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Red Rock Road, Light Blue Sea

A midlife couple treks the wild edges of Spain, navigating between bliss and burnout. Their destination, a rustic island cottage, proves a crucible of rebirth: of self, love, and art. On a backpacking pilgrimage amid the wild and picturesque beauty of the Iberian landscape, Canadian tourists Wilson and Noella have pared away everything but the most essential elements: sea and sky, earth and sun, art and love. Taking refuge from encroaching winter, they explore the limits of their creative and romantic identities during a six-week sojourn on the Spanish island of Formentera. Wilson, an experimental writer, is haunted by visions of an elusive Moorish palace, and driven to coax a chronicle of their journey into a novel architecture. Noella, his partner of two years, is a fledgling painter and poet breaking free from her two children and the responsibilities of their British Columbia homestead. She suffers a toothache which deepens to the pain of an identity crisis: artist, lover, mother, nothing at all? As the couple faces fears of infidelity and the specter of separation, they long for a new intimacy, a deeper embrace. Wilson, resolving life’s mysteries in a marriage of fictional and nonfictional forms, must learn to find the fabled palace in the familiar, the self-created, the close at hand; to satisfy both art and love.

  • ISBN: 9781370993383
  • Author: Nowick Gray
  • Published: 2018-03-22 01:35:06
  • Words: 63017
Red Rock Road, Light Blue Sea Red Rock Road, Light Blue Sea