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by Daniel Hargrove

Published by Daniel Hargrove at Shakespir


Copyright 2017 Daniel Hargrove


Cover art copyright 2017 Daniel Hargrove


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The picture on the cover is me, the author, and my cat (who goes by the name of Paw, most of the time, and I didn’t name him, don’t blame me) taken by my friend Reuben Oas. Paw is the epitome of a lap cat. He is the lappingest cat I’ve ever met, and my best friend and constant companion.


Table of Contents


01) Rewards


02) The Beatles


03) Pavlov


04) The Military


05) My Cat




Remember that song

“I Want to Teach the World to Sing”?

In that Coke commercial?

That was a good song.


means a lot

Harmony in marraige.

Harmony in religions.

Harmony among races,

harmony among ethnic groups,

even harmony in language

Harmony in families

is very important

not that harmony

is all that and everything.

Of course there are arguments,

misbehaving children



about what to have for dinner

for example

and of course

there are those nasty

avant-garde musicians and artists

bringing confusion into our lives

Odd, isn’t it?


The Beatles


When the Beatles came to America


created an enormous fad

screaming girls

tore off their blouses

as the Fab Four

walked by

on their way to the stage.

The Beatles were accused

of using jungle rhythms

to seduce their young daughters

into salacious lifestyles.

But of course, it was the promoters

who plastered pictures

of John, Paul, George and Ringo

all over the fanzines.

Girls tore out the pictures

and hung them on the wall.

I’m sure Paul’s was covered with lipstick

more than Ringo’s

because Paul just looks better.

Their music was all over the radio

that noise

that rock ‘n roll

“I Wanna Hold Your Hand”

Who was your favorite Beatle?





I don’t know his first name

some scientist

discovered conditioned reflexes.

He fed his dogs

but when he did

he rang a bell.

It was observed

that the dogs salivated

whenever a bell was rung,

after awhile.

This thinking was applied

by psychologists

to sort of train youth

in education

with a system of rewards

and punishments.

In the late sixties

they believed in breaking down

conditioned reflexes.

Havoc ensued

but it was simply

that the rewards had changed

instead of a happy marraige

it was a lit joint

or a paisley shirt


The Military



is often used in the military

so that we can win the fights

before us

because the military

has to be extremely disciplined

to do what they do

I come from a different perspective

I would rather

hang around and write poetry

or pet my cat

or listen to some blues

than join the army.

They wouldn’t take me anyway

because I’m 53 years old.


they mgiht accept you

if you watch your p’s and q’s

and cross your t’s and dot your I’s

or they might take you anyway.

They had something way back when

called “the draft”,

and some people want to bring it back

it would require a war, however

but that’s off the subject

the carrot and stick approach


My Cat


My cat

is the most intelligent cat

on the planet.

He’s able to learn so much

I taught him about night and day

with a ball I made

out of newspaper and packing tape

and a flashlight.

I taught him a few words.

Coercion was one.

Deception was another.

He likes to explore

at night

but he never strays too far

I pamper cats.

They get the wet food

occasional tuna

he doesn’t like yogurt though.

I don’t know why.

Most cats love yogurt.

He loves music


Billie Holliday

and Professor Longhair

He likes funk, too

Betty Davis, who was married to Miles


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  • ISBN: 9781370912605
  • Author: Daniel Hargrove
  • Published: 2017-08-20 06:32:15
  • Words: 740
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