Firstly i would like to render my Acknowledgments to the many individuals who have helped me through the years. However, some have contributed so much that their names literally jump off the pages of my life and demand recognition. Heading the list are my parents who gives my life meaning while making it fun and worthwhile. Their love has been the steadying and motivating factor that is and always has been present regardless of circumstances. Through There living examples of faith, courage, common sense, and love gave me the foundation for life and much material for this book.

Mr Terryson Himayumbula, The author of Rich Father with Poor Children, My brother and Mentor, gave me national and international exposure through his company and made the road I travelled as an Engineer, speaker and author considerably easier.

[* My colleagues on the platform – Differ Simalundu, Nicholas Hatontola, Chitube chiyaba, Patrick Silishebo, Moses Mukanda, Chibuye shumbwa,- all played an important part in the areas of encouragement, instruction, and inspiration. Collins Himayumbula "Brother Corinto Care," whose advice, help, encouragement, and belief in me was vitally important in furthering my career and my personal life as well. Mr Mulima, My Bro-In-law, your hard work and desire for achieving more was a pillar to me. Your helping Hand sow me through my hard times. *]

Chalwa Hamooya, My woman. You have been there through thick and thin. You deserve acknowledgements.

My friend, business partner and fellow speaker, Mr Timothy Ngosa, whose experience was invaluable in the publication of the original edition. Mr Andrew Nyondo contributed greatly to the clarity and effectiveness of this edition.

Family member, thanks for your prayers and solidarity. Each one of you was a gift from God for which I thank Him every day.

To all of you, whom I have named, please accept my deepest thanks. To you whom I have not named, please know that even though you are unnamed in this work, you are not unknown to me and you are appreciated more than you know. To all of you, good luck, God bless you, have a good forever, as we Reclaim our success.


Last Himayumbula (Engineer)




Instead of realizing their dreams, too many people never get started, too busy, instead listing all the reasons why they cannot achieve their dreams.

Things like:

p<>{color:#000;}. I do not have enough money.

p<>{color:#000;}. I’m not talented.

p<>{color:#000;}. I do not have enough knowledge.

p<>{color:#000;}. I do not have enough experience.

p<>{color:#000;}. I have failed many times in the past.

p<>{color:#000;}. I’m not lucky.

p<>{color:#000;}. Who am I to dream of making such an impact?

…and so on.

They defeat themselves before they even get started!

This is not what you deserve, you deserve greatness and it is already in you. What you ought to do is just to reclaim it.

So, here are 10 reasons why YOU CAN achieve your dreams:

1. You can because it feels great!

“[_To be able to get out of bed and do what you love for the rest of the day is beyond words.” _]–  John Schroeder

Your dream exists to turn your life into a masterpiece of joy and contribution. Doing what you love and living your life on your own terms are the best things you can do for yourself.

2. You can because it’s YOUR dream

Writer Richard Bach says, “You’re never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.

The dream that is born inside your heart will never exist, if you do not have the power to make it come true. That’s a timeless truth. Since you have thought about it, then you have an innate ability to achieve it. It’s so unique that only you can make it true.

3. You can because it shapes your future

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

The world’s movers and shakers are those who believed in their dreams and persevered until they manifested what they have dreamt about. Envision your dream and see by your heart’s eyes how it can change the world and have a huge impact on so many lives.

4. You can because you can land on the clouds

“[_I’m a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.”  _]–Mike Tyson

When you work on your dreams, you will create your best life possible. Even if you cannot reach the stars, you will at least land on the clouds.

5. You can because you are hungry

If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.” –Les Brown

Nothing will feed your hunger for making a difference more than pursuing your dream.It will add meaning to your life and make your efforts worthwhile. It will make you wake up every morning with exhilaration and enthusiasm.

As Les Brown says, “You gotta be HUNGRY” or success.

