Relationship Code for Smart Ladies



Relationship Code For Smart Ladies








Michael Mbuko










Dedicated to all the single ladies in the world
























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Relationship Code for Smart Ladies : Building A Heartbreak Free Society / Michael Mbuko




1. New Thought. 2 . Building a lifetime intimate relationship 3. Relationship code of conduct. 3











“This book will show you step-by-step on how to deliberately create your greatest life. Master the codes and you’ll find and enjoy the relationship of your dream.” 3

Blessing Nnaji (Young Entrepreneur)



“Mr Independent, your words are like colours and they printed beautiful smiles on my face. You made it happen, you influenced me positively. Dear reader, this book will also do in you what he did in me.” Mirable Chinwa (Lab scientist)


‘‘Ladies sharpen up, this book teaches you how to demystify the dark shades of a man’s heart, most especially when he sneaks in like a coach to unrobe you.’ Great piece, really on point.” James Cerulean Adelaja( A gospel singstar,” The Shake The Foundation cronner”, author of the book “Unspoken Rules Of Love,“and a song writer.)


“This book contains A-Z of what ladies need to know about relationships.”

Artis Sims ( Servant Leader, a writer and Forrunner at Freedom Circle Ministries Lebanon, New Jersey USA,)


“Mike is heavens sent in such a time as this, please hear him.”

Barth On Odeh ( Founder of God Chaser’s Network, Philantropist and a Preacher)


“Everyone esspecially the Filipino OFWs in HongKong,Taiwanese, Chinese, infact all Asian ladies needs this code to endow their relationship intelligence in order not to be manipulated in the hands of Gold-diggers and players.”

Vctoria Adelantar ( computer scientist, a niece to Mariam Santiago a President contestant in Philippines, she lives in Hong Kong)


“Michael, guys will come after you for this great insight into their world. Indeed filled with words of caution and refreshing thoughts that aligns my thinking.”

Lilian Anyanwu (Human Physchologist)


“I like the milk and meat in your book.” Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha ( Content developer, Bestselling author, mentorship and public speaker)


“Amazingly beautiful words” Tammie Roundtree (A poet, USA)


“Ladies need spiritual sensitivity, alertness and discernment to enable them connect to their divine destined man and that is what this book have come to help you achieve. The words in this book are true and amazing.

Queen-Vic Obieje ( Founder, an Entrepreneur and a fashion designer)


“Keep elevating our senses in this age of star wars to enable us win the battle of the sexes between the Martians and the Venusians”

Stella Lekweuwa ( CEO Momentum clothing, an economist and a fashion consultant)


“This beautiful, simple and profound ladies guide teaches you how to unleash your feminine powers and manifest your dream relationship. A definite must read book!” Mercy Uchendu ( Beauty Expert and Fashion Consultant)


An honest dream of every lady is to know the secrets of a man’s heart, this book have it in doses. Nancy Olakunle ( A poet, writer and screen playwrite)







I acknowledge almighty God for wisdom to write. I won’t leave out Tammie Roundtree whose support is beyond words. I appreciate Artis Sims, Trisha Rush, Joyce-Gold, Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha whose words resonated strongly in this book. I won’t leave out Victoria Adelantar whose kind words kept me moving during weary times. Mr Barth Odeh is a rare gem whose brotherly love kept watch over me. Obinna Okoro is a genius. Christina Diaz Abella gave us a cute book cover and we are grateful for it. Tayo did justice to the interior design that blings to the eye.

And many of my friends all around the globe who contributed one way or the other to the success of this book, your supports are so resounding and it is greatly appreciated.




















Table of content






CODE 1: Don’t leave A Mess on the Floor







CODE 3: A Trophy Isn’t always a Prize:



Code 4: Be Discreet




Code 5:Trust Not Your Emotions





Code: 6: Ignit Your Discernment System




CODE 7: Become Immune To Players


















CODE 13: Don’t be misled by vanity:









Code 16: Don’t play your Royal Flush in a moment









Code 19: God over Everything



Code 20: Don’t judge the book by its covers



Code: 21: Check his wrist watches, does he have your time :



Code 22: True love waits;


Code 23: Don’t Trade Your Power Of Choice:


code 24: Children are lured with vanilla, Adults are lured with vanity



Code 25: Check your Biological Clock In Respect To your Time Zone:



Code 26: Honor God And Not The Eyes of Men



Code 27: Jump while you still have the strength


Code 28: Don’t get Stocked in “But land”



Code 29: Don’t Regret A Mile You Strayed Away



Code 30: Be a wife material



Code: 31: Have a marriage plan














As the 20th century wrapped up, 21st century opened up a dawn the world had longed for, things began to change, our phones came in flat touch pads, our television became ultra smart and flat….social media opened a window for a global village.

Patterns of play in the love game changed too. The previous love strategies became worn, traditional and weak, hence requires a replacement. You need code of conduct that suits the TIME!!


Don’t blame anyone whose heart have been broken before because love is only meant to be enjoyed never to be understood. Some are carried away by shades of love not the real love, not your fault either because even with education, skills of various kind and luxuries, womankind still fall victims of ill-love. Just know that the 21th century unlike any other century gave more room for shades of love than it made room for real love. If you listen closely, you can hear the cries of a thousand lost souls.


If you are yet to ascertain the heart where real love exist, or doubt if the person you are considering is yet another trickster then this book can be your guide. If you have been cheated, bartered, taken for granted or new in the cycles of relationship life, you need to know how men and relationship operates beneath the surface level. Life is not happening to you, it is responding to you. You may not be able to control the forces of nature, but you can control your thoughts, character, perceptions and actions, that is where the power to maneuver the forces of nature lies. This is your guide to real love and an escape route from fake love, so that you can hide your heart in a real man who have nothing to hide, who will value the woman in you .


Here is what you need!!!





~Michael Mbuko ~











Code 1: Don’t leave A Mess on the Floor





Nowadays, when females get into relationships it

is as if they’re telling guys: Hey, I hope these next

few months will be worth you breaking my heart

in the end.


Dominic Amali



When we see someone we truly love, we really get pretty excited to the extent that we want to show all of our cards at once. It seems logical that it will really win him over. It’s like we want to say, “Look, I have a royal flush, all for you!” We shower him with attention, or we dump all of our feelings out. We throw our heart in his hands.


Butpouring your feelings out too soon leaves a mess on the floor said Aaron Boe. It won’t present you in the best of light. An Ideal Lover possess the ability to observe and pay no interest on their target, they pay only attention not on their targets’ words and conscious behavior; but focus on the tone of their voice, a blush here, a look there—those signs that betray what their words won’t say. Often times the ideal is expressed in contradiction.


So before you make him your knight in shinning armour, start posting pictures together with him on facebook and instagram and give him a night he won’t even remember. Before he count your name in his long list of fallen souls. Mind you, Precious souls have fallen by his kind of words and seduction. Let your head be the forerunner not your heart!! Think first before giving it all away.


