Rhyme-O-Grams Word Game

Rhyme-O-Gram Word Game


Mario V. Farina

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There are several Rhyme-O-Gram Challenges in this book for you. A Rhyme-O-Gram is a word puzzle consisting of a short poem that uses four different words in a special way. Those four words are made up of the same four letters. Consider this example.


A Fabulous Land


The fabulous East is known for its teas,

and tropical fish, and coconut trees.

This seat is a mat whenever one eats,

and when people go out, they dress up in sheets.


Look at the italicized words. You’ll see that they are made up of the same four letters: a, e, s, and t.


If you enjoy word games, Rhyme-O-Grams provide an exceptional challenge. In solving a Rhyme-O-Gram, you need to complete three tasks. First you need to find four words, consisting of the same four letters. In the illustration, the four words are east, teas, seat, and eats, and the four letters are a, e, s, and t.


There are twenty-four ways to scramble four letters. Not all of the ways result in words. For example, you might randomly select four different letters and find that none of the twenty-four ways to scramble them give you words. On the other hand, four different letters can provide one, two, three, four, or even more words. Your first task is to find four different letters that furnish, at least four different words.


Your second task is to think of some way that the four words can be used in a meaningful statement. In the above example, the author of the Rhyme-O-Gram had to consider how the words east, teas, seat, and eats, could be combined to say something meaningful.


Finally, you need to create a rhyming poem that includes the four words you found.


Reviewing, there are three tasks to be completed in the creating a Rhyme-O-Gram. They are finding the words, combining the words in a meaningful statement, and creating a poem.


Let’s consider another example. Can we make a Rhyme-O-Gram using the letters a, c, s, and t? Well, we can certainly find four different words. They are scat, cats, ask, and cast.


We’ve taken care of finding the words; now we need a thought. How can those four words be combined to make a meaningful statement?


Can we state something about saying scat to cats? We can work and on this until something clicks.


Having come up with an idea, the final challenge is to create the poem. Here is a Rhyme-O-Gram created by the author that uses the four words:


Those Miserable Critters


Oh how many times I’ll say scat to a cat!

But cats will come back wherever I’m at.

The way a cat acts does cast a spell, can’t you see?

Oh, please keep those critters from bothering me!


Perhaps the hardest task in creating a Rhyme-O-Gram is finding four or more words that consist of the same four letters. How can we do this?


One way is to make a guess. That is, you can select four letters that you think could yield a great many words. Vowels should be included. Also high-frequency letters like s, t, r, n, l, etc., should be included. Write four letters on a piece of paper, then begin looking to see how many four letter words you can find. If you find at least four, you can go on to the next task; if you can’t, then you’ll need to study another set of four letters.


If you own a computer, you might consider purchasing dictionary software. This software usually provides ways of creating anagrams. The ability of the computer to create anagrams can help you find letters that yield the four or more required words.


Having found the words, the next task is to determine how to combine the words to express a thought. In the example above, the author noted that the words cats and scat provided a natural association. You’ll need to study the words and use your imagination to come up with a statement that can be used.


Finally, you need to create a poem. You have to use the four letters in a way that, not only makes sense, but also rhyme. You can rhyme the first and second lines then the third and fourth, or the first and third lines, and so on. It doesn’t matter what your rhyming scheme is so long as the final result is pleasing to the ear.


It’s possible, though harder, to create a Rhyme-O-Gram that uses five words consisting of the same five letters. Let’s consider an example. In this next Rhyme-O-Gram, the words are pales, leaps, pleas, peals, and lapse. What can we do with these?


Who or what pales? Who or what leaps? The word peals is often associated with laughter. The idea of a mail person delivering mail may come to mind. As mail is being delivered, it is possible that a pit bull leaps. The following Rhyme-O-Gram might eventually evolve:


The Mail Carrier


The mail carrier pales as the pit monster leaps

and blocks his way on the path.

His pleas to the owner to call the dog off

bring peals of laughter and gestures of wrath.

He has no one to blame; he should have known better.

There was a lapse in his judgment, he sees.

What’s there to do? The answer comes fast.

He turns on the spot and rapidly flees


Rhyme-O-Grams can be employed in two ways. You can attempt to solve problems that others present, or you can create Rhyme-O-Grams with which to challenge others. Let’s see if you can solve the one that follows.




Her _ _ _ _ face a _ _ _ _ can hide,

but not her soul so _ _ _ _ inside.

Their serpents _ _ _ _ and vermin creep;

their demons in the darkness weep.


You need to find four words consisting of the same four letters. When you plug these into the positions indicated the poem should make sense.


Here are more Rhyme-O-Grams for you to work on:



The Chef


The ship’s first _ _ _ _ joined our _ _ _ _ at the inn.

