Quit Smoking in 9 Steps

Quit Smoking in 9 Steps

An  Easy  How-to  Guide

By Jeff Mac


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Table of Contents

  • Free Bonus
  • The Game Plan
  • Part 01: I Understand Your Struggle To Quit
  • Part 02: My Nine-Step Action Plan
  • Part 03: Useful Advice
  • Part 04: Free Tools

The Game Plan


The information contained in this guide is broken up into 4 parts. One of which lays out a step-by-step plan of action that will help you quit. So before we begin, let’s quickly touch base on a few of the topics you’re going to learn.


In part one, ” I Understand Your Struggle To Quit” , I’ll briefly discuss with you my struggles to quit smoking and how I finally overcame my addiction to cigarettes.


In part two, “ [*My Nine-Step Action Plan”, *] we’ll go over a set of step-by-step actions you’ll need to take in order to quit smoking cigarettes. We’ll discuss topics like: household items you’ll need, triggers you’ll have to identify and support groups you’ll have to put in place.


In part three, “ Useful Advice ”. I’ll summarize what we’ve learned and I’ll give you some parting advice on how to stay away from cigarettes for good.


Lastly, in part four, “ Free Tools ”, I’ve curated a list of tools and resources I discovered online that will help educate and inform you on the dangers of cigarettes. Some of these tools and resources also provide alternative ways to quit smoking.


Keep in mind; I’ve purposely kept the amount of information in this guide brief and to the point. I hope my concise, no fluff, style of writing serves you well in your pursuits to finally living a smoke-free life style.


Let’s get started…



– Part 01 –

I Understand Your Struggle To Quit


Like you, I struggled to quit smoking cigarettes. I tried for nearly a year and a half after I made up my mind that I wanted to quit. And this is even after almost 15 years of smoking two packs, on average, per day.


I sincerely wanted to quit. Many times I would go cold turkey and actually quit for some small length of time. But, life-situations and negative circumstances would come about and I would fall right back into that all too common cycle of smoke-then-quit-then-smoke-again.


If you’re thinking to yourself….uhm, those sounded like excuses…you’re right, they were excuses. Excuses I depended on to keep me inhaling what my mind and body were already addicted to…nicotine.


I realized that if I was going to quit and I mean really quit for good, I would have to stop making up excuses not to quit and find reasons and solutions to quit.


My failed attempts taught me that In order to successfully quit I had to come to the naked truth, in my mind, that there are no valid reasons to smoke cigarettes other than the fact I was addicted to them…and there’s nothing else to them except for the fact that they were destroying me and my health…and that’s the only truth.


I know giving up cigarettes is a difficult thing to do and that’s probably an understatement … but I’ve been there. And I know, with some help, you can successfully give up cigarettes too if you’ve truly made up in your mind that you’re ready to quit.


You can do this!



– Part 02 –

My Nine-Step Action Plan


Here, I’ve laid out a step-by-step plan of action I want you to take in order to quit smoking cigarettes. Follow these steps as best as you can.


My nine-step plan of action is by far the most important part of my guide. You will have to be totally committed to my nine-step plan of action if you want to increase your chances of successfully giving up cigarettes.


Also, be sure to check with your physician or doctor if you feel any of the steps below may possibly interfere with one or more of your standing medical conditions.


Step 1: [] [+ Watch my free video +]

I know quitting isn’t easy. That’s why I’ve created a video which will show and explain, to you, an easy-to-follow trick that will help you quit smoking cigarettes.


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Step 2: Detoxify your body

Your use of cigarettes has placed inside of your body a lot of toxins and chemicals that are dangerously harmful to your health. To rid your body of these toxins I recommend that you use a product like [+ Purathrive +] [* – *] it naturally replenishes your body’s nutrients and flushes out toxins. It also aids in the support of a healthy cardiovascular function.


Step 3: Make a substantive list of reasons why you must quit smoking

Make sure you think this through. Understand, within yourself, what it would mean for you and possibly your friends or family if you gave up cigarettes. For example; you might say “ I want to quit smoking in order to see my little girl graduate from college one day” .


Whatever the case may be, just make sure that it’s something you feel would be worth you quitting and living for!


Step 4: Identify persons, places or things that trigger your urge to smoke []

Knowing the people, places and things that trigger you to smoke will allow you change up your routines. Avoid people that smoke or at the very least decline offers to break with co-workers or hang around people that smoke…at least until you learn to control your urges to smoke.


