Republican Manifesto

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Rajendra Kumar


Republican Manifesto

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The Book:

Republican Manifesto provides a compilation of ideas about the Republican Party which the author has heard and read, and even seen in body language. The author only owns the words, not the ideas.



Technically, it is not a manifesto because it has not been produced by the Republican party. However, I call it a manifesto because it represents the thinking of the grand old party. No, I don’t think all the people who consider themselves Republican will agree with its contents. Some will agree with what has been presented so much so that they would want it sky-written with their names attached, some will agree with only some of the contents, and some will not agree with anything. And then there are some who will denounce some of the ideas publicly but will agree with them privately, or agree with some of the ideas publicly and denounce them privately. All that’s to be expected.


This manifesto is based on what I have seen, heard, and read about the Republican party over a period of many years. In case of conflicting and multiple ideas about the same topic, those which appeared to be most popular have been selected. No, popularity of an idea has not been determined scientifically, no interviews were conducted with respondents in a representative sample, and an idea was considered popular when it was found repeated by different people, in different settings, at different times. Besides, I did not intend to conduct a scientific research study and if I had it would have produced bogus results because people do not always express their true feelings to others in controlled settings. Yes, I know how to do scientific research, I have conducted many studies, this just was not a proper subject matter for it.


It is not a comprehensive document and obviously not all Republican ideas could be included.


I believe that the ideas in this book represent the Republican party quite accurately because the material for this book primarily comes from avowed Republicans who express their views in casual settings, among family and friends, on all kinds of topics, through their actions and written or spoken words, without hope for any gain or fear of any loss. People can be brutally honest in their expressions when they feel safe among people of their own creed.


The words are mine, not the ideas. Some of the ideas may appear simplistic, illogical, impractical, absurd, contradictory, and factually incorrect. I have presented them as I received them. I am an apolitical reporter, and I support or denounce nothing in this document. If you, the reader, agree with what is presented, fine, if you don’t, please do not kill the messenger.


This document covers only the topics I could think of up to the time of its publication. New topics will be added in the future additions of the book; they can even be suggested by the readers. Since this book is being made available to everyone for free, there will not be any compensation of any kind to any contributor.








Abortion should not be allowed under any circumstances because life is sacred and it needs to be protected. Women have no right over their unborn babies. Society does. All abortions should be treated as murder and both, the women who get abortion and the person who carries out the task, should be punished accordingly. Until that happens, people should be allowed to demonstrate against abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood facilities, counsel women and prevent them from seeking abortion. Although we do not support violence, we fully understand and sympathize with people who attack abortion facilities and kill doctors, nurses, and other professionals engaged in abortion.


The president of the United States is a representative of the people and is required to protect the country from our foes, both foreign and domestic. Since our country was founded on Christian principles by a white population, the Office must be occupied by a white Christian only. If anyone elected to this highest office of our country acts contrary to Christian values and against the interests of the white majority, such person, not only should be removed from the office but must also be prosecuted as a traitor.



Businesses should be free to promote their products and services through advertising and not be restricted in any way with regard to the content and means of advertisements. Exaggerated and sometimes even unfounded claims about the quality and price of the products and services is a normal and accepted practice in business. It should be encouraged, not penalized.



Disadvantaged people of color should not be given any help or support to catch up with privileged whites. They should be told that they need to pull themselves up with their boot straps. In a democracy everyone has equal responsibility for their self-improvement. All existing laws concerning affirmative action should be repealed.



Atomic power and related technologies can be used by any company and country for peaceful purposes such as producing electricity. But only the original five members of the United Nations have a right to use it to produce weapons. Other countries, which develop nuclear weapons by themselves, buy or steal nuclear technology from other countries for weapons’ production, should be militarily subdued and their weapons of mass destruction eliminated. We as a country should assume responsibility for implementing this task.



All animals are for human use. They can be killed for sport, research, and for food, clothing and other items of our consumption. They can also be used for exhibition in zoos; for entertainment in circuses and amusement parks; for personal enjoyment and support to ill, infirm, and elderly, as pets; and for transporting people and goods. They should be discarded or euthanized after becoming useless due to old age, disease, or any other condition.






The Bible is the sacred book of Christians which contains the word of God. It should be used as a guide to conduct all business, public and private. All man-made laws should be consistent with the teachings of the Holy Book.



A couple should have as many children as God chooses to give them. However, if for some extraordinary reason the number of children has to be controlled, such as danger to the lives of the mother and the child, the only proper way to do this is by abstinence. All artificial birth control methods and devices should be banned.



There is only one true book, The Bible. All other books including books on science and technology, although useful, are trivial. Any book containing any blasphemous material, promoting worship of a non-Christian God, encouraging religious practices and rituals inconsistent with the Holy Book, should, however, be banned and burned publicly. The study of The Bible should be mandatory for everyone in all schools, public and private.



The government should not be allowed to borrow money to support social causes such as housing, food, and healthcare for the poor. It should spend only what it gets from taxes and other legitimate means. However, borrowing should be limitless when it comes to financially supporting our invasion of another country and engaging in wars for any reason.



A boundary defines our territory which must be protected and guarded to prevent unauthorized people, criminals, and terrorists, from entering our country. A fence is necessary at our southern border from California to Florida to keep illegal immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries out because most of them are colored, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, and murderers. We don’t need a fence at our northern border with Canada because illegal immigrants from there are white who should be given work permits and naturalized citizenships. While we do not allow any breach of our territory we have no obligation to respect the boundaries of other countries. We can go into any country at any time without seeking permission in pursuit of criminals and terrorists or for any other purpose. In case of militarily strong countries, however, we should be clandestine and operate covertly.