6. You can because you don’t want to die again

When you cease to dream you cease to live.” –Malcolm Forbes

If you ignore the love and light in your heart, your soul will die of starvation. Too many people are living, but very few are actually ALIVE! Following a dream is the only way to start living. When you dream, you become alive. And I do not think you want to ignore your dream and die again.

7. You can because you are a pioneer

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” –Oscar Wilde

You will face criticism, not because you are wrong, but because you are a pioneer. People are not used to see dreamers who have crazy ideas to make the world a better place. Most people are so stuck in the rut that they do not believe someone can get out, spread his/her wings and fly high in the sky.

8. You can because you deserve it

Dreams are the touchstones of our character.” –Henry David Thoreau

You deserve to have a big dream and to become remarkable. If you do not leave your mark in the world, no one will remember you. Living small makes you small and you are born to be great. You have a dream because you have a strong character that strives to live big and be big.

9. You can because there is a problem that only you can solve

Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.” –Edgar Cayce

You dream because you have a burning desire to solve a problem or fulfil a need that would make the world a better place. You are our answer to our most difficult questions. You owe it to us and to the world.

10. You can because you’ve got the courage

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” –Walt Disney

All what your dream needs is courage that will nurture it and make it grow beyond all limitations. And you have this courage within you. If you’re passionate about it, unleash it. No matter what you think or what other people think, YOU CAN.

You can.

You deserve.

You owe it to yourself and to the world.

It’s time to believe in the beauty of your dreams and show the world the promise and brilliance of your legacy.



A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Lao-tzu

Do you have a dream deep in your heart that you want to pursue? If you do, have you taken the first step necessary to achieve it? Taking the first step is perhaps the most difficult thing to do in achieving a dream. There are a lot of mental obstacles that make it difficult to take that first step.

Here are some dont’s, to help you solve the mental obstacles:

p<>{color:#000;}. Don’t wait until the situation is perfect.

You should not wait until the situation is perfect because the situation will never be perfect. No matter how or when you see it; there will always be something that make you think again.

p<>{color:#000;}. Don’t wait until other people agree with you.

Just like you shouldn’t wait for the situation to be perfect, you shouldn’t wait until everybody agrees with your idea. There will always be opposition, and that is perfectly normal. If you wait until there is a consensus, you will never start.

p<>{color:#000;}. Don’t wait until your skill is good.

We might think that we need to have good skill before we start doing something. But the truth is, you will learn much more by doing than by waiting. Doing allows you to hone your skill much faster than just learning the theory.

As you can see, the three points above have “don’t wait” in them. So here is the bottom line:

The best time to start is *now*.

I learned this in Motivation speaking and writing. When I started, I didn’t have the skill to create good content nor to market it properly. But I started writing anyway. The first months were really tough. After speaking for months, I got only few followers. Thankfully, the experience taught me a lot. While there is still a lot of room for improvement, I’m now amazed to see what I’ve learned along the way.

Here are some more things you should do to successfully take the first step:

1. Believe in your dream.

Believing in your dream is essential to get the motivation you need to achieve it. You simply can’t fool your own heart. Deep down inside you know whether or not you can believe in your dream. Is the dream worth pursuing? Is it something that you want to pour your heart into?

2. Visualize your dream.

Can you imagine – in detail – how the world will look like when your dream comes true? Visualizing your dream will energize you because you can then see how the world changes for the better and how people live a happier life because of your dream. The energy and excitement is there for you to feel.

3. Expect a hard way ahead.

While it’s not impossible, achieving your dream is definitely not easy. Don’t expect an easy way; expect a hard one instead. Having the right expectations from the beginning will make the journey much easier for you. That way, you won’t be surprised and lose heart when you encounter obstacles along the way.

4. Take one bite at a time.

Your dream may be big (it should be!) and that might make it seem overwhelming. But, like the saying says, “When eating an elephant take one bite at a time.” So take a small portion of it that you can handle. Think about something that you can do within one week, and then think about what you can do today. It could be as simple as calling a more experienced friend to ask some questions.

