right hand and said ‘I am very very happy.’ The Italian was disappointed that not a single photo had been chosen. Yoshio returned to Australia knowing that with time an answer would be given. The Italian and members of the group returned to Italy apart from one individual saying that they did not have time to wait. The remaining individual was called into an interview with Sai Baba and he expressed interest in the ‘Prema Sai City project. ‘ The individual was told that to search for Prema Sai outside was fruitless as Prema Sai was inside the individual. Yoshio felt that the ‘Prema Sai City project’ begun by the Italian group was only for preserving the welfare of the individuals and families of the select group. However Yoshio was grateful to be able to see Sai Baba’s present of the future world map which the Italian had given to Yoshio.

I do not read books.

But I know the entire history of the universe.

I can see the past, the present and the future.

I am beyond time and space.

You were surprised to see Me in two different places simultaneously.

In future, why two, I will take thousands of forms and appear simultaneously at different places.

Anandadayi p66





Chapter 20 Candy Candy – Is it sweet or painful?

Today is Krishna Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna.

I am making a promise today that the people of all the countries, viz. Pakistan, China, Germany, Russia will be united[…]

The goodness of Bharat will lead to this unity.

Sanathana Sarathi, September 2002

Yoshio took his entire family to see Sai Baba. Sai Baba would often throw handfuls of candy into the crowds that would gather for Darshan. Adults would become like children competing for the candy given from God’s incarnate form. Yoshio’s three year old son was nicknamed ‘candy boy’ by those around him as it became known that candy would be thrown in his direction during Sai Baba’s rounds.

On one such afternoon Sai Baba once again had strewn candy in Yoshio and his son’s direction but because they were sitting further back the crowd had taken all the candy before any could reach them. Yoshio saw the look of sadness on a child who was used to enjoying the gift of candy from Sai Baba and Yoshio quickly make a Japanese ‘ Haiku ‘ saying in his mind.


‘ God created the universe but lacks the power to throw candy to a child. What an intriguing mystery.’


Sai Baba had been walking along and abruptly stopped. Yoshio knew that Sai Baba was intimately connected to all his thoughts, words and deeds and so watched them carefully. At that moment Yoshio knew he had failed his thoughts but there was nothing that could be done. Sai Baba turned his head to look directly at Yoshio. Yoshio felt like he had been doused in cold water. After a moments pause Sai Baba continued to walk along the Darshan path.

Yoshio was fearful of attending the following Darshan. All the experiences Yoshio had been graced with up to this point were pleasant and was now unsure of what Sai Baba would give him at their next meet. Yoshio deliberately arrived late for Darshan and with his son sat on a set of stairs far back from the area where most often graced by Sai Baba’s Darshan. Yoshio was relieved in the belief that Sai Baba would never walk so far. Sai Baba upon entering grabbed a handful of candy from a proffered plate and with a clenched fist began to walk purposefully towards Yoshio and his son. Yoshio felt an immediate need to flee but at the same time was unable to move and within a moment Sai Baba was standing before him. Yoshio remained with head lowered unable to look at Sai Baba’s face and knowing what would occur in that moment. Sai Baba had never walked so far in darshan and thousands of devotees were riveted to the drama playing out before their very eyes.

Sai Baba drew his arm up in a wide swing and fiercely threw the handful of candy at a cowering devotee and his son. Yoshio’s hair, clothes and body became covered by so many candies. The numerous devotees looking on began laughing at God’s play. Yoshio wished to say ‘Hello Hello Sai Baba that was a tad painful. Let’s stick to the teaching of non-violence. Let us follow your own teachings and not take revenge. Can you hear me Sai Baba?’. However Yoshio immediately refrained from thinking those thoughts knowing that Sai Baba would get the last say.


Those who search for God from the outside will never reach God

Regardless of how many pilgrimages one may travel it will always reach a dead end

The true path to God is to realise that you are God

A true devotee will not search for God on the outside

A true devotee will search for God in the inner sanctum of their heart

God and the devotee have always been one

You are God

And God is you

Two are one

One only appears as two

There is someone behind the scenes enjoying the trivialities of one who has fallen for such a delusion

Take it from Me: in about 25 to 30 years’ time, the entire world will become one.

There will be only one caste, one religion, and one God.

What is needed is such unity.

Today, there are several differences between indi- viduals on the basis of caste, creed, religion, language, nation, etc.

Such differences should disappear and unity should prevail.






Chapter 21 Materialised Shirdhi Baba statue from an open palm

The calamity which has come upon mankind will be averted ,a new Golden Age will recur….

The time will come when I will have to move across the sky and use the sky as an auditorium.

Yes, that too will happen, believe Me.

The Embodiment of Love p362

Yoshio’s little sister along with her family decided to visit Sai Baba. Being their first visit to India Yoshio wished to accompany them but was faced with his Sue’s final month of pregnancy. Sue wished Yoshio farewell and placated his concerns stating the presence of Toyo would be more than adequate. The flight from Perth to Singapore was easily booked but the continuing flight to Chennai was full and Yoshio was placed on a cancellation wait list. In front of Yoshio was a line of ten people hoping to receive a cancelled ticket to Chennai. Two minutes before the flight closed for departure one seat became available. The group of people waiting in line had come as a family or couple and were not willing to be separated. Yoshio was immediately rushed to the plane by an airport assistant and was shown his seat. To his surprise - as he had booked flights separately- in the seat adjacent to Yoshio sat Yoshio's sister.