You have to synchronize his promises to know if you are sitting in the eye of the storm or painting a rainbow pattern in Paradise, because a promise is different from delivery. Some times promise could be a person’s name, you can never know what it is until you see it in the present. Wait until it is delivered before deciding to throw out your royal flush or not, depending if he fulfilled a promise of sealing the union with a ring.


Mind you, some promises are designed to raise false hope And eventually break a heart. Watch for consistency in his words or lack of it and don’t show your cards(feelings) until you are sure he is seriously fulfilling many of his promises.







desperate women throw themselves, weak men accept the offer.





In every card game, your opponent will strife to peep into your cards. Don’t let him! If you let him see your cards, he will plan a doom and win the game. Now, Your desperate “needs” are your major card, keep it close to your chest. If you dare leak it out of literally little and honest conservations, that is what circles our plans. He will subtly ask “what did you want in a man?” so that he will play accordingly to fit into that picture in your head to impress you in order to win you over. What you want in a man should be your secret code in assessing a man….keep it close to your chest.


Now your desperate Needs might be a need for intimacy, money, jobs. Your quest to use the guy to show off to your friends and enemies. Your desire to roll with big and influential men, using him as an ego boost and dependent on him as your source of power, maybe your insatiable quest for sex; your desires for godly and courageous man or desparately in need of marriage etc That is the foundations of what he uses to build your illusion or reality..this is where the game starts, dont show all your cards until you are winning the game, that moment you have tested his consistency and honesty in words and in deeds….. that is when you can trust him. Because we will always hide our objective but carry out our plan. Information is our source of power, don’t spill it all in a sitting. Share your deficiency and standards not weaknesses. Deficiencies like “am a single mother, i’m not a very good cook, i’m having issues with spellings, am not all that physically strong” etc.


You share your deficiency to know if he can cope with your inadequacies or incompleteness and this gives you so much control in the relationship that you are not easily smitten by a man’s games as you acknowledge that a trophy isn’t always a prize.





CODE 3: A Trophy Isn’t always a Prize:



Someone out there is looking for

exactly what you’ve got…and will

never try and undercut your value

or question your worth. Some

things in life just can’t be bartered

over or placed on the sale rack –

and your self-worth is at the top of

the list.


~Mandy Hale~


[Mandy Hale Mandy named a “Twitter Powerhouse” by the Huffington Post, a

“Woman of Influence” by the Nashville Business Journal, and a “Single in the City” by Nashville Lifestyles magazine is the author of The single Woman]




No doubt as a sport lover, i enjoy watching Nigerian Premier League, English premier League, German Bundasleaga, LA Liga and as Barcelona won the 2015 Champions league i loved the cup so much that I desired to touch it. But is the beautiful cup the only prize? No!!! The cup is just a ceremonial illusionary monument, there are other rewards attached.


When your standards are clear to you, you will be able to see that a trophy isn’t always a prize. The handsome, clean guy you are falling for isn’t worth your time when he is not committed to you. Commitment is the real prize. You cannot be happy with someone who does not want to be with you for what ever reason best known to them. Some people really are like trophies. They appear clean and polished not until you get closer and see that they’re made of plastic and you can’t really do anything useful with them. Most times you get home with your trophy to find out that no one is impressed with it.


Dont fall for nothing, most times you unnecessary reduce your standards to give him a chance for whatsoever reasons, they gains control over you with his flowery words. Mandy Hale said “ Someone out there is looking for exactly what you’ve got…and will never try and undercut your value or question your worth. Some things in life just can’t be bartered over or placed on the sale rack – and your self-worth is at the top of the list.”


As long as he can make you smile, you are into him. After which he comes with some soft tempting words, like “pass the night now, come to my house, it is too late to go”. Make your password(standards) cheap and he will tell his friends how valueless you are…….that’s how we break the camel’s back. Let him break your defenses easily and he will decide if he want to make it a one night stand; carry yourself like a queen, the way you see yourself is practically the way he will take you.



Trophy isn’t a prize until they are yours and useful but before them you need to learn how to be discreet.












CODE 4: Be Discreet



“Why is it that ladies have a nice good guy in their shopping list before entering the super market but bad guys are in their shopping basket while coming out”?


~ Michael Mbuko ~


[The Author of the book “Unlock Your Hidden Powers,” is the brain beyond the initiative “Building A Heartbreak Free Society” on social media to better equipe smart people on relationship maneuvers that suites the time]


Nice-guys provide women with instant gratification by doing whatever she says anytime she says it. He becomes the genie in the lamp by giving and doing whatever she wants. He is good and never will he ask for anything in return. Ladies like that kind of men only as friends not as dates. But you will always give a player a chance. You want a cookie ass man who will dazzle you around and still expect him not to cheat on you…. Such guys are social freak, all other ladies are interested in him too. Only a godly man can resist a rush of classy ladies. Don’t contradict yourself, make your dream man possible to find not the ones you saw on Telemundo, African Magic or in novels, his sweet flows might not guarantee a sweet life, his flashy life doesn’t mean that he has a vision. Nevertheless trust not your emotions.

























CODE 5: Trust Not Your Emotions






“Where we have strong emotions, we’re liable to fool

ourselves.” –


Carl Sagan


[ (1934 – 1996), American Astronomer]



Most times guys flow well with gals they naturally have feelings for; not of love but of lust. Learn to know when he is serious and when he is playing mind games with you.



In every card game house there is a cheat not too far away. Love being a power game, there are chances that some guy you don’t know or meeting in advance have advanced a strategy to enter your space to win your ace. Advance mentally, emotionally and spiritually in advance. These men have understood the complex wiring and wireless networks that connects from your mind to your head. They know what you want and how to alter your emotions, then put you towards love mode, reap you up in no time. Trust not your emotions, rather lean on your spiritman.


There is no way you can cross a waste conveying vehicle without getting to smell the odour it left hanging on the air. But how will you smell his flaws when your emotions is on the line? You can’t be clean and not sense a dirty guy even when he is clothed in white. A faithful woman will always sense a lie from a distance, even though it came wrapped up with beautiful foils. Most times what you need as a lady is just to go back to your nature and purify it not going from relationship to the other looking for a good guy. You need discernment. You need God.



When you take time to purify yourself, a man that don’t have anything to hide will become a perfect place a lady like you can hide her heart and how would you likely know he has nothing to hide? That’s why you need to ignit your discernment.







Code 6: Ignit Your Discernment System



For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.


Hebrews 4:12 KJV



When God told you to be like the little child, He had your interest at heart. He knew that the little children respond more to care, love and kindness more than they respond to power, influence and wealth.