There is no doubt that you can eat the elephant. But the key is to take the bites early and often

What Are Your Career Goals? Dare to Dream!

Create a vision for yourself for the long-term future. The more clearly your vision of health, happiness, and prosperity, the faster you move toward it and the faster it moves toward you. When you create a clear mental picture of where you are going in life and set clear career goals, you become more positive, more motivated, and more determined to make it a reality. You trigger your natural creativity and come up with idea after idea to help make your vision come true.

You always tend to move in the direction of your dominant career goals, dreams, images, and visions. The very act of allowing yourself to dream big dreams actually raises your self-esteem and causes you to like and respect yourself more. It improves your self-concept and increases your level of self-confidence. It increases your personal level of self-respect and happiness. There is something about dreams and visions that is exciting and that stimulates you to do better than you ever have before.

Here is a great question for you to ask and answer, over and over again: What one thing would I dare to dream if I knew I could not fail?

If you were absolutely guaranteed of success in any one goal in life, large or small, short-term or long-term, what would it be? What one great goal would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?


“[_ Do not despise small beginnings, for the lord rejoices to see the work begin”- Zachariah 4:10. _]

You don’t need to see the whole road to Kitwe, just take the first step in faith.


You have to start somewhere, right? So if you are going to dream why not make up in your mind that you are going to dream big. Make up in your mind that you are going to dream on purpose and with a purpose!

Less brown one said “Most people fail in life not because they aim to high and miss, No. it’s because they aim too low and hit

So what if you have this wonderful dream that one day you are going to take over the world, one day you will become the best footballer in the national football league, one day you will dance and sing on stage across the nation, One day you will become an Author, One day you will become a millionaire.

No matter what your dream is or what it may take to get you there you have to start somewhere in order to achieve that dream. Once you have made your mind that you will dream big, start with honesty. No matter what age you are, you have to start with a true sense of where you are right now.

One day as I was chatting with my friend and personal motivator Mr Andrew Nyondo, he reminded me of what he was from reading from one of his favourite books. He told me, my friend. There are two important days in life that defines you, the day you were born and the day you find out why. For some minute I kept quiet and realised many people have died without knowing why they were born.

From my research I found out that the time you choose to dream and later begin to move towards your goal, that is the point you start knowing why you were born.

All in all, you ought to start somewhere and that the dream, not just a mare dream, but a burning desire to achieve.

I wanted to be a motivational speaker and an author besides being an Engineer by Profession, the day that I realised this dream, I also realised that I had never spoke to any audience to motivate beside Church program presentations or singing in church. That time I was in university in my third year. My friends and I began to search for opportunities for me to speak to an audience. At that time I was the President for the Copperbelt university Electrical society (CUES). All what I did I arranged a motivation talk at Helen Kaunda secondary school, were I went with my friends and i allocated some 30 minutes to speak to the pupils of which it was a success. 2 years later, while walking along the corridors of CBU, I met one lady who told me. Are you Mr Last, I responded affirmatively. Then she said, thank you for having come at Helen Kaunda 2 years ago, am here because of your speech. Wow. I was happy that that my dream to motivate people was coming to pass.

All what am saying is Never wait for other time to start building your dream, start where you are. There is no perfect place. The book called acres of diamond, clearly states that DIAMOND IS RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE.

Right now you are holding a book in your hands that was as a result of the dream, that I had 3 years ago and its being fulfilled. The simple slogan that I recommend is,

Start where you are, with the resources that you have.

I learned a valuable lesson. It is equally important as the ultimate goal that you understand where you are in relation to that goal.

When we watch television and see stars and professionals in different fields, it is always so easy to get caught up in where they are right at the moment that we become mesmerised with their life but we don’t necessarily know their journey. We also don’t know where they started, what they had to do or how long their journey has been.

Achieving your dreams is a marathon, not a sprint.

Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goal, not money, not time, not ANYTHING! It is so easy to say you don’t have enough money or time to do something when really it may be you don’t have the commitment and motivation that it will truly take. There are sorts of ways to finance your dreams if you put in the effort to find them.

Robert kiyosaki says “it does not take money to make money, it takes thinking to make money”.

Some communities offer free or low classes in almost everything you can imagine. There are so many people in your community or areas that have talent, money and would love to volunteer to offer you training. You never know until you ask.

Time is another thing. We all have time to accomplish whatever we chose to accomplish. The real question is, what are we choosing to spend our time doing?


Fulfilling Dreams

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” – Gail Devers

Make Your Dream Come True

Dreaming big dreams is the starting point of achieving your goal of financial independence.  The number one reason that people never succeed financially is because it never occurs to them that they can do it. As a result, they never try. They never get started. They continue to go around in financial circles, spending everything they earn and a little bit more besides. But when you begin to dream big dreams about financial success, you begin to change the way you see yourself and your life. You begin to do different things, bit by bit, gradually, until the whole direction of your life changes for the better. Dreaming big dreams is the starting point of financial success and of becoming a self-made millionaire.

For nearly 4 years of my life, I wanted to write a book… to be an author. Selfishly, I wanted the pride that I associated with having my name written on a book’s cover. Unselfishly, I wanted to provide valuable inspiration to others… in a form that could far outlive me.

And given the fact that I wanted to write a book that people actually read, RECLAIMING YOUR SUCCESS has indeed become the tangible realization of a lifelong dream. Actually, this past year has been defined by the fulfilment of a number of lifelong dreams:

p<>{color:#000;}. Dream: Opening my own Engineering Company.Accomplished by registering and currently operation of COMPLETED limited, trading us TELAS Electrical and Mechanical Engineer in, Botswana.

p<>{color:#000;}. Dream: Write a book. Evidence of Accomplishment is what you are holding in your hands/or reading online

p<>{color:#000;}. Dream: Open a youth Organisation in Zambia, accomplished by registering a youth NGO called YOUTH HOPE ZAMBIA, with the following mission statement: To address social economic problems in the society that affect the young people

p<>{color:#000;}. Dream: Find a job in an OIL/PETROLEUM company. Accomplished in July 2016,now working for Spectra Oil cooperation Ltd.

p<>{color:#000;}. Dream: Graduate with Bachelor Degree in Electrical/Mechanical engineering: Accomplished on 24 July 2015 when I graduated as one of the best students with a MERIT.

p<>{color:#000;}. Dream: be financially independent by December 2016, Accomplished months before the said date.

I’ve discovered over the past year that dreams come in all shapes and sizes. But their fulfilment is almost always found in a certain way. The following are some points I thought are of great importance to understand.

1. Select a dream to fulfil. Some of us have so many dreams swirling in our minds; we don’t know where to start… while others of us are unable to put our finger on even one. Whether the decision be to write a book, to open a company, buy a home, or find true love, fulfilment always starts with the intentional identification of one single goal and the heartfelt conviction to accomplish it. Take some time. Pick one. And then, set out to accomplish it.

2. Believe it is achievable. Unfortunately, too many people will never accomplish their dreams because they simply refuse to believe in themselves. Optimism is absolutely required for dream fulfilment and life enjoyment.

3. Ask for help. People have gone before you. Learn as much as you can from them. When I decided to write a book, I read a lot of business building books and listened to a lot of motivation audio tapes and talked to my friends Timothy Ngosa, Andrew Nyondo and above all my ever Encouraging hard working brother, Terryson Himayumbula.. Don’t let your pride be the one obstacle that keeps you from achieving you dreams. Instead, humble yourself and ask for help.