Sai Baba was at this time in Whitefield, Bangalore. Yoshio and his sister’s family stayed in cheap accommodation near the ashram in Whitefield. Yoshio’s room was small and narrow and lit by a long fluorescent light. Yoshio would turn the light off intending to go to sleep but after a moment the light would turn back on. Automatically the light would flicker off and on in intervals. Yoshio was unable to sleep properly. Sleep disturbed Yoshio began to hear a voice. It was the voice of Sai Baba. ‘Tomorrow you will be called for an interview so be ready.’ Yoshio thanked Sai Baba and asked ‘ This trip has been for my sister so can you please call her for an interview from the Darshan line?’. Sai Baba affirmed to the positive but wished to know how Yoshio would respond to Sai Baba’s previously asked question ‘Where are you from?’. Yoshio responded ‘If I believed that I am just my physical body I would say I am from the place my physical body resides. However if I thought I am of my spiritual being I would say I reside in the heart of Sai Baba. If I am the Atma, a fully realized being, I would say I am from nowhere and everywhere in complete anandha (happiness).’ Sai Baba was satisfied with the answer saying the answer was a first from Yoshio. Sai Baba continued to converse with Yoshio on non-dualism. Finally Sai Baba said ‘ I will be blessing three delegates from Singapore would you too like to be blessed?’ Yoshio wished for such a blessing if that was what Sai Baba willed and with that parting thought Yoshio drifted off.


The next morning Yoshio went through the morning ritual of making himself presentable. Yoshio’s nephew enquired into his well dressed appearance and Yoshio replied that he would understand soon enough. During Darshan Yoshio’s sister was called into an interview by Sai Baba. Yoshio as usual sat beside Sai Baba’s chair. Yoshio had received a telegraph earlier of the healthy arrival of his new born son. Yoshio asked ‘Swami is there anything you can tell me of my new maya?’ Yoshio remembered the story of Sai Baba leaving his village and claiming to his parents the mission of his maya that was to begin. Sai Baba asked ‘What did you say?’ And Yoshio again asked after his new maya. After momentarily gazing into the air Sai Baba said ‘I bless him.’ At an earlier interview Sai Baba had lightly slapped Yoshio’s cheek at the first interview few years back and in the current interview softly patted the exact same spot. Yoshio asked ‘ You are using this body to do work in Western Australia aren’t you?’. Sai Baba glanced down at Yoshio as if to say what a stupid question to ask and quietly said ‘Yes. ‘

Beside Yoshio were three gentleman from the Singapore Sai Organisation. Sai Baba blessed each member by lightly patting the top of each head and finally gave one final tap of blessing to Yoshio’s. It was the exact vision Yoshio had seen the night before. Yoshio knew that there was a reason in each of Sai Baba’s actions and believed that his path with the three Singaporean men would cross again.


Seven years later the same three gentlemen sat in Yoshio’s living room in Narrogin as guests. Having heard of Yoshio’s story they had travelled from Singapore to Narrogin. Upon meeting Yoshio the three Singaporeans were shocked to discover that Yoshio was the same individual who they had shared an interview with many years previously.

There were Japanese people present at the interview and Yoshio acted as a translator. Sai Baba sat silently with palms raised. From the centre of Sai Baba’s palm a glint appeared and grew into the silver head of Shirdhi Baba. Within seconds a twenty centimetre statue sat in Sai Baba’s hand. Yoshio’s sister wept ‘I have seen a miracle.’ The statue was still as warm as Sai Baba’s body.

As days pass, even those who are not now able to recognise the truth of Swami will have to approach with tears of repentance and experience Me.

Very soon, this will be worldwide.

Swami is now restraining this development.

When once it is allowed to manifest, the whole world will be transformed into Prasanthi Nilayam.

Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 15 Chapter 55














Chapter 22 Feeling of Oneness


Believe Me, a day will come, when you will barely be able to spot a tiny red flash of My robes, from a long distance, that too with a great effort.

You will realise Swami’s glory when I walk across the sky from one end to the other.

Thapovanam Sri Sathya Sai Sathcharithra Chapter 11

Yoshio, his sister and her family left the interview feeling complete. Yoshio intended to return to his newly born son and Sue immediately. Following Darshan Sai Baba moved beyond the gate to the Sai Baba College where a long queue of students sat awaiting his presence. Yoshio moved towards the gate with palms folded giving thanks for Sai Baba’s blessing for himself and his sister’s family prior to leaving.

Sai Baba had been proceeding towards the students and suddenly stopped and turned back towards Yoshio. Yoshio was alarmed that his prayers had once again reached Sai Baba and somehow interrupted Sai Baba’s darshan routine.

On a previous visit to the ashram lunchtime had finished on arrival therefore food was not available. Yoshio had thought that it would be nice if God would give him some food. A volunteer from Sai Baba’s residence brought a plate of curry saying that at Sai Baba’s request his left overs were to be given to hungry devotee who is looking for the meal outside of Ashram. The thought of Sai Baba giving his lunch to Yoshio had Yoshio choking on tears as he ate the curry.

On another occasion Yoshio had opened a door leading to the dais upon which Sai Baba had been having a discourse with fellow devotees. Yoshio reached out with his heart to let Sai Baba know he had arrived. Sai Baba immediately stopped the discourse and turned to look at Yoshio.

In the moment that Yoshio was saying his farewells Sai Baba had been walking thirty meters ahead. Sai Baba had turned and returned to the gate as soon as Yoshio had sent his prayer. Yoshio was over joyed at Sai Baba’s acknowledgement and waved his left hand in greeting. Sai Baba too raised his right hand and waved in return. Yoshio felt as if he was standing in front of a mirror. In happiness Yoshio raised both hands and began to wave. Sai Baba followed and raised both hands to wave back. Yoshio unable to contain his joy then proceeded to raise both arms above his head to wave and was awed when Sai Baba reciprocated Yoshio’s motions. Yoshio was in such bliss he was unable to remember what followed in that moment his head had completely blanked out. All Yoshio could comprehend was that there was another of himself standing in front of him and waving back.

