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Reset: lose the pounds. keep them off for life!


This will be the most important 30 minutes of your life.

By choosing to pick up this book, you will unlock the key to weight loss. You will unlock the knowledge that you need in order to lose weight right away and keep off for the rest of your life!

As a Certified Health Coach, I have successfully coached thousands of clients over the years, to lose weight, some of which have lost over 200lbs of weight since the beginning of their transformation.

Most importantly, not only have my clients been able to lose weight… each and every single one of them have been able to keep the pounds off ever since!

This book will provide you with the time tested knowledge, strategies and most importantly, the 2 Key Principals of Weight Loss that will allow you to lose weight quickly, and keep off for the rest of your life!

The purpose of this book is to provide you with everything that you need to reach your weight loss goals in the simplest and straight forward way so that you can replicate those results, right away!

So let’s dive right in.












































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Before you can successfully implement the 2 simple and easy to remember principals of Weight Loss, you first must understand the proper strategy with which to attack your goals with.

The following chapters will cover all of the things that you must do in order to successfully implement the 2 simple and easy to remember principals of Weight Loss.

The following strategies should not be used once and thrown away like a band aid.

They should be applied for life!

If you do that, than you will reap the fruits of vibrant health and optimal weight for the rest of your life!

Centering Yourself

I can’t stress enough the importance of using meditation in order to increase the quality of your life and improve your ability to overcome temptations.

At the very least, you must find time to meditate for 20 minutes, once per week.

However… I strongly encourage you to meditate for at least 20 minutes each day, and bump that number up to 40 minutes each day when things get very hectic and stressful in your life.

When you meditate for the first time, you will experience a sense of clarity and awareness that you might have never experienced before in your life. That sense of clarity will be a life changing experience.

The great thing about meditation is that you can even meditate in the office! As long as you do it in a quiet place that is away from anything that can distract you during this sacred time of yours.

You know… so the company dog, or, for that matter, any of your coworkers won’t jump on top of you and droll all over!

After you find that quiet place, go to YouTube and type in “Singing Bowls Meditation” and listen to one of those listed soundtracks while you meditate.

After you find a good soundtrack, find someplace comfortable to either sit, or lay and close your eyes.

Make sure to bring a sleeping mask with you to block out the light.

When you begin meditating, just focus your attention on the air that flows in and out of your nose with each breath you take.

During this time, don’t worry if thoughts continue to flow through your mind. Just keep focusing on your breathing and let the gentle soundtrack keep playing in the background while you immerse yourself into a sea of relaxation.

What meditation does is allow you to focus on something (like your breathing, or listening to a relaxing soundtrack) which gently takes your attention away from all the thoughts, things and external events that rob you of your undivided attention and overwhelm you during the day.

This peace of mind will help you to center yourself emotionally and get you in touch with what you truly value in life. It also will help you develop a resistance to stress, and will increase your level of emotional stability by allowing you to respond rather than react to the unexpected events that life throws your way.

The more you meditate, the more you will reap its benefits. In just a short amount of time, you will find yourself, maybe for the first time in your life, fully in control of your emotions, your awareness and most importantly your ability to resist temptations!

So you can say no more to stress eating!

Meditation is not something that you should do daily… but something that you must do.

So that means that you must find time to incorporate it into your daily life.

There are no excuses for this.

The great thing is, the more you meditate, the more the results will compound over time. Meditation will increase your self-control, emotional stability, and ability to resist temptations like money growing in a bank.


So, what’s the key to well-balanced diet?

What’s the secret formula that keeps all those people thin, while you somehow lug around your winter weight square on your belly during the middle of summer?

The key to a healthy diet is very simple, something that other people make overly complicated just to appear important.

However, all you need to do to have a well – balanced diet is to eat a wide variety of nutritious foods (like fruits, vegetables, meats and grains) at the right quantities that excludes the consumption of any junk foods.

Ideally, you should space your meals every 4 – 5 hours and have something of protein (like a protein bar or a sandwich) within 20 minutes after a workout to nourish your muscles. A well balanced diet has no restrictions on what you can eat, but it is important to remember that you aim for healthier food choices.

And that’s it!

Also, make sure to drink lots of water during the day, ideally between meals to stay fully hydrated.

Since over 70% of our bodies are composed of water, you need to stay hydrated in order to remain efficient! Otherwise you will feel sluggish as the cells in your body will not be firing on all cylinders. Drinking water also acts as a hunger suppressant by keeping your stomach feeling full in between meals.