We are great builders especially of military hardware and items of advanced technology. It assures that we remain the strongest country in the world both militarily and financially. Everything else is trivial. Some of the trivialities can even be farmed out to some other countries who could build them cheaper than we could. This assures profitability for our entrepreneurs in the market place.



Our business acumen and size has made our country the richest in the world. Since big business is essential for big returns, we need to support it by giving it subsidies and reducing or eliminating taxes on it.






It is our credo. We must amass wealth for ourselves endlessly. Although anyone is eligible for this, in reality it is limited to rich individuals, banks, and corporations. For their prosperity, we must elect such politicians who pass laws which favor them. Let’s not forget the poor. They will always be with us. Actually they are essential for our economy since they do menial work of drudgery for low wages. We must pay them as little as possible but enough for them to continue working and producing wealth for the country. We call it ‘trickle down’ economy.



There will always be some people who cannot take care of themselves because of physical and mental disability. Rich corporations, therefore, have charitable organizations and foundations to help them. Government should not use taxpayers’ money to provide any kind of assistance to them.



The Christian church is central to our lives to show that we believe in God. In return, God is partial to us, takes our side against the rest of the world, no matter what we do. We go to church usually on a Sunday in our best attire to pray and for socialization and brunch. Our going to church is enough for God to pardon us for any sins we might commit and to reserve a place for us in heaven.



A citizen of our great country is someone who is born anywhere in the world and whose parents, both father and mother, are American citizens by birth or by naturalization, or are legal residents. However, anyone who is born in the USA but whose parents, one or both, are not legal residents or citizens, should not be given the citizenship of our country. We understand that our constitution allows citizenship to anyone born anywhere in the world provided one of the parents, father or mother, is a US citizen. This is wrong and we oppose this. Citizenship can be granted to foreigners but only when they are essential to our needs. It is important that in granting citizenship to foreigners preference should be given to white Christians.



Technological advancement, not human behavior, defines civilization. Based on that criterion we are the only civilized country. The claim that there are or were other great civilizations, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Indian, Egyptian, Roman, Mesopotamian, etc., is nonsense.



Only western style clothing should be allowed in our country because that is the only decent and civilized attire. People wearing other types of clothing should be deported or imprisoned.



We do not believe in colonialism, not because it is morally wrong but because it is not functional. Today we can still control other countries militarily, politically, and economically without having the responsibility of administering them which is an essential condition of colonization. Thus, in relation to countries like Japan, Germany, South Korea, we have all the advantages of colonialism without any of its drawbacks. We would like that kind of relationship with the rest of the world.



Communism is the worst thing that happened to mankind because it professes equality, particularly financial equality. It has died in Russia and in some other countries and we are proud to have contributed to its demise through political and economic manipulation. Too bad, it is still alive in some countries. It is our duty to destabilize or destroy those communist countries which are militarily and financially weak through threat of military action or economic sanctions, and we have succeeded in most cases. However, we need to just grumble against but leave alone those Communist countries, such as China, which are either essential for our economy or are militarily strong enough to fight back.



Democratic financial institutions thrive on competition which, in principle, provides lower prices and better service to the consumer. This also increases consumption and therefore more production, which in turn leads to more profit. Businesses can also increase their profits by working with like minded companies and agreeing on pricing of products among themselves. Some people erroneously call this ‘price fixing’ and contrary to the principles of competition. Although this practice leads to higher cost to the consumer, this should be acceptable because higher prices along with increased production and decreased production costs are essential for increased profits. We emphasize that any business practice which results in increased profits is legitimate and must be allowed and encouraged.



We believe in compassionate conservatism. That does not mean that we encourage freeloading or government handouts to people who do not want to work. But we do realize the need to help those who truly can’t help themselves, the poor, the homeless, the handicapped, the old, the sick the destitute, the lonely, the abandoned. Corporations and businesses have charities and foundations which provide needed help to such people.



After the Bible the Constitution of our country is the only important document in our lives. We must live by the directives of our Constitution, except when it conflicts with our religion, Christianity. Even though our Constitution allows freedom of religion, we must remember that we are a Christian nation and all the actions of our government must be consistent with Christian values. If our elected representatives pass laws and/or if appointed government officials act in ways which violate our faith, it is our moral obligation to disobey them, undertake armed rebellion, if necessary, and suffer any resulting adverse consequences including imprisonment and death.



Corporations are persons. They have more rights than an ordinary citizen. Under the right to religious freedom they can refuse service to anyone on religious grounds including paying for contraceptives to women as part of their health insurance and allowing same sex marriage. Also they have a right to own unlimited wealth and make unlimited financial contributions to political parties.



Crime is any behavior inconsistent with the tenets of the Bible and the laws of the land. In case of the conflict between the two, God’s word must prevail. We should not be tolerant of crime and should not be compassionate to the criminals. The criminals in prison should not be coddled, instead they should be physically and mentally punished at the discretion of the prison officials, should be forced to do harsh physical labor, and should be given only the minimum facilities of food, clothing, shelter, and medical treatment for survival. They absolutely should not be given any opportunity for self-improvement such as education and work skills or any provision for therapy for mental illness and drug addiction because the criminals are in the prison for punishment only.



Western Christian lifestyle of white people defines culture and should be promoted. All other lifestyles should be declared illegal and, therefore, criminal. People born into other cultures should be given an opportunity to adopt our lifestyle, and, if they refuse, should be thrown out of the country, put in prison, or executed.






It is our moral obligation to execute people who have committed crimes deemed appropriate for such punishment by our laws such as murder. People acting against the state and Christian values should also receive the same punishment. Execution should be immediate after sentencing. This will prevent endless appeals and save the state enormous amounts of money. If, in the interest of quick resolution, an innocent person is put to death, this is more acceptable than allowing a criminal to go free on technicalities which are usually used to get capital sentences reversed.



