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Psychiatric Drugs Are Actually Killing You

Psychiatric Drugs Are Actually Killing You


By Tyler’s Friend


Published By Shakespir


Table Of Contents


Section 1… Psychiatric Drugs Kill The Lives Of Those Who Take Them

Section 2… Psychiatry Makes Money Off Your Life And Soul

Section 3… The Mental Health Stigma Is A Huge Deception

Section 4… Psychiatric Drugs Don’t Prevent Mental Illness, They Breed It

Section 5… Psychiatry Is A Crime Against Humanity































































Dedicated to all those suffering under psychiatric drugging























Section 1 Psychiatric Drugs Kill The Lives Of Those Who Take Them


Psychiatric drugs are merely drugs, and not at all medication. They kill 500,000 people anually, and make you 6 times more likely to kill yourself. Those who have gone to mental hospitals are 44 times more likely to kill themselves. These drugs kill more people a year than heroine. You can use Google to research this information, it’s true. Psychiatric drugs do nothing more than lead to your death/ suicide.


There can be no justification for someone who actually takes effort to defend these ‘medications’. These drugs ruin the lives of millions, and end up disabling them. According to Gotzsche, these drugs cripple tens of millions. When one really looks at the situation, psychiatry really is an industry of death. No wonder scientology truly hates psychiatry. This ‘science’ is only there to eventually kill you. People have to face the fact that these drugs are simply not working, and are actually making their mental condition much, much worse.


Psychiatric drugs completely ruin the chemistry of the brain. Phrases from psychiatrists stating “You have a chemical balance” is actually a load of BS. There’s nothing wrong with your chemistry. Your brain is working exactly the way it is supposed to. That’s just a phrase they use so they can sell you their drugs. Then, it is they who are the ones who ruin the chemistry of your brain, which gives them an even bigger excuse to drug you even more.


The drugs that medical doctors give you can be considered as medications. But psychiatric drugs aren’t at all medications. These are drugs, period. In fact, they are dangerous drugs. If they kill more people than heroine, then go figure. This is a crime unto humanity and fully inhibits the patient’s ability to undergo his or her pursuit of happiness.


From a personal experience with these horrible, evil drugs, I can fully state, without a doubt, that these drugs are only there to lead to your suicide (I’ve attempted it many times while on these drugs). It’s like you’re taking a drug worse than heroine expecting it to help you. These drugs, as I said, absolutely ruin the chemistry of your brain. Anti-psychotics actually have the ability to damage your brain.


It’s either the psychiatrists are soulless, evil human beings who smile in your face pretending to help you, or they simply don’t know what these drugs really do (as the idiots they are). It probably is a double blind procedure where neither you nor the psychiatrists know what these drugs do. That’s where the conspiracy comes in. A conspiracy that has led to the deaths of millions around the globe.


Your mind is yours and yours only. It is much, much better to be crazy than to be drugged out of your humanity and well being. And even if you’re crazy, everyone is god damned crazy. The only difference between you and other people is that they have decided not to go to a psychiatrist. Your genes are completely fine. They are great, in fact. They are working perfectly. The blame on the genes that these psychiatrists do is just sickening. Again, to sell your their drugs. This is a business, not a medical science. They honestly don’t give a good god damn about you. If they did, they would actually NOT give you these drugs.


In the brain, Anti-psychotics cause prefrontal connectivity reductions, global brain volume loss, grey matter volume loss, and white matter volume loss. Anti-psychotics are made to destroy your brain structure.


It may have seemed inconceivable to think that these drugs are actually harming you, and doing you no good. There are no benefits from these drugs that could possible justify the massive harm that they cause. They destroy both the chemistry and the structure of your brain. In other words, it destroys your soul, your ability to work, your ability to produce and your ability to function.


It has been shown that these drugs actually make schizophrenia worse. There are plenty of schizophrenics who have shown that they led a much happier life without the Anti-psychotics prescribed to them. In fact, I believe that all schizophrenics who stop taking their prescribed psychiatric drugs (Antidepressants, Anti-psychotics, Neuroleptics) will lead a much, much happier life.


Most patients don’t realize that they started going to mental hospitals after they started taking psychiatric drugs. If the ‘mentally ill’ never started taking psychiatric drugs in the first place, then they wouldn’t deal with the insanity that they are dealing with now. These drugs lead to delusional thinking, and provoke hallucinations. And hallucinations are something drugs are very well known to do.