Water dosage varies, but at a minimum, most people should drink at least 10 to 16 cups of water per day, but more water will be required for bigger people, those that are engaging in strenuous exercise or are exposed to excessive heat for extended periods of time.

We’ll talk more about diet later on in the book.


Many people don’t realize this, but our bodies are just like expensive race horses…they need to be maintained, run around the race track and most importantly fed the right grade of food and nutrients in order to run at peak performance.

Research from Harvard Medical School has shown that rigorous exercise increases a person’s sense of self-control over their environment by dramatically increasing the brain’s executive functioning skills.

These executive functioning skills relate to your decision making abilities and your ability to manage impulsivity (emotional eating, binge eating, etc…) by delaying gratification and increasing your ability to overcome temptation.

So you’re wondering, just how much exercise is needed to attain maximum performance?

The answer is at least one hour per day.

Realistically, though, you will need about 2 to 3 months to break into this maximum performance routine.

It is important to note that some people, that do not participate in regular exercise and have any signs or symptoms of cardiovascular, metabolic or renal diseases should seek medical clearance before beginning an exercise routine.

So in the meantime, you will need to start off slow.

Start off by doing 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day such as jogging on the treadmill and doing 3 non consecutive days of musculoskeletal exercise per week such as curling 5 or 10lbs weights (or whatever weight level you feel comfortable with, so you can do 3 sets of 15 repetitions).

After a month or so, once that routine becomes easy, you will be able to do 30 minutes or more of cardiovascular exercise each day and 5 days of musculoskeletal exercise per week.

Always make sure to rest muscle groups for at least 48 hours following a workout to allow for the muscle fibers to grow and repair themselves. Just like everything in life, the benefits you will receive from exercising will increase exponentially in nature.

They compound with use.

Biochemically, exercising has many benefits. Exercising releases mounds of endorphins and serotonin.

These hormones will give you the energy, focus and clarity that you need to naturally power you through the day in order to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals for life.

Endorphins also produce a natural feeling of euphoria and relaxation that last for hours!


Having faith is critical to achieving any goal. The stronger your faith is that you WILL RECIEVE exactly what it is that you desire, the stronger your confidence will be about your ability to succeed.

Faith will breathe fire into your soul, and that fire will effortlessly provide you with the motivation and drive necessary achieve your goals.

In that sense, faith acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

However, it works both ways.

Right now, you are at a place in life where you don’t fully believe in yourself and your ability to lose weight.

That lack of faith, causes a lack of confidence which effects the decisions you make, the actions you take and the results you receive. Your limiting beliefs (better known as a lack of faith in your ability to lose weight and keep the weight off) are literally sabotaging you from success!

Regardless of whether you are spiritual, religious or are an atheist, you have to believe in a higher power, yourself, or at least in something, in order to lose the weight you wish to put off, and keep off for the rest of your life!

Simply put, you must believe that THE SECOND you desire something (weight loss) you have received it.

Notice that I said HAVE RECEIVED not WILL RECEIVE.

This means that you must have full certainty that the dots you wish to achieve in the future (the weight loss and optimal health you desire to achieve and maintain for the rest of your life) will connect with your present (the current overweight state that you are experiencing in the present moment).

If you still can’t believe or are finding excuses why you do not have the ability to lose all the weight and be able to keep off for the rest of your life, then just trust my word instead.

You can trust my word, because I have a much greater awareness about what is possible or not through years of coaching experience.

In fact, I have coached thousands of clients that have been in the same exact shoes that you stand in today!

Some of my greatest success stories have been clients that lost over 200lbs and have been able to keep that weight off for years, despite all the doubt, insecurity and uncertainty they had about their ability to not only lose weight but be able to keep it off without medical intervention.

Successful weight loss is 80% Psychology and 20% Mechanics.

The only thing that holds you back is your own limiting beliefs regarding weight loss.

So never lose faith. Never give up, and never lose persistence for the rest of your health and wellness journey.

That is the only way to succeed at anything, and it is a small price to pay in order to live the life of your dreams.

So, take action towards your goals, and most importantly, know that the second you ask for something, it is yours!

Great Things, require giving up Good Things, and even Really Good Things in Life

Life is a delicious smorgasbord of all different sorts of things that we can continually stuff our faces with!