Little children see the inside more than they look at the surface, they see the heart more than they notice the appearance. They know a good heart when they see one more than they know a poor look or a trendy wear.


That is what determines who they will allow to touch and carry them. It also determines who they will reciprocate their smiles to. It is their defence system, their trust mechanism. What’s yours?


Whats your discernment system telling you when that guy approached you? Just as the movie “The Legend Of The Seeker”, every woman can become a confessor to read into a man’s heart. Did you look out for their potentials or their bank credentials?


What you lookout for will determine if they will look up or look down on you at the long run. Just like the Shoprite security system every lady needs a backcode that will trigger an alarm within them when a guy wants to get into a foul play with their heart.


Joyce Meyer said “some people think discernment when actually they are just suspicious.. Suspicion comes out of the unrenewed mind; discernment comes out of the renewed spirit. So purify your spirit from sins and secret sins by asking Jesus sincerely for mercy in prayers and abiding in the light. And the voice in your conscience will become clearer and louder.


Look beyond the surface of things, to demystify the dark shades of a man’s heart. How wise are you compared to a baby?







Code 7: Become Immune To Players



Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The

man who lies to himself and listens

to his own lie comes to a point that

he cannot distinguish the truth

within him, or around him, and so

loses all respect for himself and for

others. And having no respect he

ceases to love.


Fyodor Dostoyevsky


[Fyodor Dostoyevsky was a Russian novelist, journalist, and short-story writer whose psychological penetration into the human soul had a profound influence on the 20th century novel.]



When a virus, bacteria or parasite enters the body, the body raises its temperature to kill its new aliens, the after-effect is fever….this is simply the body running high temperature to subdue its aliens. The body’s abilities to win is to the rate our immune system becomes active.


The same thing happens when a guy come to you with a sugarcoated words, which creates a thought in your mind, their is a fight within you, whether the relationship will be a blind date or not. That is your senses contemplating if the idea of going into the relationship is right or not having observed the kind of man he is: wealthy or poor, whether trendy or old school, whether tall or short, educated or illiterate. Intelligent or not, this results to inner conflict…. Whereas the spirit holds the answer but it was being negated hence remain mute. This struggle continues until probably you decide to gave the relationship a shot.


When the relationship fail to work, you often wonder how on earth you allowed such a dude into your heart. Its not as if you are silly to allow someone to surpass your defenses and gain a way into your heart, it is just that they sat on your blind spot. They gave you an impression which blinds you to the true picture of who they are. You didn’t discern correctly because your ego blocked the channel through which your mind could receive from the spirit. Making you to follow vanities instead of substance.



The first step of getting it right in a relationship is deciding not to deceive yourself, at that moment, your instinct will get louder inside of you.


The flowery spectacles clouding your judgement will be worn away, then love is no longer blind but sees clearly. The veil of vanity covering your understanding making you look at the surface will be unveiled. There and then you will know a good thing when you see one, even when it is covered with muds. You will also know that all that glitters are not gold. And in most cases raw gold need to be stripped of its scraps through fire(challenges) to look attractive but in case you maybe falling do not look through a dirty window.



















Twoflower didn’t just look at the

world through rose-tinted

spectacles, Rincewind knew—he

looked at it through a rose-tinted

brain, too, and heard it through

rose-tinted ears.


Terry Pratchett

[Regarded as one of the most significant contemporary

English-language satirists, Pratchett has won numerous

literary awards, ]



I learnt from a post by someone that when you look through a dirty window, you will only see dirty things, not until the window is properly cleaned, you will think everything outside is just dirty. When your believe is your window, it determines what you see and how you see it. Most of the ladies’ believes contradicts the way they perceive guys. Though it is natural for human to just follow what has been handed down to them from ancestors and generations without ever really searching and seeking out how and why a thing has come to be. A believe that all men are thesame had been passed down from generations and these have made many ladies not to expect high character qualities from guys. You only recognize the social and economic variances but agree that all men have character flaws and are incapable to be in a relationship with just one woman. Many no longer take time to seek for men with inherent qualities, as far as his social and material status is high, they can strike up a relationship with him. These cannot add up.









Making unwanted sexual advances virtually(social media) is called “cyber-flirting,” What happens in the virtual world affects the real world. Don’t buy the lie that you can have dual citizenship in both worlds, breaking the rules in one without consequence in the other.


K. Jason Krafsky


(K Jason Krafsky, in New York Times article, “A Double Standard”)


It is true that little escapes our notice, because guys are very visual people yet don’t sell yourself cheap to him. Just like Inyanya, for most men all they want is your waist, and like Wizkid they want to see your body sleeping on their bed……. Chris Brown wants to see you strip. With this in mind, guys believe this is 21st century when they get your apple product cheap in no time. With likes of whatapps, Facebook, messenger, Twitter, 2go, eskimo which opened a window for the low esteemed ladies to chat and feel among, for the shy to hook up individually with a guy avoiding a thousand eyes, it created a joint where the restrainted gal can hide away in the internet doing all sort and the lonely gal who converse in the joy of finding a soulmate but the ignorant and desperate ladies are being lured to a guy’s home and the rest is history. Some exchange nude pictures while some log it out online with cyber sex. This made the game easy for guys and they are having their way. Don’t indulge in all this nonsense, it dwindles your class!!!











Choose your love. Love your choice.


Thomas S. Monson



[President Thomas S. Monson has served as the 16th

President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day

Saints since February 3, 2008.]



Most Ladies subconsciously position themselves for men with style, swag and so much money and this is done with various beauty enhancements and accessories.


Men often lie to attain these lady’s material standards. Such relationship is sustained with lies and this gals are carried away with the hype and adventurous experience that this fake guy had to offer that they fail to consider his character flaws, misdeeds and the cruelty and arrogance from this unreal men who form what they are not in most cases. Though some of them are really rich but still possess some flaws. But There are still good rich folks though.


The realest guys are not being considered because maybe they are not made yet, or too real to be liked though they appear just the way they are without faking anything. Anyway, raw gold is not easily recognised until its crudeness is refined away.


I don’t envisage you get along with poor men but a rich man carrying around poor character and poor mindset is a worse man for you. Consider your standards again, I advise, it is better to watch and mow your own grass lawn(man) in order….. than to go after a green grass that might turn out to be a sentatic artificial grass….when you find yourself in a mess of a relationship don’t be more merciful than God.














Being respected by a guy is

more important than being beautiful to them



Genesie Keith Sta Ana



Animals have the capacity to learn and adapt but it largely depend on its instinct to connect to its environment and safe itself from danger. Humans in the other hand relies on their thinking and rationality to understand its environment and analyze situations but most times the human brain is slow, it cannot multitask and in most cases interrupted greatly by the emotions. Women are emotional being and when they are emotionally inclined into a relationship, even when a guy is playing a game or ill treat them, they are sure to endure and accept his pleas even when they know its all deception. Once or twice a guy misbehaves and his misbehavior is being treated with lavity, he is sure to take you for granted.