There has be a limit placed on the national debt so that our finances are in control and we do not have to raise taxes, particularly on corporations. However, the country should be allowed to borrow money as much as needed to finance wars.



This is the most important purpose of the government. All other things are secondary. We should have our military ready on a 24-hour basis to defend our country from foreign aggression, real or imagined. Most importantly, our military should control, dominate, intimidate, and invade other countries with or without any justification, except those which are friendly (translation: subservient) to us. We should always be in conflict with certain chosen countries which refuse to be under our dictates. No price is too big to pay in terms of death and destruction for the defense of our country. We should be free to torture war prisoners and use any weapon we want against the enemy. To further secure our defense, we should coerce our allies and the United Nations to prevent countries hostile to us from developing offensive and defensive weapons.



Democracy is our preferred form of government because it assures political and economic freedom to the citizens in the form of the right to vote to elect representatives and in the form of free enterprise in business. It is important that our elected representatives be white. Blacks and other minorities do not understand the fine points of democracy and should be disenfranchised, or at least we should make it difficult or even impossible for them to vote or operate a business. It is our duty to spread American style democracy around the world. To this end, we should incite the populations of nondemocratic countries to protest and rebel. We should also provide them necessary financial and military support to topple their governments. If necessary, we should even invade such countries, assassinate the heads of states, and install puppet governments obedient to us.



The American dollar is the strongest and the most stable currency in the world. All international transactions need to be made in it. We should encourage and, where necessary, force other countries to adopt it. This way we should be able to dominate the world market and make all countries subservient to us in economic matters. Until that happens we must do all we can to devalue other currencies so that they cannot compete with our businesses and financial institutions. This can be done by making our currency more valuable than other currencies.






Education is essential for our scientific and technological superiority. However, it is our observation that college educated people tend to be liberal with socialistic tendencies. Therefore, we are against higher education for all. Only those people should be allowed to go to college who subscribe to our philosophy of government. College students and professors should be constantly under scrutiny for undemocratic and non-capitalistic ideas, and those found with such ideas should be treated as traitors. Also education should be a private enterprise operated like a business. The government should not meddle in the content and method of education except to prevent the spread of undemocratic and non-Christian ideologies. We prefer that public funds not be used to subsidize education, however, until that happens, the vouchers for schooling provided by some states should be available to anyone to attend public or private school of their choice.



All elected officials must be Christians of any denomination. Non-Christians, coloreds, atheists, gays, transgenders, immigrants, people of foreign origin, convicted felons, mentally ill, mentally retarded, and homeless should be made ineligible to run for any elected office. All elected officers must take an oath to support the Christian faith and the American Constitution.



Workers are paid a salary or other forms of compensations for work performed. Any other benefit is a drain on the business coffers. Paid vacation, tuition reimbursement, child care, health insurance, pension, retirement, maternity/paternity leave, company stock offering, etc. should be a matter of employer choice, not a worker right.



People should be free to engage in any kind of entertainment, art, music, film, theater, books, news, sports, etc., they choose. However, we must establish a Censor Board which examines the content of all modes of entertainment to make sure that it it is not in violation of Christian teachings and patriotic fervor. Anyone in violation must be convicted of treason.



Today’s environment consists of man-made cities. It is a sign of progress. Natural environment is for human consumption and wealth generation. We should be free to use all its resources such as air, water, trees, mineral deposits, oil, etc for these two purposes. The big corporations should have total freedom to exploit nature any way they please so long as the two stated goals are achieved. Anyone complaining about the destruction of natural environment and its deleterious effect on human welfare should be treated as a traitor. We should also encourage and financially reward all those scientists who support our position.



All men are created equal and should be provided with equal political and human rights. Men refers to people who are Christian, white, and born in America and/or of American parents. Other people may be treated with consideration but always as subservient.



No humans should be allowed to die as a matter of choice with or without help from any member of the medical profession, irrespective of their pain and suffering because their lives are sacred. Anyone engaged in assisted suicide should be convicted of murder.






An ideal family consists of a husband, a wife, and two children. The number of children, however, is God’s choice. A family should also have pets, mostly dogs and cats and other harmless animals, although this cannot be a requirement. For any kind of help, medical, legal, financial, social, etc., the old and the infirm should seek professional assistance and not burden the family. Once the children grow to be adults, they should be asked to leave, learn to be independent, and be responsible for their own lives.



While family is important, work and wealth production are more important. Therefore, it should be left to the employer to allow or not allow any leave to any employee for any reason with or without pay. Let’s remember, workers on leave reduce productivity and that cannot be acceptable.



Both individuals and families should be encouraged to buy goods and services endlessly, even on credit, because it is good for the economy. The same does not apply to the government, however. It should not be allowed to spend more than it takes in, except in matters of defense where there should be no limit.



Our flag, fifty stars and seven stripes, is a symbol of our country. Those who abuse and/or insult it in any way should be treated as traitors and punished accordingly. As a matter of respect for our heritage, the confederate flag should be legal and allowed to be flown alongside our current national flag.



Meat and potatoes is the healthy American diet. The overweight problem in our country is caused by all the unhealthy foreign food, such as Japanese, Greek, Mediterranean, Chinese, Indian, and they should all be banned. Vegetarian and vegan foods especially cause problems of child development and many kinds of diseases. They, too, should be outlawed.



We need to address the growing menace of organic food, it needs to be stopped. Organic farming is going backwards and is against progress. It cannot meet the demand of increasing population. It is well established that organic food is not nutritionally better than non-organic food and is definitely more expensive. Also, it cannot fight off the bacterial impact and, therefore, spoils quickly and easily. Today in our country we have more food than we can eat and that is because of chemical fertilizers, genetic modification, and mechanized farming. These modern methods need to be encouraged. Not only they have the potential to feed the ever increasing world population but can also be produced in large quantities and huge volumes with the use of comparatively fewer resources and labor, therefore being more profitable to the companies producing them.