Psychiatric drugs kill the lives of those who take them. Most people don’t realize that people who end up leading massacres in mass shootings are actually being drugged out of their sanity by psychiatric drugs. If they hadn’t been taking these psychiatric drugs, then they wouldn’t have been insane enough to undergo a shooting at a school or mall, for instance.


Psychiatry sells ‘mental illness’ so people can continue visiting their sick offices to be prescribed drugs which slowly kill them. It is an unbelievably sick business, which masks dangerous drugs with the label ‘medication’. There is definitely no difference between a drug dealer and these psychiatrists. And you know what? A drug dealer is even better, because at least they’re being honest. They know that you know that the drugs they are giving you are harmful. They don’t disguise themselves as ‘professionals’, telling you that their drugs will help you while in fact they will destroy your life.


But you know what? Psychiatrists may be innocent. This is due to the fact that they have no clue about the true dangers of these drugs. Again, as I said, it’s a double blind procedure led by a conspiracy. And anyone who knows anything about the political, financial, cultural state of the world knows that there is a disgusting conspiracy leading and slowly disintegrating this world.


The fact remains that these drugs are only making people’s mental conditions worse. It’s a twisted scientific attempt to harm the structure and chemical nature of your brain. Just Google “Psychiatry Kills” or “Psychiatric Drugs Kill”, and you’ll find all the results needed to awaken you from this horrible state you’re in.


But it’s not your fault. If you’ve been taking these drugs, the blame can’t be put on you. This is because psychiatrists have the twisted privilege of labelling themselves as ‘doctors’. So the common conception would be, “He’s a doctor and he’s there to help me.” This is direly wrong. Psychiatrists are nothing more than drug dealers, period. It’s time for people to realize this, before they are driven to their own death/ suicide.










Section 2 Psychiatry Makes Money Off Your Life And Soul


Psychiatric drugs have killed 5,000,000 people over the last ten years. Let me spell it out for you. Five Million. Is this some sort of attempt to just depopulate the Earth of those who even slightly appear ‘crazy’?


Craziness is a part of life. It leads to creativity, wonder, imagination and a thirst for knowledge. It is the driving force behind all great achievements. There is nothing wrong with craziness. But there is something wrong with being drugged. This is a violation of people’s ability to achieve well being and pursue happiness. It is a violation of people’s attempts to build a future for themselves and raise a family. It is a violation of people’s attempts to smile, laugh, cry and enjoy life.


Yet who would’ve known? Who would’ve known that these psychiatrists aren’t actually doctors but rather drug dealers. The status quo is the problem. The twisted status quo that we now live in tells us that psychiatric drugs are okay, and that they are only designed to alleviate the symptoms of your ‘mental illness’. Well, if you haven’t figured out by now, the status quo is against you. It was never there to help you. Psychiatrists need a means to sell their drugs. That’s all this really is.


Almost everywhere you go in developed countries like Canada and the United States, people are advocating “mental wellness”, and “treating mental illness”. Well, the drugs you are promoting and helping spread are actually killing those in your families. You go around raising awareness about ‘mental illness’ through a science that is actually making your beloved one’s mental condition worse?


If one actually looks at this through the lenses of truth, this is a complete crime unto humanity. You have to really experience it and step out of this drug game to realize this truth. Ever since the advent of psychology, there has been a 600 per cent increase in those on disability welfare from the government. (According to Mercola.com).It is highly unlikely that this is ‘coincidence’.


The big problem is that even though you want to stop taking your ‘medications’ through a safe withdrawal process with a psychiatrist, they’re going to withdraw you from the drugs you are taking and replace them with other drugs. You know when Tupac said, “Ain’t no future right for me, I’m stuck in the game!”, well, this is a very good example of this quote. But he also said, “Try to find a way to make it out the game!!!” Find a way to make it out of this sick game of psychiatry. You have to do this, for the sake of your life and very well-being.