4. Adjust your life as necessary. By definition, if you have not accomplished your dream yet, you will need to adjust your lifestyle to accomplish it. And while some of the adjustments may be major, they always start small:

p<>{color:#000;}. Opening a company starts with understanding the service you will offer.

p<>{color:#000;}. Writing a book starts with deciding on a subject.

p<>{color:#000;}. Clearing your home of clutter starts with cleaning one drawer, closet, or room.

p<>{color:#000;}. Losing 50 pounds starts with changing one meal.

p<>{color:#000;}. Buying a home starts with saving one dollar.

p<>{color:#000;}. Marriage starts with find a right partner

Fulfilling your dreams will require you to change your lifestyle – one small step at a time. And while there may be a large number of steps to take, the good news is that the first one is completely achievable… and so is the second…

5. Set a deadline. Deadlines force our hand and call us to action. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to pick a realistic timeline and get moving. Buy a home in the next 3 years. Fix your marriage in the next year. Lose 20 pounds in the next 6 months. Or start a blog in the next 30 days. Find a calendar, a red marker, and a day. Go ahead, circle it. After all,

A dream without a deadline is just a wish.

6. Tell others. I have found limitless encouragement by sharing my dreams with others. The number of people cheering for me automatically doubles. Soon, it triples. Suddenly, I’m not just trying to let myself down, but I’m trying to not let my friends down as well. And the cost of failure has just increased.

7. Stay focused. By nature, dreams will require perseverance. There will be successes and failures along the way. Those who persevere through the failures will accomplish their dreams. Those who give up will return to step #1.And if you’ve gotten this far, why would you want to start over? Instead of allowing failures to kill your dreams, use them to refocus you and your resolve.

On a side note, I realize all too well that the circumstances of life ebb and flow. I humbly recognize that the positive circumstances of my life this past year have allowed these dreams to be accomplished. One major illness, accident, or misstep could have derailed any of them listed above. If you currently find the circumstances of life derailing you from reaching your dreams, let me encourage you. Don’t lose hope. Just redirect your dreams.

While young, it’s all dreams; when old, all memories. –



A story is told of old mule. One day accidentally he fell into the farmer’s well. The farmer has evaluated the situation and thought to himself, that neither the well nor the old mule was worth the efforts to save them. Thus he decided to haul dirt to bury the old mule in the well.

So the farmer called his neighbours and together they started to shovel dirt into the well. The old mule was terrified and hysterical in the beginning. But soon one hopeful idea came to his mind – every time when a shovel of dirt landed on his back, he would shake it off and step up!

He repeated these words to himself again and again: „Shake it off and step up“. This way he could struggle the panic and encourage himself. After some time, the mule had stepped over the well‘s wall. Although terribly tired, he was the winner, he saved his own life. He decided to face his adversity positively and not to give up, and thus he won.

What seemed to bury him, actually saved him, owing to his confidence and restless efforts

The above story gives me a lot of thought in my mind. You are the only person who knows best what you want to achieve, regardless of how many people might not believe in you, no matter how much people try to disadvantage you, it’s only you, but yourself who can allow you to accept defeat. Never give up on something that you really want.

The words “Give” and “Up” should never be together. Rather the word NO shouldn’t even be in your dictionary. There are a countless number of positives inside of you that you probably don’t even realize. And every now and then when you lose motivation a quick reminder of what your potential is can really help. Just always keep in mind that to taste success you are always faced with temporary defeat. If you give up at these defeats you will fail, but if you keep going you will become successful.

The following are reason I think can help Never to Give up

1. You Are Alive and You Can

As long as you are alive you have no excuse to say you can’t. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything. Anything is possible.

So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable . -  Christopher Reeve

The only valid excuse to give up is that you are dead, and if you’re reading this well…

2. Believe In Your Dreams

When you give up, you give up on yourself. Don’t sell yourself short and don’t let anybody bring you down. If you can dream it you can do it. There have been millions of dreamers before you and if they had given up the world wouldn’t have been the same.

Take the example of the Wright brothers who faced sever ridicule when they tried to make flight a reality. Everybody laughed at them and told them it was impossible. They proved the world wrong, and now flight now is considered a common means of travel and it has changed the world.

Hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. -Langston Hughes

3. You Have Everything You Need

Everything you need to reach your goal is already inside of you. Don’t make excuses, if people can play sports at the Olympic level with disabilities; your short-comings begin to look irrelevant.  

Be thankful. And use your God given blessings.

4. You Don’t Want To Regret This

Regret is the worse feeling a person can feel. Don’t put yourself in that position and do what you have to do, now.

[_ I do not regret the things I've done, but those I did not do.- Rory Cochrane _]

5. You Need To Prove It To Yourself

You want to prove it to yourself and the world that you can.

Don’t let anything stop you from your goal. True failure isn’t when you miss the mark; but it’s when you give up. You are more capable and quitting is for losers.   

6. Success Feels Great

There is no better feeling in this world other than knowing that you faced an obstacle and that only through grit and determination you overcame it and became successful.

7. It Could Change For the Better

It might be really tough now, but it can all instantly change. If you keep going at it you never know when you’ll hit a breakthrough.

Don’t be like the person who dug a well 50m and gave up justifying that he was digging a dry well. And the person who came after him dug 1 m and hit water.

8. You Are Strong

You have the strength to do whatever you want and no matter the amount of setbacks you face you have the strength to keep going.

9. Learning

You will learn a lot from not giving up. You will learn about your strengths and your weaknesses. How to do things better next time and most importantly you will learn how to tackle the problems that you face head-on.

10. It Could Be Worse

The situation could be a lot worse and you should be thankful for being able to face what you are facing, because there are people out there who have much bigger problems.

11. You Deserve Happiness and Success

Everyone deserves happiness and success, including you. Don’t let these small bumps in the road take away your right.

12. Inspire Others

Be an inspiration for others. Refuse to give up and try your hardest; you never know who is watching. Your hard work and dedication could be the spark that was needed to light the dreams of those around you. Maybe you have children or siblings that look up to you. You are a hero.

13. Failure Is Normal

It’s impossible to reach success without first facing failure, so don’t let anything stop you. Failure is a normal process in life. It’s not the end but just a stream changing directions before it finally reaches the ocean.

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying. -Michael Jordan

14. Things Can Only Get Better

By sticking to your goal and being persistent things can only get better. If you’ve hit rock bottom or feel you’re on your way down. Remind yourself that with the right amount of hard work what comes down must go up.

Hard work and determination can get you anything in life.

16. It’s Always The Darkest Before Dawn

Understand that the hardest trials are the ones that come right before the breakthrough. So stay persistent because at any given moment you are at the tipping point and success awaits you.

Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer. – Marcia Wieder


16 Rich Habits

Intelligence, talent and charm are great, but more often than not these aren’t what separate the wealthiest among us from the poorest.

Instead, the differences are in our daily habits. In this section I want to discuss some 16 Rich habits that must be embraced by wealth loving individuals.

The gap between Rich Habits and Poverty Habits is staggering. If you’re well off already, chances are you already adhere to most of these Rich Habits. Integrating the ones you’ve neglected will push you further. But be assured: If you’re doing fine now without minding these principles, it’ll catch up to you.

1. Live within your means.

Wealthy people avoid overspending by paying their future selves first. They save 20 percent of their net income and live on the remaining 80 percent.

Among those who are struggling financially, almost all are living above their means. They spend more than they earn, and their debt is overwhelming them. If you want to end your financial struggles, you need to make a habit of saving and budgeting what you spend. Here are some sensible ways to budget your monthly net pay:

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. Spend no more than 25 percent on housing, no matter if you own or rent.

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. Spend no more than 15 percent on food.

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. Limit entertainment—bars, movies, miniature golf, whatever—to no more than 10 percent of your spending. Vacations should account for no more than 5 percent of your annual net pay.

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. Spend no more than 5 percent on auto loans, and never lease. Ninety-four percent of the wealthy buy instead of leasing. These folks keep their cars until the wheels fall off, taking great care along the way so that they save money in the long run.

