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Relationships: Are They Lessons for The Soul?

“The Gift” is a joyous romp through the lives of four friends who have stayed close trough out the years and have managed to keep what’s important, friendship. But will a secret shake them to the core, when they just wanted to eat? “Helena Ovejoy: The Missing Heart” is a story of love, hate, and betrayal. Set in a science fiction world where Celestial beings have to deal with the same relationships that we do. It should be easy for them, but who knows what will happen when gentry, the family name, an engagement, and a final lesson needs to ne taught. Our heroine is nothing to be reckoned with. She knows the rules and follows them, but what does one do when family becomes the issue? One must remember who they were raised to be. “This Is Love” is a journey to the past when things were simpler. Or where they? A woman could still smoke whist pregnant. Men did things just to please their wives and divorce was still an ugly word. However for one family, a short afternoon visit as each family member has to examine what family really means to them.

  • ISBN: 9781370027675
  • Author: TysonDemetrius
  • Published: 2018-03-25 05:35:06
  • Words: 5638
Relationships: Are They Lessons for The Soul? Relationships: Are They Lessons for The Soul?