However… since there are literally so many things that we can stuff our faces with, we simply can’t have everything we want out of life. This means that there is not enough time to have our cake and eat it too. Even though that cake looks oh sooooo good and having just a slice of it won’t hurt you in the long run…right?

Well, the fact is that if you want to lose weight and keep it off for life, then you must give up the good things (good tasting, but unhealthy foods), and even the really good things (binging until your stomach explodes because those chicken wings from KFC have that special sauce on them that only comes out once a year during the holidays) in order to get the great things in life (weight loss and lifelong optimal health) that you desire.

The really good things in life are those sneaky temptations that lead you away from what you really want to accomplish. You know that they are only really good things versus being great things, when you find yourself still hesitating a little bit about them, because you know better, but dammit, you just can’t seem to control yourself!

It’s those times where you hit the gym earlier in the day and you rationalize that it won’t hurt if you binge a little bit on some pizza and dessert, then go out drinking later at a friend’s house because tequila doesn’t realllyyy have any calories, even though you know that it would set you back a couple of days.

These temptations can be summarized as the instant gratifications that take you away from investing ALL OF YOUR ENERGY into the great things (the weight loss and lifelong optimal) you want to achieve.

This is where the 2 Key Principals to Weight Loss and engaging in daily Meditation really helps to improve your self-control in order to resist temptations and be able to make decisions that align with your goals.

That is why Persistence is so important.

Even though you will have days where you will take a step backwards, make the decision to commit to your goals and never ever give up until you reach them.

Possess that rock solid attitude make it or die attitude to the weight your weight loss goals for the rest of your life.

With an attitude of persistence, you will always reach your end result.

You are worth it

A lot of people that I coach don’t feel like they deserve to lose weight.

They don’t feel worthy of living in a healthy body.

They feel like bad people for letting themselves go.

They feel like they don’t deserve the things that everyone else has because they weren’t good enough, disciplined enough, fill in the blank with a negative story enough, to live the life of their dreams.

However, from my own life experience and the life experience of many others, every person has something unique to offer to the world.

The thing you offer is buried deep inside of you. Deep within your soul.

It has and always will be a part of you, and is waiting desperately to be expressed in its entirety.

What it is you that you uniquely offer to the world is simply the gift of your uninhibited presence.

It’s the version of yourself you wish to fully express.

It’s the life and the lifestyle that you wish to experience and the connections that you make to enrich the lives of others.

Realize that every moment is a new moment in life.

Close the doors to the past and lock it with a key so you keep your eyes focused on the present moment.

The past doesn’t equal the present.

What you did or didn’t do in the past, you paid for, dearly.

All you have now is the present moment.

That’s all you will ever have in life.

Seize that moment and use it to focus on the life you wish to experience.

Use this moment, to realize that inner beauty always matters more at the end of the day than outer beauty.

It doesn’t matter how you look, but who you are and the satisfaction that you feel about yourself, and the version of yourself that you wish to express to the world around you that makes you an amazing human being.

I hope that you are beginning to realize how amazing of a person you are on the inside and out.

Maybe the outside, the marketing, doesn’t match what you want to at the moment, but soon that inner beauty will heal and transform your body to match the vision you have for yourself on the outside.

The product is always more important than the marketing. You are worthy, and you deserve to lose the weight and keep it off for the rest of your life!

The 2 Key Principals to Weight Loss

In this next section you will learn the 2 Key Principals to Weight Loss that separates those that succeed from those that fail.

You will need to implement both of these principles (Mindset and Action) in order to successfully lose the weight and keep it off for the rest of your life!

Mindset: (The 1st Key Principal to Weight Loss)

This is one of the most important things to take away from this book.

It’s the word… BIG PICTURE.

Simple, right?

Glad you agree…

Well… I already hear you saying, Coach G, what am exactlyyyyy……… supposed to do with the word, Big Picture?

Well the 1st and most important thing to Weight Loss is to have the right mindset.

Anytime that you feel temptation knocking at your door, or you experience a lack of belief that you will lose weight and be able to keep it off for life, INSTANTLY say to yourself BIG PICTURE.

Big Picture will act as your trigger word.

It will snap you out of making irrational decisions in the moment and build up your confidence and self-control over time.

By continuously using your trigger word, you will retrain your brain to act rationally to events.

You will be conditioned to respond, rather than to react to whatever life throws your way.