Government has no business telling us how the food should be produced, processed, stored, distributed, and sold. Food safety is a matter between the food companies and the public. We should trust the public not to buy food which is unsafe.



Our foreign policy consists in telling all the countries what to do and if they do not we invade them. All the friendly countries should be required to support our position in any dispute with any country and in the United Nations. In return, they should be rewarded financially in the form of aids and business contracts and assured of our responsibility for their defense. The countries which oppose us and are militarily strong should be considered our enemies. We must harass and destabilize them by creating oppositional groups and using them to foment rebellion against he regimes. We should also accuse them of human rights violations and other heinous acts, real or imagined, and try to isolate them, impose sanctions on them, and try to destroy them politically, socially, financially, and militarily. If necessary, we should also assassinate the heads of such counties and install governments friendly to us.



We are a free country and our freedom should be protected at all costs. This means that we must not only restrict but destroy those people, organizations, and countries who are a threat to our freedom. Since our country was established on Christian values and democratic principles, freedom should be limited to those who respect and honor them by their beliefs and actions. All others should be given an opportunity to change and adopt our lifestyle. If they refuse, they should be imprisoned and have no freedom of any kind.



Anyone who always agrees with our style of government and our way of living is our friend and anyone who does not is our foe. It is our duty to reward our friends materially and militarily. With foes, be they individuals, groups, or nations, first we ask them to change their ways and toe our line, and if they do not respond positively then we must use force and employ preemptive strikes to annihilate any real or perceived threat before it can impact us.






We have the most varied and best geographical features in the world: the highest mountains, longest shoreline, largest land mass, mightiest rivers, biggest lakes, and most beautiful deserts. They must be protected. The rest of the world is our backyard where we can do whatever we want for our benefit with impunity.



There is no global warming. Yes, there is change in temperature and weather patterns but that is what normally happens in nature. Human activity has nothing to do with it, therefore, any change in our lifestyle is not warranted. All the data suggesting that our planet is getting warmer than before to a dangerous degree are cooked up by pseudoscientists, liberals, and socialist who want to destroy our capitalistic system.


We believe in God Who created this world with Americans as the chosen people. God bless America. All other countries, except Christian countries, are Godless heathens and will face God’s wrath. It is our duty to assist in God’s wrath by subjugating and punishing the people of such countries according to the dictates of the Bible.



The smaller the government the better. It will assure low taxation, barely essential bureaucracy, minimal cost of operation, and freedom to the citizens to run their lives without interference. It should primarily focus on its core responsibilities, which are protection of the country from foreign and domestic enemies, advancement of free enterprise, and promotion of Christian and democratic values.



Bearing arms is our inalienable right guaranteed by the second amendment of our constitution. We must remember that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Therefore, there is no need to have any kind of control on guns. We should control those people who kill others in violation of the law. In order to prevent people killing others illegally we should have police force deputed in every public facility, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, theaters, airports, train stations, bus stations, all public transportations, etc. Also the citizens should be encouraged to be armed at all times to defend themselves against attacks by the gun toting criminals, foreign enemies, and terrorists. In order to prevent mentally ill, criminals, terrorists, and other undesirable people from owning guns, we should have background check of every gun buyer. If, because of these procedures, our country looks like a prison camp and a police state, so be it. It is better to be safe than sorry.






We will always have handicapped people due to diseases, genetic factors, and accidents. They should seek treatment from their medical practitioners, obtain help from their families, use prosthetic and other assistive devices, and learn to deal with their condition. Under no circumstances government’s financial assistance should be available to them. Handicap, especially mental illness, should not be allowed as a defense for any criminal act. Handicapped, like any other person, should be punished for their crimes according to the law of the land.



The services of health care professionals are needed throughout our lives, especially during sickness and injury. Like all other essentials such s food, clothing, and shelter, this service must be purchased by direct payments to the service provider or through insurance. This service should be provided by private individuals and companies and operated like a business for profit. It is not the job of the government to provide this service, subsidize it, direct, and control it in any way.



All Christians, so long as they pray and attend church, will go to heaven, irrespective of what they do in their day-to-day lives. Everyone else will go to hell. Heaven is full of eternal joy. Hell is full of endless suffering.



World history started with the birth of the United States of America. Anything that happened before it is totally irrelevant. All historical accounts which present us in less than flattering light should be banned because whatever we do is always right and embodies all that is great.



Gays, lesbians, transgenders, are people against God and nature and do not deserve equal rights with the straight people. They are abominations and should be required to change their lifestyle through education and treatment offered by Christian therapists or else be treated as outclasses. God will punish them for their chosen lifestyle.






All drugs designated as illegal by law should be kept out of the country and out of the hands of the people, no matter whether or not they are harmful or beneficial. For this purpose we should have border controls; air, land, and sea surveillance; apprehension, arrest, conviction, and imprisonment, or execution of drug dealers and drug users, irrespective of the cost involved in terms of money, resources, and human lives. We should persuade the heads of the countries from where illegal drugs emanate to crack down on their drug lords, provide them with money and arms to fight the drug war, and if they prove incapable of doing it we ourselves should take over the fight unilaterally. In some cases we should pursue kingpins wherever they might be, invade drug producing countries, and imprison those jeans of states who appear complicit in the dug trade. The war on drugs is essential to keep our country healthy and it should go on for ever, if necessary.