Create no middle ground, don’t be more merciful than God, take the control back. And if a guy messes up, treat it right away, measure his offenses, know when to sanction, when to overlook and when to leave and never turn back to his life. That means you must know what you want from a man and have a real standards too. Let him be at your mercy and don’t bury your head in the cloud.
















Never attempt to win by force what

can be won by deception.


Niccolò Machiavelli


[Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was an Italian political philosopher, musician, poet, and romantic comedic playwright. ]




According to Aristotle, he categorized human species as a political animals. Humans just like every other animal but a higher one has an instinct they never knew about. Lower animals don’t doubt their instinct but humans do doubt their instinct. Humans depend more on the knowledge they picked up from their environment which is most times illusionary, untrue, fictious and deceptive.


Don’t be fooled, most men are professional in keeping your head in the cloud with promises and false hope. A promise of a future together and a hope of a brighter tomorrow can play the deception, whereas what he wants is a lady who will keep him company and satisfy his sexual lust as he walks to actualize his dreams. We hide our objectives but carry out our plans. With democracy and women empowerment guys will never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception. Become more aware!




Don’t be deceived, there are brainwashes all over but there are true men anyway, you need to know which is which by:


1. Deciding not to deceive yourself:

Your conscience will come up alive when you decide to face the truth, then your instinct will communicate to you about what’s going on inside the man you loved. Trust your instinct, do beyond look, perceive….God communicates the deepest things of the heart hidden from a naked eye through your instinct but try to…keep your emotions aside this time:


2. keep your emotions aside this time: Then ask yourself critical questions. How kind and generous have he been with his friendship and to you, with the knowledge that LOVE IS ALL ABOUT SACRIFICE..


3. Love is sacrifice: What can he sacrifice and what have he sacrificed for you in the relationship?.or have….


4. … Have he been cruel and arrogant to you and others? And know…


5. Whether your love is being motivated by desperation or loneliness or inner needs . Don’t be misled by vanity, because these things can dent your spectacles from reading the writings on the wall.










CODE 13: Don’t be misled by vanity:


Vanity can overtake wisdom,

it usually overtakes common sense


Julian Casablancas


[Julian Fernando Casablancas (born August 23, 1978) is an American singer and songwriter. He is the lead vocalist of the rock band The Strokes]


“Money is no Security, Spirituality is real Security”


His position in the bank matters less if he has no caps in heaven. Don’t be longing for what he has, root for who he is, for that is the only way you can find peace and love in a union. Is he a Christian, is his lifestyle, attitude and behaviour culled from the Scriptures? Am sure you need a Joseph who won’t sleep with every Portiphar’s wife. Neither will you become Portiphar’s wife.


Remember, He won’t be there to protect you physically all the time when he marries you but you need an assurance that his godly life and prayers will draw down angels to surround you at every side when he is not there with you.


And am sure you just don’t need a man who has a gal in every city he plays, but you need a man who is strong enough to correct the wrongs around him and the might to stand for what is right. Even when your presence is absent, the thoughts of you will always keep him company.


In this process strive to appear pretty but strive more to become relevant. There are lots of painted faces everywhere in competition, so work hard not to arouse his loin but strive to arouse his intellect and desire for God without allowing your wife material to drop one yard in the process.


Trust not your beauty but believe in God. Your beauty can buy a space in the front sit of his car but it can’t buy a space in his heart when his head is telling him there is your replacement close by. But the gift of God is good and adds no sorrow. Be mindful, some men might pretend to be an angel of light, before they rip your heart, know this: there are wolves in human veneer making their claws look soft for an embrace.











All of a sudden, today, the elders who

battled temptation are now

the men luring girls into it.



Michael Mbuko

[ Screen write, feminist, philantropist and Author of the book “Men’s Power Games”]


70% of the ladies who had heeded to abstinence and had entered into a relationship with Christian brothers have realized that even the pastor's assistant lacks self control. This reality had plagued them to doubt the the authenticity of a Christian relationship based on "no sex" before marriage.


Making me to ask, have self discipline, the qualities of the saint eluded our churches, that our ladies are now an endangered specie because the grace that was meant to protect them is now the plague chasing them. Women are blamed for being so loose and little is said about the men that loosed her robe. Most of these men are reputable men in the Church and Christian organizations that should have covered them up and show them a better way.



Many of the ladies had loosed not only their virginity but hope when their are no examples to follow. Everybody is doing it, even the deacon and the choir master. Ladies seeing their worldly friends who resist abstinence still are getting suitors for marriage give up their faith to pursue the path of less resistance.



Virginity and discipline is no longer honored among Christian folks today. Even the Christian brothers prefer a worldly sister as long as she can arouse their loins…… My friend and sister Tammie Roundtree àdvised

“And I say a christian brother that desires a worldly woman is not a holy righteous christian. Light and darkness can not dwell in the same place. Don’t be fooled.


Every male and female has a need but the problem arises when we look to others to meet them. This is especially true of some women with men. We expect them to meet the needs that only God can fulfill and become disappointed when they can’t. Our expectations should be in God.”









The soul can do without everything

except the word of God, without

which none at all of its wants are

provided for.


Martin Luther

[Martin Luther was a German monk, theologian, university

professor and church reformer whose ideas inspired the

Protestant Reformation and changed the course of Western



“The problem that must be corrected is that we must unlearn the wrong principles that has been given to us by the world. We have to learn God’s true principles because they will lead us to happy relationships, marriages, and families. If we want the right results, we must know the right values of God.


The world makes us feel and think that God’s ways are impossible and not obtainable especially in regards to sex. But in fact God’s words and values reveals the ignorance of the worlds beliefs. We were created with the innate view and ability to want love, to be loved, to receive and give love but it must be done within the proper commands of God.


God’s perspective and view offers the way to everything good in life and until we understand, believe, trust and operate (doing) in his views we will continue to make wrong ungodly choices in life. We must endure patience to establish the right framework. A marriage can’t be happy if it is not built on the right foundation. This foundation has to be built long before the wedding.


We must know how to select the right mate. This is where dating and courtship takes place, two taboo words deemed old fashion and almost non-existence today, but required steps to building a happy relationships that then leads to a strong marriage.


You are right without a doubt their are many wolves in the church and while we may look to others to be our example the truth is this holy journey is an individual one. Also, why we are to be a separated people. We can not be moved and fooled by the fact that people claim with lip service to be “christians.” Their lifestyle will reveal sooner or later what they are, their conversation will as well. At the end of our life we stand before God alone so the fact that others are doing it will not stand with God.” So don’t play your royal flush in a moment.













CODE 16: Don’t play your Royal Flush in a moment.



Sexual intercourse is a gift that says, “Do not open until

marriage.” If you’ve already unwrapped it, wrap it up again!