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. Stay away from accumulating credit card debt. If you are doing this, it’s a clear sign that you need to cut back somewhere.

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. Think of savings and investments as two completely different things. You should never lose money on your savings. Try to stash six months of living expenses in an emergency fund in case you lose your job or your business goes belly-up.

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. Contribute as much as you can afford to a retirement plan. If you work for a company that matches your contributions up to a certain percentage, great. Always take that free money when you can get it.

2. Don’t gamble.

Talk about a sucker bet: Every week, 77 percent of those who struggle financially play the lottery. Hardly anyone who is wealthy plays the numbers. Wealthy people do not rely on random good luck for their wealth. They create their own good luck. If you still want to bet after knowing the risk, use money from your entertainment budget.

3. Read every day.

Reading information that will increase your knowledge about your business or career will make you more valuable to colleagues, customers or clients. Among wealthy people, 88 percent read 30 minutes or more every day.

The reason successful people read is to improve themselves. This separates them from the competition. By increasing their knowledge, they are able to see more opportunities, which translate into more money. Comparatively speaking, only one in 50 of those struggling financially engages in this daily self-improvement reading, and as a result the poor don’t grow professionally and are among the first to be fired or downsized.

4. Spend less time surfing the Internet.

How much of your valuable time do you lose parked in front of a screen? Two-thirds of wealthy people watch less than an hour of TV a day and almost that many—63 percent—spend less than an hour a day on the Internet unless it is job-related.

Instead, these successful people use their free time engaged in personal development, networking, volunteering, working side jobs or side businesses, or pursuing some goal that will lead to rewards down the road. But 77 percent of those struggling financially spend an hour or more a day watching TV, and 74 percent spend an hour or more a day using the Internet recreationally.

5. Control your emotions.

Not every thought needs to come out of your mouth. Not every emotion needs to be expressed. When you say whatever is on your mind, you risk hurting others. Loose lips are a habit for 69 percent of those who struggle financially. Conversely, 94 percent of wealthy people filter their emotions. They understand that letting emotions control them can destroy relationships at work and at home. Wait to say what’s on your mind until you’re calm and have had time to look at the situation objectively.

Fear is perhaps the most important negative emotion to control. Any change, even positive changes such as marriage or a promotion, can prompt feelings of fear. Wealthy people have conditioned their minds to overcome these thoughts, while those who struggle financially give in to fear and allow it to hold them back.

Whether you fear change, making mistakes, taking risks or simply failure, conquering these emotions is about leaning in just a little until you build up confidence. It’s amazing how much confidence helps.

6. Network and volunteer regularly.

You’ll build valuable relationships that can result in more customers or clients, or help you land a better job if you spend time pressing the flesh and giving back in your community. Almost three-quarters of wealthy people network and volunteer a minimum of five hours a month. Among those struggling financially, only one in 10 does this.

One perk of volunteering is the company you’ll keep. Very often the boards and committees of nonprofits are made up of wealthy, successful people. Developing personal relationships with these folks will often result in future business relationships.

7. Go above and beyond in work and business.

Unsuccessful people have “it’s not in my job description” syndrome. Consequently, they are never given more responsibility, and their wages grow very little from year to year—if they keep their jobs at all. Wealthy individuals, on the other hand, make themselves invaluable to their employers or customers, writing articles related to their industry, speaking at industry events and networking. Successful people work hard to achieve the mutual goals of their employers or their businesses.

8. Set Goals not wishes.

You cannot control the outcome of a wish, but you can control the outcome of a goal.

Every year, 70 percent of the wealthy pursue at least one major goal. Only 3 percent of those struggling to make ends meet do this

9. Avoid procrastination.

Successful people understand that procrastination impairs quality; creates dissatisfied employers, customers or clients; and damages other non business relationships. Here are five strategies that will help you avoid procrastination:

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}.  Create daily “to-do” lists. These are your daily goals. You want to complete 70 percent or more of your “to-do” items every day.