All colored people who are living in our country without permission are illegal. They should be deported to their country of origin. If their country of origin is unknown or if it does not take them, they should be sent to any other country that accepts them or to some other unrestricted place. If they cannot be deported, they should be imprisoned. Whites who are here without permission, however, should be given residency and eventual citizenship.



We are confident that one day our brilliant scientists will find a way to keep us alive forever. This privilege, being expensive, will, of necessity, be available to the rich only. It will be provided only to whites. That way all non-whites will die out eventually leaving a superior, homogenous society of whites only.



Our borders should be closed to all immigration except by white Christians. It is essential to keep our country safe and secure. Non-white immigrants, Christian or not, are mostly criminals, rapists, diseased, and/or terrorists.



No one should be required to have inoculation against any disease because some immunization shots have been found to cause autism, serious infections and ailments, even death. The decision to vaccinate or not should be left entirely to the individuals and their families.



New and better inventions are the backbone of our prosperity. They constitute intellectual property which should be protected and people from other countries should not be allowed access to them. We should be constantly vigilant against its theft. We can sell or lease such property to friendly countries to make money but should never lose control of it. We don’t think that other countries have intellectual property, but if they do we should be free to take it by any means.



It is a business in which companies receive money for a promise to customers to provide them protection from disasters, accidents, and unforeseen calamities. Insurance companies should be free to charge whatever premiums they consider appropriate and free to deny any claims they consider inappropriate.






All citizen must have jobs not only to provide for themselves and their families but also for building our nation. Jobs are created by businesses which should be given free rein of operation. It is important that we do not export jobs to other countries with cheap labor. While many other countries can do many of our jobs for us, both product and service related, cheaply saving us money it causes unemployment which is detrimental to our economy. We have the highest technology and the most competent and dedicated workforce to produce highest quality products and provide finest services. Therefore, we should keep our jobs for ourselves.



It is important that the criminals be punished and punished severely as deterrent to them and others. Therefore, we must pass laws which require mandatory harsh sentences and allow judges no discretion in the matter. A court, although constitutionally an independent entity, must be subject to the wishes of the legislative body.






We know almost everything there is to know and what we don’t know is not worth knowing. However, new technologies can be developed by us for our use only to keep us ahead of the world.






The language of our country is English. Laws should be passed prohibiting use of other languages for public communication, governmental or non-governmental. Those who insist on using other languages should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law or deported to any country that will take them. English is the best language in the world and it should be made the language of international communication, that is the language of the United Nations.



Laws must be enforced. All law enforcement authorities and personnel should have adequate training and resources for this purpose and no expense should be spared. Also they should have total freedom of judgement about when and how to use those resources including equipment to employ deadly force. There should not be rush to judgement when a person, a non-white in particular, in interaction with or in custody of law enforcement personnel is injured or killed.



All laws are sacred and everyone is expected to obey them. However, we recognize that sometimes misguided and unfair laws are passed when liberals are in majority in the legislative bodies. Examples of such laws are those that allow same sex marriage, restrict freedom of prayer in school and other religious activities, or control gun ownership. Such laws must be challenged in court, repealed, and disobeyed.



Both of these have elected representatives of the people to pass laws which benefit the society in general and safeguard the provisions of the constitution. In order to accomplish this they must believe in and promote Christian ideology. In addition, they must be free to strive for power and wealth for themselves through the power and resources of their offices. Otherwise, it would be totally useless to spend enormous amount of time, effort, and money to get elected.



Mistakes do happen, and sometimes products or services cause injury or death. No one should be held liable for unintentional harm. If there is proof of criminal intent only then the companies and service providers should be held liable and the court should be allowed to determine punitive and compensatory awards. However, there should be a cap on the amount. Unreasonable awards send the liable companies into bankruptcy which is definitely bad for the economy.



Life and death are in the hands of the Christian God. We encourage everyone to carry out His wishes by celebrating life and by leaving this earthly body when He decides to take us in His bosom. Still, it is our Christian duty to carry out God’s wishes in executing criminals; torturing, sometimes fatally, while interrogating enemies of the state in police custody and military detention; shooting to death anyone running away from law or arguing with a law enforcement officer; assassinating foreign heads of state who act against us; and killing anyone in self defense. Upon death Christians will go to heaven while non-Christians will go to hell.






Marketing is selling products and services to people whether or not they need or want them. The goal of marketing is to make as much profit as possible. To this end we should be free to utilize any means possible and no laws should be passed restricting this freedom.



Marriage is sanctioned by God as a union between a man and a woman and should last as long as either shall live. While divorce may be a necessity in some cases, it should be discouraged. A long lasting marriage means a happy and moral life. The laws of the country must reflect this. We consider mixed-race and same-sex marriages to be unhealthy and immoral. They should be prohibited.



Materialism is the engine that moves our economy. It is our duty and right to accumulate as many material objects and as much wealth as possible. Those who think that unlimited production of material things destroys our environment and increases the proportion of the poor are socialists and should be banned. We can never have too much of everything.



These two government programs are wrecking our economy and should be eliminated. Medical care is a business and people should pay to receive it. The government should stay out of it completely. Medical care is not a right and those who cannot afford to pay for it must depend upon charitable organizations for it, not on government. Because it is a business, the companies providing health care must be free to make as much profit as they can by any means possible.



The best way to pay for medical care is through medical insurance which is a business. The main focus of insurance companies is to make profit and providing health care is secondary. The cost of medical care must be determined by market conditions, not by legislation. Government subsidized health care is contrary to sound business practices and must not be allowed. That is why we oppose the Affordable Health Care law (Obama Care) which should be repealed. The people who cannot afford to pay the premiums must do without health care or depend upon charity.