Defending psychiatric drugs is not only dangerous to your well being, but also entirely pointless. Why are you defending something that’s literally killing you? It highly increases the chances of suicide. And even though you don’t commit suicide, you’re already going to be internally dead. You’re going to turn into a zombie, and eventually, a monster. It has a way of stripping you of your humanity. Now, is it your fault? No! You have been tricked, my friend. Remember, the status quo isn’t there to help you. It’s there to benefit from you. The best way to do that is to get vulnerable people and sell the drugs that claim to help them. This is a dangerous, sick, evil, inhuman game. It is not your well-being that’s on your mind. It is only money. They are destroying your life for money. How sick is that?


None of us knew this would happen to us. It reached a point where we ask ourselves, “What the Hell did I become?”, or we say, “I never wanted it this way!” People are being drugged out of their well-being, their sanity, their happiness, and even their health! If it harms the chemical and structural nature of your brain, then of course it’s going to damage your health. This is complete BS and has to be stopped. It’s either people have to march against this sick psychiatry, or the idiot psychiatrists have to realize that what they’re doing is seriously wrong.


If you find a way to safely withdraw from your psychiatric ‘medication’ (bit by bit; by tapering), and eventually stop taking them, then through time, you’ll realize that you’ve been sleepwalking for five years (if you’ve been taking these drugs for five years). I promise you that. You’ll feel as though for five years, your life had been nothing but a sick joke, an endless nightmare, a tunnel with no light at the end of it; a life which always teased you with purpose but never had any. It’s time to wake up from your sleep, and stop taking these drugs.


There is no difference (at all) between psychiatric drugs and heroine. In fact, psychiatric drugs are even worse. Firstly, they kill more people than heroine. Secondly, the evil in psychiatric drugs is hidden. It’s not openly stated like that of heroine. These are merely dangerous drugs masked as ‘medication’. These big, evil, soulless pharmaceutical companies keep pushing psychiatrists to continue prescribing these drugs. Why? So they can make their big bucks. Do you actually think they’re doing that for your good? They don’t care about you at all. In fact, they wish that you would commit suicide, that way there would be more ‘mental health awareness’, and thus more support for their drugging, even though the drugs are what killed you in the first place!


These psychiatrists and evil pharmaceutical companies make their money off the souls and lives of people. Psychiatric drugs are something modern, and have nothing to do with the way humans are actually meant to live. In the old days people would never prescribe drugs for the mental condition of a person. Medicine only existed for medical purposes, involving the treatment of diseases. All of these labels these psychiatrists come up with are completely fictitious, and are just a means to drug you, since they have a ‘reason’ to.


These drugs remove from you the ability to be redeemed. They ruin every aspect of your life, including your social life. People will begin to notice your weird behaviour, and stop calling you. These drugs cloud your mind, make you think about things which are completely unnecessary, and believe it or not, they damage your health. When I stopped taking Zeldox/ Geodon (Probably the most evil drug), I noticed that dirt and germs were leaving my teeth and gum. This drug was somehow trapping dirt in my teeth and gum. It made my teeth yellow and straight up disgusting. Geodon also trapped germs in my stomach, which explains why my stomach has been killing me for as long as i was taking this drug. When I stopped taking it (as I withdrew from it), I started vomiting things I’ve never seen before. This isn’t a ‘withdrawal symptom’, no. This is cleansing from the poisoning that this drug caused me.















Section 3 The Mental Health Stigma Is A Huge Deception


I sincerely wouldn’t be surprised (at all) if psychiatric drugs are the product of black magic. I am sure that if you get someone who is a victim of black magic, and someone who is a victim of psychiatric drugs, their thoughts/ behaviours and health condition would be the same. Black magic is a process of alchemy and the mixing of harmful chemicals in order to breed a substance which would harm someone else. Shakespeare wrote about black magic, saying things like “The rabbit’s foot, the snake’s eye, the rat’s tail”. It involves the mixing of both harmful chemicals and the body parts of certain animals to place the aura of the devil into the solution they are creating. This makes sense because if black magic leads to suicide as well as these drugs, then there has to be a connection. Even if it has nothing to do with black magic (and I doubt that), then it has to do with the mixing of harmful chemicals to create a product which harms the user. So when you go to the pharmacy and they give you those ‘medications’, that’s their way of saying, “Here. Here’s your next dose of black magic/ witchcraft.”