Soon you will find yourself becoming calm, cool and collected when temptation is within striking distance, even if Mom’s has some great Thanksgiving leftover laying around the house.

To think Big Picture, requires you to think rationally and logically about the situation at hand. It means using your head rather than giving into your impulses and the craving that you experience in the moment.

This simply means that the second you say to yourself…Big Picture, you give yourself a moment to step back and respond to the situation at hand, rather than react impulsively to it like you have in the past.

Thinking Big Picture also means analyzing the situation logically to determine whether the decisions you make take you closer or farther away from your weight loss goals, and then decide what you should do to properly respond to the situation at hand. .

By using your trigger word, you will soon master your impulses and no longer be a slave to temptation, which will allow you to gain the discipline necessary to lose weight and keep off for the rest of your life.

The Great Illusion: Waiting until Tomorrow

Most people think that they can put off doing the hard stuff until tomorrow.

If you are one of those people that is under the illusion that you have the time to put off your health until tomorrow, you better think again!

The very reason I became a Certified Health Coach, is because I, just like you, thought that I could put off health… until tomorrow.

You know, because I had a whole bunch of other important things to do first, right?

I soon learned that this could not be farther from the truth!

I ended up losing my father in his 50’s to heart disease, 2 days before he would start a lifestyle transformation that would bring him back to a life full of optimal health. He was only a few pounds overweight, and even jogged in marathons during his spare time!

The scary thing was that there were no signs that his health would suddenly and surprisingly take away his life at such a young age!

There was simply no warning.

The doctors all said he was in “very good shape for his age, and his cholesterol levels were only a tad bit above normal!”

Don’t let that be you!

However, it was only when I lost a great friend of mine who was 32 at the time, think about this, she was only 32 years old when she died a week before her daughter’s middle school graduation, from heart disease because she was 22lbs overweight that I made a vow to myself. I made a vow that very evening I lost her to the complications of being overweight that I would do everything in my power to make America healthy once again.

It became my life long mission to improve the health and wellness of every person that I came in contact with.

If it wasn’t the sudden loss of life from the consequences of being overweight, there were plenty of people that I knew closely in their 50’s, 40’s, 30’s and even 20’s that were facing excruciatingly painful and debilitating chronic illness and poor quality of life from being overweight and obese.

I knew parents and grandparents that no longer had the energy to play with their children and grandchildren and were no longer able to get the most out of life.

These stories better startle you!

It better wake you up and shatter the illusion that you hold about waiting to address weight loss until tomorrow…

Because, this is what will happen to you if you continue down the road you have been living!

If you wait until tomorrow, it might just be too late.

Action: [*(*]The 2nd key principal of Weight Loss)

There is never a perfect moment to begin in life, and for that very reason that is why most people never reach their goals because they put off starting the important things until tomorrow.

That is where fear has hijacked your brain in the past!


Research from the Department of Neuroscience at Oxford University, a leading school in the study of habit formation has shown that the only way that you will ever achieve a goal of yours, is by committing right away to something when you are feeling inspired and enthusiastic in the moment.

See… right now, during this very moment, you’re feeling incredibly inspired.

You feel hopeful and enthusiastic about the future, and you are ready to do whatever it takes to make a change in your life, and the good news is that it is really easy to start, no matter your age!

Now that you have read most of the book, you are finally believing in yourself and your potential maybe for the first time in your life!

You are feeling a ray of hope burning through your soul, calling you to take the next step.

That inner voice of yours is screaming and begging you to follow your heart and your dreams, before it is squashed away once more in just a few moments because it is so fragile and susceptible to fear.

In life, it’s always the cave you fear to enter that holds the treasure you seek!

What that in mind, research from Oxford University has concluded [* with 98.69% accuracy ] that a person [*will always fail…]



There are no exceptions to this rule.


READ THAT LINE ABOVE 10 TIMES STRAIGHTNOT 9 TIMES…BUT 10 TIMES STRAIGHT. That way you will drill it into your head the sheer importance and urgency of taking action!

That is why a journey of a 1,000 miles begins with the first step. It’s the commitment principle and that is why it is the 2nd Key Principal to Weight Loss.

The formula to success is really that easy.

Taking action and being committed puts you on the path to success!

So right now, take action and commit to The 3 Week Diet Program.

The program that I have created and used to successfully to coach thousands of clients to lose the pounds and keep them off for life!

This program will change your life!