Molly Kelly



When I used to play card game, I protected my royal flush towards the end of the game, then I will checkup with it. Now your royal flush is your ace, its your body, hold it back till the right time, until he marries you…period!!!

Though, when you give a woman an identity, she will strive to play that role. Call a lady your fiancée and she will play a role of a wife. Then men will eventually play a role of a husband with her on his king size bed and won’t seal the promise anymore with a ring. Don’t play your Royal Flush in a moment.

Mr worldly wisemen will come to deceive you with their words. Watch out for the signs, they are always there on the wall, his harsh words some times, his lack of sacrifice in some cases, his neglects, his lack of attention. He is not deeply concerned about you. Watch out for this signs. Aren’t there any “Danielas” anymore to intercept into ungodly man’s interoception.

Natural men like nature, they want to fill a moment with heat but this time of lust. Men are impatient most of the time, we can’t endure for long, deny him that which he wants or pretend not to want. He will whine and expose his real intention but when he gets it, he will have no initiative to keep wheeling the relationship. That’s how sweets get sore. Delay him access, he will act out in fury or leave the union.

*One good thing about the fear of God is, it makes you wiser than the world who in turn sees you as foolish. With God, you see the world from a different lense which leverages you against being fooled around. There is need to..











And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. [6] And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.


Luke 4:5-6



To fully understand the scope of what’s happening in the world one must first understand whose world this is. Satan is the prince of the air, the great deceiver and so the world has been deceived and fallen victim to his tactics. Satan hates the institution of marriage and happy good relationships. He is the author of all that’s wrong today.


He begins with Humanly devised ideas which are being framed by people under the sway of the devil and he does it cleverly by mixing good and evil. Now, the world instills the wrong principles into man, many accepted it without question because they don’t know the true principles of God.


Therefore, the worlds views, ideas, beliefs and cycle of perversion will continue to grow and contaminate society, this will continue until the world mirrors Sodom and Gomorrah. Luke 17:26-30


Take a look around we are practically there. It is satans nature that we call human nature, it allows us to yield to falsehood with a second thought. Satan counterfeits all aspects of God’s way. He offers only what looks, feels and seems like christianity.


I know this married pastor who is committing adultery with a lady in his church for about 10 years. Now the questions why would a woman willingly fornicate with a man that is married to another and why would this man that carries the title of pastor do such? Are they unlearned to what God’s word says? No, then why do they willingly commit sin? These are people that attend church faithfully, always in the “church” doing so-called “God’s business.” Can we look to and trust our pastors to lead us? Do we base the validity of our virginity in the hands of what others are doing: trading our body to please and keep a man is futile. Do we follow them down the abyss to hell just because they wear the title of well respected, honorable pastors, ushers, choristers?



And yet the only way to even know, to truly see truth is through the eyes and perspective of God and to do this one must be filled with the spirit of God. And once you are you are able to discern from good and evil by the commandments and statues of God. There is so much more I can say on this but I will leave you for now. Stay Bless and ….












God has given you one face, and you

make yourself another.


William Shakespeare


[was an English poet , playwright , and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist. ]




I hurried one early morning to GT Bank at Ikeja, Lagos to get Some money to aid execute a project and as I approached I reflected on the mirror like window stretching from up to down, I had to stir hard to see my bushy bard, my brown face and uncombed hair, I had to look at my wear more clearly maybe it will upgrade my nasty look and I was lost in thought about what those bankers dressed on corporate suit will think of me.

Now, what do you say when you stand in front of a mirror? What do you see? What did you think and feel? Do you often wonder like I did by asking yourself “what will they think? Or will they like what they see? You are simply not proud of yourself and don’t deserve any blessings attached to that “self.” Our blessings comes to the propensity we are proud of our uniqueness, that’s why we are uniquely created. Don’t strive to look like any other, they can’t divide their blessings with you.



We all want to look good, infact there is a piece of healthy vanity in us that makes us want to look our best, that wants to be noticed, distinguished and considered beautiful and attractive. We don’t only care about how we look and appear, there are insecurities about our appearance that makes us feel like we needed more height, to look more slimmer or add more weight, like we needed more hair, eye lashes, more butts and boobs. Like we need to get some beauty enhancements and beauty touches to look smart and accepted, respected and significant to people that we clearly forget what we look like and whose image we are to appear. Don’t mar your uniqueness.


Don’t let the spirit of insecurities or men pleasing make you hide your real image on a painted face for the devil placed those spirits there. Everyone has an identity, now in whose identity will shaved and refixed eyelids and well coated face represent.

Be real to an extent that your real spouse can recognise you when they look at you. Playboys like you painted, to them there are enough gals who had lost their real identity to play with. Flaunt your real self and not a painted image, for only idols are being painted.









Code 19: God over Everything


We are not necessarily doubting that

God will do the best for us; we are

wondering how painful the best will

turn out to be.


C.S. Lewis



[(1898–1963) was one of the

intellectual giants of the twentieth century and arguably one

of the most influential writers of his day.]



God created in you freewill and affection, freewill to make choices and affection to love. He expected you to choose to divert that affection to Him so that he will help you grow in love. Now, when you choose not to love Him, there is a void in your heart but you do look for human love, money or jeweleries to fill that space. But happiness is still out of view. Even many who say they love God yet fail to keep His Laws.



We think buying the latest stuffs will bring us happiness only for us to realise that the happiness last only for a moment after satisfaction is reached And our insecurities abound when we realize that we can’t do without those flashy things.


Most times ladies enter into relationships with dudes who will service the bills of their luxurious yearnings. The rush leads to sex and before they could realise what is going on the guy had tasted what he is hungry for and there will be no more will and initiative to get the union going; breakup is no longer an option.


God first….








Code 20: Don’t judge the book by its covers.



Manners maketh a man


Colin Firth


[Star actor Colin Firth in a movie “Kingsman : The Secret Service” played Harry Hart: quoting William Horman]





In this case, Judge a book by its content not by its covers because “manners maketh a man” said a kingsman agent. The packaged man may have little character flaws you may take for granted now, what about later. Don’t fall for his Display Picture(dp) either, 21century came with picture altering technologies, can you deal with his reality?


He mustn’t be poor either, a determined, mannered and enterprising dreamer might not have money now but he is wealthy, he might be in the valley today but will rise to the top tomorrow. World power changes hands, before the Persians it was the Egyptians. Before the British it was the Romans. And now its America. World power changes hands and so do wealth changes hands too. Before any one knew there was America in the world map many nations have risen and fallen. That guy you might be looking down on today might be our present day America tomorrow.

Never mind, Men do feel as much the same way that you feel, from afar, your wants might not be clear to them, they feel you may not accept them or you will snob them and also their heart also get broken, which in most remote cases led to their flirty behaviour, they play in between the line because they may like your facial makeup but doubt your character makeup.