You must not be deceived by the professionalism portrayed by the psychiatrists and pharmacists. The reason behind the professionalism they portray is to make you think that they’re assisting you in your spiritual battle. Little do you know, these drugs are actually causing this immense spiritual battle that is going on within you. The drugs are stripping you from your well-being, happiness, joy and even soul. These pharmaceutical companies are making their billions, if not trillions, off the souls and lives of people. What do you think these companies care about: Their money or your ‘mental health’?


The owners of these pharmaceutical companies need to go to Hell from whence they came. They are destroying the lives of millions, and simply getting away with it. They have deceived millions into thinking that they have a ‘mental health’ problem, so that they can sell their drugs and make money. You need to be aware that in this world, people want money, and they don’t care about helping others. They are destroying the lives of millions, and you know what? They don’t care. So as long as they get their streams of cash, they don’t care.


This mental health stigma is a huge deception, and almost sickens me. They only reason they raise awareness on ‘mental illness’ is so that people would continue to go to these psychiatrists and buy their drugs. They are the ones who coined the phrase ‘mental illness’. The word ‘mental illness’ is a modern term made to deceive people by labelling them with something that they don’t actually have. People need to realize that although they keep switching their ‘medications’, they simply aren’t getting any better, and are slowly getting worse. This isn’t about going against authority, this is about taking back your very life, and the ability to remain awake and aware to the lies and deception which are besieging this planet and robbing it of its spirit.


Most of all, this is a complete crime unto humanity. Millions of people have died from these drugs, and millions more will die unless people realize that there is a seriously sick component to this pseudoscience we call psychiatry. These psychiatrists, or what I’d like to call ‘black sorcerers’, are prescribing drugs which the patient has no clue about, regarding what they’re actually made of and what they’re designed to do. People are being disabled out of their well-being, and slowly being turned into monsters. These drugs have a way of robbing you of your humanity and your ability to build a future for yourself. The future of those who take psychiatric drugs on a daily basis are very often ruined, as these drugs effectively destroy their ability to plan and build for a future. It’s either these drugs ruin your life, or kill you. It is always one of those two alternatives.


Again, as I said, you have to be careful. The status quo isn’t with you, it’s against you. This isn’t to inspire paranoid thinking, but rather to tell you the flat, plain truth. The things that are said to be helping you the most are actually literally killing you. I want you to realize this before you lose your future or your life. These drugs are dangerous, putting one in a delusional, insane state of mind, and will eventually lead him or her to ruins. Don’t ever think of these substances as medications, but only as drugs, dangerous drugs. Don’t even think of them as ‘psychiatric drugs’, because that makes it sound good. The word psychiatry appears to be a science of treatments of cures, while in reality, it is merely a business-oriented industry of death.


Psychiatric drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. These drugs are killing millions across the globe, and these pharmaceutical companies are getting away with it. This is a medical holocaust. This is nothing but a crime unto humanity masked as a science designed to treat people with ‘mental illness’ (a term they created). These aren’t only dangerous drugs, but they are also poisonous. They make users almost reek of death. It ruins the physiology of the body. As I said, when I was taking Geodon (a drug created in Hell), my teeth were awfully yellow, my stomach always hurt, my focus was ruined, and my mind was consumed with thoughts which would be deemed as insane. After I stopped taking Geodon, my teeth are much whiter, my stomach stopped hurting me (after I vomited all the poison contained in this drug), and finally, I am thinking clearly, I can focus and am no longer insane as I used to be.


These drugs don’t treat insanity. They breed insanity. If you can think about how you were before you ever started taking psychiatric drugs, I promise you, you were much, much better than you are now. It’s like you went down a rabbit hole which has no end, and the psychiatrists kept putting you further and further down with their deception (regardless of whether their deception was intentional or not, due to the double blind procedure involved). The first time you went into that psychiatrist’s office, is the time you started going down the bottomless black hole. And the psychiatrists just kept putting you further and further down. Eventually, yo hit absolute bottom, and you may end up committing suicide. Why? Because you are being drugged out of your happiness, well-being, emotions, life and soul. Psychiatry is the biggest con in history, and the most evil con in history.


These drugs are the breeder of suicidal ideation and tendencies. They make death something favourable and something longed for. It becomes something on top of your to-do list. Regardless of what you’re doing, all you really think about is the day you die. You start listening to dark music, you start losing your faith in humanity, and see virtually everything through a dark set of eyes. Psychiatric drugs are the reason why you’re always thinking negatively. How can you be happy if you’re being drugged? Have you ever seen a happy heroine addict? Have you ever seen a happy methamphetamine addict? No.