The intense feeling of non dualism and love was overwhelming. Yoshio felt like his being was merging into his surroundings. The Yoshio that was standing and waving his hands disappeared and only the Sai Baba waving his hands remained. Unable to stop tears streaming down his face Yoshio said goodbye to Yoshio, goodbye to myself. Yoshio did not want to disturb Sai Baba any longer who had taken on a physical body to work. Yoshio decided to make this trip to India his last.

Yoshio did not remove his sunglasses the entire flight back to Australia unable to stop the tears. The lesson learnt was that everything is one and there is nothing more powerful in this world than love.

Returning home Yoshio struggled for months after to return to daily life with a mere mention of Sai Baba’s name, or a glance at Sai Baba’s image enough to bring Yoshio to tears. The long promise of merging with God and attaining bliss was enough. There was no other want or need.

Whether the earth was to tilt on its axis or a tsunami was to envelop the world held no meaning for Yoshio. Everything is God. Everything is a Game God is playing. Thinking that one is doing it themselves is why feelings of happiness, anger and grief are born. Every action should be as easy as writing on the surface of water. God’s work should not be seen as one’s own actions. The promise given Yoshio prior to his birth meant everything to Yoshio.

God of Puttaparthi I have come from the land of cherry blossoms

Chanting Sai Ram

Holding your image in my soul

In the glory of your Darshan I wait for you

God of Love

Chanting Sai Ram

Holding your image in my soul

The Will of God cannot be stopped.

The events God ordains must take place.

The joyful Golden Age will recur.

(EVJC, 1982, 12.)









Chapter 23 The Entrance Of a Young Man


Again how fortunate you are that you can witness all the countries of the world paying homage to Bharatha (India); you can hear adoration to Sathya Sai’s Name reverberating throughout the world, even while this body is existing, before you.

And again, you can witness very soon the restoration of Sanathana Dharma to its genuine and natural status, the Dharma laid down in the Vedas for the good of all the peoples of the world.

Divine Discourse, May 17, 1968

Following the return of the Italians Sai Baba came to Yoshio’s dream. Yoshio and Sai Baba floated side by side looked down upon a farm. The land was in the shape of triangle bordered by bush land and a neighbouring property where horses grazed. On the farm a small dam was present. Sai Baba told Yoshio ‘This is Narrogin. It will become a spiritual centre gracing people from all different nationalities.’ Yoshio had spent more than a year searching for land and came to know many of the towns and roads like the back of his hand. Yoshio intuitively had thought that if the decision was based on altitude than Narrogin would be Yoshio’s first choice. Yoshio knew from the map materialised by Sai Baba the extent of the tsunami’s reach. The triangular plot of land had recently been placed on the market and Yoshio had been waiting for a sign from Sai Baba.

property was the highest altitude in Narrogin. The next day Yoshio purchased a shed and land for storage that would benefit people in the future.

Yoshio somewhat struggled to completely grasp the English language and during negotiation of properties and contracts more so. Yoshio asked Sai Baba to help him in his endeavours.

One day a young Indian man appeared before Yoshio. The man had acquired a degree in dentistry but was told in an interview by Sai Baba that work awaited for him in Australia not related to his qualification. The man told Yoshio that he had come to do Seva(selfless services) and not a cent was required in return. Not even accommodation, food or a holiday was desired and he insisted that the work would be done regardless of the time of day or the manual load. The man explained to Yoshio it was not a misunderstanding. The work was not for Yoshio but for the man to offer to God. Yoshio was understandably confused and asked the man how he had located him. The man explained that his parents had known a devotee who went to the ashram with 50 other people on the Christmas holidays. This devotee told the parents about Sai Baba looking for Yoshio’s photos. So when Sai Baba mentioned the work in Australia, the only Australian they knew was Yoshio. Following those words the man stayed and worked beside Yoshio for the next three years.

Firstly more than half million blankets were ordered. This was followed by tarpaulins, tents, vegetable seeds, looms and spinning wheels, oil lamps, wind generators, solar panels, water tanks, bicycles, radios, rope, hand mills, dust masks and all number of survival gear. Yoshio and his brother in-lows spent ten of millions dollars for this project. Lastly a massive order of Sai Baba’s books from India was made. The convenor of Sri Sathya Sai Publications went to confer with Sai Baba in regards to the alarmingly large order of books. Concern was voiced regarding the elderly staff manning the publications who would be unable to carry the load of books let alone the space required to box so many books. Sai Baba was questioned on the necessity of having to fulfil such a large consignment. Sai Baba responded with the knowledge of the exact number of books ordered from Australia. Sai Baba then stated that all the books must be sent with help from students of Sai Baba College and shed number nine could be utilised. Shed number nine was the very same building that Yoshio, Toyo and his son stayed in on their very first arrival in Puttaparthi. Sai Baba told the convenor to have a member of the Sai Organisation Central Trust who specialised in the area to organise the order and shipment of the books.

The Sai Organisation may be limited in size now, but as time goes on, it will attract so many people that the general public will not be able to be accommodated in the Sai gatherings.

All available spaces will be assigned to the people within the Sai Organisation.

Thus, the Sai Organisation membership affords a chance.

My Baba and I by Dr. J.S.Hislop, p209 This was from an interview in December 1982









Chapter 24 Anaasakthi Yoga

Many hesitate to believe that things will improve, that life will be happy for all and full of joy, and that the Golden Age will recur.

Let me assure you that this Dharmaswarupa, that this Divine body, has not come in vain.

It will succeed in averting the crisis that has come upon humanity.