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}.  Have a “daily five.” These activities represent the crucial things that will help you get closer to realizing some major purpose or goal.

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}.  Set and communicate artificial deadlines. There’s nothing wrong with finishing early.

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}.  Have accountability partners. These are people you team with to pursue a big goal. Communicate with them at least every week, and make sure they hold your feet to the fire.

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. Say a “do it now” affirmation. This is a self-nagging technique. Repeat the words “do it now” over and over again until you begin a task or project.

10. Talk less and listen more.

A 5-to-1 ratio is about right: You should listen to others five minutes for every one minute that you speak. Wealthy people are good communicators because they are good listeners. They understand that you can learn and educate yourself only by listening to what other people have to say. The more you learn about your relationships, the more you can help them.

11. Avoid toxic people.

We are only as successful as the people we spend the most time with. Among the wealthy and successful people, 86 percent associate with other successful people. But 96 percent of those struggling financially stick with others struggling financially.

If you want to end your financial struggles, you need to evaluate each of your relationships and determine if they are a Rich Relationship (with someone who can help you up) or a Poverty Relationship (with someone holding you back). Start spending more and more time on your Rich Relationships and less on your Poverty Relationships. Rich Relationships can help you find a better job, refer new business to you or open doors of opportunity.

12. Don’t give up.

Those who are successful in life have three things in common: focus, persistence and patience. They simply do not quit chasing their big goals. Those who struggle financially stop short.

13. set aside the self-limiting beliefs holding you back.

If you’re hurting financially, you’ve probably told yourself some of these untruths before: Poor people can’t become rich. Rich people have good luck and poor people have bad luck. I’m not smart. I can’t do anything right. I fail at everything I try.

Each one of these self-limiting beliefs alters your behaviour in a negative way. Almost four out of five wealthy people attribute their success in life to their beliefs. Change your negative beliefs into positive affirmations by reading lessons from the greats of personal development, like Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and Jim Rohn.

14. Get a mentor.

Among the wealthy, 93 percent who had a mentor attributed their success to that person. Mentors regularly and actively participate in your growth by teaching you what to do and what not to do. Finding such a teacher is one of the best and least painful ways to become rich.

If you know your goals, find someone who has already achieved them. You’ll be amazed by how many people want to lend a helping hand.

15. Eliminate “bad luck” from your vocabulary.

Those struggling financially in life have a way of creating bad luck for themselves. It’s a by product of their habits. Poverty Habits, repeated over and over are like snowflakes on a mountainside. In time, these snowflakes build up until the inevitable avalanche—a preventable medical problem, a lost job, a failed marriage, a broken business relationship or a bankruptcy.

Conversely, successful people create their own unique type of good luck. Their positive habits lead to opportunities such as promotions, bonuses, new business and good health.

16. Know your main purpose.

It’s the last Rich Habit, but it might be the most important. Those people who pursue a dream or a main purpose in life are by far the wealthiest and happiest among us. Because they love what they do for a living, they are happy to devote more hours each day driving toward their purpose.

Odds are, if you are not making sufficient income at your job, it is because you are doing something you do not particularly like. When you can earn a sufficient income doing something you enjoy, you have found your main purpose.


This book is pragmatical, not philosophical; a practical manual, not a treatise upon theories. written with inspiration from some powerful men and women who struggled in there early lives and later on changed their mindset to reclaim the success which belonged to them. I believe that there is enough wealth in this world to make everyone a Billionaire. My aims is at highlighting some of the Basic principles that can make one reclaim Success. Reclaiming your success is a Book that highlights the key things in reclaiming the success that ought to be ours and that in in us. The writer believes that each and every person has the greatness and the power to be successful PROVIDED he/she follows the rules of Natural Growth. most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, No..Its because they aim too low and Hit. Some time they lack the desire to start moving towards the Goal set. This book will hightlight steps that must be followed to attain the Greatest with us.

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