The character you are looking for should also be what you express cos likes attracts likes, the same way deep connects to the deep.









Code 21: Check his wrist watches, does he have your time :




The most desired gift of love is not

diamond or roses or chocolate but attention and focus



Quality time is not a gift of an expensive Rolex watches but a gift of his presence paying rapt attention to you. Most times men would likely decide to woo gals outside the category and class of women they naturally would go out with. Don’t just conclude that they won’t have your time maybe because his levels and class supersedes yours.


Watch out if the attention they paid after a very long time is not serving their lustful purpose; check, likely, they might have your time at that moment not because they love you but because the previous gal is gone so he needed the service of a laundry lady, a cleaner and a cook in the guise that he loves you.


Check out if the reason they called after a long time is not as a result of their loneliness, maybe he needed a company for a time being. Love is verb it is not just a spoken word but a doing word . They have to prove to you that when your presence is not seen, it is felt. A good lover holds his lover close to his heart and is aware that true love waits.










Code 22: True love waits;





Lovers are patient and know that

the moon needs time to become



Muhamad Rumi


[ Muhammad Rūmī was a 13th century Persian (Tādjīk) poet]


Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud. Many today have misconceived love with obsession. When they are obsessed about someone, they think they love them, but no; for obsession is an uncontrollable desire to have something, obsession wants it now and anyhow, which is the very opposite of love. For love gives, love teaches you patience, it gives you faith and it renews your hope for a better tomorrow. If he loves you, he would wait for you. He won’t be in a hurry to unzip your pants. He’s going to respect you and be kind to your feelings. He isn’t going to see you as the next experiment to show his sexual prowess. But rather, he would be ready to endure all things with you. Sex is never a proof of love but its a sign that he lusts after you and soon you’d both be lost in sin. For love is never happy with evil, but is happy with the truth.


True love comes from the heart and not the flesh. Its always ready to go the extra mile with you, enduring with you, Giving you all its got. Don’t be deceived by the sugar-coated tongues of men but you can fall for a genuine one. Men can brag to know what you wanted to hear and they are ready to tell you all that, all day long but be careful not to shot up the real ones. Love never brags, it listens. Love would not give up on you, despite your shortcomings. Don’t sell yourself cheap because you’re trying to ‘fit in’. Know who you are and know what you want. Know that you deserve true love for you were created with true love but don’t trade your power of choice.



















Code 23: Don’t Trade Your Power Of Choice:






It is our choices, Harry, that show

what we truly are, far more than

our abilities.


J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber

of Secrets (Harry Potter #2)


[ J.K Rowling is the greatest writer of our time and the author of the book Harry Potter]






Everyone on planet earth was created with the power to make choices. Humans are baggages of choices they have made from time immemorial, We are often categorized by the choices we have made over time. Though there are choices you don’t determine, like the place you were born but you can choose which spouse you settle with.


There are fat and slim men; there are poor , middle class and rich people, there are wise and foolish people, there are tall and short people, there are handsome men, not too handsome men. There are big nose and small pointed nose, there are white, red, black and coloured people. There are shy and there are courageous people; there are people with swags and style and there are easy going simple people; there are quiet and there are outspoken confident people. There are people with little to no dress sense but there are people with great fashion sense. There are liars and there are honest people. There are proud people and there are humble people. There are Bad and there are good people. There are people with dreams and are working hard to achieve it, there are dreamless people, and there are folks with dreams but ain’t doing anything about it. There are godly people and there are atheist.


Every one wasn’t created the same so that we all can utilize our power of choice. If you trade your power of choice due to what people will say, or because of impatient, or even due to outside influences you have yourself to blame.


What you choose most times can be determined by the values and beliefs you inculcated overtime. Though it may not be easy to find what you are looking for bottled up in one individual but you will have to know the most important of what you wanted.

















Code: 24: Children are lured with vanilla, Adults are lured with vanity



Had I been in love, I could not have

been more wretchedly blind. But

vanity, not love, has been my folly.


Jane Austen



[Jane Austen (16 December 1775 – 18 July 1817) was an

English novelist whose works of romantic fiction, set

among the landed gentry, earned her a place as one of the

most widely read writers in English literature]




If you think relationship is all about a void someone can fill financially, materially and physically or to upgrade your status and class, you are wrong. Real love is not about what someone can do for you, but its all about how they make you feel when you are with them or without them; you don’t always have to be like a beautiful accessory worn all around as a symbol of class or a stock shown to friends. For inasmuch as a jewelry is worn to show off, it can fade in the heart of those that wear them and could be replaced at any time. Don’t wait till you are replaced to realize that its your vanity, not love, has been your folly. You are much more than that.



“Don’t mess around and overlook your blessing because the individual doesn’t look like you, or not as educated as you, or they don’t run in your sect or class. God has raised up a people that are helping others to get to their destiny, but here is the thing….you will miss it if you’re looking for someone who you think fits the bill. As a matter of fact some of you need to pray and ask God if you’ve already overlooked someone because this maybe why the thing you keep praying about hasn’t come to pass….your pride and arrogance caused you to overlook who God sent to be a blessing. I don’t want this to get misconstrued. This is not “only” applicable in a search for soulmate…It goes the same line of locating individuals who has been assigned to you to help you get to your destiny. Don’t miss your blessing because your vision has become dim. Amen!” Tera Rush.






















Code 25: Check your Biological Clock In Respect To your Time Zone:


To every thing there is a season,

And a time to every purpose under the heaven:”


King Solomon

(The wisest King of all time)


African Tourist knows that if you are traveling from Uganda to Nigeria you will gain two hours in time, that means Uganda is two hours ahead of Nigeria. That means Ugandans saw the New Year before those in Nigeria sees it, but does that mean Nigerians saw it late? Or will not see it? No! Nigerians had to wait until their own unique time zone clocks New Year!


We all are programmed with inherent time zones, the other lady might get married before you, that doesn’t make her faster. don’t envy her either, or start playing out your desperation and neediness, men have an inherent device that dictates your desperation and neediness. Natural law states that what you are chasing is running from you and what you are running away from is chasing you but most cases in relationship what you are chasing will want to plunder you….hold yourself!!!


Every woman long for this indescribable feelings that puts their head in the cloud. That feeling that makes her feel like the only woman in the heart of her man and when she is touched by him in matrimony..she feels this tangling sensation running down and chilling her spine. Is it walking down the aisle with him or enjoying the magic that takes place in the kitchen while cooking dinner with him. This is every woman’s dreams!!!


The need to satisfy this yearnings can push your feet out of the yard, yet be balanced, be comport, be godly, discover yourself for that will clear you from all insecurities, don’t be too self sufficient either or despise men but rather be happy with happy people for “You can’t be sad and attract favour. Good things only come to those in a state of happiness and joy. “ said Joyce Gold. And joyous people are people who understand God’s timing in their life irrespective of what their environment may be saying.