Try not to drink a lot of coffee because feeling anxious and highly aroused may trigger your urges to smoke. This goes for alcohol as well.


Drinking alcohol is normally an activity performed during and while smoking; so consuming alcohol should definitely be top on your list for things to avoid for a while.


Also, Do your best to get as much rest as you need. Being sleepy and tired may also trigger your urge to smoke.


Step 5: Put your personal support groups in place

Let your friends and family know about your decision to quit smoking. Reach out to them whenever you have the urge to smoke. A great idea you can use is to have them reach out to you during certain times of the day you normally have a cigarette. This way they can keep you focused on the interaction between you and them…not your urge to smoke.


Step 6: Get rid of any and all household items that enable you to smoke

Get rid of items like ashtrays and lighters. These devices not only enable you to smoke but they can also trigger your urge to smoke because they act as an immediate reminder. Also clean up and deodorize your home. The longer you abstain from smoking the more sensitive your nose will become to the smell of cigarette odor. This could potentially trigger your urge to smoke.


Step 7: Pick up a few healthy snacks

The first few days when you quit will be rough. That’s why I suggest you go to your local grocery store and pick up a few healthy bite-sized snacks; like apple slices, nuts and various types of berries, so you can have something to munch on when your cigarette cravings hit you. From my own personal experience being able to chew on a piece of gum filled the void of a cigarette being in my mouth when my cravings for nicotine would hit me.


Step 8: Use one Nicotine Replacement Therapy

I’ll also recommend you purchase at least one Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). Nicotine Replacement Therapies – (NRTs) – are a medically accepted and approved way for smokers to consume nicotine without using cigarettes.


They offer smokers a way to ween themselves off of cigarettes while controlling their urges to smoke. NRTs can greatly boost your chances of successfully quitting.


Examples of NRTs include products such as nicotine gums, patches, lozenges or inhalers. You can go straight to your local pharmacy to buy these types of products.


Also be aware that when you use these types of products that they come with potential side-effects including nausea, hiccups, runny nose, headaches, irritated mouth and skin irritations. Just make sure to consult with a physician or doctor before using any of these products.


Google [+ Nicotine Replacement Therapies +] to learn more.


Step 9: Set your quit date and stick to it!

Go grab a calendar and a pen. Mark on your calendar your quit date. I recommend you set a date between fifteen to twenty days out from now (your current date) . Be totally committed with in your mind about this date and do whatever you can to stick with it.



– Part 03 –

Useful Advice


At this point you’ve made up with in your mind to finally live a smoke-free lifestyle. And I’m proud of you for making such a positive life-changing decision.


Today, you’ve learned from my own struggles with cigarette addiction and you’ve also received my eight step plan of action that you’re fully committed to following because they can help you quit.


I also recommend that you go through the Tools below. There, you’ll find additional information and valuable services that can help you both quit and stay smoke-free.


Armed with the information I’ve given you through my guide, you now have more than a fighting chance of successfully giving up cigarettes!


– Part 04 –

Free Tools


* [+ Free video reveals – a simple and easy-to-follow trick that will help you quit smoking cigarettes +]

[* *]

*** [+ Health benefits of a smoke-free lifestyle +]


* [+ Benefits of quitting over time +]


* [+ Coping with cravings when you’re in tough situations +]


* [+ How to deal with emotions without cigarettes +]


* [+ How to deal with potential issues of depression when you quit smoking +]


* [+ The deadly and cancerous chemicals in cigarettes +]


* [+ Alarming facts and statistics about cigarettes and how they affect your health +]


Quit Smoking in 9 Steps

"Quit Smoking in 9 Steps" - will give you a short and useful, nine-step action plan, that will help you quit smoking today. You'll learn: -> easy and effective methods that will help you quit smoking -> a simple way to detoxify your body from all of the harmful chemicals of cigarettes -> how to deal with social triggers that urge you to smoke -> how to leverage your personal support groups to help you quit smoking cigarettes -> and more Extra Bonus: You'll also get free access to my video... Through my video, I'll reveal to you an easy-to-follow trick that will help you quit smoking cigarettes. Table of Contents: -> The Game Plan -> Part 01: I Understand Your Struggle To Quit -> Part 02: My Nine-Step Action Plan -> Part 03: Useful Advice -> Part 04: Free Tools Download and read, "Quit Smoking in 9 Steps", now.

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Quit Smoking in 9 Steps Quit Smoking in 9 Steps