Section 4 Psychiatric Drugs Don’t Prevent Mental Illness, They Breed it


The drugs aren’t only the cause of death, but they are also cause you to lose your confidence. They make you timid and passive. They turn you into a ‘push-over’, and will be willing to accept the BS life throws your way. It doesn’t let you seize your life and make the best out of it. You become willing to accept when someone does you wrong, or especially, when the system does you wrong. It makes you passive and not willing to put up a fight when life has you down. It drugs you out of your will to live.


If only I had known all of this before I ever started seeing psychiatry as a source of hope. It has ruined pretty much every aspect of my life, from beginning to end. Now, after I stopped taking these drugs, I am finally able to recover from the damage it has caused. People pursued money over my well-being, and that’s why I’m writing this book. It’s because frankly, I’m kind of pissed off that I’ve been lied to. But not only that, I want to raise awareness to a science of death and poison, so that people who read this can do whatever it takes to cease from taking these drugs. Your life is precious, and you shouldn’t hand it over to a business which is making money out of your suffering. I just hope that you haven’t been taking these drugs for too long. People in mental hospitals suffer the most. They are given injections which turn them into zombies. At some point after the injection, they even lose the ability to speak. They become completely numb and achieve a state of death while still breathing. This is complete BS and has to stop.


The withdrawal effects for this Geodon I’ve been taking were nothing short of a nightmare. I didn’t go to a psychiatrist so I can leave these drugs, because I knew he was going to substitute it with another drug. What I did was go from 80mg to 40 mg over the course of ten days. Then, I started taking 40 mg every two days through the course of ten days. Then, I finally stopped. I noticed that the less I took this drug, the happier I felt. The less I took it, the less I thought of suicide and more about life. These drugs are the result of alchemy and black magic, nothing less. It’s a sick science where behind closed doors, they mix disgustingly harmful chemicals to create a compound designed to destroy the life of the person who consumes it. Even if it isn’t black magic, it’s a sick science nonetheless. But the thing is, black magic isn’t magic per se, it is in fact a sick science. So if psychiatry is a sick science and black magic is a sick science, then go figure.


Thank God I survived all the horrors these drugs have caused me. I thank God everyday that I have. Sometimes I wondered if Hell was a better place than Earth. It really reached that point. Life was never meant to be lived the way I was living it. The whole thing had been a nightmare for five years. It was even worse than a nightmare, because a nightmare happens in dreams. The Hell I was experiencing was while I was awake. And I doubt that I was even awake. I was probably sleep walking the whole time. I barely remember what has been happening for the past five years of my life. And even when I do remember what happened, it only brings me pain and sadness.


These fabricated labels that psychiatrists use, such as major depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, OCD, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, are just a means to have an excuse to drug you. But even worse, it is a silent way of judging you and making you feel that there’s no hope for you. It makes you lose hope in yourself, and makes you feel that a bright future is something that you will never attain. These drugs are making your condition worse and they’re just happily giving them to you. All of these labels that psychiatrists have created are just a way to make money off of you. They are completely fabricated and have no basis in reality. It’s all a load of BS. But always know, that there IS in fact hope for you. The idea that there’s no hope for you is complete BS. They tell you there’s no hope for you, so the only hope and redemption you see is in those drugs. If you find a way to stop taking these drugs, then you will slowly find out that there is in fact hope for you, and things WILL get better. How sick is it of these psychiatrists to continually tell their patients that there is no hope for them, just to use that as a persuasion for you to continue taking their drugs?


Nobody deserves to suffer the unnecessary, excessive and unholy suffering caused by these drugs, yet it is happening all the time and everywhere. Nobody deserves to be drugged out of their well-being and to live a life where death always seems to be the better option. Nobody deserves to be poisoned out of their health.


Psychiatric drugs don’t prevent or treat mental illness, they breed and create it. Of course you’re going to go insane if you’re taking dangerous drugs. How insane do you think heroine users are? How insane do you think methamphetamine users are? Even marijuana users, they eventually go insane due to the paranoia it causes.