Though every woman is like perishables, they fade with time in the social market but there is no perishing for those who wait on the Lord for one man’s old is another man’s young, one man’s “ugly” is another man’s “beautiful.” God oversees the affairs of men.






Code 26: Honor God And Not The Eyes of Men



Dressing well is a form of good manner

Tom Ford


[Thomas Carlyle "Tom" Ford (born August 27, 1961) is an American fashion designer and film director. He gained international fame for his turnaround of Gucci and the creation of the Tom Ford label before directing the Oscar -nominated film A Single Man. ]



“2016 is moving on and you need to know that no matter how endowed you are, you should know that the way you display your goods tell us what your target market is. A good product doesn’t need much advising, a good product sells itself no matter how bad the market is. It is so appalling and disrespectful when women dress without regard to morality, we understand the economic situation you don’t have to be desperate. What will be will be, place a little value on what you have and people will appreciate you the more.”


Sun Newspaper (editted)


We all have the freedom to choose, but that doesn’t mean the choices we make are right and approved by God. Our beliefs and decisions must be anchored by God’s word, otherwise they uphold the standards of the world and lead us wandering from the creator. In todays society we are constantly bombarded with provocative and alluring styles of dress. It has become the norm acceptable on all grounds, even the christian ground. But what is our clothing speaking about us? Does it reflect God’s ownership of our bodies? Perhaps it’s screaming look at me, materialism, sexuality, and pride but it should speak and reflect modesty and godliness.


We are to bring glory to God in everything we do and this includes our sense of dress. (I Corinthians 6:19-20) We must have the mindset of Christ, which births the right internal heart of God and the external of our being will also reflect it. It is simply a matter of honoring God and not the eyes of man. We should look like and represent the being God created us to be male and female. Ladies do not hope to find a true godly man if your cover message speaks sexual, skimpy, revealing attire and likewise men do not hope to find a true godly good thing wrapped in sexual allure. It’s contrary to the principles of God. Using our bodies and clothing to manipulate and attract another dishonors God. (Proverbs 7:10-27) We can not act, walk, and look like the world, while claiming to be a christian. There must be a separation from the world. We must evaluate what we wear by the word of God being respectable with modesty. (I Timothy 2:9) So, again I ask what does your cover (clothing) speak about you?









Code 27: Jump while you still have the strength


I am done looking for love where it

doesn’t exist. I am done coughing

up dust in attempts to drink from

dry wells.


Maggie Young

[ Alaska television reporter, author and once a US Navy]




My childhood was characterized with all kinds of plays unknown to kids living in the Victoria Island(Residuals for wealthy people).., and since my parents couldn’t afford to buy me toys, I made do with what I saw around me….I went for lizard hunting, bush rat chasing and frog torturing. I thank God that period wasn’t like this time when Leaser fever kills, this book would have been buried with me cos I played with such things as rats. Me and folks already knew how to make frogs confess What they came to do in our backyard and gutters in the neighborhood.


One day I caught a frog behind our fence , I was going to torture the frog, so i put the frog in an iron bowl and began to heat it up but I realized that the frog remained calm and as the water gets hot the frog still remained there but suddenly it began to leap but couldn’t leap out anymore, it has become tired, the hotness had dawned on it, for few minutes it couldn’t curtail the hotness and it was too exhausted to leap out of the iron bowl, it died. I wondered why it didn’t get away when it had the strength to. This question stayed with me and the Biology classes i attended in High School never gave an answer until few days ago when I realized in someone’s post that

“As the temperature of the water began to rise, the frog adjusted its body temperature accordingly. The frog kept adjusting its body temperature with the increasing temperature of the water. Just when the water is about to reach boiling point, the frog couldn’t adjust anymore. At this point the frog decided to jump out. The frog on triyng to jump was unable to do so because it has lost all its strength in adjusting with the rising water temperature. The frog died.


The question is, What killed the frog?

Think about it! I know many of us will say the boiling water. But the truth about what killed the frog was its own inability to decide when to jump out.”



Yes, some Ladies like that little frog allow their boyfriends and fiancée to treat them cruelly, inflect them with arrogance and abuse them with beatings and rape, anyway it seems the sun glasses they used in covering their bruised eye are too dim for them to see the guy’s brutality. Someone advices “We all need to adjust with people and situations, but we need to be sure when we need to adjust and when we need to move on. Love doesn’t hurt. There are times when we need to face the situation and take appropriate actions. If you allow your spouse to exploit you physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually or mentally they will continue to do so. You have to decide when to jump! Don’t get stucked in but land, jump while we still have the strength……not after time had gone and your beauty had begin to fade.






Code 28: Don’t get Stocked in “But land



“What is love, if it is not sure”


Veronica Bozeman

(Actress, A cast in Fox TV Series “Empire”)



It all began with just a friend and now you expected him to take it to another level, and he did, his love is second to none, he is quite kind to you and sometimes his sweet voice draws the many cords, the sweet melody playing in your head each moment you are reminiscing.


His voice does things to your system no other voice can, you seek his approval in all things, only his gentle voice can calm your anger range. Sometimes, the flash of his thoughts across your mind puts smiles on your face in the presence of serious people who thought of you as merely stupid or unserious but you are magnifying his presence in your mind that no one understands your five minutes madness.


It should be time to take another step into holy matrimony and each time you discuss it with him “I will think about it but our relationship is still young,” “we will But am not ready now,” “I need to have one million in bank before marriage” “I still have works to do.” Etc is always the response.


Babies had left creche to primary and the only one you hold dear in your heart is leaving you clueless all these time. You express how much you love him and how much you would break down emotionally if not him you’re loving but he is not even sure its you he wants to settle down with.


When he managed to pick your call you sense its not going to workout and all the time you feel your text never got appreciated and It seems all your Shakespearic words never get any closer to his heart let alone having any effect on his conscience. . leave, don’t get stocked in “But-land”, he wants to leave but dont know how to tell you, you can live without him, there is no love if he is not sure where the relationship is headed……when you leave and is still single and lonely, don’t regret a mile..











Code 29: Don’t Regret A Mile You Strayed Away




“We all do things we desperately

wish we could undo. Those regrets

just become part of who we are,

along with everything else. To

spend time trying to change that,

well, it’s like chasing clouds.”


Libba Bray


[Bray graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1988 as a Theatre major. She is a playwright and a novelist]








Have you ever been watching a movie and felt like you were actually there? Or perhaps pulled into a good book by the words of the author? Maybe you were walking down the road with headphone on, singing at the top of your lungs to a new tune and were almost completely unaware of what was going on around you.


If so, congratulations! You have been hypnotized!