Baba in 1968 – Sai Baba, The Holy Man and the Psychiatrist, p91


Thirty kilogram blanket bundles in the tens of thousands arrived and Yoshio with the help of the young Indian man began the back breaking work of unloading crates into the shed. Trucks carrying the containers of blankets began the four hundred kilometre return journey from Perth to Narrogin until a mountain of blankets began to form. Yoshio would pray to Hanuman to give himself and the dentist endurance every time they began to tire. In the belief that Sai Baba was by their side the final bundle was placed at the peak of the mountain. Without taking a break for three continuous years multiple items were purchased until the shed was completely full. Custom officials appeared at one stage suspicious by the sheer amount of blankets and the possibility of hidden drugs. Nothing came from a whole day of officials tearing open the blankets and having sniffer dogs present.

However the clean up of thousands of scattered blankets became Yoshio’s

responsibility. Such tiring work had no financial reward, no praise from other individuals only ridicule for wasting money on unnecessary items. Yoshio was criticised by fellow devotees for not living in the moment and preparing for the future. Yoshio trusted in Sai Baba. Yoshio knew the Sai Baba within him was doing all the work. Yoshio wanted to offer everything to Sai Baba. Whether the blankets and other items would have any use in the future was not to be determined by Yoshio but by Sai Baba. Yoshio had no interest in the matter.

Yoshio wished to offer all the money earned working in Japan with Toyo and Sue to Sai Baba. The three of them working together in Japan accumulated tens of millions of dollars. To attend university Yoshio had to borrow money from his uncle.

Following Yoshio’s rise in wealth Yoshio did not live a luxurious lifestyle and spent more on others.

At this moment God has descended to earth for us. God had produced a map warning of future calamity. Yoshio had always believed that such an incident would take place. On such an occasion people would be fleeing with just the clothes on their back. To help people in such strife with the money Yoshio had amassed was looked upon as strange. Yoshio wished to give everything to God and expected nothing in return but the wish of Sai Baba’s happiness.

To spend the wealth on worldly desires would not attain long lasting happiness. Even if all the money disappeared and Yoshio became a beggar there would be no regret. Sue and Toyo respected all of Yoshio’s choices. Yoshio’s five children moved to the small country town of Narrogin and stopped education at their current Waldorf Steiner Schools.

God is first. Family and World second. Self is last. Even with the loss of the Steiner education for the children Yoshio would move to Narrogin to follow Sai Baba’s teachings. Almighty God was here for the people, working for the people and to have the ability to take part in God’s work was Yoshio’s life. Sai Baba had sent books, the young dentist, and a mission to Yoshio. At the end of the day life is a victory and the criticisms become inconsequential. Yoshio practices Anaasakthi Yoga.

When we are completely free from all selfishness, totally indifferent to the results, acting effectively with full concentration, but without any attachment or desire, and offering all our actions to God, then we are practising Anaasakti Yoga.

This is far superior to Buddhi Yoga.

Anaasakti Yoga is not easily accessible to ordinary people.

But that does not mean that we should give up trying to attain it.

With whole-hearted effort and God’s Grace, seemingly impossible things can be achieved.

If we persist in our efforts then with practice we will be able to reach this high level of Anaasakti Yoga in all our activities.




Chapter 25 EHV-conference in Narrogin.

You are going to witness the divine glory of Swami unfolding in the days to come.

He will attract the whole world.

There won’t be place for people to stand even.。

Divine Discourse, Brindavan, March 16, 2003

One day Yoshio received a letter from Sydney. The letter was from the chairman of the Sathya Sai organisation who had previously met with Yoshio in the presence of Arthur Hillcott.

‘To Brother Yoshio’, the letter read, ‘I was told by Sai Baba to confirm in person the truth of your project and have shown Sai Baba the photographs in regards to your search and having since met with you as I felt that you were not following Sai Baba’s teachings. To make a better effort and understanding of Sai Baba’s teachings is what I pray for you.’

Yoshio had not once been asked or shown interest by the chairman the connection with the project and Sai Baba. Yoshio believed that the work was a pact between Yoshio and Sai Baba and had no need to be influenced by other parties nor was the foundation or finances from any source but Yoshio’s own investments. Days after receiving the letter Indrah Shah the chairman of the World Sai Organisation was called to Sai Baba’s side and told of Sai Baba’s disappointment with chairman of Australia’s Sai Organisation. Following this incident the chairman of the Australian Sai Organisation was replaced by a new leader.

The Western Australian chairman came to interview Yoshio and left a report with the new chairman of the Australian Sai Organisation claiming sexual proclivities Yoga was a constitution of Yoshio’s work. The chairman found three single mothers with families moved to Narrogin, hearing rumours that they follow a Guru who teaches immoral Yoga. Of course this is not true. The new chairman of Australia simulataneously received an application requesting the approval for a Sai centre in Narrogin. The chairman decided to seek Sai Baba’s guidance on the matter and flew to India. Sai Baba told the new leader to start a Sai Baba centre in Narrogin, to practice Education of Human Values (EHV) and to have an Australia wide conference on EHV in Narrogin. A conference was successfully held in the town hall of the small regional town of Narrogin with a few hundred people from all over Australia.

Sai Baba is in India

While I am in Narrogin Western Australia

However we are connected

In a deep deep place we are connected

Sai and I are connected in a place deeper than anyone else

The devotee and Gods deep connection is the strength of Anaasakthi Yoga

Any who try to disrupt the connection between the devotee and God even if they are in position of great power, God will easily replace the very head

Sai and I are connected in a very deep place

In a deep deep place

Sai’s will is my will

From the beginning I have no will

Only God’s will

Once recognised a true baktha will receive freedom

God will share his strength

Recognised by the power of Anaasakthi Yoga

Depending on the power of yoga the body will become one with God

Praise and extol the person practicing Anaasakthi Yoga

One does not need to wait till death to practice samadhi but can do so in the world of the living


What the Gita teaches is Anaasakti Yoga, the Yoga of disinterestedness or impersonal action, in which we remain totally indifferent to any personal interest in the work that we do and in the results that accrue from it.