Development and sale of medicine is a business. Therefore, it should be allowed to function unhindered by government controls. Which means that pharmaceutical companies should be allowed to produce drugs without government approval and control and sell them at unrestrained prices. This renders Department of Food and Drug Administration useless and should be abolished. Harmful medicines are not produced intentionally and, therefore, if a medicine were to cause any harm, the company producing it should be allowed to voluntarily recall it without facing any punitive consequences.



The role of men is to protect our great country from enemies by serving in the armed forces and to add to its economic prosperity by working hard, advancing technology, and producing wealth. No man should be allowed to live off government handouts. Those who are unable to work must depend upon private charity.



The primary duty of the military is to defend our country from enemies, foreign or domestic. Its additional task is to invade other countries to increase our power over them and have control over their wealth. We should have our military installations in all the friendly countries to protect them and to keep our mutual enemies in check. From time to time the military can be used to protect civilians from natural and other disasters. The military must have all the money it needs and wants.






Our physical boundaries define us as a nation. It is our duty to defend them from encroachment or violation. Anyone crossing our borders illegally should be caught and summarily deported without any intervention by the court. Those illegal entrants who are caught committing crimes should be punished according to the law of our land and deported at the expiration of their sentences. Any encroachment of our land should be considered an attack on our sovereignty and offenders should be treated as prisoners of war. Except for legal entry points such as airports, ship docs, land crossings, all borders should be made impassable by erection of walls, other barriers, and 24-hour human and electronic surveillance.


This is the only organization which is crucial to safeguard our gun rights. Being a non-profit civilian organization it should be supported by all citizens both financially and in principle. Any attempt by anyone including the government to curb its activities should be opposed with whatever means possible. The NRA defends our rights given to us by the second amendment of our Constitution and the government should not be allowed to pass any laws in contradiction of its provisions.



Also known as American Indians, they have always been and still are uncivilized savages. They get drunk, abuse drugs, and commit crimes. However, in our magnanimity we should allow them to join our culture and give up their backward ways. Of course, most of them have already converted to Christianity which, at least, is a good thing. We should strip them of their sovereignty, take all their reserved land and develop it for the benefit of the whole country. No compensation of any kind should be given to native Americans because having lost the war against us they have lost the ownership of their land, lives, and property.



Preserving nature is foolish. Nature was created by God for the use of mankind. Its resources should be exploited and wealth created. So what if some animals and plants become extinct; so what if weather patterns change; so what if no minerals, metals, and oil are left; so what if the air and water get dirty. We can live with all that so long as we advance technology, increase production, and become rich. We should even go beyond the earth and colonize the Moon, Mars, and other heavenly bodies where we can live even after the earth dies.



We and only the countries friendly to us should be allowed to have nuclear weapons and use them whenever and wherever we find it necessary. We should force all countries to sign non-proliferation treaties but we should be free to distribute and sell nuclear weapons to any country in our camp. If any country not under our protection tries to develop or acquire nuclear weapons from other countries, we have an obligation to stop it from doing so by destroying it financially and militarily.






Oil and gas are essential for energy which, in turn, is essential for our economic prosperity. We need, therefore, to continually explore availability of oil on land and under the ocean, not just in our country but all over the world. We should develop friendly relations with oil rich countries and those hostile to us should be invaded and made subservient. That way we can be sure have uninterrupted supply of oil for our needs. Still, so as not to be held hostage by unfriendly oil producing countries we need to be self sufficient and produce our own oil. to this end we need to develop new technologies to produce oil abundantly and safely such s fracking. Other sources of energy, solar, wind, water etc., are expensive and unreliable. Within our territory, oil production is limited to certain areas, therefore, it it must be transported to the rest of the country. Pipelines are the cheapest way to do it. Accidents do happen, oil exploration platforms may burst and pipelines may leak causing environmental damage, but who cares about the death of a few trees, animals etc., and pollution of land, water, air can be cleaned up. So, we need to look for oil anywhere and everywhere, produce it, and transport it by building pipelines all over our country.






Movies, theater, dance, music, acrobatics, mime, ventriloquism, etc. are a high form of human expression in which we, as a nation, must excel and tell the world that we are the best. However, it should be a business endeavor not supported by the government. We can be artistic and also make money. The artists should be paid handsomely so that they continue to create and achieve ever higher levels of performance, the same as it is in sports. It is also important that the content of all art should be consistent with our Christian heritage. Any performance that goes against the grain of our civilization should be banned and artists associated with it should be punished in the severest form possible or banished.



This organization is a blight on the fair reputation of our country. It engages in abortion, sale of fetal parts, supports stem cell research, and basically engages in activities which are contrary to Christian teachings. It should be banned or, at least, it activities should be curbed so that it provides only health care similar to that available in hospitals. Under no circumstances should it be allowed to carry out any activities that control reproduction. Life is given by God and it should be celebrated, not manipulated by humans.



Fear of pollution by industries and motorized vehicles is pathological. Nature has always created pollution and humans have been able to adjust to it, so why make an issue of it now? If we curb pollution we will lose modern factories producing articles of everyday need including food and medicine, and our survival itself will be impossible, not to mention our financial health and industrial superiority in the world.



It should be privatized and operated like a business. Postal rates should be set realistically to cover all operational costs. It. That way the public will get better and cheaper service and the companies providing service will compete, make profit, and improve the country’s economy.



We need prisons to remove from society those people who have been convicted by a court either for imprisonment or for execution. Prisons are for punishment and the prisoners should be made to do harsh physical labor. There should not be any provision for special food, education, communication, exercise, conjugal visits, recreation, and self improvement. The state’s responsibility toward prisoners should be limited to providing them with prison clothing, food bed, and emergency medical treatment. Other legal and court approved products and services, such as phone calls, medical and psychiatric treatment, prosthetic devices, etc. must be paid for by the prisoners and their families. Because safety and security of society is important we should not hesitate and spare any expense to construct and operate as many prisons as needed to house an ever increasing number of law breakers.