Psychiatric drugs turn people into zombies. They turn people into monsters on the long run. They not only strip you of your happiness, but they also have a way of stripping you of your beliefs. They make you not believe in anything, and become willing to fall for anything. They make you weak and unprepared for the hardships of the world. You cease to stand for anything, and your very purpose of life becomes drained out of you.
































Section 5 Psychiatry Is A Crime Against Humanity


The world is in a state of deception and lies. People everywhere are buying into them, not realizing that there are disgusting things out there masked as angels and cures. The devil tricks people into thinking he’s helping them, while he stabs them in their backs. There is a war waged against the mind of mankind, and people are slowly getting sick and tired. People are slowly realizing that they are simply not happy, and in fact miserable, yet they just don’t know why. When people are being deceived, they can’t tell where the harm is coming from.


The fact is, psychiatry is nothing more than a crime against humanity. It is an evil business which has a lot of blood on its hands. This business is responsible for the deaths of millions across the globe. They’ve been getting away with it for a long time, and they won’t forever. One day, the truth will come out, and the owners of these pharmaceutical companies will pay for their crimes. This business is a violation of the very right to life. It’s a violation of people’s attempts to build anything for themselves. It’s either these drugs kill its users, or absolutely ruin their lives. Psychiatric drug users continually ask themselves what’s wrong with them, yet they just can’t see that the pills that they take during the day and at night are killing them. Society has been sick for a very long time, and now is the time to heal from this spiritual tragedy. People must realize that a spiritual war is being waged against them, and psychiatry is one of the deadliest wars being waged against vulnerable people who just need spiritual guidance.


If we were living in a world of truth, then psychiatry would never exist. Truth is meant to raise people out of their misery, and lift them up. Psychiatry is only meant to destroy the hopes and aspirations of people. Its deception has caused so much misery and suffering in the world. It is the leading cause of suicide, yet most people can’t realize that. It is a violation of everything that is right in this world. People were meant to live life, and not be drugged out of their sanity and well-being. The evil that lies behind the scenes in psychiatry is practically insane, and must be revealed to the world as nothing but a soulless, destructive and murderous business.


The double blind procedure causes neither the psychiatrists nor the patients to know what these drugs really do. Only the owners of the pharmaceutical companies know what they’re really made of and what they really do. This is the reason why psychiatrists simply don’t know why their patients aren’t getting any better, regardless of how many times they switch their ‘medications’. This is the devil’s trick, and must be exposed for the sick game this really is before millions of other people take their own lives. The amount of suffering these drugs cause is unbelievable. One day, the banners of truth will be spread everywhere, and people will once again be able to regain their lives.


You have to find a way to stop taking these drugs. This is where you fight for your life, and regain what you have lost: your sanity and well-being. You have to leave this sick game before your world gets darker and darker. Remember Tupac Shakur’s words, always: Try to find a way to make it out the game!!!





Psychiatric Drugs Are Actually Killing You

Psychiatric drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. They kill 500,000 adults anually, and have killed 5,000,000 people in the last decade. They make you 6 times more likely to commit suicide. Ever since the advent of psychiatry, there has been a 600 per cent increase in those living on disability welfare from the government. According to Gotzsche, these drugs cripple tens of millions. There are no benefits which can possibly justify the massive harms these drugs cause. Anti-psychotics lead to prefrontal connectivity reductions, global brain volume loss, grey matter volume loss, and white matter volume loss. These drugs not only destroy the chemical balance of your brain, but also its very structure. This book is written from a personal experience with these drugs, and how I felt after I stopped taking them. But more than that, it gives a sincere opinion as to how psychiatric drugging is a crime unto humanity, and that in a world of truth, psychiatry wouldn't exist. Psychiatry is a business-oriented pseudoscience which has made its billions, if not trillions, off the souls and lives of people. If you can take it back in time to before you ever started taking these psychiatric drugs, you'd find out that you were doing much, much better. Psychiatric drugs seem to be there to help you, but they are in fact slowly destroying your life and leading to your death. These drugs cause suicidal ideation and tendencies, and are responsible for the deaths of millions across the globe.

  • Author: Tyler's Friend
  • Published: 2016-09-18 02:20:08
  • Words: 5236
Psychiatric Drugs Are Actually Killing You Psychiatric Drugs Are Actually Killing You