It means working with full concentration to the limits of our capacity for excellence, but dedicating all our actions to the service of God and remaining established in God-consciousness.










Chapter 26 When are you flying out from the cage?

My name and form will soon be found getting established everywhere.

They will occupy every inch of the world.

God Descends on Earth, Page 37

The day the young dentist was leaving Australia approached. In the long three years the dentist had walked dirty roads, worked on forklift and all other manner of labour unrelated to his profession as a dentist. The dentist proclaimed ‘I have never shopped this much in my lifetime and it will probably be the first and the last time. I did my best not to waste Swami’s money. For now I intend to return to India and stay in the ashram until Sai Baba guides me to where I must go next.’

Hearing this Yoshio told the dentist ‘You have a great love and deep devotion for God. You work hard yet why must you ask physically of God the next stage of life? You must listen to the whispering of God inside your soul and forge your way through life. I gave you the responsibility of buying many items but in so making a list did we call Sai Baba and get confirmation for every item? Sai Baba resides in the every heart and will teach you everything. Without your ego or sense of I in every decision Sai Baba will look after everything. No matter what you do it will become God’s work. An offering to the Lord. That is spiritual confidence. In this world there are endless individuals who are only interested in themselves and cannot climb to the spiritual level you are standing at today. Those who believe some actions are theirs and some belong to God, some belongings are theirs and others to God can also not make it to this level. I feel that Swami sent you here to escape the cage of your own making and to gain spiritual freedom.’

The dentist responded ‘In the interview room I was told three times by Sai Baba that I was lucky to go to Australia. Also in a recent dream Sai Baba also asked me when will you become like Yoshio and fly around the world freely? I am always ready to liberate you. Even knowing the exhausting moments of our work I feel extremely lucky to have come here and feel liberated.’ Content the young dentist returned to India.

Not long after returning the dentist helped pack hundreds of boxes of Sathya Sai Baba books alongside Sai College students under the instruction of Sai Baba destined for Narrogin. In the town of Narrogin, using the strength of Hanuman on his tongue Yoshio carried a box of books from the big sea container one by one alongside Sai Baba.

One should not feel great or proud when he gives his all and boasts of his sense of renunciation.

The real renunciation is to give oneself away.

Then the Guru will grant him freedom to follow his own will, as Krishna did,

“Beloved to Arjuna ! As you will, so you act. Think well and do as you like.”

Krishna told him all the advice he needed and He had also accepted the ego Arjuna has discarded.

And so Arjuna could now be granted freedom to act as he willed, for his will had become His.

The individual who has reached that level has to be given freedom.

Vidya Vahini Ch 12










Chapter 27 The World will know Narrogin

You are surprised that I can be in two bodies at the same time, or in a thousand different places.

Sathyam Sivam Sundaram Part 4, Page 194

After the young Indian dentist had returned home Sai Baba came to Yoshio in a dream ‘On the 11th of December 1997 the Narrogin Project will become known to the world.’ Yoshio did not know what would occur on that very date but perhaps thought that an international disaster could occur and awoke early to find staff had flown in from a well known Australian TV show, 60 minutes, appear at his door. Local members of the town of Narrogin had informed the news group of an apparent cult that had been growing under Yoshio’s work. On the very same day various news channels, magazine and newspaper groups came to interview Yoshio about his project. Yoshio immediately felt sceptical of the medias motives and asked them all to leave. However, as Yoshio had been specifically notified of the date and event by Sai Baba Yoshio felt he had a responsibility to inform the media of the true nature of the Narrogin project.

Yoshio called the media by phone to tell them that he was not hiding or running away and if there was anything they would like to see Yoshio would show them and if there were any questions Yoshio would answer all of them. However Yoshio laid out the one condition that the media represent Yoshio and the project honestly. One of the directors of a TV show had earlier threatened to broadcast a fictitious story of the project without Yoshio’s permission after being asked to leave but later apologised after gaining full access to Yoshio’s story. For the ten days following Yoshio held interviews with various media outlets. This was only the beginning.


The next three years over three thousand visitors came to speak to Yoshio about the project. Sai Baba once again told Yoshio in a dream ‘Tomorrow a group of Singaporeans will be coming. Prepare food and accommodation and look after them like your own family. There will be another family from Melbourne but they are only coming for sightseeing so you can talk and send them on their way.’ In this manner Sai Baba would instruct and help Yoshio.


A family from South Africa intending to migrate to New Zealand but at each attempt were rejected residency. The family went to see a famous medium called Rose Marry who is visiting from UK ,regarding the multiple migration failure attempts and were told that an Afro haired man was destroying their applications. However on the next appeal the Afro haired man would grant them the visa but on the condition that they would reside in Western Australia. The medium furthermore told the family that in Western Australia a man named Yoshio would be waiting with his door wide open. The following year the family was granted permanent residency to New Zealand. The family also went to visit Sai Baba in India and were granted an interview. In the interview room Sai Baba reinforced the same conditions told to them by the medium.

As the number of visitors decreased over the years it had become year 2001. Yoshio noticed a change in Toyo’s behaviour. Later the doctors diagnosed Toyo’s with Alzheimer’s.

India will be the leader of the world in all respects – spiritually, culturally, socially, politically and economically.