It is the responsibility of businesses to provide safe products and services including food and medicine. The government should not waste taxpayers’ money to create and enforce product safety rules and laws. If a product or service has been found to be unsafe and has caused injury or death, the company should be allowed to recall it voluntarily. We prefer that no compensation be provided to the affected party. However, if compensation has to be made there should be a reasonable limit on punitive awards so that the businesses can remain financially solvent and continue to assure our country’s economic well being.






It is the job of companies to manufacture quality products. If a product is inferior, deficient, or harmful, the public will not buy it. The government should stay out of the business of assuring product quality. The most it should do is inform the public about the standards for a quality product.






Our country should not be responsible for refugees from other countries under any circumstances, even for those created by our policies and our acts of destabilization of their countries. Let other countries, United Nations, and world-wide charities carry the burden. All present refugees in our country should be sent to other countries willing to take them. Others should be kept in concentration camps. Refugees bring with them terrorists and criminals. They are like rabid dogs and should be treated as such, kept away or eliminated.



Our constitution allows freedom of religion which refers to various denominations of Christianity. All other religions in the world have no legitimacy and, therefore, have no place in our country. American citizens who practice non-Christian religions or are agnostics or atheists should be made to leave, and if that is not possible they should be required to live by Christian tenets and should be prohibited to build any non-Christian religious edifices. Any violation of this requirement should be a crime punishable by life imprisonment.



According to our constitution we are a republic, not a democracy. Therefore, the Republican party is the only legitimate political party and the Democratic party should be banned. Since the republic recognizes the sovereignty of states, we do not need a federal government which should be abolished and all powers should be restored to the states, each state free to run its affairs anyway it pleases including matters pertaining to foreign relations, wars, and treaties.






Government should not provide school lunches. The money saved could be better used for the country’s defense. Until that happens, it has no right to tell what the children should eat for lunch. It is the children themselves and their parents who should decide what to eat even if the food is nutritionally deficient. The government’s task should be limited to informing the public about food nutrition.



It should be used to serve our country, its citizens by fostering economic prosperity. The government should not fund basic scientific research which is a waste of money. We should promote all such scientific research, public or private, which allows us to move ahead of the rest of the world technologically. This, in turn, will allow us to control all the resources of the earth and beyond. We should promote only such scientific research which is consistent with Christian ideology and honor only those scientists who respect it.



Sex is private and should not be publicly demonstrated or discussed. All communication media, TV, radio, books, internet, advertising, etc. should be prohibited from mentioning sex in any form. Sex is also dirty, sinful. and causes sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, it should not be encouraged. There is no place for sex education in the classroom. Sex is for procreation only and all other sexual acts including masturbation are sinful and must be legally prohibited. Living organisms including humans know how to reproduce, no teaching needed. While human birth should be celebrated, sex itself should be decried.



Heterosexual is the only natural and God given orientation. LGBT relations are learned and promote unnatural sex. They should, therefore, be prohibited by law. Violators should be removed from the society for life.



It is one of those wasteful programs which deplete our treasury and make our citizens dependent upon the government. Because of the dependency factor it also has a deleterious effect on the production of wealth. All people including elderly, poor, handicapped, sick, and their families should be made responsible for their own welfare. This can be accomplished by privatizing social security and encouraging private charity.



Socialism is a system of government which promotes income equality and, therefore, is contrary to capitalism. We must reward only those individuals and companies which produce goods and provide services in a way that promotes competition, assures our national prosperity and increases our wealth endlessly. Avowed socialists should be imprisoned for life.



Armed forces are the backbone of our country. They fight to save us from foreign aggression and go all over the world to subdue our enemies. We should give them whatever support we can in the form of education, housing, health care, so that they can live a decent life after their discharge from the service. The same should be available to the families of those killed in battle or missing in action. The help, however, should not be in the form of a government handout. It should, instead, enable them and their families through education, vocational training, and employment, to take care of their lives with a sense of personal responsibility.



Just like our earth, all the bodies in space are there for our exploitation. Investment in space research should not be for scientific curiosity. Instead it should make it possible for us to reach distant planets, stars, galaxies, and what not to use them as possible future living spaces, for extraction of their mineral, chemical, and other natural resources, and for creation of military bases from which to launch attacks on our enemies. We need to leave all the other countries behind in this race so no one can challenge our ownership of space.



Belief in the Christian God is essential for spirituality. Because of that belief we are a spiritual nation. It is our duty to encourage non-Christians to adopt our faith so that they can, too, reach heaven. In the past we have used force for this purpose but today that approach exposes us to dangerous confrontation and, therefore, is not advisable.


The purpose of sports is to make money. Sure, we can enjoy it, too, and the winners can bask in the glory of accomplishment, but, in the end, it is all about money. Sports is a big business in which the team owners and players become rich while the general public as spectator is entertained. Also, It does not matter if the players are injured, disabled, and killed, so long as the public is willing to pay to watch the sports. Competitive sports must be given preference because they bring in the most money. The ticket prices should be as high as possible to generate large profits. This can be accomplished by the creation of team loyalty of fans, and advertising.



The financial health of our country is reflected in the stock market. Therefore, its value must continue to increase endlessly. Obviously, a bull market is preferable over a bear market. For this to happen, profits of our companies must continue to increase which requires low or no taxation and little or no regulations.






