Publicity!: Perils of a Hollywood Crisis Manager "Exposed!" (Story 5)

Laurel Quinn is Hollywood's best kept weapon. She is the President of 'Publicity!', her own Crisis Management firm where she "fixes" a scandal making it disappear so it doesn't damage her client's reputation. It doesn't matter where her clients fall: A-list, B-List, C-List or D, she takes on every client with the same respect. Armed with her sharp tongue, quick wits, six inch stilettos and the help of her mysterious Assistant Tony Vincetti; Laurel will do anything it takes to get the job done--even if it means blood has to be shed. While she works around the clock to make sure her clients' skeletons stay buried, it's not long until her own skeletons start to surface, causing her world to shatter. [This story is one of many shorts that I will be posting every other day. There are 13 stories already finished and I'm working on new ones. Thank you for downloading and feel free to leave a review! I'd love to hear your thoughts of these stories-there are many twists and turns coming!]

  • ISBN: 9780463208960
  • Author: Edwin Betancourt
  • Published: 2018-07-12 16:20:06
  • Words: 3512
Publicity!: Perils of a Hollywood Crisis Manager Publicity!: Perils of a Hollywood Crisis Manager