All her past glory, culture and traditions will be revived and she will shine forth as the leading nation of the world.

This is how it was yugas (ages) ago and this is how it will be once more.

Sathya Sai Amrita Varshini, Page 34








Chapter 28 Reasons for return


“I will be in this mortal human form for 59 years more and I shall certainly achieve the purpose of this Avatar; do not doubt it.

I will take My own time to carry out My Plan so far as you are concerned.

I cannot hurry because you are hurrying.

I may sometimes wait until I can achieve ten things at one stroke; just as an engine is not used to haul one coach, but awaits until sufficient haulage in proportion to its capacity is ready.

But My Word will never fail; it must happen as I will.”


Yoshio’s life became completely devoted to caring for Toyo. Ten years had elapsed. The news of Sai Baba being admitted into hospital had also reached Yoshio. Sai Baba had previously stated that the physical body would be work until 96 years of age and Yoshio had believed that Sai Baba would be discharged from the hospital. In the news it was announced that Sai Baba’s physical body had passed on. Yoshio understood immediately that this was Sai Baba’s Leela(playful). For Sai Baba’s body to pass and then be resurrected there would be no doubt in the world that Sai Baba was God. Sai Baba had made many promises in discourses which had yet to be fulfilled. The dilemma was knowing when Sai Baba would return. The formally accepted view by the Sathya Sai community was that Sai Baba’s body had reached 96 years according to the moon calendar. Yoshio found this view to be both disconcerting and amusing. It was only another one of Sai Baba’s tests to each individual devotee.

There were those who would take advantage of innocent people proclaiming to communicate with Sai Baba’s spirit and leave messages in return for money. Yoshio had been expecting many such occurrences from so called mediums and psychics after Sai Baba’s death, like mushroom sprouting after a heavy rain.

Yoshio had a couple of encounters with so called psychics who claimed they were in contact with Sai Baba’s spirit. one psychic instructed Yoshio to spend money on one specific family while the other psychic advised to start a non for profit organisation for street kids under the directive of Sai Baba’s message through them. Yoshio saw through their disceet and knew if Sai Baba truly wanted something he would have contacted Yoshio directly and not through other people. He mentioned this to the two psychics and he never saw them again.

The next story reinforces this view.

SaiBaba told one of the long time devotee Mr.Narasimha Moorthy who believed SaiBaba took over a devotee’s body to give a message to the other devotees:

『Do you have any common sense or not?

How can you who has been so close to me who has been here always .

Inspite of so many years that you had spent in front of me.

How can you bring this kind of matter in front of me?

Why should I enter someone’s dirty body to communicate?

If I want to speak to somebody else, I would speak directly.』


Yoshio’s belief in Sai Baba’s return was not based on a yearning for God’s physical body. Yoshio already knew that Sai Baba resided in his heart.

There was an important reason for Sai Baba leaving the physical body. Of all the events in mankind’s history the greatest miracle was yet to be performed and it begins with Sai Baba leaving the physical body. At the age of 25 a very strange phenomenon occurred where Sai Baba had taken ill for a year and was resting at an elderly devotees house called Sakamma. A mandir had just been completed that year and thousands of devotees were due to arrive. Sai Baba’s physical body was struggling to accept the overwhelming spiritual energy amassed from the thousands of devotees. Krishna lifted the Govardhan hill with small finger and prior to this event isolated himself in a hut to amass the spiritual power required to execute such a feat. The mere presence of the young Krishna was so powerful that to touch his physical body would turn one into a pile of ash. There is a purpose to Sai Baba leaving the physical body, remove the limitations of the body and prepare for the upcoming events.

Sathya Sai Baba is not the only Avatar but one of three. The current Avatar is the embodiment of both Shiva and Parvathi who is responsible for both cleansing the world and peace. The third Avatar is Prema Sai Baba a manifestation of Parvati and world peace. In 1978, Sai Baba stated that “This manifestation is some forty years away. The world will become peaceful. That is his name: Prema Sai. All will be love – love, love, love everywhere.” So in the age of Prema Sai Baba, the world will be in a Golden Age, an era of peace. Without a doubt Sathya Sai Baba will return to bring about the destruction and cleansing and in the aftermath the peace and unity of the world.


One of the key reasons why God’s incarnation came to us in this era is to reduce the killing of animals by humans. This indiscriminate killing of animals before the completion of their natural lifespans interrupts the full course of their dharma. This creates problems karmically. The animals that have been killed become reborn as humans in the next life, but with a much greater likelihood to have base, animalistic tendencies. They are unable to properly control their emotions or desires and cannot follow their conscience. This is a significant negative development for society. These people, we will refer to as animal minded humans, run rampant, especially in the big cities to fulfill their base desires. That is why Swami has said big cities have to be destroyed because they have become dens of adharmic people.

Is there anyone at this moment who is crying in their yearning to reach and find god? People will never wake up and turn towards god unless something hits them with the truth on the head. Sai Baba has said that ‘He will succeed in averting the crisis that has come upon humanity.’ He also said ‘God is allowing mankind to destroy the world. Only when mankind is brought to his knees will then cause the return of mankind towards God’ which means there will be a ‘storm’ before the Golden Age.

In anticipation of these events, Yoshio has thrown away his fortune, so as to reduce the future suffering of the people. As with the labor pains of birth, the people will have to share the suffering before the advent of a new age.

Today, the reason why the human population is increasing is because of the attitude of the people.

For man to eke out living, to fill the small tummy of his God has created plenty in the world.

God has created a large amount of rice, a large amount of fruit, a large amount of wheat.

While such good food has been created by God yet we go and eat meat and fish.

And all the fish which we kill and eat are reborn as human beings.