Our economic superiority in the world is tied to our technological dominance which has been achieved by relentless research and development and new inventions by our universities, companies, and organizations. They need to be financially supported and their scientists recognized. However, no technology which contradicts Christian values should be allowed to be used, such as stem cell use for medical purposes. It is important that we protect our technology by preventing international espionage of our intellectual property and by restricting immigrants and foreign students from engaging in high-tech endeavors. We should also make sure that no other country moves ahead of us in this area by sabotaging their undertaking, luring their great minds to our shores, and by stealing their technological, scientific and industrial secrets.



There should be only a flat income tax with as low a rate as possible, preferably around ten percent. All other taxes, except import duties, should be abolished. Taxes should be collected from individuals only and all businesses should be exempt from paying taxes to allow them to flourish and become richer. Although the American revolution was powered by the slogan ‘no taxation without representation’ it does not apply to foreign citizens living in our country permanently or temporarily who must pay taxes even though they have no right to vote.



There are two kinds of terrorists, good and bad. Good terrorists support American goals, and we call them patriots and friends. Bad terrorists, in contrast, are real terrorists who act against our citizens and interests. It is important that we protect our Christian faith, our corporations and big businesses, our political boundaries, the superiority of our military, our culture, and our way of life from terrorists. All foreigners, non-Christians, and people of color should be considered suspect and investigated. Muslims particularly should not be allowed to enter our country and those who are already here should be rounded up and placed in internment camps. That’s because Muslims are the only religious group which is engaged in terrorist activities all over the world. Even a suggestion of any anti-American thought and act by anyone, with or without proof, should render such a person a terrorist. All terrorists should be executed.



Collective bargaining sounds good on paper because it is the voice of a large group of people and is always louder than that of an individual. In practice, however, these same powerful voices have wreaked havoc on our economy by demanding higher wages and liberal benefits in the form of paid vacation, sick leave, medical care, maternity leave, safe and comfortable work conditions, etc., and by resorting to work stoppage when their ransom demands are not met. Our country cannot compete with other countries in business if we do not curb the power of trade unions. Trade unions are a sham and should be banned.


Freedom of movement is essential for a dynamic society. It can be achieved by personal transportation by car and motorbike. Mass public transportation systems using buses and trains is a socialistic agenda designed to destroy our automobile industry upon which rests our country’s economy.






The United Nations is a worldwide conspiracy to subjugate us to the wishes of other countries. We should not be part of such an organization and should get out of it. However, we should be willing be part of the United Nations only if it obeys our dictates in all the world affairs.






This is an essential government program to serve the needs of our heroes who risked their lives for our country. At this time it provides only medical services and not very efficiently. Therefore, it should be privatized and the cost of the services be borne by the state. Also it should provide other essential services as well, such as education, vocational training, housing, jobs, low cost loans, mental health counseling, suicide prevention, etc.



It is a very important right reserved for the citizens of our country. It is, in essence, the backbone of our democracy. It assures people’s choice for the elected office of the country. Colored, mentally ill, mentally retarded, and convicted felons should not have this right since they are not capable of making right decisions. Obviously, there is some fault in our laws and the colored citizens are allowed to vote. This needs to be corrected by making it impossible or at least very difficult for such people to register to vote.






The more we pay the workers the less the profit for the employers. This hinders the prosperity of our country and should not be allowed. The wages need to be kept as low as possible and employee benefits eliminated. People need to learn to live within their means and not demand more money. The businesses should voluntarily decide appropriate compensation. Minimum wage needs to be eliminated.


We need wars. They increase production in all areas of our economy and make businesses more profitable. We also need wars to destroy our enemies. We should always ask other countries to settle their differences with diplomacy and maintain peace but we have a right to impose our will upon others through demand and then force, if necessary. Of course, we need to be prudent and not go to war with those countries which are able to do serious damage to us. Instead we should use diplomatic means, economic sanctions, and sometimes even phony threats to keep them under control. And, irrespective of the reality, never apologize for anything, never admit defeat, and never take responsibility for death and destruction caused by by our armed forces, calling it necessary, accidental, or collateral.



Wealth can be increased by using cheap production techniques, material, and labor and then selling the product at as high a price as possible. That is why we need to produce everything we need in countries where labor is cheap and then import all that for our use, except, of course, defense material and high tech items. To pay for imports we need to earn money by exporting military hardware and related technology to friendly countries.



To stay strong we need to invent new weapons, upgrade existing ones, and produce them for our own use and also for sale to friendly countries. Thus not only are we secure we also make money. Of course, we need to keep the design and other technical details of our new weapons secret so that we can enjoy superiority over other countries and a monopoly in the world defense market. We need to encourage continuous conflicts around the world so that our weapons can be used requiring their non-stop production leading to enormous financial gains for our arms manufacturers.



Only women can be mothers and mothers need to take care of children and the home. That is an important task and we salute women for it. It does not mean, however, that they cannot participate in other nation building activities. They can work alongside men in any capacity, in any job and endeavor including military duty and combat operations, so long as it does not conflict with their primary task of home building.



It is a blight on our national character and a drain on our national treasury. It also encourages people to be lazy and dependent on the government. All kinds of existing welfare schemes, medicare, medicaid, social security, food stamps, subsidized housing etc. should be eliminated and we should adopt a policy of never to start any new ones. We must encourage citizens to pull themselves up with their boot straps, overcome hazards and difficulties, become strong and courageous, and not only improve their own lives but also the financial health of our country. This way they will lead respectable lives and be proud of their accomplishments.



It is a sacred place reserved for the head of the state who must be white. This is because this country was established by white people and for white people.



Like it or not, ours is a white Christian country. The fact that we are the economically richest, militarily strongest, and technologically most advanced nation in the world testifies that whites are superior to all other races. This superiority gives us the privilege to rule over the colored population of the world.






Yoga is a heathen religious practice and, therefore, has no place in American society. Its teaching and practice should be forbidden.



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