His role as a chef gained him uncommon renown.

The _ _ _ _ he prepared, major trophies did win,

and did _ _ _ _ the most finicky diners in town.


The Lass


There was a young _ _ _ _ of a lass.

Who could _ _ _ _ golden _ _ _ _ out of brass.

Too bad she took _ _ _ _ in unlady-like sips

til, at last, she succumbed to the glass.


In Europe


When I was in Europe, I raced through the _ _ _ _.

There were eighty-one _ _ _ _ and I sure set the pace.

My _ _ _ _ would hurrah and my back they would _ _ _ _.

as I came in first at the end of each race.


Rhyme-O-Grams can also consist of four words, each having the same five letters. Examples:


The Prize


Her skill is unmatched; she sure loves to skate.

She takes all the prizes, her standing is great.

Tonight is so special for much is at stake.

The price of majestic, a Porterhouse steak.


It Could Be Done


The stain on the satin was awful.

‘Twas in there to stay without doubt.

The antis thought it was hopeless,

but Ann, who’s a saint, took it out.


And Rhyme-O-Grams can consist of four words having the same six letters. Here are some examples:


Perilous Trips


The gander wandered inside the garden.

His journeys ranged from side to side.

One time he felt that he was in danger

and found the place in which to hide.


The Robbery


James came to the inn that caters to wealth,

poured gems into crates and fled to far places.

It’ll be wondrous to see how the owner reacts

when he sees that they did this while leaving no traces.


Here are some more Rhyme-O-Grams to solve. In each puzzle, a blank represents a missing letter.


The Hymn


It was under a _ _ _ _ _ that I found this fine hymn,

and I played the sweet _ _ _ _ _ on a beautiful lyre.

Then I knew without doubt that those beautiful

_ _ _ _

had been born from the _ _ _ _ _ of a Heavenly choir.



Bringing Home The Sheep


The fields are smooth as smooth as dining room _ _ _ _ _ _

as the _ _ _ _ _ _ of shepherds guide sheep to their _ _ _ _ _ _.

The sheep’s happy _ _ _ _ _ _ are all that they crave.

For they do the very best of which they are able


New tires Needed


The _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ at the tire _ _ _ _ _ _

and saw that they were thin.

So now it’s clear that _ _ _ _ _ _ are needed

before we take another spin.


The Older Traditions


Now that you reside in the older _ _ _ _ _,

with the spirit is willing but the body _ _ _ _ _,

a power _ _ _ _ _ to cling to the _ _ _ _ _ _

as an older gentility still requires.


A Cowboy’s Life


The cowboy’s life is a busy one.

He _ _ _ _ _ _ the mule _ _ _ _ _

and fords the streams.

He needs to _ _ _ _ _ the _ _ _ _ _

and pare the beats.

All this he does from sun to sun.



Fine Dining


It’s the very best restaurant on the whole Eastern

_ _ _ _ _

so I always dress-up when dining at Rocco’s.

With a bright red _ _ _ _ _ and the best of my

_ _ _ _ _,

I sit at the table and order some _ _ _ _ _.




He _ _ _ _ _ his expenses while in the mood

by munching on _ _ _ _ _, sowing seeds for his food

He tills in the spring with a rusty old spade,

then _ _ _ _ _ in the fall with a rake he once made.

His pantry is full; there is so much to _ _ _ _ _,

that others come over to get a free share.


If you wish to try your hand at creating Rhyme-O-Grams, you can look for groups of words yourself or you can use the list that is shown below. You’ll see groups of words that have been used above to illustrate Rhyme-O-Grams, or are answers to Rhyme-O-Gram puzzles.


scat, cats, acts, cast

East, tease, seat, eats

edit, diet, tide, tied

evil, veil, vile, live

skate, takes, steak, steak

petals, plates, pastel, palest

items, emits, smite, times, mites

regal, large, lager, glare

risen, siren, rinse, reins

stone, notes, tones, onset

tables, ablest, stable, bleats

daters, stared, treads, trades

tiers, tires, tries, rites

mate, team, meat, tame

tames teams, steam, meats

coast, ascot, coats, tacos

pares, pears, reaps, spare

spate, pates, tapes, paste

spot, stop, tops, post

snip, spin, pins, sips

smile, limes, slime, miles

pales, leaps, pleas, peals, lapse

gander, garden, ranged, danger

caters, crates, reacts, traces

naps, span, pans, snap

Alps, laps, pals, slap

admen, amend, named, maned






Rhyme-O-Grams Word Game

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  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-03-22 05:35:06
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Rhyme-O-Grams Word Game Rhyme-O-Grams Word Game