Summer Showers in Brindavan1977, p 182













Chaper 29 I never go back on My promise (Kotodama)


After the harvest when the sheaves of grains are winnowed, the wind blows away all the chaff, leaving only the grains behind.

Through this process, the true devotees will remain steadfast.

The wavering puppets will drift away.

This is the process of winnowing.

SS, Vol. 36, No. 12, Dec. 1993, 333.


Once Sai Baba appears in the sky, the whole world will become one with Sai. The world will be filled with the voices of people yearning for Sai. Tears of joy and relief will stream down everyone’s faces. The Vedas will be chanted throughout every corner of the world. Dharma, Justice, Peace and Love will be reestablished everywhere. The people will come together in a spirit of brotherhood and the Golden Age will arrive.

When Sai Baba was a young boy, there was a faithful brahmin lady called Subbamma who was given many opportunities to help with Swami’s work. Subbamma’s residence was used as the meeting place from which Sai Baba conducted his numerous interviews. Subbamma was a selfless devotee but she had just one desire, which she asked of Swami. She wanted to drink a glass of water from Swami’s hand when she would one day lie dying on her deathbed. Years passed by, but on the fateful day that Subbamma was to pass away, Sai Baba was not able to come to her and fulfill that wish.

In fact, a full day passed before Swami arrived before the body of the deceased Subbamma. Upon the funeral pyre, ants were crawling all over her body. The family of Subbamma had gathered and they were very much angered by the presence of Sai Baba. They knew of the devoted Subbamma’s singular wish and felt betrayed that Sai Baba had broken his promise to her, who had been the most ardent of devotees.

In hindsight though, we find out that God’s words always come true. His words are words of power (in japanese it is known as kotodama).

Swami has said that he will appear in the skies around the whole world! He will simultaneously appear in a myriad locations. He has promised to rescue and end the suffering of the countless animals that are killed for food. He has said that he will finish the conflicts and endless wars. He will bring about a golden age that will bring peace to the world for thousands of years. He has even said that he will lift a whole mountain range to save people from certain death from a tidal wave. This is the mission for which Sai Baba came to earth. This has been promised to us. As Subbamma was promised by SaiBaba.

『People came running to Me and said, “Swami, Your Subbamma passed away last night.”

Immediately, I turned the car and went to Bukkapatnam straightaway.

Her body was kept in the verandah, covered with a cloth. The entire household was grief stricken.


Once Swami makes a promise, He will certainly fulfil it under any circumstances. I removed the cloth covering the body. As she had passed away the previous night, ants were crawling all over her body.

I called out, “Subbamma,” and she opened her eyes.


This news spread like wildfire within no time. The people of Bukkapatnam started crowding the place telling each other that Subbamma was brought back to life. Subbamma’s mother was a hundred years old at that time.

I told her to bring a glass of water with a Tulasi leaf (holy basil) soaked in it. I put the Tulasi leaf in Subbamma’s mouth and made her drink some water.


I said, “Subbamma, I have kept up My promise. Now, you may close your eyes peacefully.”

She said, “Swami, what more do I need? I am leaving blissfully.” Shedding tears of joy, she held My hands and breathed her last.


This is how I keep My promise under any circumstances. In this manner, I never go back on My promise.』


- Divine Discourse, October 20, 2002

Very soon, Parthi will undergo a massive transformation.

Still, I am supporting my will.

As this is not adequate.

I am having another built.

But even that will not at all be enough.

A shed as big as sky is needed.

All these days I traveled by the car and air.

Hereafter, it won’t be like that.

I shall myself fly in the sky. (A storm of applause arouse)

All the people will witness it at the same time.

Noting follows me,nobody does,or can. No one can deceive Swami.

If they do, they will die with their heads smashed to pieces.

All are mine.

If you pray, “The servant’s fault is excused with a salutation, “I would say, “Dear one! Here is protection!” I am warning you again and again this day itself.

Do not have regrets afterwards that I have not warned you.

Other than you refuge there is none.p276













Chapter 30 Poem


《 He will return 》


Wake up, wake up, arise.

He will return; He will come.

And yet, how long will you keep living in this way?

Who is coming?

His name is Sathya. His teaching is truth. His words always come true.

He will stride across the sky and give us darshan.

And yet, how much do you respect His words?


Wake up, wake up, arise.

He will return; He will come.

And yet, how long will you keep living in this way?

Why is He coming?

To finish the work He has come to do.

Every one of us will witness humanity’s greatest miracles

And yet, how much do you respect His words?


Warning, warning, caution.

He will return; He will come.

And yet, how long will you keep living in this way?

What should I do?

Soon He will lift an entire mountain range to save small villages and towns from being wiped out by a tsunami.

Many millions of people will flock to His side.

And yet, how much do you respect His words?


Prayer, prayer, praying.

He will return; He will come.

And yet, how long will you keep living in this way?

Is it true I can be redeemed?

Let us sing His name; let us repeat it.

According to an ancient prophecy

In the last ten years of His life He will be king of the world.

And yet, how much do you respect His words?

《 Oh what an Avatar Swami! 》

Oh what a trick Swami!

Everyone was cheated this time.

While everybody pays respect to your body, only you are prepared to return with your new physical form.


Oh what a joke Swami!

Everyone’s faith was tested this time.

While everybody believed in the Luna calendar theory, only you are laughing at this funny joke.

Oh what grace Swami!

Everyone was shedding tears at your funeral this time.

While everybody treats you as an ordinary mortal, only you are prepared to reveal your true nature.

Oh what a miracle Swami!

Everyone thinks your mission is over this time.

While everybody is taking lightly your words, only you are going to perform the biggest miracles.

Oh what an avatar Swami!

Everyone has lost the meaning of truth this time.