Hypnosis was commonly defined by someone as a relaxed and focused state of concentration.. but there could be a disturbing hypnosis, You can be hypnotised by the thoughts of the past, regrets have a way it can magnify your past mistakes, and put your head in the past as the world go on most especially what you did for love that never worked.


No doubts, Love can make you do many things you can’t believe you did, love can make you defy reasons, logic and sound advice. In fact when you are high on love anything or anyone who comes in between you and your lover is going to dance to the music of the spirits.


Did you sell your jewelry and offloaded your cash in the banks to support a guy who later disappeared in thin air. Did you defied your parents advise to leave him at the onset, did you chase away friends who tried to tell you he is a gold digger, did you leave him hoping to find love elsewhere which never happened. I won’t talk about giving him your virginity after years of keeping what the Sunday school teacher preached. Love is a feeling we can’t do without but mind you, you need some knowledge in order to make better choices next time and dont go on to despise all men. Or peg the penalties of your ex on the current guy you are courting.


FC Forerunner advised “ regrets are not harmless, yet it will deceive you. The Spirit of REGRET is linked to the PAST, causing you to FOCUS there.

•It’s an ENEMY spirit.

•It keeps your soul in BONDAGE.

•It’s rooted in Disappointment.

•It serves SELF (Pride)

•It produces BITTERNESS.

Here’s the KEY:


Release YOURSELF from the Fear of FAILURE.

False Burden wants to keep you weighed down with guilt and shame, RENOUNCE it! After you have FORGIVEN yourself and/or others, leave it with GOD and don’t let your wife material drop one yard.













Code 30: Be a wife material.


Of all the home remedies, a good wife is




Kin Hubbard



[Frank McKinney Hubbard (born 1 September 1868 in

Bellefontaine, Ohio – died: 26 December 1930 in

Indianapolis, Indiana ) was an American cartoonist,

humorist , and journalist better known by his pen name

“Kin” Hubbard .]



A lot of women are out there today wanting to get married, but they are not ready for the role of marriage. We all want to marry the real man but are we real enough for any man to marry?


We need to learn the basics of keeping a home. We need to be a wife for a man to marry us. The Bible says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the lord” it didn’t say, he who finds a ‘girl’…. Stop being a girl and be a wife.. And How can you be a wife?

1. Learn to keep the home neat; Be neat, be tidy, be smart. Learn to sweep and mop, learn how to cook, learn how to keep the kitchen tidy during and after cooking. Learn how to scrub the bathroom and make it sparkling. Learn how to arrange your cloths neatly. Learn how to tidy up your shoes and every other things in the home. Learn how to keep things where they ought to be.


2. Learn how to take care of yourself: A lot of women go about with different kind of odours; Mouth odour, armpit odour, body odour, vaginal odour, hair odour etc.. These things send the wrong signal about you. They piss men off and they are irritating! Learn to brush your teeth twice daily with a good toothbrush changing your tooth brush after six months. Learn to use good roll-on for your armpit so you don’t have to sweat and smell like goats. Bath twice daily focusing on your private parts to remove any residuals that might lead to bacterial growth and odours. Make sure your hair is always neat, combed and tidy. Wear clean cloths. Look good to attract good things.


3. Have a good attitude: A lot of ladies out there are moving with fine faces but ugly attitude! No. learn to be courteous, learn to talk to people with respect, learn to be humble, learn to smile and put a smile on someone’s face. Be polite, be gentle, be warm. You don’t know who is watching.


4. Be hardworking: Gone are the days when men were the only ones working to earn an income and women whiling away time. No! As a lady, you got to work hard to get what you want. You have to be able to provide your basic needs and also be a helping hand to someone. You got to be responsible. If you are on a pay roll, you would have no need to depend on a man for anything. Men respects women that can fend for themselves. Stop lazing about! No man wants a liability for a wife.


5. Be prayerful: We live in a physical world controlled by the spiritual realm. To be able to get things done rightly, you need to get on your knees. Marriage isn’t a place for the careless ones. The enemies are really attacking homes and relationships. To be able to keep your man and home, you have to pray. Nothing good comes easily. It takes divine intervention to get the real things, including a real man. You got to pray and control things to work in your favour. Be sober, be vigilant, because your enemy, the devil is roaming around seeking whom he may devour…. Pray that you may not become a prey but you must have a marriage. …








Code 31: Have a marriage plan.



“Many plan for wedding that last few hours, and fail to plan for marriage that last for a life time


Queen Obieje


[Fashion designer, Advicer and mother]


Now that you’ve known everything about the do’s and don’t‘s in a relationship and how to identify the real guy, you need to know the next step to take in having a successful marriage.

Below are five things you need to talk about with your partner before saying I DO.


1. Communication. You and your partner must talk about every decision pertaining you both before taking them. You must talk about how you both must put each other first before taking a decision. I.e you don’t make a decision that’s going to affect the both of you without consulting your better half. Communication is a key point in building a successful marriage. Learn to talk about everything, that way, you will be each other’s best friend.


2. Talk about finances: Finances has been an issue that many couple seem to overlook but its of crucial importance for home building. Yes I know many couple seem to be carried away by love that they forget that marriage isn’t only sustained by love. We’ve seen a lot of couple divorce due to financial problems and mismanagement. Every intending couple need to have a financial plan. How they earn their income, how much they earn, and how to build their income in the nearest future to accommodate their emerging and growing family. You need a talk about how to save, how to invest and how to spend your money. This is very crucial/important.


3.Talk about sex: Intending couples need to talk about their sexual compability. You need to know about what you partner feels about sex and how you both can meet your sexual needs. Research shows that couples that have sex more often leads a happier life than those who don’t. Couples who have different opinions about sex shouldn’t go into marriage cause that marriage is doomed to suffer some set back. You must both be sexually compatible!


4. Talk about your Beliefs about life generally: He beliefs that there’s a God, but she believes that God doesn’t exist. Now tell me how can such a marriage survive the storms of life? He thinks mohammed is the messiah, but she believes that Jesus is the saviour. How can this couple be a role model to other believers? Or how can they discuss peacefully without yelling at each other? Definitely, one persons belief would suffer disintegration. Couples should share the same belief about life, about religion and about their dreams and visions. Their dreams and vision should be compatible and it should supplement each other.


5. Talk about your children: How many children do you both want to have and how do you plan bringing them up. What role would you both share to make sure you raise the best kids God wants them to be? What are the values you want to inculcate into them and what kind of school would be best for them. Children are a key role in every marriage and thus, they should be discussed about even before bringing them in. Your principles in raising children shouldn’t differ. You should talk about what and what should be done in front of the children and what shouldn’t be.


A lot of intending couple spend more time planning about their wedding without planning about their marriage, the kind of marriage they want to have and not want to. This is very very important, and every couple should make sure they go according to plans to avoid causing conflict, except they both decide other wise.





















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