The 3 Week Diet Program, and our supportive staff will work harder than anyone else to ensure that you will lose the weight and keep it off for life!

And it’s completely risk free.

So, take advantage of the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Trial!

You have a whole 60 days to decide whether the program is worth spending a tank of gas, or a night out at the movies over. So you won’t even be out a dime!

If it doesn’t change your life… you can return it with a Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

However… if you wait past this very momenteven for just 20 minutes…

You have already lost.

You have already failed.

Hasta Lavista Baby.

It’s all over.

Your dreams.

The weight that you desperately wish to lose and keep off for life.

You will never be able to achieve any of it.

That is why I am crying out to you!

SHOUTING for you to understand…

That you, yes you, at this very moment can change your life in an instant.

But it requires action.

You too, can be a success story just like the thousands of clients I have personally coached with this program to lose weight and maintain optimal health in their lives ever since!

These people where in the exact same shoes as you, and they all ended up being successful!

Check out the testimonials and before and after pictures inside this link.

You’ve got this far. You owe it to yourself to lose the weight by joining The 3 Week Diet Program!


Which lifestyle would you rather have? One full of vitality and health, or one full of crippling medical bills due to the complications of being overweight such as chronic illnesses, poor health, visits to the doctor, etc…

Achieving and maintaining optimal health should be your top priority in life.

Without health, you have nothing.

You can’t give to others (your vitality, your passion, your energy that radiates from your soul) if you don’t give to yourself first.

Without health, you will never be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

Without health, you will end up staying on the sidelines, while you watch everyone else actively engaging in the thrill of the game!

My friend, you came here for a reason. It is no accident that you and I have crossed paths at this point in time.

You were seeking answers, and now you have the solutions right in your hand.

You have the winning lottery ticket, and all you need to do to cash it in and achieve your prize is to commit right now!

Commit to your weight loss goals. Commit to your health.

Find a reason to lose weight! How badly do you want to lose all that weight you drag around for the upcoming summer, so that you can feel good in your own skin, and confident in that swimsuit?

Or maybe, feel confident about asking out that girl you’ve haven’t had the courage to go up to because of your weight, or becoming the best version of yourself that your partner fell in love with, in order to reignite that fire in your relationship you have tried tirelessly to ignite?

Maybe you just want to feel that old pep in your step?

Maybe your reason is as simple as being able to feel strong enough to walk up a flight of steps, or take out the groceries without feeling winded every time you walk between your car and your home.

Whatever the reason is. Go out and do it!



If you can’t do it for yourself. Find a reason to do it for someone else.

Do it for your kids!

Do it so that you can see your children graduate.

Do it so that you can live a long and healthy life so that you can play with your grandkids or your pet dog during your elderly years.

Do it so that you don’t have to worry about your health, being able to walk, or forgetting to take your medications, or experiencing all the excoriating pain and complications (like diabetes, cancers, chronic illnesses, etc..) that comes from being overweight.

Do it for your family, your friends, and your coworkers.

Do it so that you can enjoy life with them, enjoy life on your terms, participating fully in it, and most importantly, so they don’t have to live life without your presence in it!

Whatever it is, I know that you have a reason to lose weight and maintain optimal health for the rest of your life.

How many people can you bless simply by your presence? How many people can you bless simply by the vitality you bring by achieving optimal health in your life?

You are worthy of your optimal health, and you will achieve it by following the things that have been laid out to you in this book!

Use that as your fuel.

Whatever the reason is. Go out and do it!


Implement the strategies that you have learned in this book and join The 3 Week Diet Program so that you can lose the pounds and keep them off for life.

Your life might very well depend on it!




This will be the most important 30 minutes of your life. By choosing to pick up this book, you will unlock the key to weight loss. You will unlock the knowledge that you need in order to lose weight right away and keep off for the rest of your life! As a Certified Health Coach, I have successfully coached thousands of clients over the years, to lose weight, some of which have lost over 200lbs of weight since the beginning of their transformation. Most importantly, not only have my clients been able to lose weight… each and every single one of them have been able to keep the pounds off ever since! This book will provide you with the time tested knowledge, strategies and most importantly, the 2 Key Principals of Weight Loss that will allow you to lose weight quickly, and keep off for the rest of your life! The purpose of this book is to provide you with everything that you need to reach your weight loss goals in the simplest and straight forward way so that you can replicate those results, right away!

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