While everybody is shedding tears, only you are smiling behind the scene.


《 Is it a joke ?》

Is it a joke that you will establish Dharma in the world?

Is it a joke that you will conduct a world tour ?

Is it a joke that you will walk across the sky ?

Is it a joke that you will lift a whole mountain range?

Is it a joke that you will make peace around the world?

Is it a joke that you will rescue the poorest of the poor around the world?

Is it a joke that you will spread one thousand times more glory around the world?

Is it a joke that you will bring the Golden Age in the world?

Oh Swami! Though you are moving in front of people and performing several gigantic tasks right

in front of their eyes, people are unable to recognise your true nature and get convinced by

your words.

How strange it is!

I know you never waste even a single word, Your words always come true. Whatever you speak it

is Truth! You are the Lord Himself.

Come back Swami! Come back!

And make a joke of those who insist Swami has died at an age of 96 years by the Luna calendar.

《 You will return to do it. 》

You have gone before you established Dharma in the world.

But I’m sure that you will return to do it. Because your name is Sathya.

You have gone before you conducted the world tour.

But I’m sure that you will return to do it. Because your name is Sathya.

You have gone before you gave Darshan from the sky.

But I’m sure that you will return to do it. Because your name is Sathya.

You have gone before you lifted the whole mountain range.

But I’m sure that you will return to do it. Because your name is Sathya.

You have gone before you made peace around the world.

But I’m sure that you will return to do it. Because your name is Sathya.

You have gone before you rescue the poorest of the poor around the world.

But I’m sure that you will return to do it. Because your name is Sathya.

You have gone before you have spread one thousand times more glory around

the world.

But I’m sure that you will return to do it. Because your name is Sathya.

You have gone before you created the Golden Age in the world.

But I’m sure that you will return to do it. Because your name is Sathya.

Oh Swami Swami Swami!You haven’t filled up your love to my tiny heart yet.

But I’m sure that you will return to do it. Because you’re the embodiment of Love










Back word

Thank you for reading till the end. This book was primarily based from the first five articles of my Japanese blog called ‘Sai Baba ga Kaettekuruyo’ (Sai Baba will return) which has more than 700 articles written over the last three years and partly taken from the book called ‘TOYO’ by Lily Chan, a memoir of my mother (published by Black Inc). I like to thank all my children with assisting translate this book from Japanese to English I would have never done it without you. In particular Anabel who sacrificed most of her free time after work to help me.




In this very moment although Sai Baba still hasn’t returned yet I can foresee big events that will happen to this world in the near future due to the current human activity in the world. If these events do pass only God’s name can protect you.

God’s name is the only way you can be connected to God like a telephone hotline. As long as we identify with our bodes we will never be free from the hardships and grief of this world. This is actually God’s gift to make us realise that God is present in all of humankind and this change in consciousness is good for all of us. This is why from the rare opportunity presented to us let us live by reciting God’s name and bring God closer to our lives. If you do so you will succeed in your life.

In any case a dark cloud does not cover the sun forever. Pain is located between happiness. A bright and happy future is waiting for us. I wish that everyone will be blessed by God and enjoy the Golden Age which is just around the corner.


Jay Sairam



Yoshio Cho



People do not follow My words properly.

They take My words lightly, thinking them to be just a joke or fun.

Whatever I speak, even if it is a joke or for fun, it is Truth, Truth and Truth only!

Unfortunately, people do not recognise this truth, even those who move very closely with Swami.

They therefore take it lightly.

They just listen and forget about it.

But, surely the result of their apathy would be apparent sooner than later.

Only those who are unable to visualise the future will be taking my words lightly.

Though Swami is moving in front of them, giving them darshan, talking to them now and then, and performing several gigantic tasks right in front of their eyes, people are unable to recognise His true nature and get convinced by His words.

How strange it is!









Finally I want to say Thank you to Radio Sai and Brother S, Narayan, Author of ‘Sai Thy Kingdom come’ to allow me to use his beautiful images.


‘Sai Thy Kingdom come’ is a book which informs the public about Sai Baba’s return. It is based upon the author’s unshakeable faith and his study about Swami’s teaching. It is inspiring and encourages lots of devotees to also believe in Swami’s return .


You can read ‘Sai Thy Kingdom come’ from http://saikingdom.com











Sai Baba Will Return

Why are we going on about Sai Baba now? After all, that afro-haired Indian guru has well and truly passed away four years ago! This was the person that was referred to as the incarnation of God. He could bring the dead back to life, cure incurable illnesses, give sight to the blind. Even so, he died, killed by a mundane illness he could not even cure himself! You wouldn't be faulted in thinking he was just a charlatan or a magician. Have you considered though that everything that has happened so far is just a part of his divine plan? Maybe you cannot be bothered thinking upon such fantastical thoughts, but I can assure you, soon everyone will be very bothered. The whole world will soon be wailing and exclaiming in pain and suffering. During the darkest of moments Swami will return and appear before the whole world. So what's going to happen next you ask? Look around you at the world today. There is abnormal weather patterns, a multitude of erupting volcanoes, economies on the verge of collapse and great political and economical turmoil. Soon, there is going to be even greater hardships that we will have to face. This will be a good thing. Because it is only during times of travail that people will turn their faces towards God. We will be better off throwing away our worldly trivialities like money, fame and power. They are just passing clouds. The world as we know it is upside down and needs to be changed. So ask yourself these fundamental questions. Where do we come from? Where are we going? What is the purpose of life? To find these answers, let us go on a spiritual voyage together.

  • Author: Yoshio Cho
  • Published: 2015-11-22 13:05:18
  • Words: 26321
Sai Baba Will Return Sai Baba Will Return